Teen Mom 2: Season 7 Finale Special Recap

Happy Monday TMJ. Tonight the show will conclude with Leah and Jenelle's check-in interviews with Dr. Drew.

It should be a wild ride based on the behind the scenes segments from last week.

This also means it's time to say goodbye to the family's of TM2 for a bit. But the Teen Mom OG girls will be filling in the gap in your Mondays with an all new season starting April 17th.


Dr. Drew jumps right into the custody battle over Jace. She's worried that the whole conflict is making Jace really conflicted. The next topic is Nathan.

Dr. Drew wants evidence that Nathan is still trying to get back with Jenelle.

Drew sees it as just Nathan's affection for Jenelle as the mother of his children. That she's simple putting a romantic twist on it and causing unnecessary drama.

Nathan confirms that he's not interested in Jenelle romantically. He claims that David is nice to him when face to face but over texting David is rude to him. They start arguing about Nathan's drunken nights and texting David about his penis.

Both believes the other is unfit to take car of their child. Jenelle starts to cry and Nathan reaches the end of his line. He storms off stage.

When he does come back on stage, he's in the middle of call with his mom to clarify that he hasn't been leaving Kaiser with her every weekend. She says that it does happen some weekends because Nathan has been depressed.

Drew's come to the conclusion that Nathan and Jenelle are never going to get along. They're both sticking to their stories on the assault case.

Jenelle is on the phone to her friend to ask about the naked picture Nathan claimed she had. Barb is up on stage already.

She tells Jenelle to take a deep breathe and it sets Jenelle on another crying spree.

Barb still won't acknowledge that Jenelle is doing better and taking up more responsibility. David is texting Jenelle telling her to come back to the room cause she's getting too emotional.

Barb's confesses that David treats her well and seems like a good father figure.

However, to her, he seems to be mooching off of Jenelle.

Barb won't listen to Drew when he tries to point out that it's not David that's putting a rift in their relationship but Jenelle's own pain from being denied custody of Jace.


During the four months that Jeremy was away he only Skyped Addie once. Leah is going back to school. Drew asks about Jeremy's engagement. She's happy for him but she doesn't really know his fiancee. She's just worried that he's away for Addie, working, too much.

Leah isn't dating anyone and doesn't want to start any time soon. Corey skypes into the show.

He agrees that his relationship with Leah is doing well. He doesn't think that there are any lasting grudges between them. Drew asks him about the medical conference on Allie's diagnosis so that he could learn more.


Dr. Drew calls out all of the cast and crew to celebrate their 100th episode.

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