Former Teen Mom Camera Operator Spills Gossip

catelynn lowell

Leah was trashed by the camera operator

Often times, people who know certain things (like TV show camera crew, etc) appear on the website Reddit in an "Ask Me Anything" segment.

Some are really interesting, some are pretty mild, and some are so outrageous that it's hard to believe it's true. That's what happened yesterday when an alleged person from the teen mom camera crew created one of those threads.

I say alleged to cover my own butt, because there is 0 proof the guy was real. It sounded legit, but from what I know of the Teen Mom girls, I can easily pretend I was a camera operator.

The only real thing he said was that they make $150k and up depending on ratings (per season, per year?).

That number does fall in line with everything else I've been hearing, but I've never heard the ratings part before, so it makes me think he's more legit than fake. Again, I don't know for sure...

Anyway, here are a few bits from the piece which has mostly been deleted...

- The best person on the show by far is Corey, who should never have agreed to being on the show.

On the other side of that coin, his ex-wife Leah was dubbed as the worst with many horror stories about her.

- Every shoot he wanted to call CPS on the moms due to extremely filthy houses.

Leah was the worst offender of the bunch as she would sometimes spill cheese poofs on the floor while feeding them to the girls, then the girls would crawl along the floor eating them up like a vacuum.

- Farrah was "nasty" and often slammed doors in the faces of the crew if they were following her

- In the beginning, production would set up fights often

- He never shot Catelynn and Tyler but did say that "Kale" (Kailyn?) has the most potential to be a good mother. The rest are the worst people he's ever met with absolutely no intelligence.

The rest of the brief Q&A can be found on an IMDB thread (thank you to a commenter who shared the link). As far as his Reddit thread goes, all of his comments were deleted as he probably quickly received phone calls from MTV's lawyers.

He didn't exactly make it hard to figure out who he is as he stated he quit halfway through the 3rd season, and also said crews were typically smaller (8-12 people).

If he is telling the truth, he wasn't very smart to basically reveal who he was.

What are your thoughts on this story? Is the guy for real or just some fake looking for attention?

Update: Readers are telling me that Reddit does ID verification before allowing these AMA segments, so it sounds like the guy was legit, and probably in big trouble today. Here is the archived version of his answers.


Did everyone's comments in the last thread just spark a new story? Haha, love it.

Wouldn't be the first time...........

And the guy was verified, showed ID card. I believe it. And it only furthers my dislike for Leah. Smoking while pregnant, skank, just overall awful mother.

I smoked with both my kid's and they were healthy and they are healthy adults now. I have seen a quite of few kid's that the parents didn't smoke while pregnant and didn't after or don't allow smoking in the same house with the kids,Those kids are always sick, 2 of the kids are kin to me, 1 is sick it seems 3 to 4 times a week, the others at least 2 to 3 times a month. With Leah smoking how's that make her a skank, I think if you can't take care of you're kids and always having someone else to do it for ya plus can't handle them yourself no more than an hour then want people to think you're a great mother or better yet mother of the year,WELL THAT'S A SKANK, YOU'RE PROBABLY 1 THOSE MOTHER'S

You're an idiot. Statistics show that smoking while pregnant can harm an unborn child. Do some research!

Are u trying to argue smoking while pregnant is good? U sound absurd!

They were verified by a reddit mod, so it is real. He's probably in shit. They all have contracts to sign about staying silent and he broke it.

He didn't say anything that surprising though. He deleted all his comments but you can see most of them on this google cache link:

I believe him. So shocked to hear Leah was the worst!! Wish he would have answered the questions about Macy.

I'm sure he would have just said this about Macy: we had to reshoot all of her scenes because she was pretty much always drunk.

But really?? Shocked to hear Leah was the worst..?

So sad to know that there were so many adults around in these situations but nothing was done. All MTV cares about is $$. He said how Leah treated her kids actually made him CRY. Yet he did nothing?!? Pure scum.

By contract he's not allowed lol. He said that's part of the reason he quit. he couldn't stand by anymore

Contract or no contract he should have reported it as a decent human being. Do you really think MTV would want the negative publicity that enforcing that type of clause would bring? I think not.

I also support the general notion of being "human" rather than looking at a contract but unfortunately many businesses and people don't see it that way.

How do we know he didn't report anything when he quit? I wouldn't be surprised if those things got hushed or were dealt with somehow, I don't know. It's not always easy to just jeopardize your job, it's a struggle for some people.

Also, btw, how crazy that she was one of the "filthiest" moms, because she was complaining about living in such a filthy run down place with Corey when she wanted to move.

Run down ok I get that but there is no excuse for filth. Clean your house and take pride in what you have. Hers was disgustingly dirty.

my pet peeve was that most of these girls had PILES of laundry. like more than the average person and child.

almost as if they were waiting around for someone else to do it. and i refuse to believe that their homes did not have laundry facilities.

The contracts go on past your term of employment. Probably for a number of years if not forever. That's why he's probably in huge shit right now. They can't even talk about production or filming at all let alone say negative things like that... this guy is in trouble big time!

Doesn't surprise me about Leah, she's a white trash, redneck whore... And Farrah is a total bitch to everyone, so the slamming doors is not a surprise as well.

Can you please refrain from using misogynistic language? Calling a woman a wh*re or b*tch is no different than calling a black person a n*gger. Language like that should not be allowed on this site. And Sara, assuming you are a woman, you shouldn't perpetuate discrimination against women through such offensive language. You don't have to like them but that doesn't mean you should use such derogatory terms.

Would you prefer "woman whom many penises have entered"? She's a whore.

And what do you call those guys ? Or Guys who have penetrated many vaginas

Yes, please tell us how to correctly label someone who cheats, jumps from relationship to relationship, has had intercourse from an alarmingly early age with multiple partners. What is the correct terminology, please?

(I am not saying anyone is a whore, just find it funny that this person has not offered an alternative. I don't find that the word 'whore' pertains to all women, nor do I think bitch describes all women, furthermore, not all men as assholes!)

Why do you need a nasty name to label someone with? What does that do for you? Make it easier to put them down so you can be "up"? Prove that you are good and they are bad? Leah seems like she has problems. I'm sure this would be a mind-blowing paradigm shift for most who post here: how about wishing people WELL for a fucking change?!

Sorry but I would much rather be called a b**** or a whore than the "n" word. That word is completely off limits for myself and no one has ever said it to my face. I've heard b**** though, lol.

Last time I checked the "N word" is in a completely different category. Yourself thinking it's in the same category is ludicrous.

First, Leah is a whore. How many times did she cheat on Corey? And didn't she have like 2-3 boyfriends in between her divorce and this new guy shes married to??I don't know about anyone else but that sounds a but whoreish to me. And last time I checked, she's just 20 years old... Second, she is a total redneck. Have you ever listened to her talk?? She needs to lean proper English, normal people don't talk like that. Third, Farrah should be put into the dictionary next to the definition of bitch. She's selfish, and puts herself even in front of her daughters needs. Forth, that woman cannot cook for shit! Did you see what she made on the last episode? My 18 month old can cook better shit than she can.

he should of called cps. i don't know how it works but i know any professions such as doctors, teachers, child care providers... well pretty much anyone has an OBLIGATION to call cps if they see abuse or unsafe situations. and while my house is not spotless it's a clean and safe environment for my child.

leah's house was always a disaster. remember the bathtub in the basement she had to bathe the twins in? disgusting. honestly i know they've already shot teen mom 3 (or most of it) but with a backlash like this i would not want to be on teen mom 3. poor girls. hopefully they just conduct themselves accordingly after seeing all this

I said this in response to someone elses comment just now but I'll say it again, by contract they are not allowed to interfere or do anything. That's why it never happened when Amber hit Gary. Viewers of the show called the cops 6 months after it happened when they saw it on tv.

The guy on reddit said if they had a problem with anything to take it up with there producer and file a complaint, then the higher ups in mtv decide if they can do anything about it. I think that likely only started because of the Amber thing too actually. MTV is very strange to have a contract like that with it's crew....

so your saying a contract is worth more than a child's safety? i'd break my contract if it meant getting a child out of a dangerous situation.

and obviously producers won't do anything because they want the girls to make money.

i'm sorry but i agree with hayzii. him quitting is just too little too late. him and other crew members (if they witnessed the same behaviour) should of called cps. but no they're too selfish and want a big paycheque. he's just as unintelligent as the them in my eyes.

I'm not saying anything... don't put words in my mouth. Also it's "you're" not "your". Also it's "should have" not "should of".

I am simply repeating what he said.... didn't comment on whether it was right or wrong. It's just the situation.

I won't comment on it, but just keep in mind there's a difference between seeing people on tv and witnessing things in real life.

i don't believe that's the situation. i think he feels guilty and wants to say he couldn't do anything about it.

"take it up with there producer"'s their...

That was a typographical error than a lack of education about grammar which is clearly the problem in your case. Looks like you know at least a little bit though since you caught that mistake... good job!

this is response to my lack of grammar knowledge.
just keep in mind that english might not be everyone's first language.
i find that i write pretty well, but yes sometimes i make small errors.

That wasn't me you corrected to start with. Please tell me more about my "lack of education about grammar". I was only pointing yours out because it amused me how hypocritical you were being. :)

It's not hypocritical because like I said that was a typographical error, not a grammar error.

Also Khloe pat yourself on the back. Cause I didn't get any sense that English is not your first language. I just thought you made grammar mistakes. Considering that's the only issue and English isn't your first language you should be happy with yourself :p I had no clue.

Something like "theor" would be typographical error.. like your finger hit the wrong key. Using "there" instead of "their" is grammatical error.

STOP you guys, that's just lame.

If you want to make fun of someone make sure you don't do the same thing you are making fun of them about.. that was my point. :)

Oh look, Hayzii's inferiority complex is showing yet again. It's funny how she's putting others down about their grammar yet she puts her periods and question marks outside of her quotation marks like an uneducated 3rd grader. It's cute how often she contradicts herself and throws stones in her little glass house.

Omg this is a dumb argument! Obviously no one here supports child abuse! And we all know this isn't the first reality show that cops should have been involved in a situation that was filmed. Anyone watch intervention? Those ppl are literally killing themselves and kids are sometimes involved. Or even true life has some intense moments. Either way I know the crew isn't allowed to get involved. Plus all these teens still havr custody of their kids, for the most part so stop worrying so much

Inferiority complex? Inferior to who, exactly? Please elaborate. That really cracked me up. Here let me reiterate my point. I don't give a crap about anyone's grammar. If I can't read it, I won't. My point was that if you have grammar mistakes yourself you are hypocritical to make fun of someone else for it. Get it now? :D

Also Melissa, the fact that you have such a strong opinion about a random poster on a teen mom blog speaks volumes about you. You seem to know so much about me (join the club) yet I don't even recognize you. :( lol

If he reported anything he would have been slammed by the network. So if he can afford all of the legal fees that the network would force upon him for breach of contract and it goes without saying that he would not have a job anymore, then go for it. But that also doesn't guarantee that the child will even be removed from the situation so it could just be a lose-lose situation for everyone. You have to choose your battles wisely.

I agree with DM and also think about this. We have no idea what this camera man's finanacial situation is. Maybe he really needed the job to support himself and his family. So he couldn't just quit his Teen Mom filming gig because Leah has her kids vacuuming the floor for her with their mouths.

Yes. I agree with Jason, too.
Also, please consider that when we run to CPS with every little crackers-on-the-floor story, that takes precious case-worker time away from molestation victims.

Should HAVE, not of.

In all honesty, anything this guy said wouldn't be a reason for CPS to get involved. None of the mothers are beating their children. The kids all have clothes, food, and a place to sleep. Sure it might be disgusting, but the sad reality is A LOT of teen mothers are like this. And not just teen moms, but trash people. Sure, the tampons on the ground are nasty, but at least it's not drugs all over the place (another prime reason I'm glad Jace isn't with Jenelle). But bitchy and rude mothers and stupid teenagers are no reason for CPS to get involved. There are a lot worse people out there than Maci & Farrah surprisingly.

i agree with you completely that cps probably wouldn't do anything. my problem was that morally he felt he should of but didn't do anything and now uses alcohol to cope.

I assumed he was being facetious with that comment because that's pretty melodramatic. "OH NO KIDS ATE FOOD OFF A CARPET BUT ARE OTHERWISE FINE AND WELL LOVED.... THE HORROR!!!"

I can't imagine how sad he'd be if he ever saw a kid eat sand from a sandbox.

french is my first language but my mom is english speaking so i just try to write how i think its spoken like should have and should of... kind of sound same to me

They do sound the same and you're right when you think of how people say "should have" it does SOUND like of. Kind of like when people say "for" but they pronounce it like "fur".

Very observant of you.

I agree with you. I'm not saying they (the camera crews) are right for not saying anything, but camera men/women are supposed to film what's happening without intervening or interjecting. It is not their place. A director or producer can but the camera crew does what they're told and film. If it was a true documentary (as it really is supposed to be, but we all know it isn't) they cannot intervene. The girls are supposed to live their life as if no one is filming. If it was an immediate life or death situation, I'm sure they wouldn't just let it go, but everyone draws their line at different places e.g. reporting cheeseballs eaten off the floor, really? CPS seriously has major things to deal with. I don't think the camer crew should be getting blamed or criticized for doing their job. And it is their JOB. Not really a good time to lose your job AND have huge legal fees to pay because you broke your contract.

Yes CPS fails children all the time! I live in Indianapolis IN and a little 3 yr old died due to CPS not stepping in when they should have! The newspapers said it is the 28th child that CPS has fail to protect. She was beaten to death by her mom's live in boyfriend as the mom did nothing!

I hope CPS wasn't pissing around about floor-cheese-puffs when these tragedies occurred.

It wasn't disturbing just because they ate cheese puffs off the floor. It was disturbing because the carpet was matted with dog poop/pee/other debris. Have you ever heard of ecoli and other bacterial infections that occur when a person ingests feces? Absolutely deadly to babies.

I actually believe him. Especially with the Farrah part. How rude

Someone needs to confront Leah about her shitty mom skills...she is nasty and she needs to CLEAN

But cleaning her house would cut into her time into caking makeup on her face and fixing her hair so she looks "good" for the tv cameras.

Omg, too true...has to 'movie star' it up when she's on camera! I've noticed that too...barf.

How about instead of getting pissesd at some poor camera guy why don't you direct your anger at the people responsible for this train MTV executives and good old Dr. Drew. I hope this story blows up and this show is exposed for the lie that it is and these girls get grilled for their actions by some real people in power. Drew and MTV let these idiots get away with way too much and they are terrible role models for girls their age. And don't throw out the old, oh this show does not glamorize teen pregnancy..nope, the stupid girls do it all by themselves on twitter and facebook. All their little lemming fans see new cars, boyfriends, vacations, houses, tatoos, spa treatments etc etc.


How about blaming you know, THE MOMS!?!?!? They are the problem here... They have been rewarded for getting pregnant at 16... They get over $150,000 a year... If that's not a reward what is?!?

The ONLY people that TRULY deserve that money are Catelynn and Tyler... They are actually doing good things with their life... Not getting boobs and a fucking custom mercedes

What does Dr. Drew have to do with this? He is simply a host. He's not behind the creation or production of the show. Leave the silver fox alone!

Yeah, I remember seeing on Twitter (I like to read Jenelle's mentions sometimes cause a lot of people trash her) but someone wrote about how much of a role model Jenelle was. Like wtf is wrong with you??

Farrah slamming doors sounds legit too

I gotta say as a parent, a married, not teenage parent, kids eating food off the floor is fairly normal, I feed my son in a high chair, get him down before cleaning the mess, and the first thing he does he pick up the food he dropped on the floor and eat it -.-

I'm sure your floors are much cleaner than Leah's. And you don't just let your kid sit on the floor or crawl around eating up all the food he dropped.


You just throw food on the ground and let the kids pick it up with their mouths? Because that's what the reddit guy was saying. He said she would just dumb a bunch of cheese balls directly on the ground and the girls would suck them up with "No hands involved". That's disgusting to me. Especially if your floor was as dirty as Leah's was. I wouldn't walk on her floor with my bare feet, let alone let my child eat their food directly off it. Eating food they dropped and literally feeding them food off the ground are two totally different scenarios to me.

What about the fact that they are CHEESE BALLS/PUFFS whatever?
The crappiest food to give a child. Its unhealthy!

I was thinking the same thing.

Hi :D

O/T, but waiting on series finale tonight. Anyone think Catelynn really is pregnant and the rumors that one of the original TM's is pregnant? Is it possible the story really was true in June and MTV execs were not happy with someone leaking the news before the finale aired? I think she is and that is why we are seeing the new pics of her with extensions. We have no idea when the pics were taken. We shall see and hopefully I am wrong because as bad as I hate to say it, I do not think Tyler is in love with Catelynn. I also do not want to think she would go so far as to get pregnant again to avoid college. You can tell she truly is not interested in "cahlege" at all and I could really see her and Tyler using this to get a spin off. TM is my guilty pleasure and it will be sad to see it end, especially if she really is pregnant.

God I hope she isn't!?!? Great, now that she and "Ty" have moola, they are ready to have another baby to keep this time. God help the child if she is..(I sincerely doubt it)
And please no spin offs of any of these mini train wrecks!
I feel guilty for having watched the darn shows.
My IQ is suffering for it. :(

Uh, Anderson Cooper is the silver fox, not Dr. Drew. He's Sad Panda. *Ick*

hahahahahahaha sad panda

Im confused... what do hair extensions have to do with Cate being pregnant again?

Your looking for logic in that poster's comment when there is none. Don't think about it to hard otherwise your brain will start to bleed.

I was just thinking the hair extension pictures just released of Catelynn may have been trying to show that she is obviously not pregnant to try and throw viewers off. We do not know the date the pics were actually taken and it would make it an even bigger shocker to the viewers,

that still makes absolutely no sense...

I dont think she is pregnant but even if she is that picture wouldn't prove it one way or the other

well there's a conspiracy theory if i ever heard one

The truth is out there.

If she is pregnant I am smelling a spin off.

Pretty interesting to see Butch's record...home invasion, breaking into buildings...a far cry from what they portray on the show. He's got a serious record. Jerk.

His record has always been online and they've talked about his home invasions et cetera on the show.

According to the preview of the Dr. Drew finale, it sounds like Maci and Kyle broke up because he cheated on her. This crew guy said something like Kyle was a slimeball and tried to rape every girl he saw. Gross.

Did dr drew say: "he cheated?" or "you cheated?"?

i am not surprised at all Leah had the dirtiest house. you could see it in the background! i feel even more bad for corey now.

[...] think it’s safe to say that based on the camera mans report on how the moms were, the story of her smoking at times during pregnancy is believable. I do [...]

I met the Teen Mom 2 girls at the filming of the aftershow. Only 2 of us "interactive panel" showed up, so we got a pretty good "feel" of the girls.

Good lord. I have no words. I went in hating Janelle after having spats with her on facebook.. and left thinking she could possibly be the only sane one.

So incredibly entitled and trashy. The crew was fetching cigarettes for them.

Chelsea and Leah were talking about how they hate when the crew is filming and they need to discipline their kids and they can't just smack them because the cameras are watching. This was following a conversation about planning their kids' first birthday parties.

Let me be clear; I went to meet Suchin Pak. Not the girls.
I had tears in my eyes watching the footage of Jenelle essentially assaulting her mother.

Horrible horrible horrible human beings.

That is so gross.

Aliannah has a big gash on her nose in a recent pic on leah's FB.They claimed it's from "falling and smashing her nose on the ground,but one wonders what really goes in the hillbilly house of horror,esp if this is true about her wanting to smack her kids when the cameras are not around.Smacking a disabled/special needs child,letting her twins eat of a shit infested,cheese puff covered floor with bloody tampons in the cornor,bed hopping,smoking while preggers..nodoubt this nasty snank is the worst.She is sofucking entilted and is nothing but a skank and a horrible mother.Hell at least you know what you are getting with jenelle and is isn't portrayed like fucking saint.

I also went to a filming of the aftershow with the TM2 girls and couldnt agree more with everything you said. The whole it e the TM2 girls were worried about their cigarettes and it's sad to say but Jenelle seemed to be the only one who wasn't a super bitch. She actually room the time to interact with "fans" and not act like she was some sort of princess like the others. Kail seemed nice but it sort of was like she was in her own world and had other things on her mind, which I can't blame her,

I believe everything that was being said but I think anyone who watched the show could make the same observation about Leah. She is disgusting. She would set her kids on the floor and slop them like pigs with cheese puffs. I remember pointing this out to my husband and making the comment that she must have bought them in bulk or something. Raising your child and feeding them off of a filthy carpet is grounds for CPS to be called. People are defending Leah like it is no big deal. If you have some nasty ass carpet don't let your kid eat off of it.

OK here is the thing contract or not ANYONE CAN CALL CPS!!!!!! CPS DOES NOT ASK FOR YOUR NAME OR ANY INFO ABOUT YOU IT IS CALLED AN ANONYMOUS TIP. And I am sorry but Amber is the worst not Leah. Leah has 2 kids one of the has a medical condition both parents work. Sooo of course the clothes may be in a pile and the dishes may be dirty for a day or 2 i know a lot of GREAT parents that can't do all the things they need to in one day. Plus the production team chops what was taped and puts together what they think would be a good show

Smoking while pregnant?Leah is a disgusting peice of crap.I have no doubt that her dangerous habits could have played a role in poor little aliannah's health.The filthy house is not a surprise ethier.It's surprises me that those girls don't get sick more often.Leah is a selfish little witch and those girls would be better off with corey.Between the revolving door of men,The dangerous habits and the filty living conditions those poor girls are goners.I have heard she has a stank attitude and her and her mother enjoy bullying people on their FB page.I can't with her.She sounds like a white trash hillbilly

The best thing we can do is to stop watching the show. Less ratings for these idiotic girls the better the show has a chance at being cancelled. MTV is a piece of garbage.