Teen Mom 2: Season 5b Reunion Part 2

episode recap

Dr. Drew sits down with Kailyn and Jenelle tonight. I'll recap their segments here.



Dr. Drew sits down with Kailyn first and talks about how she felt while watching her brief recap of the season. Kailyn comments that the hardest part of her season was leaving Isaac for 6 weeks, and admits that he's pretty sensitive on things.

Kailyn is juggling lots of things, like breastfeeding, raising two children, and going back to school. Kailyn talks briefly about breastfeeding and Lincoln's inability to latch on for a while, but says that he's now breastfeeding again.

Kailyn discusses leaving Lincoln with her mother and claims that when she dropped Lincoln off she was sober, but two hours later when Kailyn picked up Lincoln, Suzi was drunk and had given Lincoln formula, whole milk, yogurt, and a banana.

Kailyn hadn't told Javi about the incident at all, and apparently he would be pretty mad.

Javi comes out on stage and talks about the whole situation that he just found about. Javi is rightfully pissed that Suzi had taken care of Lincoln while she was drunk. Kailyn went into the situation thinking that Suzi would be sober, but when she got drunk Kailyn didn't know how to handle it. Javi wonders if he would have ever found out about this if Dr. Drew hadn't asked about it in the first place. Kailyn comments that it's difficult for her to handle things because it's her mom and because no matter how many times Suzi does things to ruin her, she'll always go back because that's her mom.

Dr. Drew says that the important thing is to figure things out for the kids because it's not good to argue about it in front of them. Javi talks about how two weeks ago he was crying and struggling with the relationship and Kailyn basically told him to deal with it.

Javi feels like he doesn't have love reciprocated back to him.

They don't go out together, but spend time apart from each other.

They still feel like they love each other, but Javi now refuses to leave Lincoln with anyone so I'm pretty sure they're not going to go out together any time soon.

Jo and Vee come on stage and talk about things. Dr. Drew asks for help from the other side, and Jo agrees that the kids shouldn't be unsupervised with Suzi at any time. He does, however, think that the kids should be able to get to know Suzi over time, even if it's at a distance. Jo talks about the haircut episode and thinks that his biggest issue was that he knows Kailyn isn't a racist and wanted to clarify that she isn't a racist when he tried to communicate about the issue.

Vee says that things are better between her and Kailyn and that it was a big step for all of them when they decided to put things aside. Jo and Vee admit that they were broken up for about a month, and that they haven't been living together.

Vee was upset that Jo wanted space so she moved out. Vee is obviously upset, but admits that even though things are ok now, she's still upset. Basically Drew ends things by saying that Kailyn has a complicated life.



Dr. Drew reviews Jenelle's season of Teen Mom 2. Dr. Drew talks about the fact that Barbara wants to do what's best for Jace and Jenelle admits that it's probably best.

Jenelle says that she's sober, happy, healthy, and going to school. She is going to school to get a career so that she can be stable for her children.

At this time, Kaiser is almost 2 months old, and Jenelle admits that it's easier to handle things as a mom at 22 than it was to handle it at 16.

Jenelle is planning on getting the Implanon in order to be sure she doesn't have any more children any time soon.

Jenelle admits that she talked to Kieffer when Nathan was in jail, and claims that she was simply looking for a friend to talk to at the time.

Jenelle said she was open about everything and that Nathan has even seen the messages since it wasn't anything that he should have been concerned about.

Nathan comes out on stage and Dr. Drew mentions that he has been a huge support system for Jenelle and that it appears he has helped Jenelle out of whatever situation she was in. Dr. Drew talks about Nathan's alcohol consumption and Nathan thinks that it is a misunderstanding. Nathan says that his 3rd DUI was a huge mistake and that he had only had 2 drinks that whole night.

Nathan did finally admit that he was an asshole to the cops on the night of his arrest, but says that he still thinks he wasn't guilty. Nathan also talks about his push for regaining custody of Jace. Nathan thinks Jace needs a strong fatherly figure and that when Jace is with them, he's got some great behavior.

Nathan says that his relationship with Barbara is still rocky, but that he often times lets things get to him and then he becomes aggressive.

Jenelle says she's talked to Jace about moving in with them and thinks that Jace simply doesn't want to hurt other people's feelings so he agrees with what anyone says.

Jenelle admits that Jace loves his school that he's in now, and that she wouldn't want to take him out of that school, but it's too far away for them to figure it out.

Barbara joins Nathan and Jenelle on the stage to discuss the season. She's wearing quite the necklace while sitting on that lovely couch. Barbara talks about returning custody to Jenelle. Barbara says that she thinks Nathan is the one pushing for custody more than Jenelle. Barbara admits that Jace is the only caregiver that she's ever really known. Barbara is concerned about Jace feeling alone once he's back in Jenelle's custody.

Barbara admits that Jace sees Jenelle every weekend and that she has concerns for the fact that Jenelle constantly takes Jace places and treats it like a vacation. Barbara doesn't want Jenelle and Nathan to fight in front of the kids, and admits concern for the fact that it might still be happening. Barbara says that it will be a slow process when she returns custody of Jace because it's going to be painful for both her and Jace.

Barbara cries about how Jace is her little buddy and that she's simply concerned for him and she doesn't want him to feel like she's giving him away.

There's some issues about Jace calling Barbara his mom, but Jenelle admits that she thinks he realizes that Jenelle is his mother and Barbara is his grandma.

Barbara cries thinking about how she's had Jace since he was 6 weeks old and that even though he's not her child, it'll be the hardest thing she's ever had to do to give him back to his mother.

The kids come on next, and they're so adorable. I wish they would just show the kids for an hour straight sometime.

- Jenelle says she ignores the negative feedback about her past.

- Leah tries to give one-on-one attention to all the kids since Ali gets so much attention due to her medical issues.

- Chelsea admits that it's weird to not be with her kid's dad but that it simply takes time to move on.

- Kailyn admits that her main fear is Isaac of Lincoln seeing her acting out due to bipolar disorder, but doesn't fear passing on the genetics of the disorder.

- Aubree's favorite thing about softball is hitting the ball and running the bases.

- Jace thinks Kaiser is doing well. Jade says he teaches him how to play basketball.

- Ali acts really shy and doesn't want to talk.

- Aleeah pretends to sleep and doesn't answer Dr. Drew's question, but she does do a cheer and toe touch.

- Isaac shows off his karate poses. His red pants are pretty sweet.

MTV shows a little segment of the babies growing up and I probably got a little emotional. They're all so sweet. The innocence of a child is something that is truly amazing. That's probably why I'm a teacher.

Lincoln, Addie, and Kaiser join everyone on stage and now the stage is super crowded. Kaiser sleeps, Addie walks, and Lincoln sleeps too.


I totally cried when Barbara was talking about Jace so I think I need to be committed somewhere.

Betting pool on how much longer Javi and Kail will last?

He said two or three times how he doesn't feel connected to her. Shit, that made me feel sad for him.

Even at the end when he was holding Lincoln he looked so sad.

Because he knows he's going to get a beating

TTB I just laughed hard at that!! Hahaha
I give them one more year. Kail is a bitch. She is a hard, cold bitch. And Javi is soft and sensitive. He will never get what he is looking for from her.

Poor poor big Papi. No one loves you.

Big Papi is slowly just going to be another baby daddy.

It worries me because I almost think he won't leave her...

Babs absolutely broke my heart. She loves Jace so much and I think she wanted to say he's her son cause he is. Sorry Jenelle you messed up and missed out maybe you should try to be a good mom to Kai before you loose him too... btw I wonder if when Nathan left disney he took Kai with him or if he's still at Disney woth them.

According to Twittah, as of yesterday at about 5:30 he said he was still in Disney (but he wanted to go to the gym..eyeroll)

Damnit. I read this and told myself ah I won't cry at that stuff. I definitely did :( Babs isn't perfect but thank God for her because Jace would be in foster care. She's a good lady. I feel so bad for her... I hope if she does let Jace go with Jenelle she finds a nice guy that will treat her right she deserves it.

Thank God for Babs. I know people say Jace should have been adopted... maybe that would have been good for him, but people seem to assume he would have just been plucked up by some lovely family. His Mother clearly took drugs throughout her pregnancy so that works as a strike against him. Who knows where he would have been, maybe it would have been great or maybe he would be shipped around to foster carers. He hasn't got it so bad where he is right now. Atleast he has that one Motherly figure in his life.

I really admire Barbara for stepping in and raising Jace. I know that she's not perfect but if she hadn't stepped up to the plate when she did Jenelle would have lost her parental rights. Maybe not at the time she took over custody but eventually CPS would have stepped in. There would be no debate about how,when or if she would give Jace back to her. I really wish Barbara would tell Jenelle and Nathan to piss off. My college roommate was raised by his grandparents and he has told me many times how grateful he is that he had a stable childhood. I don't have kids so I don't have a clue as to how hard it would be for Barbara to say no to them but I really wish she would.

Jenelle and Nathan said Jace KNOWS Jenelle is "the mom" and Babs is "the grandma" and they have to correct him all the time because he calls Babs mom/mama. And how Babs said Jace got back from Jenelle's house one time in tears beause they told him to stop calling Babs mom. So sad!!! OMG and how Babs said Jace says when she dies he'll be all alone :( I liked how Dr. Drew asked Jenelle how she thinks Jace perceives her/Babs' role. That was a good question because we all know the true answer is Jenelle is the big sister and Babs is the mommy. But of course Jenelle says he knows I'm the mom and she's the grandmother. Riiiight. Good question, Dr. Drew, but the fact he didn't pursue for the right answer after Jenelle spewed that bullshit makes the question pointless.

I give it 2 years, 3 at the most. I don't think they'll have another baby together.

From the second they met and we heard how they met I suspected Javi wanted fame and to be on TV. I think I kinda got it right. He completely changed his life for the sake of fame in my opinion and i think he is now starting to realise oh shit!
I just don't see love between them and never have.

I get teary often when Jace's situation is discussed. It's difficult all around! I also found there was dust in my eye during the kid montage. I can't believe how fast it's gone by.

A year or less

Well you cared more than Jenelle. Heartless bitch.

I really feel for Jace and Barbara. I don't think the transition will take anytime soon though.

will be *

UGH Dr. Drew.

* Jace can call Babs whatever he wants.
* Ok let's all brush off Nathan's 3rd DUI. What about the first 2?
* "Jenelle has done A LOT of things in the past" Exactly! That's what Babs was afraid of. I love how these broads think things don't count if they happened in the past. I can't.
* Why was he so eager to see Gracie's cheerleading? I like how Isaac was like "Uhh fuck this, why do they want to see this?"

"Jenelle, I'm having trouble reading your emotions"... um, given her past wouldn't you be concerned she's relapsed? Some addiction specialist he is.

When he said that did anyone notice Jenelle and Gaythan both giggle? It was weird.

In all honesty I've had trouble reading Jenelle's emotions lately. She seems pretty indifferent most of the time. I'm pretty sure she's medicated.

I agree! Which is why I thought it was weird when Dr. Drew pointed it out and they just laughed.

Trouble is the past to Jenelle is 1 month ago.

Nathan' voice pissed me off SO much.. His fake "innocent" voice he put on when talking about his "alleged" DUI. Doesn't he technically have 4 but one was on military grounds or something? I remember reading that somewhere.

Also, yes, Barbara is his damn mom. Jenelle was a womb and is nothing but a nuisance and source of heartbreak in his life. I cried at her segment, I admit it. She cares so much about that little boy.

Did it seem like he turned on a southern accent too? Jenelle was a strange shade of orange. My husband hates the whole teen mom franchise and hasn't seen Jenelle since she insisted on being Ke$ha, he watched 30 seconds of her last night and said....so she's highly medicated, right?

I don't remember ever hearing about Kail hulk having bipolarism. What on Earth does she take for it if she's breast feeding a child til age 8? Screw you, plenty if moms work 8 even 12 hr shifts and figure out how to still nurse. An hour in a class isn't gonna kill you. But gasp! who's going to watch the kids, since Javi clearly doesn't ever want Lincoln Log out of his sight. Ever.

I could feel Javi's anger through my tv screen, yikes. What an upsetting thing to find out in front of everyone & then having to be questioned by Dr. Douche about it. Kinda felt for Kail... she desperately still wants her mom in her life but keeps getting let down.

Kail keeps creating mess after mess, when she is the most stable one on the show. She needs to drop her attitude/personality/problems/whatever because she's ruining a good thing!!

The one semi-decent Dr. Drew moment of the night was when he said something to Kail like, "well, it's quite an interesting life you've created for yourself." I kinda laughed, it felt like he was throwing some shade. Despite everything she has ever said, at least 75% of her problems (at least the ones featured on the show) are self inflicted.

I don't like her but i feel terrible about the situation with her mom. her mom seemed sweet this season and it's sad that she relapsed.

I think it was a dumb move on Kail though to leave him there for those two hours. I also think its stupid that Javi ONLY wants his family to watch Lincoln.

But she had a work party!!! (Lol)

She sells Scentsy and for whatever reason isn't allowed to talk about it on the show. I'd be willing to bet it was a home party or event.

I think if Kail could just tone down the bitchiness then she'd be everyone's favorite. That's her main issue. She's a bitch and a control freak. If she could be nicer to people and stop trying to control every situation then she'd be the real supermom of the show just saying.

I totally agree. I always say, sometimes I almost like her, and then she goes around saying Isaac can't visit Jo for 6 weeks next summer, because he has to go to Camp ControlFreak.

Speaking of which, did anyone notice Isaac's haircut? Like that shit isn't more "thuggish" than what Jo gave him? Come on. (I think he looks adorable either way.)

i think that was on purpose, to say "see? I'm not racist! I've changed!".

Yeah she's not likeable because of her temper and her defensive attitude. I don't hate her for it though because she openly admits it. Tempers are VERY hard to control.

I remember feeling bad for her when she lived alone in that Section 8 housing apartment. With the broken down car..and she got into a fight with her mother in some parking lot?? She was dating that guy..who seemed like a good egg (forgot his name).

Now? She just seems like a raging bitch 24/7

Same here. I liked Jordan - BUT - she wasn't honest with Janet, and that's why she couldn't continue to live at their house. I still felt for her, as much as her Mom treated her like crap.

I hope Kail pursues therapy. I think she's been in survival mode for so long, she doesn't know how to function when life is good and she has real love and support. I really don't like her and the way she behaves, but I do think she has the most potential to turn her attitude around and really understand how her interactions with others are ultimately hurting her and her family. I think that she got close to this when she regretted how her anger prevented her from having a better co parenting relationship with Jo and Vee. Hopefully she does something before she's a single parent again. Can you imagine the drama that would come from her and Javi trying to co-parent Lincoln?

Kailyn and Javi divorced and co-parenting would be such a shit show. He would have to bring Lydia to every drop off/pick up as his muscle in case Kail didn't like Lincoln's outfit.

I agree with you on the therapy. As much as I dislike her, I do believe she does her best to be a good mother. She needs to get her head right though. If not she will go through life bitter and angry. If she continues down this path without getting some good counseling and mood medication she has a great chance of being a lonely lady when she is older. Not to mention that both of her son's could one day choose to live with their father's.

I would totally change my mind about a season 6 if that happens. I'd love to see him get a taste of his own medicine! Not that I condone divorce, but I think it's going to happen, just a matter of time, and then maybe javi will learn to have a little more respect for Jo and what he has to go through just to see his own son. But who am I kidding? He's become a guy version of Kail:/ it'll be interesting indeed!

Cackle, I can picture it now.. WHERE THE FUCK IS HIS BEAR OUTFIT?

Javi was clearly crying out for help from the "doctor" for their marital issues. They need to see Leah's counselor.

Omg Javi's voice was shaking from fury so bad! I didn't need Dr Douche and his oh so scientific expert observations to tell me that much.

Right? How come in the episode where Kail and Javi were talking about their relationship and he said he didn't feel love from Kail, she cried and said she'd try to make it better. But, when they're on the reunion, he is almost in tears talking about when he was upset and crying and needed her support and she said no. Then, she conveniently doesn't remember that?

Kail speak : Isaac is pretty sensitive to change
English: I want to be the only influence in Isaac's life so I act neurotic over every little thing Jo says and does, in turn making Isaac unsure and nervous.

She still wants Jo so bad its palpable. Poor Vee. No empathy for Javi because he's getting his rocks off on the perks of being a showbiz husband, like his beloved Miley tix. They won't make it to Lincoln's first day of school, thats apparent.

Still, Kail is just ignorant, while Jenelle is a racist. Can call other peoples young children the N-word, but doesn't hesitate to contact half black Kieffer, who she also called the n-word and accused of getting her hooked on heroin. Poor Barbara, Jace more or less is her son at this point. If its any consolation; thanks to #DisneyGate2014, Jenelle won't be petitioning for custody back any time soon. I hope that the poor Roll ends up with his other grandma, as Babz has her hands full with Jace and her other grandson (but hes part time, right?)

Chelsea won't stop until Adam gives her an STD, and even then she will still sleep with him because she has a STD and no one else will (I actually know a girl like that, her baby daddy gave her herpes and that was her answer for why theyre still together).

I hope Corey gets primary custody so the recurring cycle set forth by Jabba the Dawn doesn't continue.

I really wonder if Jo and Kail have hooked up recently and thats the reason for the iceyness in the room. I could see neither couples wanting to come forth about it and keeping it to themselves. Just a thought. Also and I know I'm gonna get downvoted for this but I've always secretly wanted him and Kail back together. Whenever they're getting along they're so cute together like their paper rock siczers game to decide who changes Isaacs diaper. Anyways neither one of them is really a saint and they both have their fault so I don't feel like one of them doesn't deserve the other or anything although I know Kail isn't a favorite so I'm sure everyone disagrees and thinks Jo is awesome and deserves better.

Maybe thats what spurred on Jo and Vee's break. Like one poster said a couple post back, its not uncommon for parents, even when theyre not together, to continue having sex. Its a weird phenomena.

I wouldn't say I root for them to reunite. I think its unhealthy for Kail especially. She wants Jo because he more or less calls her out on her shit all the time. Im not saying a woman should be with a yes man, but Kail is really emotionally damaged and thrives off of negative interactions. Thats why she doesnt want Javi, he's soft. I feel like she purposely gets Jo riled up because it turns her on when hes mad, and angry "i can't stand you" sex can be excellent... She needs intense therapy to reprogram her turn ons to be a bit healthier, she and Jo are a volatile, toxic, yet passionate pairing. She needs a happy medium between Jo and Javi; assertive, yet willing to be patient with her and her bipolar disorder.

I'm a sicko and want Vee and Javi to hook up.

That would be entertaining, but I think we all know that Javi is more likely to hook up with Tyler than with Vee...

Oh man, that would be deliciously ridiculous. He could rap for her!

"I like it when you call me big pa-pi
Throw your hands in the air like yous a true playa"

Jo and Papi can have a rap battle to win Kails cold dead heart

That would be an AWESOME pairing, but then Javi might have to leave Lincoln (I so dislike that name) with Butch when Javi and Tyler go out on their dates. Hmmm.....Butch or Suzi? Which is the lesser of two evils?

Kaiser Roll the more I hear it, the more I also dislike the name Lincoln. I kind of liked it at first. The only Lincoln I know of IRL was in my high school and now he's in a moderately successful band. And Lincoln was a cool president. But then Kail and Javi go and start using the nickname Linky and I just can't anymore.

"Jabba the Dawn," in addition to making me laugh, also reminded me that I wanted to say I think Dawn and Honey Boo Boo's mom must be related somehow. Except in Dawn's mind, she's the Klassy Kousin.

I'll also give Honey Boo Boo's mom credit: She actually using the money and stuff from the show for her children's future.

Dawn is just trying to milk her daughter's mistake for every penny it is worth (so she can buy drugs and cheetos).

And her Mountain Dew! Can't forget the Dew!

Wait what happened at Disney? I haven't been on Twitter as much.

Apparently Jenelle and Nathan broke up while on vacation there.

Oh that made me sooo happy for like a second... Then I remembered how Jenelle's breakups go. They're prolly already back together LOL! Gross

I would pay good money to watch them break up at Disneyland.

$5 Nathan decided to drown his sorrows at some shitty Disney Tourist Bar and tried driving a Tea Cup into the Princess Castle.

Lolllllllllllll. that sounds like something i would do actually. I got drunk at Disneyland once (they have a bar, I didn't know!) and was acting like an idiot going on all the rides. It was so fun.

Agree with everything you said. I even think Jo wants Kail a little bit. She might've had a chance until she had another kid with someone else. He wouldn't ever get back with her now. Except to do a Chelsea and Adumb.

Wasn't she racist to Kieffer too? Didn't she tell him to go die? Might be imagining that...

nope, sadly you are not. she's called him the n word several times, and also called him gay for being molested by a man when he was a child. all heart that one.

Jenelle sucks so much.

Did she really? I know Kieffer is no prize but being molested as a child is serious shit. She's a piece of lowlife crap for making fun of him for that.

I also remember her tweeting something like "Omg you guys saying n*gga isn't the same as using the n word". Oh the amount of stupid

That's Kieffer's "Bein a felon aint illegal!" logic she's using for that one. Where they're technicallyyyyy right, but like can you still just like not?

Yeah I dunno, I just hate it. Like using an a instead of an "er" just reflects their accent and it's still using a word that deeply hurts and offends many people and trying to turn it into this hip slang... Idk, I hate when anyone says it.

To me anyone who isn't black who says it looks tacky and kinda fits that "Everyone wants to be a nigga, but nobody wants to be a nigga" mold

I don't think being black gives you a pass to say it. There are still people who knew people who were tortured with that word and thus wouldn't appreciate it being turned into this cool hip new phrase. It's just a disgusting word period and anyone who says it is trash. It's not like we have a limited number of words in the English language to make cool. Vee says it all the time on Twitter too. It's so weird how she seems so nice on the show but is so dumb on Twitter. She and Brianna would prolly get along well.

@Farrah Auttune I totally agree, no one should be able to say it period. The argument for young black people saying it is they are "taking the word back" but It wasn't theres to begin with and it should just die with slavery, it is truly disgusting to use the word in any form because it started as degrading word for black people. Robert Burns is apparently one of the first to use the word in a poem he wrote about being a "nigger driver" because he was going to go work in Jamaica as a slave driver before he got published as a poet.
I mean yeah I can kind of see the view "taking the name" turning it from negative to positive, some black friends use "nigga" to describe friends rather than black people, they call me their nigga .. I asked them to stop frankly because the looks I would get from passers by looking at me in disgust like I was racist for being called it.
I think that when a word has so much hate in it and so many see it as a "bad word" you can't take it back. It just needs to disappear and not be used.

And then those same people get offended when other people say it (well some of them). How is it taking the word back if you still give it power over you? I agree with you, nothing good comes from "taking it back" and nothing erases the awful history behind it.

Read my last comment back and I can tell people will jump on the "it wasn't theres to being with" comment ... by that I don't mean "oh it's ours not yours" like I know some sensitive person will take it as, I mean it belonged originally to slave owners and racists who would use it to hurt some of the ancestors of the young people using it today .. they would use it while beating them and shouting abuse so why would you even want to have it heard ever again.

@farrahsautotune exactly what i mean, if they still use it but say white people can't and when a white person does use it (even to say friend like nigga is suppose to mean nowadays apparently)they get offended then it still does have power over them. I have never said that word back to my friends but a mutual white friend did and they got offended, i calmed them down explaining they meant friend which is what they told us it meant when they said it because they were "taking it back" and it stopped them pressing charges against him but really? Why say "oh we use it to say friend" and then almost call the police when your white friend calls you it. The word needs to not be used, never forget the horros of slavery and the racism but the word is not needed at all.

What are your thoughts on the new TV show called "Black- ish?" I have not seen it but felt the name to be inappropriate. Imagine if there was a show called "White-ish!"

What's it even about? I think I've heard of it but never seen any previews for it or anything.

Being 1/2 black myself, I wasn't going to read this small tangent about the "N-word", but I'm glad y'all think the same way as I do. I hate the word no matter how it's being used. Nigga is just as stupid & hurtful as "N-er" and black people using the word is just as hurtful as other races using it, In my opinion. There's no "taking the word back" bullshit and just keeps this nasty word in circulation. The arguments I see constantly are "WHY can black people say "Nigga" but not whites?" Or "Why is that word such a big deal? Black people aren't slaves anymore so they need to get over it".
Just wanted to give props to people who want to abolish the use if the word and not be defensive over it. Even if it's on a TM site lol.

I didn't know about the molesting/ gay comments. She is vile

Black-ish is actually an excellent show that comments on race in America. Works off ideas about code switching and how as minorities, people are often more conscious of code switching and social norms so not to be viewed as inferior

My friend was called a "fucking nigger" when she spurned her online stalker's advances smh.

What a CUNT...that's horrible.

yeah. and she said it all on twitter no less. and of course two days later she deleted it all and when ppl brought it up, she was all "that was in the past! leave me alooone!"

I'm going to preface this entire post by saying I had a rough day and I'm feeling a little douchey. That being said, did anyone else laugh when Javi was talking about how he was crying to Kail about how he needed help and he was feeling overwhelmed and she was just out of shits to give? No? Just me? That's cool, I'll crawl back under my bridge now. I did agree with him though that Kail leaving Lincoln with her mom when he asked her not to, and then hiding it from him (if that was real, and not just staged drama) was a huge problem, especially considering what happened. I feel for Kail, and I can't imagine how it must feel to be let down time and again by your parent, but letting her watch your baby unsupervised when she's been sober for like a whole week is ridiculous, especially considering the helicopter maniac that is Kail. But the way she made it about herself and her feelings a moment after Javi found out, when she had however long to deal with it was so selfish. I really am doubting their relationship more than ever, which says a lot. If my husband left my child with someone I didn't trust I don't know how I could rebuild trust with him. I think if Kail wants to rebuild a relationship with Smirnoff Suzie on her own then fine. But she should be flawlessly sober for awhile before being allowed to even see the boys, much less be alone with them.

Nah when Javi admitted he was crying about being overwhelmed I laughed lol what a wuss. I mean he left for a month and Kail did it on her own I bet he couldn't handle it. He's just too immature to be a dad. I think Kail is realizing she messed up by having a kid with someone too immature to handle it but she doesn't want to go through another baby daddy so she's sucking it up and trying to deal all while pining away for Jo.

It can't just be us on TMJ that thought Javi was really immature and woefully unprepared for fatherhood and marriage, right? The dumbassery of a kid in his late teens/early 20s just kind of radiates off of him. If you think about it, he went from being like 19, dumb and carefree to 20, in the military, engaged to a single mom, buying a house being on tv and planning on having a baby in like one year, or eighteen months of something. And his immaturity is really coming through now, and in typical Kail fashion, instead of dealing with the choice she made, she pouts and blames others.

I agree. Javi was so young (still is) and had no clue what he was signing up for. Now the full import of what he's done is hitting him and he's completely gobsmacked. He's probably tired of all Kail's sh*t but doesn't want the whole custody thing for Lincoln.

what im thinking is why didnt javi say "why did you leave the baby with your drunk ass mom for 2 hours, what were you doing?" and also did this happen when jo and vee were broken up, because that may explain alot...

She mentioned she had to go to a party, "for work...A WORK PARTY." I guess for Scentsy.

oh sure,"work party" ...is that what the kids are callin it nowadays??

She's working on the party in Jo's pants.

I also think that part of Kail's reason for rushing the marriage and baby was that Jo was with Vee. It was my understanding that Jo wasn't looking for anything (read: was casually screwing with Kail) when he met her, and they got serious. Kail, after smashing everything in sight decided that while some small mature part of her might want Jo to be happy, she wanted to be happier, and first. "Oh you have a girlfriend? Well I'm MARRIED. He loves me so much he wanted to marry me in half the timw you've known old gas mask." "Oh, you're moving in together? That's cute, we're having a BABY BECAUSE WE'RE GROWN UPS."

And did anyone else kinda laugh when Vee brought up how Jo missed out on going to Kail's wedding? It's really beyond my scope of reference, but exes usually don't go to each other's weddings unless they're really good friends and completely over each other, right?

Ugh. The day my ex casually invites himself to my wedding is the day I bury him in the ground, have the wedding ceremony on top of it, then pee on it. #slightlyexaggerated

You hit the nail on the head. Kail was trying to make Jo jealous, all "see look how I moved on to a better man than you" to try to make Jo try to get her back. I guess she forgot that Jo isn't the one to fall for mindgames. I think at the beginning, and up until Jordan, Jo really did have strong feelings, maybe even love for Kail (remember, she more or less couldn't date when she lived with Janet and Eddie, which I think was two parts practicality and 1 part Jo being jealous). But after he saw her for what she really was, he was able to move passed her, and onto Vee.

What keeps Kail and Jo from having an awesome coparenting relationship is that Kail still wants Jo. She's confused the fact that he's still willing to sleep with her for still wanting her; the constant picking of fights and battles with him is to get some emotional response; negative feelings for her are better than no feelings at all. If Kail could have her way, she'd back in the basement with Jo and Isaac as a dysfunctional, yet happy family, but she passed the point of no return by not only marrying, but having a baby with Javi. She knows that Jo for a fact will not take her back now and she's infuriated that her plan backfired.

We always get on Chelsea for being so quick to run back to Adam, but are any of the girls really over their kids' dads? Leah and Kail both married and reproduced with total downgrades, and I think they are both really starting to see what a good thing they gave up. Kailyn not only gave up on a good guy that I believe she viewed as her equal (as opposed to Javi, whom she views as her bitch) but she gave up a home, and a family.

I wonder if Kail regrets it, her biggest want was to have a family all together (like chelsea did) and now she knows that will never happen for both her kids, Jo would never want her back now and Javi and kail wont last so now she either has to have 2 kids to 2 different dads and single or stay unhappy with javi and continue to ate him. Maybe thats why she hits him? She has started hating and resenting him and feels trapped so is trying to make him leaver HER so she can say "oh well he left me, it's not my fault my youngest hasn't got his dad around" ...

I don't know, men can get overwhelmed and emotional too, they are just reluctant to show it a lot of times, even to their wives. It's actually really horrible that Kail brushes off his feelings like she's the only one who is allowed to be emotional, cranky and bitchy in their relationship. I really hate how she makes everything all about her. I know I am probably 10 times more emotional and crazy than my husband, but I would never make him feel like he needs to hide his feelings, or "be a man." It's human. We all have emotions. I think there are serious issues in Kail and Javi's marriage. I think part of it is that he's not really in the military anymore and they are living off of the show and her book right now.

Yeah, love how they flipped the script on captain sweater vest. Jesus God, Kail...let the man process what you just said (not told him, because you didn't tell him, you told Dr. Doolittle) and react for a minute. He's allowed to react without thinking about you!!

I seriously think that Kail is going to turn out to be the spitting image of Smirnoff Suzi. Her "I don't care" attitude towards Javi is just a direct transference of how Suzi treated Kail growing up. Years of neglect starts to form a person's personality which is why she is being neglectful towards his feelings. When someone is more subservient, such as Javi, Kail feeds off his vulnerability and wields power and control over him. I think he really needs to put his foot down and not be such a throw pillow to her.

Ok can somebody tell me why was Jennelle wearing a electronic bracelet???
And I must say Dr Douche pissed me off to no end. Does he even have a friggin clue?????
Kail reminds me of my marriage & from experience I can so tell it wont last!!! Javi better start looking up Taylor's number now

You mean an electronical bracelet

1. poor fuckin javi, man. Kailkong gives zero fucks about his feelings.
2. Barbara made me tear up. I feel like she thinks if she gives have to juhnelle now, it's just gonna start a back n forth thing where he gets shipped back to Barbara whenever juhnelle doesn't feel like playing house. and it's really none of gaythan's damn business when/if it happens, so he can fuck right off.
3. I think Dr Drew drank some of the dye for the babies head, Cuz he's totally phoning this shit in. he couldn't care less about these broads, or their kids.

Omg kailkong is fantastic.

Things Dr. Drew cares about:
Cashing checks from MTV or VH1

Kailyn: I was happy to see Javi finally get a little backbone. I'm disappointed they didn't really hash out the racist text.

Jenelle: how did I not notice before that nathan told Jace he was going to have a baby "brudder"? (Yes, I realize the punctuation is supposed to go inside the quotation marks, but I refuse because that is stupid to me). "I wasn't drinking at all. I literally had two drinks that night." His logic is just like Jenelle's. I think the fact that Jace automatically expects to be alone after Babs dies shows that he doesn't want to live with Jenelle. Nathan has absolutely no right to tell Jace what to call Babs. Jenelle wishes Jace knew who was who, but there's no way Jace doesn't think Babs is his mother. So Jenelle yelled at her mom during the season that she didn't have bipolar, and now she's saying that she does again?

Yeah I bet Jenelle was pissed. Her mom totally exposed all the lies she tries to spread. At the end of the day Jenelle is the fun big sister that takes him to do fun things and babs is the mother who will always love him no matter what. I doubt he says he has two moms he probably says your not my mom Babs is and then sh yells at him and makes him cry and tells him to stop calling Babs mom because she's his mom and thats that

I am glad that someone FINALLY brought up that Jenelle only ever does fun stuff with Jace. In order for her to have custody, she needs to have him during the week sometimes so she can do actual parenting aka the everyday routine stuff and discipline instead of just being the fun sister that takes him to amusement parks and shit. Until he sees her as part of his life where he gets baths, goes to school, etc., she'll never be a parent to him. That's why he's really afraid to be left alone if Babs dies, because kids need routine and routine means stability and Jenelle has never been a part of that for him.

Me too! He's there on the weekends, it's not like Jenelle and Nathan are taking him to school, helping with homework, or having him eat healthy meals or go to bed at a decent hour, any kind of routine. They only do fun stuff. They are always saying how Jace "never acts up at our house." Well, if you're just going to the beach or zoo all the time, of course he's going to be happy because he's getting to do what he wants. That's not real life for a five year old. I bet they've never even put him in time out or taken things away for bad behavior. Shit's going to get real when Jace has a meltdown one day when they have him at their house more often. He will probably end up kicking or hitting them or beating up on Kaiser. I guarantee they aren't going to have a clue how to handle that when it inevitably happens. I hope they at least take some parenting classes if they are going to demand custody of Jace.

I've also wondered if they're trying to bribe Jace to their side by always doing fun activities with him. Like "See? Life is sooo much more fun and better with us! Don't you want to live here?" That little boy does NOT want to live with them and it is heart breaking to see this play out. I hope Babs stands her ground against Nathan. Part of me really hopes he gets busted driving or something again, so she can say Nevamahnd! all glorious Babs style.

"babs is the mother who will always love him no matter what"

Well, Babs has loved Janelle no matter what, after the drug abuse and Janelle threatening to beat her ass. Janelle should be so lucky that her mom loves after all the Bullshit she as pulled.

Actually, the punctuation goes on the outside of the quotation in your quotes. It depends on if you're quoting a full sentence or a sentence fragment, but the only time the punctuation goes in the quote is if you're quoting the punctuation. For example:

1. He said "I literally had two drinks that night." and
2. He said that he had "literally had two drinks".

Are both correct.

Oh, I wish I could take the "had" out of my second example. I'm sorry, I'm on a sugar high and typing to fast while apparently not proof reading.

First has*. Third time's the charm.

Had, not has. I give up. Haha. Sorry. It's my birthday and I've had tons of cheesecake and am bouncing off the walls waiting for work to end. GOOD NIGHT AND GOOD LUCK!

Happy birthday! Cheesecake sounds so dope right now.

Thank you! I had a great day. :) Happy Friday.

Kailyn - the biggest surprise of the night was that Jo & Vee aren't together now. Too bad because kailyn was finally being civil to her and realizing she would be involved in Isaac's care-taking when Isaac was with Jo. Cracks are beginning to show in Kail & Javi's relationship. Don't think they'll make it. And what's up with the babysitter issue? There's not a babysitter in the entire state of Delaware they can leave their kids with just to go out for a dinner date? Hmmm, maybe Kail should've thought twice before moving.

Jenelle - is it just me or did anyone else get the barely controlled anger vibes coming off both Gaythan and Jenelle. When Dr. Drewshbag asked him about his drinking and about pushing for custody. And for Jenelle, when Babs referred to herself as Mama, I could feel the steam coming out of Jenellle's ears. You could also tell Gaythan had rehearsed his answers, he had his answers down pat. I did feel for Babs though. You could see she is trying to do the best for Jace and of course she has a strong connection to him, she's raising him. She brought up a valid point about Jenelle being the "fun weekend" parent while she is left with the real day to day parenting. Babs is definitely right in taking the transition slowly. Since Jenelle farms out the Roll to Gaythan's mom all time under the guise of "she needs time for studying", she still doesn't know what it's like to parent two children full time.

Jo and Vee are back together now. Not sure if they're living together but they're at least back together. I have a feeling if they do break up for good then Kail and Jo would end up hooking up and there goes her and Javi's relationship... although their relationship is already going dowb the drain

Kail and Javi will be divorced in two years.

Glad they are back together I think they're sweet together. Lol oh yea there is NO LOVE betweeen those two. LOL everytime Kailyn looks at him she looks like she hates him (granted I hate him too) she probably realized what a fucking idiot he is with the twerking and Miley obsession and blah blah. I like how Kail was like "hopefully lincoln doesn't have to go through being shipped back and forth between his dad" and Javi was like OH HE WON'T. Ya sure there Papi?


I wonder where Kail is going to demand her next baby daddy to live?

Omg the #maroquinvaginallips will gang up on Kail so hard if (when) they divorce. I can just see Lydia now...SEE I TOLD YOU SHE WAS BAD NEWS. I KNEW IT WHEN SHE MADE ME BUY THOSE EARRINGS.

CHLAMLYDIA will have a heart attack if she doesn't get to be around Kail! She'll prob beg JAvi to take the beatings.

Thanks for clearing that up TrashTV. Don't think Jo would go back with Kail though. He's too smart for that. Doesn't want to go thru the wringer like poor Javi.

It is so clear that Babs truly loves Jace and wants what is best for him. It is also clear that Jenelle only loves herself. Nathan wants custody of Jace not Jenelle. If Nathan was not around there is no way Jenelle would even be discussing this topic. Jenelle is so concerned about appearances and not the reality. Of course Jace is going to call Babs Mom because she is his Mom! Deal with it Jenelle. You made these choices not Jace or Babs.

Dr drew u douche!! How bout you ask Nathan about wanting custody of his daughter not just jace!? How bout you stop coddling jenelle!! Omg!!! These c-u-n-t rags!!!! We blatantly saw a clip where jenelle asks jace were he wants to live and he says not with them but in her delusional word he "wants" to live with her. My ass ok jenelle. My ass your elbow he wants to live with you

Jenelle wants to be a mom so she can gain more fans and worshippers. Its all about the image. I bet she wishes now that she'd given Jace up for adoption like Catelyn so she could use the I'm a mother and I did what was best foe my kid card then she could continue the drugs and say its fine I don't have a kid to take care of I already did my parenting and gave him to a nice couple. Although I think that situation would've been nore ideal anyways.

She can do that with her next one. Hopefully she will.

OMG sorry this is unrelated but loll Catelyn just tweeted this gem:

Everyone that got a baby shower invite I'm registered at babies r us and buy buy baby! Thanks to everyone 4 ur support!

HOW TACKY!!!!!!!!! Also I'm sorry but it's pathetic that her fans bought presents....absolutely pathetic

She shouldn't need a bassinet since April went ahead and bought one when Catelynn was pregnant with Carly!

Yeah you should include that info in the invitation. And it is in poor taste to announce that via Twitter. At least call or text your guests that got an invite. It's rude to those who didn't get invited (and I mean her friends and family). That's a good way to offend a lot of people. Bad manners!

Can't even call this bad manners! Announcing your registry location to the world is absolutely pathetic.

BUY BUY BUY!!!!!!!!!! What a psycho. It sounds more like something Tyler would say but geez Catelyn has become quite stupid as well.

Lolll yea they have that old bassinet in that shitty little house why not use that for Varleigh?


Buy Buy Baby is an online baby boutique. Thanks google!

Buy Buy Baby is not just an online store. It's actually a chain of baby stores owned by Bed, Bath & Beyond

I totally agree though...so tacky to post that stuff on Twitter. She knows her fans will buy her crap! That's what she's banking on!

Haha Buy Buy Baby is an actual store. It's owned by Bed Bath and Beyond and looks the exact same inside except full of baby shit. It's an insane place but seems much more affordable than Babies R Us. (I've been to a few baby showers lately)

Haha Jenelle's Eyebrows, me too! I've been to 6 baby showers in 2014 alone. All of them registered at the same places. It has been nuts. 5 of them were for my husband's relatives, and one was for a set of twins. I am so sick of baby showers I don't even think I want to have one of my own. Haha

They seriously tweeted it 3 times too...

That sounds annoying and desperate.

Wow Trap. I can't wait till your born

Ummmm helllo cheeto if she doesn't post it on twitter then how can she let the fans know where she's registered so they can buy her gifts without actually asking them to?! I mean don't you want Carly 2.0 to have nice things? None of the people in her family can afford nice things so she needs to mooch off fans... duuuhhhhh

Lol, how stupid of me to think that Catelynn had an ounce of class! I guess she does have worshipers who would acutally send her a baby gift. How pathetic.


I love creeping on people's registries. Most of their stuff actually seemed pretty modest (I really don't know much about the whole baby process). I saw a high chair on there though, so I guess Leah's pot hasn't come in the mail yet.

It also says that her due date is Jan 11, which I did not know before.

bahahaha at Leah's Pot. Yea I guess nothing is TOO crazy on there. Not like Farrah's idiotic registry at least. But seriously the only person I'd consider buying shit for on this TV show would be Babs for a vacation.

Can we do that? A GoFundMe for Babs?? Hahahaha

She is double registered for all kinds of shit. Most of of you really don't need. She has three breast pumps. And just doubles of everything. It's sick really.

We're registered at Buy Buy Baby and now I'm gonna have to take a gander at their registry.

:side note: we had our family shower last saturday..I got maybe 4 things off our registry. Everything else was clothes and rattles. While I don't want to seem ungrateful, it would have been nice to get stuff..that we actually need. Needless to say, we'll be do a lot of returning/exchanging over the weekend.

Fuck off whoever thumbed me down. Jesus Christ.

I will not give the thumbs down, because I get where you're coming from. People get so excited to buy baby clothes that it's all they care about. We avoided this by announcing the gender at the shower itself, and registering for all neutral items. We purchased the bedding ourselves, and registered for coordinating accessories in neutral colors. We saw this firsthand from a guy my hubby used to work with - he got so many girl clothes that exchanged them and had diapers for her for months!

That's a really smart idea about announcing gender at the shower. That is one of my pet peeves. People go nuts about buying SUPER gender-stereotyped clothing for kids and it pisses me off. If/when I have a kid I want as much gender neutral stuff as possible, especially if it's a girl. Why can't a baby boy OR girl be "mommy's little rocket scientist" or whatever? Besides, I hate the color pink and since babies don't give a shit I would be the one having to look at a bunch of frilly pink garbage all day.

yeah, that's an awesome idea! It's a nice middle ground between making sure you buy everything based on gender stereotypes, and thinking it's a crime to care at all about the gender. :)

Thanks. I even stated that I don't want to come off ungrateful. Even if we didn't get anything, the fact family came out and seemed happy for us and wished us well, thats enough right there. But..there are some things we do need. Hopefully our returns can translate to gift cards for needed items.

Yeah, that's super shitty, I feel you. I'm sure it doesn't feel that great to really need certain things and not get them at all, and having to return gifts family and friends bought for you. I hardly ever buy baby clothes for shower gifts, especially newborn ones. They are only that small for so long there's no way a baby could wear a hundred newborn outfits. It's stupid to me. I always get practical stuff. I don't have kids, but I know from babysitting them and watching family have tons of kids, you can never have enough burp rags, socks, pacifiers, bibs, baby wipes, diapers, bath lotion and body wash, that kind of stuff. I get it's not that fun to watch the parents open those gifts but I am such a practical person I even get annoyed watching them go through piles and piles of either mostly pink or blue outfits. It doesn't make sense to me. I don't want to buy something that's just going to get returned. It seems like such a waste. My sister in law had a huge baby shower, probably over a hundred people, and she returned 75% of the gifts she got, even ours. It kind of annoyed me because I got her some stuff she could use, from her registry, so I don't get why she returned it. I feel like I should just start giving gift cards to new parents, at least then I know they are buying something they will use.

Just last weekend I went to a friends' shower. I went to Babies R Us two days before, and there were literally 3 out of about 70 things purchased from her registry. I think I would be irritated. Why go through the trouble of making a registry if no one is even going to bother looking at it and buying you a gift from it? Sorry I've been to so many baby showers lately and this is what I've witnessed and it's just weird to me.

We registered for things we straight up needed. Cute onsies and outfits were on there as well..but very few (think 4 fun ones) because everyone told me "oh you'll get lots of clothes". Nothing was crazy priced. The most expensive thing on our list? The baby monitor at $89 (I believe) and the baby carrier was..$110?

Some people get nothing and I realize that. I'm thankful for the gifts we did get. I was just surprised how it seemed NOBODY even looked at our registry.

I've seen this too for weddings and especially baby showers. People just buy whatever off registry because they want to get something "fun," but then you end up with stuff you don't need and sometimes can't return and don't get things you actually do need and it's a waste of time and money for everyone. Just buy stuff on registries, people. I promise newlyweds and new parents will appreciate the "boring" sheet sets or breast pump they registered for more than the 100th cutesy picture frame or hot pink onesie.

Yeah, I feel like it's a waste of everyone's time to go to a couple of stores, make a registry and then no one buys you anything from it. It's an even bigger waste of time for the parents to have to go back and exchange everything they got duplicates of or don't need at all. I guess I just don't see the point of gift registry if no one will bother to pick out a gift from it. I know that sounds super negative but it's just what I've noticed lately.

For my wedding I made two relatively small registries. I didn't register for a single thing I wouldn't want or use. Almost everything I got was from one of the two registries. I was extremely appreciative and I've used every single thing I received at least once. I feel like it's easier to shop for a wedding registry gift than a baby shower gift. Baby showers are all about the cute fun stuff, nobody wants to be the boring person buying bibs and burp cloths. Lol, I guess I don't mind being that person. At least I know the parents are grateful for the useful items like that.

I was fortunate enough to get a lot of things from my registries. However, a relative of my husband's got us a wipe warmer, which was not on it at all. A friend of me told me they are worthless, so I used the gift receipt and took it back. I did keep the wipes that came with it, though. Seriously, it was my first kid, and most people really did realize that I needed crib sheets, a monitor, toiletries, and the like. Clothes should really be a gift for a second child, not the first.

I did two smaller registeries with reasonably-priced items and I got almost nothing from either registry. I got mostly clothes and very little of anything else.

I am very thankful for what I got and I realize that no one was obligated to buy me anything. But it was aggravating to have a shower and still have to buy a lot of the necessities that we didn't get.

I think people (women) go crazy buying cute little baby clothes. On the plus side, my daughter is almost a year old and I haven't had to buy many clothes for her.

WTF thumbs down? You're an idiot thumbs down. Why don't you just reply? Anyway, yea I went to a baby shower and everyone got these gifts not on the registry. The couple was kind of like wtf....and I don't blame them. There is a registry for a reason...it just must be frustrating. People can be cheap aholes.

Yeap Trap...that's EXACTLY why I didn't register when I had my shower years ago. People usually buy what they want to buy anyway, so I didn't waste the time to go register my swollen puffy ass. HA!

Honestly, totally understand. I had a similar problem at our baby shower, while we did get a nice amount from our registry, anyone who brought clothing seriously got us onesies in size 3-6 months. No joke, we had 48 ones in various shades of pink and purple in 3-6mos. No other kind of clothing!! lol it was a ridiculous coincidence.

Just tacky! Everyone knows it aint for people who were invited to her baby shower. Its for fans to buy her stuff lol.

This!! It's so obvious that is for her fans that she knows are crazy in love with her and want her to follow them so bad they will buy her stuff for it, but she wont follow them or even thank them directly... she will just put up a tweet,
"Oh my gosh, thank you to all my amazing fans for my presents. So unexpected! I love you all!"

That was frighteningly realistic!

She is very predictable!

I forgot to include this in my first comment, but did anyone else find it weird that Jenelle was so insistent that Jace calls Babs "mom" rather than "mama"? We've heard him call her mama multiple times on the show so it seems like he calls her mama, not mom.

I never got why he didn't just call her grandma. Meme or whatever he calls her sounds too much like mommy, so that probably confuses him more than anything.

Cause that's his mom lol

Touche, but if both Barb and Jenelle want to be grandma and mom respectively, they should have had Jace calling them that from the beginning. I know a few people who were raised by grandparents but they always called them grandma/grandpa and not mom/dad.

This is unrelated to all the drama, but I really hate the blazer, untucked shirt and jeans look. It's like, I was too lazy to get my suit dry cleaned but I'll try to make my jeans look dressy. Whoever is styling Dr. Drew should be fired. Even Dr. Phil wears suits. Sorry, that's just one more thing about Dr. Douche that really bugs me.

He's trying to fit in with the youngsters. Nathan told him he looked classy.

Nathan looked like he was going to a funeral.

Better than wearing his "Man-Bib" lol.

Haha, that's true! How nice of him to cover his nipples for the reunion!

He wore his more classier jeans just for the reunion!

But no Classy Court Heels ;(

Has this site been "offline" for anyone else? Not sure if the problem is with my internet or the site.

Site. Not even sure if this will post.

Thanks! My internet has been spotty, and a few sites that aren't down for others don't work for me. Coincidentally, downforeveryoneorjustme does not work on my computer.

Yes, I had a couple that didn't post, but now it seems okay

Dr. Drew was getting a little handsy with Babs there at the end. Bow chicka bow wow!

Babs is too good for him

A special place for a special lady! I didn't see Randalicious come back out.

OMG LOL so I just watched. I was CRYING laughinga nd I'm so glad I read this comment before I watched. DAMN he was up on her shit! She was like looking up at him like hey there......lol it was just SO incredibly awkward. Well he's a step up from Mike the pirate...I guess.

Yeah, I hardly laugh out loud at the TV when I'm alone but this made me laugh pretty hard at the sheer awkwardness of it. I guess he likes em sassy like our Babs. She probably would be into a rich "doctor" like him, and he does have more teeth than Pirate Mike.

God I would die so happy if Babs and Dr. Drew dated. I know he's like married with triplets or something but yea. LOL yes you could just feel the tension. My neighbors must think I'm insane. God I watch so many other shows and NEVER yell at them, just this show. I was yelling OH BULLSHIT at Jenelle the whole time. My cats were like oh teen mom must be on.

See I took it as him acknowledging her as one of the moms. He knows jenelle doesn't parent and Babs does so when he said thanks to the mom and Babs its because Jenelle isn't really the mom Babs is but he couldn't actually come out and say that without ruining the message of the show.

I didn't even pick up on that, but you're so right! Yeah, I think the only one that hasn't figured out that Jenelle is a craphead of a mother is Nathan. Even she seems to know it.

If you watch it again, you may notice that Drew had his hands on Babs, all over her shoulders, and at that exact moment he said 'and remember preventing pregnancy is in your HANDS'. I was thinking that his new message was to 'prevent pregnancy by only having sex with menopausal women. Hahahaha ;-)

Third times a charm.
Kail: anyone else notice how her and Javi both hesitated when Dr. Drew asked if their marriage was doing better?

That means she bitch slap/shook his head before the show. He probably had to answer yes if he wanted to eat dinner.

Nah his head what just still ringing so he took a minute to let the question sink in

My favorite thing said tonight, of course from Nathan "I know Kaiser is going to have a bright future with me and Jenelle"
How can the possibly think that? They really are meant for each other sadly

Jenelle and Nathan's idea of a 'bright' future probably has a much lower standard than any normal person.

They really do. How many countless times has Jenelle squawked that she's "doing the right thing" because she has a part-time job and goes to class? And when she's with a guy, the fact he has a car is one of the first positive traits she says about him. In her world, if these aspects occur, they cancel out any and all negativity. Not to mention in that negativity is in the past (i.e. any time not in that direct or previous sentence) it doesn't even count as happening at all.

I didn't know she had a job. What about Nathan? Has he done a single thing since he got fired from the time share thing?

I guess the fact that he has a car, but due to 4 DUIs, cannot drive it, is irrelevant.

"Bright Future" with those two include the BRIGHT GLARE of police car lights in their driveway/rearview mirror.

When I think of Nathan, I think of the movie "This Boy's Life." That's what it will be like for Jace if Nathan is in his life for an extended period of time. Jace is a possession to Nathan.

Good comparison, but breaks my heart thinking about the step-dad/step-son relationship in that story. I really believe Jace will really struggle without Babs. Nathan shouldn't be a male figure to ANYONE, even his own son. I feel like Jenelle does realize Nathan's manipulative & emotionally abusive tactics, but is scared to have to start all over again w another dude? I don't know, can't figure it out. She's so extremely co-dependent that she can't stand up for her own damn self. If she can't even defend herself or make good decisions, then she could never do the same for Jace.

Sorry but in my opiniom his future isn't lookin so damn bright..

Did anybody else hear Dr Douchelord say before one of the commercials when we come back we will ask Nathan how he is enjoying fatherhood. UUMMM I thought he was already a father?!? I was screaming he has been a fucking father for over 5 yrs. Hello Dr Dipshit lets ask him how he finally feels about unsupervised visitation with one of his kids. Does anybody in their drug hazed world remember Emery????

Haha, I didn't notice but I usually start fast forwarding when Dr. Douche starts to say "when we come back." I guess this is the first time he's actually anything remotely close to a father of a baby, I don't think he's done much of the raising of his daughter. I think she's been with the mom's parents most of her life. I think he has more of a brother/sister relationship with his daughter, much like Jenelle and Jace seem to have.

Deep down I think Jenelle knows Nathan is a piece of shit. I think she's 100% aware. But she also knows if this relationship fails, then everyone will be on her about how shitty of a person she is even more.
That being said, if they break up for good and she stays single and focuses on her boys and her schooling, then I would have no problem defending her because she would be making a real effort in bettering herself.

Oh and Jenelle's tweet:

"#TeenMom2 Reunion is on nowwww!!!! on vacay so not going to be live tweeting but tune in! I haven't saw it yet. Let me kno how it is! ☺"

Oh hai Jenelle. I haven't saw it either yet.

She drives me insane. She's always saying "I seen" but when it comes to the correct time to actually say seen, she says saw. Eternal sigh.

well that's why shes a cunt!

An illiterate cunt

The school's in NC must not be so well.

Positive segment time! Ok - I'm gonna find one positive thing to say about each girl this episode to try and balance the snark.

Jenelle - I like how she nodded when Babs explained the slow transition. I really do think she gets it, and agrees it would be best for Jace. She may vocally agree and go with Nathan, but deep down I don't think she's looking to rip Jace away from Babs and not let her continue to be a big role in his life.

Leah - I like how she acknowledged the girls all do need individual time with her, and (assuming she actually does what she says) she does seem to have some age-appropriate bonding time with them, which will help with the willchair jealousy.

Chelsea - I like how she admits how hard it is to get over a breakup, especially with a child's father. Yes, I want to pull a Kail sometimes and shake her head when she runs back to him, but she is portraying a reality for a lot of people (possibly even that of Kail).

Kail - I like her answer regarding bi-polar disorder. She's aware she may have passed it on to her boys, but she's not worrying about it because nothing can be done about that. I like how she wants to just focus on her anger and actions and focus on how to raise them so they know how to behave in a negative situation, and if they DO get diagnosed, they'll deal with it then. Serious kudos.

Omg you're a saint

Surprisingly I wasn't generally annoyed with Kail, sure there were a couple faces or statements I wasn't exactly happy about but not nearly as bad as I expected. Other than that as far as this episode went I am beyond words for Jenelle, I honestly hate her more than ever before.

I actually agree with all the positive comments! Except for Jenelle. But that's because I think she wants the transition to be slow because she really does not want Jace full time.

"I like how she nodded when Babs explained.."

I suppose that's a step-up from Jenelle just nodding out in general, but still, fuck her.

This is great! Thanks!

Seriously Jenelle?!? Jace does not call Barbara mom because he hears you calling her mom. He calls her mom because Barbara is his mother... Jenelle is either delusional or trying to convince herself what a fantastic stand up mom she is.

Definately don't see Kailyn and Javi lasting. Even Jenelle and Gaythan looked more in love than those 2.
And that's really saying something!

Ok I finally watched.

Kail: Good LORD could the body language between her and Javi be more hateful? I get he was mad I would be too. They really rushed into marriage and a baby and I agree with everyone else who says they probably won't last. Wow the race thing was barely addressed, and that haircut Issac had now was WAY more "thuggish" (not that I care at all) but geez. Really sad about Suzi...she seemed great with Issac on the show hoepfully she turns around. She needs to go to rehab.

Jenelle: Jenelle and Nathan are a bunch of bullshitters. Jenelle is a compulsive liar and will say everything is fine and perfect and Babs is the voice of truth telling us Jenelle calls at 3 am etc. At least the fights have been less, but there are only going to be more as Kaiser and Jace get older. Love how there was no mention of his daughter at all...how sad. No Jenelle you idiot. Jace calls Babs mama because that is who has been a mother to him. Not you, the stupid whore that put stoner men before your kids. Lol I laughed when they said Jenelle had been talking to Keifah. Too bad we didn't get to see him. He's pretty horrible but I prefer him to Nathan any day.

The kid montage warmed my cold dead heart. Interested to see the Unseen moments with Jenelle screaming LEAVE ME ALOOOONE and ripping the camera out of the car. Ah but her life is so perfect. I honestly htink Jace is better off with Babs.

As much as I think Javi is a weirdo, I felt pretty bad for him. You could tell he was so angry he wanted to just get up and leave. That's not the way he should have been told about what happened when Lincoln went to Suzi's. That whole thing was just fucked up. I can see why things are tense with him and Kail, it appears the communication between them sucks. Of course Kail had to make the whole thing about her and how she hates being estranged from her mom. I know that must suck for her, but you should have told your husband and child's father what happened immediately! Why is she keeping secrets like that from him? That's not going to create a stable marriage. I can sense that she doesn't give a damn about his feelings because she is so wrapped up in her own issues. They could benefit from some counseling. Neither one of them looked happy and seemed so uncomfortable when asked about the state of their marriage.

Yea I can see why he's pissed off. I don't feel bad about their relationship. I feel bad for Lincoln and issac but that's it. Kail wanted them benefits and rushed into that shit so quick. I don't know wtf she was thinking having another baby so quick (even though he's adorable) and I know they're stable and all but fuck they weren't together very long at all. Did she not learn from the first time? And Javi obviously had no idea what he was getting himself into. God he was practically crying on stage though and Kail just had a stone face blobfish look as usual she did NOT care at all.

Exactly. Kail reminds me of 4 year-old Stephanie from Full House that would respond to any confrontation with, "well nobody asked me". She is never up-front with any information until she is backed into a corner, then she lashes out and has a list of excuses planned out. Javi seemed truly heartbroken Kail would have never told him had Dr. Drew not brought it up in that moment.

I can't wait either. a season isn't complete until she yells that.

Kaylin: Actually don't have much to say about her segment. Still think Jo should've gotten more than six weeks though.

Jenelle: Learn what the word sober means please! Sober from heroin but not from weed/alcohol/whatever else you take does not mean "sober". When Leah talks about editting this is why I kinda believe her because they're totally going with the "Jenelle's changed and she's an awesome person" angel and it's so annoying. She is not in a place to get custody of Jace! She's not sober and as long as she's with Nathan, unless he becomes everything that he's not now, she'll never be "stable". And I've made plenty of comments against step parents acting like parents but this increases tenfold with Nathan. He has no business being any kind of "father" figure to Jace. He needs to take a step back and worry about his own kids! It also blows my mind that Jenelle can't stop for one second and ask herself why jace is really calling Babs mom... Maybe, just maybe it's because Barb has done everything a mom's supposed to do. She's the one who was there for him through the hard time. Of course a five year old is easier than a newborn/toddler but the fact that Jenelle is anything but greatful for what her mom has done is just disgusting.

Also am I the only one who hates when parents let their kids be shy to the point of not answering questions? Being shy is fine, but I'd think it's kinda important to instill in your kids that it's rude to not speak when you're spoken to.

There's speaking when spoken to, and then there's performing like monkeys in front of a gawking crowd and a bunch of cameras. Grown adults get camera shy and stage fright, you expect too much of these kids.

Film about my life

I can see them not wanting to show off a cheer in front of the cameras, and I didn't complain about Isaac asking "Why?" when Dr. Drew wanted him to show off his karate, but I still think it's important to make sure your kid knows, after the fact, "it's not nice to ignore someone" or whatever.

Lol that bugged me too about the kids being shy. Lol and Aleeah rolling her eyes...I would be mad if my kid was rude like that. I totally agree. Jenelle is not sober. She has NO emotion left and Id on't know if that's weed or pills or maybe prescription pills but hey I guess it's better than her having a meltdown.

Also love how her dumb ass was like "It's important you never lose your temper in front of your kids". Yeah but being psychotic towards dogs and arguing with your gay carrot sets a great example. Fuck off Jenelle.

Yeah haha! But I kinda miss the meltdowns. At least that showed the real Jenelle and not this fake "I'm doing soo amazing" Jenelle MTV's trying to portray.

I secretly miss them too. It's really bad that I want her to be strung out on drugs and act like a nutcase purely for my entertainment. ( I don't really want that JUST A LITTLE). I wish Dr. Drew touched on the fact that Jenelle is an animal abuser.

Haha right? and oh I know! The animal abuse thing was worth a PSA thing and Dr. Drouche can't even bring it up as if that isn't a huge issue?

When the girls were asked what regrets they had, I was waiting for Jenelle to mention the dog abuse, but of course she mentioned Nathan's "supposed" DUI. How infuriating! She still seems to have no idea that what she did was wrong and abusive. They also probably didn't want to admit that Moogan had been placed in a new home, which is actually a positive thing. Also, when Dr. Drew asked the audience to applaud Jenelle for "changing"? I would have sat there stone-faced as Kail. No effing way would I clap for her!

I actually loved when Aleeah rolled her eyes. I think it was when he addressed Ali first, she was like, "is this dumb ass even going to remember I'm here this year? The only scenes I had were when I was getting yelled at or chasing kitties.I ewish I was chasing kitties right now."

Awww I love her love of kitties. I wish I'd seen the light earlier in life (used to be a dog person haha)

And AS IF she ever follows that advice! She is ALWAYS yelling. What a hypocrite! Ugh.

I fell asleep before the show started but after reading the recap, I'd have probably broken the TV, so it's just as well.

Lol what. 6 weeks is a long time. It works for them and I think Kail is being very fair on this one. I swear people just moan about anything.
What did you want them to do? Smack Ali til she talked? Loool

And to think you knew how to be civil... OK then. Considering how much time Kil has already taken from him, no six weeks is not enough. She has him for most of the years o he should have him for all of the summer. There's no excuse... Especially since Jo's gonna lose more time when Isaac starts kindergarten. Also the twins are what, almost 5? I'm sure they've had other shy moments and there's nothing wrong with talking to them after the fact and saying what they did isn't nice. When someone asks you a question you need to answer. I don't see how that's so hard?

I was hardly horrible. Snarkier than usual cos I lose my patience with the ridiculous nit picking sometimes. More than 6 weeks? That is a loooong time to be with Jo and not see Kail. He is never away from Jo for that amount of time. I highly doubt Jo would complain about the arrangement.
The way you said they shouldn't let them be shy sounded like they should be forced to talk. Nothing wrong with explaining afterwards. But remember they are infront of an audience, with cameras everywhere, and strange people around. Cut the kids some slack! Aleeah was just copying Ali I think haha

I agree with Beth on this one. I know how shy I was at school talking in front of a class full of people so I would probably shut down in front of an adult audience.
And I also agree that 6 weeks is a very long time for both a mother to be away from her child and most importantly for a child to be away from their mother, (providing the mother cares for them unlike Leah who neglects them) he doesn't see her for a full 6 weeks which is crazy considering she has him full time. Kail has been pretty fair with time, weekends plus a weekday and for holidays like fathers day and don't they take turns for holidays too, xmas and halloween etc. Not to mention Isaac is away from his little borhter who he lives with and his "home" .. maybe a week rotating during all holidays. Gives him more time but not in such a big chunk.

I just find the idea that being a mother automatically means you deserve more time with your kid is totally sexist and wrong. Jo deserves to see Isaac just as much as Kail does and having a trap baby doesn't give Kail the right to keep him away more. Isaac clearly loves spending time with his dad and he deserves to have an equal relationship with him. And sorry but every other weekend isn't fair to Jo and with the distance, yes, it's only fair that Jo gets as much of the non-school year with Isaac as he can get.

Ohh don't say the dreaded words 'I agree with Beth', wait for the thumbs down storm ;)

Yeah I get where you are coming from but this isn't about what is fair for Jo or Kailyn, it is about Isaac and what is best for him. Staying with one parent during school is good for him, the regular contact and shared holiday time is good for him, ripping him from his regular home for 6 weeks straight is not good for him. Yeah the 2 weeks holidays, good for him, 2 weeks is do able for a child so long as he can phone home but a full 6 weeks could hurt him unless he comes out and says "yeah i want too" but he should also have the option to change his mind if he decides he wants to go home. If you want to talk about "fairness" with parenting we could flip it and say is it fair for Jo to get all the active time with him i.e. the 12 weeks holiday time a year plus the weekends would equal more time than having him term time because the time he is at school, eat bath bed that's the "quality" time Kail would have. So Kail would never be able to take him on holiday with her and Lincoln because she would never have isaac during holidays. Not really fair if you spin it that way but once again it is about Isaac and not them. even if they have half holidays time during the long summer holiday.
Ha, beth i get downvoted all the time it's not you honest!

Nah, not automatically, for cases like Jenelle that concept obviously doesn't work. I think we've had this discussion before though and we don't agree - I don't think 50/50 is always fairest or stable for the kid.

Generally speaking, yes the Mother gets more time because that's kind of 'natural' (they are the ones who carry the child/ naturally would feed the child) and normal. Also there is still the idea that the men go to work - partly because of the women being the ones who carry/ feed the child. Maternal instincts are also very important, even though people like Jenelle seem to have 0. How many times on this show have we seen Dads who can't engage properly with their kid when it does nothing but poo/eat/cry, but have a great bond when the kid grows up a bit? Jenelle is also like that (although I still wouldn't say she has a great bond with Jace).

If I apply the idea that women generally do get more time, then I would say yeah Kail should, since I think a kid should probably have one home and a kind of second home, instead of two homes to constantly go between. SOME kids do well with 50/50 but I don't really like the idea.

I know not everyone would agree with that, just explaining my logic.

Even though I commented on how much it sucks for Jo, let's not forget how Jo asks for more time and Kail's first thought is how it affects *her*. and I brought up those things but I also meant that it's not fair for Isaac to get less time with his dad. The fact that a mom carries her child for 9 months doesn't take away from the fact that a father has an equally important role in a child's life. If Kail wants to have time with him durring the summer she should think about when she wants to be selfish during the year. I just think it's silly to say that because Kail had another baby and because she's the mom Isaac doesn't get to see his dad as much.

I'm not denying that she is selfish. I fucking hate it when she tries to be a bitch about him spending time with Jo! It is really important.
It doesn't take away how important a Dad is but the roles are very different. I was explaining that because you mentioned it being sexist to assume a Mum gets more time than a Dad.
I didn't mention the other baby. I think what Hate meant was he has his home and his more full time family with Kail so being away from that for a long time is hard on him.
Letting Jo have him for 6 weeks during the year isn't silly or selfish in my view. I am not even a fan of Kail either! I'm just honestly shocked that anyone would say Jo should have him for more than 6 weeks over summer.

Oh also forgot to mention it's definitely not in his best interest to have the guy Kail wants to play daddy to Isaac see him more than his actual real dad.

What I mean with Lincoln is that Isaac spends every day during term time with his family which includes his mom, javi and lincoln. So being away from his family he spends most time with can emotionally hurt him. And "selfish" with time during the year, as in term time Well I'm sure the school wouldn't be please with Isaac missing school to stay at his dads during the week.
Yes it would have been better iif they lived closer which is partly kailyns fault (and partly jos, he mvoed too) but they dont live close enough for both of them to have him during term time .. even then it wouldn't be ideal because it would break routine during school time.
I didn't say kailyn was selfish, the part where i spun it was was more to show that no one has the ideal time with isaac, idea would be both parents full time but that can't happen, they both need to remember it is about isaac, not them and both of them forget that sometimes. The fact about moms and dads it's the same everywhere, moms are given primary unless they aren't fit to parent. Largely due to stereotyping of men working and women being care givers and the fact they provide breastmilk. Isaac is well looked after in both settings, he seems happy, both parents love him and want him, at least they are fairly civil about it.
PS - I love how in the episode where Jo was giving Isaac back to Kailyn and he did the old "i'm sad that your leaving to go to mommys" and no one said anything... Kail says it and it is a crime. I am not saying she should say it but neither should he. Both of them need to keep their emotions out of his time with the other parent becaus ethat is going to give him a complex of having to "act" sad to be leaving that parent to "please" them.

@Farrahs autotune... I wont lie I kinda laughed at your last comment, I partly agree with it but when you said Javi shouldn't see him more than Jo ... that would mean what Javi has to move out during kails time with him leaving his bio son to ensure Jo gets more time than him? That bit made me laugh but I think you meant you don't like how Kailyn tries to make Javi out to be dad? In that case I agree, at times I get so angry because Kail says it's fine for him to call him dad, say how he is more a dad than Jo etc... i mean if Jo was a deadbeat fair enough but he isn't, he loves isaac and is an active dad who provides.

I'll admit that I can't stand Kail so much that I don't always remember to mention Jo's shortcomings, but I honestly don't think "I'll miss you" has the same weight as "it makes me sad when you go to daddy's house", and Kail says it all! The! Time. I think Jo has a little more right to miss him because Kail gets the majority of the time. I understand why mothers are the default for primary custody but I think that's wrong and people need to stop basing what's good or bad on stereotypes. Also I 100% agree that Jo moved first and that was totally selfish of him! But if he hadn't moved that'd just make Kail look worse because her move would've been way farther away.

Yeah I actually did mention Jo saying that to Isaac! They both need to STOP, poor kid can't please everyone

Nah he definitely didn't just say I'll miss you. He said something along the lines of wishing he could stay.
So Kail had less right to miss Isaac when he was leaving for 6 weeks...?
The whole thing where she tries to push Javi into the role of being Isaac's Father is disgusting when Jo is doing a decent job of it and Isaac looooves him.
Fair enough, I don't think it is wrong personally, but it depends on each individual case. I wouldn't say that the woman as main caregiver is a stereotype, it has too much basis in fact. Of course there are some brilliant single Fathers too.

Watch it back, it's saying the same kinda thing. I think kailyn has this mentality of thinking "i need him to know i hurt when he's not here so he feels loved" .. i think she isn't as well formed emotionally to know what is and isn't acceptable, Jo had a much better up bringing so i try to cut her some slack with certain things.
Jo is a good dad, I don't love kail but i like her, i think she tries hard and is a good mom, she came furthest out of all the girls when you measure where she started and where she is now BUT she does annoy me a lot, she is selfish with to her adults and she thinks she is always right. . I do get where you are coming from with stereotypes, there are great dads out there with great moms and they should get 50/50 but due to school, extra curriculars it doesn't work doing 50/50 and due to stereotype the mom gets first chance kinda thing. In saying that if there were less deadbeat dads maybe that could start to change.
I know in the UK we are making positive changes, if a man wants to be a stay at home dad and the mom goes to work they can get the same pay as a woman does in mat leave now.

I agree with you Beth. We never see the other girls cooking for their kids or playing with them or anything like that. Typically they're all either sitting around on the phone or gossiping with their friend. Its probably because that's what their producers tell them to do. They don't actually film their everyday life they actually film staged conversations for their dramas. Leah is one of the most hated mom on this show. Ok well they're all actually hated except for Chelsea she typically can do no wrong.. I try to cut most of the girls some slack cause I don't know what they're really like. I guess editing could really make them look ridiculous I don't know. Well except Jenelle I think they're trying to make her look better now.

I just don't agree with the school thing if both parents live in the same town. If anything that just makes 50/50 easier. One parent drops the kid off at school, other one picks them up. I'll just laugh if someday Isaac resents Kail for being so greedy and not giving him the time with his father that he deserves.

LOL I think I commented in the wrong place in a hurry. Anyway we'll just have to agree to disagree and I'll try to remember those of you who had this discussion so that I don't comment on your future "kail's a great mom" posts. But I still believe Isaac deserves just as much time with Jo as Kail and that'll be very hard to change. I guess I also feel passionate about it because I'm really close with my dad and I can honestly say if my parents were divorced and my mom did what Kail did, we prolly wouldn't even be speaking by this point.

I don't really comment much about Kail. As I said, I'm not her biggest fan.

You know what would of solved all this? Not moving away from your sons father... When you split up, your time with the child is also split up. You don't get 24/7 time just because you are the mother. It's absolutely ridiculous to say Kail can't miss her son, but it's also ridiculous to say Isaac spends the school year with Kail, and the entire summer. I would get it if Jo was a dead beat father, but he has always been in isaacs life. When Kail moved, she knew the courts would decide how time is spent with each parent. If she doesn't like it, then she should of thought about that before moving away. It's a hard sacrifice a million parents make a year!

Re read, entire term time away from Jo? No just the weekdays he gets weekends. The entire holidays with Kail? No I said split the big holiday in summer between the two of them and the smaller holidays all Jo.
I get your trying to be the voice of reason but not really a need, i think everyone agrees both are wrong partly .. also the point was already made about how jo moved away from isaac first so what he can move and she can't?
The only point i've really made was how 6 weeks is too long for a chld to be away from a mother if the mother is the full time parent like kail is, i think weekends at Jo, rotate holidays like they already do and then he gets them in the 2 week holidays 3X a year but during summer he gets 3 weeks and so does Kail .. how is that ridiculous?

I actually have not read all the comments or thumbed down anyone. I was simply stating my opinion obviously im a little too late for the party. It would be the same if Jo had primary custody. It's a tough situation to be in, and could of easily been avoided. Personally, I would never be able leave my son for 6 weeks, so I would never put myself in that situation. It's actually quite sad for Isaac that both his mother and father can't put their differences aside and make a schedule that is sensible for a 4 year old.

No need to jump down my throat, I actually think a split of summer would be easier for a young child

The thing is that Jo moved a couple hours away from their original location, maybe even an hour in a half. That distance you can still make an every weekend deal out of it. Kail moved what six hours away? (three hours thanks to Jo's move or something like that? So maybe more like 4 1/2?) and 3 hours every single weekend isn't as doable, so yes she's more in the wrong. And let's pretend I agreed with you for a second that six weeks with his actual father is too long (which I obviously don't and never will). Jo should still have full custody over the summer. If that means Kail gets him every other weekend then fine but he should have him the majority of the summer.

I'm with you Farrah's autotune. It's hard to feel sorry for Kail because she put herself in that situation. She chose moving over having Isaac all the time. It's her choice and she has to live with it.

Haha exactly! And not whine that "he's taking time away from me and my f*cking kid!" or whatever BS garbage she said in that episode. Oh and can't forget the gem "Well one reason I married Javi is so if he has to move for the airforce that I can take Isaac with me". She got lucky she's even living close to Jo because she could've ended up anywhere. Sorry but I don't respect her at all or believe she thinks about anyone's interests but her own and that isn't a "good mom" quality to me.

I'm not saying that I feel sorry for Kail. I'm saying that I think your idea that 6 weeks with Jo over summer isn't long enough is ridiculous.

I actually didn't mention anything about thumb downs, was that comment for me or someone else?
Not jumping down your throat just stating stuff that you has said that weren't a part of my "argument" at all, I don't take things personal and I think you are perfectly entitled to your own opinion so if it differs from mine that's fine :)
Well if Kail has isaac for the weekends in the summer that is 12 days in total, so could do 2 weeks jo, 2 weeks kail and 2 weeks Jo which would be more do able for a 4/5 year old.
Once again it isn't about what is fair for Kail and Jo, and Kail shouldn't be punished for moving, also the move Jo made was 1 and a half-2 hours, the move kailyn made was 3 hours from his house so its only an extra 1 hour/ 1 and a half that she made (please tell what is and isn't an acceptable move) and Kailyn makes the effort to drive to his house .. i know girls who have been spiteful bitches and moved 5 hours away and told the dad if they want to see his kid he will make the effort to travel 5 hours every weekend.
So I totally agree that if Kail had moved and said "Jo you have to drive to mine to get him" then yeah out of order but she makes the effort to drive that distance.

I don't agree with the "she's the nurturing mom and he should go out and work" argument of custody at all.. However if the parents live too far away for 50/50 custody than I think that for short holiday breaks (Christmas, spring break) Jo should get him the whole time and for the 6 week summer holidays than the custody should just reverse (with dad full time and then to Kail's every other weekend)
I think Jo should get all those days because he will miss out for the sake of Issac's school however 6 weeks without seeing your child AT ALL is a long time.. Jo never has to go that long during the year. Plus Issac is already used to an every other weekend schedule so it wouldn't be so hard to get used to.
It is all what they work out between each other- I just don't like it that Kail goes through all the court mediation and signs the documents and then decides it doesn't work and she gets to change it again! It's not all about you Kail and you're wasting a hell of a lot if time/money for the court system!

Kail has been court order to provide the transportation because she moved out of state without permission. That was part of their mediation- she isn't doing it out of the kindness of her heart!
Like I've said- it's not that I don't understand where Kail is coming from but she worked out this arrangement in court last year! In mediation they take everyone's needs/wants into consideration and come to the solution they think is fair. At the time it was Kail's #1 priority to live in her new house in another state.. So she had to give up some things to have that luxury.

@Beth and I think your idea that kids don't deserve equal time with their fathers/equal time with their fathers somehow isn't in their best interest is ridiculous. @hatethatiloveteenmom summers in the US are I think closer to 10 weeks, so he should have a lot of time with Jo and I think it should increase as he gets older, especially considering that kids go to all-summer camps all the time so I don't see how spending the summer at his dad's wouldn't be bad for him at all. @Childsupport totally agree! If Kail didn't have to drive Isaac all that way she wouldn't and if Jo didn't fight so hard for him he wouldn't even have the time he does, and I hope he continues to fight for his son because Isaac deserves it.

I was really surprised when Leah's kids ended up being so shy. Normally Aleah jumps at the chance for attention since she doesn't get it at home and Ali isn't normally that shy either.

I wouldn't be surprised if Leah threatened them before they went on stage to behave or else she would "whoop" them or something like that.

Cool name. And soon to be a very valid one!

Haha loved the video of them singing Wrecking Ball:)

What the heck is with all your downvotes?!

So I haven't watched it. But did any of you that did, get the vibe that this is it? And they are finished with TM2? Or do you think Chelsea having a boyfriend, Leah's custody battles and Jenelle getting Jace back are worth them doing Season 6?

I thought they were doing another season. I like need to see this new bf of Chelsea's. I'm happy for her. Someone get me one. The Kail thing is really old, although if they break up that could be entertaining. I could die happy not seeing Nathan on my screen again but I will put up with him for babs. And yea leah's stuff is kind meh, but curious to see who gets custody.

There are some people that I want to get a boyfriend even more than I want one for myself, and Chelsea was one of them. I would love for him to be her prince charming, and for everything to work out for her! So yeah, I suppose Chelsea's happiness is worth me dying alone.

By the way, not sure if anyone's seen this, but I ran across this on Twitter yesterday. I think as long as the MTV gravy train is there, Nathan will be there too. But when the teat runs dry...so long Nathan.


Scroll down to the image with Nathan's message.

Ugh I wish MTV would fire him. I mean if Kanye can stay off the Kardashians they can still film TM just fine without him. Even if they stay together I just don't want to see him. He's too gross. I already have to look away from the TV whenever he comes on.


So nathan actually posted that? If so why does she still have him around?

Damn good question. I can only guess that either she doesn't know, he told her it was fake, or she knows and doesn't care because her whole life is a sham, and in her mind, everything is lollipops, rainbows and unicorns.

I guess there are a few possibilities if this is real.
1. She doesn't know about it (she doesn't pay attention to haters, right?)
2. Nathan told her it was fake
3. She knows about it but doesn't care because her whole life is a sham and in her mind, everything is lollipops, rainbows and unicorns.

Whoopsie doo, sorry for the double post.

It's supposedly already been renewed but won't be aired for another year or so

MTV is so not done with these girls. They'll be back. But, are we in an almost 3-month break from teen pregnancy? It's my understanding that TM1 will be back around the time Trap Baby is supposed to be born.

We have a new season of the original Teen Mom, it will be airing sometime next year. Maybe after that there will be a season 6 of Teen Mom 2. I think TM2 has a greater following than TM1. I'm pretty sure it'll be back as long as all the girls are on board.

They kept promoting the final episode as the season finale and not series finale so I'd say they definitely are going to keep filming.


Sure glad this conversation was worth putting your girlses lives in danger. Your UNBUCKLED girlses. Driving without even remotely looking at the road.

And this sure brought up a much deeper issue Leah just brushed off. Is she banging Corey? I'm gonna say probably not, at least for Miranda's sake I reallyyyy hope not, but she's sure awful guity sounding. Nonononononuuhhhhhhh. See this is how it is. Ok Percocet Princess.

She wishes she was banging Corey. OMG THOUGH LOL!!!!!!!!! He wouldn't even be surprised if she came out and said she was banging him. He's so worried about it! He shouldn't be Corey clearly upgraded.

Yeah...when pretty much any of these girls drive, you almost expect it to be like in front of a green screen like in movies. But, sadly, it's not. It's sad.

Yes, this completely family friendly conversation absolutely needed to happen in front of the unbuckled girlses right then. Because all four year olds should be aware when their dad is wearing their stepdads shorts and it's somehow moms fault.

I shouldn't laugh but I couldn't help it

It reminds me of that Friends episode where Monica thinks her maid is stealing her clothes and she can prove she has her pants because there's an ink stain on the leg

Ahhh bingo! I knew I had heard something about an ink stain on pants before, that's what I was thinking of

For those with Netflix starting New Year's Day they'll be streaming Friends :)