Teen Mom 2 Season 8, Episode 24 Recap: Was The David Scene Really As Bad As People Said?

Jenelle Evans

This week on Teen Mom 2, more shockers continues to flow from Jenelle's "laaaaaand," and Kail continued to fire passive-aggressive shots at Bri and Javi. Read on to find out more...


Chelsea is busy continuing to attend court hearings given her past with Adam. Chelsea considers whether she should sit down with Aubrey and discuss Adam's substance abuse issues with her. For some reason, Chelsea gets all high and mighty about the fact that she'll be having this discussion off-camera with Aubrey.

Um, you already had a couple of teenage pregnancies, documented the extent of your promiscuity and showed the world just how low you can go. There's really no reason to get so upset.

After her court hearing, Chelsea revisits the sad state of Adam's affairs, including the fact that he has no home, no car and no job.

He does have the desire to start his own business, however. Oh thank god, there's that!



Jenelle takes Jace and her step-daughter to get her haircut and announces that she and David are taking the kids on a vacation in the mountains.

It'll be the first time they've done this and Jenelle will be turning the ripe old age of 26 on the trip, too.

On the trip, David gives Jenelle her gift which is a trip to Memphis to see Cardi B for 3 nights. 

On the last night of trip, the kids woke Jenelle and David up early resulting in David being pretty irritable with everyone. At the vacation home, it's chaos as the kids all run around giving clear evidence that each and everyone of them has ADHD and was probably born with Jenelle on drugs.

David bullies everyone into the car and then gets upset on realizing that it's all being filmed.


Kail talks about her podcast that she started with her friend Lindsie. Kail mentions that her relationship with Chris was part of what had recently turned her toward dating women.

For some reason, Kail and her friend decide to turn the conversation toward freezing their eggs.

As teenage mothers, should these two really be concerned about the longevity of their fertility? Uh oh, Kail mentions that she wants to have another kid but if she did it, it would have to be soon.

Later, Kail talks in the car about her ongoing battle with Chris and the fact that state is mandating she give him custody or at least begin with supervised visits. 

After her court hearing, Kail reveals that Chris wound up getting a month of supervised visits with Lux. 


Leah is throwing a birthday party for her twins while some Duck Dynasty character, (sorry, we mean Corey) throws them a separate one.

Somehow Leah seems to have a bevy of teenage mom friends because whenever anyone is around her house, they bring a number of children all too old to have pacifiers in their mouth.

At the girls' second overly elaborate birthday party, Leah discusses the fact that Jeremy wants to get together.

Leah and her friend are filled with speculation, which we're sure is the prelude to this so called get-together and possibly Leah's fourth daughter whose name will be EXACTLY the same as the others.

Later, Jeremy talks to Leah about how he feels she's come a long way. We have a strong feeling Jeremy recently googled Leah and found out her net worth. 



Bri talks to a friend about her child support situation. Bri will likely be the person to wind up paying for Stella's daycare. However, Luis does pay a visit and actually holds Stella.

Later, Bri, Brit and Roxanne all drop Stella off at daycare and head into work. Bri cries after she does the drop-off.

Back at home, Roxanne has a chance to talk to Nova about Bri's return to work. In the saddest convo to hit Teen Mom 2, Nova reveals that she believes Bri only cares about taking care of Stella.

Roxanne tries to reassure Nova although agrees that Brit is a definitely a lazy substitute to Bri.

When Bri comes back from work, Roxanne tells her about the conversation she had with Nova and Bri tries to make amends with Nova. 


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