Teen Mom 2 Season 8, Episode 16: How Does Jace Really Feel About David?

Jenelle Evans

On tonight's teen mom episode, we got to see the followup to David's fight with Jenelle. Read on to find out what happened.

Teen Mom 2: Kail

Kail is still in St. Thomas. She's 35 weeks along but having a great time.

Chris didn't want Kai to go because shewas so far along. While talking to her friend, Kail notes her feet have been swelling up.

Later, her fingers swell up too. The crew takes a look and gets a doctor to come see Kail.

A clinician comes to talk to Kail and note she should have her blood pressure taken. Kail was taking progesterone shots up until 34 weeks because of her history of multiple miscarriages.

Teen Mom 2: Jenelle

Babs held her birthday party for Jace and now Jenelle has planned a party for him.

Later, when Jace is in the car with Jenelle, he tells her that he doesn't want her to marry David but then says he's "just kidding." Somehow, Jenelle doesn't look at all phased but then Jace notes that he does want Jenelle to marry David.

Teen Mom 2: Leah

Ali gets upset abut Gacie being able to function in the pool better than she can. Later, Leah talks about how it's tough to balance time between her twins.

Teen Mom 2: Chelsea

Chelsea is meeting with a lawyer to see about changing Aubree's last name. Meanwhile, the summer is over and Aubree returns to school. In the evening, Chelsea's friend comes over and Chelsea discusses her decision to change Aubree's last name.

Teen Mom 2: Briana

Briana returns from the ER and finds out that Stella has three holes in her heart. or a ventricular septal defect.

Stella has to see a cardiologist but may be able to live with the condition and doesn't have to have surgery yet.

Stella starts to do okay but Luis still doesn't come over to help her or visit, apparently because he started trucking school.

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