Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 19 Recap: Jenelle Gets Indignant

Jenelle Evans

Teen Mom 2 is baaaaaaaaaack. Yep, Jenelle is back to earn herself a nice hefty paycheck and support (her and David's) next year's worth of hash.

And so is the rest of the gang. So let's get down to the mayhem here: Just what went down with these teen moms on the first episode of Teen Mom 2? Read on to find out.


Chelsea is still making a deal out of Aubrey wanting to change her name. Chelsea, of course, has to prompt Aubrey on changing her name.

[Sigh]. Are we seriously continuing this storyline? We're thinking Chelsea may actually be regretting Adam being off the show considering her storylines have gotten soooooooo booooooring.

In the next scene, yes, Papa Randy is perseverating on the topic of Aubrey's impending name change. Yes, yes, we get it, Adam sucks. Now, who was it that he knocked up? Chelsea conveniently forgot that.

Chelsea decided to take our advice and drag Adam's name into her storyline. Apparently he assaulted a new girl and Adam's ex-fiance apparently filed a restraining order on him.

He reportedly broke her arm and locked her in the house and his drug usage has spiraled out of control.


Kail is making infinite loops around her boring neighbor in Delaware and putting off naming her baby since she has sooooo much to do. Kail takes baby Lo out with a friend to a restaurant where she is artfully prompted about her relationship with Chris. Shockingly, Kail has a good relationship with all of her other baby daddy's but not Chris.

Kail is quizzed on what's going on with Briana and Javi but Kail doesn't bite. A woman scorned won't ham it up for the cameras, it seems.

Next, we find out that Kail has named Lux and has to announce it. Yes, the world is waiting with bated breath. 

We then get a preview of Javi talking to a friend about he's going to be meeting up with Bri. He's a little more honest and points out that he and Bri definitely have chemistry and flirt.

Javi knows he's going to piss off Kail but doesn't care.

Later, Kail breaks bread with Jo to complain about how Javi is going to be spending time with Bri. She's royally pissed and gets angry with Bri. 

A few days later, Kail talks to her boys on the phone and finds out they're talking to Nova on the phone. At their get-together, Bri and Javi have a chance to hash out how Kail found out and learn that Leah spilled the beans.

Shockingly, both Brittany and Bri's mother tell her let it go and not feed into the drama.


Bri talks up the fact that "people think" she's dating Javi. Not sure why there's an air of secrecy here. Bri and Brittany head off to meet up with Leah to attend the award show they're headed to. While Bri gets her hair and makeup done, Bri commiserates with Leah about how much her baby daddy's suck.

This, in no way, has anything to do with Bri, of course. Leah points out that Bri and Javi seem to be together.

There must be a big reveal coming, because Bri plays coy and says that Javi is coming down and staying at the same hotel as Bri and her kids just to spend time as friends.

Oh, is that what they're calling it nowadays?

Bri talks to Javi on the phone before heading off for her event and plays evasive about who she's talking to while Leah looks on angry that she's not getting enough attention. 

Later, Bri and Javi talk again. Javi is pissed about who ratted him and Bri out to Kail. Bri doesn't not seem in the least bit bothered. 


Leah gets back and decides as part of "girl code" she needs to tell Kail about Bri's statement about Javi.

We think "girl code" is code for "I need to keep myself a part of the drama on the show." Leah's decided that Javi isn't man enough to talk to Kail himself.

Well, to be fair, is it really that big a deal?


Jenelle is holed up in her house out in the boonies complaining about how after demanding that Nathan's visits to Kaiser be supervised by his mom, his mom, in turn is filing for emergency custody. After finding out about everything that David has done/said in the past few months, we're in awe that Jenelle can sit there and feel so confidant about her ability to care for Kaiser.

Jenelle talks about how she's being accused of keeping Kaiser out in the sun....hmmm, that sounds about right. BTW, why is David still being featured on the show? They really should have removed him.

Later, we get a look at Nathan and just how much traumatic brain injury he's probably been exposed to in his life. Nathan talks about how his mom is seeking emergency custody since both he and his mother are concerned about David physically abusing Kaiser.

Nathan of course, can't pursue a filing himself since he was just, what, arraigned for trying to choke another woman.

His next line, of course, is quite possibly the most ironic statement made by a star of Teen Mom2 with Nathan declaring David, "someone who seems like he might have violent tendencies."

Later, Jenelle commiserates with David about all of the publicity about Nathan's mom seeking emergency custody of Kaiser.

Is it just us, or does David's drawl making him seem like he just crawled out from under a hole in the deepest past of the South?

Babs has to offer her own opinion to the producers. Babs apparently spoke to the press about how the concerns about Kaiser having some validity.

Babs believes all Jenelle ever does is put the men in her life above her kids. Well yes, that's the thing to be concerned about considering your daughter has so many mug shots.

Next, Jenelle shows the producers a story that Babs sold to RadarOnline. Jenelle is tearful and is really afraid to tell David what's going on, since of course, he's working on the "laaaaand." Apparently, Jenelle is having nightmares and night terrors about Babs taking her kids away from her.

Yeah, tell that to the motorists you've stalked and pulled guns on.


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