Teen Mom 2: The Reunion

Hey TMJ, the season is ending and like any Teen Mom show, it is ending in a reunion special where we get the girls thoughts on the season as a whole.


The divorce with Javi will be finalized in two days.

Kaylin thinks that this has been her heaviest season.

She reveals that she didn't want to be in a relationship with Javi prior to his deployment and that she hadn't realized that Javi wanted their relationship to work when he came back.

Vee, Joe and Javi join Kaylin on the couch. Vee talks about why she wanted Joe to get 50/50 custody of Isaac.

Vee feels like she does deserve a say because she moved with Joe to Delaware when she was marrying Javi.

Now that they're all their and Javi has 50/50 she feels like Joe should get the same.

Joe understands why Vee wants him to put it in writing but he doesn't feel like needs to cause Kaylin will let him spend time with Isaac whenever he asks.


Chelsea talks about the wedding ceremony that she had. It was super small, just close family and friends.

She doesn't see any difference being marriage but she's just really happy about where her life is at the moment. Chelsea has considered getting counseling for Aubree in order to help protect her from Adam's lacking presence in her life.

Adam didn't even have the decency to politely decline being on the reunion. Chelsea doesn't have any pity for him and just wants him to either be there or not at all so it'll stop messing with Aubree's head.

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