Another Teen Mom Following In Farrah's Footsteps?

catelynn lowell


Blind Item - This Teen Mom saw how much money Farrah Abraham made so shot her own porn video Monday.The actor who shot with her says she was wasted but they filmed anyway. The mom controls theproduct so it's up to her what to do with it. He says there is nothing glamorous about the shoot and that if the public is expecting something nice and sweet then this porn is not for them.

Before people ask, a blind item is a gossip term for a rumor about a very specific event, yet still anonymous to keep people guessing.

Sometimes they're revealed, sometimes they're not even true, and sometimes they're true but we'll never know who it was.

With that out of the way, I'm going to say, this blind item screams Maci... it screams it. Why? This blind item was referring to Monday, Dec 30th, and it was published right around the same time TMZ posted the story about Maci's drunken romp through Miami.

Another hint is the 'sweet and nice' part of the blind item. You can typically find hints dropped inside the rumors, and I believe that's one of them. For argument's sake, let's break down the candidates anyway...

Farrah - Obviously not. He would have worded it about her making another video. Odds 1000/1

Amber - Fresh out of jail and ready for publicity? Possibly, but unlikely. Amber has been busting her ass since her release to prove how much she's changed, so I doubt she'd jump right into a video where she's clearly drunk.

I just don't see it. Odds 50/1

Maci - Like I mentioned above, I don't see any way this article can't be referring to her. She has always had a 'good girl' image, yet is very well known to knock back a drink (or five). Being in Miami doesn't help her cause, either.

Like LA, Miami is a hotbed for adult videos, so it wouldn't be a stretch to hear Maci hook up with an actor down there. It's not like she has been spending the past week in east bumfuck, TN. Odds 5/1

Chelsea - This is certainly a dark horse contender. The 'nice and sweet' part could certainly be referring to Chelsea, but her lifestyle doesn't seem to fit this.

She isn't a drunk (that we know of), and doesn't appear to be an attention whore.

I don't get the vibe where she would be willing to do almost anything for money either, but I have to keep her odds low simply because she is still a candidate.

I wouldn't bet on it, but I'd say: Odds 40/1

Leah/Kailyn/Catelynn - All three are in very well known relationships, so the cheating aspect would have been mentioned. Shooting with their husband/bf is also unlikely because the guy was called an actor.

That said, there is an outside chance it is a 'couples tape', but it sounds more of a fling. Odds 500/1

Jenelle - She is currently pregnant, so any normal girl I'd automatically rule out, but this is Jenelle we're talking about. We have to keep an open mind because of that, but it's still very, very unlikely. Odds 750/1

Fake Story/TM3 Girl - There is always the possibility of this being a flat out lie, or a cast member from TM3. It's also just as likely that this mom won't let the tape see the light of day now that she's sober.

We may never know who it is because of this, so the odds are pretty good on this. Odds 10/1

Who do you think it is?


It could be Maci, but I wouldn't be surprised by it bring Amber or one of the TM 3 girls (Like Alex.)

*being, not bring

Signs sort of point to Maci simply because of her escapade [possibly turned sexcapade] in Miami. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was a drunken shoot knowing Maci's tendencies.

I don't think the mom will reveal this tape, so we may never know! Unless it's "leaked"

I don't want to watch Maci's sloppy ass in a porn. Then again, anything is better than Farrah.

I immediately thought of Maci, then Jenelle. I remember someone said Maci should do playboy and her response was "don't tempt me".

I have actually read about Amber making porn like 3 times since she's out of jail and I think this is very true. I don't think Maci would do that, because she actually has a bond with Bentley. She may not be a great person, but she's not a bad mother, I think.
I know Steve doesn't like Maci and it's been very obvious for quite a while ;) I'm not trying to make her look like she's saint, because we all remember her crazy drinking/partying/flying to Florida every other weekend time, but it looks like she's calmed down a bit.

Everyone LOVES Amber right now, because "she's changed". Well, she definitely sells her privacy very enthusiastically and doesn't care about being far from the spotlight... I have a feeling I'll say "I told you so" in less than 2 years.

Amber has been offered porn opportunities since before she even went to prison.

I was at my moms and saw her on Dr. Phil. She said she had been offered multiple times by non other than Vivid to do pornos. I think if she wouldn't do it when she was high/wasted 24/7, she sure as hell wouldn't do it when sober. At least I hope...... I really hope she's turned her life around.

I've heard rumors of Amber doing porn for years now. Definitely before she went to prison. If she hasn't done it by now, including the time when she would chew on drug patches during rehab and selling her soul for drug money, I don't think she will.

I think all of the other teen moms, or at least for sure Maci, Catelynn, Kailyn, and Amber have all publicly addressed Farrah's porno too. All of them were very judgmental about it. That doesn't mean they wouldn't do one if they were blackout drunk, but I don't think it would be a personal goal. I doubt this tape ever surfaces. They only one I can see actually doing it is Jenelle in need of drug money... Or I guess Alex, who is still pretty upset about TM3's cancellation and wants to stay relevant.

I'm not saying this person wasn't willing and raring to go but I know in most states, you're legally unable to give consent for sex if you're intoxicated out of your mind. I would assume that filming that shit and being any guy willing to admit that it was him would be a HORRIBLE career move. That being said, perhaps the proper releases were signed or whatever but holy hell that could land you in some deep water. I know there's this whole "oh she's such a slut and so drunk and you screwed her! Great job!" attittude that some people seem to have but that's not okay. Any even semi-informed porn "actor" should know not to put himself in that situation. Also: pro-tip to boys and girls: don't get so effing wasted that you don't know what (or who) you're doing.

jenelle came to mind immediately for me. maci wouldnt surprise me though. maybe it was katie yager :p i dnt kno how to spell her last name.

Yeah, this one has Maci's stink all over it. The reek of sunless tanner, vodka, and an incomplete 5+ year associates degree. I thought she had a boyfriend but perhaps he's cool with his chick fucking a guy for money.

I don't think Amber, Catelynn, Chelsea, Kail, or Leah would "go there". Jenelle's pregnant so I hope she's not getting wasted but who knows. I didn't watch TM3 so I don't know enough about those girls to speculate. Mackenzie is about to pop so she's obviously out.

Is this the ONLY picture of Chelsea you guys could find?? Jenelles mug shot looks better than that lol

I am just going to throw this out there. I don't think it was a teen mom - I think it was Nikkole Paulun

Gotta show off those new boobies she bought with her fake dead baby story!

Yes that is exactly what I

I wouldn't have thought Maci would do this because she seems like she has a fair amount of self respect. BUT...having thought about this my opinion is now that she has friends who don't seem good for her, she appears to have gone somewhat off the wall & parties a lot, she appears to drink a lot, her boyfriend seems a bit irresponsible/a big partier and Maci seems to be wanting to prove a point & seems to be constantly trying to make herself look 'badass' to her friends or whoever. Therefore it may well have been her (if anyone). Go to Miami, get really drunk, make a porno and have your friends talk about it and go 'ooh Maci, you're so badass' or whatever. That seems to be exactly the type of reaction she wants. I doubt she went to Miami with the intention of doing it but I'd say it just sort of happened. Kinda like a spur of the moment/drunken tattoo that you end up regretting.

Something else which makes me suspect that it was Maci is that she hasn't tweeted that much since she was in Miami and she normally tweets a lot. Her latest tweet is a RT of something her Mom said..."That one thing about accepting things you can not change...that's a tough one."

Looks like Maci could have done the porno.