Teen Mom 2 Girls in NYC

Chelsea Houska

The girls of Teen Mom 2 (and some boys and toddlers as well) are in New York City filming their reunion show and doing some interviews to help promote the new season of their show, which is set to air on January 21st.

While in New York, the girls have remained relatively quiet, which is a shock, considering in the past they've been all over social media telling people where they're at and what they're doing.

Here's what we do know:


Leah and Kailyn have been doing some publicity work with OK! Magazine.

This doesn't come as a surprise, because the magazine is one that is commonly used for bigger Teen Mom related news updates, such as sharing Leah and Jeremy's first updates of baby Adalynn.


Kailyn did some individual filming, which could be for anything from an after show clip to an interview.

Kailyn also was interviewed for an article in the New York Times about the teen pregnancy rate and the effect that the show has had on helping teens wait to have children.

Is that a hole in the leg of her pants, or is it just me?


Jenelle and Nathan got dressed up and went to see a show on Broadway.

This is Nathan's first time in New York City, and Jenelle says he's enjoying it and taking tons of pictures.

She even said he spent some time on FaceTime with his daughter so that she could see all of the sights.


Jenelle and Chelsea spent some time doing some interviews together for E! News.

E! News normally updates a little before the season starts with some "spoilers" and the girls talking about what to expect this season.

Sometimes they even have clips of all four girls together talking about a certain topic to get more publicity for the show.


Javi has been taking care of baby Lincoln while Kailyn is busy doing interviews.

Isaac also made the trip to New York City, and he seems to be enjoying being able to hang out with everyone.

I haven't seen any pictures of Aubree, Jace, or the twins yet, so I'm not 100% sure if they made the trip or not.


Chelsea also got to cuddle with Lincoln for a while today! She commented that he was "such a cutie" when she uploaded this shot to her Instagram account.


I thought I read somewhere in my twitter feed that only Lincoln made the trip to NYC, not Isaac? I think it was someone complaining about Kailyn bringing a child when nobody else was allowed to, and the explaination was something along the line of there being no babysitter for Lincoln, which makes sence since Isaac could stay with Jo. Although I would think a more likely explanation for Lincoln being there would be that he is a NEWBORN and breastfed so what I read on twitter about it could have been #JenelleLogic lol.

Thank you, Megan, for all the time you spend writing these wonderful articles for us! It is so appreciated! I'm loving your writing style, so refreshing after being stuck with only TMT for months. Gosh that site is terrible.

Ah, I see the pictures of Isaac being there now. I was right before though - the explanation WAS Jenelle logic ha ha ha I just saw another tweet of her talking about Kailyn's kids being there. She spoke about it rather negatively though..

I'm assuming that Jace wasn't there then? I would think that Jenelle and Nathan couldn't bring Jace with them to NYC unless Babs was with them since she holds legal custody. And Babs betta be there because what would a reunion show be without her? We have to know her opinion on Jenelle's current pregnancy.

I thought that Kail usually has Isaac (and now Lincoln) in NYC because she drives there while the other girls fly. I don't know if that's true, and it's possible I'm confused, but that would seem to make sense.

Those are interesting pants/leggings that Leah is wearing

Firstoff yay for this site, Heather Woods Clouse is a despicable human.

Second how does Jenelle justify having an abortion and then PLANNING to get pregnant RIGHT after? As if her situation changed in a month? Wasnt she just arrested in June? Plus she has a fresh hair dye, is she even pregnant or is she pulling a Nikkole?

I'm so curious as to whether she'll pull a Nikkole or another cystgate... I can't imagine her actually going through with a real pregnancy. Why, universe? Why is she able to get pregnant....

Yes, I was thinking of the fresh hairdye, too! But then again, if she doesn't give a damn about her kid after he's out of the womb, why should she give a damn while the kid's still in there? :\

I've heard there are some hairdyes that are okay for pregnant women, but who knows.

I could really go either way on Jenelle. I wouldn't be surprised if this is all faked, and I wouldn't be surprised if she actually is pregnant with Nathan's baby. I'm leaning toward her telling the truth because MTV went ahead and announced it. They have to know about the last "miscarriage" fiasco and I have a hard time believing they would not take an extra step to confirm that she was indeed pregnant. MTV would make an ass out of themselves for getting duped by Jenelle and it would be an absolute publicity nightmare for the network.

Regarding the hair dye, I think it's generally considered safe after the 1st trimester has passed.

I don't know about the US but those leggings were all the rage in the UK in like 2009, I had a pair, but that's when I was at school, I wouldn't wear them now.

I've seen those "leggings"/"Jeggings" on TopShop* and Target.

*I think.

Lulz..two downvotes for simply suggesting the floral leggings might be from TopShop or Target. Wow.

One from Leah and one from her mom, Dawn . . .

When you don't have a job and spend no time taking care of your home and let your shirtless kids graze around on the dirty floors like cattle, you have lots of time to respond to important things written about you in the comments section to an online blog.

I didn't really think twice about Leah's leggings after seeing the picture of Kail that's after it. Like Megan pointed out, it definitely looks like they have a hole in them and they also look like really unflattering leggings.

Jenelle ALWAYS looks psychotic AND dead behind the eyes in every pic she takes of herself, esp. if she's with her flavor of the month man. She's such a waste of air.

And is Chelsea still sprouting that rat's nest wig on her head? It's over already, sweetie!

I think Chelsea looks really good. Maybe she's a little more active as an adult now instead of sitting around all day in sweats (I type as I wear my sweatsuit). Anyway good for her because she looks great. Rats' nest aside.

Yes, it has been toned down just a bit! Still there, but yes Chelsea looks a lot better. Now about "Chelsea's Choices"...

my my, does that lincoln look like his dad

He looks allot like Iisac to me! Kails leggings look like they could have a big button on the leg.

Well, Isaac and Lincoln are half Kailyn, so that's likely where the resemblance is, as well as the fact that Joe and Javi are both from Latino/Hispanic descent.

I know that it has been said many times before, but I am really enjoying the work that Megan is putting into the site. I am enjoying coming to the site again, and want to thank both Steve and Megan for their hard work.

Also- I am sure that Jenelle's unborn baby will enjoy the crap out of the photos of her mom's trip to NY when she gets old enough to see them. That is such horseshit. Jenelle is taking those photos for herself, so that she can brag to anyone in earshot about how important she is and so she might possibly sell them to the highest bidder for dope money. Has any one of you ever spent any significant amount of time looking at your mother's travel photos that were taken before you were born? Some of us may have glanced at a few of them, but since Jenelle photographs herself hundreds of times per day, the specialness of any of these photos will be lost on her child and they will blend into the thousands of other Jenelle selfies taken at such special places as her home bathroom and by the bong in the living room. Does she really her kid will be awestruck by all of the photos of its mother before it was born? What a complete narcissist.


I misread the section on Jenelle, but the sentiment was still correct. Also, Nathan must be a really special person to take time out of his busy day to communicate with his daughter over the internet. I wonder if his child has seen more of him in person or over social media. I would actually like to see the hours he has spent in person with his child versus the hours he has Skyped/facebooked/facetimed with the kid. What a wonderful parent this man must be.

Thumbs up to Megan!!!!

Why would the kids not be there? Are they not the reason for the show's existence in the first place? :p
At 4 years old they can answer simple questions by Dr. Drew like "what's your favorite color?" or "do you like seeing yourself and mommy on TV?". They included the kids at every other reunion show so I don't see why this one would be any different.

I just enjoy that Aubree and Jace kiss every time they see each other. Precious little ones.

Interesting that people have down thumbed this

I was going to say the same thing! The kids are the reason I still watch the show, but apparently there are several people who disagree.

In these shots in NY, Leah looks unhappy, like her smile is forced, and doesn't reach to her eyes. Given the way her hair is, she looks frazzled.

Sorry for the redundancy if anyone from HC's site saw me post that comment.

I was gonna say the same thing. She looks sad

I see what you mean when I looked again. I read this yesterday: http://starcasm.net/archives/258180

Yikes, talk about emotional manipulation. He's had over a year to "learn" how to be married. I'm 24, never married, but I know enough not to threaten divorce during any argument. I do commend her on wanting to get into counseling. It's for people who want to work, not for those who want to give up.

I completely agree. I'm also 24 and never married, but it seems like common sense not to threaten to divorce over every dumb little fight. "What do you mean you forgot to do the dishes? I'm going to file for divorce tomorrow!" seems kiiiiind of extreme. What I got from that article is that Jeremy was not , and still is not mature enough to be married.

I would be shocked if Jeremy & Leah stay married. Stats show that these marriages have the greatest chance of failing:
- teens that marry
- second marriages and more
- marriages that have multiples (as in kids, not the big O...lol)
- marriages with special needs kids
- very young couples with >2 kids
- cheating from 1 or both in prior committed relationships
- marriages with step-children/blended families
7/7 is a score that would terrify me. I hope for their kids sake that they can be happy. (notice I did not say 'make it work', that's not any way to live). I have been married a long time to one person. I love him like crazy, but it is not an easy thing to stay married successfully. It takes a great deal of maturity, love, patience, forgiveness and understanding. Down the road when the sound of your spouse chewing irritates your last nerve, the love , maturity & patience kick in! (JK- not really :P) I know I would not have been able to stay married if I was in their shoes. They have quite a challenging road ahead.
I must say though that from the beginning, Leah & Corey impressed me A LOT with their parenting. Their relationship was a disaster, the house was a mess and the kids were not looking the greatest. However I always felt they both loved and cherished their girls. To me that is far more important than perfect pigtails & ribbons. I cannot imagine being a teen, having twins, a special needs child, no money and cameras in my face. I would have snapped for sure.

She looks like she doesn't want to be there. The more pics I see being put on facebook from the trip are the same forced smiles and frazzled hair. She definitely doesn't appear to be happy.