Teen Mom 2 Promo

MTV has released a new promo for Teen Mom 2's 5th season, and I think it's hilarious! It's amazing to see what you can fit into 30 seconds of video.
After the brief clip, we learn a few things about this season.
1. Jenelle and Courtland's marriage will be featured on the show, even though it wasn't mentioned in the previous trailer or the Catch Up Special.
2. Miranda and Corey's relationship and marriage will be shown as well.
3. Although it doesn't appear that the birth of Leah's daughter Adalynn will be a part of the show, the baby will be making appearances.
4. Chelsea will struggle with Adam having another child.
5. Adam and his girlfriend Taylor will welcome baby Paislee, and she'll probably get some screen time.
6. Kailyn and Jo will continue to argue about co-parenting, and having some fabulous blow ups.
7. Kailyn and Javi will welcome baby Lincoln.
8. Barbara will continue to amuse me with her comments.
It's only 10 days until the season airs, and I can't wait to watch this train wreck.


Ugh, I'm so excited too. Ugh, why I am I so excited to watch this!

Seriously...I thought "oh I should set a reminder for that night on my phone!" And then I quickly thought, "No! No one can know of my love of angsty, bitchy, estrogen overloaded drama."

I hope this is the last season

I'm not really excited about this season. Do we need to see Chelsea look sad while Taylor acts smug because Adam is actually stepping up with her? Do we need to see Jenelle make more poor decisions?

I know i'll get down voted to hell but for once I am not into the Taylor-Hate bandwagon. She's hasn't been disrespecteful toward Chelsea in public and she seems nice. Maybe when i'll see season 5, i'll discover she's a famewhore muppet, but for now she hasn't done anything to make me dislike her that much. Except maybe procreate with Adumb, but Chelsea did the same thing and even (allegadly) tried for round 2 when her mirena "fell out". I really wonder what Adumb's got that makes girl that hooked up on his ugly balding ass. Adam is the one that deserve the hate, Taylor will get what's coming to her when Adam leave her ass.

I don't have a problem with Taylor, exactly. I have a problem with the fact that she believes everything Adam tells her in regards to Chelsea. She had an Ask.fm account a few months back and kept saying how "Chelsea makes it difficult for Adam to see Aubree" when honestly, anyone who spent 4 years "co-parenting" with that douche would probably do the same. He's never made any type of attempt to see her, and then he starts dating Taylor and suddenly he cares. Not to mention Taylor claims not to care what people think/say, but comments on every article written about her and follows several Teen Mom blogs on Twitter.

Yeah I get you, she's dumb but I think the real problem is Adumb and it kind of pisses me off seeing people rip into her when they should be bashing Adam.

I'm really hoping for a time lapse montage of Adumb slowly becoming a balding, work-released, multiple DUI-er with two kids by two women and more shitty cars and motorcycles than his latest sperm count, and far, far higher a number than his IQ.

Want to file papers for joint custody and visitation of your first daughter who you've referred to as "that mistake" and "little bastard" all for the sake of showin this new girl you knocked up what a stand up guy you are? Take what little dignity you have left, be a stellar father to your second daughter, don't emotionally manipulate and abuse your new daughter's mother and let Chelsea and Aubree be. You had your chance, you blew it time and time again on network television and didn't give a damn. You don't automatically deserve parental rights in what we all know is a power play to try and make everyone think Chelsea is pathetic and still wants your worthless, drunken ass.

Thank god Chelsea has had so much emotional and financial support from her family because the only thing Adumb has proven himself consistent and reliable with is a cycle of wooing, ignoring, ditching, and then verbally and emotionally manipulating the mother of your child so that she thinks she's a piece of shit, "fat stretch marked bitch" that no one else wants so you have a place to crash when you decide you're horny again and want to play Xbox for 18 hours a day while living off Chelsea's naïveté and her father's wealth.

Yes, Chelsea was a doormat and allowed him to keep doing this for years now but she's exactly the kind of girl who these self important dickheads attach themselves to because of how easy it is to convince them they're worthless so they'll only be YOURS but also only when YOU decide you want to "try to make things work this time "

Chelsea has said that her sister and mom and her have severe depression. And that her boyfriend before Adam was very abusive so this is who she chooses, they don't seek her out. This reminds me of TM3 Alex, where her bf told her he won't be a good dad and she still kept the baby and now plays the victim. Adam didn't want to be a dad and she trapped him and then tried to trap him a second time. I really think Adam plain dislikes Chelsea, I mean he tried to come back a few times and make it work but then got sick of her again. That's not his fault, it just wasn't meant to be. Honestly I think Adam has matured and that's why he wants to "play house" now. I don't think he's doing it only to piss Chelsea off! The poor guy just wants a family, he doesn't need to be linked to Chelsea forever. It's never too late to be a good parent. I do like Chelsea and it pains me to see her so insecure I just want to give her some of my confidence!

if he "doesn't need to be linked to Chelsea forever" then perhaps he should have insisted on a condom

He had a family. At the very least, he had a beautiful baby daughter. He said he was going to step up and be a dad before she was born and actions speak volumes louder than words. (Even though a lot of his words have been downright malicious, too.) He constantly tried to barter having a relationship with Chelsea versus paying child support. He would move in and be a family with her if she stopped requiring child support. He would move in an stay if Chelsea bought him a truck.

Just because you have a history of abusive relationships and sub-zero self esteem, that doesn't suddenly make it okay for people to exploit that and walk all over you because they know you'll let them. She needs help to realize that she is better off without him, that she deserves to be treated better and that her daughter doesn't need to be Daddy's trophy to show what an awesome Dad he is four years after the fact when he's pulled his head out of his ass (for now) and realized how shitty he has been in regards to being there emotionally, financially and lovingly for Aubree. He can't even file for visitation without telling anyone who will listen how hung up Chelsea is on him and how pathetic she is. That's not co-parenting. It's manipulation.

I think that Adam's motivation was to simply be on TV and get paid for it. It was funny how whenever a season would start, Chelsea would be whining about how she has not seen Adam in months, but when the cameras started rolling, he would be knocking on the door. The cash had to be a big incentive for an unemployed douchbag like him. As soon as the cameras left, Adam would again become a ghost. Nobody ever mentions these behaviors, but to me it was always obvious.

That promo is pure reality tv gold.

Lol after jenelle was on Twitter swearing that the pregnancy test she took with tori was a negative test, I just saw a commercial where she is pointing to the test and explaining that its positive... Her current pregnancy is most likely featured on the show, as she lies just to lie.
On another note, I wonder if the whole Chelseas Choices fiasco will. Be on the show

I only saw like a small post on TMT about it that HC quickly removed so I'm not exactly sure what happened. HC is obviously a biased "reporter" (read:stalker) and she presented it as someone contacted Chelsea for a business arrangent or partnership where she helped "design" jewelry and they'd use her notoriety for being on MTV as their selling point. Turns out, they were rip-offs or actually directly made in some place in China and insanely wholesale cheap. Then, the"designs" Chelsea put her name on we're marked up to an insane degree, marketed, purchased and never delivered to whoever bought them. Then, the business partner disappeared and I guess the whole thig was a scam? I don't really see Chelsea being malicious in trying to rip people off OR being really that smart enough to organize all of this herself.

Bad business decision? Extremely. Did she get unwittingly sucked into a scam? Seemingly. As far as I know, she hasn't come out and explained what happened or apologized or tried to get anyone their money back and HC said she was working through an attorney.

This could all be bullshit but if anyone else has a more factual/less biased account, I'd appreciate knowin what actually happened and what Chelsea has done to resolve the shitstorm.

That was totally great!! I lovwd Barbra's parts.
I'm not ashamed to say I'm excited to see the new train wreck season!

Oops *loved

I would pay like...a whole dollar to have access to a Barbara Evans Soundboard. "Well, Juh-nelle!" "I seen you wit kee-fuh!" "Have fun livin' on the streets wit your boyyyyfriend."

I'm embarrassed. I watched that twice. I think I'll be actually watching TM again - couldn't stand TM3. Damn, isn't Barbara a treat?! She deserves a spin off.

Did anyone watch the catch up special? Did it have anything new on it? Or was it just footage from the previous seasons?

Thanks for all of the updates!!

Lmfao at your username!!! So true!

I refuse to watch to give these girls any more money and "fame"... On a side note, anybody know where Joan went on twitter? I know crazy ass jenelle got her suspended somehow..

Her new handle is @_MsJoan_

Yay! Thank you! My twitter is so boring without her digging up juicy stuff on the teen moms lol