Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Is Now A Music Agent

So Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans is sitting in rehab, not sure what to do with her life...when she decides to become a pop star? No, she figures she would try her hand at being a talent scout and music agent.

In other words, she video tapes her friends singing and puts it on YouTube for them.

Here's a video of her friend, Julia, singing her cover to Breakeven by The Script:

Now, I have friends who sing very well and I can video tape them singing, but I wouldn't call myself their Agent.

However, only time will tell. Jenelle is arguably (haha) more famous than I am, so I'm sure she would have more of a chance to make it in the music biz than I would.

As she said on her YouTube account:

yeah she is really amazing. she has no fb, no twitter, no myspace, no youtube, no nothing.. lol. shes not into that shit. soooo, i told her i would help her. :] we are going to make more videos tonight and ill upload them.

Personally, I find it hader to believe that there are still people out there with no Facebook or Twitter account than Julia being the next up and coming pop star.