Teen Mom 2 Recap, Season 8 Episode 23: David Makes Nathan Look Like a Prince

Jenelle Evans

Let the teen mom wars begin! Who's on stage for tonight in terms of being ratchet or bougie? Read on to find out...


Jenelle is in LA to create promotional shots for her makeup line. For some reason, David is there to weigh in like the bumpkin he is. Oh boy.

It's really not clear what Jenelle did on this line besides nod her head a whole lot. Creative director, pshaw.

When Jenelle is back home, she tells a superfluous friend about her makeup line. Jenelle complains that since she changed her "about me" on Facebook to promote her makeup line. This causes a lot of people to question whether Jenelle has broken up with David.

Jenelle also gets a text from Nathan asking if she's single. Apparently, this is news, since Jenelle needs to tell David that people are wondering if she's now single.

Later, Kaiser gets dropped off by David's mother to go see Nathan. Nathan comes out with a full-on ROTC beard looking like he's about to drop some shells in David's mother who's starting to look realllllly nervous as he talks up a storm about how he is JUST TRYING TO GET ALONG WITH Jenelle. We see David's mom's eye flitting around at the trees in the background looking like she wishes she had packed heat for this dropoff. According to David's mother, the children are what happened.

Nathan stalks off telling David's mother that Jenelle and David need to get off of the drugs. Oooof. David's mother gets into her car in tears.

Nathan and Ashley then discuss the drop-off situation while Nathan gets indignant about David's gay slurs against him. Ooof, you know you've sunk so far down when Nathan is waxing poetic on the need to drop hate language. 

Back at Jenelle's house, David's mother gives Jenelle and David a summary of what happened. Naturally, David escalates to an angry place.  


Back in Leah-town, we get a rare shot of Corey spending time with Ali. Of course, we have no idea what he's saying given his ridiculous accent.

Later, Leah takes Gracie to see a therapist and tries to give her a rundown of what it's like to attend therapy.

Leah and Gracie wind up having a fight with Gracie having a meltdown. Gawd, mom, can't you see I'm doing something really important on my phone!

Later, Leah takes a much calmer Gracie out for a meal and gives Corey a summary of the appointment. 


Kail, really like, appreciates being single, and wants to put the kibosh on rumors spreading about her and Dom. Um, noone cares that much about you, honey. The rift created by Bri is causing Lincoln to have two different birthday parties.

We find out that Kail set up a joint birthday party with Javi but then found out that Briana is going to be coming and she has no choice in the matter. Kail feels that Javi would flip if she were going to bring Chris to the party.

So, apparently Kail is going to be making herself scarce.

Kail pays Jo a visit and gives him a rundown of a recent group chat with Bri in which she asks if Kail wants to meet up and on getting a hard no, winds up swearing at her and threatening her. Oh boy.

You know you've sunk low when Kail thinks you're trash.



Chelsea has a lot planned for her upcoming day.

She's going to court y'all! This has been a long time coming but Aubrey is finally going to get name hyphenated. Thank god, since we won't have to hear about it again.

Later, Chelsea heads off with a friend to court. Chelsea is nervous which is shocking considering she'll be facing off against a meth addict. Literally.

Of course, it only takes one hour for the court to decide in Chelsea's favor (we have a feeling if Chelsea has sent a dog in her stead, she would have done just fine).

On her way home, Chelsea gives her dad a call who seems like he just got done smoking 5 packs of cigarettes.

After Aubrey comes home, she gets a cake with her new name on it. 


Bri goes over the fact that she and Javi are together with Brit. Brit looks like she can't throw punches but that's only by way of the fact that she's eating. Bri briefs Brit on the fact that Kail is upset about Lincoln's birthday party.

Bri apparently sees no reason why she and Kail have to hate each other. Mmmmm, stop being so ratchet honey.

Bri arrives with Nova to see Lincoln. We then find out from the producers that they can't film Lincoln because Kail didn't want him filmed. Oooooooooh. Looks like Kail has more spite stored in those cheeks than she lets on.

Bri correctly identifies herself as the problem (hmmm, really?) and Javi wonders if Bri is going to be scared away. Um, Bri comes with team Roxanne and Brit. We think they can more than take Kail.

Later, Bri and Javi talk about how Javi hung up on Kail during a phone conversation but he simply couldn't tolerate her. 


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