Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 14: Jenelle Cuts Off Her Family Completely

Teen Mom 2

Tonight was all about second chances as Briana navigates having a second baby and Leah tries to gives public speaking another chance. Find out what happened.


Leah starts off by acknowledging that her last motivational speech didn't go so well but she decides to give things another shot. She visits a friend and gets a chance to speak later on at an event at a restaurant.

She seems to think it went much better than her first try although we're not sure why.

At a second event, Leah uses her daughters as a publicity tool and manage to "connect" even better with the audience that shows up. -


Kail says that she has had a lot going on given that neither Javi nor Jo wants to come to her graduation. Still, Kail hasn't reached out to her own family and refuses to.

Later, Kail talks about job options. She wants to be in TV but doesn't want to start at the bottom of the totem pole.

At her graduation, Kail is thrilled but also wants to know who showed up to support her.


Briana has a new baby and has to help Nova adjsut to being a big sister. Briana's mom confronts Luis about supporting Briana and Stella financially.

Briana doesn't like Luis staying at her home considering he doesn't do much to help with Stella. She and Luis have a confrontation about his doing nothing for her financially.

Luis also tells Briana later on that he'll come back in the morning and leaves for the night. Briana is pissed.


Cole continues to bond with Watson. Later, Watson gets his shots.


Jenelle works with David to plan the wedding. Olive Garden will be catering.

Babs mourns the fact that Jenelle isn't inviting her to her wedding. In New York, Jenelle picks up her dress but also has her hair and makeup done so she can see what she will look like.

In New York, Jenelle also goes dress shopping. According to Jenelle her vision is "out of the box." For some reason, she uses this expression a lot.

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