Teen Mom 2 Season 8, Episode 18 Recap: Jenelle Finally Marries David

Jenelle Evans

Just a month ago, we all saw as Jenelle and David had their typical drama but eventually resolved it. So, just what went down before, during and after their wedding? Read on to find out.


After kicking the crew off of their property, Jenelle made up with David and they got the wedding back on track. Jenelle explains that she was frustrated and upset that their home didn't look good for the wedding.

Jenelle doesn't plan on having Babs come to the wedding or any of her family. At the end of the day, Babs doesn't like David which is why Jenelle doesn't want her there.

The day of the wedding arrives, and Jenelle enjoys getting Ensley and Jace ready. Even Kaiser has cleaned up for the event, although he does try to put a bathtub brush in his mouth.

Meanwhile, Babs feels upset and talks about how David has alienated Jenelle. Babs's friend tells her that in order to make things up to Jenelle she needs to get along with David. Babs also refuses to hand over Jace.

Jenelle finally puts on her dress and walks through her home to meet David at the aisle. She then walks down with Jace holding her hand.

David and Jenelle hold hands and get through the ceremony without having an epic fight and in the next minute, they're married!


Kail feels like she could go into labor at any time and sure enough, she had a healthy baby boy.

Javi cares for Lincoln and talks about how he feels about Kail having the baby.

Javi doesn't feel jealous about Kail having a baby but does feels strange about the fact that the baby could have been his, had he and Kail still been together.

Once Kail comes home from the hospital, Lincoln and Isaac have a chance to see the baby.

Lincoln points out that Kail must have another baby in her belly, but Kail laughs and notes that she's still fat. It turns out that Lincoln was the biggest baby that Kail had since Lux was 7lbs and 15 oz.

Later, Vee and Jo bring Isaac and Vivi over to see their new brother.


Nova gets dropped off at her new school but gets tearful on her first day, which makes Bri feel sad. Still, by the end of the day, Nova feels better and is agreeable to returning the next day. Later, Bri and the family head out together with Devoin.

Bri, per usual, complains about how Devoin won't pay anything for Nova. Devoin is mad because Bri won't let him have custody of Nova but expects him to pay out nevertheless.

Things go really south of the border when Bri and Devoin begin to argue and Devoin starts talking shit about Bri's father. At that point, Dee goes nuts and begins to cuss out Devoin, who leaves in response.

Later, Bri and her mom debrief and feel terrible about how Devoin works 2 jobs but just won't provide money for Nova. Bri is happy that she filed for child support.


Addie is ready for preschool though Leah has to remind her to mind her manners.

It's been a couple of weeks since Jeremy has seen Addie so Leah calls him. At the end of her day, Addie is excited to tell Leah about her first day.


Chelsea gets ready for her reception party and has a great time at her event.

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