Teen Mom 2 Reunion Part 2: Jenelle Tells More Tales About her Own Psychiatric Issues

Jenelle Evans

On this second part of the Teen Mom 2 Reunion, we began with Leah's narrative, which Dr. Drew tried desperately hard to tie around Ali and Jeremy. 


Leah, as usual has to begin with the waterworks about Ali. Still, our hearts do go out to Leah about the level of medical care that Ali requires.

Dr. Drew segues right into bringing Corey on, which leads us to believe he really can't make much of Leah's admission that she slept with Jeremy.

Kail is brought on pretty soon to sit with Leah, perhaps to create some drama around Leah's recent drama with Jeremy. Kail compares Leah's relationship to Jeremy with her and Javi. Leah admits that she hooked up with Jeremy twice.

To Kail, it's important that whoever she dates next has to have their own job, car and home. Leah also admits that she's dating someone new who's older, "39" and owns his own businesses. Kail likes him "so far."


Dr. Drew questions Javi immediately about the fight between Bri and Kail. Javi correctly points out that he and Bri broke up a few months ago.

Javi reveals that he gave Bri a ring and did intend to marry her and Bri was pleased with the ring and wore it out, despite her statement that she didn't want to move forward with an engagement. Dr.

Drew points out that his ex's have called Javi "shady," but he would label him a love-addict and notes he can't be alone.

Later, Kail is brought on so that she can call Javi out on being "shady." 

Javi talks about how he apologized to Kail because he realized she was right in some ways about Bri. Kail admits to being the one who instigated the hook-up. 


Babs comes on with Nathan and both have it pointed out to them that they used to really talk trash about each other. Nathan talks a big talk about how he's "concerned" about Kaiser. Nathan's mom filed for emergency custody of Kaiser since he wanted drug testing of either Jenelle or David.

Babs points out that David's mother is just as controlled by David as Jenelle is. Babs reminds us all that David got out of prison.

Nathan points out that Jenelle can really work a person up with her nagging and pestering.


Jenelle is insistent that Babs is the person who calls her and David bad things that Jace then imitates. Jenelle admits that she only gives Jace his medicine one of the two days that he's with her. Jenelle also defends David and says that he only says the things he says about the gay community because he doesn't want one of his kids growing up to be gay.

Dr. Drew looks notably concerned and asks Jenelle what David would do if one of their kids were gay. Jenelle does say that David would still love his kids he just wouldn't support their lifestyle.

Dr. Drew also questions Jenelle about her gun incident of road rage with Jace. Jenelle claims to have been traumatized by the incident but at the same time admits to not having thought through how her own behavior might have traumatized Jace.

Jenelle also claims the police didn't tell her to pull over rather than chase the other driver. Jenelle does admit to having accused Jace of lying and being honest off camera with Babs.


Dr. Drew does challenge Chelsea on running off after Kail and Bri fought. We're wondering what's made Chelsea so high and mighty when it wasn't too long ago that she was a teen mom. Chelsea herself points out that she doesn't think she has a lot going on but marvels at the job that MTV does with the editing of her footage.

Chelsea reveals that after getting a good nose job (oh wait, she didn't actually say that) but she did grow the confidence to dump Adam and snag a Cole. Adam apparently is very much a deadbeat dad and doesn't really spend any time with Aubrey.

Unfortunately, Adam's parents are in denial about his drug usage.

Gawd. We don't know how MTV managed to stretch this footage out but it appears that it's for Season 8 of Teen Mom 2!




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