Teen Mom 2 Reunion Time: Who's the Better Fighter? Bri or Brit?

Jenelle Evans

So, there was a lot of media coverage of the Teen Mom 2 reunion which is why MTV decided to pull out all of the stops and air basically ALL of the footage that they got and call it the "behind the screams" episode.

Hmm, sounds like something that's prepped for Halloween.

In any case, see our summary of what went down: 


Bri is still complaining about all of the conflict that went down with Kail and wishing Jenelle was there to side with her. Bri talks about how she and Kail battled it out on Twitter based on footage from the most recent seasons.

We can't wait for this cat-fight to air out.

Bri decompresses with Brit about how Kail wanted to hit her. Brit laughs about the idea that Kail was going to try to hit Bri. 

Bri and Brit both agree that they'd have no problem going on stage with Kail without fighting her. Before the lead up to Bri coming on the show, the music plays as if a climax is coming. And indeed it does, because Bri stalks onto the stage wanting a piece of Kail. Given that security immediately surround her, she looks like a hysterical parrot calling Kail a number of names while Kail circles around trying to get to Bri.

Unfortunately, Brit gets to Kail and tries to punch her. Somehow, everyone else makes it off the stage while Kail and Bri try to go at it.

The set erupts into chaos. Bri goes nuts breaking things backstage she's so angry.

Later, even Brit can reflect on the fact that Bri looked terrible. 

Bri looks penitent but agrees to film with Dr.Drew.


Jenelle decides she's not going to the reunion since David can't go and she wants to "avoid the drama." Yeah, that's why you carry a gun with you. Jenelle notes that Nathan is going to the reunion and talks about how Babs is also going and is now friends with Nathan.

Jenelle does rightly point out that Babs befriends her ex's once she leaves them. Poor Nathan. He apparently filed paperwork to take full custody of Kaiser but kept missing up the definition of "defendant" and "plaintiff."


Chelsea arrives and talks about how ultra-important it is for her to stay "stress-free." She also points out that she doesn't want to make an appearance if there's too much drama. UM, then GO! You're so boring anyway.

We find out that the girls are being kept separate from each other since there's been so much drama on social media.


Once Kail gets together with all of the other girls, she talks about how she's concerned about how Bri runs her mouth about her and how reckless she can be in talking about her and her kids on Twitter.

Later, we find out that Kail reached out to Bri to see if she'd want to talk to clear the air before going on stage together.

Morgan F talks to Bri about setting up the meeting which Bri does agree to. 

Unfortunately, we don't get to see the actual footage of the meeting but we do we get to hear the audio.

For some reason, the meeting is being treated by everyone like a meeting between an American president and Kim-Jong Un.

In any case, Leah and Bri do get together. We then hear the audio heard round the world. Kail accuses Bri of talking trash about her on Twitter and Bri tells her to relax.

The conversation then turns into a serious fight with Kail and Briana each being held back from each other by security.

Kail is upset that Bri won't say things to her face while Bri is defensive about the whole issue since she feels Kail has plenty to say about her.

Later, Kail tells Javi about everything but reluctantly given that she suspects he wants to film for the cameras. Kail continues to blame Javi for the entire issue. 


Leah points out that she "isn't going to be so nice anymore," although we're not quite sure why she needs to be upset at anyone.

It's really funny that Leah acts high and mighty about the entire incident considering she's been filmed on camera in some really low moments.


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