Teen mom 2 Season 8 Episode 17 Recap: Why Jenelle Went Apeshit Before the Wedding

Jenelle Evans

Tonight on Teen Mom, the girls continued to cope with a number of stressors keeping them from being happy. Read on to find out what happened..


Briana continues to deal with being a single mom.

At a Dunkin Doughnuts outing, Briana explains that she thinks Luis is intimidated by her, her sister and her mother since everytime he comes over, all three of them just yell at him.

Later, Devoin comes over and sees Briana with the baby. Briana asks Devoin to step up so that she can spend more time with Stella.

The next day, Briana heads to school with Nova, who's starting up again.

Of course, Devoin only has a little bit of cash for Nova's aftercare program, which means Briana has to head to an ATM to get the rest. Briana doesn't look surprised at all.

In the next scene, Briana complains to Brittany about Devoin's only giving her $60 for Nova's school. She's very skeptical about his false promise to put the bill on a credit card when she knows he doesn't have one.


Leah has to deal with Addie being naughty.

Addie is going to be starting preschool, while the twins will finally be separated at school this year.

The twins are headed to second grade and Leah helps everyone get ready in the morning and then drives them to their bus stop.

Corey picks up the twins and spends time with them.


Jenelle is still in NY shopping for wedding party attire. Jace and David go shopping for a suit together. Jenelle also asks Andre to be the officiant for her wedding.

Meanwhile, Babs goes out with a friend and complains about David. Babs feels that David has alienated Jenelle from her.

She also bursts into tears as she talks about how Jenelle has hurt her. Babs's friend encourages her to try to make peace with David.

Later, Jenelle lays sod when David's mom comes over to watch the baby. Somehow, Jenelle winds up having a meltdown about the sod laying process.

The beginning of the false end starts when Jenelle gets really upset with David about the fact that the won't pay attention to her.

She then takes her anger out on the crew and tells them all to leave. As they start to pack up, Jenelle threatens to cancel the wedding.


Chelsea is stilling planning her wedding reception and accompanies Aubree to a dress fitting. Later, Chelsea herself has a dress fitting and looks amazing.


Kail is back from St. Thomas and expecting to give birth as soon as in a week.

Chris didn't come to her last ultrasound, leaving Kail feeling confused.

In a way, Kail wants some closure and wishes that Chris was like Luis so that she could make a hard and fast decision about whether to keep him in her life.

Jo comes over and spends time with Isaac.

Meanwhile, Kail is getting nervous, waiting for the baby to arrive. She's also upset about realizing she might have to have the baby alone.

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