Teen Mom 2: Live! Recap

Tonight, the Live show will take a look back on the last seven years with all three of the Teen Mom 2 girls. This will be the last show of the season but it won't any less revealing.

Leah is not pregnant, guys! Addie had her phone and someone posted that.

Kailyn still saying sticking to her story but she's hurt about what V said about it all being karma. Unlike the rest of us, Leah wasn't surprised that Jeremy was fully supportive of her going back to school.

Fan questions! Kailyn is on track to graduate before the baby comes. Leah says her secret to her glowing look is taking time for herself and working out. Isaac and Lincoln are excited by the baby.

Kailyn won't be finding out the baby's gender until the birth. Chelsea could not make it to the show since she's so busy with Watson.

Leah, while she doesn't want children, guesses she'd want a boy if she happened to find herself pregnant again. The host suggests that they switch kids but Kailyn doesn't think she could handle a girl like her.

The pictures shown from Leah's past include the moment her daughter got Allie's chair and when she moved into her new house.

Some favorite moments from the rest of the TM2 cast: Barb loved the moment she poured itching powder in her ex's clothes, Jo loves watching his kids grow, Catelynn's is when Farrah called Larry white trash, and Debra's was when Jenelle wanted to break her probation for Kesha.

Kailyn's past pictures include Isaac's first b-day, her first year back at school, and her first time sky diving. A sneak peek was a moment between Kailyn and Javi...fighting.

Kailyn says Javi believes every rumor he sees. She wants to tell him that they are on the same team, and that Lincoln should be their primary focus.

Fans believe that Jenelle is the most changed mom out of the TM2 crew.

After listening to fans say how much they appreciate the show, Leah and Kailyn are pleased to think that they've been able to help at least one person.

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