Teen Mom 2 Recap, Season 9, Episode 7: Kail's Net Worth Will Shock You!

The girls are back. Who pitched the biggest fit this week? Find out below. 


Is it just us, or does it seem like every teen mom lives in a mobile home? Leah has got a lot going including ALL of the DRAMA about her girls's dentist appointment.

By the way, why is this dentist appointment so important to Leah that she needs all of her baby daddies there? She calls her friend to complain all about it.

Operation dentist happens with Jason in tow. 

Later on, we see Corey talking absolutely incomprehensibly considering how hick he sounds. 

We then see Leah hanging with Jason and complimenting him on being there for her and 


Jenelle has apparently been frustrated with filming. Geez, she's got NO other career prospects and still finds time to complain about her one job. Jenelle meets up with Babs for a yoga class, CLEARLY set up by MTV considering these two wouldn't be caught dead at such a class since it's for the "heathens an' everythin'." Jenelle apparently thinks Kaiser is doin' great in school.

Babs has to get all the deets on the situation with Nathan since we get it must be pretty overwhelming for her with all of Jenelle's court dates over the years.

Jenelle is worried about Nathan and whether he's going to be violent around Kaiser.

Later, we see Nathan talking on the phone about how everyone always judges him. Um, yeah, that's what happens when you go around attacking women. 


Chelsea talks about how Adam has now given up parenting rights for Paisley. Geez. Where do these hick girls come up with these names for these kids? Chelsea has to agonize over what she's going to do about Aubrey potentially wanting to not deal with Adam ever again.

Of course, Chelsea has to repeat the entire conversation with her mom. THEN, low and behold she goes around in the same circle with papa Randy.


Bri is upset about how Stella's been doing and her medical issues. Roxanne comforts her with encouragement about how Devoin has been doing so much better as a father.

Later, we see Bri complaining about her bills to Brittany and Roxanne and Brittany tells her to "start using protection" as a solution.

Bri then files for child support and Brittany advises her not to keep having babies with "dodos." Praise Brittany!


Kail talks to a friend about how she got a text from her attorney about how Jo filed for child support against her and now wants $1000/month.

Kail is livid since she feels that Jo was the one who always talked about how they should talk things out.

Jo then gets a chance to defend his decision to file for child support and talks about how Kail earns so much money and he really should get a piece of that pie. 

We see Kail complaining to her friend later on about how she could potentially be tapped for as much as ten grand a month but it's "not fair" and she doesn't think Joe can justify this just because she makes more.

Kail then goes to see her lawyer and finds out that Jo is requesting back child support which convinces her that Jo is just being greedy and selfish. 

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