Teen Mom 2 Recap, Season 8 Episode 15: David Creeps Out the MTV Crew

Briana DeJesus

Tonight on Teen Mom 2, Jenelle was uncharacteristically silent when David acted crazy. Read on to find out more.


Kail is taking her boys on a trip since it's the last week that she can travel in her pregnancy. Javi has now dropped his child support case against her.

However, Javi wants proof from Kail that the PFA she filed is going to be dropped.

When Javi comes over, he tells Kail he wants proof that the PFA was dropped. Kail tells him she'll go to court and get the papers as proof.

Later, we find out that the drama between Javi and Kail over the dropped PFA is heating up and Kail might not be able to go on her trip.


Briana is more upset than ever with Luis and feels that he's really not pulling his weight. The next day, Briana hears from Luis and it's clear that he's lying to her about why he can't come over.

Briana talks about how she knew that Luis would do this to her. Nova points out that Briana is crying.

Later, Briana notices that Stella's breathing is different and her hands and feet are blue. So she takes her ot ER and text Luis about it but doesn't hear back right away which shocks her.


Jenelle was supposed to take photos with the crew but then a situation erupts in which she and David were fighting all day long. Then when the MTV crew arrives at the house, David notes that he's going to call the police if the crew doesn't get off their property.

The next day, the crew returns and David is in a weird denial about the fact that he and Jenelle were fighting.

Later, Jenelle goes to pick up Jace and fights with her mom about Jace's birthday party on the phone. When Jenelle meets up with Babs, they argue about Jace's therapy.

Babs wants Jenelle to attend therapy with Jace but without bringing David.

In the next scene, Jenelle and David take pictures of their upcoming wedding date while Kaiser has a meltdown in the background after being handled roughly by David.


Chelsea meets with her wedding planner and decides to just put up a tent in a park. Chelsea talks to the producers about how she's worried Adam's parents will be bothered by Aubree changing her last name to include Cole's last name.

Aubree wants to do this.


Leah has to deal with her daughters fighting as she drives them to spend time with their dad. Ali and Aleeah fight which Corey notes is common for them because Aleeah gets jealous of the extra attention Ali needs.

Later, Jeremy talks to Leah about Aleeah's issues. When Leah talks to Aleeah about her issues she finds out that Aleeah was worried she caused Ali's muscular dystrophy.

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