Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 25 Recap

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Let's jump straight in with the TV Guide's summary, "Divorce mediation leads to arguments outside the courtroom for Kailyn and Javi; Chelsea officially reveals her baby's gender; and Leah finds out that Jeremy is engaged."


Chelsea and Cole are headed to an ultrasound appointment, where they also find out the sex of the baby. It's a boy. They share the baby pictures with Aubree who is now very excited for her little brother.

Taylor and Chelsea are thinking about putting out a warrant for their ex's arrest since combined he owes them $10,000 in child support. Aubree copes attitude to one of Chelsea's friends. She makes her apologizes, over text.


While facetiming with her friend Sterling, Kailyn reveals that she doesn't want to give up 5o/50 custody to Javi. However, she doesn't want to make a huge argument out of it and just do what's right for Lincoln. She's also worried about how Isaac will react. Kailyn drops Isaac and Lincoln off at Javi's to spend the night. She tries to bring up that she wants the court case cancelled cause she's agreeing to 50/50. Javi takes offense when she mentions that it was hard for her to agree cause she had Lincoln for eight months while he was away. Javi calls her to apologise for the low blow.

Court went well and now they're at lunch to discuss holidays and details of the 50/50. They've barely sat down before they start arguing. Kailyn storms out.

Javi goes after her. He feels like she's not willing to talk about it. Really it seems that he's hurt about the way the divorce went down. Kailyn feels like all her actions were all justified.


Leah is driving the girls to the bus stop. She wants to reward Grace for having good handwriting. Leah's having a hard time now that her ex is back in town because he's had Addie for so long. After a week, Leah goes to pick her up. He breaks the news that he's engaged, like she was already knew about it.

She did not. She advises him to make sure he's not rushing into anything. As long as he's not, she's happy for him. Addie says she wants a boyfriend. Leah tells her she doesn't need one.


Jenelle is concerned about the kind of questions her mother's lawyer is going to ask her. Despite that the deposition seems to go well. Nothing new or shocking was brought to the table.

Jenelle thinks that Barb didn't have any good reasons for keeping Jace during her own deposition. She mostly used financial stability and David as her main reasons for why. Barb is worried about Jace.

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