This Week in Teen Mom News XL

16-and-Pregnant-16-and-pregnant-6896066-648-210Well folks, two more young women from the 16 & Pregnant franchise have pulled a Jenelle! These stories are still developing (and the babies are still gestating), but I'll tell you what we know so far.

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First is Valerie "We had sex like a lot" Fairman from Season 2A of 16 & Pregnant. This past week, Valerie confirmed a pregnancy rumor about herself via her Instagram page.

When a fan asked a question about a photo, Valerie volunteered the above information. It seems she will be expecting another baby girl soon, with an unnamed young man who is a reasonable enough facsimile for her first baby daddy.

After an arrest for prostitution in February, TMJ reported "Valerie is currently 21 years old, and does not have custody of her daughter Nevaeh.

Nevaeh is living with Valerie's adoptive parents. Matt, Nevaeh's father, reportedly is not involved in his daughter's life either.

Valerie has had issues in her life since she finished filming.

In 2011 she spent time in jail for beating up her mother, and in 2012, she sought help in order to deal with an addiction to prescription pain medicine.

Since then she's been pretty quiet on social media, but it appears that there's been more going on than we had initially thought since Valerie has resorted to selling her body for money."

Valerie has continued to remain quiet on social media, but from the looks of things, she has not regained custody of her first daughter.

Here's hoping that Valerie has at least been able to overcome her struggles with addiction and is able to have a healthy pregnancy. tumblr_nuhg6fwtzW1rpbc01o1_500

Next is another girl from 16 & Pregnant's Season 2A, Nicole Fokos. When TMJ last wrote anything on Nicole, things were sort of looking up. Megan reported, "Nicole and Tyler ended up breaking up, and giving custody of their daughter to Tyler's grandmother.

Nicole was stripping for a while, and Tyler was big into marijuana usage.

Thankfully both of them have turned things around quite a bit. They seem to be getting along for the sake of their daughter, although we're not sure if either of them have custody of Brooklyn."

Nicole still does not have custody of her daughter, Brooklyn, but she does have a brand new baby bump! That's right, Nicole is also pregnant with a second child, despite not having custody of her first. But wait, there's more! Nicole, who is 10 weeks pregnant, and her new beau allegedly used in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatments to conceive this time around.

There's not much more information about this story just yet, but a young lady Nicole's age and in her situation using IVF treatments certainly raises a lot of questions. Namely, where the heck did she get the money?!


Another Season 2 girl, Allison Mendoza, welcomed a son September 10, 2015. Allie has been extreme quiet on social media since a very public miscarriage she suffered in December of 2014.

Since then, she married her then boyfriend, Chris, and conceived again. Christopher Eli Gerena was born weighing 8 lbs 11 oz. Congratulations to the new "more wholesome" family!

teen-mom-logoJust because I know some of you are wondering, Farrah continues to be mentally unstable in front of cameras across the pond. But instead of screeching at Sophia, Debra and Michael, she's subjecting British people to her unpleasantness! Farrah, alongside fellow adult entertainer, Jenna Jameson have become two of the most hated houseguests.

Many viewers thought that Farrah would be instantly ejected from the house for her notoriously bad attitude.

But in true reality tv form, they're keeping Farrah around the longest because her drama is the epicenter of the shows watchability. Read more about what's been going on and watch clips from the most recent episode here!CBB_JennaAndFarrah

The other Teen Mom girls have been pretty quiet recently, but it has been rumored that they are filming! No word from MTV as to whether it's a second season of OG for sure, but they have been spotted around their respective towns with MTV camera crews.

Additionally, the TM2 girls have also been spotted with cameras. Kailyn confirmed on her Instagram that she is filming today, so this viewer suspects a Season 6B in the works for Teen Mom 2!


This week, Leah broke her long silence on social media to clarify some rumors. She started by clearing up the rumor about her recent "run in with police," which according to Leah, never happened. Strangely, even though the next big rumor about her broke the very next day, she didn't even mention the story about she and Corey having slept together in the past year.

That's telling, but I can't tell which way the story really bends. I'm not too worried, because I know the truth will come out. Right Dawn?

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.12.07 PM

Next, Leah sent out her obligatory promotional tweet for MTV. And because MTV is super shady, they had Leah promoting the sneak peek where Corey and Jeremy meet up to talk smack about her.

Leah was not about to take this lying down, and responded to the allegations hurled at her in this clip on her twitter. Check it out:

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.07.44 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.08.35 PM

I'd have an easier time believing Leah if Corey hadn't posted that #LifeAfterLeah photo back in July...

But who knows who's really telling the truth here! Leah doesn't seem to worried about backlash from MTV, because the tweets are still up on her twitter account!

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.29.11 PM

This week, while Isaac made his modeling debut at New York Fashion Week, the adults in his life (save Jo) proved that they are just about as mature as he is.

Kailyn, Javi and Vee all engaged in some tweet and delete fun in response to the last episode's child support debacle.

Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.31.50 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-15 at 1.32.15 PM

Kailyn and Javi defended themselves to fans who were accusing them of being greedy and selfish by deflecting and placing all the blame for the ugly situation on Jo's lack of employment. Javi even claims that his income is what picks up the slack for Jo.

I guess we're still pretending that they don't get super fat MTV checks.

This was the most united they've seemed as a couple this whole season, so that's a positive...? Vee stepped in with tons of petty subtweets about Kail and Javi when responding to fans who were sending her messages of support.

Hopefully Kailyn understands that Vee is just too pregnant for this.


Howdy y'all! I wanted to apologize for bombarding you with s0 many stories, but there have been a lot of small things to discuss lately and I didn't want to leave anything out. I also wanted to say sorry for being MIA lately.

In the past couple weeks I moved from LA back to Boston to finish up my senior year of college! With school, work and writing my senior thesis, my schedule is going to be pretty busy this school year.

But once I settle into a steady routine, I'll be sure to be more active here on TMJ. Thank you all so much for having patience with all of us writers!


I just can't with Kail and Javi. I can't wait til Teen Mom is over and they are forced to live on Javi's ACTUAL paycheck.

I know. Why doesn't she get a damn job? Scentsy doesn't count. Being followed by cameras doing mundane things doesn't count. She is so hateful. It just radiates off her.
Side note : Jenelle is in NYC, complaining she didn't bring her gaming console as the new Destiny game was released. Because you know, that's what I would do if I got that opportunity. Not tour the sites or museums, but sit in a hotel room playing video games. And probably cyber stalking Nathan. I don't even watch the show anymore. I just love coming here to read the comments from you sassy, wonderful people! So even though I'm not posting, I'm

You need to rise above Neanderthal sophistication level to be able to think about the sites and museums you can visit in NYC and find your hotel back.
Pitty her, she's so scared to go outside. She already had to live on the street once cause she lost her way home.

She probably posted that to try to lure Nathan back to her with promises of new Xbox games

How much you wanna bet she gets a new one delivered from an adoring fan? Blech!

BUT DON'T YOU KNOW KAIL IS PERFECT AND GETTING A BACHELORS DEGREE? (don't mind the fact that it's in a radio/tv broadcasting- I think? so she'll probably never get a job unless MTV hooks her up).

OH and also don't forget she was bragging that her and Javi started school at the same time, but she hasn't posted anything about his schooling. So, Javi either dropped out or failed out.

You'd be amazed the amount of jobs within seemingly obsolete forms of media. They are hard to find sometimes, but there are also a variety of skills needed. I only say this because I work in that media world, lol.

HOWEVER, if I were any sane person, Kail wouldn't be hired based on the fact she was on MTV, having a generally awful attitude and making poor decisions for millions to watch. I wouldn't want the negative attention on my business, be it any of the crazy TM fans (I'm talking the crazies that support Jenelle and etc) and a quick google search of Kail would probably make most hiring managers uneasy, if they didn't already know who she was. Her presence is too fresh and active socially--and like recently, twitter itself shines a negative light on her and anyone else involved.

Don't get me wrong...I've posted this before. If ANY of the girls do something post-education worthy beyond MTV's from the couch documentaries of their lives, good for them. It's hard to do and we've all watched each girl struggle differently to do it (or not do it). However, most of the girls need a reality check instead of a MTV check. Kail being one, for sure.

I really dislike Twitter. It seems to bring out the worst in most people who use it. Its so self-centered, and its all about trying to have like a public fight so that you can get people "supporting" your side. At least like this example with Kail's peeps there. I can't with Twitter and most the peeps (famous peeps) who use it.

I don't know if there even IS a real paycheck, Javi seems like he has literally NOTHING to do all day except stalk his wife's cell phone, and coach his stepson's soccer team.

Nothing says "See how much I've changed" like a replacement baby.

I am very sad for all of the people that I see who are in bad situations (from their choices or not), or come from bad situations and then try to have babies as bandaids. I can empathize with the feeling, but I wish they would get past it and think about how bad an idea it is. When you have a baby, nothing about it is for YOU. That is something you do for that child.

I really don't believe Leah and Corey did a horizontal mambo either for the exact same reason. Jeremy wouldn't pose so happily with Corey, he's not a very good actor.

I used to think Jo and Kailin deserved each other. Jo wasn't that nice to KailKong either. But Jo has changed. It only seems like the amount of improvement in his behavior is the same as Kailin's has deteriated.
I rather have her slap the guy that is putting her up to lots of this then what she is doing right now; making Isaac suffer.

The nomination for Farrah in CBB was fabulous. She does have the most ugly, vile and filthy personality from anyone I know.
I do wonder why Jenna is referred to as ' former porn star' and Farrah as 'Teen mom star'. Let's be real, she's spend(s) more time working in the porn industry. I guess she needs the money.
Farrah and her fellow tart will go mad when they have to leave that house after all.
Does anyone know Michael or Debra's twitter account? Curious what they have to say now to defend their precious perfect prinses (bleg).

I don't believe they tango'd. Corey can't look at Leah without a little bit of sick coming into his mouth. You can tell! Not last year, and especially not when the drugs started. 2013 yeah I would have believed it hand over fist but not now.

You're right. Jeremy can't act for shit! During the steakhouse scene where he left he was 100000% done and it was hilarious. He couldn't have posed with Corey unless he genuinely was like "screw this hoe"

I definitely do not think Cory did the nasty with Leah. I think Leah is a delusional twat waffle. How can that scene with her nodding out while holding her niece be staged. And if I were her brother I would have been like ummm WTF too. Like WTF are you doing holding my child while you are clearly high as hell? And judging from past instances, every time Leah comes out swinging on twitter, denying stories, the stories end up being true. She denied cheating on Cory, she denied cheating on Jeremy. She denied that she was divorcing both times. And guess what? All of those things WERE actually happening. So based on the past, the fact that she is denying this cop story and ignoring the Cory story shows me that the cop story is probably true and the Cory story, not so much.

Aren't police reports usually public in a newspaper or something?

@William, according to the stories I have read she was not arrested or ticketed for anything. So I doubt there is a record of it like that.

I totally agree! She denies the truth stories only!!!

Plus the #lifeafterleah pics sealed the deal. They all hung out with their wives and new girlfriend too! leah is flat out a LIAR!!!

See I agree Jo did seem like an ass to Kail in earlier seasons BUT was Kail the same as she is now and the MTV editing removed her behavior to make Jo look bad? And I would be pretty pissed if I was Jo and my family to Kail in and she then stabbed them in the back by dating Jordan. Either way , they were both young and immature, one of the grew up and the other didnt.

And Amen @FarrahsFurgina Leah defending/denying things = total truth! She has denied every cheating scandal to do, if she really did sleep with Corey and in turn cheat on Jerms she would be on there denying that too, and probably taking a stab at Corey while she is at it.

Oops, I meant cheating scandal to **DATE**

Long time lurker and first time poster, and I've been waiting for ages for a post on Farrah's CBB appearance. She has been the same shrill lunatic we all know and love throughout the entire time there, but that nomination was priceless. Bobby Davro has been one of the only people to really go in on her like that and it's HILARIOUS. Another one of his gems: "Do you know why people take an instant dislike to you Farrah? BECAUSE IT SAVES FUCKING TIME." But really, her behavior on the show warrants an article on it's own because she's been so horrible. Of course she is convinced that the guy who called her out is Satanic, she's said some horrifically homophobic shit, and she was once screaming about how she was going to kill everyone in the house because she broke her flip flop. Really, it's been a joy to watch.

The reason she didn't deny it, regardless of wether it happened or not, is because it doesn't actually make her look bad, if anything now Corey is her equal. The number of time she insinuated corey cheated on Miranda, why would she?

I get that you guys like Corey but really this whole Corey obviously didn't cheat on Miranda because of some little detail when you have bigger things that points towards it happening (Leah FB rant about some marriage not being perfect, Miranda suddenly getting more involved in the custody fight plus being more snappy toward Leah, Corey not denying it like he use too when people on twitter would say stuff like that and the Ashley's sources always knowing exactly what is happening with Leah) is straight up denial. Jenelle minion style denial. How come you guys where so quick to believe The ashley's source about Leah's drug abuse, which is probably from the same source but this one is so unbelievable? Don't say that this one was sold by Mama Dawn, because all of the articles on the ashley are exposing Leah and if the ashley wasn't smart enough to verify her story with people that aren't up Leah's ass, all the sories we would get would be about anxiety and depression.

Also Corey admitted to cheating on his ex-gf before Miranda with Leah, so it's not like he is new to this. And honestly being pretty is not gonna keep your husband from cheating on you with woman of disputable character (Sandra Bullock, Tiger Woods wife and so on)

I just do not buy this story at all.
Your reasons to believe it, in my opinion, are just as invalid.
Leah is a frigging liar and I personally discard ANYTHING that comes out of that woman's mouth atm, so her whole FB rant .. yeah.. not interesting.
Miranda getting more involved with custody; ehh.. they live together, they're married, there's a baby on the way. Custody affects her too and seeing as Corey works full time she probably spends a great deal of the time alone with those girls and is just as much a parental figure to them as Jeremy was. (or more actually, seeing as he worked away from home so much)
Corey not denying it, I see this as a mature thing to do. There's no frigging point anyway, people will believe what they want to believe.
The Ashley is just as much a gossip site as any other. Why have you declared it holy? (hi ashley :P)

also... Leah's drug abuse ... I didn't believe it til I saw it for myself. It's OBVIOUS this woman is high most of the time..

My reasons for not believing Corey banged Leah;

- He is disgusted by her. Has been for a while. In most episodes he can't even bear to look at her and when he does it's with pity or disgust
- Him meeting up with 'Jermz' and being all chummy with him - Jeremy would never do that if C banged his wife
- Corey seems to have the girls' best interest at heart. Ruining yet another marriage and their only stable home... I don't see him doing that

Is Corey a saint? No. Would cheating be beyond him? I don't know. I just don't think he would choose Leah to cheat on Miranda with if he had to choose anyone.

Back to my Minion life now then. BANANA!

@Summer's math problem. I completely agree with you. When the ashley posts a negative article on Leah than it must be true! But now that we find out that Saint Corey had sex with horrible, druggie Leah while in a "stable" marriage with "gorgeous" Miranda than it's a lie. The ashley is just a gossip site.

I do believe that this report is true and in large part because of the way Corey and Miranda have been acting this season on the show. They used to hide the way they felt, Miranda had no opinion of her own whatsoever but now it's clear that she hates Leah and doesn't hide it. Corey also doesn't hide his disdain for Leah and I think part of it is because fo the girls, but part of it is also because of Miranda. He cheated on her with Leah so he doesn't want to be caught being nice to her. He probably told Miranda after the fact that he regretted it and that he hates Leah so he has to act the part. And he probably really does hate Leah too because he is angry with himself and Leah for sleeping with her again after everything that happened.
I understand that their change of attitude also has to do with Leah endangering the girls with her addiction issues.

Something has been off all season long between Leah, Corey and Miranda and now we know why. It's not only because of the custody, drug issues.

I agree with you @summer .
Here is why I am not completely writing off the story as fake:

-Corey is a cheater. Period. He's cheated on his ex-girlfriend and he's cheated on Miranda multiple times-- and these are only the cases of infidelity we know about. This is what he does, guys. You'd think after like...the 4th time he's been unfaithful people would come to expect this. Corey can be a great father to his children and an unfaithful asshole to his wife at the same time. It's not that crazy.

-Corey had sex with Leah even though he dislikes her?! What?! NEWSFLASH: Guys have sex with women they can't stand ALL. THE. TIME. Additionally, it is not too rare to see couples in the midst of divorce that claim to despise one another continue to sleep together. I know it seems completely gross and irrational, but I've seen it happen (not literally, lol) before.

-When Leah publicly denies a rumor, it ends up being true. That does NOT mean that if Leah doesn't deny a rumor, it automatically is untrue. This is one of the rare instances where the rumor works out in her favor by making Corey look terrible. It makes sense that she would not deny this one.

-Fact is, The Ashley has never been wrong about Leah. She was the first one to predict Leah's pill addiction, the first one to know Leah left rehab early, and one of the first ones to know Leah had an affair with Robbie. The sources she used for this story are the exact same sources she's used for her other Leah stories.

-Some people are questioning the timing of the release of this information. I'd like to point out that in her article, The Ashley heavily implies that she has been sitting on this story for quite some time but has not been able to release it for fear of getting sued. She had to wait until another news source released the info before she could confirm it. The same thing happened when she knew that MTV had to step in because Leah put her kids in danger, but could not say exactly who she was talking about until the story had already leaked. The timing then, could not have been totally strategic. This info has been out there for a while.

I'm not saying I know 100% that Corey slept with Leah. I'm just saying that at this point I am open to the possibility of the story being true. I think it's a little silly that everyone here is so ready to deny ANY chance of this incident happening.

@doctor: when did Corey cheat on Miranda? I can't remember hearing/ reading about that. Was it a legit story?
P.S. I just can't write your full name, too weird and too much credit ;-).

I get what you guys are saying but i don't think it is about Corey being a saint because I don't think he is one either. I just don't believe the story because I don't think it is believable story. If the story was Corey cheated on Miranda with a stripper or a random then heck yes i would believe it, I just personally don't 100% believe he slept LEAH, but it is possible.

My reasoning is the timing and how much they seem to hate each other, it just doesn't sit well with me. If this happened when they got along better or even in the future if Leah cleaned herself up then once gain I would find it believable. In fact i don't even know if Leah would sleep with Corey tbh... She seems pretty nasty towards him as well.

And everyone believes stuff about Leah cheating because we know she is a cheater and would sleep with anyone, we also have proof about the other allegations (drugs/no car seats)

It's hard to believe that Corey would cheat with Leah, not because I think Corey is a saint, but because I don't like to think someone could stoop that low.

I know we don't see much negative about Corey, but look at what we see of Leah. Someone who feeds her children cheese puffs off the floor probably treats her vagina just as awful.

Postin' solely to see my avatar ;D

Does my avatar make my D look small?

Definitely. ^^^^

Wow down votes! I don't think they liked your picture :P

Right? I don't see how anyone couldn't like sexy Ryan. The posters have changed a lot here, but I still have to read the comments. (:

Thanks for the updates--I don't mind a lot of little stories smashed together into one post. Just one teeny, tiny comment, because you did it three times in this post. You keep using the word "passed" when you mean "past". Sorry to be a grammar Nazi, but since you're writing for an audience, I thought you'd want to know about it since it's a simple error to fix. Anyway, thanks for keeping us in the 16&P/TM loop.

Thank you for pointing that out. That's one of those grammar rules that I can't ever keep straight in my head. And my mom is an English teacher, so I am used to constant corrections :P Thanks again!

There is no way in hell that I believe Nicole had IVF. It's too expensive, she's too young, she conceived easily last time, and it takes at least 1-2 years from the time you start trying to conceive to the time you start IVF. Nothing adds up.

I think it's a thing now for these girls to claim they have infertility problems (a la Maci) to try to convince everyone that their new baby was planned.

I completely agree! I have friends in their mid 30's going through IVF and it has taken them years to get to where they are in the process. It's not something you just suddenly start! The process itself can take a lot of time!

I'm from New Zealand, from the time you start trying you have to wait 5 years to become eligible for IVF funding unless you fund it yourself (which is 15,000+ per try) and even then the funding is only around half? I believe.

Why would somebody in their 20s have IVF? Why are they so desperately NEEDING to get pregnant that they wouldn't just keep boning and hoping for the best? It can take the body years. You don't just get pregnant by month 3 or you're "infertile" that's not how any of this works.

Oh, I forget. Stupidity + a need to prove yourself + needing some unconditional love that you can't get elsewhere because you're already a shit mum = this kind of desperation.

I definitely agree. My husband and I have been researching IVF, and it is not cheap. It's an incredibly long process, that involves years of tests and hormones. I highly doubt any doctor worth his weight would agree to IVF in a patient under 30, who doesn't even have custody of her first child. Something doesn't add up here.

Maybe they used a DIY kit?

My first thought when reading that part was, "Are we sure Nicole really even knows what IVF is?" Would not surprise me at all to hear she has mistakenly said the wrong thing.

Wait a minute. Didn't she become a nurse? Maybe she knows a doc who did it for free, or deeply discounted? I dunno. I can't find any proof of her actually saying anywhere that she used IVF, it was just posted on TM Central, I think. But she didn't cite her source.

I know I could do lengthy research on this to get the answer, but can't justify the time right now... I wonder if it costs more to do IVF, or to adopt, roughly.

One of the woman I work with is 28 and had to do IVF, so they will use it on young people, however, she and her husband have been trying to get pregnant for 5-6 years using this method. I doubt Nicole is 23 and has been trying since she was 18...btw the woman is finally having her first baby in October :)

The cost of IVF vs adoption depends heavily on your health insurance and your adoption criteria- specifically, age and race. If you want a white newborn, it's probably going to cost more than IVF.

It's possible they were mistaken it what they called it. Clomid is usually the first thing prescribed if the problem is anovulation. My husband and I had been trying for almost a year and pretty much as soon as we started trying I stopped getting my period and just was not ovulating. My ob prescribed clomid and basically said three rounds of this then possibly some tests to see if there is any blockage and maybe IUF which is a less extreme less expensive treatment.
However, this girl is seriously brain dead if she thinks anybody believe she paid out of pocket for IVF, considering she probably does not have health ins, and if she does it probably doesn't cover that.

maybe she sold drugs and that's how she funded it. heh. or did something else shady.

I'm currently doing IUI. This was after unsuccessfully trying for almost two years. I'm in my late 20's and when this is all said and done our out of pocket expense will total just under the $1,500 mark. It is my understanding that IVF is easily 5x that much, if not more, and takes much longer to get started. I don't believe for a second she got pregnant through IVF. Most women having to undergo IVF don't already have a child, unlike her. I guess it is possible that she had a bunch of issues pop up after giving birth to her first child, but I still don't believe it.

Our bill for IVF (which insurance covered, because we live in MA) was about $30,000. Aside from the cost, though, no reputable doctor would start someone on IVF without at least a year of trying on their own, followed by another 6 months-1 year of various other options (clomid, IUI, etc). IVF is the last resort, not first-line therapy.

So yeah, I think it's more likely that she just doesn't know exactly what IVF is.

- Other 16&P girls: Way to be sad excuses for human beings.

- Farrah: I wonder if when Farrah talks about the porn industry, Jenna is all like, "Move, b!tch, get out the way."

- Leah: .... oh lawd. Okay, let's just briefly entertain the thought that it is possible that maybe the whole 'cop and carseat' fiasco was a lie. The fact that this scenario is even within the realm of possibility rests on the previous behavior Leah has demonstrated - ON CAMERA. So whether or not the girlses were strapped in their carseats, the fact of the matter is Leah has already exhibited a lack of carelessness and irresponsibility thus far to make many people stop and think, "Mmmm yup, sounds like Leah 'Hot Mess' Messer." So, you know, good job parenting.

And I know the #IHateCorey fan club disagrees, but I also believe it is unlikely that Leah and Corey had the affair. Leah hasn't 'Thou Doth Protest too Much' as she tends to do when she is an accusatory situation, and I find it very, VERY strange that word has only come out NOW, when she is fighting a custody battle with Corey. Compare this to the Deer Cam scandal and subsequent pillses scandal - you could not keep UP with the rumors then. And considering how 'small town' all these folks are, we would have heard something about this long, LONG before now. (Not to mention, Miranda does not seem like the kind of girl you want to piss off. Corey's probably one of those guys who feels like the luckiest guy ever to get her, but knows he is royally fucked if he screws her over. Like Lorraine Bobbit-style.)

- Kail: I'm honestly getting the sense that if Kail is not pissed off at at least ONE person, she's unhappy with life. And if everyone is getting along just fine, she purposely looks for issues to bring to the table. I also kind of feel like Javi might just want to tell her to calm her shit and tell her she's being irrational, but lord knows he'd get another KAIL!SMASH so he just takes her side.

Kail I think has potential to be a good and nice person, at the moment however she is just extremely angry! She has so much anger that she has to release it by 'ruining everyone's time'. If she just admitted she has a serious anger problem and got some help she would fine. I do feel sorry for all the shit she had to put up with in her childhood, and with mum etc. I would be angry too.

I'm so disappointed in her, i remember how likable she was in the last season, her awesome parenting skills, finally meeting Vee, and remember how she kept telling her friend how much she loved Vee? it was genuine it didn't seem fake or anything. I believe she has become grumpy again because her marriage is falling apart, she's sick of Javi and she's mad that Jo and Vee seem so happy together. I don't know if she still loves Jo but it's obviously she hates Javi so much, that's why she keeps taking trips. She would be much happier if she got rid of Javi, but oh wait, if she does then her "happily married image" would fall apart and it would hurt her ego.

Yea that is what I mean by she has always shown the potential, she makes progress and then she just gets so overcome with rage.

I find it curious that the "we banged in his truck" rumors didn't start circulating until after Corey really let loose on Leah during the past several episodes. They have a sneak peek showing BOTH her ex-husbands explicitly saying she has a prescription pill addiction and suddenly BAM! Corey and Leah slept together.

Is it possible? Sure. Do I believe it? Not particularly.

I personally don't care if she did it with Corey or not. I think she is crazy to ask people to believe those kids rearranged themselves in the car all of those times on MTV. I was mom to a toddler 25 years ago and he knew the car didn't move if he wasn't buckled in and the same was true if he rearranged or unbuckled while the vehicle is moving. Kids do what you teach them and what they do not get negative feedback for. Jeez, I can hear her explaining a pregnant 13 YO using the same logic!

I teach my daughter to ask for permission to unbuckle or open a car door even when we are not moving and I am already leaving the car.
I also make her sit up straight in her chair and not bend forward when she's wearing a 3 point buckle in my car. She has a 4 point chair in my husbands car so she can safely sleep.
Although the law allows it. I don't think a booster seat with a back is safe and good for her when she sleeps in the car.
My daughter knows it is really important to buckle up. It has happened twice that she was not buckled up due to miscommunication between me and my husband, she jelled to stop and told us. Oopsy.

I also have another car rule: when we do get out of the car, the kids have to stay next to my car and hold a hand on my tail light until I take their hand or tell them they can let go. That way I can grab some things in the back and know exactly where they are and will stay in case something happens. The youngest is always holding my hand outside the car but she wants to hold a hand on a tail light too now.

It's like I wrote that post Babs! Right down to the miscommunication with your husband and your child got your attention! Lol good to know not every parent is like Leah!!

Those are such great ideas! I hope you don't mind if I steal them! Our first is due in April, so I'm always open to advice like this!

Congrats! You will be fine. A lot of love and some common sense goes a long way when it comes to parenting.
We were both absolutely clueless when I was pregnant with our first.
The only person that had ever thought us something about parenting was Jo Frost ;-). I even don't agree with a lot of her advice anymore now ;-).

Smelly- I love that you're open to advice! You have to be flexible because nothing goes according to plan! I read "What to Expect the First Year" and it really helped keep me from stressing over things that were actually normal. Always listen to your instincts and keep a sense of humor! It's a big adventure and you'll love it!!

I really needed the baby bibles when we had our first. LOL remember us in the middle of the night, baby bibles scattered trough our bed, exhausted. .. cramps.

Well if they do unbuckle of 're arrange' pull over and fix it..

Think my kids know mommy or daddy won't rearrange just their seat belt when they do that. ;-) Their screen time and free time activities will be seriously rearranged as well for a few days.

My daughter pulled her arms free ONCE. I pulled over and told her that if she didn't keep her straps on, Mommy could get in serious trouble with the police. She never did it again. Kids are not stupid, but they don't come out knowing everything. You have to teach them!

My daughter knows that too. She wants to become an elf and a police officer later.
I got a little cop in my car when I'm driving.
She comments on other people's driving and mine. I think today or yesterday I got told of for crossing an orange traffic light. She said pretty sternly she would help me and warn me from now on ;-).
We get tickets from our little cop too, for letting imaginary sheep escape mainly ;-).

She's going to catch the people that do graffiti. She can fly when she is an elf andvtrack them down at night. She hates graffiti. So darn cute.

It also doesn't help that Leah is always running late/ in a hurry to everything. So if there ever was a time that the kids did unbuckle themselves I could totally see her being like "Screw it! I don't have time to stop! I don't have time for this!" (As piles of stuff simultaneously falls out of the back and onto her kids)

and I think Leah has the golden vagina of west virginia. Together, Leah and Robbie are officially the golden vagina and penis of west virginia.

So jenelles FB page posted an article about Jo getting arrested over child support. Any truth to that?

He was arrested when SHE Kail slapped him and he defended himself, wasn't he?
She fucking hit hiim.
Maybe he was behind in payments then and they added that to the complaints?
However... I can't imagine Kail not blabbing about that to make him look bad. Maybe MTV editing?

Didn't he get served with some bullshit emergency protection order after that time too, so he had to stay away from Kail?

I swear, girls like her and Jenelle are the reason people doubt domestic violence victims.

So this is a really old charge then? The thing Jenelles page posted made it sound like it just happened, but I didn't see anything about it when I googled it. This is what she posted...

How do I say this.... uhm... your source is Jenelle and/ or Tori...
That page is pure propaganda for Jenelle with some rewritten articles or things from Twitter etc. to make it look.legit.

Ya, I wouldn't exactly trust Jenelle's website. I'm sure if he was arrested for child support recently that Javi will post or "leak" the details, b/c he's obsessed with thinking he's Isaac's dad

I figured it was probably malarkey when I didn't see it anywhere else at all. She has all her fan girls going nuts over it.

I wouldn't be surprised if that mug shot was old/fake. He looks younger and a bit slimmer in the face than what he does now.

Just FYI, don't click any links Jenelle's website gives. I believe someone on twitter figured out that it has an IP catcher.

Oh look! Kail is already pimping her son out probably to start making some money since her and Javi don't have real jobs and the MTV cash train won't last forever! GREAT parenting HulKail

No Isaac was forced to get a job because Jo's child support barely makes a dent in his expenses!!!! And Kail and Javi have to use their money on vacations

Now they can use him as an excuse to take vacations to NYC!

Kinda sad too that apparently Isaac doesn't like cameras. Suck it up, kid, and get ready for your close-up! Javi needs a new power scooter.

I wonder if she sits on the sidelines of the catwalk and screams at the top of her lungs for Isaac to strut and turn the whole time?


Don't forget his high school graduation! Hopefully by then he'll be living with Jo.

I'm happy to see a new post.... Why hasn't anything been written.

The comment issues on mobile still aren't fixed :( hate scrolling.....

Has anyone heard anything about when Jo's baby is due? And what they are naming her?

Also any update on maci and Taylor? Did she get him to marry her yet? Lol

Love teen mom!

I'm going to take this as an opportunity to reply to this post and respond to some concerns I've seen raised recently.

On the issue of the comment section. I have informed Stevebeans of this issue after reading comments inquiring about it. He has been trying when he can to work on it without completely redoing the website's format or switching to a new comment system. A lot of change was difficult for people to adjust to the last time, so that's what we'd like to avoid. He thinks he may have fixed the problem, but I still don't see the change from my phone. There's a certain amount of trial and error.

We here at TMJ appreciate everyone's input, but please understand that tweaking these things do take time and experimentation. Additionally, the comments on these articles aren't necessarily monitored by Stevebeans. The best way to get in contact with him for concerns about the website is to use the Contact Me page. A link can be found in the navigation bar at the top of the page.

As for the articles, I can only blame that on slow news and busy schedules. I, too, keep up with a lot of the minutia of the Teen Moms lives, but a lot of that stuff is tough to base an article on. I would love to do articles on certain things, but a lot of the time there really sin't a ton of information to base a good and well researched article on and I don't like presenting anything less.

But I will admit that there has been a lull in articles lately and I apologize. Slow news aside, we need to kick it back up. I can't speak for the other writers, but I know they all have quite a bit going on in their professional and personal lives. Thank you all for being patient and continuing to comment here! We're focusing on getting articles out at least every other day now, starting with this one! I'm promising you all here and now that I will do the best to make sure that happens.

And as I say in my bio, please contact me with story or article ideas. You guys are our audience! It's great to know people want more stories, but any ideas or story leads are welcome. Are there any article formats? Stories that aren't new news that you'd like to know more about? Book reviews? Open discussion posts? I've been thinking of experimenting with a #tbt post every week. What do you guys think? You can contact me directly @TomlinTMJ on twitter with any leads or ideas!

Lastly, I do not know when Vee will be having the baby, but they are naming her Velisse. They will call her Vivi for short :)

Thanks again,

I didn't mean that to sound harsh.
I was truly just wondering what was going on I figured it had something to do with site updates or something.

All of the writers are doing a good job, my only advice would be that if its a slow news week or you guys are unable to write at least create a empty post for fee talk.

I also feel like that would make the comment issue less pressing because what happened is a story is written but then people something more to say but being on mobile sucks so it would help us not have to scroll so much.

Thanks again TMJ!

My mobile lay out is different. Less glitchy when I scroll for sure :)

Mine has changed too. Bless you Steve! And we've got the editing button back too. Thanks Steve.
And thanks TMJ team for everything.

Thanks for the great writing, Tomlin! And good luck with school.

YES!!!! Mine changed as well now :) !!!!!!!

You have no idea how happy this makes me.

I enjoy a site that actually listens! <3

Thanks Steve & TMJ!

Am I the only one having problems when posting a reply?
It starts out with really small print, then I get a big print and then I can't read what I'm typing anymore cause the last line is covered.

Has anyone heard anything about someone saying Amber and her creepy dude are running a drug ring? I don't know if I can share links, but if you google amber portwood drug ring the article I read will pop up.

Yea but I don't think I believe it... Maybe Matt is selling them but I can't see Amber having anything to with it. She actually admitted she had a problem and got help, I don't think she would be that stupid after making a genuine recovery. I also don't think she would do anything that could affect her spending more time with Leah.

I'm not too optimistic that Amber got a lot of help for her drug issues. She may not be abusing pills anymore, but she seems to like drinking a little too much, and it's not uncommon for substance abusers to trade one addiction for another. Plus, I'm pretty sure she said she's not doing counseling or therapy because she thinks she doesn't need it. Maybe that's changed, but it seemed on "Teen Mom OG" that she wasn't very willing to seek actual treatment after gel time.

With that being said, I agree and I don't think Amber has fallen far enough to help run an actual drug ring. I think she's capable of doing something like that, but not at this moment in her life.

Yeah, I think that was one of those blind items, and I don't think it was actually even revealed, I think someone just took it upon themselves to publish their guess about who it could be. I don't really know about these blind items, they are very sketchy and a bunch are just outright lies. I saw an old one the other day that claimed that Leah was pregnant with twins for her second pregnancy.

If Ambie is truly involved in some kind of drug scenario, it's all Matt, and she probably doesn't know about it. He doesn't have a job, and was always pretty shady about where he was earning money. (Professional poker player, anyone?) even though he claims to be a recovering addict, I wouldn't put it past him to resort to some small time drug sales to earn some extra dough. The guy is BAD NEWS and I wish she'd dump him.

amber is not in "recovery" she still drinks. (and who knows what else) she doesnt do any 12 step program and isnt in therapy. thats not recovery. it's just not taking pain pills

I must say I really disagree with people saying just because Amber drinks and isn't doing 12 step she isn't in recovery. Every single person deals with addiction and mental illness differently, the idea that the 12 step program is suited to every addict is ridiculous. And assuming that if she drinks she is just taking up another addiction is once again not always true. I know when I had some issues I had a very unconventional way of dealing it worked a charm for me!

Well, let's look at all the ways Amber has worked through her addiction:

She started drinking quite a bit.
She let a creepy guy move in with her after only knowing him in person for roughly thirteen hours.
She doesn't have custody of her child yet.
As far as we know, she doesn't have a job.
She doesn't go to school.
She almost got evicted from her apartment several months ago because she "forgot to pay rent", and would have been homeless if MTV hadn't intervened and given her the money she needed.
She refuses to accept the fact that her "fiance" is a scam artist who's only with her for her fame and easy money (which, again, they must have blown through if they all of a sudden couldn't pay rent).
She refuses to go to therapy or any kind of counseling.

I'm not trying to bash Amber or make it seem like her post-gel attempts at gaining normalcy are all for nothing. But the fact is, from what we have seen on the show and read online, she has backslid quite a bit and in pretty obvious ways. It's not about unconventional therapy or ways of becoming sober once more. Amber isn't doing jack shit for herself or her daughter. She'd rather lounge around at home with her disgusting fiance than actually take the steps to becoming the mother Leah really needs her to be. I've never been in this situation, so I can't imagine how hard it must be to adjust to life drug-free for the first time in years. I know that it's got to be very difficult for Amber. But she's an adult and she has a little girl who is depending on her to finally become a real mom. And, again, from what we've seen and read, Amber just isn't cutting it right now. She's not at rock bottom, but she's nowhere near the level she should be, especially with all her boasting that she's doing fine.

I agree, Catelynn's Carly Blanket. It is similar to Jenelle in some ways, who has been boasting about being a miracle story and a sobriety role model for years now, except she hasnt been sober, still has had all the same toxic, codependent behaviors and is now living with Tori and partying 7 days a week. Recovery is about changing the behaviors that got you in trouble in the first place. And MTV totally enables them to feel like like they don't have to work for anything else

I get what you guys are saying but we are basing this opinion on what our normal is. Amber in my opinion, is better now than she was before she got the addiction. She seems calmer to me as well. And yea she lounges around etc, but she did that pre addiction I think it is a matter of our normal is not what Amber's normal is.

Ok so i really don't believe that her and Corey hooked up. Leah seems to go on social media and defend everything that is true. Perfect example is her kids don't always sit in the car seat (here is the proof)

because that is actually true Leah has to lie and defend herself. I think if there was any truth to her and Corey she would have definitely added that to her rant or at least denied, instead she has kept quiet because I think it is an utter lie!

I really want someone to post this picture to her twitter and FB page!

That pisses me off so badly. THREE adults in that car: Leah, Dawn and Kayla and not one of them prioritized the safety of those children over whatever the fuck else they had on their minds that day. Spoiler alert: It was cheetos.

Valerie: I know she had a bad childhood, but damn girl, get it together! Her parents are way too old to be starting over with Nevaeh (I despise that name, by the way).

Nicole: I'm looking forward to hearing why/how a broke, unmarried, twenty-something without custody of her first child did IVF.

Allie: Hopefully she got her priorities straight this time and put her money towards her wholesome family instead of baby Air Jordans. I'm happy that she got married before having this one, though, and has been with the guy a while and that she had a healthy baby.

Farrah: Stop embarrassing America!

Filming: At least we'll have steady fix.

Leah: Bitch, we've seen how you drive with them young'uns.

Kail: Of course Kail put Isaac in a fashion show.... And how does Javi have so much free time in the military? They're always vacationing and traveling, is he really just in the Reserves or something now?

oh is allie the one that had a kickstarter asking for money to just... live on? "We would love your blessings..." she kept saying or something so it didn't sound like she was just asking for them to support her. embarrassing.

I love that Vee stand up for Jo kail and javi were being cruel and petty. They are mad that people see them for who they are greedy money hungry . The child support had nothing to do with Isaac it was for them. Javi is a bitch and what goes around come back around. Just like how Jeremy was calling corey piece shit and talking all this crap about child support look where he is now. Paying Leah 1700 dollar month in child support kail is going to screw javi over with Lincoln she will probably use him being in the Air Force. As a excuse to keep Lincoln away and he can forget about see Isaac kail won't let that happen. And can't wait for kail to have to explain to Isaac about her treating of his dad and lastly if Jo was arrested for child support last year like the gruesome two said. Where is Jo arrested record people were looking it up and only his arrested for marijuana possession. In 2011 no record after that so gruesome two are liar javi think he the shit its kail money they are living on teen mom they have no job either.

Good on Val and Nicole to continue that time-honored tradition of having subsequent children without getting custody of their first-borns back. Also, I have such a hard time believing that Nicole conceived this time around using IVF. Does she even know what that means or entails? There's no way a reputable fertility specialist/doctor would agree to use IVF on a 23-year-old woman who doesn't have custody of her first daughter. No fucking way. Like others have said, I think Nicole came up with that shit on the top of her head because she knew she'd get flack for having a replacement baby.

Kail can go jump off a cliff and bring Javi with her. They both suck, making accusations against Jo because they hate that he looks so much better than they do right now. In the immortal words of Kim: they both need real jobs. Sorry, MTV, this ain't it. I mean, I know Javi's in the Air Force, but he's delusion if he thinks he and Kail can act like they can afford their lifestyle on just his salary alone. How can you afford vacations, tattoos, new houses with pools, brand-new cars every year, and still claim that you don't have enough money to pay your child's tuition? MTV needs to cancel all the Teen Moms for good just so we can see how they'll barely function in the real world. Kail and Javi would just fall apart without that extra cash lying around for them to waste.

Also, I love how chill Isaac seems to be. I also love that he looks more like Jo than Kailyn. That must eat her up inside.

It's interesting that Allie revealed nothing about this last pregnancy when she was pretty much bragging about the second one the moment the pee tried on the stick. I guess she realized rushing to reveal the news, no matter how excited she is, isn't such a good idea. Did she and her husband ever get their house? How can they be wholesome without a house? I know this happened eons ago, but I still can't get over that Go Fund Me tripe they tried to pull. That's easily one of the silliest things I've ever heard.

I have a hard time believing that Corey cheated with Leah. Is there any proof besides Leah's drugged up fantasies? She's not exactly the most reliable source. I also don't really believe it because I don't think Jeremy would be so chummy with a dude who banged his wife. He seemed genuinely pissed off over the Deercam debacle. I don't think he would be mad at one of Leah's lovers but be totally friendly with the other. It doesn't make much sense based off what we definitely know.

I would love for MTV to cancel the show, then wait five years and do a catch up special just so I could see their lives to go to hell

Here's my prediction:

Jenelle- "ME and Nathan got into a huge fight and we both were arrested. I posted bail but Nathan is still in jail. I live with my mom with Jace and Kaiser but I have to find a job to get our own place. I have pending charges but I'm not worried about that because I'm going to see Nicki Minaj tonight with Tori. Jace and Kaiser go to school all day but they don't need me afterwards because they have my mom. I still don't have custody of Jace."

Kail- "Javi and I got a divorce a couple years ago. I have Lincoln and Isaac full time and I'm a single parent again. I live in Pennsylvania and Jo is still living in Delaware with Vee and their baby. Javi sees Lincoln 1 weekend a month because the Air Force has Javi so busy and he is getting ready to be stationed in (California/anywhere else far away) he pays $500 in child support and its not much so I am going to the courthouse now to raise it. I can't afford to send Lincoln and Isaac to private school anymore but I want to and I'm hoping Javi will put more effort into that for Lincoln. When Lincoln sees Javi for his weekend he is barely around him and Lincoln is usually with Javi's mom. Javi is in a new relationship with a man named Alex. He chooses Alex over his son and I'm pissed about it."

Leah- "I met a new guy named Jimmy, we had a baby together and named her Annaleigh Pride. Even though we aren't together anymore he sees Annaleigh every other weekend. He is still upset he has to pay $2000 in child support but if he wants it lowered all he has to do is go to court. He used to be Jeremy's boss and we started talking after T.R. ran out on me and the girlses. I'm still so stressed out but I'm trying to keep it together for my girlses."

Chelsea- Meh, same crap with/without Cole. Same baby voice. Adam still doing the same thing.

lol this is gold, except i believe Leah will have more than 1 kid in the upcoming five years.

One of the reasons it will be harder for Kail to find a job is that god awfull sleeve she has.
I would only hire a person like that under the condition that the inkstains are covered up when costumers are or can be present.
A whole sleeve on a woman can make someone come across as a aggressive and coarse person to customers. ..oh... heeeey.
It does depend on the kind of job and industry, in some jobs it won't be a problem. But you are limiting your options.

I'm not so sure about that. My sister has a sleeve, although it's done so much better (check out jeff bird on fb his shop is defiant designs in endicott ny. He does awesome work) and she has a sleeve of Dr Seuss's the Lorax of all things. She works in an office doing financial work and part time at H&R block as a receptionist during tax season for some extra money to remodel her house. A lot of places are becoming more accepting of tattoos. Kail's is still ugly.

While I agree Kail's tattoos look trashy as hell, people are becoming more accepting overall. I have a half sleeve, and am a Girl Guide leader. As long as the tattoos themselves aren't offensive or derogatory, most employers I've met don't have an issue. I think she could definitely go into media or even continue being a dental hygienist with her sleeve.

All of my friends are tatted, save for me, because I just don't want any -- nor do I have any piercings at this time. That doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good tattoo though. My boyfriend has three, my sister's husband has many more -- two I even designed -- and they're really well done and cool as hell.
Not for me, but I love tattoo art in general. I just can't commit to even something as simple as dying my hair.

However, while Kail's tattoos are well done, I'm honestly pretty appalled she would get something so extreme, gaudy and unfeminine. Her tattoos all look like Adam Lind's, or some sort of generic, overly-masculine biker gang affiliated style.
It stuck out to me because of how she looked when her and Javi got married. It was the fact that despite being fully pregnant in a white dress and braces, she had that sleeve on display with the massive skull. What the hell?

I try not to hate on anyone's tattoos but I am tempted to believe she just got those to be her usual "I'm not like other girls! I'm dark and mysterious!" self. Everyone about Kail to me sometimes is just tryhard.

Admittedly, I do not like tattoos, at all. But as far as how much it would affect your career, I think it depends a lot on the field. I work for a scientific consulting company, where almost everyone has some interaction with clients, and that sort of look would definitely not fly here.

But my nephew is literally covered in tattoos, and he's never had trouble getting hired as a dental hygienist as far as I know.

Yea most jobs now wont discriminate with tattoos... I have a good job and if I got a sleeve they wouldn't care. I really like tattoos but there is something about Kails I just don't like... They look kind of muddy or dirty to me, idk how else to explain it.

Kail really is starting to come off as pretentious and entitled. She really believes she would have everything she has now (multiple houses, cars, constant vacations, etc etc) without MTV and its like no Kail, you wouldn't. This whole recent situation with Jo just sours her image even more. She is just as hypocritical and petty and bitter as she was when Jo and Vee started dating. And she reminds me of my boyfriends ex.

Ya, her friend Toni posted "We live in America, where almost everyone has the same opportunities. If I can work and achieve things, so can you. You work for you." and Kail favorited it.

Kail annoys me most out of the girls, she always posts how everyone else can write a book and go to college and blah blah. The ONLY reason she's' able to do these things is MTV. She has not worked to achieve things, she got lucky by being picked for Teen Mom.

Also, she's having a children's book launch party in LA. SHE'S NOT A CELEBRITY OMG. She irritates me so much.

the only reason she achieved these things is because Jo got her knocked up, and Janet took care of her during the whole pregnancy, she owes them a big fat thank you

I guess Toni is not part of an unpopular minority, a poor family, nor has she a condition or just bad luck with her IQ.
Toni can have my Ehlers Danlos for a day

i think the leah and corey thing happened post deercam and after jeremy had already left leah so maybe he doesnt care

Love thatKail complains about needing money for Isaac's school tuition, yet he is missing school for a flipping FASHION SHOW.

OMG ya, you know she's just pimping him out, hoping he'll land endorsements so she can get paid $$

Video of Isaac walking the runway:

I wonder if Kail was screaming at him from the sidelines like she does when he plays soccer?


That was so cute! I don't think he really knew what he was doing but heck he was adorable! Such a handsome little guy.


How much do you guys think Jo shelled out for that one?

So glad everyone else is in the same page as Karl and Javi. She considers "writing" a children's book and 'biography' a job? Even though you know she didn't do most of the work.

She's so irritating and I've said it a million times before, but I hope her book tanks and no one buys it since she's really shown her true colors this season.

It'll also be funny when she complains that Javi's eventual child support will only be a couple hundred dollars, when she's b*tching about Jo paying over $2,000.

Making a living as a writer is no easy feat. I love writing and hope to one day make enough money through it alone, but right now? Not a chance. It takes a very long time, and some authors can't even quit their day jobs because while their stuff sells, it doesn't sell well enough to turn a livable profit. Not every wannabe novelist can be J.K. Rowling and become a billionaire solely through their novels. That's a rarity. For Kail to claim that "writing" is her job when she's only written two books (and they only became/will become best-sellers because of her MTV notoriety) is bullshit. Let her try writing fiction under a pen name and see how well her stuff sells. As of now, she's nothing without MTV, and she knows it. You can't make money off of being on some stupid reality show and claim that your job is actually as an author. It doesn't happen that way.

I'm really curious to see how many books all of these girls have sold.

Lol I'm a writer too (in my spare time) and it's tough! I still have my full time job, now I have a baby on the way, and I'm writing the novel myself, not having someone do it for me. These girls have no clue. They seriously live in a bubble.

Kail complains that Joe's child support isn't enough and that he should get a job so he can pay more, but forgets that she doesn't have an actual job either. If money is as tight as she says it it i'm sure she could get a part time job somewhere to pay for the extra expenses that she wants.

But Kail has worked in the past as a dental assistant! And she had a terrible childhood! Her mother was never around! And she's a drunk! Kail had to do everything on her own with no help from anyone! Baby soap is like, $10 a bottle! She's too pregnant for this!

Basically Kail wants everything handed to her on a silver platter. She doesn't want to work and she won't, as long as she keeps getting what she wants. On one hand, I want this show to end so she (and Jenelle and Leah) all run out of money and actually realize how hard it can be out in the world. Until then, she's going to keep doing stupid shit, like sending Isaac to a private preschool that has tuition, and buying multiple houses. But on the other hand I never want it to stop because I love this shitty show so much.

to be fair to kail (ugh i hate being fair to her) she is probably making A LOT of money off the shit she hawks like scentscy and that owl necklace thing. she won a vacation from scentcsy and im guessing only the top 1% of earners win those. and she probably has SO MANY women selling under her and shes getting a cut.

however, in 10 years when no one cares about following her on social media she will need to get a job not based on being on mtv

That's the sad thing about companies like Scentsy. They run on a pyramid scheme, and it does look like Kail is near the top. She's probably got thousands of fangirls signed up under her, and she makes commission off their sales. We can bitch all we want, but she probably is rolling in a nice chunk of change through her "business'" alone. Now, if she didn't blow it all on cars and houses, she'd probably be set for life, but since her and Javi like to go through cars like underwear, I think she'll be broke and back to being a dental hygienist 2-3yrs after the show ends.

So I find it really odd that Kail and Javi were like so are you ready to talk about the argument the other day or something to that regards.

I mean who does that? Talk about that shit & LET IT GO!!!!

Don't bring it up days later ( or what appeared to be later &&& they've done with a few times)

Really enjoying not having to scroll on mobile to comment sooooo much better :)

I loved a few episodes ago when Kail was like, "Aren't we getting along so much better now that YOU aren't always trying to fight with ME, Javi?" and then Javi's like, "Yes, master".

She is so condescending when she talks to him sometimes, sounds like she's talking to Isaac not her husband

@LeahLovesChildSupport what on earth is your DP!?!

looks like a red lipsticked mouth full of flamin hot cheetos

Javi needs to shut the fuck up already. He has serious control issues. He has some superiority complex, like he saved Kailyn/Isaac from some deadbeat dad/baby daddy. Both him and Kailyn really think they are important.

I still remember Kailyn defending getting married quickly to Javi, right before he went to basic training because she and Isaac could now get benefits. That was THEIR choice, not Jo's.
If they wanted Jo to reimburse them for health insurance then they should have put that in their original custody/child support agreement. Now all of a sudden its getting too expensive?

I do agree they should let the courts handle it, i don't know why Jo thinks the court will bankrupt him. Usually it is around 17-20 percent of your income. And possibly sharing 50/50 of childcare/daily expenses.
That is why I don't really feel bad for guys like Jeremy who pay 1700 a month. If you're paying 1700 for child support, then you're probably making around 6-7 grand a month.

The thing is Tricare is FREE. If you are active duty, which Javi is. If you are in the Guard or Reserves it costs $205 in Texas, idk if that's the same cost in Delaware. But, it doesn't matter because Javi is Active Duty so all healthcare should be free. You only need to pay for dental and vision, which for a five year old should not be much. Or probably any more than just paying for him, Kail and Lincoln (like a family plan is the same cost for one kid or two). So, it's ridiculous that Kail is claiming that as an expense.

A yearly eye checkup is covered at a tricare approved provider which isnt hard to find out who is or isn't onine and at a non tricare provider youre responsible for any charges over the tricare approved amount. Glasses are not covered. Dental for a family is $33.88 a month.

Exactly! I hate when people are saying that Jo should pay when they get the healthcare for free and it is true that for dental you do only pay a family cost. I saw some girl call him out on Twitter about it and he said " Well they still take it out of my check, get educated." Man I will personally slap him in the face with $30 every month so he can shut up. I can't with Javi. He knows nothing more than a brand new private and hasn't done shit in his military career so I wish he would sit down. I was in the Army and I had to laugh when the girl also said something about the CHAIR force and he called her ignorant. He's such a little bitch.

Not very thing for dental is 100% covered. Some, like getting wisdom teeth pulled or braces is cost shared, but regular checkups and preventive care are 100% covered. Cavity fills are a 20% cost share.

Yeah that's true. The thing that gets me is that I bet when they do take Isaac to the dentist and the bill is $100 for cavities being filled they probably don't say "Hey Jo the bill is $XX can you go half or pay the whole thing?" They probably just bitch about it. The thing that irks me about the child support situation is that Kail is just doing the same thing as Leah. They want to have the kids like 90% of the time but then they want to bitch about costs that come up and say " Well it's your responsibility too!" I agree that it is but if something should happen to Jo or Corey then who has the responsibility. They just don't think that way.

Omg Jenelle's Instagram tonight...some one commented "bitch acting like she never left the trailer park before #blowinupthegram. So true I laughed. It's pathetic these girls get so much shit for nothing.

Serious question out of all of the Teen Mom girls why are trashy and tatted up Jenelle and Kail at fashion week? Not that any of them are very fashionable, but they just seem like the opposite of fashion week. Kail is always in sweatpants and big clothes and Jenelle is usually wearing nothing.

Kailyn is pretty unfashionable, in my opinion. She wears a shit-ton of layers that make her look bigger than she actually is (not saying she's fat, but I don't think all those big clothes she typically wears do her any favors). Jenelle always fucks up her shoes. She never wears the appropriate ones with whatever outfit she's showing off. It's super noticeable.

Agreed. Whenever Jenelle dresses up it's just... bad. Her clothes always look cheap and ill-fitting. What is the deal with the long sleeve tit apron she wore on the red carpet? How did she think that looks good?

I find kail fashionable when she dresses up. Not conventionally fashionable but I feel she has her style and owns it. And her hair! I could cut it all of and wear it, no one can deny that gurl has good hair!

Jenelle also wears stuff that looks good on a 6" model, but the proportions look totally ridiculous on her munchkin self.

Is it just me or does anyone else wish they would do a spin off of 16&P and TM in another country? Like 16&P down under ;) or Teen Mom UK. I just want to compare....

Yes I would love to see something like that!

There is a show on in the UK atm called "baby faced mum's" which is basically 16 and pregnant. My favourite girl was the one who said "I tried going to college but they kept using big words I didn't understand like business and marketing so I just decided to go to Pakistan and get married." So she got married to her cousin at 16 and was pregnant within a month.

I think it's quite different in the UK because our benefit system is so robust young mum's can get quite a lot of money - child benefit, child tax credits, housing benefit. We also have social housing which is housing with very low rents that often housing benefit will pay for entirely.

Also we don't really have the culture of shot gun weddings. A lot of the southern girls on 16&preg seem to rush down the aisle as soon as they'rd knocked up but not so much here.

I've seen Underage and Pregnant, quite a few of them are on YouTube. Most of those girls couldn't claim the child benefit, because they were too young! Their mothers had to claim it on their behalf! Or, they had to wait a year or two until they were of age to claim it. The housing benefit is awesome, I wish we had that in the U.S.

@ Debra....I've seen Underage and Pregnant as well. It's such a contrast to Teen Mom. It's a bit similar to 16&P, but the girls on Underage and Pregnant definitely put into perspective of what it might be like to be a teen parent. They seem to struggle and are very serious.
I do like to watch the debauchery of TM, outlandish and ridiculous as it gets...but for two shows covering pretty much the same topic, they definitely take a different perspective. I know that health insurance overseas is also different than US insurance, which also makes it different.
Really though every "Teen mom" knock off show I've watched doesn't seem to meet MTV', low standards maybe, lol.

There is something like that in the UK. It's called Under Age and Pregnant. I'm an Aussie but I have what you guys call cable and I've watched it on there. The trash is pretty similar.

Worse, I think :P They show all the bad stuff whereas MTV covers up some of the messes..

i saw one episode of under age and pregnant, and it's just so serious! The one girl I saw, she was sooo mature, the way she talked, she was already an adult, which is good. But I prefer watching deer cam scandals, cheetos and lunchables, fake ugly nells and hairs, trailer trash...etc.

There is also 'My teen is pregnant and so am I'. TLC I think.
My eyebrows get exercise watching that sometimes.

That show, "Underage and Pregnant" is on Youtube and I watched all of it last summer. I'm American. I wished they'd filmed catch up specials like the American version. It was a lot better than 16 and P in my opinion. Not as sugar coated.

They did a series years ago here in the UK, called Teen Dad! It was so bad

There was a 'Teen moms' series with girls from Belgium.

The youngest was 14, I believe.
More than one of them wasn't propperly informed about the birds and the bees. One girl thought two women could have a baby together without anything from a man. She thought she could make her new girlfriend pregnant with a little help.

It was a spin-off of the Dutch version of Tienmoeders (SBS6) which featured a thirteen years old in the first season... Yikes... But that season is no longer online available.

There was a Polish edition, but there was only one season, the girls didn't become famous and don't seem to be trainwrecks. Thankfully.

OMG!! So much to watch!! I think MTV should totally do a spin off they seem to get the good stuff ;)

Just saw this on twitter:
Tori saying that she and Jenelle were stalking Jessica while "too turnt". Do these two do anything apart from get wasted and do dumb crap?

Jenelle is a crazy bitch. Who seriously stalks their exes new girlfriend like that? Or their new old boyfriend's ex? How do you live your life like that? Seriously Jenelle, go home to your son, focus on getting your other son back, and stop with the psychoticness. But we all know THAT won't ever happen...

My ex.
as in.. he stalks my 'new' boyfriend (been going out with him for nearly a year)

but he's as crazy as Jenelle is so yeah.

Noooooo Nicole and I are due around the same time! I'll be 10 weeks on Saturday! >:(

It was incredibly naïve of me to think I could get through this pregnancy without sharing a due date with someone else either Teen Mom or 16 and pregnant...bitches be getting knocked up left and right.

Does it matter? :P

Not really. Either way, my child is loved and will be well cared for. It's just kind of annoying lol. :)


Nice work Tomlin, I enjoy your humor! my favorite line is "Hopefully Kailyn understands that Vee is just too pregnant for this"

A baby bump at 2 months, seriously? That's not a baby, that's gas.

supposedly the second time around you show earlier - but maybe shes really pushing and forcing it out there haha

My first I showed around 4 months. My second I didn't start showing until 7-8 months. I went into deliver my second looking 3 months pregnant lol. I'm now pregnant with my 3rd but I'm only 11 weeks so no one knows and I'm definitely not even beginning to show. 8 weeks is definitely gas. Your uterus isn't even above your pubic bone yet at that point.

Yeah, you do show earlier the second time. But she's not showing, she just looks like I do 30 minutes after walking into Chipotle.

My sister had not seen me for a while, looked at my belly and was very sure, at 8 weeks.
That was my second child but my colon is always celebrating by blowing itself up like a balloon ;-).
That and maybe cause I miscarried a few times plus there were two egg sacks in the beginning.

Lol. It's sort of like when Catelynn was four months pregnant with Nova and showing off her big-ass belly and acting like her weight gain was all baby. She looked like she was smuggling a basketball under her shit.

I am 6 months pregnant and don't even notice my bump unless I'm wearing something form-fitting.

Farrah's mentally ill, seriously. She should be getting some kind of treatment, instead of doing couple's therapy on TV while single or whatever.

Children shouldn't participate in huge fashion shows. This is just not right.

Leah.... I have no words, as usual.

[…] haven’t gotten any insider updates on Valerie since then, but Teen Mom Junkies reported this week that Valerie claimed on her private Instagram page that she’s expecting a […]

Big Papi needs to STFU about child support when it doesn't pertain to his kid. What expenses is he paying for on top of Jo's child support? I have 2 kids and let me tell you....if I got a thousand a month to support them i'd have a ton leftover to put in savings. Isaac didn't ask to move. Isaac doesn't ask for all this crap. Big Papi and Karl need to build a bridge and get the fuck over themselves.

big papi should talk to jeremy about bashing the other dads child support payments


[…] Allie, who gave birth to her son Aydenn during her episode of ’16 and Pregnant’ in 2010, closed all of her social media accounts after she suffered a miscarriage in the summer of 2014, shortly after announcing her pregnancy with her then-boyfriend Christopher Gerena. Since that time, she and Chris have gotten married and welcomed a son together, according to Teen Mom Junkies. […]


I didn't follow everything and now I'm a bit lost: weren't Farrah and Jenna suppost to get evicted anyway later? Now other people have been evicted instead of them.

Jenna and Farrah were "fake evicted" from the house. Basically, everyone in the house thinks they're going home, but they were actually snuck into a private suite where they'd be secretly watching and listening to the goings on in the house. While they secretly watch everyone they get to decide on two people to be put up for nomination in the next elimination.

But this time there was a twist! It was a fake, fake eviction! So Farrah and Jenna thought they'd be secretly watching everyone from their private suite for 48 hours, but in reality after the first 24 hours all the other house guests were informed that they were being watched. And even twist-ier than that, the two people Jenna and Farrah selected for nomination would actually end up being immune.

So Jenna and Farrah came back and the twists were revealed. Then when it came time for the for real for real elimination, Gail and Fatman Scoop got voted off. CBB seems to be trying really hard to make this amazingly boring cast exciting. But hey, it keeps me watching :P

I thought they told the housemates that everyone nominated by Farrah and Jenna would get immunity but also that Jenna and Farrah didn't know they were really going to be evicted later.
Hmm... nope.. that doesn't add up, why should people worry about immunity when it was clear who would leave... Think I've read wrong.
Think Farrah will be evicted the next first chance they get. No money in the world would be enough for me to agree to be locked up with Farrah. Ugh.

Farrah still thinks she is bigger&better than KK. Yeah right.
Can't stand both of ya but no....way....

Results of a poll
77% does not like Farrah
18% thinks she make good entertainment
the rest is on the fence.

Farrah creates drama, so they'll keep it in the house for a long time, because without batshit crazy people reality tv is often boring (especially Big Brother). They're probably rigging the votes, because I'm sure Farrah would be quick to go otherwise...

You are right.
I think it will be very, very long before Farrah finds her Kanye.
Statisticly the chance is about 0.002%. He has to be rich, handsome, batshit crazy and narcissistic too and he has to be in that 4% category. 'My wife makes good entertainment' is not the basis of a marriage.

@Tomlin I think we have our first spambot. :(

Oh there are plenty! Guess this one didn't get caught by the spam filter

What are we talking about? Lol I don't see anything.

Lincoln is starting to look like javi in the sneak peek for next pissed me off when javi called Isaac his son. No, you big lipped bitch. Isaac already has a dad. Funny javi claims he picks up Joe's slack but we all saw the episode where javi refused to pick Isaac up from school because "he's your son kail"

Omg my daughter just pointed at your picture and said mommy!

? I look nothing like Jenelle :p

In Javi's defense:

As a step-parent, it is sometimes easier (in certain contexts) just to refer to your step-child as your son/daughter-- especially if they live with you 50% of the time or more. It doesn't necessarily mean you think you're a replacement for their biological parent. It's a convenience thing.

I agree

But for Javi it does. He wants to replace Jo so bad.

If it were anyone but Javi, I'd totally buy and agree with that statement.
But sadly, it's Javi. Lol

* not teen mom related*

I live fairly close to my children's school so I walk their every morning and walk their to pick them up.

This morning the crosswalk lady said " do you drive? I said yes but not here.

I spent most of my day thinking about it and what a strange question it was.....

At pick up I asked her " did you need a ride this morning or something? She replied with No. I just never see you leave your house.....

Like, I'm a stay at home mom excuse me for caring about my health and choosing excise over being lazy.

And to me that's a little strange, she could live in the same housing development as me I guess but I know her house doesn't face mine or anything like that.....

And to be honest I don't want to talk to the women again.... But how do you go from hello to Kail status ? :+

My mum did that as well, she worked 2 days a week and would car pool into work with my dad and the other 3 days she would walk my sister and too and from school. So don't weird or anything :P What a nosy crae crae for even asking..

thought I'd share- Guess who is hanging with Adumb again? None other than JESSICA! Yes, the "porn star" looking one. Funny, I thought she filed charges against him. About three weeks ago she posted pics with a new dude that appeared to be her boyfriend. Now, all those pics are gone of him and she's posting her "I'm fine by myself" memes... SMH LMAO That's why you go from man to man- because you're ok with being alone...

Where is the new thread ?!? New poster, long time lurker

Oh, TMJ how I love you! I truly appreciate all the work you put into your blog. I do have a suggestion though- the way you post you screen shots of Tweets make them INCREDIBLY hard to read / follow (I'm referring to when they are placed in multi-column blocks, images stacked both on side and on top of one another, such as the Tweets between Javi/Kail/Vee and company). I know chronologically Tweets are read from bottom up, but I have NO idea when they are multi-columns if I should start reading them from the right, left, middle or whatnot- they are in different orders in different posts. I highly suggest just placing them in single-column formats, but if you insist on them being side to side to side, is there any way you could place small number in the corner of each screen shot, so we know where to start and end? I really want to read them (and give the blog views), but it gets extremely frustrating- just when I've figured out the order they're in on one post, I'll move on to another article/blog entry, and they will be set up in a different way. I literally gave up trying to figure out the order of the James Duffy ones a couple pages back. Just a suggestion to make things more reader friendly, as a fellow writer!