Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Reunion Part 1 Recap: Who Threw Punches This Time

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So, in this version of the Teen Mom 2 reunion, we got to see the throwdown between Bri and and Kail and pay a little more attention this time, since we'd seen the scene a few times before.

We gotta say, Brit really assaulted Kail! In fact, we're shocked that Kail didn't press charges. So what went down after that? Read on to find out!


Bri explains that when she went to go talk to Kail, Kail had a bunch of security guards there and told her she wanted to hit Bri. Bri also explains that Kail had a lot of things to say about her behind her back which was upsetting.

Brit notes that Bri needs to stop fighting Kail about Javi, since he's not worth it. Brit, meanwhile, admits she has anger issues but has to defend Bri.

We get to see a recap of Bri's relationship with both Javi and Devoin. Bri clarifies that she's no longer with Javi and has moved on. Meanwhile, Devoin decided he wouldn't be a dad to Nova, he would just sleep and play videogames. Stella's father has moved back to New York and all he does is pay for Stella's daycare. Dr.

Drew pauses long enough to instigate dramz by summing up Bri's life in telling her that she has a lot of men to be angry with. Bri admits that Javi is a great father.

Dr. Drew slightly suggests that a therapist might be really able to help Bri.

Later, Devoin comes on and talks about how he moved in with Bri. Devoin says that he started working and felt that he was taking responsibility.

Dr. Drew surprisingly played it safe and didn't push Devoin on the fact that he's a deadbeat dad.


Kail comes on with Dr. Drew and admits that she was ready to fight Bri.

Kail then gets her phone and reads the text that Bri said - Bri had says, "Kail gets beat in front of her kids." Kail admits that she resorted to violence when she shouldn't have but she didn't know any other way to keep Briana quiet.

Kail points out the only regret she has is not fighting Brit first.

On screen, Kail points out that Javi is extremely fake and so is Bri.  She says, YESSS, exactly what we've been saying ALL ALONG, which is that both Bri and Javi were in on the relationship because of publicity. 

Kail also clarifies her relationship with Chris and notes she was surprised that he filed for emergency visitation rights. It turns out that Kail has a good relationship with Chris's mom. 

Kail says that after marrying Javi she's not sure if she could get married again. She actually points out that she's in love with Chris but she knows that things wouldn't work for them. 

Kail points out that she never had sex with Dom and was "just friends with her." Drew seems utterly frustrated with Kail for being dishonest about having had major beef with Jenelle and not owning up to it. 


It turns out that Dr. Drew plans to go to North Carolina to talk to Jenelle but asks why Jenelle isn't there. Babs admits that David may not be letting Jenelle come there. Jace is on medication but Jenelle apparently doesn't give it to him. Babs thinks the issue may be that Jenelle is trying to defy her.

Babs also relates Jenelle's gun incident and how scary things are with David. Dr. Drew says he notices the possessiveness and the aggression for sure.

Babs also notes, YESSSSS, that David has been teaching Kaiser and the kids who are basically 2 and 3 years old to shoot guns. Yessss, preach it Babs.


Next time: Javi admits hooking up with Kail, and Jenelle's 'PTSD'...







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