Teen Mom 2: Live! Recap

It's been so long! Haha, just kidding. Let's find out what the girls and their family members have to say about the last episode.

Tonight, Kailyn and Leah will be joined by Teen Mom OG girls, Maci and Catelynn. Along with Farrah and the debut of Debra's music video...which should be wild.

Some updates on the OG, Catelynn and Tyler have finished and moved into their new house.

Maci is enjoying married life and being able to call Taylor hubby instead of baby daddy. The poll of the episode is who had a more fun bachelorette party, Maci or Chelsea?

The fan questions include, what do they miss about before the show. Catelynn answers is that when she goes out and gets noticed. Kailynn reveals that MTV probably has footage of her picking her nose and a lot of Leah singing in the car. Time for the game 'Who's your Momma,' where they choose which girl they'd choose in certain situations.

Leah is unanimously chosen to help carry out a child's punishment. Everyone chooses Chelsea, instead of Farrah, to help them get ready for a night out.

Catelynn gets picked for the best advice, although the other option was Kailynn. Maci is the chosen girl for the party planner.

Maci doesn't think that transitioning from 2 to 3 children was that difficult but the transition from 1 to 2 was really rough.

Catelynn believes that she and Tyler are soulmates and being able to leave time for themselves is why their relationship is still going strong.

Maci and Catelynn have been switched out for Farrah and Debra. Simon is also there, in the crowd. They're working through their relationship now. Debra reveals that back in October she became engaged to Doctor David. It's time for the music video and the debut of Debz OG. The song is supposed to be inspirational, kick butt song. The, uh, the beat is pretty good. The reactions of Kailyn and Leah were probably the best part. As Kailyn says, it's...interesting. This isn't the last rap song we'll be getting from her. She's written another and her team is already on it.

The bachelorette party that was the most fun...is both! They tied but the audience believes that it should have been Maci's party.

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