Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 25: Just How Quickly Is Javi Moving?

Briana DeJesus

In this episode, we got to see how far Javi is willing to go in his relationship with Bri and the aftermath of David's anger with his kids.

Which teen mom is a bigger trainwreck this week? Read on to find out.


Is it just us or is Ensley the only child that Jenelle and David really care about. Also, what is Jenelle doing with such a fancy camera. Also, why is Jenelle always eating pizza. Jenelle has a friend over and explains exactly why her modular home is falling apart.

She spoke with the builder of the home, who apparently has informed Jenelle that she's put too much dirt on her laaaand and is making the water go down under her house. Um, a modular home is just a lost cause, honey.

However, Jenelle's teen mom status has managed to get them, oh gosh, a visit from the vice president of the company the next day. My my, how Jenelle is coming up in the world.

Next, David has a chance to speak with the viiiiiice-presidaaant of the modular home company. We only get the audio here of David yelling at the executive and threatening him with Jenelle's social media following, which sadly, Oh boy. 

Later, in an absolutely hilarious scene, Jenelle opens up an Amazon box full of supplies for the end of the world, apparently, because of the Twitter spat that Trump had with North Korea. Yeah, 'cause if Kim Jong-Un takes aim at the US, he's really going to try to pinpoint Jenelle's laaaaaand.

David then reassures Jenelle that the modular home company is going to fix their home. We noticed David neglected to inform Jenelle that he waves her social media following around like a gun.


Chelsea had a talk with Aubrey and told her about Adam's issues, including mentioning his issues with drugs. Um, not a good idea to be suggestive with Aubrey, honey. Chelsea also decides to say no to a meeting with Adam's mother.

She's got a point there. What is there to talk about.

Later, Chelsea finds out that Aubrey didn't wind up having lunch with Adam's mother which seems to make her satisfied but also likely upset that she's not creating dramz for her segment. 

Chelsea then lets Aubrey stay with Adam's mother who has choice words for Cole during the drop-off. What's sad here, is the extent to which Adam's parents are enabling him. 


Kail and Javi have a little talk, which you know means bad news. During their talk, Kail and Javi really manage to give the "pot calling the kettle black" a whole new name since both of them accuse the other of exposing their children to bad influences.

Kail is upset that Javi doesn't defend her against Bri. Javi just seems to think it's funny (we're guessing he's triumphant that Bri is just telling Kail everything he's always wanted to say over the last few years).

Kail heads out to get Lux together with his dad and fusses and primps her hair like she's going out on a date. It's clear her nervousness has a lot more to do with getting to see Chris.

Kail later heads to the drop off with Chris and we find out he refuses to make direct contact with Kail.

Javi, on his end, decompresses with his sister about leaving Bri. We love that Javi calls Bri deep and special. This guy really needs to looks at Bri's tweets.

Javi then shows his sister a ring her bought at the mall. It looks like something you'd find as a kinder surprise. Javi's sister tells him he's moving too quickly.


Leah continues to spend time with her friends who insist on putting a pacifier onto their 5-year-old's mouths. Leah gives her friend a rundown of all of the nice things that Jeremy said to ingratiate himself with Leah now that he thinks she might be worth something.

Leah also admits to having had sex with Jeremy since their breakup. Ooops, wait, looks like Jeremy is just looking for a cheap hook-up.

Next, Leah picks up Addie at Jeremy's place and seems to be going along with the possibility of a hook-up considering the amount of cleavage on her.

Jeremy and Leah admit to the producers that they slept together and of course, Jeremy, wanting the booty to never end, asks Leah is she'd like to get back together.


Bri is getting grilled on her future with Javi which makes her awfully bashful. Hmmm, where was all that bashfulness when you were throwing punches at Kail. Bri sees Javi before he deploys and points out how excited she is despite looking like she is bored out of her mind. Javi tells Bri he's going to be deployed for 6 months.

Bri thinks the months will fly by but Javi isn't so sure. Later, Javi and Bri get chess piece tattoos together. Why are tattoos a thing that people do together.

Later, Bri informs a friend about her status with Javi including the progression to matching tattoos, which apparently is a marker of solidity in a relationship. 


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