Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 21: Sh*t Hits The Fan -- And The Fan Hits Back

Briana DeJesus

How close did Britt come to pulling out Kail's hair at the last season of Teen Mom 2? Mmmm, pretty close. Ready to find out the details?


So, as we all sw, Bri is incapable of being anywhere without an escalated Britt and a somewhat rational Roxannne. But when Bri realized she no longer needed to be spending time in the makeup chair around Kail, she walked out from behind backstage.

Kail then storms out ot her own backstage room and notes to Morgan that she's going to have a conversation with Bri and Javi separately.

Later, Bri breaks down the throw-down with Kail for the producers. Bri is upset by producers Mandi telling her that Kail felt ganged up on by Bri, Britt and Roxanne.

Bri walks around with a floppy Stellla on her shoulder marching out of her room to threaten producer Mandi, "I'm gonna smack the f---- out of you...you're lucky I got my kids with me." Uh yeah, that's an understatement.

Mandi calls her bluff but looks secretly grateful that she's walked outside of reach of Bri.

Meanwhile, despite the fact that Britt is getting her curls patted down, Britt jumps out of her chair and runs to the hallway threatening to take Kail down. Apparently, Britt has too much respect for "the people on this set to do it." Hmmmm.

That's clearly not what Chelsea thinks given that she pokes her face out of her room with Watson only to clearly register her shock at having landed on the set of 21 jumpstreet.

Later, Javi asks Bri what's been going on and tells her that he and she should talk to Kail.

They knock on Kail's door who does a rendition of Max from The Princess Bride and slams the door in Javi and Bri's faces.

Kail seems to have realized how far she's sunk and suddenly has a strong desire to avoid the cameras and keep herself from becoming an episode of "Jerry Springer."

Roxanne and Britt then manage to find Devoin, who they found out missed a court date and had to go to jail. Roxi pulls out the waterworks. 


Meanwhile, the producers head off to where Jenelle is staying to see if they can drum up some drama. They find David peering over an absurdly high fence and somehow producer Kristin thinks that David bears a striking resemblance to Wilson from Home Improvement. David announces that he and Jenelle will show up to the reunion later (maybe).

Apparently, David and Jenelle are trying to avoid Nathan and his mom. Ohhh, hmm, and yes, Jenelle's son, Kaiser. Producer Kristin must realize David may have a gun with him behind that fence because she goes into placating mode.

Later, Babs decides to pay Nathan and his mother Doris a visit. Looks like Jenelle's ex's go from trash to treasure for Babs once they shift to being out of Jenelle's favor.

Meanwhile, Nathan and Jenelle arrive on set and David perceives a threat on being patted down by security. We hear them tell him that his "body is a weapon of mass destruction" while Jenelle nervously draws a comparison to court, of all things.

Yep, that makes sense since David was bound to be able to see the similarity there.

Jenelle reunites with all of her long-lost children including Jace and Kaiser. 

When Dr. Drew comes out, he has an uncanny ability to question Jenelle about her pattern of falling for angry men, juuuuuuuts as David is making another threat backstage in response to the producers. That, however, doesn't stop David from going ballistic and coming on stage to collect Jenelle and tell her they're leaving.

Jenelle decides to take off despite the fact that a desperate Kaiser chases her down the hall asking if she's leaving. Sadly, Jenelle doesn't even glance over at him and ignores him.

As Jenelle points out, "we're a team now." Sadly, we think that team doesn't include her kids.

Later, David calms down and brings Jenelle's back for the taping of the segment with all of the girls. 

That doesn't stop Jenelle's head from spinning off of her shoulders once she spots Nathan's new girlfriend. Yep, that's all it took. No concerns there about seeing Nathan with Kaiser until his girlfriend clearly gets under Jenelle's skin.

Jenelle and Nathan then proceed to have a major fight while Nathan carries Kaiser in his arms. The backstage area is clearly a maze that confuses Nathan, however, because despite the fact that he seems like he's on his way out, Nathan winds up right back in his room backstage.

David then gives KAiser the mot passive-aggressive good-bye in the word, setting Doris off further.

Jenelle is so clearly escalated that on her way out she decides to rev up Babs who takes the bait and threatens Jenelle and David before they march out off set with a wave of destroyed relationships (and children) behind them.

Jenelle points out that everyone is so angry with her and David but she and David are so great and in love with each other that it doesn't matter to them. Wow, she must be high right now. 


Leah and Kail go over why Kail is so upset and Kail details what went down with Bri. Leah points that they all have kids there and need to de-escalate. 


Chelsea decides to band together with Leah and Kail in talking to Morgan about how bothered they all are by the drama that Bri and Jenelle have kicked up.

While Kail rants on about how she, Leah and Chelsea will "leave the show" - this part seems unexpected to Leah and Chelsea who are definitely having the thought cloud right now that "wait a minute, this is our livelihood bitch." Still, when asked if she will still go on the reunion show so as not to disappoint the fans, Chelsea responds 'I don't know."



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