Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 12 Recap: Yes, Jenelle Just Put Babs In Her Place

Teen Mom 2

Tonight's episode of Teen Mom 2 comes on a special night, in order for MTV to promote new shows. Here's our recap of the episode.


Jenelle picks up Jace on her visitation date and tells him they're taking him on a special trip to St. Thomas. In a weird moment, Jenelle asks Jace if he's scared of David, which he denies.

She tries to tell him his therapist said so, but Jace continues to deny it. Later, Jenelle feels triumphant that Babs has to let her take Jace to St. Thomas.

Jenelle also talks to David about how she wants to spend more time with Jace to revive their relationship.At the drop off, Jenelle verifies future visitation dates with Babs, making sure to assert herself.


Leah recaps her date, which she says didn't go so well. Later, Addie cries again about missing her dad.

Jeremy discusses his need to work out of town with a friend. According to him, he's proud of working because he wants to support Addie's college fund.


Briana talks about how she has to make things work for Stella, given that she's not going to be getting much support from Luis.

Later, Briana talks to her sister about how she needs to get child support from Luis. At her doctor's appointment, Briana discusses the financial burden of caring for two children; Luis is silent.

During the appointment. Briana is thrilled to find out that Stella is no longer breech.

Still, her excitement is cut short while talking to her friend in the car about how she's got another Devoin on her hands with Luis, meaning a deadbeat dad.


Jo calls his dad about trying to work things out with Kail about visitation rights with Isaac.

Kail is thrilled that it's her last day of class but she does wind up having to take Isaac and Lincoln along with her.

Kail is really thrilled to be done with school.


Chelsea talks to Aubree about how she spent her father's day with Adam. Chelsea talks with the producers about how Adam is a terrible dad and she wishes Aubree would remain with Cole on father's day.

Later, Chelsea accompanies a friend to Daddy Houska's since he's now acquired the ability to dispense Botox. Chelsea brings up the topic of Adam and his drug use and the similarity to Maci Bookout's situation with Ryan.

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