Teen Mom 2 Recap Episode 4: Is Kail Really Afraid of Javi and Which Baby Daddy Sucks the Most?

Teen Mom 2

On episode 4 of Teen Mom 2, the drama with all of the moms continued as we saw Jenelle giving birth and a number of baby daddies behaving poorly. Read on to find out what happened.


Jenelle is anticipating the birth of her daughter any time now. She's had some trouble during her pregnancy with stomach issues. Later, Jenelle talks to David about he needs to propose to her and she's been sending him ring ideas.

Jenelle gives birth to baby Ensley and their homecoming is truly special with Kaiser and David both enjoying their time spent with the baby.

Next, we find out that David is planning a special trip for Jenelle as part of a proposal.

We see him take Jenelle to a special place in the mountains and propose - of course, Jenelle says yes.


Cole takes Aubree to dance classes and then brings her back to the house. Aubree has a chance to show off her dance moves and also see those of Chelsea.

Later, Chelsea talks about how Aubree seems so much more comfortable with Cole than her dad, Adam. Still, Chelsea is upset about how Adam doesn't show up to Aubree's dance.


Briana continues the discussion with her family about what to do about her pregnancy. She also talks about how Nova's father is such a deadbeat dad and never around. She doesn't want the same situation with the new baby.

Briana meets up with Luis and he articulates his desire to avoid adoption. Luis says that they could co-parent effectively but Briana just doesn't trust him anymore.

Nova's father finally arrives to see Nova - about 6 hours too late. Briana's sister looks pissed.

When Briana's mother shows up at Briana's house, she and Briana's sister talks about how upset they are about Devoin's behavior. Briana fills her family in on what happened with Luis.


Kail eats out with her sons and has them guess the sex of her baby. Although Kail notes that things with Chris have been complicated, they've been getting along lately.

Next, we see Javi processing the fact that Kail is pregnant.

Later, we see Kail being upset about Javi's response to her being pregnant. Kail doesn't want Javi showing up at the house since she feels afraid of him.


Leah has to put her girls to bed so that she can do homework.

Later, Leah talks to Jeremy and find out that he and Brooke broke up.

She got suspicious that he was sleeping with women on social media and got jealous of a particularly long conversation he had one day with Leah.

Leah cautions him to be careful in dating other women since the breakups aren't good for Addy either.

Later, Leah talks to a friend about how Brooke broke up with Jeremy.

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