Teen Mom 2 Season 8 Episode 5 Recap: Kail Hits Javi Where it Hurts

Teen Mom 2

Teen Mom 2 took off tonight with Jenelle reflecting on her recent engagment. What happened with the rest of the moms? Read on to find out.


Jenelle questions whether her mom will be happy for her or whether she'll be her typical snarky self and make some sort of nasty remark to her. Jenelle hopes it's the former.

Barbara brings over Jace to see Ensley and tells Jenelle about Jace's issues hitting her. Jace apparently does not express remorse, causing Jenelle concern. Jenelle thinks Jace should continue to see a therapist.


Leah goes to the gym and talks to her friend about signing up to sell lipstick online. Leah feels inspired to begin her own business.

Leah moves forward with making a video to market her lipstick.


Nova begins to question her hair and says that she wants to straighten her hair so she can be like her mother. Briana doesn't approve.

Briana complains to her mother about Nova's father. Still, her mother warns her that Nova adores her father.


Aubree makes Cole a beautiful birthday card. Later, Chelsea finds out that Adam is lowering child support for Audree and is also doing this with Taylor.


Kail talks to Jo about filing a PFA against Javi since he wants to show up at her house and talk to her on his terms.

Even though Kail is doing this she does feel that she and Javi will eventually grow closer.

Javi discusses his feelings about the PFA that Kail filed, reportedly after they got into a tiff on Twitter. Javi is upset that Kail is needlessly causing drama, which will threaten his job in the military.

Meanwhile, although Kail's lawyer feels she should drop the charge, she feels it was justified.

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