Teen Mom 2 Episode Season 8 Episode 10 Recap: Jenelle Readies for Her Showdown With Babs

Teen Mom 2


Jenelle drives a friend over to the area where she'll be getting married.

She also takes the time to complain to her friend about her mom and her tendency to hog Jace. Next, Jenelle heads to a meeting with her lawyer to prepare for her court date with her mom.

Babs admits to being nervous about how the court proceedings will affect Jenelle.

Babs is most bothered by David and says that Jenelle hasn't been the same person since she's been with David. Babs believes that Jace being with Jenelle would be the worst thing for him.


Even though things have been tense with Javi and his filing for child support, Kail is still trying to productively co-parent with him, which is proving to be tough for her.

Kail winds up taking the kids to school with her and sure enough, they have trouble behaving.

Later, Kail talks about the difficulty of dealing with Javi.


Bri is getting ready for her baby shower and continuing to discuss the difficulty of having to pretend that she's still with Luis. At the party, Luis gets upset with Bri about her ex, Dre being at the party.


Chelsea discusses plans to spend some quality time with Aubree. She and Aubree go to the butterfly house and enjoy themselves. Aubree tells Chelsea the difficulty of spending time at her bio dad's house.


Ali starts crying while playing ball with Corey. Meanwhile, Leah discusses Ali's diagnosis of asthma with a friend. Later, Leah has to head to an IEP meeting for Ali.

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