Teen Mom 2 Season 5: Episode 16 Recap

episode recap


Alright folks. I watched this late last night after taking some licensure tests and dealing with some attorney junk, so bare with me as we struggle through this week's recap.


Adam has Aubree most of this episode, and he tries to save face with the reality television world because the entire time he's with her he's taking family pictures and actually disciplining the kid, and it seems like he's doing alright considering how we normally see him.

Chelsea has received a letter saying that she still won't get her license and she's really freaking out about it because she has a house payment coming up soon. Her dad sets up a meeting with a lawyer (because if you're old enough to buy your own house, you're still not old enough to call your own lawyer) to talk about what they need to do to ensure that Chelsea gets her license and can get back to work.

She also talks to her dad about how the 3 month trial of the visitation is almost up, and that if Adam goes back to jail for his fiery car crash, she'll fight a lot to take his visitation rights away.

She comments that Aubree is supposed to be spending the weekends with her dad and not her grandparents, but that it's not like she would keep Aubree away from Adam's parents if he lost visitation rights.

Chelsea meets with the lawyer who says that it could take an additional 30 days to get her license, and that doesn't make Chelsea happy at all.


Leah was recently put on some anxiety medication and it's making her pretty loopy during this episode.

She drives to a restaurant to eat with a friend and simply talks about how with Ali's medical bills it's impossible to focus on anything else, but now that she's on the medication she feels better about things and has a more level head, but she's incredibly sleepy.

Leah and Corey argue at the drop off about the wheelchair not being covered by the insurance.

It seems like Corey is doing everything that he can to get it passed, but Leah's mad that their request was denied in the first place.

Leah's wanting to talk to the insurance people herself in order to deal with it, so I guess we'll see if that ever happens.

Leah's having a phone call about how to address Ali's questions about her medical issues and she falls asleep on the phone for a bit and is talking complete nonsense about how there's a dye that you can put in a baby's head or something like that.

leah1 leah2 leah3 leah4

When Jeremy gets home, Leah vents to him about how messed up she feels and how the medicine makes her feel just awful after a while.

While the doctor said it would take a bit for Leah to get used to, it doesn't seem like she's enjoying the transition process, so Jeremy encourages her to call the doctor again and get things sorted out.


Jenelle is preparing for Nathan to spend a month in jail for his 3rd DUI charge. They're spending as much time together as possible, which still results in a lot of arguments and frustration for everyone.

They go have supper at some guy named Norm's house (have we ever met them before?) and Norm proves to be the voice of reason for that scene when he asks Nathan what he can do to help out, whether it be checking in on Jenelle or something along those lines.

Nathan says he doesn't need Norm to do anything and Norm tells Nathan that he needs to swallow his pride and that there's a big difference between going to jail and going to jail when your girlfriend is pregnant.

Later when Jenelle decides to take a bath, Nathan wants to spend time with her, and they get into an argument about things.

You can tell that Jenelle doesn't want to be alone for a month, and it's a little sad, but Nathan is the one that brought this on himself.

During that scene there's a hat that says "I love Haters" on the nightstand and it made me laugh a lot.

Jenelle and Nathan head to the trial or whatever and Nathan is booked for 30 days, but we know he only ends up serving like 12 of them.


Kailyn calls Jo to ask him why he didn't come to Isaac's birthday party, and Jo reveals that it was just awkward. Kailyn then asks if she can come over and see their house because she wants to see where Isaac lives when he's not with her.

Jo agrees and says that Vee will also be there. Kailyn says she wants to reach out to Vee and so Jo gives out her number in hopes to make amends.

Kail is dealing with the fact that Javi has to go away for a month for some more military training, and although she seems a little worried about handling things, there aren't any real mental break downs for this group of kids during this episode, which is nice.

Javi says he's surprised that Kailyn wants to sit in the car for 3 hours in order to go see Jo and Vee's place, but he's glad that they're all trying to move on in order to be better at co-parenting.

Eventually they make it to Jo and Vee's apartment and even though things are super awkward at first, everyone seems to get along in the end, and they even go out to eat supper at the end of the episode.

Kailyn apologizes for being a bitch and making the co-parenting harder than it should have, but it seems like Jo and Vee have the "better late than never" mentality which helps Kailyn immensely.


WOW is all I can say. Leah needs to take Jeremy’s advice and call her Dr. about her body’s reaction to what ever the hell kind of medicine he put her on. That stuff makes her batshit crazy. Hot mess express for sure. I know medicines affect everyone differently, but for real, I unfortunately also know ALOT of about anxiety/depression meds, too. I have been on and off a lot of them, and this has NEVER happened to me, except once when I was put on something and messed and took 2 at once instead of just 1. And, it wasn't even a sole anxiety med, it was one that kind of treats both anxiety and depression both. I hope she either gets this checked and addressed or her body gets used to it REALLY quick.
I am glad to see that Kailyn actually acted mature in this episode. For once, it seemed like everything wasn’t about her in her crazy little head. I did think it was funny how Vee had to bring up that everyone was having babies at dinner! And Kail was like “you guys are next!” Poor Jo. I also HAVE to address Vee’s 1970′s hair..not a good look, girl. Not even in the 70′s.
Its interesting to me how Adumb was able to get Aubree to calm the fuck down so quickly when she had her meltdown over the phone, but Chelsea can’t seem to do it. Maybe its because she isn’t with him enough to know that she’s gonna get away with it if she keeps it up like she does with her mom, or that mom’s not going to do anything to her anyway??? I dunno…
Also, how the HELL does Adam think that DUI’s will not affect his visitation? He said they are about him, not his parenting. Dude, seriously? They look at everything about you, fool. And everything about you ain’t looking so great right now.
It really irked me that during this entire episode Jenelle wasn’t with Jace at all. Who gives a fuck about your dumbass crazy boyfriend going to jail for 30 days? 30 FUCKING DAY! That’s nothing, and he’s lucky that’s all he got for a 3rd offense DUI and the other shit he got charged with. He got on my nerves talking about how he was going to miss her belly growing. It’s only 30 days, you aren’t going to miss much douche lord. And, if the jails there are like they are here, you can go still visit if the sentence is only for 30 days. And, I swear to God, if Nathan doesn’t have some sort of disability or addiction, he seriously needs to go back to school. Nothing he says makes much sense and he ALWAYS sounds fucked up.

Oh yeah, Adam saying it's nothing to do with his parenting, and how he has been around for the last 8 months. Sorry, how old is Aubree?
My Mum is brilliant but I was always sooo much naughtier for her, throwing some massive tantrums and being a little brat, but not for my Dad. It's a totally different kind of relationship when you live with your Mother and only see your Dad on weekends.

Same here. I would raise hell at my mom's but was very good at my dad's.

Lmao man bringing back memories of me raising havoc at my moms. I was some what the same with my dad because he allowed me get away with it. But not as bad. My dad doesnt believe in discipline. He thinks we should be free to make our own mistakes. Until one time I drove him mad, he then threatened to spank me which scared the crap outta me but he couldnt pull himself to do it.

I would be desperate for my Mum to get home from work (she worked full time, obviously to support us) then be a little bitch the second she arrived. I think I was less comfortable with my Dad and it was just very different. It definitely was not because of lack of discipline in my case though, my Dad could be scary lol

Kids always listen better to people they aren't used to, because they aren't comfortable enough with them to show their ass as much. Since we know Adam isn't around much to be the great parent he thinks he is, I think that's what's going on.

Yeah, kind of like jenelle and nathan thinking they are better parents than barbara because jace listens to them when he is with them.

I think the reason Jace behaves when he's with them is probably because he's scared and feels out of place.

I don't think he does behave when he's with them!

So in what universe does Adam deal with Aubree better then Chelsea does??!!! He was able to get her to calm down real quick and he handled it really well. That was crazy!! I kept thinking, Chelsea would've just given her her way or threatened to call Randy and then called him and complained that Aubree was misbehaving. That was absolutely crazy to me. Idk if it's just for the show or what but Adam was acting like fucking father of the year in this episode. It surprised me that MTV even showed that. While I do agree he's a total asswhole, sometimes I think MTV does go out of their way to make him look like a total deadbeat. They never show any good moments with him ever. If Jenelle can have good moments then I'm sure Adam could too. When he said on the reunion that all the show focused on was the bad with him I had to agree. They never do show any good just the bad so I was really surprised when they showed that scene. That being said the guy is a total idiot if he thinks his DUIs have nothing to do with parenting!!!!

I have a feeling he was laying it on pretty thick. Saying he doesn't even have a desire to drink anymore and he'd rather be at home "cleaning up poop" was complete bullshit.

hey Rae, come back more often!

Hey Javi's Miley Addiction...stop giving me nightmares of Javi's upper lip curling even farther up in satisfaction due to Party in the USA coming on his iPod again. ;)

Not you, personally. Just his actual obsession with Miley Cyrus is creepy. It's like you guys like me and miss me when I'm gone...which makes me feel not miserable. Thanks ;)

Oh that was so fucking fake

same thought about Adumb! I do think he's been a better parent. When he's with Paislee it seems like he takes good care of her. Maybe he thinks that just because he's a better parent, it has nothing to do with his DUIs, but um Adumb, how you gonna be a good parent if you go to jail?

The South Dakota jail gives him a bad edit in court, guys! It's really unfair!

In a universe where cameras are recording, you nearly killed people driving, you have massive bump on your head from the accident and you know you better watch every single thing you do. It found it odd that the last episode Adam had a small mark on his head from the accident. This episode he has emu egg in the same spot. It seems this was taped out of order. MTV editing...surprising to no one.
Adam and Nathan should co-author a book called 'DUIs, Jail and Custody Have Nothing to do With Parenting'. Jenelle can write the Introduction. Farrah can write the back end of it, she prefers the back end.

"After you've taken no responsibility whatsoever for your DUI (which didn't even count because you were stopped once the cops disrespected you by arresting you even though you weren't TRYING to drink and drive, other people were just buying you drinks all night,) converse with Dr. Phil and lie through your horse teeth, proceed to piss and moan on Keek with the ever original "fuck the government" because they made you take a class and pay fines, even though you're a perfect mother and and even perfecter entrepreneur. Then, make sure not to forget that your now 18 year and one day old daughter has an appointment with Vivid and a James Deen dildo. If she misses this appointment, NO ONE WILL WRITE ARTICLES ABOUT YOU and you'll drop dead like Tinkerbell every time someone says "I don't believe in whorebags fairies!!"

And Butt Fucking

oh no, they will top the new york bestseller's list altogether!

Kailyn was quite likeable in this one. When she admitted she had been a bitch and said sorry, I think everyone was shocked! She did start to get defensive when Jo pushed her to repeat herself in the restaurant but overall, she was pretty good. Saying that, Jo and Vee have been very mature about everything and very forgiving. Although Jo did make that nasty comment when Kail was pregnant...
I feel like I am always on edge watching her segments, waiting for her to snap. Exactly like watching Amber in the original Teen Mom episodes!

Please go away, Jenelle. She is a mess. And not a hot one...

It was weird seeing Leah all spaced out. Kind of half funny and half very sad.

I like Chelsea but her whiney voice irritated me in this episode.

Next week looks like it will be good!

The only thing that really annoyed me this episode was Randy tweeting "who was driving" We get it, you hate Adam but GOD-FKN-DAMMIT! can't you stay out of it? I swear he's always instigating shit on twitter!I do not agree with him driving at all and understand Randy being the grandparent, but seriously dude, it's Twitter, Chelsea doesn't even say anything about it.

Really cause I re-winded it and I was pretty sure that it was Taylor that was driving... That being said I can't stand Randy because of that also. He ALWAYS goes off on twitter. He yells at people that tweet at him for saying Adam's name. He's like we don't not speak that name around here it's the devil's name. Like really Randy grow the fuck up. No wonder your daughter still acts like a child because you act like one yourself sometimes.

He actually tweeted it in reference to the preview where Chels ask Aubree who was driving and she replies Dad.
seriously Randy is such a drama queen himself! And why is he acting like Adam is Lord Voldemort?

Lmao wow just had someone go and thumbs down basically all my comments. I feel kind special that someone thinks of me so much that they went to the trouble. Thanks I'm flattered. :)

Happens to the best of us Trashtv. Who gives a...
Some people just get their knickers in a knot too easily.

I kinda understand why Randy hates Adam so much... He's a piece of shit dad to Randy's granddaughter and has treated Chelsea like crap for years - tho Chelsea brought it on herself, I really can't blame Randilicious for hating him.

Maybe they are trying to do a Kail and just but ADUI out of Aubrees life completely? Who knows. I like Randy. Even if he is an immature ass. I wonder if his alterior motive is to keep having ADUI arrested by drawing attention to it?

I don't follow them on twitter, I do like Randy but yeah he can be pretty immature and likes the fame.
Chelsea very very rarely starts any drama or bashes anyone on twitter. She's actually very mature in that sense! Even when Adam says stupid shit and lies on camera she keeps quiet. Good for her

Ho-ly crap.

I feel so awful for Leah. I usually don't get too worked up over these girls, but I cried actual tears during Leah's phone call. First of all, screw you MTV for showing that. I know, they signed on for this, they make obscene amounts of money, etc, but really?! They could have shown how the medication was affecting her without making her look like Anna Nicole Smith.

I'd also like to give a huge middle finger to her "friend" who referred to Aleeah as Leah's "normal child." That aggravates me to no end. I grew up hearing that, because my brother is disabled, and I just wish people would stop and think before they say things that they might not think is hurtful, but it actually kills you inside. My brother and Ali are no less "normal" than Aleeah, me or anyone else.

It was nice to see how Jeremy was trying to be there for Leah more. It really gave me hope for their relationship, and I really hope that they work out. I know we've all said that we could imagine Leah having a string of ex husbands and babies, but I really hope that she gets the help she needs so she can work on herself, so she can work on her marriage.

I just felt so bad for Leah! Goodness, I won't be able to snark on her for weeks.

Oh yeah! I forgot about Leah's friend that I wanted to slap! I meant to mention her rude ass in my comment. Normal? What the hell? Honestly, I cant believe she'd even have to audacity to say that to begin with, let alone to Leah's face?

Maybe we can chalk it up to her not being educated about disabilities? Or..because the schools aren't well there.

I try to be patient with people like that, but I really can't stand people who say things like that. It doesn't even involve being educated. If she had just stopped and thought to herself, "gee...I'm referring to Aleeah as Leah's 'normal child,' so what does that make Ali?" She would realize how cold and insensitive that remark is.

She said "normal" in quotation marks. I'm not saying the use of the word normal is acceptable. But her use of quotations signifies that she acknowledges that this is not the word she should use, but she doesn't know which correct word to use. That could have been an opportunity for Leah to educate her. She clearly did not want to be offensive, and that's the important part.

To be fair, being politically correct is incredibly difficult to keep up with. When I took a class on the subject in the spring of 2012, the word we used for children without special needs was "typical." Not sure if that's the word still being used 2 years later. Also not really sure how typical is much better/different than normal.

Yeah, I may be overgeneralizing here but some men, from what I have seen, can be very unsympathetic about mental illness. Don't get me wrong, so can some women, but it seems to be a man thing a lot of the time. From what we have seen he is trying to be supportive and not belittling her. Didn't seem to make her feel much better though

I agree. Men often try to attribute completely valid emotions to women just being women. I think a lot of them don't understand the difference between a legitimate mental illness and going through a rough time. That being said, there are many fantastic men out there who get it, and I think awareness and sensitivity is growing. I really just hope Jeremy turns out to be one of the good ones!

I think this has a lot to do with those men being told "grow a pair" or "real men don't cry" throughout their entire adolescence and now they think that vulnerability and valid emotions are perverse and unacceptable.

I think what we're seeing as unsympathetic is typical man behavior. I don't mean that all men act like this. I once read in a magazine that men are solvers and women are talkers. So when you tell a man your problems, his initial response is to solve your problem. But women generally just want someone to talk through their problems. I saw it in how Jeremy responded. "Take less." "Call your doctor." But all Leah clearly needed was some "I'm so sorry, honey." And "I support you." He may not realize he's being insensitive.

This is something they'll need to talk about. She should tell him what she needs (and she did) and what she doesn't want him to do when she's upset. These are things you learn about your significan other once you've been together for awhile - how to respond when the other is hurting

I'm thinking more of the men who say 'Get on with it' and 'It's no big deal'. At least he was trying to help solve her problem, rather than dismissing it. And I think calling the Doctor would be a good idea in her case.
I agree it was good that she told him what she needed from him. I think I am quite a problem solver even though I am a woman! I like to be proactive.

Sad/happy story time: My grandfather passed away about two weeks ago. His whole life, he thought depression was something that us whippersnappers made up to excuse laziness or bad work ethic. He had no mental illness and didn't understand why those of us with "depression" couldn't just work harder and get over it. His oldest son had a manic break several years ago and was admitted to a psych ward and diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Seeing his first son be diagnosed and spin out of control the way he did certainly made my Papaw realize that if it can affect someone like his first born, it must be real after all.

I don't know what it's like to try to understand depression or anxiety if you don't have them because I've always struggled with this. A therapist once told us that she had a really bad flu and made herself get up and vacuum and clean to try and be able to empathize with the hell that is depression. I vastly appreciate those who try to understand something that affects their loved ones but doesn't affect them in their own brain. My grandfather spent the last couple years of his life trying so hard to understand my uncle's bipolar and my depression and anxiety. It was such a relief to think about the fact that he didn't die thinking I was a faker with a shit work ethic. He tried so hard to understand what I was going through and I'll be forever thankful for him trying to empathize with our struggles when they were SO FAR out of his realm of experience.

Oh gosh, I can totally relate with this! I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa :( My parents are the exact same way (more rude about it). WELL WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO BE DEPRESSED ABOUT? GO OUTSIDE? Do you understand that when I go outside and even see A FAMILY it sets me off into tears because I'm 30 and going to die alone? I mean I still go outside and do regular things because I know staying cooped up makes it worse, but I hate when people just say "get over it" or "suck it up" like that one stupid cunt who commented on here said (yeah you're a cunt). And then the anxiety thing.... you CAN NOT FUCKING HELP IT. I tried to just ignore it for years and it just got worse and worse till I learned to COPE with it. These are mental illnesses.... you can't tell someone who has an illness to just get over it. So stupid. I do think therapy/reading on it/learning what can help you deal with it is better than brain candy pills though.

Rae, sorry about your grandpa! I lost mine last year and I know its hard and can sympathize with you!

And, I agree with both of you guys. I am bipolar and have major anxiety (about everything!). I get SO sick of when I am depressed people ask me "what do you have to be depressed about?", or "what's wrong this time?"..because, you know what? I DONT FUCKING KNOW. I just am. Trust me, if there was an on/off switch for it, it'd be OFF all the fucking time!!
Luckily, for me, my husband is AMAZING. When we first got together, I told him ALL about my illness. He doesn't completely understand, but he sure as hell tries. He goes to Dr. appts with me, hugs me on my depressed days and laughs with me on my manic ones. He goes shopping (or really just everywhere) with me because that's when my anxiety really gets bad and keeps me calm.

It's nice when people actually TRY to understand instead of just assuming shit about it.

Leah's friend specifically said quote unquote normal and explained she only said it because she couldn't think of a better word. You're being over sensitive. She knows Ali is a normal (incredibly adorable) human being

After rereading what I wrote, and considering what you and Nathan's Childs said, I think you're right and I definitely took it too personally. I'm sorry for blowing things out of proportion! I was definitely projecting my own feelings about my experiences onto the situation, which isn't fair.

Stop being rational and call us all jealous haters!!! These niceties are MADDENING!!

Well I figured she was trying to say it in a nice way and just didn't know how, and didn't mean anything by it. But fucking seriously your god damn brain.

What the hell was Leah talking about when she was bitching to Corey that she doesn't have the support that she needs?! She has more support than most. Way more. From her mom to Corey's dad and stepmom to Corey and Miranda to Jerrmy to her friends, even Ali's physical therapist she can call and speak to. She's super oblivious and ungrateful.

She meant to say "I've got no friends" Not, "I don't have enough support" because that's the truth. Shouldn't have got knocked up with Adderall so quick sweety. And dealt with the bed you already made.

Leah broke my heart too, seeing her in so much pain. However I was also thinking that they were filming over the course of time. We saw her at work, at a restaurant, meeting Corey and driving the kids. I have a bad feeling that she was driving when she had no business doing so. She would have been impaired, unless it was edited to look that way but she was not. If she was at work asleep, chances are she drove herself in that condition. She is responsible for 3 small kids alone when Jeremy is out of town during the week. I saw Addi had a black left eye and red mark on her left temple too, when they were on the bed. I hope I am wrong about it though.

Why are you so kind? Will you adopt me?

Right?! Newday, I love your comments. You're always so kind. You're like our adopted momma on here! :)

Absolutely! I have always wanted a daughter! Ummm...I think you are a girl but if not, I will still adopt you. BUT! There is one condition...you MUST bring your cat and all his PJs to the adoption ceremony! So cute!

And the bonus is, if I adopt all of you, then you all become siblings! Think of the fun we will have at the holidays, turkey & Teen Mom re-runs!

Jenelle chews with her mouth handing wide open. How have I not noticed this before? I couldn't stand to watch her eat.

Also. These people with these animals that they don't house break is killing me. I've had 4 dogs. It takes time and work to housebreak them. I get accidents happen... But I've seen 5 seasons of Chelsea's dogs relieving themselves in the house.

While I doubt there has been proper training, definitely more so in the case of some girls than others (ie: Jenelle vs Kail), things like moving can stress dogs out and confuse them. When we moved, my dog took about a week to really grasp "This is the new door. This is where I ask to go out."

My cat pissed all over my roommate's boyfriend's designer jeans the day after we moved into a new place. What self respecting man wears designer jeans? No clue. But he was pissed.

Bonus points to you if "pissed" was a pun of sorts!

He may have been pissed but did he piss on the cat's pajamas? Not likely ;-)

Funny story: My cat actually has pajamas.

He also turned 13 last year.

I'm also a huge dork.

OMG! I love your cat. I love that he has pajamas and had a bday party. I love his pissed off looking face. I just love him!

OMG LOL!!!!!!!!!! As a Jew I fucking love this

The fact that your cat had a bar mitzvah made my day, and the picture of him with the yarmulke made my life.

Yes! I love it! My cat wears bow ties for special occasions. I love making my animals fancy from time to time. :)

Oh. My. God. That is all I will ever see when she's eating now! I had a friend once who did the same thing, she would eat popcorn and all I could hear was the little smacking sounds her mouth made. Her boyfriend asked her to chew with her mouth closed once and she got super pissed at him. Awkward...

@Gracifer...I totally agree. That is like my biggest pet peeve ever. People that eat/chew loud and with their mouth open. Its so rude! Also, gum. People that constantly crack their gum makes my skin crawl. LOL!

I noticed in the latest episode that I watched (I'm behind) that she "cuts" her food into giant chunks and every bite she takes it looks like a damn python.

I will never get the image out of my mind of jenelle striking at her fork now! Lol!

She is pretty suffocating...

To be fair, that was Randy's puppy that peed in her house and he hadn't had it that long so it's not surprising it wasn't fully house trained yet, especially in a new house. That being said, they shouldn't have been letting him run around unsupervised.

Well it's no worse than Farrah having sex with her ass hanging wide open! I couldn't stand to watch her either :-O And her dog was wearing freaking diapers. Sheesh you would think with the frequency in which she uses her backdoor, she could teach her dog to use the back door of the house to go out and pee!

I hope Leah will consult with several different types of doctors before just taking the meds. There are so many natural ways to deal with anxiety and most (not all) people can overcome these disorders without meds. I know sometimes none of this helps and you need the meds to make it, but Leah doesn't seem to be in that situation. It is absolutely normal to have a high stress response when you are home alone with 3 very young kids all day and one of them has serious medical issues. It would be shocking if she did not deal with anxiety. But we also know she eats trash and is not emotionally mature. The meds do not treat these underlying causes.

Doctors should empower people to get healthy before just writing a prescription. Okay, off my soap box now.

Yea I would like to know what she tried to relieve her anxiety naturally before she turned to medication. I suppose that with children and bills, there's an immediate need to calm down. I don't know Leah, or her health. But you would think there would be an as needed use for the medication. Take it when you look at bills. Take it before bed. Any other time of the day, do yoga, take breaths, exercise etc.

I was surprised that they had her taking two whole pills a day. Like Jeremy said even someone who's not a doctor would know better. If she's never taken anything in her life she definitely shouldn't start off with such a high dose. Someone like Jenelle could start off like that and be fine but Leah's pretty itty bitty and never done drugs before. I'm thinking the doctors in her area are as not well as the schools!!

Yeah, but see the thing is, we don't even know what she was on. Some anxiety meds are low dose and only last a few hours. Some are low dose and extended release. Some are high and hit you all at once. It depends on the exact medicine and the dosage. At least this did teach us that Leah wasn't a druggie in the past! ;)

Also. I might withdraw my vote for Leah being on meth. Unless she was doing meth with anxiety medication/heroin, then it wouldn't make a lick of sense.

Also. Javi Driving 3 hours to pick Isaac up. I understand because they don't want Lincoln to make the journey. But the way it was worded rubbed me the wrong way. "Can I go with you?" "Yea. I didn't think you would want to be in the car for 3 hours." "I don't." Made it seem like she doesn't go because SHE doesn't want to make the 3 hour drive, not because of Lincoln.

I also think both Leah and Corey have a point with this insurance issue. Leah makes it seem like Corey doesn't know what he's doing. But he does in regards to it is a call center. They don't make the decisions. She's acting like he's not doing anything, but it really is just a waiting game at this point. Unfortunately, insurance is quite a scam and they live for loopholes so that they don't have to cover things. I understand the urgency, as does Leah. But they don't care about need, they care about money

And Lincoln was great at the restaurant! It was Isaac who fell asleep. Even when Kail does a nice thing there has to be something for her to complain about.

Leah has to understand insurance doesn't care about the passionate pleas of an overwhelmed mother. Insurance sucks, it's often not fair. You got to just keep trying to get the doctor to make the claim to insurance.

Agreed. Leah needs to call herself and they need to record it so we can see how far she gets with them, I'm betting on them not givin a fuck. Also like you said they done care about emotions or the needs and purpose of what you are trying to get approved, when she said something about her daughter being the only child in the world who has this and because of that they need it now, I wanted to laugh. I bet you because she does have it and it is very rare they will take even longer.

I honestly feel like Kail just did that to look like the " good guy". Can someone screenshot the live tweets she was doing? All the he scenes with Vee and Jo seemed like a huge act to me. I'm sure she was talking shit on them the whole way home.

I looked at her twitter. She didn't technically say things but fans would tweet things at her and she'd reply. Someone said something like why would Javi feel the most uncomfortable and she'd be like that's what I was thinking. And then someone else was like wow did she really have to say something about Hell freezing over and Kail was like I know it was unnecessary. I think the rudest one was when someone said Vee was obviously the one uncomfortable she couldn't stop laughing after each sentence and then Kail replied with a thousand laughing emoticons and said she just couldn't.
All in all though she didn't talk shit about them. It was also a step in the right directions for everyone, hopefully they can keep it up even if it is fake for Isaac's sake.

Javi said he's surprised she'd want to drive 3 hours in the car with Lincoln. I think the whole reason that Javi goes instead of Kail is because she's breastfeeding so if she were to go with Lincoln then she'd have to pull over to breast feed. It's a 6 hour trip which is kind of long for a newborn. I don't see why she can't pump and then leave Lincoln with Javi, although we all know how much Javi tries to be away from Lincoln so maybe it's Javi who'd rather make the trip then stay home alone with HIS child.

Corey and Leah both probably have very little experience getting denied for something this vital for Ali. Especially since she didn't have a diagnosis before. I HATE calling my insurance company. It's absolutely insane and no one gives a shit what you have to say. Leah's under the impression that she has some sort of clout as Ali's mother but sadly, that doesn't matter. No one there cares. And Corey is probably awfully passive about it and probably thinks that the doctors will do the work needed to get it approved. Keep at it, Corey. If both he and the doctors (excluding Leah because it seems to be Corey's policy, not hers) just continue to be really persistent, they'll make headway. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.

You know this whole situation with the driving Isaac REALLY irks me. I understand that Kailyn had to move to be with Javi when he joined the military. I understand that Jo's parents split, and he got his own place farther away. But, the KNEW all of this going in. Maybe it didn't seem like a big deal at the time, but they had to have known it would eventually become a pain in the ass. Kailyn says SHE hates the trip, Jo complains about the long drive too, but did they ever think of Isaac? Maybe he doesn't like it either, but he's still stuck in the middle of that crap. And, what in the world are they going to do to rectify this mess when he starts kindergarten and it isn't like day care where he can only go 3 or 4 days a week. He will have to be there all week, and what about Jo's visits then? They better start working on that, because it's gonna suck for little Isaac if he's missing school because of this, or having to get up at like 3 in the morning to get ready for school and then Jo and Kailyn meet up somewhere just to have him at school on time.

Unfortunately for Jo, he gets screwed over as soon as Isaac hits school. He will only get to see Isaac on holiday long weekends and in the summer. Kailyn will get her way and probably be happy that Jo gets less time with Isaac. It's bullshit and the way the legal system works. Jo could fight it all he wants, but a judge will rightfully let Isaac stay in school. Of course it should be that way, but it just sucks for Jo. I'm sure kailyn will be jumping for joy when she has Isaac all year.

Yep, this is the exact reason every other weekend and maybe half the summer is standard visitation. The child needs a steady place to live during the schoolweek.

All these dads who have a lot of custody now will see it drop considerably when the kids start kindergarten.

Oh my God, the Leah scenes really hit home for me. I know what it's like to struggle with anxiety and depression, but not being able to find medication that works for me. About a year ago, I was prescribed Zoloft. I reacted a lot like she did, just not as bad. It was awful. I felt terrible for her while she was talking to Jeremy. You can tell she's really struggling. Not that I had any to begin with, but I lost a lot of respect for MTV showing Leah the way she was. Yeah, yeah..she signed her life away to be on TV, but forreal, nobody deserves to have their most vulnerable moments out there for everybody to see. Keep it classy, MTV. Does anybody know what she's taking? A girl I worked with was on the mood pill Seroquil for a while. She acted excatly like Leah did. She came into work and we all thought she was drunk.

Kail was surprisingly awesome in this episode. I'm glad to see her stepping in the right direction. Vee seems like a sweetheart. I don't know about her and Jo, though. She seems so nice and he always seems so entitled and cocky. It was cute watching Vee hold Lincoln.

Adam did a pretty good job with Aubs in the restaurant. I was pretty happy with him until I remembered all his DUIs, then I saw the preview about Adam driving with Aubree in the car. Hell no, I would flip. Am I the only one who wanted to tell Taylor to stfu when she talked about how Aubree needed to know that no means no? While I completely agree that Chelsea needs to crack down on her daughter, Taylor needs to worry about her child, not Adams. "Bitch isn't a stepmom".

Nothing much to say about Jenelle. Same old, same old. Sad that Jace wasn't seen or mentioned.

I agree about MTV showing Leah like that. If they wanted to show her on the medication or touch on the subject, the scene where she's talking to Jeremy on the bed would've been enough, IMO.

Seroquel is CRAZY! My Dr. put me on that several years ago and if I didn't take it at bedtime and go DIRECTLY to bed, I became somewhat fruit loopy. Needless to say, I didn't take it very long!

The only medicine that has ever made me act similar to Leah here was Effexor. I accidentally took 2 instead of 1 one day and thank GOD I was at my mom's and didn't attempt to drive.
That medicine didn't stay in my daily regime long, either.

Is that how to spell it? Lol. I butchered it. Oops.

I have insomnia really bad. I get Ambion and that stuff makes me a little out there, then I just pass out, but it works. Lol.

Yeah, it's terribly sad MTV puts that stuff on the air.

How do we know she's on seroquel?? I was hoping to hear her say what she was on. Seroquel is nuts. I work at a residential with kids on a lot of medications. A coworker once described seroquel as shutting down your brain. Was there no other medication he could have tried first? Well, there are. So why the hell didn't her doctor try them?

Small town, maybe. But she needs to see another doctor, if possible. I'm not a doctor. But I would consider myself somewhat of an expert in mental health. I don't approve of him putting her on that medication

I don't know if she is or not. I was just saying the way she was acting was very similar to a friend of mine while she was taking Seroquel.

Isn't Seroquel a mood pill for bipolar patients?

What? SEROQUEL? I hope her doctor wasn't stupid enough to put her on Seroquel right away! Usually they try an SSRI first like Celexa, Zoloft or Effexor. My fiance was on seroquel for his mood disorder and it made him miserable. He had brain zaps and was always shaking like he had Parkinson's.

If she is/was on seroquel, I seriously don't understand!

We don't know for sure what type of medication it is. She just said an anxiety medication. Em. and I were just talking about our experiences with Seroquel. I HATE it.

@LUCKY COURT STAH : Ah, I see! I'm sorry you had to take it. It seems like its side effects are just awful.. :(

The issue is she shouldnt try medication before first trying a lot of other things. Mild anxiety that disturbs sleep, makes you feel antsy, etc. is completely normal for someone in her shoes. She should have been talked to about changing her diet to clean foods and no dairy, exercising vigorously several days a week, meditating, and acupuncture before drugs that alter the mind were ever brought into the equation.

Sometimes drugs are necessary. Most times they just cover underlying issues and people end up with way more problems. I know people (several close family members) who have been on SSRIs for years and their personalities have changed considerably and probably irreversibly. These drugs shouldn't be given out like candy even for as needed use.

Perhaps the doctor told her other things to do while using meds just to help while trying other avenues. Who knows but I seriously doubt it and it was depicted as though she went in once and said "I feel nervous" and he gave her pills that zonked her out with the intention of her taking them constantly forever. It should be illegal.

Jk my bad. I thought we knew she was on seroquel. But I think the general feeling is that this reaction she's having is a typical response, like the doctor said. However, I would still like to know what else she has tried to alleviate her anxiety. There is a legitimate trigger to the anxiety she is feeling, it seems. I hope there's another way for her to relax

I was on Seroquel (Quitiapine) as well for a month, and it made me a complete zombie. Basically, I had to schedule time to have a nap at some point during the day, otherwise I was intensely dizzy and drowsy.
Seroquel is technically an anti-psychotic first, but is also used for the treatment of insomnia, bipolar, schizophrenia and depression. I was on extended release for depression, but got off it because I couldn't really function needing to nap every day. It is hugely sedating.

Amen Kaiser Bun. Like I said, when I was on it, I had to go to bed within 10-15 minutes or so of taking it. And, I was OUT until the next day. Then, when I did get up, it was like I was hungover. Really though, that's about all it did for me. The stuff its supposed to help, it didn't. Just made me feel really awful all the time.

@Sara...thanks! I don't take it anymore and haven't for over 5 yrs. It was crazy!!

I was like that on xanax. I would start talking gibberish and just fall asleep sitting up. I took it for a month, hoping to get used to the medication, but I finally had to get off of it.

I agree. I was seeing a doctor when I first started college, he threw an Adderall script at me without any questions asked. I was like, I don't need this. Lol.

I was thinking xanax also. I've been prescribed them for years for anger and anxiety/panic. At first it would made me super drowsy, but only lasted for a couple weeks.

I was wondering if I missed something! Was Jace shown at all besides the montage at the end?

MTV had the little cameras in the truck that Adam was in on this episode, wouldn't they therefore be able to record it if he was driving?

I don't see Adam having the sense to disable them, and I don't see him having the sense to stop driving either.

I've been in treatment for depression and anxiety since 2007 when I was 19. I've NEVER found relief through medications. I finally started to think that this slightly less shitty version of depression and anxiety that I experience while taking SOMETHING at least was maybe all these medications do and this was the way people normally feel if they aren't depressed or have anxiety and I just had an unrealistic expectation of life without derpression. A psychiatrist earlier this year asked me if I had "ever been treated to remission." I had no fucking clue they could treat depression and anxiety into remission!! That was a first. I have seen MANY doctors and none of them ever mentioned that little tidbit. So there's hope. But I get completely exhausted and downtrodden when I think I've tried everything and nothing has made a damn bit of difference so far.

Also: Seroquil is nuts. I was on that for awhile and it knocked my ass out every time I took it.

That totally says "derpression" doesn't it? Fitting. I'm going to start calling it that.

I didn't want to say anything that made it seem like I was making light if your situation but I saw that and it reminded me of something Tyler's Trap Baby would say lol. Like "Leahs got a bad case of DERPression in this episode" ha ha idk it just cracked me up

Rae, I wish I could talk to you privately! PLEASE explain to me what remission for depression and anxiety is? I have been seeing my psychiatrist of like 11 years or so, and I've NEVER heard that. I am bipolar and have major anxiety. I have been on just about every single anti depressant, anxiety med., anti psychotic med., and mood stabilizer there is, and I have NEVER found a combination that works well for me. Every time I go see my Dr. he just adds something or takes something away, or adjusts dosages. My last appt. with him was so aggravating. He seems to not know what to do anymore, I guess because the meds usually work for his other patients. I go to therapy. I straight up refused ECT. On Sunday, I stopped taking my meds all together, except the anxiety med when I have to go out somewhere. Any advice?

**and to anyone that want to thumb me down for talking about my personal shit on here, GO AHEAD, BY ALL MEANS. What Rae is talking about REALLY interests me, and this is the only way I can ask her!**

I just posted to Rae and then saw your post Lucky Court. I HEAR you and I wish I could hug you. Please read what I wrote below. I want you to Google ECT because it is not what it used to be. It is life-changing and saves lives for many suffering from depression. They do it as an out-patient. You get a med to put you instantly to sleep. They have refined the shock they give to a minimum.

The only thing that moves during ECT is your big toe. There are no more general seizures where you shake all over and they do not put a bite wedge in your mouth. The entire process is about 5-10 min, you wake up and can go home shortly.

There is also Magnetic Therapy for depression now. It shoots magnetic pulses to the area of the brain blocked by depression. It is painless and works for many. There is also Magnetic Seizure Therapy which works like ECT but no known side effects.

Please do not give up, do not stop your meds without supervision either. Have you tried a low dose anti-psychotic in combo with anti-depressants? Maybe you need a referral to a different doc, a fresh set of eyes to see you. The larger hospitals with psych clinics/research have docs with so much MORE options.
I am not recommending any meds/ECT/MST to anyone specifically. I am not a doctor but I have experience so I am just putting out options and encouragement. I don't want anyone to feel alone or helpless. I send you a big HUG, hang in there honey!

Newday...First, I want to thank you for responding (I read both of your comments). It means a lot to me that you took time of your day to respond like that to me. You are so sweet and damnit, I just want to hug you!

I think what I may do is call my Dr. on Monday and tell him that I've quit my meds, and ask him about restarting them but lower doses and maybe not ALL of them. I do talk therapy, I never miss an appt., but I despise it. I just have never really felt like I get any relief from it and it feels like a pain in the ass to go and talk besides sometimes, I just don't feel like talking or I don't have much to say, you know? But, I wont give it up. And, I'll do some research about the ECT, but I really don't think I am all that comfortable with it. I know its not as bad as it used to be back when you hear all the horror stories about it, but I guess its just something about "shocking my brain" makes me REALLY hesitant, I mean, I feel like the illness and meds have already screwed me up pretty bad!

At any rate, thank you again! We love ya!!!

Anytime Lucky Stah (hey I sounded like Babs)! I never want anyone to have to struggle to get through every day. Just don't give up okay?! Sometimes you need to see a new doc because you need someone who is diagnosing you for the FIRST time. There are so many treatments now, and upcoming, for depression. If your current doc is not helping you, it is time to find one who can. A good doc will support a second opinion. Be honest with him and ask to be seen at a large hospital deals with Psychiatry. These are the docs with newer treatment options usually. Depression is a beast but look at the strength you have, you have been through so much, so you are STRONG! Believe in a better future & don't stop until you get it!

Hi Posters. Anti-depressants can be used for depression but some can be used for depression and anxiety. Seroquel is an anti-psychotic often used for bipolar. However it can be combined in small doses with an anti-depressant, sort of used as a booster-rocket. It sometimes can increase the effectiveness of anti-depressants.

Depression is a beast to deal with and often it comes with anxiety. The side effects of meds can be worse than the disease. A-D try to boost your mood but can cause massive agitation/anxiety. Anti-psychotics can cause huge agitation and disassociation. It is CRUCIAL to be aware of what side effects are tolerable and/or normal.

All these meds need to be in combo with talk therapy. Even if you feel talked-out and repetitive, it is important to keep it going. Be aware young people are at higher risk for many of these meds to cause suicidal feelings so TELL the doc if you feel that way. No med should you unable to function, like Leah, unless you under care 24/7. The internet is a great resource for support and finding help-line contacts.

Please talk to your parents/family/someone responsible if you are dealing with mental illness. You are NOT alone, it is SO common and the stigma has to be dropped so people can freely talk and be supported. Meds are not a cure but can be very useful IF used right but only with support as well.

Sorry to ramble, it is just the mom and nurse in me, trying to reach anyone who may need to feel understood. There are some useless medical staff but many of us REALLY TRULY care about you. Do not settle, find a great doc/therapist, they are out there!

I honestly feel bad for Leah.... That was hard to watch.

And oh Jenelle.... I just want to punch you in the throat every time you open your mouth.

I don't believe for a second that Chelsea had made enough money yet or had all this money just lying around for a home down payment but can't pay her first mortgage payment.... We all know MTV and your dad pays for everything!

Yeah, true. I don't know where they're trying to go with this story. I mean, really, who cares. Its shitty if the board is going on social media comments alone to not give her license to her, but its also shitty for MTV to expect us to believe that the job that Chelsea cant go to without her license is the only thing paying her bills. She's pretty smart with the money she's made off MTV (at least it appears that way to me), so by now, she'd have enough saved for the house anyway. Besides, in the other seasons when she was moving from place to place, her dad was pretty much paying for it all, then when she got that job at the tanning salon she said she was going to start paying half or something like that. At any rate, she could afford the payment, the license thing wont prevent that, and even if it did, you know Randy would help, AND she has the other Chelsey living with her now, and she said she would be helping too.

Maybe they're trying to show the way the situation would work for most other people? Personally, I wouldn't ever buy a house without a steady job first. But if I were in the same situation, where I couldn't work for whatever reason and my mortgage payment was coming up, I would be stressing hardcore.

In her defense, she did have a steady job when she was in the process of buying. She just couldn't do some of the tasks at her work until her license came through. It wasn't until she got that letter that she found out they reevaluated standards and she wouldn't be able to work at ALL until she got the license. I don't think she's actually worried because we know Randy will back her up with finances, but it's still shitty for her I think.

LOL its not an option to buy a house if you don't have a steady job.

Oh wait, unless you make 90% of your money from a TV show that will probably end within the next year or two.

@Eyebrows - I don't really agree, and here's the reason: She didn't have a license when she started, which she knew she needed to have in order to do everything she need to for the job. So in reality, her job wasn't steady yet when she purchased the house, as is proven by the situation she landed herself in.

When I bought my house, I had a steady job and was doing great. Cue every medical problem in the universe and my depression/anxiety REALLY rearing it's ugly head. I was able to get by and eventually when I got married, my husband and I combined finances and he works his ass off to support us because I can't but it was a stressful several years. When he started trucking, we were constantly two months behind for about six months because he wasn't making money while training and we got behind on the bills. Every time I didn't pay the mortgage on the first day of the month (or rather the payment from two months previously,) they'd send me a notice of pre foreclosure for being 90 days behind instead of 60 days. And for those six months, someone from the company called 1-2 times EVERY FUCKING DAY to ask why I was behind. I told every single person I talked to and they always said they'd put it in my file and yet the next person to call had nothing written down. It was maddening and super embarrassing and stressful. Once, a guy from the mortgage company actually asked me, "Well can't you just borrow money from family?" I said, "If I could borrow money from family, you wouldn't have to be calling me every day because I would have already done it. It's not like I have some massive trust fund that I just conveniently forgot about!"

A house is pretty expensive though. Even with MTV money she had to have spent some of it. Now she isn't dumb like Maci and taking all her friends on vacations all the time but she also never really had a job before this. I know Randy was helping a lot but I'm sure some of her MTV money was going to bills and stuff. She's always lived in really nice and really big places. She really doesn't need so much space and then she has dogs and she's constantly getting her hair and nails done, she has makeup on everyday. Her and Aubree probably wear expensive clothes. She's never been dumb with money in the sense that she doesn't blow it on expensive vacations with her friends or a new car all the time, but she does lead a high maintenance lifestyle. I'm willing to be a lot of that MTV money has gone towards that. So while I agree that it's MTV money that's making payments on the house, I don't think she has it all saved it. However, I do think that Randy would be the one making the payments if the show were to get cancelled and the money was to run out.

Yes, houses are expensive. But as of 2013, Chelsea was making around $30,000 per episode. So, there is no way she wouldn't be able to afford it, IMO. Also, a lot of the crazy random shit you see these girls using/wearing (like nice name brand shit)is sent to them by companies/designers. Go figure, right? Not ALL their expensive stuff, but some.

**Sorry..that should have said per season, not episode. **

Ha ha..sorry to post about this AGAIN, but I just read an update that the girls make around 60-65 thousand per season. To ME personally, that's a lot. If they are broke, its their own damn fault! If they have other jobs, or significant others that have jobs, they have no excuse to not be able to afford a house. Even Chelsea, with no real job except the tanning salon before this esthetic job she is trying to get the license for, should be able to afford a house IMO.

Leah was all sorts of fucked up in this episode. I'd honestly be shocked if her doctor really did say to take one full pill in the morning, and then another at night. That's a huge dose and Leah's not exactly a big girl. I hope she switched meds cause holyy crap, that was like watching Jenelle on heroin.

Kail is just insufferable even when she's trying to be nice. I hate when people invite themselves over to my house, I get it that she wanted to see where Isaac was living but could she not just trust Jo on that one? Going out for dinner was fine, you don't need to invade their space.

Jenelle was her usual pathetic self. Nathan saying "nah, she'll be okay" when that random guy asked if he should check on Jenelle said all it needed too about their relationship.

Chelsea, ehnnn. Boring. I'm betting they cut out 2 hours of screaming cause there's no way that douche calmed Aubree down that fast.

I felt really terrible for Leah this ep. Was that her doctor on the phone when she was nodding off? If so, she needs a new doc because it was pretty clear she was really fucked up.

Jenelle is so codependent it's unreal. I like how we got the comparison of Kail and Jenelle this week with both of their SOs preparing to be away for a month. Kail has her first kid and an infant and she was like, it will be difficult, but I'll be okay. Jenelle has no kid and no job besides school and she was acting like Nathan was about to go to Iraq or something. JFC.

The screenshots are hilariously done but damn it was scary to watch! But was it a set up call that turned bad? She seemed alright at the beginning, a little off but coherent, then nose dived into nonsense. I hope she left work and had someone drive her home. It felt weird the camera caught it is what I'm trying to say. I felt embarrassed for her and the physical therapist lady :p.

I see Adam is sprouting a devil horn now.

I agree. I seriously hope she didn't drive either. I don't see MTV allowing that though. At least, I'd hope they wouldn't.

However, they DID let Jenelle shoot up heroin (not that they actually showed THAT part) and didn't stop her. They just kept on filming....

Hahahaha yeah I saw his little horn too! I was wondering if he hit it on the windshield in one of his late night binge drinking drives around the block.

That was so gross to look at

Did you see his fucking eyeball?! It was solid red on one side of his iris.

What was she actually going on about? Putting dye in the baby's head? What was that? I know it's cos she was high on anxiety meds but it seemed so random!

She probably has a complex about Adderall having no hair/extremely fair hair because we snark on that poor baby all the time and she's asked some crazy ass pageant mom if there was a safe hair dye for babies so we'd all shut our holes.

She's probably talking about contrast dye they would use in cranial CT scans. I'm sure Ali probably has had to have a ton of them throughout her short life. She's probably worried or wondered about the effects that the dye could have on her. It was something she was unconsciously worried about and blurted it out in her loopy state.
Thats the only 2 and 2 I could put together since they were having a conversation about her condition. I feel terrible for her (at least in this situation). I'm a mother of twins who were born at 30 weeks and the constant worrying of ongoing tests and procedures and hospitals and physical and speech therapists and respiratory problems and food allergies, it's all so terrifying and exhausting. I can't imagine everything with Ali.

'Leah, you're breaking up.
Hahaha lies. She just didn't know what to say to that shit

Right?! After watching it a couple times, I seriously think the therapist lady rambled on just long enough with her answer for Leah to drift off to never never land. When she started talking again I think she was half there and half not because she was talking about putting dye in the babys head. I don't know where the hell she got the dye part from, but maybe the part about putting stuff in the babys head was a reference to Ali talking about her condition. Hell, its just a guess. Who really knows?

Seriously though, that lady all of sudden was like "Leah, you're really breaking up". She probably hung up and sat there like all of us were when we first watched it.

More like, "You're really cracking up, Leah." Poor thing. That was so uncomfortable to watch.

Also, who secretly wants Vee and Javi to hook up? I bet Javi does.

I like how Vee said she knew Lincoln was for sure Javi's!! She probably thought Jo & Kail had another shower lol

HAHAHAHA JAVI'S DSL I almost died on that one! I didn't even think about that but you're probably right she probably did worry about Jo and Kail hooking up again. I honestly think that Jo would hook up with her again if he wasn't with Vee. I don't know why he likes her but he definitely likes sleeping with her!!!

LOL that was exactly what I was thinking.

The dye in the baby's head made me think maybe they injected Ali with radioactive dye at some point to check the blood flow to her muscles? They wouldn't have done it in her head most likely but that would make some sense.

Yeah I was wondering if they'd put dye in her when they were doing various tests. It just sounded really creepy!
I wonder if Leah ever rang her back

I thought that was SO shitty her therapist was it?? Just hung up on her like that. If I were her therapist and heard how tired and out of it and loopy she sounded I would probably call her emergency contact and told them she's having a really bad reaction to the meds. She could have killed someone driving home... there are so many people in the medical field who just do NOT give a fuck.T hey say they're there to help people and they're not, it's horrible.

I remember I had this crazy migraine, and my migraine meds were like a week expired. I wasn't sure if I should take them so I called my pharmacy and they were SO cold about it. They were just like YEAH go ahead and take it....BYE.

I had such a terrible reaction to them and thought about calling 911 because I was throwing up and all this other stuff. I filed a complaint and they apologized. So many people just do not give a shit, it really sucks. You really can't rely on doctors/meds to fix anything you just have to do it yourself.

It was Ali's physical therapist. She called her for something (?), she forgot what for when the lady answered the phone. Regardless, she could have AT LEAST said "hey, are you OK?" or SOMETHING. Noooo...she just said the phone was breaking up...

OH ok ok that makes more sense. I thought it was Leah's therapist nevermind. Still LOL we know she didn't hang up cause she couldn't hear her.

I think she was trying to help Leah save face. Every time I've been on strong medication that's made me not myself, the anxiety gets even worse when someone points out that you're behaving like a lunatic. If she had said, "Leah you sound stoned off your ass," poor girl probably would have burst into tears and felt like she'd done something wrong. Instead, it was a bad connection and they can both pretend it never happened/the therapist didn't hear half of what she said anyway.

1. Jenelle is so dependant on a man it is pathetic. Wish she would feel the need to be around her son 24/7. She's such a loser, I'm done talking about her lol

2. Chelsea- you got paid for doing that wedding, quit bitching now that you're in trouble. And once again, get off the fucking phone while driving!!!! I laughed when Taylor was giving aubree side eye and saying she needs to know what no means. Funny coming from Taylor, but it is true. Aubree is very spoiled because of Chelsea's friend parenting style.

3. Kail - I can't believe I'm saying this, but she wasn't a total bitch in this episode. She swallowed her pride and did what needed to be done years ago. I really hope she is still trying to get along with Jo and Vee to this day. I want to steal Lincoln.

4. Leah - I really hope mtv showed her that footage when they shot it. She needs to see how she is reacting to the medicine, and talk to her doctor. I really hope she gets this figured out, because it was painful to watch her fall asleep mid conversation, slurring, and talking complete non sense.

"I want to steal Lincoln." Truer words have never been spoken, I want him, too! Can we share him?

I'll give you every other weekend. It's standard for the other parent . LOL

That is one cute baby, I gotta give them that!

His little dimples make MY uterus feel like it's going to explode!

Deal! :)

Mack's Uterous I hate to tell you but Farrah's Neck Mole is not an ordinary parent she's an extraordinary parent so the standard time just isn't going to work...

Damn!!! I don't wanna share him with some neck mole!!!!

To be fair I'm a trap baby and so is linc so I should has him. HE IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!

Oh my gosh, I wish all of Kail's segments were just of Lincoln. He is so damn stinkin' cute. Just a delicious baby.

Kail herself looks like Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, and Jo and Javi aren't prizes either, but i'll be derned if she didnt't make some gorgeous boys with those guys!

I think thats why Vee is getting fed up with Jo. They've been together like three years now, I think she's anxious for her own babies with Jo and he hasn't upgraded her from girlfriend to fiance zone. I think he really did at one point love Kail and was burned by their relationship fallout, which is why he's moving at a much slower pace this time around.

Lincoln's smiles are soooo cute!

If Leah is so concerned about the wheelchair why doesn't she call the insurance company herself ? She is naive if she thinks the insurance company is going to prioritize Ali over other claims if she just pesters them enough. I want to feel sympathy for Leah because of Ali but she was stupid to rush in to marriage and another baby. If she hac slowed down she probably wouldn't be so stressed and maybe poor Aleah wouldn't be so bad because her mom would have time for her. I feel sorry Aleah because it seems the only attention she gets is negative attention.

Jenelle and Nathan are annoying I have to fast forward threw them.

I wanted to like Kail this episode but I was reading her live tweets during this episode and it is clear she only did this to pat herself on the back. She made backhanded comments about Vee's awkwardness, her use of the word hell ( because I'm sure Isaac has never heard bad things from her ) and the fact that Jo wasn't a gentlemen by offering to help her with the 3hr road. If she cared so much about getting along with Jo and Vee she would keep her negative opinions to herself rather than post them, on twitter where they might find them causing even more problems for their coparenting relationship.

To be totally fair, she married (and divorced him) when she was like 5 years old. To think that she should have the mentality of a grown up simply because she was doing grown up things is a little naive. I do have sympathy for her though... to her, her kid is the most important thing in the world and if it were me I would expect the insurance company to speed their shit up for my kid too. Doesn't mean they would, in fact, they woulnd't but I'd bitch too.

Kail is just plain insufferable. I honestly don't think she's ever happy. About anything. Even when she gets her way on things. Just mentally looking for the next thing to complain about.

When Issac/Vee was showing off his drawings in his room, Kail looked unimpressed and bored to death. Bitch Face was full on.

Jo has come out looking like a bright diamond shiny turd these days..I don't know how to feel about that.

Wow, I didn't even notice that! Good eye! All this time I just thought she was a little uncomfortable! And I didn't see the tweets either...now that's kind of pathetic..

There in her replies. I guess her not tweeting them out directly is a little bit of progress.

Holy Smokes..someone got thumb down happy today.

You darn tootin' they did! LOL! Funny thing is, I am not sure why! They aren't even thumb down-worthy comments in my opinion. :)

I suspect mama dawn. Don't worry dawn Leah's not so bad we just hate Jenelle!

Does Mama Dawn still have twitter lol

Of course Ursula had to LiveTweet the episode where she's co-parenting! This is ALL for her ego! I'm like 97% sure that it hasn't been as wondrous as she's wanted it to be. Hell, after her book came out I'm sure they went back to hating each other. I would if I was Vee shit. That hatred towards Vee showed in her book & by the time she wrote it to the time she became OK with her had not been a big gap period.

Does anyone know what Kail actually said about Vee in her book? I wanna know but I don't want to have to plough through chapters of Kail suggesting she's a mythical creature.


-Vee is a drug user and she doesn't like her
-She (kail) will always have a place in Isaac's heart, Vee never will.
-Vee was drinking with Jo's dad on Jo's weekends (supposedly)
-Vee never mattered to her, and still doesn't

"There was no showdown or bitch slapping over Jo. Please"

Plus all the jabs at Jo's family too.

WOW. Bigfoot sure is one bitter, misunderstood beast.

@bb, I'll have to check out her twitter. Just when I think she is trying to be nicer, her passive aggressive side rears it's ugly head. Wtf is her problem? Why is it so hard for her to grow up and act her age? Javi is such a little pussy to stay married that old bat. If my fiancé acted the way she did, my life would be one big negative ball of depression...

Did I get thumbed down for calling Kail an old bat? Or for calling Javi a pussy? Haha

HA HA..I don't know! But, if you get another one, you'll know its one from each of them!!

HA! Hey Mackenzies Uterus..Don't feel bad..I got one too!!

I think Leah would love to call the insurance if she could, but the girls seem to be on Corey's insurance probably through his job and Leah is likely on Jeremy's so she wouldn't be an account holder and they probably won't talk to her.

She asked him if she could. Corey didn't seem to like the idea too much. I think it would help with the situation though. Then she'd see that there really isn't anything that Corey could do about it and she wouldn't harp on him so much. Leah's getting frustrated with everything and I don't blame her I'd get frustrated too. Everyone is really being down on her about how she's talking to Corey but I think any mother in her situation would act like that. I don't think it's just a Leah thinks she the most important person in the world thing at all. She wants that wheelchair for her daughter to feel better. She's not being a bitch to Corey just to nag him. I really don't blame her for that part. There are other things I can blame her for but not that!

I totally agree with you. I keep seeing people say she should just call herself instead of bitching at Corey but I can see how she's frustrated and feels helpless because it's his insurance so she can't really deal with it. But it's also not really his fault because insurance is just like that. So it's just a tough situation all around really.

First things first.

LEAH...you need to go back to your doctor!! I have been on anxiety meds for a long time, antidepressants as well, I've almost tried them all, and NEVER, EVER have I felt the way she feels. Sure, the first few days, I sleep a lot more, but damn, never have I been making nonsense like that! I feel so bad for her. I know she put herself in this situation, but she obviously needs help, and she needs to either a) Talk to her doctor about it b)See another doctor, or c) Find something natural to help. I'd go with a) first, because obvisouly, it's not normal to feel so drugged out.

Am I the only one who was pleasantly surprised with Kail and Javi? I never, EVER expected them to be so mature. I'm not surprised with Jo and Vee because all along they seemed like they wanted this to happen, but that's just my opinion, we don't know exactly what's going on behind the scenes. I was smiling during her segments, FOR THE FIRST DAMN TIME, because I thought it was awesome to see them get along so well. Good job, guys! She even APOLOGIZED. I was shocked.

Jenelle, what to say...I was surprised she didn't have a bigger outburst than this...but then I saw next's week preview...damn, it doesn't look good AT ALL...she wasn't so bad until I saw that. Poor Jace.

Chelsea: Boring, as usual. And get off the damn phone while you're driving, girl! I live in Quebec, Canada, and if you're caught driving while talking on the phone, you get a 115$ fine and some aptitude points revoked from your driving license (we have 15 points, and I think she'd lose something like 3 points, the same as if she would not stop a stop sign). I can't believe she does that! At least Aubrey wasn't in the car this time!

Also, I am kind of ashamed to say this, but I thought Adam looked more responsible in his segment. I really hate the guy, he's an irresponsible asshole, but I thought he handled Aubree's tantrum well. Not like Chelesea. I would have been a little more serious about it and not be as soft as he was, but then, I don't have children so it's easy to say for me since I never really experienced that kind of situation.

Oh yeah and WTF was that "Drownding" word?! I'm French Canadian, and I always thought the proper word was "DROWNING" ?

That's just weird, sorry...

@Sara..it is supposed to be "drowning"! LOL! But, yes, Leah did in fact say "drownding". She was on her medicine, so I'm sure she didn't even realize it.

Ah, that makes sense...I thought maybe it was just her WV accent or something like that...

Hasn't she said it before though, not on the medication? I think she just pronounces the word wrong.

It is drowning. Not drownding. Dear Lord this show is making foreigners think we're stoopid. I can't blame them.

I agree about Jenelle and Adam. I thought Adam handled the fit well, but I'm sure it won't last. I felt so sad for Jace in the preview.

When Jace went to Jenelle's house, it seems as if they just sat around and she barely spoke to him, or made much of an effort to entertain the boy. He looked bored.

What is the preview for next weeks episode about? I missed that!

Babs said something about Jenelle having Jace alone for the first time. She ends up throwing one of his toys or something down in frustration. Aubree tells Chelsea that Adam was driving with her in a car.

I think that's all it showed.

Oh...thanks! I am going to try to find it on MTV.com. I can never stay awake to watch TM when it comes on Wed. nights, so I go there on Thurs. mornings and watch it. Maybe they'll have the preview too.

There was also a segment with Leah screaming at Jeremy while they were in the car..I'm not so sure about what...something like "I can't make my goddamn decisions by myself!"...or some shit like that..

"I'm not allowed to do anything! I'm not allowed to fuck Robbie!"

It also showed Kailyn getting her hair did for her birthday I think and Javi saying he drove out 3 hours to meet Jo for nothing, and there was a miscommunication lol.

Well, I cant find the mother fucker. But thanks for letting me know what's gonna happen!

I wanna change my name to You Never Let Me F*ck Robbie

You view it on MTV's website. You can see Jenelle having to babysit Jace by herself and she throws a fit and throws one of Jace's toys in anger, cussing. She can't handle the child by herself.

Thanks Sara! I am gonna watch it now. Its pretty bad though if she cant handle Jace by herself. Does she need Nathan to do that as well as everything else in her life? Jeez...

Yet she gives Barbara such a hard time about the way Barbara handles things with Jace, while Barbara basically always takes care of him alone and works full time. "You freak the Fuck out, Mom!!!" Smh. Shut up Jenelle

Oh, I forgot those. Lol. Sorry.

I am genuinely scared to think of Jenelle, Nathan or both of them, caring for Kaiser. If you add in Jace I am afraid to think of 2 kids in their care. If the baby is really fussy/crying and Jace acts out, mix it with sleep deprivation, add 2 lunatics and it spells disaster.
This is even before you factor in alcohol, drugs, anxiety, weed, bi-polar disorder, bad tempers, severe anger issues, nasty fights, problems with authority/rules, driving illegally, legal issues, money problems, family problems and zero child raising experience. Sadly the children become innocent, defenseless victims in it all.

Wellll let's see then. I'm writing this as I go along so sorry if other people have already said what I have!

First off, did anyone notice how when Nathan and Jenelle's rent-a-friend asked what Jenelle was gonna do when Nathan was gone, none of her plans included Jace? First thing out of her mouth was 'hanging out with friends'. Then she's getting bummed out about having to watch TV alone. Bitch is all kinds of pathetic. 'I just wanna thee your belly grow'. Vom.

I would give Kail props for being mature finally but you know she was being a snarky bitch about it the whole time so whatever. Javi makes me laugh every time he wears a t shirt and you can see his tattoos. They do not suit him in the slightest, you can tell he thinks he's such a badass. Same goes for Kail but she pretty much always seems to have them covered up. Oh no wait just saw them, never mind.

Leah is so miserable, I feel kinda bad for her. Her 16 and Preg episode was on the other day and her and Corey used to laugh and joke around so much, I can't even remember the last time I saw her laugh...

They're really clutching at straws with Chelsea's storyline, how long are they gonna drag this one out for? Also, making such a big deal about a license to give someone a facial (no not you Farrah) seems pretty fucking ridiculous.

Haha, Rent-A-Friend, that is HILARIOUS. So true. They seemed way to stable to hang out with Jenelle and Nathan.

Seriously, you KNOW they weren't really their friends. Also, why the hell would Nathan NOT just go in the damn bathroom first and check on Jenelle instead of calling Norm first? WTF?

Norm's probably his lover and had the cameras not been there the conversation probably would've gone something more like this
NAT: That crazy bitch is at it again. She's having one of her sobfests in the bathroom and the place stinks of weed. I don't even wanna go in there.
NOR: You have put up with this sweetheart. You know she's our meal ticket. Do you wanna have to go out and get an actual job?
NAT: No I don't.
NOR: Then go in there and act sweet and tell her you love her and you'll be thinking about her while your in jail and I'll come and visit you everyday and we can talk.
NAT: Ok Babe I love you....

What do you think? Close?

TrashTV..tell the truth: did you have Nate Dawg's phone tapped?? Because that is EXACTLY how I can see this conversation going down.

Although, if they're not secret lovers, Norm is either a paid MTV "friend", or one of the film crew members who drew the short straw for the part of "Nathan's friend". Semper, Devil.

TrashTV, I totally agree that this is how the conversation went between Nate and Norm. EXCEPT for one small thing:

NOR: Then go in there and act sweet and tell her you love her and you’ll be thinking about her while your in jail and while you're there, I’ll come see you for a CONJUGAL VISIT.

Her and Corey were so damn cute together. It really makes me sad... lol

I know! Sometimes when I watch them, I really wish they'd worked through their problems and stayed together. I think they both wish that sometimes too, even though it's too late now.

At the same time I'm like Corey deserves so much better (Miranda). But Jermy and Leah just seem meh together....like they've been married 10000 years

Haha same I loved them together.

These down voters really are ridiculous. Is there someone else here with an abundance of shitty skull tattoos?

I knooooow. Her and Corey were cute. I really believe they could have worked everything out if they tried. (Not exusing cheating. I've been cheated on, and it sucks.)

I agree. They gave up WAY too quick. What, Corey mentioned divorce, and Leah jumped the gun and had to be first to file?! You don't do that shit! They should have taken a little breather, and came back to talk before either of them did anything drastic. I think they BOTH knew it too late. I also really think that Leah kicks herself in the ass for it daily.

To her credit, Leah did try to get Corey to go to counseling. I remember her bringing it up a few times. But, I agree, they jumped the gun too quick. I did like them as a couple too. I genuinely was rooting for them when they got married. It's too bad that WV didn't have the same stipulation NC had and they had to wait a year. I think they could have worked it out within that year. And, if not, it wasn't meant to be.

Oh my gosh! I need to take notes when I watch the episode, I forget stuff the morning after!

I felt sad watching Corey and Leah exchange the girls too. Something about their interactions with one another were cute. It was a sad realization for me that they could have worked it out. I hope they don't feel that way since it's too late but damn it really made me sad!

lol, rent-a-friend! that's cause Gaythan has no friends, on another post, someone posts screen caps of all the crazy shit that people who used to work with gaythan said, he basically has nobody that likes him

I was trying not to laugh at Leah....holy shittttt! I agree with everyone saying MTV should have cut that out. Or at least the scene with Jermy would have been enough. Even in the car talking to Corey you could tell she was soooo out of it :( Really sad. The Dr's aren't well there. He prescribed her with WAY too much! I only had one pill before night time. I was neverrrr that bad. Xanax made me sleepy but not loopy like that. My God I hope she's off that shit.

I said this before but FUCK her stupid fat ass friend for calling Aleeah the "normal" child. I understand people are stupid and don't know much about disabilities, but can't you just say "Aleeah" or "a child without a disorder," "or the child without a disability". So many fucking alternatives to that. That scene really disgusted me, and if I were Leah I would have been pretty fucking pissed. People are so damn ignorant it's insane. Also her friend Kayla looks like she's the one doing meth lol.

I got off it and yea it sucks but it's so much better, I don't feel so cloudy anymore. It was affecting my memory too. I call it brain candy. Glad I'm off the brain candy.

DUDE ok, I was so proud of Kailyn this episode! Normally I can't stand her, and I know she probably fucked it up in later episdoes, but it was really nice to see them all hanging out without tension. I totally thought there would be. Lol Vee looks like she definitely wants a baby but Jo does not. They can wait though they have time (although I heard they broke up is that true!?) But anyway it was just nice to see Kailyn admit to being a bitch.

Jenelle, if you cried as much for your son as you do for your convict deadbeat boyfriends I would feel somewhat sorry for you. She's never cried like that over Jace she disgusts me. Sucks to read Nathan got out earlier too. Fuck both of them.

Chelsea... I don't know much about the laws in SD but it really seems over the top. I mean Adam walks around free and Chelsea can't get her license to go put make up on people? It's insane to me. I was surprised how FAST Adam calmed down Aubs. I agree with Taylor tyhough, Aubree is a brat, but at the same time it's not her place to say shit. Also Aubree is not around Adam a lot so maybe that's why she listened faster. She really does need discipline though my God... Also sick of seeing Chelsea drive while on the phone

Kind of a meh episode. WTF is with Jenelle going psycho and throwing shit in front of her son for next weeks preview? Jace looks freaked out too UGHHHHHHHHHHHH watching her gives me anxiety.

I have NEVER noticed the Chelsea/Taylor hair thing before! Good observation Trap Baby! It's both true and creepy.

I haven't heard about Jo and Vee breaking up, but I am SURE if they indeed had, Kailyn would have made a website dedicated to just that so the world could know.

LOL true true. Also I feel bad calling Leah's friend a fat ass but seriously tha tpisses me off, and I might be being too sensitive since it hits home. I just wish people would fucking think before they speak....

taylor is now dating another bald guy

Lolll hahahahaaaa. I can't say shit I dated a bald guy. Hopefully Taylors new dick for the week doesn't have a bald hawk

I've dated a bald guy too...at least he didn't have a variety of offspring I guess.

I MARRIED a bald guy! Best man ever, besides my dad! AND, he embraced the baldness and just shaved it when it started to go, unlike Adumb who has the faux hawk look going on.

Adam ain't bald, he just has scalp solar panels to fuel stupidity!

So funny Newday! And..that would explain ALOT about poor Adumb! He's constantly fueled..he cant help it! LOL!

Off topic: But does anyone else find it super creepy that Taylor always has the same hair color as chelsea? When Chelsea's was blonde so was Taylors. When it was brown I'm pretty sure Taylor's was too. And now Chelsea's is reddish and so is Taylor's. I swear Taylor wants to be Chelsea....it's so fucking weird.

Now that you mention it...yeah, it's super creepy!

But hey, that girl obviously has mental problems...to date Adam, get pregnant with his child...after seeing him on national television being a HUGE douchebag. How could she think it would be any different for her? Stupid.

Well, I live in CT and there are a lot of girls like that around here. In the spring they all bleach their hair and in the fall they all dye it darker. I think that's what's happening with Chelsea and Taylor.

Well soon they'll both be bald lol

Well actually Taylor is blonde and there is a picture of her and Chelsea from like 2013 and she is blonde and Chelsea is a redheahd. (apparently Adam and Taylor broke up before she got pregnant and Taylor and Chelsea decided to bitch on him)

Ohhh got ya. I guess Adumb has a type...They look really similar

I think Taylor looks like Heather Clouse lmao

Since you brought up the louse can I say she was on twitter last night hardcore defending Jenelle. She got into twitter fights defending her last night. Um what?! Last time I checked she hated the girl, what changed? Is she the mrw MacKenzie?

Ugh, Clouse. She hasn't updated her blog in weeks. Not complaining, but I hope she finally realized what a moron she looked like because she isn't allowed to mention Kail at all.

Like Heather Clouse but female

Yea Trash she needs some new material for the spank bank

Bahahahah!!! TrashTV..you called her "louse"! Good Lord, I need that laugh this morning!

All these South Dakota girls have the same makeup, hair color, fans, hair extensions Ect. They are all copying each other. I think Taylor may be naturally blonde so she probably has that most often but I can't be sure.


This episode was incredibly boring. Maybe because we barely saw the kids. Or there wasn't drama? I can't put my finger on it but it was boring. I'm curious what Randy and Chelsea have to say about Taylor claiming Aubree needs to learn no means no. Lol it's true. Btw radar has an article out saying Leah's friends are worried she's addicted to percocets? I really hope it's not true.

I hope not...but I've seen a documentary about how bad drug problems are in WV...and unfortunately, I wouldn't be surprised. It's called Oxyana, and it's kind of hard to watch...especially with their accents...OMG I had to literally concentrate sometimes to make up what these people were saying. Maybe because English isn't my first language.

But anyway...I really hope it isn't true...if so...it's really, really sad :(

No worries Sara, English is not their first language either. Identify the speaker:
- "I just fill like I'm drownding with the girlses"
- "Daaaad-duh Aduuuum-uh is being soo stooooopid-uh and it's soooo not fair-uh"
- "Havi stop, pick yer battles, yer not, tell me, I just said stop tauking"
- "Dude I'ma jist concerned that your right about you drinking too much too occasionally and your going ta jell and your gonna leeeeeeeeeeeeeve me...wahhhhhh"

OMG Cabbage Patch Kail...you know what? That would make TOTAL sense if its the truth! My ex used to be prescribed those (and other pain meds), and that dumb bastard would take WAY more than he was supposed to and do the same shit she was doing! I mean, really, nodding off in mid conversation, talking jibberish. Huh..wonder if its true?

I totally agree it was boring. Next one looks nice and drama filled!

Anxiety meds can really do that to you! But the loopyness might be an indicator Leah needs to try a different option. That's horrible though, that transition period really is hard.

I think Adam's refusal to accept that his behaviour is completely unacceptable and realise that how he acts will affect his visitation etc is exactly what makes me think "your kids REALLY do not need you, you have no idea that behaving like a decent member of society doesn't make you fake it makes you a grown up adult" I'm really sick of his "rebel" act and acting like Chelsea is the devil is just pathetic.

Jenelle is Jenelle. It sucks Jace didn't feature in the whole episode though.

I'm glad Kailyn is finally growing up a little and building some bridges - no one says you have to be best mates but it's best to be able to get on for Isaac's sake!

I'm on medications for ADHD and for my Anxiety disorder.. It took my doctor several tries to get the right dose for both pills. Some pills made me gain weight while some changed my behavior. It can take sometime to find the right dose for you but it's worth it after the doctor finds the right dose for you. I hope she seriously talked to her doctor.

Chelsea - eh, boring. Is Adam still in jail? Didn't he go in a few weeks ago? I haven't heard anything about that or his new cougar girlfriend. He's so stupid, did anyone else see him wearing that "promise" ring on his ring finger?

Kailyn - I should have known it was he notch Kail who invited herself and her family over to Jo's apartment. It irritates me to no end when they talk about the 3 hour drive and how Kailyn doesn't wanna do it. Well I'm sure Isaac doesn't wanna do it, and I guarantee neither does Javi. Why does she make him drive HER son 3 hours, she's the one that decided to move that far away, she needs to be the one that deals with it, not her punching bag husband. I had to fast forward through all the segments of them with Vee and Jo. It was so awkward, and why was Vee so giddy he whole time? Also, she needs to not let Leah style her hair anymore.

Jenelle - she is so spending on Nathan it is sad. She has always been like that with men. Norm actually seemed like a normal, caring, voice of reason friend. Wtf is he doing with those yahoos. Did anyone else notice what Nathan said when talking to Jenelle about going to jail? "The horrible-er thing about going is I'm going to miss your belly grow." Horribler?! Really? The schools must not be well there either.

Leah - I really wonder what she was on. I have unfortunately been on too many anxiety/depression meds too count and I have never had a reaction like that. Also, pretty much every scene started with her saying "so and so is watching the girlies tonight," does she always have someone watching them so she can go off and do whatever? I pray she didn't drive home from work when she was all looped out like that. That was sad, but she does need to listen to Jurrrmy and call her doctor. There was nothing normal or adjusting about that.

The bitch Kail*

* so dependent on Nathan.

I need to turn off auto correct when I comment on this blog. The autocorrect isn't well here.

She did! When she first called Jo and asked about her and Javi coming over when she picked up Isaac, she said to text her Vee's number so she could text her and ask her. Then, when Vee was reading the text to Jo, Kailyn flat out told her that she was coming to see their apt. when she picked him up. They may have tried to play it off, but you know that HAD to be awkward as hell.

Eh, no she said that she was going to reach out to Vee. Jo had already told her that it was ok and Vee would be fine with it. I'm pretty sure that Jo and Vee had probably discussed it before he even gave Kail her number. Those tiny things are all probably done off camera. You have to realize that they film about 60/70 hours a week and we only see 10 minutes of it. I think this was a big step for Kail. This is kind of like the she's damned if she does, damned if she doesn't. She refuses to be friendly towards Vee then she's a bitch but when she tries she's fake and bitchy about it the whole time. The girl just can't win. Even if she doesn't like her still it's better for her to suck it up and pretend for Isaac's sake. This was a good episode for her. I'm sure she'll mess it up in later episodes but in this one she did good.

Well, then, you know what? They should show more of the interaction on the show. Because what I saw was Kailyn ask Jo about coming, he said it should be OK. She said she'd reach out to Vee about it. The next thing that was said about the Kailyn/Vee convo. was Vee reading the text out loud to Jo that said Kail told her she was coming to see the place. That is where I got my info. from. How are we supposed to know what is REALLY said between them if that's what they show us?

It's kind of funny they showed Jo and Vee discussing going to Isaac's bday party and deciding against it, but they didn't go into as much detail on this one.

Leah is so annoying. You're not a "druggie" for taking prescription medication at the prescribed dose. If the dosage is having too much of an effect on you, then call your doctor and have them adjust it. God, she's so fucking dramatic, like taking a little Xanax is equivalent to heroin or something.

I actually liked Kail this episode. I liked her in the beginning of the series when she was with Jordan, but after that she became such an insufferable cunt that I couldnt stand her anymore. Maybe she's matures from having another kid. Whatever it is, keep it up.

Aubree is really...bratty. That kid is going to have major problems when she gets older. Chelsea needs to nip that behavior before it gets completely out of control.

Jenelle is just a fucking loser.

Yeah, I was shocked at Aubree during this episode. I mean, we've seen her act up before, but that face she made at the table before she fell in the floor was off the charts. It looked like she was about to pass out or something! She may have been holding her breath.

I don't know if you saw the way Leah was acting but the girl was obviously on something that was way to strong for her, she fell asleep in the middle of a phonecall and started talking about putting dye in people's heads. I would be concerened also. She for sure needs to call her doctor.
I liked Kail in this episode too. A lot of people are calling her fake and maybe she is but it's better to get along with them for the sake of Isaac. Hell she even apologized which is unusual for her.
I totally agree about Aubree. I've been saying it for a while now. The girl is acting out and Chelsea is the problem. She gives her everything she wants and asks like her friends instead of her mom. Aubree is going to continue to act out like that if Chelsea doesn't start parenting her. It's a sad day when Adam is the more responsible one about disciplining and is able to clam her down and get her to behave.

I have to say it is very unwise and selfish to be a friend and not a mother to your child. This essentially says that you want to be liked, cool and popular with your kid. The thing is, your kids will have many friends and they only have ONE mother. It is not a popularity contest. A child develops a knowledge early on, on how their parent relates to them. If they learn as kids that mom wants to be their friend, they will use it. If she thinks it is hard to be tough at 4, then the teen years will break her. Kids smell fear!
Kids need rules, boundaries and unconditional love and they DO want them. It is HARD to be strict and to have your kid mad at you but you do it FOR THEM to make them disciplined/successful. You can give your child gifts, treats and be generous. But respect, manners and discipline are the behaviour expected, not tantrums, whining and brattiness. The second the disobedience begins, the child needs to know it will not be tolerated, at any age. Because in the real world, brats get nowhere and someone will call them on their crap.

I seriously need to say this in response to all these people defending Jenelle. Holy shit it pisses me off:
She is 21 years old.
She was drinking after she found out she was pregnant.
There are pictures of a BONG on the edge of her bath tub from an episode or two ago.
She nor Nathan have jobs.
Neither have custody nor care about their older children.
During the whopping 12 days Nathan was in jail, she was texting Keiffer.
One of those DUI's he had his daughter in the car.
While she was waiting for her dead baby to make its way out of her uterus, she was planning a date with Nathan.
Two months after dating, they decide to have a baby.
Her hormone levels weren't even back to normal yet!
Twelve weeks after conception, he told her to abort said baby and said it 'might as well be dead'.
She was on heroine and is clearly substituting it with some other drug in order to say she's "changed" and "sober", which is bullshit.
A week after Kai's birth she left him to go to the beach.
Two weeks after his birth, her and Nate left him to go party.

There is NO positive. Jenelle is a piece of shit mother who only cares about her dick of the hour. She only shows interest in Kai at the moment, because cheeto is around but as soon as MTV and all her money goes away, he will be gone.

Good summary! Trust me, I haven't forgotten anything about her! Do I think people can change and learn from their mistake? Absolutely. Do I think SHE has changed or learned from her mistakes? No fucking way.

Jenelle is trash and probably always will be. I hate her, and I'm really sad that her kids will probably grow up to be like her. They don't really stand a chance in the environment they are being raised in :( She shouldn't have children!

Agreed. Even if she was totally off drugs I don't think she would be a good mother. I don't think she could focus on someone besides herself long enough to actively and attentively care for a child. It's always Jenelle first, then Nathan (or whomever she's "datingn" at the moment, then her kids. How sad and pathetic.

I know a girl who had a baby on a Tuesday and was out on a SKi trip that Friday, actively Skiing.

My friends are like that. It disgusts me so mcuh!

Uh, how?!?! She had no pain or soreness afterwards? That's lucky. Sounds like she got discharged from the hospital and went straight to the ski resort.

its like what amber said about jenelle she hasnt hit rock bottom for her to try and change for her kids.maybe if jenelle went to prison/jail for a year like amber did maybe she could get sober that way. i am just waiting for to really really REALLY fuck up to where she has to go to jail or prison. and she cant see her kids still she is sober all the way, has a full time job that she has to keep for a year. and then she try and get her kids back

I mean don't get me wrong, when Aunt Flow comes to visit, there are times when all I want is to cuddle and eat cookie dough. That being said however, I'm not gonna flip the fuck out because my boyfriend wants to play Batman on his phone or go see his friends. I'll take a Midol and go the fuck to sleep. I would LOVE to see Jenelle in a long distance relationship. Where the only time she could possibly see him is on Skype. But I'm sure she'd just pick up and move to him. She would never do that for Jace. That's so sad.

gaythan was only in jail for 12 days? if she got back with the green hoodie menace, i'd like to see that

Give or take a few days but he wasn't in jail for the full month. He was home in time for Easter.

so unfair, what did the lawyer lady do? she has a magic wand like dustin!

yes Jenelle does have a job. she's a huge high profile super famous celebrity from the show teen mom 2. and she writes poorly written non quality articles for teem mom truth.

"BUT SHEEZ CHANJED U H8R!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" - her fans

I could not handle being in a relationship with Jenelle. At all. And not just for her bullshit drama, poor decisions, and fucked up mood swings, but she is SO. FUCKING. CLINGY.

Call me crazy, but I kind of enjoy when my fiance goes out with his friends or takes a little vacation. I love him with all my heart, but I love my time alone, too. I don't think she's been single for more than a week since this show started. And other than scenes of her driving by herself, she's always with friends or a boy-toy. It's baffling. Like she's completely incapable of taking care of herself without someone to lean on. I can only imagine what will happen to Kaiser when she and Nathan inevitably break up.

Poor Grandma Babs. Poor Jace. Fuck you, Jenelle.

Can you imagine Jenelle in solitary in prison?!! THAT'LL

be her breaking point***

sometimes i wonder if Babs was a bad mother when Jenelle was growing up. I mean, Jenelle is so insecure and always needs a guy, and you can tell her relationship with Jace will just be like Babs and Jenelle's. Not blaming Babs, just wondering what causes Jenelle to be like this, she has a lack of conscience, nothing she does is right, and i doubt she will really become a medical assistant, that just seems too difficult for her to achieve.

I'm really insecure, I don't feel like I depend on a man like Jenelle but I am very insecure when it comes to everyday life and relationships(even friendships). For me it's because I had a pretty shitty first love who treat me very poorly, he wasn't physically abusive but he definitely was mentally. He would put me down, make me feel stupid and never good enough to ever be be with him. Thankfully I'm well past that relationship, but it definitely has shattered my self esteem and I'm very insecure even now four years on. I have a feeling the same thing happened to Jenelle, she loved someone and they f**ked her over and now she's clingy and very needy. I don't think Babs is the perfect parent but you can see she loves Jenelle, and for the most part she's supportive (I liked when Babs told Nathan if he hurt Jenelle she'd hurt him last season, was good to see). I had great parents growing up, both my mom and dad where very supportive and always very loving but any work they did building my self esteem my ex knocked it down.

Jenelle has major daddy issues. It's the same with a lot of girls who have absentee father's (look at Leah). They just CLING onto men like crazy. Not saying all, but many. A lot of times they act slutty too just for the attention they are desperate seeking.

How old are you? I've found that not caring/confidence/security has come with age. I get random weird panic attacks in social situations. I jsut get really nervous. I don't know and I've dated enough idiots to know that sure, I may need to work on things but that they were also the problem. I know I'm better than that, and you're by far better than someone who would treat you like that! Haha yea I liked seeing that with Babs too. I'm sorry your ex knocked that down, it's awful I know, but you have to realize he was a piece of shit and there are so many people that are SO much better!

yes it probably is daddy issues, since chelsea is the only one who doesn't need a dick of the month.

Thanks TTB/- I'm almost 23, it was an awful relationship I think it was largely due to the fact that I was going through a rough time in general. I definitely feel way better than I did and I think the fact that I was single for 3 years after that helped and I made sure the guy was a good guy before I committed. Jenelle doesn't seem to do this and always goes for the jerks which only makes her insecurity worse. I feel for her like that (despite it being brought on herself) it's truly horrible when you're so insecure and have no confidence...

@JavisMiley, Well, yes, I really think Babs has some responsibility with the way all of her kids turned out. Of course, all kids are different, they all have their own personalities, and parenting will only affect them to a certain degree, but Babs has three kids who have serious mental and/or behavioral problems. It could be genetic, but it could also be the way they were raised. There's no doubt that Jace has issues with aggression and cursing. I do think that has something to do with Jenelle being in and out of his life, being neglected, etc. But, yes, I definitely think it ALSO has to do with the way Babs "parents" him.

Hey, you're not crazy! My husband is my favorite person but I enjoy my days off when I can be home alone with my dog just chilling and having me time. I love it. I love him to pieces but we both like our space occasionally. Jenelle is obviously one of those people who can't take a bath or a shit by herself and I don't get that. I've never understood how some people can't handle being alone for 5 minutes.

Yeah I'd really like to know what Leah is/was on. I've been prescribed anxiety meds before. They made me so drowsy I almost lost my job, and I wasn't even taking them every day like I assume she is. I wonder if she even remembers any of that phone call

I wonder too...wonder if we'll find out. I was on Celexa for a while and holy shit all I wanted to do was sleep. It was a nightmare :( I once went on break at work and literally slept out on the concrete, like FELL asleep and I am a very light sleeper. It was really bad.

I hate Jenelle. That is all.

OMG your name hahah

I couldn't resist!

I really can't stand Kail. Instead of saying she wants to apologize, she says she wants to see "where her son is living" when he's with Jo when she texts Vee. How hard would it be to just say "Isaac"?! And SHE'S the one who pushed for the "no significant others" part of their custody agreement when trading off Isaac for custody and yet, it's a surprise that she'll be coming to get Isaac with Javi. It seems like she just has Javi do all the work required to make the drives back and forth to Delaware unless going would benefit her. The thing that pissed me off the most, though, is that she told Javi that Jo mentioned to her that Vee "would be there" at the apartment. That's not what Jo said. He said, "You know Vee lives here now, right?" She chooses her language very carefully. She can't say "Vee lives there" but rather "Vee will be there" like she's visiting. She's a cow and I cannot stand her passive aggressive bitchy bullshit.

That bothered me as well. I bet she wrote it in all caps too, "MY SON".

"MY FUCKING KID! I need to see his toys so I can bitch about how he doesn't have a lifesize cutout of Javi so he'll always have his BEST father with him!"

I was thinking about a role reversal. Kail has to always be the rule maker in every situation. She is a control freak. She can change her mind but no one else better dare try. If you do not listen to her, she will unleash her wrath on you, hit you or take you to court. Can you imagine this happening?

Jo calls Kail: Kail, I am coming to see where my son is living. I am coming into your house to see his room. I am bringing Vee as well because I have decided I want to work through all this tension for Isaac. Vee and I are a couple, live together and you need to accept she is coming to your house. I will text Javi and tell him.

K A B O O M!! Delaware explodes from the nuclear blast that Kail unleashes, first on Javi, next on Jo and then blows up Twitter about it all being Vee's fault!

You are right on the money!!! :)

They all bitch about the drive, but you know who has to do the drive every single time and can't trade off with someone else? Isaac. That's a long ass time for a young kid to be in a car so frequently.

why does jenelle have a shit load of cars? and gaythan's red gay shirt really annoyed me, it also annoyed me when he was comforting jenelle in the bathroom, he sounds gayer than ever.

i feel so sorry for Leah. she is a good mom but she does seem like to drownd all the time...wish she could get better.

nice to see kail getting along with everyone else, Vee seems like a cool person

Chelsea, boring as always. It's so wierd to see Adumb and Taylor together now that they are both dating sb new. On Taylor's instagram, you can see she's dating someone who looks like Adumb, maybe she's into baldies? and Adumb does seem like a better parent now, but the whole "i'm sober", i'm not buying that.

Is Adam still dating that stripper trainwreck with the 17 year old son?

I heard they broke up. I mean how shocked are you?

Pretty shocked. They were soul mates. Fuck the haterz!!

But what about the promise rings?! Are you saying they mean nothing?

What is with this douche canoe and promise rings?! Promise to continue to act like a dipshit?

I haven't watched it yet so

Chelsea: Does she have her license now?

Leah: I hope she gets her anxiety sorted out.

Jenelle: I hate Nathan. 'Nough said

Kail: I hope her segments were as good as the recap says. I can't see her going one episode without doing something annoying. Sounds like Javi did that for her though.

Chelsea: Nah she has to go to a lawyer, it's insane.
Leah: Lol oh my God, poor girl was babbling absolute nonsense, and not the schools aren't well nonsense, she was on a heavy dosage of shit.
Jenelle: fuck them both
Kail: It was SO good! Very refreshing to see. She's still kinda passive aggressive which is annoying but she admits she was an asshole so that's nice! Javi was a good sport about it they were all cool together.

is it me or does Nathan remind anyone else of steve sanders from 90210?? also I would like to suggest leah get off whatever meds shes on and borrow jenelles bong...plus cant wait till next week, that leah an jermey fight looks interesting, leah sellin mary kay lol

Steve Ssanders is too cool for him. LOL I was hanging out with my guy friend today, and he was saying something like if this were the 90's my hair would be shaved with that stupid mohawk thing everyone had and I immediately thought of Gaythan LOL.

I just ment with the looks and the too tight tucked in polo shirts and tight crotch huggers...all I could think of when he was getting in the car to go to court was dear lord I hope his pants don't split..and I know this is totally unrelated but I don't think jenelles pregnancy was planned at all or catelyn an tylers

Hahaha yeah true true. Ohhh really? I can see how you'd think that, but I think they both got pregnant just for TV.

No. I think Jenelle definately planned it. To keep Nathan. She thinks he is gods gift and if she has a baby with him they will live happily ever after and she will have a dick forever and their new replacement baby will complete their family and they won't have time to even fight!

well from what we've seen of Nathen it looks like she'll get her wish cause he is definitely a "dick" and it drives me nuts when they say that dumb crap about not fighting because of the baby maybe if she had any experience taking care of a baby she would have a clue how stupid that statement is

I know, right? The way I see it is this: if you need to have a baby to keep you "busy" so that you don't have time to argue, then you probably should just throw in the towel. BEFORE YOU HAVE THE BABY!