The Best Teen Mom Junkies Screen Names Contest

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We've been noticing an increasingly number of hilarious screen names on the site these past few weeks, so we decided to acknowledge it by holding a competition to pick the very best.

Here are some examples of in-the-running faves right now:

Barbara Evan's Home for Boys
Butch is my Brad Pitt
Tylers Trap Baby
Girlses Lunchables
Nathan's Ponytail name just a few.

Enter yourself into the competition by commenting below. Obviously, the aforementioned are already guaranteed an entry for being amazing.

At the end of the week, we'll put the best entries into a poll and have you choose the best.

What do you win?

Bragging rights, of course, and acknowledgment in your v own post. Keep it PG-13- we're better and funnier than that. You have until Friday, so let the games begin.



When do we vote??

Barbara Evans home for boys omg lmao


Making a nod to Picnic Life. Amber and Gary's banter back in the day was pure gold. They were truly meant to be

Aw, thanks! My favorite Gary quote (from a classic Gary/Amber argument on TM Season 1) will always and forever be when Amber's car breaks down and she suggests they swap cars:

Amber: "Let me borrow your car"

Gary: "Your car will not go down the highway at the high speed I need it to!"

So much WTF-ery and the way he structures his sentences kils me!

Oh shit, you know what, there was a username on here that was comedy gold and I completely forgot what it was but the avatar or icon was a picture of Gary's asscrack, does anyone remember who that was?

Your name is the best though!! It's my all time, all time favorite.

I want to know which names Tyler likes best!

The variety of hilarious usernames are one of the best things about this site!

Several dysfunctional relationships, a divorce, an abortion, heroin addiction, all these feathers in her hair, leaked nudes, a kaiser roll, 17 mugshots later.....

A few days late but my faves are That was my change jar Jenelle and Amber the waters comin' up here. Just funny things that were said that you would really have to watch the show to remember :D

Late but my favorites:

Javi, ruiner of times
That was my change jar Jenelle
Jesus God, Leah
Butch is my Brad Pitt

and wasn't there one about Heather not being able to sit on the furniture?

wasn't there a "Kail's too pregnant for this" screenname? I loved jokes about that phrase

Matts up to 8 kids, right?!