The Best Teen Mom Junkies Screen Names Contest

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We've been noticing an increasingly number of hilarious screen names on the site these past few weeks, so we decided to acknowledge it by holding a competition to pick the very best.

Here are some examples of in-the-running faves right now:

Barbara Evan's Home for Boys
Butch is my Brad Pitt
Tylers Trap Baby
Girlses Lunchables
Nathan's Ponytail name just a few.

Enter yourself into the competition by commenting below. Obviously, the aforementioned are already guaranteed an entry for being amazing.

At the end of the week, we'll put the best entries into a poll and have you choose the best.

What do you win?

Bragging rights, of course, and acknowledgment in your v own post. Keep it PG-13- we're better and funnier than that. You have until Friday, so let the games begin.



Pick me!!!
1st comment.

Pick me! Formal know as
"Leahs narcolepsy "
Macis infertility issues

maci's infertility issues!! ??

Pick me! In lieu of Kail and Javi's inevitable divorce being confirmed, I think my username and pic take the cake. Lol!

Can we change our usernames to take part in this??

It was a while back & please don't use it unless it was yours but my FAVORITE has always been and always will be..... Leah's high high horse.

Amazing. Love it. For sure, change your username if you think of something you think is funnier/ more relevant.

Oh deer god, the theraphy horse! How would that poor creature be now??

I loved that one too! Ah, too many awesome usernames to choose from for me!

leahs hig horse was one of my favs too!

Yo! I'm still around, just lurk more than I comment. Hahaha

lol sounds like me I just lurk! the comments on this always have me cracking up at my cubical and everyone around me is much older and I highly dought they watch the show, so I know they think im nuts when I bust out laughing out of no where

Yes, I love Leah's High Horse! I also love "Leah's Spending Problem" with their photo as a huge pill.

:) the picture really makes it lol

Me too! I thought of that one right away.

Mine is sad ;)

I was just thinking the other day that I haven't seen a "My Feelings for you have Dropped" user name on here! lol I should change to that if someone doesn't already have it...

damn that is sad

the usernames are my favorite part of this site!

Someone should pick "why am I a guy?" With a picture of Nathan crying in back of a cop car.

haha YES

oh hai!

If anyone has "we never argue, dude" then you are the winner!

Oh, yes!! I also like Jenelle's Soulmate (or Dick, can't remember) of the Month

Yeah! Love it!!

Leah's Third Divorce :P

I love this site's usernames. They're all so hilarious!

I feel like mine gives us a taste at how idiotic some of these girls can be ? (Aka it always makes me chuckle)

Tyler's Trap Baby gets my personal votage

Thank you! Sophia doing her own thing by now is great, she probably has her own apartment and job by now and hopefully gtfo of the Abraham house

Yes, TTB! You've had the name before Nova, but we knew you were coming!

Pick me pick me!

So many usernames that have made me laugh so hard but now I can't come up with them.

Err maybe:
Kail, the incredible sulk
Percocet Prinses
Seen you on the deer cam
Matt and Ambers sober living home wine bar
Err something with pilses??

This one isn't sarcastic or a play on words or anything, but I always remember it as so funny, because its such a random funny sentence to use as a username, and I hear Gary's voice say it everytime

"Amber the water's comin' up here"

Lmao "Kail, The Incredible Sulk" has my vote!

I vote for Butch is my Brad Pitt. Also, anything to do with the deer cam (I remember at least one user with that name) because that was a hilarious piece of Teen Mom 2 history that MTV never mentioned.

Think we had
The deer cam diaries
Seen you on deer cam
Deer god Leah or something like that

Oh and we had someone like

Pilses before girlses?
Bacon.slap ....

Hello! XDDD

Thanks, dear :*

hahaha I love this!! Some of my favorites are Doctor Evans, and Amber & Matt's sober living and wine bar. the best!!

Omg the sober living home always makes me crack up! Good call!

I love yours and the great part about it is you can update it to Kail's Mermaid Tail Implants

Omg I'm honored that you love it!

And the addition actually made me burst out laughing. I'll get on that right away xD

Me too! Love that one

Thanks, ladies! ??

Mine's not original, but I can't see myself ever changing it. I hate Leah the most out of all the moms.

But I love everyone's names on this site :) Can't wait to take the poll!

Leah ones are my fav too! Anything about dye in the head cracks me up

Yours always cracks me up! They all do.

Her episode of 16 and pregnant was on today. She treated corey like dirt! She even bragged about how he was gonna buy her a car! Then saying she wanted to leave him and was trying to get with robbie again. And she kept saying how they only knew each other 1 month before she got preggers. The epitome of trailer trash there.

I saw it too it's such a trip. I remember watching it with my ex while she was saying "corey was my rebound" and my ex going dang what a little slut lol. She really was er...still is.

I watched it today too and I swear the end of that episode was the only time she has ever been honest with herself saying she only had herself to blame for that fact that Corey was out on Valentine's day with someone else. I was like damn, girl you took a hard left from there.

Add stroke to it

Just want to give a shoutout to everyone on this site for having pretty damn funny names

I loved the user name "They tried to make me go to rehab y'all y'all y'all" that's one of the best XD

That one should def make the top 5

Don't go Jason Waterfalls guys?!?!?!?

hahaha ill group you with Bob Saget, random and hilarious

I like :
Graced with a vagina
Robbies wonderpeen
Nero S'mores
Jesus God, Leah
Seen you on the deer cam


Aleeah the cat whisperer

Thanks! Love yours too!

thanks :)

nero s'mores! Yes!

If anyone watches Grey's Anatomy you would understand my username. ?

Pick me Pick me!!

Your profile pic really does help your chances ;)

Good lord, is that a real life actual picture of Robbie, wonderpeen?! Gross!

The other Nathan one I love is when he's peaking around the corner and says "Stop that "or something hehehe

I feel famous! I just thought of this one today! I've been a few others. There are many contenders!

If you wait a few more months, you could turn into Nathan's Man Bun!! LOL.

My three favorites:

Barbara Evans Home for Boys
Torn up nervsies
I Done Slutted (I may have misspelled this one).

Yeah, it was Mama I done Slutted I'm pretty sure hahaha

Thanks Soph!

All the names are hilarious!
I don't know how to pick.

Butch is my Brad Pitt
Barbara Evans Home for Boys

I think your name is actually pretty damn funny lol I'm surprised no one so far has mentioned Catelynn's Carly Blanket though! That's an original gangsta of this blog!

YES! I remember reading something posted by CCB 5 or so years ago? it's the all time best name.

I vote 'Kick the ball Isaac,' with Kails crazy soccer face as the picture. Too funny!

haven't seen that one, but it sounds awesome

Also, 'Jesus god Leah' is a classic

Nominating: “They tried to make me go to rehab y’all y’all y’all”

"I'm an extravagant father" makes me laugh EVERY time I see it!

Yours is by far my favorite picture. Omg Nathan's head popping in otu out of nowhere like an 80's music video was my life.

I snicker EVERY SINGLE TIME I see that picture here!. Little angry pointer finger.

I know there's an Uncle Creepy, but I'm shocked there's no Uncle Bad Touch

There is and it's amazing

Im right here!!

UBT, love the name, now you just need a SUPER CREEPY profile pic to match :)

I nominate Jenelle Evans Contour Kit, or whatever that one is. Love that one.

Oh thank you! :)

Was the picture first or the name? because they're as perfect as mac and cheese together. I love it.

The picture came first! I'm really into makeup, and when this picture came out I just face palmed because the contour job is just. so. bad. The shades are all wrong, and it's just blended terribly. ? It was fresh in my mind when I finally made an account and made that my name.

It just seemed like something she would try and sell at some point since she fancies herself such a beauty guru. And I wouldn't trust any makeup she tried to advertise just based on how hers looks. Chelsea on the other hand...

Don't forget me! ;)

Mine is youknowwhatimsayin because it seemed like they were all ALWAYS saying that when making a point to their friends in the first few seasons.

The names and avatar pics on this site are so entertaining!

Robbie's wonder peen makes me laugh every time

Thanks for the shout out :) I've had a couple of user names, but I'm still partial to this one.

Shaken Javi Syndrome was also a favourite of mine

Javi Ruiner of Times is my favorite!!

That's definitely one of my favorite ones.

Javi, the Ruiner of Times and Midnight Ravioli are my faves!

Yes, I have to say that Javi, Ruiner of Times is one of my favorites too. I may have to vote for that one if we have to vote for only one.

I also like "Tyler's Great American Novel"

It's hard to choose. There are so many good ones!

It's an honor just to be mentioned.

I'm partial to Javi, the Ruiner of Times. ;)

But seriously...I laugh at the majority of names people have on here. So funny.
I also like "Maci's Third Trimester Cocktails," "Deer God Leah" and "Why Am I a Guy?"

HAHA YES! This one too! Amazing.

Yeah Javi, the ruined of times, cracks me up every time, you've got my vote :)

Also a big fan of Leah's spending problem

I nominate business casual butch!


Thanks, Adalynn's Avalanche! :)

This is my favorite

Ugh all of my comments are awaiting moderation

Lol this is great...I always love the user names on this site!! I decided to finally create one myself to take part in this fun.

Lol this is great!! The user names on this site crack me up. I'm finally creating my own account to join in on all the fun. ?

Hide yo coke. Hahaha

I do love me some wonderpeen

I wish I could've found a douchier pic of him, but thanks :)

Trust me. It's douchey enough :D

Pick mee XD

You have been personally downcoted by Tyler is good...

The four greatest usernames of all time in no particular order were
• my client pleads monkey yer honor
• javi's shaken head
• Kail's sweet 16
•Jaxie aka ASS

I don't care what anyone else says lol

I don't remember seeing my client pleads monkey but that's friggin hilarious!!

Haha I think my client pleads monkey is actually the only one on the list that's still an active username they just don't post much. Javi's shaken head was so great because it was created when people still had somewhat normal usernames so it visibly stuck out. Jaxie aka ASS was made by a poster in the UK making us all aware that the word Jaxie is slang for ass over there. Mackenzie named her poor daughter ass. Kail's sweet 16 was a reference to Kail getting her abortion on her 16th birthday. Super dark username but why would Kail choose her birthday of all days to get an abortion?

Mail had an abortion on her birthday omg

Neither of these people have posted very often but I LOVED Uncle Bad Touch's name and Leah's Wedding Set, Robbies Peen Ring. I also really like Girlses Lunchables, the future ex mr maci bookout, and Matt & Amber's Sober Living Home 'n Wine Bar. All the names on here are fabulous though, one of my favorite things about TMJ lol

I love all of those too and yours. HOly shit and the picture is the cherry on top.

Haha thanks that means a lot Tyler's Trap Baby! (cause I love yours lol) It took me FOREVER to screen cap it and set it as the image :)

YES! that wine bar name!

Maybe if I try another browser my comments won't be stuck in moderation?

I love any name that has to do with Leah!

I've always been partial to Graced With A Vagina.
Is Stop It still around? I always laughed whenever I read that one because I pictured Nathan popping up over the wall and pointing.

Nathan saying stop it was hilarious. Even more fantastic with the picture of him pointing!

Why am I in moderation ,=(

Maybe best Jenelle username of all time! So classic :D

One of my very faves is "Better Call Dustin".

Oooh forgot about that one.

Awk shucks, thanks guys! ❤️

OT: was there no TM2 last night?


Mine always gives me a good chuckle :)

Omg yes I remember we came upw tih Farrah's menu for a restaurant and one of the items was Deb's Anticrhist Anti pasto salad LOL

I'm honored you guys!!! hahaha, and i was JUST thinking how Iadmire the name Butch is my Brad Pitt, so that's my vote. I love the Deer Cam name too, so many good ones. It is truly an art.

Oh high Jenelle is also clever af. Props.

Wasn't there also a Keifer's Green Hoodie? I greatly enjoyed that too. Also That's my Change Jar Jenelle I swear was one.

I'm still here I just lurk a lot :)

Long time follwer of tmj but my first time posting. Your comments brighten my days. Thank you for many needed laughs over the years.

Top 5? This never happens to me! But yaaaaaay! There are so many great names on here!! Pilses before girlses always cracks me up! And some pictures fit so well! Except pics of dave....that's just creepy :)

Oh wasn't there a Sophia's Future Therapist? Cause that's my vote Also the site is being an asshole for me :(

Other ideas from this season:

Love is Bubble gum and Butt Implants
Adam's Emerging Adulthood
Dada Puta
I Have My Shit Together
The Eiffel Tower of New York
Adderal's Sugar Packets
I'm Made of Artificial Sweetener
Ice Bucket List

ALSO I TAKE IT ALL BACK! I vote for Robbie's Lucky Escape even though I haven't seen that name in forever. Best name ever.

I think my name is outdated since Leah's Mary-Kay "business" was a few seasons ago, but I don't think I'll ever change it.

Don't ever change it. I also liked Leah's Money Making Mary Kay Headset. I just came up with that.

Mine's outdated too, but I don't care. Cheetos and Leah are together forever.

Plus your picture is epic.

Cheetos + Leah = timeless. It still applies. Add sugar packets and lunchables.

Anything regarding Leah's business will never get old!


I'm the original, just lurk and don't post much!

You're a Piece of Fudge was a good one too, and the one about Nathan's torn up under armour tank tops. I can't remember what that one actually was though.

Ha, I used to be You're a piece of Fudge :)

first time poster! Hi everybody!
My favorite names are
Amber and matts sober living and wine bar
Jenelles luggage (complete with trash bag pic!)
Aleah's closet
Tori the sloth
Joes sweatpants
Barbara Evans home for boys

There was one the other day I laughed for like 10 minutes. Gotta find it!!

Mines not super funny, but it's my favorite teen mom moment to date.

In case no one remembers, in an early season of TM, Sophia told Farrah she was a bad person. Farrah asked Debra where she would have heard that and it was oh so obvious Debra told Sophia that.

I still can't bring myself to get a new name.

That pic tho!

Oh, but my official vote goes to Javi, the Ruiner of Times. I can't read that without cracking up.

Yah that one for me too!

Is "kieffers green hoodie" still around? That one is a classic!

Oh hi!

My fave has always been "Self Worth Measured in Dickses".

That reminds me of another name on here I think... Torn Up Nervsies lolol it just screams Leah

Haha, thanks, I love this name too. I wish I remembered who thought it up.

Oh oh! It was me!!

Right! I remember your terrifying avatar! :D Thank you!

I nominate myself in the name of singular down votes!

But Catelynn's Carly blanket, Graced with a vagina, and Jenelle's hurricane induced stitches also have my vote. :)

Ha ha! All my posts have a singular downvote, too. Hi, Jenelle!! *waving*

I used to be 'mackenzies magical uterus' and surprise surprise it has show its super powers yet again and she is knocked up for the 5th time before 22!!!

I quite enjoyed that one and Mackenzie's Exploding Uterus, like holy shit. That was amazing. If TM3 was still relevant I'd probably be Alex's Seizure Dancing

I am 'Mackenzies exploding uterus'
I changed my name literally right before she got pregnant. Might have to go back to it lol

5th pregnancy already?! Where have I been?! Can somebody please break it down for me?

Catelynn's Carly Blanket for the win. It is a classic and an original gangsta on this blog. Otherwise VOTE FOR ME!

Yo, yo, yo, thanks for the mention! I still wish I could've found a photo of the actual Carly blanket C&T both have---it was so freaking bizarre. The image of them cuddling each other underneath it still burns bright in my mind.

I saw that Farrah is reopening FroCo with Coba the Popping Boba.
In honor of that, I'd like to nominate The Founder as an entry as well. The Founder would be pleased.

Reopening? Was it ever open?

Ok, let me rephrase. The Founder is reattempting to open FroCo, home of fresh and frozen cuisine.

More like the Flounder...


When just using your nickname bites you in the ass. Corgi C. Corgster and Sir Nibs can join me over here in the disqualification corner.

Yay, other people who don't have TM-related names!

Although I love all the usernames y'all come up with. So creative! I have to say TTB is the most memorable for me though :D

Yours always cracks me up though, Bob Saget
so random ;)

Bob Saget, you and Jason Waterfalls are also invited to the disqualification party.

i was in the car the other day and I used "jason waterfalls" as a replacement for a curse in front of my kids. As in, "Jason Waterfalls! I just missed that turn!!"

Hi, I'm technically new here; I've been lurking forever and even made this account but never posted, mostly because I'm not able to catch up on Teen Mom and rely on the recaps here so I don't usually have much to say. But I'm finally introducing myself because you guys have some pretty great names and I think you'd appreciate mine too.

I do! It's great.

Oh! Pissed Out IUDs!

YES! there are too many good ones seriously

I'm not trying to enter, aha.

But seriously, the usernames are one of the best parts about TMJ. We have our own lexicon and inside jokes and it's just hilarious, and just a nice way to relieve office stress.

I'm The Jenelle Evans Contour Kit Ruiner of Times. ?

I was originally Maci's Red Cup. But then TM finished. And all the stories about Leah being on Meth gave me a new name. I've considering going back to my old band. But I've been meth pipe for a while now. I kinda like it. I don't think I could pick a favourite. There's been so many that have made me laugh.

Maci's Red Cup would still apply even though she's pregnant O_o

The peen shaped pipe is one of my favourites!

It's Leah approved, y'all!

I remember the Maci's Red Cup! How long have I been here?! ahhhh

Big Foot Kail was also a splendid name

How did I forget about Nikkole's Teddy Bear too?

I thought there was a Where Did Daddy Lee (leah's stepdad) Touch You or something. I love the fucked up ones what is wrong with me lol.

Me too ?
I love this blog and all the awesome screen names. We've created our own language and inside jokes. It's so fun.
Cheers to us!

One of my faves was Kail's Sweet Sixteen Abortion or something. Nice and dark, just the way I like my screen-names.

There was another long-ass one about how Kail can never find true happiness because she keeps trying to fit in with various subcultures without being true to herself. It was ridiculously long, but so true.

That one was fucking amazing. Besides your name, that was the fucking BEST.

barrier of bad news or something like that it's a mama dawn quote

My faves:
-Tried to make me go to rehab, y'all y'all y'all
-Javi Ruiner of Times
-Amber and Matt's Sober Living and Wine Bar
-Better call Dustin

Haha yes. Better call Dustin.

I also like
More Classier Heels
I Acheived a Bey-Beh
aaand because Kail pisses me off--- Isaac, Kick The Ball and Shaken Javi Syndrome

I feel honoured, thank you! :D

Right? I retire from life.

I liked the name Baby Earrings and other forms of child abuse
but haven't seen that one for ages, probably changed her name?

WELL, JENELLE... Here I am bustin' my bawls, enterin' cahntests, while you and ya boooooyfriend are livin' the high life!!

Seen you with Keifah is great too!

Wasn't there a High-high with ya boyfrieeend too, once?
We also had Talesfromabathtubshitter or something similar.

Lol these names!! ?

Wasn't someone named Jesus God Leah? that always kills me

I'm sure there's a Deer God Leah too ?

My favourites are
Javi, Ruiner of Times
Jenelle Evans Contour Kit (especially with the picture)
Baby Earrings
One I haven't seen nominated yet is Safe Word: Monkey (complete with the picture of a monkey wearing makeup). It always makes me laugh.

This is a tough contest. There are just way too many great names to choose from.

Adding my votes for
I'm An Extravagant Father
Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics

Do you not remember all the drama with Extravagant?? Far out. It was a mess. She was a crazy biatch.

I know. It was a great name, really made me laugh at the beginning, but the individual behind that name...

Lol what happened?

I remember there was the forgotten twin and she got pissed when anyone doubted her

If I recall correctly, Extravagant picked fights with a lot of other commenters. I think she had real issues with Tyler's Trap Baby using curse words or something. I know somebody did way back in the day; maybe it was her? Anyway, it was a real mess.

oh yeah I forgot about that and was wondering where she went! a sad end to a great username

Heh, they should amend it to "Nathan's Cop Car Dramastics".

I made it up when all we'd seen was last season's preview with Nathan getting hauled away crying. We had yet to be graced with the genius of "dramastics", lol

Future names:
FASerick, Maci's 3rd miracle baby
Grey Bakers great escape
Froco fiasco
Froco's gentleman's club
Real bruises all over my bawdey
The tales if Tori

I mean OF Tori of course and Baker's escape. Sorry, the need for speed typing here isn't improving my already poor English spelling.
Wish Tori would talk by the way.

Comment awaiting moderation is like TMJ jail! Why does this happen

His reaction to Leah's cornbread-cake apology still makes me laugh 5 years later

I don't think I could pick my favorite names from this site! Everyone one here is hilarious and the names and comments reflect that. The recaps and articles are fabulous, but the comments really make the site!

I agree.
Just remembered: It was grandma Sandy with the lead pipe. LOL

Grandma Sandy, where are you?!

This is gonna be tough!

Does the winner get a Keurig? Or do they only come with sex?

lol if your lucky both!

pick me! :)

I've been Joey's Flip Phone for so long and its the only user name I've had I just don't post often. Teen mom 3 died quickly but his cricket drug dealer phone will forever crack me up.

I remember you! and the phone! Love.

After years of lurking my hand has finally been forced!

The screen names are my favorite part of this website! Why am I a guy - always cracks me up.

First and 2nd Trimester Cocktails, she was like 6 months along when she "found out"

1-They tried to make me go to rehab y'all y'all y'all
2-Javi the ruiner of times
3-6 inch eyelash Portwood
4-Lyin' damn husalah
5-Better Call Dustin

I haven't been commenting on this site recently because of all the issues, but I'm still here, damn it! I still wish I could've found a picture of the actual Carly blanket---the one with her giant face on it---but, alas, I have not. It may increase my chances of winning lol.

what and get rid of her mawling a chicken leg? no no im glad to see her eating something other than cuticles

Props to I'm Bringing Blogging Back for providing me with that beautiful picture of Catelynn deliberately defying doctor's orders and shoving that bird-leg into her mouth like it's her last meal. Gestational diabetes never looked so good or so fried.

So Amber the sober changed one, has a tax lein of over $130,000...
What a joke. Her and Maci need to gain some common sense and realize paying taxes is called life

Amber owes that much in taxes? Jesus, Maci owed about 80k. How can you make that much money and forget you need to pay taxes? Then again, Amber also forgot to pay her rent and needed to get bailed out by MTV. What a shitshow.

Apparently she forgot to pay more bills too. Just changed my username but my comment is in moderation. - Unreality

Poor Amber, she forgot she had a kid, forgot Matt is a douche loser, Forgot to pay taxes, She was kinda in Gel ya know, give her a break!!!!


Not so much as "forget you needed to" as much as you "think you're famous cause you're on Tv and shouldn't have to".

I always loved "I achieved a baybeh"

Personal faves: "I'm so happy inside my bawwwdyyy," "Why am I a guy?" and "Javi, ruiner of times"

Thank you!!! It cracked me up when chelsea said that with her -annoying- baby voice

I done slutted makes me laugh every time i see it!

also the picture of Nathan saying stop it! screw the name, the picture is gold

my vote goes for "Y'all hirin" and that fucking picture, god i laugh!

The totally random and obscure 16&P ones are some of my faves. I also love "Eye patch wearing crib seller" or whatever it is

My name was more sour than funny I realized.

I've read Farrah's flippin fiend is flipping houses with money that isn't even hers.
Amber 'forgot' to pay some bills, again. She has beaten Maci in the category 'Tax debts'.
Oops, Hun


So SO many good names

My all-time favorite is "Javi, the Ruiner of Times," but "Cole's Voice" gets an honorable mention from me.

Cole's Voice
Javi's DSL
Nathan's Electronical Nipples
A Felony ain't illegal
Nothin Worse can happen
That was my change jar Juhnelle
Farrah's Christian Books
Broken Pink Willchair

oh the list is many

I laughed at Nathan's electronical nipples. I don't remember that one.


If we don't already have a "JUST LIKE THE NOTEBOOK" username we should. I think half the reason I read TMJ is the usernames and lively banter. I just saw on Starcasm that Amber is being sued by IRS. I could think up great usernames all day long.

Tylers Trap Baby has to be my favorite. I don't post much because Im pretty shy but I used to be Cheetodustedroastbeef. I come here just for the snark and the funny names.

I nominate Jenelle's Kesha Feathers!


Or you'll do as your username says? ;) It's funny, you and Graced w/ a vagina are like a pair. Nathan won't hit a person with and David apparently won't hit one without.

I looked back and the first person to comment was 'Amanda' in May 2011. Amanda, wherever you are, you get my vote!

Come forward Amanda, dammit!

Not to toot my own horn....

Wasn't there someone whose name was like "Only guys named Kyle escape from Maci" or something like that? That one was brilliant. I'm also a fan of Javi, the ruiner of times. :)

I love all the screen names here. This gave me inspiration to create one again. I've commented once before and don't even remember the name i used.

Going way back to the last season of 16 & Pregnant, Snow Covered Couch. Hilarious and one of the reasons I kept coming back here. The names were just too much.

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD!!! I didn't see this until just now! Thank you!!! This made my day hihi!

I'm literally screaming on the sofa here people! My husband thinks I'm going crazy (I am)

I nominate Catelynn's Carly Blanket: for the name and her well written posts.

She does write well!

she does, she catches everything i want to say BUT she doesn't have it littered with fucks and bitches. Shes a classy fucking bitch

Doesn't she? Why would this get downvoted?

What's better than Gary's condoms?! ?

Nathan's cop car dramatics!!!!

That photo of Heather is brutal!

That's my fucking hoodie !!! Simple yet classic

Tylers Trap Baby, for the win!

We all know why Miranda doesn't like Leah..

Who let leah into the junkies circle?? ;)

Jenelle's Luggage, Matt and Ambers Sober Living and Wine Bar, Javi Ruiner of Times, I Like Being Bitchslapses with baconses in front of the girlsies (I think is how it went??) are my favorites off the top of my head!

Something along the line ;)


Scarlett - I'm so glad you kept a non-TM name because when I saw you finally pop over here, I was like, "Oh, it's Scarlett from the TWoP Teen Mom boards! Yay!"

Since I've made so many appearances on the show I figure I'll give this contest a shot :)

Javi the Ruiner of Times

the usernames are 100% the best part of this site... just read them all and am laughing so hard right now hahah. there are seriously so many good ones i want to vote for them all!

I've been lurking forever and wanted to get my votes in,
Amber and matts sober living and wine bar,
Javi, Ruiner of times,
Butch is my Brad Pitt and,
Kailyn's sweet sixteen.

Jabba the Gary is my vote haa

I love this site and all you bitches! It's gonna be soooo hard to vote!

Your name has been one of my faves since I saw that bottle of booze on the counter in the background :)

"Javi the ruiner of times" kills me.. HAHA. So does "Amber the waters coming up here" and "That was my change jar Jenelle!" oh, I'm giggling just typing these down.

Ohhh, does anyone remember this gem Mtv made? Barbara remix!

I have to say..well it;'s tough because they're all great!!!

. I like being bitch slapped in the faces with bacones in front of the girlses
.Catelynns Carly Blanket.. because that blanket is soo weird.
.I seen YA wit Kieffah
.Matt and Amber's sober living home n wine bar.

awww :) Thanks :) I like yours too haha

Thank you. It wasn't hard considering Amber hasn't gotten off her couch since 16&P. LOL
I actually don't watch TM2, I get all the info from you guys. When I saw your username a while back, I was curious. So I found the Youtube video of Leah being slapped in the face with bacon and I died. :) :)

I think my name is pretty nifty. sign me up!

Name change. :)

My faves:

Javi, Ruiner of Times
Seen You on the Deer Cam
Jesus God, Leah
Maci's Associate's Degree

This contest makes me feel like I'm not the only one who watches episodes and says "Aha! New user name!"

Anybody want to vote hilarious throwback??

Don't forget about me guys! Even tho I only ever lurk and rarely post. I was also known as Leah's Ratchet Hair at one point.