Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 29: Javi Chases Bri to Miami? What?

Jenelle Evans

The last few weeks of Teen Mom 2 have been a torrent of reveals, with the David-Jenelle drama finally playing out for the cameras, Kail revealing she slept with Javi while he was with Bri and of course Leah, making it clear she's been getting some bootie from Jeremy too.

What's left to find out? Yep, there's more. Read on!


We last saw Javi paying Bri a spontaneous visit to Miami.

Bri doesn't understand why Javi pays her a visit at all given that he knew her surgery was being recorded. After a lot of suspenseful music, which was confusing (considering no crime was committed).

Bri picks up Shirley from the hospital and brings her home. Bri looks massively annoyed that Javi is crashing their post-surgery rehab. They then proceed to break out into a huge fight.

Javi inexplicably shares with Bri that "someone is willing to move to Dover for me." Whaaaat? We're confused as to why Javi shares this while making his half-baked attempt to get her back. Bri then launches into a "I'm done," rant and takes off from the room.

Looks like it's the last of this relationship.

Later, Bri and Javi have a slightly less agitated discussion that makes Javi operate under the delusion that he and Bri have made up while Bri looks like she can't wait until the moment that Javi leaves. 


Kail and Leah head out for their girls' vacation in Hawaii and seem like they're having a lot of fun. Leah has a real conversation with Kail about the trouble Ali has. Apparently, second graders have been harassing and persecuting Ali to Aleeah.

Kail suggests Leah reach out to other mothers who care for a special needs child. Leah says she copes by not thinking about it too much.

Later, Kail takes some time out of her day to complain about Chris being a deadbeat daddy. Hmmm, you didn't expect that during the pregnancy? 

Leah and Kail decide to go sky-diving while Kail explains that Leah will be able to make all sorts of "life changes" after she does it. 


Now that David's off the show, Jamie has really had to step in. She must be celebrating since she's probably gotten a salary hike out of this.

Meanwhile, Jenelle takes the opportunity to complain about how David's being off the show makes it that much tougher for her to pick up Kaiser since Nathan "pushes all maaa buttons." Ummm, I don't think your issues with Nathan were caused by MTV, Jenelle.

Nathan takes Kaiser out to eat while he whispers sweet nothings to his girlfriend Ashley. Kaiser details court proceedings around his custody agreement with Jenelle. Later, Nathan teams up with Babs to mount a mutiny against Jenelle when he gets a call from her while out playing mini-golf with Kaiser. Babs tells Nathan that Jace told her that David spanked Kaiser so hard that he was complaining about the pain.

Nathan tells Babs they should "get together without the kids." Wow. So sad that Nathan would look that much better than David.

Hmm, someone who's choked his ex-girlfriend looks better than David. Nathan recaps his conversation to Ashley who for some reason breaks out into tears over the issue.

Babs meets up with Nathan at what appears to be the same place Jenelle went out with Jace. Does MTV have a list of vendors they work with? Nathan feels the route is more clear for him to take custody of Kaiser since charges have been dropped against him. Oh thank god, for that. Talk about a nice set of parents for Kaiser.

With Babs nodding along that Nathan can handle 50/50 visitation you know something must be seriously wrong with David. And sure enough, Babs launches into a discussion of David and his use of his guns on his property.

Even sadder is Babs's account of all of the visits that Jenelle didn't show up for with Jace.


While Leah is out with Kail in Hawaii she manages to call Corey. Leah recounts her phone conversation to Kail and over-analyzes her conversation with Corey and points out how his "cut and dry" discussion of the girls is his way of coping.

Nah, we thinks that's just a function of Corey's intellect.


Chelsea has lunch out with her dad and recounts the trouble Paislee is having with Adam. Paislee doesn't see him at all anymore but Chelsea will be meeting up with Paislee and Taylor since Aubrey has been asking about her. 

Paislee and Aubrey get together at a bowling alley and Chelsea goes right for the jugular, making sure to ask Taylor about the custody arrangement that Taylor has with Adam.

Chelsea wonders how delusional Adam's mother can be about her son's issues.



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