Teen Mom 2: Season 7, Episode 24 Recap

Happy Presidents Day! There's no better way to spend it then watching everyone's favorite teen moms.

TV Guide summarises this episode as: 'Jenelle prepares for her upcoming court date after getting some surprising news about Nathan; Chelsea celebrates Aubree's 7th birthday; Jeremy returns home from South Dakota; Kailyn and Javi's future is up in the air.'


Cole built a crib for the baby. It's Aubree's birthday. Chelsea jokes that Aubree will have to clean the house as her present.

In the end, the only restriction is to wait for Cole before cake and presents. Aubree gets an archery target, bow and arrows for her birthday.

As well as her favorite cake, carrot cake. However, her father makes no effort to reach out to her.


Jenelle has to go to New York for work but it's the same weekend she's supposed to have Jace. She asks her mom if it's alright but she doesn't think Jace should be missing three hours of school on Friday, when they'd have to catch the flight. At a pizza dinner, Jenelle reads the article about Nathan's arrest to David.

Nathan violently attacked his other ex at 4 o'clock in the morning. It happened when he was supposed to have had Kaiser.

She wants to talk to her lawyer before letting Nathan have Kaiser for the upcoming weekend. She's also optimistic about gaining custody for Jace.

Nathan says that he was there legally. Jenelle meets with her lawyer.

She cautions against re-opening the case with Nathan because there's no telling where he could be when the case actually goes to court.

Jenelle agrees to just monitor the situation. With Jace, her lawyer believes that she has a strong case but can make no guarantee.


Kailyn has gone to Hawaii without the cameras. Javi and Joe have the kids. Javi is visiting with his family.

He talks about how he feels lonely and displaced by the divorce. Kailyn comes home and picks up the boys to take back home.

Isaac might be a little more excited to see Lincoln than her. Javi and Kailyn have had a long talk and have decided to remain friends in order to put the kids first.


Cory's taking the girls to the hospital. Ali for her usual checkup and Grace is being tested for the same disease. Leah meets them at the hospital. Though nothing is filmed in the hospital, Leah is confident that it went well.

Jeremy is coming home soon and wants to surprise Addie. When Saturday rolls around Jeremy keeps pushing the time back.

Her mom tells her that she might have to stop trying to chase him down. Leah get the go ahead to bring Addie to the park so Jeremy can surprise her. He brings his dad along with him.

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