Teen Mom 2 Season 5b: Episode 2 Recap

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tmj-jenelleEditors Note - As I mentioned yesterday, Megan is gone for a few days, but fear not, the Teen Mom 2 recap is still here. We have someone new who wants to write for us, and this is her first piece.

Nothing like jumping right into the fire. Please be kind!

Jenelle -

As seen on last episode Jenelle's charges were dropped, but Nathan's were not. Jenelle reveals she is going to school to be a medical assistant.

Jenelle comes over to Barbara's and tells her that her charges her dropped but Nathan has to go to jail for 30 days.

Barbara expresses concern that Nathan is violent and that she hopes he has learned his lesson, and is also worried about Jenelle being alone for 30 days since she's never been without a guy.

Jenelle and Nathan's lawyer call and tell them the plea has to be moved a week earlier than originally planned.

She also calls to warn them that people have seen Nathan driving around which he is obviously not allowed to do.

Nathan swears up and down that just Jenelle drives or he "walks to the gym." He claims he is being charged with a DUI he does not deserve and is depressed that he has to miss some of the pregnancy.

Later Nathan and Jenelle come home after Nathan has been drinking all day. They get into an argument about Nathan's drinking habits where he gets very defensive when Jenelle tells him that he binge drinks and makes dumb decisions when he drinks.

He then says "Why am I with you? I just use you," which absolutely comes out of the blue, and Jenelle says he is putting words into his own mouth. She remains surprisingly calm compared to most arguments we've seen.

They both come to the conclusion they need to quit fighting, especially since Nathan is going to jail in a week, and they want Kaiser to grow up in a household without arguing.

Kailyn -

Javi breaks the news that he has to work in Texas for a month, and Kailyn expresses worry about being alone with the kids since it will be their first time away from one another since basic training.

Later Kailyn meets up with some friends and expresses it might be good that Javi is leaving for a month because they have been fighting a lot and it could be a good break.

She tells them that she going to extend an invitation to Jo and also to Vee, and admit that it was immature for her to be upset about Vee being in Jo's life.

She calls Jo and tells him she would like to invite Jo and Vee to Issac's 4th birthday party which is very refreshing to see. Jo says that he will have to speak to Vee about it and seems pretty apprehensive about it.

Jo and Vee discuss it and Vee explains that she feels awkward going.

Jo says he doesn't mind missing it because he already had a birthday for Issac.

They both express they need to make the co-parenting situation but for some reason this time they decide going to the birthday is not a good idea.

Issac's 4th birthday comes up and Kailyn and Javi seem pretty insulted that Vee and Jo did not show up.

Kail tells her friends that she would have gone to Jo's house if she had been invited because she would want to see where Issac is living.

The birthday goes on with a bunch of friends, family, and a very sleepy and grumpy Issac that does not care to open presents.

Chelsea -

Chelsea is still having problems with her obtaining her license.

Her job informs her that the rules have changed and she cannot work without a license, so for now her job is also on hold. It sounds like she'll be able to come back once everything is squared away.

Chelsea is in the process of moving to her new house, and decides to ask her friend Chelsea Grace (different Chelsea, I know confusing), to come move in with her.

Adam tells his friend that he gets Aubree every other weekend and would like more visitation.

Chelsea and her friend all move into the new house where Aubree picks out her room, and they all seem pretty excited about it.

Chelsea gets a letter from the Department of Labor which unfortunately informs Chelsea that she still cannot have her license.

The reason is so bizarre...it states that based on tweets from Chelsea's friend Landon, that he hired her and the wedding was not a one time job.

She still does not have the results whether she passed the license or not.


Overwhelmed with the girls, Leah asks her grandma to come help out so she can go to her part time job at the tanning salon.

Ali could not go to school because she was complaining about pain in her legs which is really heartbreaking to see.

Leah is working at a tanning salon and says how she feels thankful that she has family support to watch the girls so she can work.

She also explains how she feels so overwhelmed with three kids, and especially because Ali is complaining about pain.

Leah drops the girls off to Corey, and Corey reads a letter from the insurance company basically saying they have not been approved for the wheelchair because there is not enough medical evidence to prove she needs one.

Without the insurance covering it, the wheelchair will cost $20,000.

Leah tells Corey that he needs to call and push for the wheelchair because it is needed for school, and also because Ali feels free and can keep with Aleeah when she's in the wheelchair.

Later Leah meets with a friend and tells her how overwhelmed and stressed out she's been lately.

She says that with Corey not coming to terms with the wheelchair, the insurance, and Jeremy being gone all the time, that she feels alone raising the kids.

She also tells her friend that she's thinking of seeing a professional because of all the depression and anxiety she's feeling with everything.


I need an outline of all of the friends of teen mom 2 girls. I feel like I never see the same friends twice for Kailyn. Ever.

That would be a really great project. I would also be interested to see where the original groups of friends from the 16 and pregnant episodes are in life. The only friends I am fairly certain have stood the test of time have been Leah's friend Kayla, and Chelsea's friend Megan.

kailyn has peach and gigi, wasn't gigi the one that introduced her to javi?

Dude that episode was depressing. Even Isaac the eternal optimist wasn't feeling it.

Welcome mystery guest writer! Thanks for your detailed recap :)

Babs and that slide had me dying. Although I felt bad when it hit her nephew :(

"Whoopsie doops!" LOL

I agree, Isaac was acting weird. I was impressed with Kail tho, she didn't just let him slide because it was his birthday she still scolded him and acted like his mom. We didn't see the birthday cake scene but so far this is the first birthday we haven't seen her cry at.

If there's one thing I will give Kail credit for it's her parenting techniques. Even if she can be selfish with Isaac's time, it's only because she loves him so much. That doesn't mean Jo doesn't love him and deserve him just as much, which is where Kail's shitty attitude can come out. But the reason they fight and go to court about it is because they both just love him and want to be with him more. Kail as a person is an entitled, negative, know-it-all human being. I don't think I'd want to be friends with her. But Isaac is a generally joyful, well-behaved, people-pleasing child. Despite all of the shortcomings in her personality, it's very unlikely that the way she parents Isaac had nothing to do with that.

I love your comment, and I could not agree with it more. As much as well all give Kail hell for her personality and general "everything that happens in the world should be on my terms," Isaac seems like a truly well-adjusted child. Kudos to both Kail, Jo and Jo's family.

I feel like they are brain washing him...it's awful

Gosh Nathan is such a turn off for me- like literally everything about him, his style, his personality. Oh and um you did "deserve" to get a DUI because you drove drunk asshole

I can't even look at him when he's on the screen, I have to look away or at something else in the shot. His face reminds me of Anders Breivik, the guy that assassinated a bunch of teenagers in Norway a few summers ago. Just an ugly person from the inside that seeps through to the outside.

"At least while I'm in jail I'm not out driving and getting another DUI I DON'T DESERVE." Nathan is so nasty it disgusts me - absolutely NO responsibility or accountability for a damn thing he does. Remember last season's finale when he was telling Jenelle he thought maybe she shouldn't give birth to the Roll? He said something about how it was Jenelle's fault for introducing him to Jace, now that he's gotten to know Jace and really likes and feels attached to the kid, so it's her fault if they break up and he won't have Jace to be around anymore. Like WTF? Nathan couldn't say, "I really don't want to meet your son so early in our relationship..."? The resisting arrest wasn't his fault either, the dog being stolen from their yard wasn't his fault at all (no, people shouldn't steal from your property but most sane people, esp. those that are "infamous" in their community like these two turd whistles are, don't leave valuables unattended in their yards). Nathan and Jenelle are nothing but pathetic excuses - and sad to say it but if the Roll had popped out of the oven with some birth defect caused either by Jenelle's drug use or through no fault of the physician's, you KNOW that MD would be sued for malpractice out the ass. Because it's ALWAYS someone else's fault, but NEVER Jenelle or Nathan's.

Turd whistlers!! Haha ON POINT!

His face is always puffy with alcoholic bloat.

Nathan: "I think I may be dwink, drinking too much too occasionally"
Me: "You are an irresponsible, immature, arrogant asshole who has been caught driving drunk THREE times. You heard your unborn baby's heartbeat and then uttered 'the baby may as well be dead because we fight all the time'. I pity your daughter, Jace and Kaiser. You need anger management classes, parenting classes, and rehab before you are allowed near any children. I would revoke your driver's licence permanently. Parenting is a privilege and blessing, neither of which you have earned. Grow the hell up!"

Right? What the FUCK kind of comment is "It sucks that I got a DUI I didn't deserve." Umm, excuse me? Should every person driving on the road have to be worried that your stupid ass is going to cause an accident? All I can say is, thank God he got caught. Every scumbag who drives drunk deserves every punishment they receive. In fact, I think DUI's should have much, much worse consequences.

Chelsea - GET OFF THE DAMN PHONE WHILE YOU ARE DRIVING!!! Seriously.. Texting and talking on the phone can be just as dangerous as speeding and drinking. You are distracted and not paying full attention to the road. She harps all over Adam (completely deserved by way), but finds talking on the phone completely fine. It's naive.

Leah- Jesus strap your child in the high chair!! If she can stand up in it, she needs to be strapped down or the tray put closer so she can't!

Kail - passive aggressive. Tries to be all nice and over vee, then gets completely catty when they don't do what she wants. You are not the boss of Jo and vee

Jenelle- literally the only one who didn't piss me off this episode. That fight was totally nathan being drunk and an idiot. I laughed at all the stumbling of words he did. Jenelle remained calmed and that was a big thing for her!

Wonder if Jenelle was high high high on weed and that's why she was so calm? But still it was great to see. Nathan is such a slimeball

Right when I saw her in that scene the first thing I thought is "high, high, you're definitely high."

Nathan doesn't want to miss any moment of Jenelle's pregnancy because of jail, but he's totally okay with being blacked out drunk for most of it (not to mention the last few weeks Kaiser has been alive).
That makes sense.

I completely agree about Kail. If you're going to try to be mature and invite them you know there's a possibility they won't come. The maturity went out the window as soon as her expectations weren't met

I had a nasty thought: what if she has to remain calm because she's afraid of what Nathan might do?

That was the first thing I thought.

That's really sad and probably true. She probably feels stuck, too. She doesn't know how to be single, or ever really wants to be so she stays in abusive and damaging relationships so she doesn't have to be alone

That was the first time I actually felt bad for her. You could see how bad she wants to be loved, but she is looking for it in all the wrong places. Jace will love her unconditionally and be with her forever but she doesn't see that.

I cringe whenever Leah's kids are climbing on furniture, counters, in and out of cribs/play pens and not buckled properly into chairs and car seats. It's an accident waiting to happen. It's like she just doesn't give a shit about all the safety hazards in her house. I'm surprised none of those kids have seriously hurt themselves yet.

Don't even get me started on the talking/texting and driving. Chelsea and Leah are the worst. Apparently they don't have hands free laws in their states, but they should. So irresponsible.

BABY Addi standing on her high chair, leaning over the lid, unattended. Wobbly Ali is standing on a chair, next to the high chair, with her weak, sore legs. Last week baby Addi was sucking the cap, on a bottle of lotion, damn lucky it did not come off, while L&J were fighting. I once saw the twins licking a HOTEL room wall, horror bugs. Aubree opened the oven door and there is a towel ON the stovetop while the stove is on. Isaac 4 wheeling down the middle of the road, no helmet. Jace then attempts to whack a kid’s head with a slide, while Babs shows him how to really do it. But the thing that freaks me out every episode are the moms driving. One is always bawling while driving, while texting/talking on the phone, with the kids in the car. Shudder to think of Adam or RoidBoy driving ever. The car seat use on this show is scary, as are the F-bombs. And let that gorgeous, energetic husky out of the cage, no jobs, no kids, big house, still he gets crated. Grrr...I am a cranky bitch today.

The car seat use is the thing that bothers me so much about these moms, going back to 16 and pregnant even. I am a mother and you better bet my child is properly strapped in his car seat EVERY time he's in the car. It's extremely dangerous to not be. My cousin was in an accident as an 8 month old, and the only reason he is alive today is because of the car seat. He made out with bruised ribs and a small hairline fracture. His life was saved because he was strapped in properly. People like Alex piss me off. Arabella was never strapped in properly. The chest clip is meant to be up at the chest, not the freaking belly.... Or when she turned him infant forward. Naive

I agree with you, as a NICU nurse I have seen the outcome of car accidents with babies and kids, it is a nightmare. I think before a baby is discharged from the hospital, parents should be required to watch a 5 minute video. Show them the results of crashes when car seats are not used properly and how to use them correctly.
I am adamant about educating parents. The other thing this MTV frequently shows are the babies/newborns left on an adult bed. I have seen many of these babies left to sleep/nap on soft surfaces such as adult mattresses, duvets and blankets. Another danger are cribs with bumper pads and full of blankets/toys. Bumper pads cause many deaths and are banned in many places. Never ever hang a blanket over the side of a playpen or crib either as babies have suffocated when they slip down. It may sound paranoid but baby deaths are real, tragic and sometimes preventable. Baby equipment such as car seats, cribs, swings are NOT the things to skimp on/buy used. They are investments in a precious life & safety, cutback elsewhere.

I agree, jenelle came off as the most mature in the episode... JENELLE!!!!! Whats the matter with that comment?! Although I totally felt for Leah she's really hurting for her daughter she's not just being selfish in this one.

So one of Jenelles fan pages posted a photo of Kai. I commented and asked how long it will be until Babs has him. Someone replied: "Never, this is her chance to prove to people like you she can actually do it this time, she has come a long way since Jace was born and I think she will continue to do better. I guarantee it, besides her mom doesn't want another one she didn't even want to give up Jace, her mom forced her into it she wants her children like any other mom and I am glad she can take care of them now the past year she has come a LONG way."
So she wasn't just photographed taking shots at a bar two weeks after his birth? She wasn't at the beach the day or so after he was brought home? There isn proof she wa drinking/smoking while pregnant? Alrighty then.

It's so annoying when her fans say she was forced to give up Jace. No she wasn't. She could of fought Barbara in court, but she chose to not be a mother and gave him to Babs. She used the lame excuse that she had no money. A real mother would work 10 jobs to get money and fight for her child. Jenelle didn't want to be a mother at 16. It was her choice and she was not forced!

I asked her to enlighten me on how much Jenelle has accomplished. No response.
The only thing Jenelle has "accomplished" for lack of a better term was get off heroine which she replaced with some other drug. So in reality he hasn't really accomplished anything.

The sad thing is for jenelle she really has come a long way. If she didn't have a child she'd be doing amazing I'd agree but she does have a child so the little progress she has made just isn't enough.

Exactly. And she wouldn't have even been in that predicament if she'd just taken care of him in the first place. She was only "forced" because she wasn't parenting.

I wonder what would have happened if Barbara had been more like Maddy's mom. After a month, Jenelle was out and on her own. I remember her threatening Barbara that she would take Jace and leave. Of course, it was a hollow threat and she never would have gone through with it. But, what if Barbara had said "fine, pack your stuff up and leave". And stuck with it. It's sort of frightening but, at the same time, I wonder if Jenelle would have stepped up if forced to be a parent. No more help from mom while she went out, partied and got high. Either that or CPS would be called and she would be facing lots of jail time for neglect and/or endangering a child.

I don't understand how someone can defend her. Two people have responded to my comment but haven't answered my question. The second person only called me dumb and told me she's a good mom. I mean, asking what she's done is a legit question. Further proves she's just a piece of shit

Jenelle and Nathan had no right whatsoever to bring a baby into the world. Neither of them are stable, nor is their relationship. There is the issue of drug and alcohol abuse from both of them. Neither of them can stay away from cops/lawyers/jail for more than one year. You do not have another baby when neither of you have custody of the children you already have.
They say they wanted to be parents, well NEWSFLASH they already have 2 children. They owe those 2 children a parent. A responsible, reliable and loving parent would regain (some) custody of the child they have first. This would have been the only proof I would accept that they were ready to have one together. The fact they discarded and replaced their current kids is proof that they are too selfish to parent any child.

Jenelle could have fought for Jace. I actually got into it with one of her fans too! Lol I'm raising my fiance's son (along with him of course) and my fiances ex is WAY worse than Jenelle. We believe a child needs both parents in their life. But I pray that she signs over her rights until she realizes she has a serious problem and gets help. She has put him through hell. Abandons him 75% of the year then treats him terribly the times she does have him. We're in the process of full custody. I don't want her to not be in his life, but I have to protect him from the environment she puts him in. That's the only reason I think Jenelle did the best thing by signing jace over to babs. My stepson has witnessed more than a lot

Sorry my stupid phone cut out lol my stepson has witnessed more in 7 years than a lot of adults. Jace will definitely have abandonment issues, but at least he didn't witness horrible things (I hope anyway). My stepson has extreme fear anytime we so much as leaves the room. We are investing in a lot of therapy.. some people don't deserve the beautiful gift of children. Jenelle never should have had another child without having custody of Jace, making sure Jace is okay as far as issues and stability and at least meeting personal goals! Sorry for the rant, jenelles story line brings me to my stepson and I could bitch all day about his "mother".

Although it was nice to see her communicate like a normal person this episode, I am soo sick of hearing her talk about jail time, facing charges, talking to lawyers, its the same shit every episode every season. And the charges they are dealing with now are from last season, when she told us we would see a miracle story. I'm so sick of it, its so old her segments bore me so much

Her segments are what bring the ratings though. Someone likes it. I agree though, it is getting old. Her drama is the same every season. However, so far this season she herself does seem to be doing better. She's spending more time with Jace and screaming a lot less.

I managed to look away from Leah's hair disaster to notice this sign in the kitchen (of all places): "Dust is a country accent". A cute sign if your house isn't actually filthy!

Yeah it was really bad....babies crawlin around everywhere, hair a hot mess. I just feel bad for Leah honestly she's so in over her head that even her hair is rejecting her lifestyle.

Thank God she lost the weave. She has nice real hair. Not so sure about the Kate Gosselin do but it's better than the "purple crap" and the soaked bleached/dark skunk hair.

Eh I didn't think it was that bad in the tanning salon scene. It looked better then it has in a while... in my opinion.

My husband asked me if she had dreads... lol

DREADS?! LOL..now that's funny!

Watched this last night with my husband... very few favorite points that I can recall except Babs with the slide, Babs saying Jenelle has a 'lucky court star' (lol) and seeing dumbass Nathan in the skin tight polo... My husband's comment was Who in the hell dresses like that?!?

I was really disappointed in Chelsea this episode, although not surprised. She clearly promised something to Aubree but couldn't resist opening the bad news mail in her car and whatever the promise was to Aubree went out the window so that Chelsea could have her little drama moment and cry to dad. While driving. And being a complete bitch to her daughter.

Insert Nathan's Seal Clap Here.

"Good job Barbara"

*clap* *clap* *clap*

***Passive aggressively seal claps at you and takes a shot***

And then gets in the car and drives...

and then bitches about getting a DUI he DIDN'T DESERVE!

And then "doesn't resist arrest"

And says he got another CHILDS "TAKEN" away like Jenelle got Jace "TAKEN" away.

Someone change their name to Lucky Court Stah immediately. I also thought about Kaiser means EmperAH

Trap Baby..I changed my name for you! And because when Babs said that last night I about died laughing!

-Sophias Binkie


I wish I could change my username to "Lucky Court Stah!", damn it!

Did you see that weird ass red tank top too?

My husband and I were both like "oh for the love of God..." when he came out wearing it. At that point, my husband was done and played candy crush the rest of the episode lol

Yes!!! Cut up t-shirt and so gross.

And with that, Nathan's up another level on the douche-bag index. He truly is an orange version of Adam, what with his cut-up shirts, DUI's, inability to accept any accountability for his crimes, ego, lousiness as a parent and romantic partner, and cruel words regarding his children ("might as well fucking be dead" versus "show me where to sign the papers over for that mistake").

Does anyone remember that show on MTV years ago called Undateable? I remember one of the things they talked about was guys in tank tops! Nathan is UNDATEABLE! LMAOOOO!!!!

Nathan dresses so strangely. Unless they are constantly going to and from court or church, I don't know why he's always in polo's and ties. I'm pretty sure they are just sitting around the house. He certainly isn't going to work.

I am willing to bet, if the camera pans down, you will see Nathan is all dressed up head to toe...and wearing Jenelle's more classier court heels.

That's a beautiful image, thank you for that. LOL

I still cringe when I remember the tighty whity picture Jenelle poisoned us with on twitter a while back. Ew ew we make it stop!!!!!

Hahahaha remember on the reunion show when she said the naked picture she thought was Nathan was actually Channing Tatum? I don't believe that for a second.

Valkyrie, I remember that! I just remember watching that and thinking, who is Channing Tatum sending half naked pics to and why isn't it me? LOL

I met his wife this weekend at comic con. I was kinda like ok cool but where is your hot husband? LOL

WATCH OUT CHANNING!! Tatum's Trap Baby is looooking for you! Teehee ;-)

Do any of yall watch Witches of East End? I met Killian and Wendy and it made my life. Killian is GORGEOUSSSSSSSSSS

I've always wanted to go to Comic Con. For no other reason than it just looks so damn cool and fun! Hope you had enough fun for both of us!

Where I live, they have dumbass knockoffs of it, which I wouldn't go to if someone paid me! LOL!

So Trap Baby did you see the Supernatural sexy's? I read somewhere both Jensen Ackles and Jared Padelecki (sp?) were there.

Hahahaha I loved that Barbara finally said something about how she ALWAYS gets away with everything she does when it comes to the law.

"Because Juh-NELLE thinks she's above the LAW."

Was I the only one that noticed the clip of Jenelle "mothering" baby Kaiser in the season previews?
At first I was like, damn someone gave Jenelle a baby to watch so she can get some practice with a newborn (I mean he was born less than a month ago, so I thought MTV wouldn't show footage that recent.) But then I grew a brain and saw the baby's face up close and it was in fact Kaiser.
It was actually a bit shocking to see Jenelle in that scene because for a moment she didn't seem fake and seemed like she actually loved this child enough to be his mother; however, this is Jenelle and I'm not naive, so I didn't get overly excited because things are not always what they appear to be and can change in an instant.
It did make me feel sad for Jace though because we never seen her act like that with Jace in her whole 16 and Pregnant and TM 2 episodes. It seems she never bonded with him and treated him like dirt because he was an inconvenience to her, but Kai is like her royal baby who will get love and attention from her because he's her second chance baby.
:( Sorry for the rambling

As far as the episode:

Jenelle-Meh. Nathan is an ass. I'm going to Myrtle Beach for a short vacation next week, so if I see him I'll be sure to smack him around a bit ;)I am very surprised by Jenelle. In a way she seems a bit tired of Nathan, but I also think she feels stuck. She used to take up for him and try to justify his actions, but it just seems like now she's seeing the reality of the situation and realizes if Nathan pulls this shit around Kai then she will lose him and I think Jenelle will do ANYTHING to keep this baby. I may be totally off, but it was nice to see her react like a normal person; instead, of a screaming banshee. It's still early in the season, so I'm probably giving her too much credit!
Oh and the DUI thing really pissed me the fuck off! What a fucking bastard! YOU CHOSE TO DRIVE DRUNK THEREFORE YOU CHOSE TO GET A DUI.

Leah-OMG seeing Ali complain about her pain totally broke my heart! I feel bad for Leah, but I also can't stand how she talks to Corey. Honey, you are not special when it comes to an insurance company! Everyone has had to go through some type of approval through their insurance company and everyone has been denied at least once in their life! It's not Corey's fault the fucking insurance company deemed it to be unnecessary (which I don't agree with because clearly Ali needs some sort of assistance at certain times. She shouldn't have to suffer if there is a simple solution to keep her out of pain!) What I don't understand is why doesn't she call the insurance company herself. I hope someone has told her she has a right to do it being the childs mother and primary care giver. If she thinks things aren't being done right, pick up the damn phone and call them! There is a process for everything in life. Leah needs to realize just because she's on a TV show doesn't mean she is given special privileges. She has to go through the same process as everyone else. If she wants to get the wheelchair faster buy the thing with your MTV money until the insurance caves and approves it and then they will reimburse you.

Chelsea-Blah! I do wonder the way Chelsea talks about the situation something is not right. I don't think Chelsea is telling the truth because she is being very vague and seems very deceptive each time she talks about the issue. If she has nothing to hide get an affidavit from the wedding party that she was not paid or compensated in any way.

Kailyn- She was very passive aggressive. I wouldnt have came to the party either just because her tone was so bitchy. Why would they want to go be the outcast at Isaac's birthday party? I seriously want to smack Javi my damn self each and every time he mentions Jo. He is a complete asshole that needs to learn his place. I cannot wait until he is going through the same thing. He is a very fucking creepy dude and needs to check his self. He almost seems like a fucking stalker. Leave Isaac the hell alone and worry about your own damn son. Although I can't stand Kail I've wanted to high five her when she puts Javi in his place about Jo. If my husband was like that I would put him in his place too! Isaac has a wonderful dad, so Javi needs to back the fuck off and learn the stepdad role.
I wonder why they scheduled the birthday party at a time when Isaac takes a nap. Generally nap times happen around the same time period everyday. She could have also let him nap earlier in the day. It's not that big of a deal but she is his mother, and knows if he's a bit moody after a nap so work around the nap for one day so everyone can enjoy the party.
I would have crawled under the table and died from embarrassment if my child acted like that. I am glad Kail reprimanded him because he was acting like an ungrateful brat (he's generally a sweet kid, but even sweet kids have their moments too). I think next time a little pre planning would do a world of good for Kail lol

sorry for this novel guys

The insurance thing annoyed me too. Leah doesn't understand how insurance companies work. They dont give you what you want in 5 minutes. Corey can call and call and call, but it won't do anything. Insurance works on their time. Not a tv stars time!

...and we use the term "star" loosely.

I cut Leah a lot of slack in this episode. I think she's genuinely frustrated because she wants to help Ali. Corey is kind of against the wheelchair so in her head he's not trying hard enough to get it. It's not fair I agree but I don't think she's purposely being a bitch or a diva I think she really just thinks this wheelchair is going to help Ali. I think any mother in her position would act the same. I don't think it's just a leah thing.

Corey isn't against the wheelchair. He seems to be against Ali being completely dependant on it while she can still walk around. There is no way around hurrying up insurance. It takes time and Leah needs to understand that. It sucks, but that's the way insurance companies work

Besides, Leah, have you ever tried to call an insurance company? Good luck trying to actually talk to a person. People will be on hold for hours waiting. Ain't nobody got time for dat!

I posted something similar about the Chelsea situation. Something is very off. She doesn't really explain the situation well and seems to be hiding something. I agree the way Chelsea and Landon word things regarding the situation is clearly shady.
I'm willing to bet she got paid for it and she didn't think it would catch up to her. Now she's trying to cover her ass and she's not doing a very good job, Bad mouthing the state on national television because they won't let you get your licence because you've gotten yourself into a shady situation is not very smart. To be honest I don't think daddy's money is going to resolve this issue. The state usually has to have solid evidence before they can take action like this, so I think Chelsea is leaving out something.

This was posted in the wrong section. It's meant for the comment below this :)

Wait. But I thought the same thing about the nap. You know when your kid takes naps why wouldn't they schedule it around his nap? Sure Isaac was rude, but you can expect him to be a prince if he just woke up

I saw the thing with Jenelle yea. UGH it always comes off so detached and so fake to me. It was nicer to see than her connection with Jace when he was first born though holy shit.

Nathan totally does NOT deserve that DUI! I mean it wasn't him driving totally drunk and then totally didn't cooperate! Not his fault though. He doesn't deserve it! LMAO. Janelle was actually surprising in this episode. Very calm. Probably from the weed. And of course I loved the Babs scene with the slide. Of course Kail and her passive aggressive behavior didn't surprise me. I'm not giving her kudos for trying to work it out with Vee. She's only doing it because it would look bizarre if at this point she didn't invite them. If not, then everyone would notice how she's still really stuck on Jo and rushed into a marriage with Javi. Lincoln and Issac are just so cute I don't know how they came from her! In this episode he really irritated me by talking smack about Jo. Onward... Does Chelsea call Randy EVERY time something happens? It's not like he can change the situation- it's basically him listening to her bitch about her life. Oh poor Ali :( I hate that MD is causing her pain already. Leah! Fix your god awful hair!

You know I really think Chelsea did get paid. I think she messed up and broke the law thinking oh I won't get caught, but she's on TV and while not famous well known so of course she's gonna get caught. I bet that's what's coming back to screw her. Sorry chels, that's real life daddy can't always bail you out. ..

I think that's what happened too trashtv :)

did you notice Landons wording " no checks were written" about the situation lol so she got paid in cash

Exactly! She messed up and got caught and now she's throwing a tantrum to daddy and cursing up a storm with her child in the car... her whining is getting annoying now.

I think it has more to do with her working at the Spa. Yes the wedding she did with Landon (for free...lol OK) had to do with it as well, but I think the Spa has more to do with it. I mean the owner got reviewed and told Chelsea couldn't work unless licensed, I'm pretty sure MTV has used its beautiful editing skills to make it look like its mainly just the wedding issue.
Also, this Chelsea and Aubree's whinning really bugged me this episode. I'm sooo done with her calling her dad for EVERYTHING. I get it, but damn girl can you ever for once sit down and try to figure shit out on your own first? I'm sure she's already got randy on dial by the time she's starting to read the letter!

I know, she really was acting like a spoilt brat this episode. Randy doesnt get much of a break by the sounds of it. I wonder if the girl whos hair and makeup they did for the wedding went on twitter or insta and wrote
'Like OMG Chelsea and Landon did my hair and make up!'
And some Chelsea haters screenshot it and sent it to the board.

I don't know if it was just me, or the editing, but it seemed like when Chelsea just picked up her phone to call Randy, Aubree was already like "I wanna talk to Papa!" like she already knew that's who her mom was gonna call!

I'm sure Aubree knows by now that every time Mommy is upset, she calls Randy.


I posted something similar about the Chelsea situation. Something is very off. She doesn’t really explain the situation well and seems to be hiding something. I agree the way Chelsea and Landon word things regarding the situation is clearly shady.
I’m willing to bet she got paid for it and she didn’t think it would catch up to her. Now she’s trying to cover her ass and she’s not doing a very good job, Bad mouthing the state on national television because they won’t let you get your licence because you’ve gotten yourself into a shady situation is not very smart. To be honest I don’t think daddy’s money is going to resolve this issue. The state usually has to have solid evidence before they can take action like this, so I think Chelsea is leaving out something

Yes. Chelsea calls randy every time something happens. Because she needs his money and doesn't have any real friends to talk to.

Yep, she calls Randy EVERY TIME! I wonder why she never calls her mom? I mean, I know she's closer to her dad, but in some situations, it seems like she'd want her mothers opinion.

Jenelle: PFFFFT we all know Nathan is still driving without a license. People dissect Jenelle's instagram pictures like a damn science fair project and she always uses this lame excuse: "oh my phone flipped the picture." He's such a meat head and his creepy face makes me want to go Hard Candy on his ass. Also, Barbara's angry face would have terrified me as a child. Poor Jace is just like "OH SHIT RUN AWAY!"

Leah: I know you're stressed out but please, watch your fucking kids. They were playing in the kitchen like it was a playground. She's seriously pissing me off this season: texting while driving, ignoring Aleeah, climbing in a crib with an infant, talking about inappropriate topics in front of her kids, letting her kids climb on counters, the list goes on and on...

Chelsea: Maybe it's just me but I don't think it's a good idea to live with a close friend. I've seen a lot of friendships fall apart over bills, rent, privacy, etc. It just seems weird to me that she's a new homeowner and she basically asks her friend to rent a room. That's really all I noticed about her segment. That, and Aubree calling her out for "using a word."

Kail: Vee may have a right to feel awkward about going to the party, but if I were in her shoes I would have just sucked it up for Jo's and Isaac's sake. Kail extended an olive branch and that is RARE. The distraction of the party would make it far less awkward then meeting up as a small group. As for Isaac, I didn't like how Kail handled that situation. She should have put him down for a nap before the party. That whole situation was so awkward.

Yeah I think she was being a little crazy about the Isaac party situation as well. The kid just woke up, don't expect him to be all hyper and opening presents at warped speed. Give him some time to adjust to everyone being in his living room all of a sudden. I don't think he was being an ungrateful child at all.

I think it was unfair to Isaac to drag him from a dead sleep into a room full of people. He was obviously very tired, and like any of us, needed time to wake up. He seemed overwhelmed and near tears. I am a firm parent and manners are a priority with me. However I felt sorry for Isaac. Calling him a brat in front of everyone, at his party, was not right. As a guest,I would have felt very uncomfortable in the silence that followed that comment. It would have been more effective, less awkward for guests and more productive, to take him aside and talk to him. He deserved that respect, especially on his birthday. I think Kail's scolding was more about her issue with Jo not showing up, not Isaac's behaviour.

I just wanted to say your name makes my life every time I see it.

When Nathan said he wasn't driving over the phone to the lawyer Jenelle's facial expression looked like she knew he was straight up lying but couldn't say anything.

I think what happened was Isaac was taking a nap and was woken up for the party. She should have timed his nap better so he was well rested and awake before everyone came.

He and Jenelle are both terrible liars. Jenelle always looks around/away when she's lying. Couldn't see Nathan's face when he said he wasn't driving, but his fake surprised tone of voice was clear enough to me.

I would agree with you if Jo hadn't thrown Isaac his own birthday party, but I think since they did acknowledge his birthday and Kail had, up to that point, made things horribly awkward, it's ok that she wasn't quite ready yet. I imagine the next year they might be able to do a joint party since later on this season we're supposed to see them trying to get along better, but for that time it was just too soon.

If Jo has his own party for Isaac then I don't see why it's a big deal if he doesn't attend Kail's party for him. An invitation doesn't always get accepted. He probably doesn't want to feel awkward in her home or make the entire party awkward with his presence. I probably wouldn't have gone either if I was him. Sometimes it's better to not try to do every event in a child's life together when the parents aren't together. You can still be successful co-parents without it. Corey and Leah seem to do well and they throw separate parties from what I can tell.

I think next episode is when Kail and Javi go to Jo and Vee's apartment. I remember her posting a picture in Twitter of it saying something along the lines of "successful Co parenting" I honestly think she's just doing it for show. She's way to jealous and selfish of a bitch to truly accept another woman in Isaac and jo's life.

Yup, totally agree

If I were Jo & Vee, I probably wouldn't want the first attempt at co-parenting to be at a birthday party. especially with all of Javi's nosey ass friends & family there. Gossiping is huge in hispanic families. I'm hispanic and my family talks! Heck I'm avoiding my own family reunion just to not here the drama thats been playin out lately. I'm 1000% sure they would've made shit awkward for Jo & Vee. Plus, Javi knows Jo is huge competition for him.

Honestly, Kail n Javi just wanted to show Jo their house.

Totally agree about Javi and Kail just wanting to show off their house to Jo and Vee... SMH

Yeah, I guess that's true. Now I remember Kail and Joe having that fight when he kicked her out of the house. "I'm going to college, I'm going to have a big house and a career, blah blah blah." -_-

Leah's hair is damaged and has been for a while. The only thing she could do was cut it off.

I'm really rooting for Leah. I feel like people give her too hard a time.

Says the bee-itch who attacks everyone's comments!

Uhh Leah just has a hair condition you wouldn't know about because you don't "care" enough. I bet if you realized that you wouldn't be talkin crap about it! Plus she, like uses correcting conditioner too!
She cares okay!

what's the hair condition?

I don't think it's an actually condition. Her hair has evidently been overly processed. She has dyed it so many times. And blonde really takes a toll on her hair because you're not adding color but taking away. It involves a lot of bleaching which kills your hair. Believe me. My hair was fried beyond belief when I tried to go blonde and the only thing I could do was cut it.

Um, who the fuck are you?

You guys think I attack everyone's comments? Because I disagree with what people say sometimes and ask questions? That's news to me. Seems more like I'm the one who's being ganged up on and attacked. I will continue to state my opinion whenever I please regardless.

And idk wtf you're talking about with the "care" comments. Don't remember whatever example you are specifically referring to. If you're quoting me or whatever, you pay far too much attention to anonymous comments on the internet.

No it's not you stating your opinion it's you attacking, go back hunny you'll see what I see and what everyone else sees too. Why is it that when other normal people disagree on here they have a normal conversation but with you the claws come out. From the way I see it your not a very nice person. Hence the "b" word which your right my bad I shouldn't have just come right out throwing stuff like that out. But unfortunately when I see your name all I think of is trouble.

Also I wasn't copying something you've said I'm just saying Leah has a condition that cause her hair to be fucked up!! Haha no for real though that was all sarcasm. The part about Leah of course.

You are an absolutely cunt to everyone. Someone had to say it.

Ok let's everyone take a deep breath! Everyone is entitled to their own opinions. No needs to start being rude about it. I have a lot of unpopular opinions myself. I tend to be a little nicer towards the girls and cut them a little more slack then people like. There's a respectful way to disagree!! Lets all be friendly at the end of the day it's just a teen mom chat board. It's not that serious! It's just fun :D

Thanks, I agree completely. No one has to like what I say, but calling me a bitch or whatever is going too far. Notice I'm not calling you one back, gums. That's the difference between you and I.

The fact you called her "gums" has me dying. HOnestly when people fight on here with all the crazy names it's just amazing and hilarious.


I keep reading that as "air condition". It took me a second to process that. Lol


Yeah, she has an "air condition" all right. Its whats between her ears.

Wait wait I'm confused. Does she really have a hair condition or is this just snark? I'm so lost forgive me I haven't eaten today. Is the hair not well there either? It doesn't seem like it.

Can we talk about Leah's friend Kayla's hair for a hot second? JEEZUS

She has pretty much tortured her hair with all the dying and changing of colors. Especially when she goes blonde since it's not adding coloring but taking away. It's as fried as KFC chicken. It's good she cut it off.

Not to mention all the extensions in her hair... those things torture your hair! If she has them sewn in, the braids would pull and break off her hair, and if they were glued, the glue would break off her hair when it grew or when she removed them. It's always best to baby your hair and do lots of deep conditioners when you bleach it... adding extensions just begs for broken, nasty looking hair!

So her condition is being a dumb ass. Not alopecia, chemo, dandruff (well maybe). It's just from being a dumb ass. Got ya.

I bleached the shit out of my hair for a while, I did all kinds of crazy shit to it but it's been healthy for a while thankfully. Now I just get partial highlights and keep it pretty natural. seriosuly it's so much better for your hair. Ugh leah's gonna be bald by 25.

The hair condition is ugly ass hair syndrome

I don't know how her comment came off as bitchy. Her hair isn't healthy and she even said she was rooting for her. If that is considered bitchy, someone is overly sensitive. I think people have said far worse on this site about each of these girlses.

I don’t know how her comment came off as bitchy. Her hair isn’t healthy and she even said she was rooting for her. If that is considered bitchy, someone is overly sensitive. I think people have said far worse on this site about each of these girlses.

Oh and I did mean bitch if you didn't catch my polite way of saying this.

HAHAHAHAHA!!! I was much worse. I'm sorry if you're rude to everyone I'm going to say it.

Woahhhhh shit just got real.

*gets out popcorn*

No fair, Trap Baby. You can't have popcorn unless you brought enough for everybody :(

No. All I'm sharing with you people are cheetos. Can we plz have a teen mom potluck? I'll bring the cheetos, someone bring Ashley's booze but then 4 days later we'll be sober #newbeginnings #i'm_a_bucktoothed_slut

Food list for potluck:

Fondue Cake
Grapes on a Kebob (WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT)
Olive Garden


Burnt po boys
Grits (we can only eat them with a knife)
Frozen yogurt
Hot dogs (but only half because Javi's dog stole it)
Anything that comes in a box (because that's all Jenelle knows how to cook)
Mini corn dogs - don't burn yourself on the oven!

Come on, Megan! These are great catering ideas for your wedding.

My son loves fruit kabobs! We add more than grapes but same deal.

I have no problem with fruit kabobs they're a cute idea. It was just really awkward seeing Javi eat it...I don't know. Like fucking eat the grapes like a normal human being. Maybe I jsut hate him no matter what he does LOL. YES to all this food.

Megan you have yourself a free catering service and I'm not even born yet and Kaiser Roll will bring a roast beef sandwich for ya barf barf barf forever.

We definitely need a mix of both fresh and frozen foods though.

Hey now...we cant forget the Cheetos!

Rude bitch says what? Can't hear you...

I may not love everything Svenette has to say but at least she has an actual informed opinion and states it clearly.

I don't mind her opinions, I love opinions on these girls that why I come to this website. But there's ways to go about it and I feel like she is rude and nasty to posters, and all for what?!? Bitches on mtv.

Like I said previously if I whipped out the b word a little too early then my bad. But I won't apologize for confronting the the actual rude one here.

Saying Leah has damaged hair is not rude - it is TRUTH. Rude would be saying that Leah looked like she dragged her rat ass out of sewer pipe that morning her grandmother was there to care for her many fuck trophies. Also truth, but much more rude.

Not even close to what I was talking about:)

But thanks good to know:)

Courtlands baby - LOL!!!! Not gonna lie, that is funny and made me laugh!

I am laughing so hard at fuck trophies. Holyyyyyyy shit. She has lots of them doesn't she? I'm 30 and have zero fuck trophies is that bad???????

Fuck trophys is FUCKING GOLDEN! Ha..I love it!

However, Leah must not be a good participant in the fuck trophy games, because she didn't receive one from Robbie. Although, she did receive doubles from Corey, so maybe that cancels that fact out. *shrugs*

This was the first episode in a while where I found myself actually feeling a connection to Chelsea. I guess I can see now kind of why she is the most liked. Really, out of everyone I can relate to her the most in terms of her doing it on her own (without a man). Regardless of how many times she's fucked up with Adam (no judgement, I've been there too), and regardless of how long it's taken her to do certain things, I admire the direction she is taking in life.

I agree. I love Chelsea, always have. She's accomplished quite a bit. It may have taken her awhile to get it all done, but she did it. Kudos to her!

I relate to Chelsea the most too lol. My dad is a lot like hers, super supportive, maybe spoils me a bit but I feel lucky to have him.

Aw someone without a loving father thumbed down

Seriously. This country would be a much better place if there were more dads like Randy. I know he tends to get a little over involved, but shit, that's better than the other girls whose dads apparently up and left.

I so agree... omg mine gets overly involved too LOL it gets annoying but at the same time I'm thankful for it. He definitely could have spoiled Chelsea less (although I can't say shit). Her and I are so similar (besides having a kid) that it's scary lol. Just a dbag ex I kept going back to before I finally saw the light, and my dad the whole time going NO you can do so much better than that.

My problem with Randy is he gets way to involved. He's admitted it himself that he gets involved when he shouldn't. The way he talks on twitter it just comes off as so immature and high school sometimes. He's let the show get to his head a little. He feels the need to comment on everything when it's not always necessary and when it has nothing to do with him. Then he loves to go on and on about how do y'all see how over him she is and then a few weeks later we hear that she was hooking up with Adam during that time. It makes him come off as dumb. He also engages in lot of the Adam bashing which ok it's Adam but again that makes him look so immature and high school. That's really my main issue with Randy. He is an awesome dad and Chelsea is lucky to have him. He clearly loves his daughter and granddaughter and is an involved parent.

Randy may get too involved sometimes, but he's still a great dad. I love Chelsea, but I'd hate to think of where she'd be right now if it weren't for having Randy as a dad.

The kid at Isaac's party swinging in the infant swing like he was at a playground made me so antsy. Those things have weight limits, it's gonna break!

OMG so many things made me antsy this episode like Addy climbing out of her high chair the the other two just fucking climbing like monkies everywhere on the kitchen while people were cooking, Issac without a helmet, Chelsea texting and on the phone with Aubree on the car. That is ALMOST as bad as Adam's driving. She really can't say shit when she's being a moron in the car with her daughter.

YES! Addi crawling all over the couch was making me antsy!

Trap! That is exactly what I was saying!! She harps on Adam which he total deserves. He's an idiot. But she is also being an idiot when she's angrily paying attention to her phone and not the road..

Yeah completely hypocritical!!! Not that I don't hate Adam more and Adam is worse but they say texting/being on the phone is just as bad as driving drunk. MYTHBUSTERS YO.

They proved that on MythBusters? That's cool! And so true.

Lol yea it was a hilarious episode. They texted while driving and were JUST as bad as when they drank a bunch of beer and shots and drove! If not worse!

Leah - first let me says what the fuck was that mop on her head in this episode? Her hair looked exceptionally bad and stringy this time. I can't believe she didn't even do much to fix it when she went to work, it looked so unprofessional. It was very sad to see Ali hurting and not being able to go to school. Was I the only one who wanted to slap Leah at the end when she was talking to Jeremy about Ali and her muscular dystrophy in front of Ali AGAIN? And if I recall she was talking about Corey blaming her for talking about it in front of Ali, while Ali was freaking sitting right there. She is an idiot.

Chelsea - Yeah Chelsea, I totally buy that you "Uhm, didn't, Uhm, get paid for that wedding..wink, wink" so ridiculous, she obviously is guilty as hell. And stop talking on the damn phone while driving.

Jenelle - she was actually the most non irritating one this episode, although I did get the sense that she was high, high. I have to fast forward through Nathan parts, he is such a douche. His face, his voice, his feeling entitled pisses me the hell off. And does he have to reference being in a combat zone every time something happens? I completely support our military, but he just uses it as a damn sympathy card. I don't even know if I believe he really served out there, did I hear somewhere he was dishonorably discharged? He is a freaking moron who needs to be behind bars for way longer than the, what, week that he ended up being there?

Kailyn - I don't know if it is because I was extremely irritable last night or what but I seriously wanted to punch her in the face when she was talking about Javi being away for a month and her having to take care of the kids alone. As a military wife, I know what deployments are like. My husband leaves every few months for months at a time, and guess what. That's why we're waiting to have kids. I know what I am in for, and knowing Lincoln was a planned baby, Kail needs to shut the hell up and stop complaining about taking care of kids on her own when he's gone. Did we ever even find out if he is just in the reserves? My husband has a hard time getting even a few days off after just getting home from a deployment, I guarantee he would not be allowed to take a month/s off to travel the country with his wife for a damn book signing. It doesn't make sense to me at all and quite frankly irritates the hell out of me.

These girls' 15 minutes needs to be up. They' are all so whiny and entitled now and it makes me sick.

Thank you for your comments re Kail and being a military wife! I'm not sure what the hell she thought he and they were signing up for when he joined the service but seriously she needs to STFU about four weeks without him. He could be sent to another country for much longer - did she think any of that would be off the table because they have a baby??

Kail seems to think she can convince the military to do whatever she wants. Like stay in Delaware forever because they have a house and it's close to Jo. Yeah, okay. I don't know who she thinks she is.

I know what she thought she was signing up for when Javi joined the military... BENEFITS!

Don't they just give those out? You know, you walk up to the recruiter and say "I'd like my benefits and as much leave as I want please. Don't make me leave anywhere because Kail will get mad I'm leaving her alone." And boom, you're in the air force with those benefits.

I sure wish my enlistment in the army was that easy.

My husband just joined the army. I don't have experience with deployments yet. I only have dealt with him leaving for his basic training. Even then, I had family to help me with our girls. If and when he is deployed, I'll be on my own. A month seems like a cake walk compared to the lengths others are separated for their family. A friend of mine's husband was deployed for 18 month and they had two kids together. After he left, she found out she was pregnant. Total surprise too. Her BC failed. Imagine working full time, taking care of two kids and pregnant with #3.

A number of people on Twitter have called Javi out on his constant traveling despite his claim he is still active duty. He says he only travels on weekends and gets the same amount of time off as everyone else. BS. Just looking at his Twitter and Instagram you can see that he is gone during the week, and they fly. I don't know any relitively new service member (less than 2 years) who is able to take a couple weeks off for a Bahamas vacation. Something is up with him, I don't get it. I also haven't seen too many uniform selfies lately that he used to post constantly. Weird

I honestly think he is reserves. It makes more sense. Yesterday they didn't barely mention anything military, other than him being away for basic. I do remember them mentioning something about tech school. If he WAS active duty he had to have gotten approved to get out early because I know he didn't do at least 4 years. Something about him is so sketchy to me. Having my husband deployed right now probably makes me a little more sensitive to people who bitch about their husbands being away, but if my husband was only gone for a month I'd be ecstatic. One month is nothing compared to what we're going through now.

I feel you on the deployment sensitivity. I used to work with a bunch of women who would constantly bitch and complain about their husbands, various little things and it would really bug me. All I wanted was for mine to call or email me after a week or so without knowing anything or hearing from him. I hated Kail's whole, "OMG I'm going to be alone with two kids for a month." Well you could have waited to have the second kid and maybe things would be a tad easier, just sayin. I just have little to no sympathy for her when she makes such incompletely thought out decisions, and then complains about how hard her life is after the fact. You could have been a little smarter and things could be a little easier.

I wish Javi would just come out and say he is reserves if he really is. There's nothing wrong with that. Just stop lying about it or trying to make yourself look better for whatever reason. He isn't really fooling anybody. I don't understand what the deal is with him.

Thank you! I'm honestly surprised I had to scroll this far down to get a comment on Kail's whining about Javi's training.

As soon as I heard her say that, I thought to myself, "TMJ is gonna explode over that one."

I mean, seriously? She wanted him to sign up so she could marry him and get benefits. Then she acts all SHOCKED and pissed off that he's going to be gone for a month. You didn't know that's how the military works, Kail? And what were you expecting if/when he's deployed overseas? I fully understand that it's hard, but she was acting surprised and pissy about it. W.T.F.

I'm on the "reservist" boat. I think they're full of shit on this one, and I hope someone smarter than I am can catch them on it for sure. People affiliated with the military do not take liars like that very well.

Active duty Air Force here! I have a suspicion that if Javi is active duty, and a dirt bag dependapotamus-calling the office kind of troop, that his office might be letting him go just so they don't have to deal with him lol over the past several years, they've made it such an ass pain to light up dirt bags that a lot of the time, they'll let them get away with whatever. Although he and blowfish will be in for a rude surprise when he wants to re-up and the Air Force won't let him. So 4 years of benefits and then a thanks for playing. I figure she'll divorce him after that.

Yay! Someone who could give us insight into this. I can totally sense they are just putting up some kind of front about him being active duty and oh military life is so hard, wah wah. I really don't get what this chick was expecting. Yeah, you can get the bennies and steady paycheck but there's actually a lot of work and training/traveling involved. He actually has to go do some work to earn those things. I really wish we knew what his MOS is, cause whatever it is it's apparently not that busy of an job and he can get time to travel whenever she has a book signing, breast feeding thingy or whatever. He has to be reserves. It can't be that easy. Getting permission to travel when my husband was in was like pulling teeth. It was just easier for him to not even try. So much paperwork to deal with and you had to do it so far in advance. He almost missed his uncle's funeral because it was a sudden death and not his immediate family. Just saying, something's up with them. Dependapotamus is the word I was thinking of for Kail, lol thank you. She's so bitchy and demanding and is one of those people who thinks she can make the government bend over backwards to make her life a cake walk. I can't stand it. Thank you for serving Dr. Acula!!!!!

I think Kail thought the military was like a fast food drive-thru (her area of personal expertise). You place your order - "One career for my husband and two super-sized servings of benefits, please" - then pull up to the second window and collect your order only to speed out of the parking lot before they can figure out that you didn't pay.
You get home before you realize they forgot to supersize or put enough salt on the benefits.

HAHAHAHA!!! Great analogy Kaiser Bun! Couldn't have said it any better. Someone should tweet that to Kail. Hehe

Hahaha thanks, Kiki! Joined at 19 and getting out in a couple months after 8 years ;-) it was fun and they kept me in beer and cookies but I'm ready to get back to TX! I figure Javi is probably reserves, but if he is AD, he won't be for long. No idea what his job is; other than it isn't intel or I would have heard lol plus he wasn't in tech school any time at all. My guess is he's handing towels out at the gym when not following his old lady around and watching his tone.

Woohoo! Congrats Dr. Acula! That's exciting. I'm interested to see how things go over the course of Javi's enlistment. I suspect we will see him working less and less until somewhere down the road when his little website gets no traffic, he announces he is going into the reserves, as if he isn't already.

I think it's in the neighborhood of a year (not sure) that they have to throw you out for "failure to adapt to military lifestyle) or some crap like that. Basically, they passed you through basic and tech school and caught our mistake, so long. I can see that having happened as well. When I go to work next week I'll try to look him up on global lol!

I just totally butchered some punctuation :-0 I'm gonna blame it on the alcohol

That's a good point Dr. Acula. I don't think other than having a baby that anything about them is different. Do you think his "celebrity" (and I use that term very loosely) has anything to do with it? Him being on a tv show and all?

My guess is his coworkers constantly rip on him lol or have no idea about the show.

Well, Javi is pretty fame-whorish, so I'm sure they are all fully aware that he is on TV and pity him because he is married to Kail. Lol

I think it's PERFECT karma that he's married to Kail

I've often wondered who has insurance coverage for Isaac. I don't have a damn clue what Jo does for a living, and trying to break into the rap world doesn't offer benefits. So, could Javi cover Isaac? Or to do that, would he have to adopt him?

I really don't understand why they bought the house- how does she know they won't relocate him? Especially so early in to it. It happens all the time with short notice!

I think it was part of Kail's master plan of making herself look like the better parent for Isaac and to potentially keep Javi stationed in Delaware forever. Can't wait to see when that all blows up in her whiny, hypocritical face.

That's another reason why none of his military career makes sense. If he is going to be stationed somewhere new every 4 years why buy a house? That is ridiculous. I wish he would just come out and say he's reserves. There is no way in hell active duty would get that much time off to follow his wife around the country for weeks at a time.

It's usually less than 4 years. I'm not too familiar with the Air Force, but if it's like the Army, an enlisted soldier typically spends 2-3 years max at one duty station. I'm sure their buying a house was mostly for show or to allow them to continue filming. From what I've heard most military bases don't allow reality shows to be filmed on them.

My husband is Navy and it is 4 years sea duty, 3 years shore duty. I'm not sure how it is for Air Force, but it is even more confusing why they would buy a house if they would only be there for 2-3 years. That whole thing was weird, especially when Kail was like "oh yeah well buy it and if the judge says I can't take Isaac we'll just sell it." I haven't bought a house yet but it sounds more difficult than that.

Valkyrie, it isn't that easy. They probably would have lost money and if they couldn't sell it they would be paying the mortgage plus rent or whatever for the place they would have to move to. It could take months. I don't know if they would have been able to rent it, but if it's close to an AF base then it wouldn't be that hard. But you could clearly tell they were just jumping into this like it was no big deal. I hate how she does that. God forbid something not go her way, everyone in her way better watch out. It's never Kail's fault, though. Such a hypocrite.

I'll probably get down voted for this, but I didn't think it was that big of a deal for Kail to be upset about Javi leaving for a month. My boyfriend is a Marine, and he was gone for nearly a year doing basic training, MCT and his MOS school, and it was really, really difficult for me. He's a reservist, and even now when he goes for AT and his reserve duty, I still miss him and wish he was around. And we're not even raising two children together.

I guess the point of this comment is that I don't really understand all the hate Kail gets for simply stating that it's going to be hard to raise two babies while Javi is gone. That's simply stating a fact. Yes, she knew he was going into the Air Force when she married him. Yes, they could have waited to have children, but none of those things change the fact that effectively raising two children on her own is going to be difficult. Not to mention, being away from your spouse is really, really hard.

I don't mean to suggest that Kail has it any worse than any other military spouse. Simply because Kail's only got a month of separation headed her way instead of a 9 month deployment doesn't change the fact that it's still hard. I apologize for rambling, but I do get very frustrated when people condemn others for their feelings. To everyone who is going at it alone, especially with children, I salute you.

I think it's mostly because of how Kail comes off, like she's the only military wife out there and her life is so hard, and pride over pity, and grapes on a kebob, and I'm a fucking mermaid, and this weird vibe of everyone should care about my life, my life is the only hard one blah blah blah. But I totally get what you're saying. Also the fact this hooker probably makes like 6 figures for doing jack shit (well that's more jenelle than anything, but you know what i mean) so it's just laughable that she should whine about anything really.

Omg ha ha ha. Kails sequel to Pride over Pity: The Grapes of Kebob. And then Let Me Grab My Violin And Play You A Sad Song will complete the trilogy

I agree with the heart of this sentiment, but in reality she has so much more in the way of help and resources than most military spouses. She is in the right for saying she is worried and it will be hard, but given her situation and cameras rolling. You'd think she would have the foresight to qualify the complaining with an acknowledgement about how lucky she is at the same time. That is asking WAY too much of Kail though, but one can dream.

Isaac is in school (unless it breaks for summer) all day and he lives with Jo 10 days a month or something like that. She also has a lot of friends and Javi's family nearby the help her if she needs a break.

Amen! I am a military wife too, and it seems like things have been relatively easy for them. My husband missed one birth and literally made it hours before the second. Sadly, those are not even some of the hardest moments we have been through as a military family either. I feel so lucky even if my husband gets to attend one of my kids' birthdays. I can almost feel for her a bit about worry for doing it all by herself for a month, but then I remember that honestly she has A LOT of family support and Isaac is gone 1/3 of that time with Jo.

Leah-- a shining example of what happens when you drop out of school. Has she ever even acknowledged that she's a nursing school dropout?

I don't know how nursing school works in their part of the country, but where I am from you have to enroll in core classes at any college, then when you reach a certain number of hours you get to apply to nursing school, which will have all of the classes specifically for nursing and your clinicals. She had never been to college before so I am curious if she was enrolling for her core (math, english, history etc.) or if the schools there are different than where I am from and you can jump right into nursing classes.

I just graduated nursing school last year in Indiana. I had to take English Comp, Psychology, and two rounds of Anatomy and Physiology, and a math class. I had to have 60 hours of core total, so the rest I could choose. Then when I was done with that, I had to take a TEAS test, and the grades I got in those mandatory classes plus my scores on my TEAS test went on my application to the nursing program. I don't know how competitive it is in WV, but I live in a small town in Indiana and there were hundreds more applicants than there were spots. A lot of smart and capable people didn't make it in and had to just keep reapplying each semester. And once you're in, you have to keep your GPA up or you're out.

It pissed me off when they acted like she just jumped into a nursing program because that shit is HARD. It is no joke. If she's into that career path though, she should really take a CNA course. It's only about a month long, always in demand, and it pays a decent salary for a low cost of living area. She could be financially independent with it in bumfuck WV. I wonder if anyone's suggested that to her.

Congrats on your nursing graduation! It has been a wonderful blessing in my life to be a nurse. Never allow the years to make you forget the reason you first became a nurse. Treat all your patients the way you would want your family treated. Enjoy, work hard, never stop studying and you will never regret it :)

Newday I always love your comments!!! <3

Is core classes like your prerequisites? I was thinking the same thing too- I think though she's just going to be a medical assistant, not a nurse

It may have not been a "degree" program. It might have been a certificate program and she just failed out of it after one sememster. There's no way she was in more than "per-nursing" at most. I applied to nursing school with a 3.6 GPA in my nursing prerequisites (Psych, A & P, Biology, Micro, etc.), a 3.5 overall GPA, finished in the 99% percentile for math, 97% percentile for science, and 96% percentile overall for nursing students on my TEAs and got denied on my first go around at nursing school applications. I took a semester to re-group, decided I wanted to stick with nursing and re-enrolled in classes, and got in my 2nd try. It was ridiculous. There were 70 students accepted into the fall term of the program I was in and I found out I was number 75 on the list after I called around to find an in with the nursing director who finally told me how close I was after I suggested I was giving it up altogether. They aren't supposed to do that but she didn't want to see me give up.

I ended up going to a different school after there were people that got in with much lower scores and GPA combos than I did. I was out of state at a public university so I am convinced that had something to do with it. There was no essay or interview or volunteer work portion that would sway the committee. It was just a submission of your Teas and Transcript. I'm due to graduate next spring and have done wonderfully in nursing school. I've heard mixed reviews but I think I'm really gonna love it. I love being on my feet (well it's a love-hate relationship, but it keeps me active) and I love the nights and long hours. I know that's weird to a lot of people but I'm not somebody who's work ethic or mental sharpness decreases drastically as I get tired. It's like teaching. You need to feel a calling for it or you're gonna regret it. The first reason you're doing it has to be a desire to help people before the salary or other things.

Kail: Isaac was being a grumpy butt, but clearly that's because he was sleepy. Idk why you let him nap in the middle of his party but that was stupid. You should have made sure he got a good sleep beforehand. Getting mad at Jo not coming was stupid. Of course he wasn't going to come to an event surrounded by Javi's family and friends. If you want to get civil with them then meet up with them ALONE in a neutral setting
Chelsea: you need to teach your daughter patience, and not scream curse words in your presence. She already knows that's a bad word and thought you were using it because you are mad at her. The thing is though, she shouldn't even know those bad words exist at age 4
Babs: yelling at Jace as usual. Not sure why she can't speak to him in a normal tone. I just keep remembering when Jace was standing in front of the fridge giggling looking for a snack and babs screamed at him. He ended up walking away crying and babs claimed it was because he wasn't "feeling good". Also is she raising that Gabriel kid? Ugh her kids are such bums putting the parenting on babs. She must be at her wits end
Nathan: "since you want to critique me don't be upset when I start critiquing you" typical abuser logic. Blame your victim for the attacks you plan on giving in the future because they dare speak up.
Aleah/Ali: they need to start making every other episode ONLY focus on Aleah. That or give her and Ali equal time. They only film and pay attention to her when she acts up, which is why she does it. When she's well behaved it's like she doesn't exist.
Javi: why the fuck are you eating grapes on a kabob you big lipped bitch?

'Javi: why the fuck are you eating grapes on a kabob you big lipped bitch?'


Javi stop down voting and go listen to Miley while you skewer some fruit.

Kail made him do it. Now he's going to receive 15 lashings and no dinner.

Blue Beef..you just made my morning with that one sentence! "Javi: why the fuck are you eating grapes on a kabob you big lipped bitch?" PRICELESS.

That was one of my WTF moments of that episode. Along with Vee drinking out of a fucking sippy cup? WTF?? Is she just weirdly childish or do they not have any big girl cups?

‘Javi: why the fuck are you eating grapes on a kabob you big lipped bitch?’

For the win! And I loved the profile shot of Javi's sister Lidia - we've all been snarking on the big lips in that family and here MTV gives us the best possible view. I'd like to think that MTV did that just for us...

That was one lame-assed birthday party - and damn nice of all of Javi's family to show up with cool gifts. They certainly didn't have to, but then again we all know it's part of Kailyn's master plan to drive Jo's family out of Isaac's life, ever so slowly. Poor Isaac is really going to be confused when Mom and Javi/Dad divorce and Mom brings home another replacement father.

When I saw Lidia on screen I just laughed because I knew someone was going to say something on here

I'm not trying to challenge you here but eh it's a 4 year olds party how can it be less lame? Although I will say I did have way cooler bdays than that shit. We would have mine at the park and have astrojumps sometimes would bring a pony in. It did just seem like one big ass bbq. PLus the grape kabobs = LAME LOL.

Lmao its them #MarroquinLips trying to make an appearance! Thats all I saw when they showed her! HAHAHA

TTB, I completely agree with you here. And for all the money they get from MTV and her book and Javi's career (lol at him having a career) they could afford a damn bouncy castle.

I really really wanna post my face I make imitating Lydia but I feel like an asshole

Its OK Trap Baby. Now, everytime I see Lidia, I think of a Hispanic persons asshole. ;)

Yeah I laughed when aubree through another scene we always talk about those cause she always throws them and then Chelsea went and started cursing right in front of her that bothered me a lot, kids pick up on that line crazy!!!!

And Aubree called her out on it, too! "You said a word, mom." So clearly Aubree has heard that word before.

"You said a word"

I say fuckball. MOM I have to poop okay??? FUCK. Not Jerk. FUCK.

HAHAHAHA Blue beef I laughed at that too. Big lipped bitch LOL! OMG I knew someone would say somethinga bout the grape kabobs WTF!?

And why the hell was Vee drinking out of a damn sippy cup?

She's moved on from gas masks to bigger and better things OKAY?

Yes, wtf? And why are her boobs hanging out in every scene? She comes off awkward and gives off a "trying too hard" vibe. Hair flip, boob adjust, hair flip the other way, "why won't you marry me Jo?", and "teehee, you do all the cooking". Oh shut up Vee. She seems very immature.

She is pretty fuckin annoying

She is SO annoying. You guys remember that episode when Jo and Vee just moved in their apartment? And when Isaac came to visit for the first time after that and they were playing in his room with him? They were talking about his toys and Vee said when she was little, her toys were sticks and tires. Jo was like WTF? She said she was a true Puerto Rican. What? Do they not have any toys?!

I gotta keep practicing. ;)

Someone on here has "Javi's DSL" as a screen name- God bless that person! LMAO Great name!

Seriously God bless your soul and Javi's hilarious vaginal like lips

Yeah seemed pretty dumb to have a party during his nap time- Kail for the Fail! Dumbass. Then she expected him to be all excited and awake all of a sudden- It takes my boys a good half hour to even wake up!

Also I can't help but notice that now that Javi is married to kail. Isaac seems to have a lack of interest in Jo. I honestly do think Javi is trying to steal isaac away from him and I don't know why. It's sick.

Such a horrible thought :( EWW I hated Javi last episode just sittin there all smugly when he didn't want to go with Jo

I know we decided Javi isn't bright enough to come up with this, but I really think Javi is using Isaac to cement his place in Kail's heart. If they got divorced, Lincoln would still be able to see him because he's the father. But he would have no claim to Isaac, which might make Isaac feel abandoned if all of a sudden, Javi wasn't his dad-buddy anymore. And since Kailyn is more than happy to kick Jo out of Isaac's life whenever possible, she was thrilled to find not only a "new dad" but a whole new paternal family for him. Now that she has him and his benefits, it looks like she's starting to rethink this whole thing.

I definitely think you're onto something. UGH he sickens me so much.

I think you're onto something as well. I think Javi loves Isaac more than he loves Kailyn, but he knows if he splits with her, he'd never be able to have Isaac time anymore.

**And I'm sure he loves him more because Isaac doesn't beat him.**

Jenelle: Babs needs to chill with Jace. Screaming at him the way she does is not ok, and I can't stand kids his age and younger so I couldn't imagine haveing to parent one. But I still know that's not the way you teach him right from wrong. The fact that Nathan says he doesn't deserve a DUI is proof he's an idiot and he and Jenelle are a match made in, well, I can't say heaven LOL! Wonder if Jenelle was calm because she was stoned:P and if I were her and he had all those DUI's, yeah, I'd tell him to hang up the alcohol for sure. Don't worry though guys, they don't have time to fight anymore because they have a baby.

Kail: Yup, knew it was too good to be true. You make it totally awkward by spending so much time hating Vee, and then question Jo as a father when he doesn't show up to your party, even though he threw Isaac one of his own! ugh, I just, can't! I can't blame him for wanting to take things a liiiittle bit slower. It'd take me a while to want to see someone who I knew hates me so much. Also being grumpy at your own birthday party? I've never heard of such a thing.

Chelsea: Not much to say but this just goes to show, be careful what you put on your public twitter!

Leah: I just worry they're gonna let Ali use the wheelchair whenever she wants and not going to push her to do as much as she can... I guess it's a shame they're having trouble with the insurance.

My son literally cried his entire 1st birthday party lol. From start to finish. It started with balloons being blown up and ended with him not giving a shit about his presents. Which is completely normal lol. Until a child is over napping, birthdays are always tense for them

For my son the cure for sleep deprivation is sugar. As in, if there is a party and the nap is interrupted, give the kid a cookie, stat. Wait 20 minutes and then give another 'dose' if needed. You can't expect a child to be gracious about such things when they are tired!

I don't blame Isaac at all. If I was sleeping and woke up to a room full of people, I'd be overwhelmed and want to go back to bed, too. I'm sure he's close to some of Javi's family and some of Kail's better friends, but did you see how many people were crammed in that living room? Some kids flourish around big crowds of people and some just don't.
I was a quiet kid, and Isaac seems like a quiet kid, and I always hated huge gatherings like birthdays/Christmas when everyone was looking at me, for as long as I can remember.
Yeah, I have an anxiety disorder. But still. Some kids are just shy and get overwhelmed easily by crowds. Maybe they could have broken off into little personal groups to open presents so he could actually interact with the person and be able to thank them, instead of having the whole room stare him down. And it really didn't help that he had just woken up. Give him half an hour and some chocolate milk, and he would have been in much higher spirits.

One thing I noticed about Isaac was it wasn't Kail or Javi that went to wake him up. It was Javi's sister. I didn't know if she asked Kail or anything. She just went and grabbed him and pulled him out. Also with MTV time the present scene could've happened before the nap and maybe that's why he got sent to nap or more time could've passed between the napping and the presents. He just seemed cranky that whole episode really.... I don't know what was up with him. He's normally the sweetest child on the show!!

Yeah, he was acting out more. But I guess the way I understand it is that if it's something that even some adults would have trouble with - waking up suddenly to a big crowd of people and having to act happy and thankful in front of an audience - then I cut the kids some slack. Sort of like when Ali was nervous before her doctors appointment and didn't want to eat breakfast. At first Leah got mad at her, but then realized that anybody would be nervous, at whatever age. It wasn't childish per se, it was just a normal human response.
To me, Isaac was being far more grumpy and needy when he did the fake fall thing and then insisted on Kail kissing his knee. I know he was seeking more attention from his mum since his little brother had arrived, but holy shit, I used to get in so much trouble for that kind of thing as a kid. That seemed more childish to me than the grumpiness at the birthday party, and I thought he just seemed reasonably overwhelmed. Also, I don't know how close Isaac feels to all of Javi's family. It seemed weird to me that Javi's sister woke Isaac up, unless he spends a lot of time around her. I think Isaac is pretty familiar with Javi's mother, but if he doesn't really know all the others, of course he's going to be quiet and uncomfortable.

Kaiser bun- on Instagram all of Javi's family post about Isaac. I suppose it's nice that they view him as their nephew but I think it's inappropriate. Isaac has aunts/uncles and cousins from Jo's family and if I was one of them I'd definitely feel like I was having my toes tread on. I still think it's strange that Javi's cousin/sister(?)Woke Isaac, why would you wake him? I was always told never to wake a sleeping child, but I don't have kids haha. Also why couldn't Kail or Javi wake him? Surely he would have felt maybe happier if his Mom had woke him. Maybe it's just that I was a complete softy but if I woke up (was woke up) and couldn't see either of my parents I would freak out hahaha.

I felt sorry for Isaac. Can you imagine being in a deep, good sleep and then getting abruptly woken up by someone, and carried downstairs to a houseful of people? I'd have acted like that too. I am sure it embarrassed Kailyn when he acted like he didn't want the presents because she probably didn't want to hurt anyone's feelings that had bought them for him, but shit. Cut the kid a break. Time his nap better, especially when you know you're having a party.

Also, I gotta add that it didn't help matters that the very first thing they did when Isaac got downstairs was open presents. She should've at least let him wake up a little first and warm up to everyone.

Just because Javi's family members are photo whores and like to use him as a prop in their pictures doesn't mean he necessarily has an emotional connection to them.
One of my dad's girlfriends was the biggest photo whore, and would always pose with me when I was a kid, but I hated that bitch.
I suspect Isaac has had so many people in and out of his life (his mom's relationship partners, their families as well as Kail's many friends) that he's just like "meh" about many of the people attending his birthday party, and would have preferred his mother or Javi waking him up.

You know I remember a scene and I don't remember if it was already shown in last weeks episode or not because I watched it early, it was the one were Babs is yelling at Jace because he's being mean to Gabriel and Jenelle was mad at Babs saying she always takes Gabe's side. I was actually kinda proud of Jenelle. I felt like for once she satnding up for Jace. That was one of the first time I felt like she was acting like a mama bear protective over his cub. Yes obviously Babs is the one raising him and has the right to scold him but she really does yell at him a lot and I bet Jenelle having been raised the same way knows what its like. She was saying things like you don't have to yell at him all the time you can pull him aside and talk to him. I was so surprised to see that come out of Jenelle's mouth. Like I said in a post above, she really is doing better and has progressed it's just not enough because of the fact that she has a kid she still doesn't have custody of and another one on the way.

I remember that too. She did say that Barbara just yells at Jace all the time instead of correcting him and he acts out by knocking Gabe around. Supposedly when Jace is with Jenelle, he doesn't do that type of stuff, at least that's what she said. If in fact Jenelle is truly getting her shit together, she needs to get Jace back permanently. I love Babs, but she did raise Jenelle and look how that turned out. LOL! ;)

So the state is looking at Chelseas Twitter and Facebook and doing something about it when they believe she is breaking the law yet nothing happens to Jenelle. I don't understand how she constantly has bongs in the background or the times she was shown being high in prior seasons, yet nothing happens.

I have been wondering this same thing. Even if the chick did get paid, who cares? She could have gotten paid before she ever went to school and it wouldn't have been a problem. But like you said.... Jenelle can do drugs and leave paraphernalia laying around in the camera shot and there's nothing wrong with it.... #facepalm

Also, Kail can abuse her husband and nothing happens to her!

But that's okay! He doesn't hit her back.

Dr Drew as his finest.... -.-

That pisses me off more than anything. Especially with all the shit Amber had to go through cause she hit Gary (of course she was doing drugs too) but still. She gets investigated and Kail the abominable husband beater mermaid cunt doesn't?

I've said that before, and it still aggravated me! After the Amber/Gary situation, MTV doesn't really show the violence for us to see. They'll kind of pan away real quick or just enough so that we cant actually see the hit or slap very well. When Amber hit Gary we saw it like we were at a damn boxing match. If she got in trouble, others that do it on TV should as well, IMO.

Also, I agree with the statement "who cares if Chelsea got paid?" Whatever. I wouldn't give a shit, but apparently they do. So, give a slap on the wrist and let her work. Social media sucks. And this is a perfect example why.

Thumbs down? Really? Show yourself! ;)

Nah they're to cowardly, they'd rather just thumbs down you and then run away scared lmao.

Probably Jenelle die hard fan girls that also masterbate to Farrah's porn. Remember if you thumb down for no reason you jack off to Farrah's porn nightly!!! Twats.

I have found this whole thing to be so odd. I believe it would be grounds to file a claim against the board for wrongful discrimination based on her status as a celebrity. I highly doubt they have looked at all the twitters and facebooks for all of their students. They only caught this because someone else sent it in after seeing her page because she has millions of followers. Not fair, but she should be more careful.

At the end of the day... it is make up, people! She curled some girls hair and put on some eye shadow. She did not perform brain surgery or transport nuclear materials. Crazy.

I'm thinking some fans of the show who hate her ratted her out. I really do think she got paid tho. Chelsea is so used to getting her way and everything going how she wants it thanks to daddy I bet she never thought of the consequences. Plus how much trouble is she actually in, as long as she gets her license back she gets her job back... most people would've just been let go all together for that.

They could also have not shown the other kids parents may not have wanted them on TV so they didn't film with them.

Yeah, she definitely pissed someone off, someone who is in with the board. There is no other reason to deny her the right to wax people and apply lipstick. It's insane.

I really see Chelsea as being the mean one. Just because she's got such a great edit on TV doesn't mean she's really that great. She has this entitlement about her and she really freaks out if she doesn't get her way. Sadly she's raising Aubree to be that way. I'm hoping Aubree grows out of it even though Chelsea never did obviously. I wouldn't be surprised if when she went to take her test she did piss someone off... I read on a different site that someone ran into her once and she was all sorts of bitchy. They recognized her apparently but didn't wanna bother her so they didn't go up to her and she accused them off starring and went on about how just because she was on TV doesn't mean she doesn't deserve privacy. Since she was so rude they pretended like they didn't actually know who she was and she got offended... I've heard other stories to but that one sticks out to me the most.

There's no telling. I've heard she was really sweet but also actually really shy in person. There's no way to tell though what any of them are really like and who's exaggerating or lying.

Really? I've never heard that. I think I'm a little traumatized from Maci. I was all sorts of team Maci thinking she was this awesome mom and always did what was best for her child and I thought Amber was the crazy one and now Maci is one of the worsts and Amber's like supermom.... I don't trust the edits anymore. I'm convinced that all the ones with the good edits are actually crazy and horrible mothers although with that logic Jenelle would be the supermom of the show and we know that's not true so I don't even know anymore....

Maci is NOT an awesome mom. She posted a picture of her and Bentley saying she was going to miss him, since he's off to his beach trip with Ryans family for a whole week. I commented how she wasn't really going to since she just spent a week drinking and paying for her friendships to last. Girl was QUICK to block me! Guess the truth hurts.

Javis DSL, you did not! Oh my goodness, I love it and I love you! That is hilarious!

Have you SEEN some of those eye shadow colours?? I think there is a good chance they are nuclear waste because they are radiating neon blue! So she may just have transported nuclear materials. ;-)

Chelsea can't get her license yet Adam fucking still drives around. What the fuck is wrong with that state?

That's also a state where MULTIPLE women are willing to have sex with Adam.

I'm from Nebraska. No shit we had a guy arrested for his 12th DUI a few months ago. He was caught parked, passed out, in the middle of a busy street. Obviously had no license, but as we see that really stops Adam.

Wow. I kind of feel like if that guy kills someone while driving, the state should be held financially liable. That's ridiculous that somebody could be doing something to clearly dangerous so many times and nothing really comes of it...

I guess I must be slow because I do not get it when Jenelle says 'it looked like Nathan was driving cuz the pictures flip on me, he's in the passenger seat'. Bitch please. Unless a camera 'flipping' can remove a steering wheel and re-install it in front of the passenger seat, you are STORYING Homegirl! Your dum-ass bf is 'vehicular manslaughter' waiting to happen. STOP letting him drive and stop lying you twit. And by twit, I mean enabler. You keep getting KNOCKERS & KNOCKED- UP so why not grow the fuk up! Stop endangering innocent lives!

Isn't that INSANE? And the girl is just trying to WORK and be a productive member of society. LIKE WHY would they want to stop that? It's so nuts to me

That party looked like no fun. I don't know if it was Isaac's naptime or if he just fell asleep, but kid was not into it.

He goes to preschool right? They should have invited the kids from his class, because it looked like there were no other kids there besides Lincoln. He probably would have been more excited if he had friends over.

They could also have not shown the other kids parents may not have wanted them on TV so they didn't film with them.

Lol I love how when Nathan is drunk he says what we all already know. That he just uses Jenelle. For the fame, for the cameras, for the money. He is a loser. When she hears this she says he is putting words in his own mouth. When someone "puts words in their own mouth" that is called telling you something. He was being honest for once and she dismissed it. Such a silly girl. Keifer was a better catch IMO, and that is pretttty bad.

This episode was just really depressing. A more accurate portrayal of teenage motherhood. Jenelle is pregnant with a loser guy with substance issues. Kailyn finally tries to act like an adult and it doesn't work out. Oh, and her life pretty much sucks. Chelsea finally, after like 10 years, completed a 1 year certification but screwed herself over anyways. Leah's little girl is obviously going to struggle though life and it will be hard on her family. She should have considered all of this before popping out that third baby.


I never thought one of Jenelle's new losers would make me miss Kieffer and that green hoodie, but I'd rather see that than Nathan. He irks me. This is the first episode I really noticed Leah loving on Addy.

Honestly, it seems like all Leah does is sit on the couch, complain about her life, and yell at the kids as needed. I'm sure the filming is editing things out... But when you look at Corey, he's getting on the floor playing "Princesses and Dragons," he's pushing them on the swings, he's coloring with them. Leah does not seem to "engage" at all. It's like she's a zookeeper just tending to the basic needs and otherwise ignoring them.

Did anyone else notice the small animal cage in Jenelles house? A cage for a hampster or guinea pig or something. Ugh her and her animals. She seemed so sedated and sad the whole episode, she has to be on methadone or some kind of pain relief to relieve addiction withdrawals.

Chelsea, I felt bad for her. I said last week I know how frustrating it is to work hard for something and then have one tiny bullshit detail stand in the way of all your hard work. Watching her take her frustrations out on Aubree was sad, but a very REAL moment. Every parent does it, maybe not to the extreme of cussing in front of your 4 year old, but everyone gets angry in front of their kids sometimes. It seems like Aubree really hates riding in the car though.

Kail is such a psycho. Trying to make nice with Vee and then yelling "I don't want to be her best friend." Ugh, everything Kailyn does is so selfish. Like using Isaacs party as a bitch fest about Jo.

Leah is just so sad looking now, I can't even make fun of her hair or makeup. But wtf was that horse thing on the back of her SUV? White trash much?

Leah's horse thing on the back of her Explorer is so white trash. Leah has always had a thing for horses on the show. She was all excited about the horse on the lot in that drug den neighborhood she and Corey were looking at purchasing and putting a trailer on ("Is the schools good here?" scene). Remember last season when Leah's pipe dream was to move into a house that would accommodate Ali's wheelchair AND have horses and a swimming pool there because the doctors recommended aquatic and equine therapy for the kid? Somehow I have a feeling that Ali needing those types of therapies was a convenient "reason" for Leah to have horses and a pool - because it's not like equine therapy requires horses that are specially trained for that task as well as a therapist on-site to administer the therapy. I'm not saying that Leah wanted horses and a pool simply for herself, but it sure made it a lot easier to justify those luxuries. I'm also trying to imagine Leah mucking the stalls every day and making sure the pool is clean and has the proper chemical levels. Jurrmy is on the road most of the time and Leah is overwhelmed already with the care of the three girlses, so yes let's add in some more daily chores and responsibilities. Leah, take Ali to a stable that offers equine therapy and do the swim therapy at a pool with a physical therapist trained for that kind of thing. She's such an idiot sometimes!

I swear Jenelle always has a baby animal of some sort. Minus Nathan's grown husky all I ever see in her episodes are puppies or kittens. When they get bigger does she just get rid of them and get a puppy/kitten to replace it? Some people just shouldn't own animals.

Except for the forgotten baby Jace.

Ugh my mom used to do that crap (get frustrated and yell at us) it's annoying but i can see how parents could do that

Trap Baby, my mom was the SAME WAY! Sometime, I wished I would've gotten hit rather than yelled at ALL the time. My sister would fuck up, and she'd yell at both of us. My loser brother still lives at home and does shit all the time to piss her off and she yells at him constantly. If I'm there, I go outside or leave. If I'm on the phone with her, I hang up. I cant stand yelling to this day!

Chelsea's storyline just confirms my belief that social media is the devil. Whether or not she actually did makeup for compensation is irrelevant; if there weren't things like twitter and Facebook, it's unlikely she would be in this mess. She should be careful about what she posts, especially being in the public eye.

Eh I bet she did get compinsated for it though that's the thing. These girls just get away with everything its about time they pay for their shadyness now if only jenelle could pay for something for real for once.

Oh I agree, there's a good possibility that she did get compensated. My point is, without things like twitter, there wouldn't be any real proof of it and she wouldn't be having these problems. There's no such thing as privacy anymore and people don't think about the consequences before sharing their business on the internet.

The sad thing is people like Jenelle who put their lives on twitter don't get as many negative consequences as people like Chelsea. She's not anywhere near as bad as Jenelle about that. She's also ten times more responsible then Jenelle's ever been. So out of all the girls to have to deal with this she probably deserves it the least. I just really can't stand how lazy and dependent on daddy she is. I'm hoping this will be good for her and teach her to learn to stand on her own two feet since there's no way Randy can help her out of this one.

@trash, I can see what you're saying (I saw other people saying the same thing in previous comments, too) but, if you think about it, it's kind of like comparing apples and oranges. Yes, Jenelle gets away with murder and it's ridiculous, but it's not like the state of South Dakota is looking to arrest Chelsea or throw her in jail for doing makeup. The licensing board is just investigating her because she broke the rules they have. Jenelle will never get a job with her record.

I wonder why they didn't suspend Landon's license? Since apparently he was "hiring" her...wouldn't that be against their rules?

The whole thing is confusing and weird.

I know it's against the law but seriously who the FUCK cares if she made money off it? I think it's such a stupid fucking law. If I do my friends hair/makeup and they want to pay me for my time I think it should be fine. It's a personal transaction. If my friend wanted to do my hair/makeup and I want to pay them that should be MY choice not up to the government. I just don't understand the purpose for that law. Doesn't seem like it's helping ANYONE. I mean it's "Cosmology" for Fuck's sake. It's not like she's practicing dentistry or operating on anyone. Wtf is the worst that can happen ESPECIALLY WITH MAKEUP!? They put on a bad shade of lipstick? They give too much eyeshadow? Just wipe that shit off! Seems so fucking stupid.

I'm totally not disagreeing with what you're saying, but I went to a wedding last year and the lady who did my makeup was completely unsanitary, so it is possible to fuck it up.

This was at a salon that was supposedly licensed and everything, so a lot of good THAT did.

I was kind of spacing out and not paying much attention, but toward the end I saw the lip gloss come out, and she was coming at me with a dirty, nasty old wand. I was like, "Ummm. That's okay. I have my own." Then I became super paranoid that I was going to get herpes or something as I mentally rewound and realized she'd been using makeup applicators that had probably been applied to dozens of people before me without being sanitized. Even the mascara wand, which could've given me an eye infection.

*wretch* (Thank God I don't seem to have gotten herpes, but I was so disgusted and paranoid for months after.)

But yeah, I do agree with you though. They really seem to want a license (read: $$FEES$$)for everything these days.

OHHH that is GROSS! Yeah maybe I'm missing something here??? I'd love to know! It just seems SO over the top silly when Adumb, Jenelle, Gaythan are all walking around free lol.

Gosh when I was little like 5 I had Chelsea like babysitters come take care of me and they thought it would be fun to put make up all over me. My eyes got all infected, it was painful, they piled makeup on me toddler and tiara's style. I seriously became traumatized LOL I where very little make up cause of that shit. And the sad thing was they were being paid to be there for babysitting. I remember my parents being PISSED at them and I called them mean old witch ladies if I ever saw them (LOL)

*Wear. Ugh whatever it's late.

Ugh but then again too, someone licensed could have done just as shitty a job and still given you herpes mascara/lip gloss LOL. I mean would the license make a difference in a shitty person doing your makeup? AND not to mention the evil witch ladies that did mine both work at hair salons/do makeup LOL!

Oh yeah, totally. It's frustrating that Jenelle, Nathan, Adam, et al, get away with some very dangerous shit, while Chelsea (who seems to be the only one actually trying to start a legit career) is being railroaded over what? A few hundred dollars (assuming she really was paid?) It's really stupid. Let's stop people who want to be productive members of society while we let the Jenelles of the world off scot-free....

Also lol'ed at the image of Chelsea-like babysitters making over a little kid. wtf were they thinking?