Teen Mom 2 Recap: Season 9, Episode - Boo hoo, Everyone Hates David

kailyn lowry

It's that time agaaaaain! Y'all know you're dying to find out what happened to Jenelle, right? 

Well, read on. 


So Chelsea and Cole closed on a new house and got themselves some laaaand too.

While Chelsea seems thrilled to have some "peace on quiet" all we can think is, um, you earn half a million on this show and all you can afford is that? Not to mention, the spot behind the shed seems a like an awfully nice place for you to become a teenage grandma.

Later, Chelsea drives Aubrey to see Adam and makes her parrot why she has to see him under odd terms. Sadly, Adam doesn't show and Chelsea has to parentify Aubrey once again over the issue. 

Over ice cream, Aubrey sounds like she should already be a teen mom. 


Leah gives us the rundown on her new boyfriend - it turns out it's craaaazy that she and her newbie are similar. Um, that's not the crazy part, honey. 

Later, Jason visits Leah's family and her girls. Leah sums a whole bunch of stuff about her and Jason's marriages that we can tell he didn't see coming. 


Jenelle gives us a summary of some pretty crazy stuff that happened including Nathan's report that he found some bruises on Kaiser. We get to see Jenelle heading into mediation.

Interestingly, we get to see Jenelle start filming with a scene with Babs - huh! It looks like Babs is on Jenelle's side too.

Jenelle gets teary about how much everyone hates on David. Hmm, ask him not to fly that confederate flag and we'll talk. 

Babs later tells the producers how her reunion with Jenelle went down. 

We then segue to Nathan looking like he's about to pull a gun out of his back pocket.

Nathan gives us a summary of how he refused to give Kaiser back to Jenelle and David one-ups her when he found bruises on his butt.

In the next scene, we see that Jenelle and Nathan had mediation over Kaiser's custody. Nathan's mom comments to Nathan that David needs to stay out of things with Kaiser.

Poor Nathan. He had to wear a hat in order to conceal his hair and look half human.

Sidenote, we're realizing that Jenelle must have made up with her mom just so that she could interact with someone on set since it appears that David not being able to be filmed must have completely eliminated any other interaction Jenelle could possibly have.

Jenelle reflects on how mediation went with her mom over ice cream and Babs does her best to say nothing.


Looks like Lincoln is about to have a half-brother since Javi's girlfriend is pregnant. Kail also tells us that she and Chris are making things work both with their custody arrangement of Lux but also with a possible relationship.

Kail also tells us how over she is over Briana.

Lauren and Javi are filmed for the first time together and sum up just how irresponsible they are with getting pregnant a couple of months into their relationship.

Lauren decides to get all high and mighty about getting along with Kail over interactions with Lincoln.

At a soccer game, there seems to be tension between Kail and Lauren. Poor Kail, she seems to always have to be dealing with the new obnoxious girl Javi is dating. 


Bri tells us that she's over Javi but even though Devoin has been living with them he still doesn't spend that much time with Nova. Wow, that's sad. Bri decides to kick Devoin out. 

Later, Bri texts Devoin that he's out and he one-ups her by telling her that he got his own place. Devoin tells his friend that it's been awkward staying with Bri but the "best" part was seeing Nova everyday.

Hmm, for a deadbeat dad we suspect that this is mostly just bullshit. Devoin bitches to his friend about being kicked out.

Briana talks to her friends about what a deadbeat Devoin is. Hmmm, so what else is new? 


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