Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 2: Make Room for Briana, And That Was It?

Briana DeJesus

In the battle between Briana and Kail, who will win? Well, Jenelle better move over because there's a new tough momma in town and her name is Briana.

Oh wait, she also comes complete with a tough sister and her own tough mom too. Read on to find out who battled whom in this episode...


Kail was excited to see her kids back from Orlando. Kail is heading to the Teen Mom reunion but will be leaving Isaac and Lincoln behind. Lux will be heading with Kail and she's worried about the fact that he hasn't been vaccinated. Kail talks about how Briana and Javi stayed in the same hotel room and Isaac socialized with Nova.

Kail feels Javi has been real "shady." Hmmm, this coming from the woman who filed PFAs. Unclear why, but Briana texted Kail to tell her that she and Javi are just friends.

Oh boy. Either Briana is scared that Kail is coming for her or she is that much of a liar.

Kail arrives for the reunion and gets her hair done. Bri wanders in which agitates Kail, who decides she must talk to "Larry." Wow, the diva just kicked in. Kail complains to Larry as if she's an oscar winner, telling him that she needs to be in a separate room. To our glee, Kail gets forced to sit with Bri.

Uh oh, looks like this OG just got put in her place. Bri then takes a phone call in which she talks about how Kail is like "a dog marking her territory....there's a new bitch here." Uh oooooh.

Did Bri call herself a bitch or Kail? We can't wait for the reunion footage to air.

Later, Kail ups the dramz about the fact that Lux hasn't stopped crying for an hour. Wow, after her third child, you'd think she'd  understand what colic is. 

Somehow, by the end of rhe episode, Kail and Bri wind up in the same makeup room and really start throwing punches. Kail points out that what she heard was that Bri and Javi stayed together in a hotel while Bri points out that she and Javi, for now, are just friends and couldn't have stayed together in the same room because of Irma. We honestly do not know why Kail is engaging Bri here, because Bri def seems like she could take Kail and then some.

We then derail to some "No you the one bein' salty" from both of these two. For some reason, Kail brings in Bri's mom which then escalates things out of control.

The vocabulary then devolves to words like "ratchet" and "bougie." Oh boy, we're gonna need Google for this one.


Meanwhile, Briana is sitting around with Brittany talking about the fact that she and Javi didn't stay in the same hotel room. Methinks this be a last ditch effort to convince the world that Briana isn't a slut.

According to Britt, it's a bit much that Javi hit on Bri while she was pregnant. Mmmm, we think nothing is bit much for Javi,

Bri and Javi reconnect in her hotel room while Bri is feeding Stella. Hmmm, Javi has to fly to see women? He can't meet someone in Delaware? Bri warns Javi that she doesn't want to repeat history. 

Bri and Jenelle have a chance to talk later on, while Jenelle talks about how everyone has their own clique.

We're thinking that's what happens when when you make snapchat videos calling your peers the "Incredible Hulk." Still, is it just us, or does Jenelle sound like a voice of reason here?

Bri then gives Javi the run-down of how Kail behaved. It gets all kind of awkward when Kail, Javi and Bri wind up in the same room.

Kail decides to name it and points out that that yes, the moment is awkward.

The next morning, Bri rehashes the entire incident with her mom and Brit. 


Jenelle apparently hates going to reunions because it is a bunch of drama. Really? We pretty much assumed that Jenelle made the greatest return on her businesses at a reunion. Jenelle and David talk over how they're going to interact with Doris, Nathan and Kaiser. Doris just filed and everyone has to act like everything is okay.

David drawls out some incomprehensible empathy to Jenelle's whining about the situation. It's hard to pay attention to Jenelle's complaints since David is spinning a fire starter in his right hand.

Jenelle points out that Bri is the only girl among the teen moms that isn't two-faced. David mhmmms's Jenelle on this although we think it's a fact that David would like to see Bri deported.

Jenelle must be so pissed that pretty much everyone is best friends with Babs. Even Jo and Kail have a sit down with Babs. 

We then move into the filming of what looks like socialization before the taping of the actual reunion and it looks like this is the lead-up to David's balloon-gate in which he pulled out a knife and starting stabbing balloons. We see Jenelle and David getting really drunk. David begins drawling incomprehensibly while Brit and Leah are having a heart to heart in another corner and Bri and Javi enjoy some shots together.

David points out that they're running out of beer and he's going out to get some. He then stabs some balloons on his way out and Jenelle leaves with him.


Leah is sooooo boring.

Also, why does it sound like Corey is calling from a developing country? Is it the connection or is it the fact that he slurs just about everything he says? Seriously, it sounded like Corey was underwater.

Leah and Gracie arrive for the reunion and Leah has to wrap herself up in Javi/Bri drama. Leah seems a little afraid that Bri and her crew are coming for her.

Don't ya think? Later, Leah talks about she can feel tension in the air with Bri there.

In the next scene, we see Bri confronting Leah about the fact that while Leah may have been trying to remain loyal to Kail, she shouldn't have been misrepresenting what happened between Bri and Javi to Kail.

Bri feels Leah is responsible for the tension between her and Kail. Leah winds up in tears over the situation making us wonder, really, this made you cry?


Chelsea is bringing her kids to the reunion and everyone is staying together in one hotel room. Chelsea films first and gets her snooze-fest over with quickly. 


Want the deets on the girl-fight between Bri and Kail? Join us next week!

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