Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 28: Leah and Kail Spill on Their Hookups

Jenelle Evans

Last week on Teen Mom 2,  it was the piece of "sh#$" heard round the world. So how did life go on after Jace said everything we've been thinking all along about Jenelle? Read on!


Bri's ex Dre is going to be taking care of her after she gets her plastic surgery. And Javi is waaaay out of the picture. Luckily for Bri, she reaaaaallllly did her research and her tummy tuck is just a "mini." Bri correctly points out that Javi ran for Kail's podcast and attention from his ex-wife.

Yep. Makes sense that Kail would say Javi is always trying to get with her.

Later, we learn that Javi found out Dre is going to be taking care of her after her surgery. For some reason, Javi takes the idea of Dre cleaning up Bri's poo as a serious threat to his masculinity and tells Bri he's uncomfortable with this.

Bri reminds him, quite rightly, that they've broken up. Hmmm.

Bri is still upset with Javi but she needs to move on to more deadbeat daddies, like Devoin for instance. Bri walks into her apartment with Roxanne and Brit sitting across from Devoin, who Roxanne has cornered into staying with them while Bri gets her surgery. Bri looks caught off guard by this and asks Devoin where he's currently working, a question which Devoin evades like a political pro on CSPAN. Brit points out that she "cool with" with enough attitude to layer onto a 7-tier cake.  Devoin is looking forward to spending time with Nova since it's is a bit of a lark for him. 

We see Bri taking off for Miami and she discusses Javi's desire to meet up with her there.

Bri says to Javi what we're all thinking which is "you're desperate and leave me alone." Shockingly Javi does show up to see Bri where she puts up a fight with him but we're thinking they definitely hooked up.


Chelsea is moving along with shuttling her children to and from from the boring sites in the world such as the gym back to her sad, little home. Wow. Chelsea's life, despite her being an MTV star, seems to boooooring and depressing.

Chelsea doesn't seem to realize this since she is busy making a stink about the "father-daughter" dance and Adam's absence from this once again. Luckily, Cole will of course step in.

Snore. Is Chelsea really going to make a deal out of this again?

Indeed she is since the next few minutes of filming with Chelsea film the exciting details of Aubrey's curls and Cole's suspenders. Oh boy. 


Leah is once again out and about with Jeremy, this time at Addie's birthday where Jeremy has the sense to remark that the celebrations are the "best birth control in the world." Possibly the smartest thing a teen mom dad has said so far. Leah asks Addie if she enjoys having one big birthday party and having mommy and daddy together.

Luckily, Addie demonstrates a lack of any serious intellectual incapacity when she nods "yeah" - um, yes, Leah, every child is going to prefer their parents aren't tearing each other's heads off.

Leah arrives in Atlanta and meets up with Kail. Leah looks at Kail like she's a zombie which to be fair, is pretty much what Kail does look like. Leah and Kail head off to a bar to dish dirt about Bri and her twitter rants.

Leah and Kail go onto to talk about what they'll be discussing on the podcast.

Then they launch into the really juicy stuff where Kail and Leah discuss their respective baby daddies always trying to get back together with them but refusing to say it on camera since they have "ho's on the side." Leah does admit she and Jeremy did hook up and Kail follows suite telling her that she and Javi hooked up too, though interestingly Kail is mum on the timing.

Ooooooooh, girl, did Javi cheat on Bri with Kail?


Kail and Javi are getting along might fine now too, since Bri is out of the picture. They laugh together over some old videos of Lincoln. In the next scene, Kail calls Leah and asks if she's good to get together in Atlanta and come on her podcast. Kail asks Leah if she's nervous, which seems like a bizarre question considering Leah has been filming on the show just as long as Kail has been.

Kail can be a serious diva sometimes. Kail also asks Leah if she'd like to join her on a girls' trip to Hawaii. This seems like a very scripted move from MTV but okay.

Um, why are Kail and Leah in Atlanta for Kail's podcast. Kail is really milking everyone's sordid past for her podcast since she announces to Leah that Jeremy will be calling into the podcast which causes Leah to look less than pleased.

Once recording, Kail of course, has to ask Leah if she and Jeremy are getting back together, to which Leah confidently says "no" though she's more coy about the question of a hookup despite the fact that we ALL JUST SAW HER ADMIT to it 5 minutes ago ON TV. Jeremy then calls in and serves as the worst possible guest since he stonewalls each and every one of Kail's questions causing her to cut the interview short.


They must have used some old footage of Jenelle getting Ensley her bottle because they cut from her to Babs pretty quickly. Babs then launches into an account of Jace's statements about Jenelle on last week's episode to Jenelle's brother, Colin. Hmmm. Never seen him before. In any case, Colin backs Babs up and points out that Jace does come home from Jenelle's home very angry. Colin claims that Jace likes having him around the house. Hmmmm.

Not sure about that considering Colin can't seem to make great eye contact and looks a little shifty. Babs reflects that Colin and Jenelle used to be best best friends, which Colin backs up with an account of him and Jenelle burying a rat in the backyard. This seems to give Babs pause but she moves on with more evidence of Colin and Jenelle's good times.

Colin doesn't get the hint from Babs and continues to supply evidence of the good times - here's another golden oldie - Colin and Jenelle also cut off all of her hair and for some time she looked like a boy. Hmmmmm.

Considering Colin seems as if he's been dropped on his head one too many time, Jenelle is really starting to look like the family's genius.

Now that David is of the show, Jenelle's friends are seeing a real boost in their TV careers since Jenelle can't exactly complain about Babs to a wall. Jenelle tells us that she's going to be dropping Jace off for therapy herself and she feels good about this since now she can go see the therapist herself and provide a worthy defense of David.

Yep. Jace's therapy is all about you and David and your acting like his PR rep, isn't it?

Jenelle feels therapy went well with Jace which is why on the way home she has to trumpet the NRA to Jace when he finds a pamphlet about the organization in the car. Yes, an ode to guns should always follow a therapy session with your troubled child.

Jenelle takes Jace out for dinner alone where she quizzes him about the value of therapy. Jenelle's conversation with Jace must have been pretty booooring considering how edited it gets to be.



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