Teen Mom 2 - Leah Messer's Womb Is Ocupado

Leah Messer

No real reason to use this picture. I just think the expression on her face is funny.

Well, folks, it was only a matter of time. Leah Messer Calvert is expecting a bundle of joy with husband, Jeremy Calvert, this winter. Her Facebook fan page spilled the beans by saying:

Just wanted to let everyone know that Leah IS pregnant & that she and Jeremy & the rest of their families including Ali & Aleeah are very excited :) Thanks in advance for all your words of encouragement!

This is the third pregnancy for Leah. She had suffered a miscarriage back in January.

After dealing with my daughter's Terrible Tweens for the past two weeks, I have to say Leah is insane. But that's just the frazzled mommy in me.

Anyway, Leah tweeted to her fans:

THANKS SOOO MUCH EVERYONE! #PositiveTweets makes this momma soooo happy!!! @Calvert505 are in such a good place! ? Love all of you!

Sounds like Teen Mom 2 will prove to be quite entertaining next season.

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It'll be on teen mom 2 season 4. Airing 2016.

That's why I said next season. :) I wish it was this season! I want to see all this go down! Haha!

I wonder if she'll smoke again during her pregnancy.

Only pole. Let's hope it is only her husband's, but with her you can't be certain. If I were him I would get a DNA test.

i feel like things happen in life and what she wsnts to do with her life thats on her and she takes care of the children she has now so whats the problem with having another baby i have a 4yr old and one on the way n could care a less about what anyone thinks

Ugh, bricks. Why does she insist on rushing her entire life?

I get the impression that Leah is one of those girls who NEEDS to have a man and will do anything to keep him. She was with Corey for a month when she got pregnant, which means at the age of 16, she had sex within 4 weeks of dating. After she divorced Corey, she immediately began dating Jeremy and became pregnant within a few months. Within 6 months of her miscarriage she became pregnant again. I don't know Leah, but it seems to me like she gets knocked up to keep her man.

lol, she is ridiculous. there is no way this pregnancy was planned. she has been with him for about a year, if that. (and they were only married in april) the fact that she has gotten pregnant by a guy she has been with for only one year, not once, but TWICE and married him as well is disturbing. not to mention she is only 20 and has already been pregnant with twins at 16 and married/divorced. but i'm not surprised because leah has proven time and time again that she is a white trash cheating whore. i won't be surprised if within the next year her and jeremy are divorced because she cheated.

I gave Leah the benefit of the doubt the first time she cheated, because everybody makes mistakes. I just don't understand how she allowed it to happen a second time.

Allowed? Cheating is a choice she made twice. Obviously her marriage wasn't that important to her and she thought she could do what she wanted because she had Cory wrapped around her finger. I just hope she thinks before jumping into bed with someone else. She needs to think about her future and grow up!

Well, with the money her husbands makes, they can afford a new baby. But I thought she was on Mirena? Did she not get it fixed when it tilted or whatever? It's gunna be hard, espeically already having a special needs child so young.

Oh well, hope it works out for her.

oh yeah I forgot about that. I wonder if this baby is planned??

3 kids, 4 pregnancies, and 2 baby daddy's.... Married twice, divorced once... And she's 20. Ugh... I don't even have enough words to think how pathetic it is. Let's all say "Holy shit!! Big breaking news!! Let's go to the magazine and sell our story!!" Anything to make some money while riding on the Teen Mom reality fame train.

The baby's due in the winter, so it's not like she told a magazine right when she found out. I'm not defending Leah deciding to have another baby this young, but it's better than some people...

US Weekly is running it this week... She ran to the magazine first. Yes, she was able to hide it but the first thing she did was sell her life away... Oooppps.. I mean story.

Don't have kids so do not know if this is true are not but aren't pregnant women not supposed to dye their hair...or smoke...that sure does not look like her natural hair color on her twitter pix

My doctor said it was okay to dye my hair, paint my nails and all that fun stuff just as long as I don't sit there and inhale it. I kept a fan on. :).

Yeah, they say the dye doesn't soak into your skin so you should be fine. I avoided dying mine anyway when I was pregnant just in case. But the smoking, yeah. We can only hope she didn't smoke with this one.

Plus that's an old picture anyway.

I think nanah said "her twitter pics" not the pic in the article.

it's also because of all the hormone changes that the dye might not take to your hair the way you want and you'll be disappointed with the results.

Haircolor is fine..I always suggested highlights because those are off the scalp..perms though I would not do..girls under the age of 14 I would not do either..what Preggo would want one anyways haha they stink and are no fun to get!

it's unnecessary and ever precaution should be taken during pregnancy especially when you have one child with health problems and had a miscarriage.

totally agree

You have to realize that she is a STAR. Regular people shouldn't dye their hair when pregnant, but she is much more important than an average person, so the rules do not apply to her. She obviously does not care if the baby has birth defects - it would actually be great to have another special needs child, since it would really make her stand out on the show. The children of the girls on Teen Mom are only there to serve as props for their television careers. Why should she have to refrain from coloring her hair? She would be letting down the public if they could not see her change her hair color on a weekly basis. If she had another baby with problems, she would almost be a lock to get her own spinoff.

You people are so selfish. You all worry about the baby's health. Baby this and baby that. What about Leah's television career? That is the most important thing in her life, and nobody seems to be able to get their priorities straight.

You are underestimating the importance of penis in Leah's life. Fame comes second. I suspect that's why it's working so well with her current husband. He's gone so much for work... no need for another divorce, she can just play while he is away.

Excellent point.

Leah is a STAR? Really? She has zero talent... She's known for her cheating, getting knocked up at 16, horrible English, and stupid decisions. She is far from being a star.

I think you missed the sarcasm.

Shit... I did. Epic fail.

why shouldnt people dye their hair when they are pregnant? lol

I'm not even going to rag on Leah because its just too easy...but what I will say is, she should have waited to have another baby. Instead of having a baby, she should have maybe found something to parlay herself into like a career or started college for the inevitable end of Teen Mom. I know those Teen Mom checks seem like they'll last forever, but they won't. And yes, she is currently married to someone with a job, but things can change, especially with the addition of more kids and being so young--and Leah of ALL people should know that.

I feel the same way. How she lives her life is up to her but she is putting herself in a bad place. She has no education, no skills, and now, no chance to get either since she will have 3 kids under the age of 3 (one of whom has disabilities) to take care of. She's completely dependent on her husband and isn't instilling any sense of ambition in her children. Hopefully she doesn't cheat on this husband or she's screwed!

I get the feeling that Leah felt pressured to pop another one out before the MTV checks dried up. Who knows if this pregnancy was planned or another "oops".

Also, let's hope to hell it's only one baby and not twins again.

What confuses me the most about her having another kid is how much she bitched about not being able to do anything once the twins were born. She said she was miserable staying at home and not being able to work or finish school. I think she should have gone back to school. MTV checks won't last, and nobody cares about her enough to put her in a spin-off or pay her for club appearances.

I disagree. She is obviously making a wise career move. her career is having babies and making it pay. If her husband truly does make a quarter million dollars per year, in my state she would be entitled to $50,000 per year in child support, and I am sure other states have similar percentages.

She is especially smart to have the kid as soon as possible, before one of them finds someone else and she loses the chance to grab the child support cash for 18 years (or more). She obviously has problems with having sex with only one person, since she couldn't even keep it in her pants on the night before her first marriage. This guy makes decent money, so she better strike while the iron is hot.

She has to move quickly because her husband is also a player. Wasn't it just a few months ago that she found that he was texting strippers. Since he spends a lot of time travelling on the road for work, I am sure he is still continuing this behavior and is only more careful about hiding it from his pregnant wife. IF he makes as much money as she says he does, the strippers will swarm on him like flies to a steaming pile. Leah has to crank out a baby or two in order to make the big paycheck.

Why is everyone so surprised about this?

Conspiracy Man, you are 100% correct! I keep forgetting laying on your back and birthing children is a vocational track in 2012. Sad, but true.

Can you blame her? The more she f*cks up her life, the more MTV will pay her. I will enjoy the article 5 years down the road when the MTV checks are gone, she is divorced for a third time, and her six kids are running aroud her welfare-funded trailer.

With her food stamps

This chick is a hot mess!

Not hot...just a mess. Lol

Apparently she's due this winter... no surprise she's kept it hidden so long... Remember how small she was with the twins? I was literally 3 times her size when I was pregnant with my second baby... a singleton.

Goddamn it Leah, it's like you're trying to be the full-time worst.

I literally have no respect for this chick. I read her timeline after her political comments and she was saying to people that she didn't need to work because she had a husband to support her. Someone questioned what would happen if he left and she was like 'thanks for the advice honey, but I'm pretty sure we promised each other FOREVER' eh, Leah, I'm pretty sure you promise the same to Corey before you ran out and cheated on his ass the night before your wedding. This girl is bricks. Her husband doesn't seem much better to be honest, his timeline is full of him telling people to 'kiss his ass' and 'eat shit and die'. Charming. What a fine specimen of a man to act as a role model to your (soon to be 3) children.

I wish more women would realize they need to be independent and get an education before having children, especially in case the marriage/relationship doesn't workout. Do people not realize what large percentage of marriages end in divorce? Even if you think you're completely sure, he can leave you without you having any clue it was coming. Then what? You have no education, can't get a real job, can't afford your kids, live on welfare and in a low income apartment the rest of your life. I can't believe she got attitude with someone saying "I'm pretty sure we promised each other forever". Well a LOT OF PEOPLE DO and that isn't always how it turns out! SHE SHOULD KNOW THAT. She is such a hypocrite in so many ways.

It's not even just him leaving her! He has a very physical job. What if he is hurt while working? Yea he will get compensation from work, but not enough to raise 3 kids (or 10 at the rate they are going). All of the girls who dont go to school drive me crazy. Why not ensure an education while you have the chance and financial security? Leah is an idiot for not having any skills to fall back on in case of some disaster....

Agreed. This whole phenomenon of "if" somebody was going to university is bizarre to me. Where I grew up, literally 98% of the kids that graduate pursue post-high school education and 72% obtain at least a 4 year degree within 6 years of graduating high school. It isn't a matter of "if" you're going to school, it's a matter of "where". I didn't realize that there were people who didn't want to be independent.

If my daughter even plays with the idea of being a housewife instead of school then I will feel I have failed as a parent. My mother always made it clear that the last person we should be relying on is a man. It wasn't anything about that we shouldn't be SAHMs/Housewives, but that the confidence of always having that degree in your back pocket will lead you to finding a partner who is our equal, not our leader. Having a husband who is your sole provider is proven to increase your chances of depression and feeling trapped or worthless in your marriage. Educated women are far more likely to get out of bad marriages and also less likely to be in emotionally/physically abusive relationships. Getting my degree has been one of the biggest confidence boosters I've ever had. It is DAMN hard at times, but knowing that there were times I thought I couldn't do it but just kept pushing myself and ended up passing an exam that had material I didn't think I'd ever grasp or seeing I earned the credit hours for a class that required countless hours of studying and staying in on weekends to study, etc. is extremely fulfilling to my self-esteem.

like i said before, hope jeremy keeps that job so she doesn't need that government assistance. do you think it's going to be easy easy to get a job with THREE kids if for some reason jeremy loses his job or you get divorced AGAIN? i think having another baby is a selfish decision in a way. ali still has many challenges ahead of her, some will be life long. and i'm not saying NEVER have another child after a child with developmental challenges, but at least have this child when you are ready and leah is not ready if she is still depending on mtv pay cheques and her man, but she doesn't seem to mind depending on a man/mtv which is what disgusts me the most about her.

As a daughter of a young mom who tought it was ok to rush in everything as long as she was "taking care of her daughters", every time I see someone like Leah repeating the same mistakes over and over again and setting bad examples for her kids... oh Lord, I can't even. Poor, poor kids.

Eh honestly....she IS married, she does already have 2 kids, she's obviously in the family mode as opposed to someone like Maci who still wants to live out her twenties like she doesn't have kids. It's not that wild that she wants to have more kids, and I'm sure her and her husband know that TM2 checks aren't gonna last forever. Hopefully they have planned for the future. She's already pregnant, so I say congrats, all babies are blessings :)

We all know she IS married, but I think most people are trying to look at this from a realistic point of view; having that many children at that age is difficult, especially as a 20 year old newlywed--who hasn't been in a relationship for that long.
Yes, hopefully she is planning for the future, but that would usually include training for a trade, apprenticeship, or taking some college courses. If I recall, she said she wanted to be a nurse a few years ago and this is the opportune to do that.
Be logical, things happen--whether its a failed marriage, unexpected pregnancy, whatever...no one can predict the future, especially when they're only 20. My grandmother thought she'd be married forever, but her husband died at work--things happen.
And yes, "babies are blessings," but its imperative to plan for their futures and there is nothing wrong with waiting to secure their futures. Do we not remember Jon & Kate Plus 8...a lot of things happened to them.

I mean I agree with you, it would be a good idea for her to get some work experience or training or something. But, she's not. Oh well, not the end of the world for sure. So maybe she isn't the best role model, who cares? I mean, I'm just not that worried about it. Her kids are taken care of, lots of love from both sides of the family, etc. It just is what it is, even though it's not a path I would choose to take (2 marriages, 3 kids at 20) doesn't mean her path is wrong, just different. I know I'm not gonna be popular for this post, and I like bashing on the moms when they deserve it, but I'm not going to bash on Leah for this.

BTW nothing in life is guaranteed, husbands die, people lose their jobs, you lose your home, you get divorced. You can't spend your whole life worrying about things that could happen. If they feel they're financially and emotionally ready for more kids, then so be it. Don't live in fear of what could happen.

Um...I didn't say anything about being "worried" or having "fear". I'm not sure if you got my intent or just assumed I was trying to bash Leah, but I definitely was not. I didn't say anything about the amount of love in her house, if she was a role model, or the path she has taken...I'm talking about when the cameras stop rolling--the future.
I simply said, she should be using this time and these opportunities to her advantage and capitalize on them like Caitlyn, Kail, and Farrah have. Thinking about the future (when things do happen) is imperative and its like having insurance on a car; you don't get insurance with the intent of getting into a bunch of accidents, but its there if you ever need it. Being prepared is what is important, especially when you have 3 children.

All babies are blessings. I love these stupid blanket statements. Today in Colorado, a 17 year old came forward and confessed to killing 10 year old Jessica Ridgeway. I'm going to go out on a limb and say he is not a blessing or a precious life.
If parents don't or can't take care of their children, they shouldn't have them. Leah hasn't proven to have a good head on her shoulders which is why people are worried about her third pregnancy.
You're right, I guess she could be worse and drunk all the time like Maci, but that's some pretty low standards you're measuring her against

Blahhh I'm not wording my thoughts correctly. Of course I agree These girls should be taking advantage of this opportunity and going to school but I just don't expect it from Leah for some reason. She just seems like very....simple. Like she has no
Higher goals then to be a stay at home mOm to thirty kids, ya know? I guess what I'm trying to say is I'm not surprised this is the route she's taking, and don't expect anything more from her. Btw this is coming fRom a single mOm in my second year of college ;) Leah never struck me as the academic type

so basically she's already 6ish months along and can't hide it anymore. *head desk* this is just brilliant leah. brilliant I tell you.

Can not believe it has not been said and if it has I am sorry for repeating but SERIOUSLY MTV! REALLY! good role models to show the struggles of being a teen mom! Leah really has had it harder than her other cast mates with Ali but I am not going to be like oh so happy for her, cause I am not, she had the resources and the information to make sure she didn't get pregnant for the third time! Yes I know how it is to see your babies growing up and want another one but really to be in the spotlight you yourself put yourself into LEAH to be someone for teens to look up to and see the struggles and then to be like oh it is not that bad lets add another one! Honestly this show does nothing but P*ss me OFF anymore! It would be one thing for the producers to say we are in this for the money not to educate cause these girls are a HOT MESS!

Really? It's her life, not like she's gonna listen to y'all. But thanks for these comments. Helped me change my mind anyway!

Ok, I honestly don't know what to say anymore. I have a strange feeling that she keeps getting married and pregnant to avoid going to school and working. I think she won't ever go to college and I sincerely doubt that any employer except of MTV would want a person who's 20, with no degree, but with 3 kids. Oh, maybe TLC would love to hire somebody like that, but I think it'd be better not to give Leah such ideas.

At least it's good she has a sugar daddy who reportedly makes gazzilions of dollars and pays for everything, but this sugar daddy doesn't seem like a decent person. I hope he talks to twins in a different way he talks to people online.

Hopefully she doesn't let this kiddo eat cheeseballs off her nasty ass and messy carpet floor...

And hopefully she'll learn the difference between the word bath and the word bathe before this one starts talking. Such a country Bumpkin.

Is the schools good where they are now living?

I was wondering..now that she has met her sugar baby (as opposed to Sugar Daddy)..does she hire a cleaner to clean her house? I keep remembering what the sound man/camera man wrote about her filthy housekeeping.
And well folks..white trash. She might have some money, but she is poor white trash underneath the green stuff.

She met him on Facebook...


I hope she learned from last time and did the "wait three months" thing before this announcement. Congrats to her and wishing her young bride hillbilly ass all the best!

People need to understand that just because you're married doesn't mean you are ready to have a child. And if the baby is due this winter, that means she got pregnant within 1-2 months of her wedding. You're trying to tell me that had she got pregnant in February instead of June she would be that much worse off? It isn't about marriage vs. non-marriage. It's about not just knowing, but actually KNOWING who you're having a baby with, and deciding that they are worthy of mixing their DNA with yours to form another human being. I mean, there's plenty of people I've considered some of my best friends and then two or three years later we weren't close at all. Nothing bad happened between us, there was no bad blood or anything ,we just grew up and in turn, grew apart. You get new interests, get new friends, etc. Young adulthood is one of the weirdest/most complicated times in your life. Hardly any young adults truly know exactly what they want and what they like and what they will/will not be able to compromise on forever in a partner, etc. I just think it's irresponsible to have a child at barely-20 years old with somebody you have only known existed for 6 months. It just seems desperate and weird. Especially when you have not 1, but 2 kids at home. As somebody who is extremely close with their siblings and cousins because we are all within 4 years of each other, I can sort of understand the moms that get sad that their toddler won't have a brother/sister/close relative to be their PIC. But Leah already has 2 adorable girls. Why does she need another so soon???

This girl. Sometimes I can't even find the words to describe the disgust I have with her. She gets knocked up at 16 with a guy she dated for a month, cheated on him, got back together with him, got engaged, cheated on him again, got married, then got divorced. Cue some months later, oh hey it's a new guy, oh my birth control slipped, oh dear lost the baby, oh hey let's get married! Oh, here were go, pregnant again. What happened to them with their first child was very tragic, and I feel for her. But when you have a child with medical problems this third pregnancy shouldn't have even happened, not for a long time. I get the wanting your kids to grow up together but geez Leah, can't you just live with your two daughters, and new husband for a while? I get it, the pregnancy happened, the baby will be here soon but not waiting is selfish.

Leah is a great mother to her girls. Im so happy for them. People dont realize that she is married and shes an adult and can make her own decisions. Jeremy makes a lot of money doing pipelining so even when Leahs checks stop coming in they are still going to be rich. People just need to realize that its her life and nothing anyone says is gunna bring her down!

I think you need to go back and read some of the comments.

Plus the "she's married" thing is getting old. So if I go out and marry someone I've known for a week, then 3 weeks later get knocked up, is it ok because I mean Hey! I'm married! ;)

"Jeremy makes a lot of money doing pipelining so even when Leahs checks stop coming in they are still going to be rich."

Yes, because being fired, losing your job, getting divorced, death, etc NEVER happens! They're set for life y'all!

Jsyk um why does he make that much? Maybe cause the job he does do is dangerous plus not sure but maybe seasonal?!? So when there is down time he is not bring all that much in and if you can't budget what good is it?

I hate that she's still on Teen Mom. What kind of example is she setting to girls who watch the show? Leah isn't the only one who sets a bad example, but she's one of the worst.

Welp, this will probably be the nail in the coffin for her relationship with this Jeremy guy. Yes, he's already helping raise the twins, but they go to Corey half the time (I'm assuming.) She rushed into marriage and now another pregnancy. Girl slow down.

Man, I think I would explode if I had to take care of two toddlers and an infant.

I have a five year old, 3 year old, 23 month old, and a 10 month old. I am only 25 years old. It is not that hard to take care of them. I do not know why people have an issue with it. It is not even anyone's business. Congrats to Leah! Hope all is well! Oh, and there is nothing wrong with dying hair, or getting nails done, or smoking while pregnant. It is BAD for the baby if you just quit smoking or drinking Straight up. Doctors recommend that you dial it back some, slowly.

You are very ignorant and uninformed. Good luck to your children -- they're going to need it.

Why is it that the stupidest are usually the ones who breed the most? WTF natural selection?!

Unfortunately nowadays natural selection doesn't work as well. Because the ones who wouldn't usually survive in life are being supported by those who would be perfectly fine.
I so agree that the one's who should not procreate usually do it the most. Scary stuff.

what is she uninformed about? Go ask any doctor about smoking while pregnant, they will tell you not to quit cold turkey they will tell you to cut back slowly. Go ask any doctor about getting your hair or nails done while pregnant, they will tell you the fumes could make you feel sick because of the smell and thats about it, it is an old wives tale, the dye will not seap through to your brain travel through your blood and get into your baby. you my friend are the ignorant uninformed one.

Wow. With your lack of basic grammar and spelling knowledge, you'll have to understand why I won't be trusting what is, I'm sure, your well-researched, trustworthy medical opinion. Anyone who knowingly continues to smoke and drink while pregnant is incapable of being a responsible parent.

I really hope you don't have children. Please do society a favor and seriously consider sterilization.

Oh, excuse me KB, I did not realize we were in English class. I do have children, they are wonderful and VERY well taken care of. Also, yes I probably do have a lot more knowledge then anybody on this forum, including yourself. The internet is a wonderful thing, maybe you should try googling old wives tales of being pregnant once? I never said it was ok to drink while pregnant, though it is ok to have a glass of wine once in a while, it is actually good for your health if you did not know that. That does not mean you should go out and get drunk. Also I did not say that it was ok for anybody to smoke, I said if you go into any doctors office they will teach you about quitting smoking while you are pregnant, and a good majority of them will say that it is better to wean off instead of quit cold turkey. I'm sorry that you would trust your ignorant opinions over my well-researched, trustworthy, knowledgeable medical opinion. Have a great day! Hopefully my grammar was a little bit better for you this time, I always love when internet fools bring up anybodys grammar and spelling, it is quite often used when somebody has nothing else to belittle a person about. ;) Also, as they always say, the best parents are ALWAYS the ones without children. :)

No, Julie. You actually are just an idiot. When I was pregnant and looking for doctors, every single damn one of them told me to stop smoking. There was no "cut back slowly" bullcrap. What usually happens when people try to use this excuse if the woman will say something along the lines of 'I'm a smoker and I'm trying to cut back' which maybe the best guess I can think of is the doctor will something along the lines of 'if that's the best you can do, but I strongly urge to stop.' And the ignorant selfish woman sees it as 'well I guess I'll cut back slowly because I'm too selfish to quit for my unborn child!'

I also find it EXTREMELY humorous that you say to research stuff on google and the internet (as if it's some type of credible source) when you yourself said in another thread "don't believe everything you read on the internet."


I'm not going to get into a pissing contest on the internet with someone whose intelligence is clearly well below that of the average human being. If you're pregnant, you shouldn't smoke, drink, or do anything else that is harmful under normal circumstances, much less when you are carrying a child. You can tell yourself that "cut back slowly" bullshit if that's what helps you sleep at night, but you are wildly irresponsible, selfish, and unworthy of parenting. Your stupidity is truly astonishing and I pity your poor, innocent children.

Oh, and obviously this isn't English class, but you could really use one. I don't have much respect for adults who can't spell "seep" and "ridiculous".

I dont smoke, nor do i drink. Ive been to many doctors offices that recomend cutting back as opposed to quitting cold turkey, maybe you went to different doctors. I also never said google was the only place to research anything did I? Im sorry you misinterpreted what i typed, I meant that you can google anything and learn about it and read about it, its not that hard. Also, you can find tons of credible sources of research from google, maybe you have never tried it? Sure there are a ton of lies on the internet (like not being able to dye your hair while pregnant lol) but there are also tons and tons of valuble places to find significant research on just about any topic you choose. Im sorry that you have never figured that out.

oh excuse me my spelling isnt up to par for a teen mom blog :( call the press!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alert the media! Call my 5th grade english teacher!

I am so confused as to the people (like Leah and now this 25 year old nutcase with four kids, Kate) who try to claim a doctor will tell you to stop smoking gradually... You will not have a miscarriage by quitting smoking, it's not friggin heroin. I should know, cuz I quit smoking as soon as I found out (and my doctor was happy!). And this Kate freak takes it even further and tries to say it is fine to drink, just stop gradually!?!? You are truly nuts and should not be dispensing medical advice. Yes, I am sure there is a risk to the fetus if you are a complete alcoholic who drinks daily, but just like they give you benzos so you don't die from DTs I am sure they would give you something like that to protect the fetus. (Key word being to "protect" the fetus, which just saying try to "dial it back some, slowly" WOULD NOT DO!!! As for dying your hair with chemicals (as opposed to vegetable-based dyes, which are non-toxic and safe) there may not be definitive evidence that it is bad, but why risk it? I guess what should I expect from someone who thinks that taking care of four kids age four and under "is not hard"? (I have to wonder if she is actually raising these kids or just keeping them alive?) Heck, I found taking care of one colicky baby while my Husband was at work was at times hard! I guess Kate has plenty of alcohol and cigarettes to help her stress level...

Some people amaze me with their ignorance. It's scary to think you are responsible for four human beings. Please educate yourself for the sake of those innocent kids.

Did you really just say there is nothing wrong with smoking while pregnant? Have you ever even picked up a book, or researched something in your ENTIRE life? I feel horribly sorry for your children. Obviously you need to be educated! People are so disgustingly sad now days.

Lol I hope you aren't going to home school. Fingers crossed your baby daddy(ies) aren't as ignorant as you are.

Ha, you're definitely probably right about the baby daddIES part. My guess is there are 4.

What a horrid woman. It saddens me that someone can actually make a statement saying its fine to smoke while pregnant. I feel completely horrible for your children.

i find it very funny that you say its not hard to take care of 4 children!! makes me wonder if you're like leah depending on everyone else to help you. i only have one child and i find it challenging every day, but in the best way probably because i pay for everything, go to school (an hour from where i live) and work part time...i feel i spend most of my time in my car. also dying your hair, getting your nails done and smoking are not only stupid choices for your baby's health, but are also expensive. save the money you spend on cigarettes and put it towards your children.

being pregnant can make you feel all sorts of ugly and blah, getting your hair and nails done can make you feel more positive about yourself. just because you couldnt afford to doesnt mean somebody else cant.. and there is nothing wrong with getting your nails or hair done while pregnant, im not sure who you have been talking to but dying your hair will affect your baby is an old wives tale, and im not sure how you think getting your nails done, will somehow get in to your blood stream, so people cant paint their nails when they are pregnant? you are rediculous and should be ashaimed of yourself for being so ignorant and stupid.

you are ridiculous and should be ashamed of your spelling. i hope your children are in a decent school because clearly they won't learn anything from you.

and don't bring up my finances. i never said i couldn't afford it. i just said smoking is expensive. anyone who smokes will tell you smoking is one of the most expensive habits you can have.
also i'm sorry you feel the need to do your hair and paint your nails to feel beautiful.
i am more secure with myself then that.

Anything that you apply to your skin can be absorbed into your bloodstream. Since chemicals are transferred from the mother's blood to the unborn baby's blood, the fetus can be affected when the mother is exposed to certain chemicals. Those are facts. You can choose to take risks and ignore the facts but that doesn't make them any less true.

Im sorry, not being able to dye your hair or do your nails may have been a fact in the 50s, but it is 2012, Have you ever known one child to be affected from dying your hair during pregnancy? Becuase ive never seen one ounce of research that proves that statement, it is an old wives tale, im sorry you are misinformed.

You are the one who is misinformed or as I suspect, just ignorant. Misinformed would imply that you actually tried to inform yourself.




So pesticides and medicines can be absorbed by the skin, but hair dye is some magical substance that your skin can't absorb? We can use our common sense here. Chemicals can be absorbed through the skin - hair dye contains chemicals - chemicals from hair dye can be absorbed into the skin.

"Researcher Linda Chaé, writing for thehealthytruth.net, agrees, citing the danger to unborn children: “Recent studies by dermatologists at the University of California and a multiple university cooperative team confirm that skin absorption is the major route of entry [for chemicals from skin or hair products getting into the womb].”

Julie, you truly effin' scare me. I'm sure it's "easy" for you with all the welfare handouts and all - but I have four kids, at one point 7 and under, and the last addition was a pair of identical twins who survived fetal surgery for TTTS. Getting nails done, the methyl methacrylate in acrylics for example, the fumes induce a higher blood pressure temporarily which IS dangerous for a developing fetus. It can trigger an increase in body temperature (like many other chemicals) and you might not notice it yourself, but an increase in average body temp can also raise the temperature for the baby. The same crap that makes you "dizzy" if you get too much of it, is the same crap that triggers your body's responses to drugs and fumes.

The same is said for permanent hair colors - the chemical fumes cause YOUR body to react, which puts pressure on the fetus ya half-wit.

An 8oz. glass of wine even ONCE a week is shown to induce FAS (Fetal Alcohol Syndrome) and is associated with not only miscarriage, but permanent brain injury, especially during the early second trimester when brain proteins are forming around the cells to connect everything together. The nervous system can be retarded as it starts developing rapidly at about 10 weeks. Even the time it takes you to drink a glass of wine, the cells have divided at least 10 times (assuming 15 minutes) and can mutate both the genomes AND the triggers themselves.

NO doctor EVER says don't quit smoking, but they tell the hard-heads who don't believe it that cutting back is BETTER than just not doing anything if you are bound and determined to keep smoking anyway. It's their job to tell you as such to get you to smoke as little as possible if you are too dumb to stop altogether.

What's next? A little blurb on how one snort of coke doesn't hurt a baby? Perhaps you should walk amongst the babies going through withdraw in the NICU, pumped full of all sorts of drugs trying to wean them off of just about everything. I know - I've been there, because my second child was born with a slight opiate addiction - opiates I HAD to take because I developed a split pelvic bone during pregnancy and every kick felt like ripping my body in half. The difference is we PLANNED for this, the doctor was aware, I was given nothing more than I could barely get by on (and let me tell you 3 months of sheer pain isn't pretty anyway) and my child was monitored explicitly until we were discharged. Because I got by with as little as possible, my child was able to have only one day of replacement until he was stable enough to be removed from the treatment. In any event, he, just like the other kids who were born to mother who "barely" indulged in alcohol, smoking (because the nicotine transfers to the fetus via the umbilical cord), drugs both legal and not - all had the same bands with the same warnings on them to watch for signs of problems. My kid was able to leave on time - there were others there who - like the stupid mothers who had them - were not able to leave as quickly because "they once heard" a glass of wine or more popularly that the Irish women would drink a Guinness every night - their babies were shaking, couldn't control their body temperatures and let me tell you, when those babies go home, they are no picnic. The hospital deals with the physical withdraws that can hurt them. From there, you are on your own with a newborn who craves a cigarette as much as an adult does.

Mothers who've done drugs, drank or smoked have a nearly three-fold increased risk of colic and my twins got it, though I did nothing wrong and it's torture, for the babies, for you, for the other kids.

Lastly, mothers who've been exposed to chemicals like methyl methacrylate, nicotine (including formaldehyde that is in cigarettes along with rat poison) and alcohol expose their children to life long learning delays, some extreme, some noticeable, some not so much with children who are lower on the dang evolutionary chart because Momma fried their brain cells during development. They have lower IQ's, go off to college less and early studies now are tracking an increased rate of incarceration (some theorize because they are not able to get great jobs, or get good enough grades so they supply themselves with the cash, others theorize their brain is wired to think petty crimes are no big deal).

So go ahead, light one up, down a glass of wine and THANK YOU from the rest of responsible society who will have to take care of your kids both NOW since you can't afford them, and LATER when we get to pay for them to repeat grades, or send them to jail.

People like you disgust me. Because YOU don't want it to be true, you must think it's "not true". Just because YOU are stupid, doesn't mean the rest of us have to be.

Oh and Julie, if you want to "Google" til your little heart's content, start with American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

A new study falls into the "no" category, finding that drinking during pregnancy has lasting effects on children's size. The paper is one of the first to analyze the effects of alcohol exposure in a single group of children over a long period of time.

Via HuffPo
"Although decades of research have shed light on the negative effects of drinking during pregnancy, many questions remain," author Dr. Colin Carter, an instructor in pediatrics at Harvard Medical School, told The Huffington Post. "This study reveals that growth restriction, a known effect of drinking, occurs before birth and in many cases is permanent.""

"It's worth remembering that fetal alcohol spectrum disorders are still the largest known cause of intellectual disability in children," says Maia Szalavitz at TIME"

Lastly ""These effects may be detrimental to the children as growth deficits have been shown to be related to other health problems, such as lower IQ," Carter said in a statement. "Furthermore, the effects of alcohol on growth were much more severe if the child had iron deficiency anemia as an infant, a condition that is common in the U.S. and worldwide.""


"Developmental/Reproductive Toxicity
Limited information suggest that women and men exposed to methyl methacrylate have experienced
decreased sexuality. Complications during pregnancy have been reported as well. Methyl methacrylate
administered (in some cases, at maternally toxic levels) to pregnant rats has induced fetal toxicity. Methyl
methacrylate has caused elevated estrogen secretion in rats.
1. Humans — Women and men (unspecified as to number) chronically exposed to methyl
methacrylate have experienced decreased sexuality; complications during pregnancy were also
reported (U.S. EPA 1985)."

Since salons are cost saving leaving ethyl methacrylate behind again - and even still, most nail salon workers have NO idea whether they are using ethyl or methyl. Aside from that ethyl may not even be all that much safer in terms of bodily changes, no matter how temporary.

Nail salon workers ARE documented at increased risks of problem pregnancies and miscarriages - the problem is, there is no known threshold. Getting your nails done once when the shop is fairly empty MIGHT be okay - but why chance it when there are known risks agents BOTH the main agents of acrylics (even if you are just getting your nails "painted") PLUS the solvents used to remove them? Not to mention, Leah's almost ALWAYS got a fresh nail job, she's likely going once a week or once every two week.

Hell, since we don't know what's wrong with one of her twins - it's possible her problems were caused via smoking (since they are obviously fraternal, they had to independent sacs) maybe one got the nice big smack of drugs and fumes? Why in the HELL would ANY mother EVER take any chance to give their baby a risk? It's STUPID.

Your comment is awaiting moderation.

Grrrrr whyyyyy?

Seola, thanks for having the patience and intelligence to post such ACCURATE, detailed information. And thank you for sharing your personal experiences....you deserve a freakin' medal for all you've been through with your children. It doesn't seem fair that responsible people like you have to endure so much while the idiotic, irresponsible ones get to make ignorant bullshit statements that attempt to justify their own unjustifiable actions.

anyone who says its bad to stop smoking while pregnant seriously needs help. what a dumb ass! No doctor will tell a pregnant woman to keep smoking, hell my doctors office has signs up that you need to quit smoking and drinking BEFORE conception so it doesn't harm the baby. IF you smoked while pregnant and you children are fine that is the exception, not the rule so don't go around saying it's ok when clearly you have NO idea what your talking about.

no wonder why you're 25 and have 4 kids... you're missing a few brain cells up there.


4 kids under 5 and you claim its not hard! Lmfao you either have the most amazing kids in the world or your talking sh*t because raising kids isn't easy at all. I have 1 and she is very well behaved but that doesn't men its easy.

If Corey wasn't religious before, I'm sure he's found God now. He probably sends up his praises every day that he got out of that relationship while he was still ahead.

She needs to be pulled from Teen Mom 2. Leah is barely in her 20s and will have 3 children. I'm sorry, but what the hell is she teaching young people? Seems like we're going backward here.

Further proof that MTV doesn't care about educating young people about safe sex and the struggles of being a young parent. All MTV cares about is ratings and Leah's disaster of a life is good for ratings. I just hope young people aren't stupid enough to want to emulate her.

i gave up on the idea that teen mom was educational a long time ago. even 16 & pregnant is getting out of hand. yes the teen birth rates have gone down but i don't like the fact that they had 2 seasons after the show was aired meaning that some girls might have gotten pregnant to appear on the show. they could of just re-run the episodes they had. same message gets across imo.

If they film a fifth season perhaps we'll get to witness our first birth on Teen Mom, ya'll! America thanks you Leah Messer-Sims-Calvert.

lol at Leah Messer Simms Calvert. I have a feeling in about five years it will be Leah Messer Simms Calvert Parker Smith Thompson Daniels.

Probably the best comment on this thread. I tip my hat to you madam.

Not saying anything FOR her, I agree it's ridiculous. BUT I had my son at 18, and a year and a half later my now husband and I have our own place and two paid off vehicles. He has a good job and I'm in school and have a vocational degree and we're planning on having a baby next year-planning on having it so that I'll be on summer break and can stay home for three months- Reason being? We don't want to be parents forever! We want ONE more child and then getting my tubes tied but I can see the point of 'I didn't have my teen years, I would like my older years to be KID FREE.'

She did not even know Jeremy for an entire year before he impregnated her twice. I'm sorry, but there is just no excuse or reason for that. Nobody is asking her to wait until she's 30 to have another child. I'm saying wait until her and Jeremy can actually be married and get to know each other. She got pregnant after dating him for 3 months, he proposed a month later, she had a miscarriage a month after that, and then she got pregnant AGAIN 4 months later. There's really nothing anybody could say that would make me think this is an ideal situation and well thought out decision.

And that's always my favorite line: "You have to deal with this person for the next 18 years." No, you have to deal with this person FOREVER. Read it with me: F-O-R-E-V-E-R! Forever! For the rest of your life until the day that you die. And just because you have a kid at 20 doesn't mean you get to stop being a parent once that child turns 18 and you turn 38. My mom had my brother at 19, and he just moved out of my parents house last month at 28 years old. My sister, who my mom had when she was 24, also just moved out of the house last month. She graduated college on time, my brother didn't. If you think it's okay to just kick your child on the street since they are 18 and are struggling to find out what they want in life, please don't reproduce. As a parent, it is your job to guide your child and NEVER give up on them. Even if they are 35 years old you have to lift them up and never be part of the problem that's bringing them down.

You don't want to be parents forever? Boohoo. Don't have children. I mean really, I've read a lot of stupid things on this site, but that might have been the dumbest.

You might be the dumbest person I've ever had reply to something. Would you want to be a parent well into their fifties? I know someone who is twenty who has one dead parent and one parent about to die because they had their children so late in life. I don't want that and I don't want to be changing diapers at 43 either.

And as far as kids not moving out... that is true but you don't have to keep tabs on a 20 year old if they're living with you.

You'll be parents forever, regardless of when your children grow up. I know what you're saying, but it's a weird way to say it.

So because you don't want to take care of kids (what's the point in having them exactly then? So you can play dress up?), you'd rather not plan to take care of them properly first? You aren't finished with school (sorry, two paid off vehicles isn't exactly impressive if you have no income, I could have bought to $500 clunkers, they are paid off, but it doesn't mean I have oodles of cash for contingencies), you are newly married and plan on more before you're ready just so you don't have to take care of kids...

Makes a lot of sense there. What if the baby you have ends up having severe CP? Going to throw them away because you don't want to have to take care of your own kids later?

And you need more math classes if you think that you'll be taking care of small kids in your fifites if you waited a couple of years until you have a job with benefits and accrued time off. You realize that 25+18 only equals 43 right? Since when does not having kids NOW NOW NOW NOW, equal waiting 30 years?

I got pregnant with my first child at 19. I married shortly after. When my son was 8 months old my husband and I thought things were going so well that we would have another baby. 5 months into the pregnancy he grew distant and I discovered he was doing drugs shortly after our daughter was born. He lost his well paying union job as a plumber when she was 2 months old. That is when AI decided to leave him. 3 weeks latervI found out baby number 3 was on the way. Now I have a 1 yo 2 yo and a 4 yo I am now finishing up my prerequisites for nursingvschool. Currently my only income is government assistance and my exhusband is in prison. Its notveasy. Some days I wanna give up or curl up in a bball and cry. I love my children more than life its self but I would not wish this upon my worst enemies. I chose this path and its about the most difficult one too take. Its too late for Leah to choose a different road but I hope someone can learn from myvmistakes andvtake a different path. Life is not a fairy tale as I so naively thought at 19 years old. Hopefully Leah slows it down and realizes depending on a man, even your husband, to support you and your kids forever is NOT realsric these days. Idk how she had timevto date these men and marry so quickly I haven't had a date in 5 years and have no desire to at the point in life. I'm 23 there's plenty of time for that later. For all u girls who think Leah's life is realistic... its not.My life isvrealistic and it is in no way glamorous or fun. 3 kids small children are not easy by any means

Sorry for the typos. I have no computer and typing a post that long is difficult from a phone

Thank you for sharing your story, because it encapsulates both the first hand perspective of a mom in Leah's position but also evinces the concerns of the people criticizing her decision. Was an interesting read.

My sentence structure was shitty there. Oops.

Congratulations on continuing school! Nothing wrong with getting help as long as you are trying to better yourself and get off assistance. You were dealt a bad hand but seem to be dealing with it maturely.

Congrats on continuing school. I don't know you but I'm proud of you. You are doing exactly what I wish more women would understand they need to do. Not only do I have sooo many friends whose boyfriends/husbands left them with several kids, but I was with someone for 3 and a half amazing years, and he left me out of nowhere. We tried for a baby briefly once, and I'm so happy I didn't get pregnant. I was waiting to go to school until after he finished so I could go to school where he was stationed (military). If I got pregnant, he probably would have still left me, I wouldn't have any schooling done and I would be in the same position as so many mothers. I learned that you really need to take care of YOURSELF first. I never in a million years thought we would break up, he even had my engagement ring half way payed for. Go to school, and get a career. That way if someone leaves you, you can stand on your own two feet.

I appreciate the honesty, but that type of problem is what's plaguing the entire country really. I'm THRILLED you are getting education and that's a huge step but you are a rare exception and one would honestly think after the 2nd child, you might get on birth control, especially with the problems in the marriage during the 2nd one. No, you don't need my admonishments and yes, you deserve praise, because you are changing your life for the better. But in the meantime, we have to support at best one extra child, at worst 3 - and it's my wish instead of waiting for cautionary tales later (like yours) we stop making it out to be a grand thing. I know it's got to be difficult for you by far to take care of the kids, try to work on something better at the same time and hope things fall into place.

I don't believe in making women who go for education after their kids into heroes. KWIM? We should be making the ones who got the education first heroes and inspirations. It's nothing against you at all, what happened happened, what's done is done, but giving praise for having kids, taking government cash and THEN getting into a position to support them - when we make those people inspirations, it feels hollow like we are saying that it's "awesome" to take that road. I'm sure you can understand what I mean when I say it's not awesome by far - it's hard work.

If her fetus is a female, i would not be surprised if it is pregnant too.

Haha! Your comments are great, Conspiracy Man. On IBBB too!

Have my say-congrats to you for working hard to go to school. I'm a nurse and it's an excellent profession for a Mom. There is a lot of flexibility and no matter where you live you will always have a job. Right now with the economy you may not have your #1 choice of jobs but you will definitely be able to find something.

Also, thanks for providing some perspective. If Leah was in a stable relationship I think most posters would be going easier on her for having another baby so soon. This is a young woman who has jumped from one relationship to the next without taking much time to gain perspective. She clearly rushed into marriage with Corey and then this guy. I don't have an issue with her not working as much as her making impulsive decisions about marriage, procreating, etc. It's not an 18 year committment-as others have said it's for life. I'm 31 and still ask my Mom for advice and support.

I'm a Mom of two, working and finishing my Master's and it is the most challenging of all my responsibilities. Endless worrying and self-doubt, hoping and praying you are being the best parent you can be. I hope things stabilize for her and she focuses on her new family and attaining some stability for her kids and herself.

^^she dropped out of nursing school a couple weeks after it started- she said so on twitter

I don't know really what I think of this. I feel like she gets pregnant to keep a man or for attention. I kinda see that it might not be what I think it is about her life. It is tough to not be on the fence when I can say that I have been in almost her exact position. I got pregnant at 15, had my daughter at 16. Was going to marry her dad but he left us two weeks before the wedding. At 19, shortly after my daughters 3rd birthday I met someone. We got pregnant shortly after but miscarried. Got married a couple of months after that and have been happily married ever since. We just welcomed our son into the world just under 3 months ago. I am now 22, with 2 kids by 2 different men. I guess I see it both ways as I have been there but then having been there and knowing how tough it is I cant help but think she is moving fast and is doing it for the fame.

I feel like you're both stupid. Who marries and has a kid with someone they JUST met. Especially if you already have a child. You'd think idiot moms like that would want to actually get to know the man who is going to be around their children for longer than a few months before deciding to shack up and get knocked up again.

I think a lot of people would be cool with Leah being a SAHM with a bunch of kids early in life if she were trying to do it *well*. Like, with less cheez poofs and dust bunnies and more veggies and reading. I agree with a poster above, she doesn't seem the scholastic type, and goodness knows it is a better plan to develop an ambition *then* go to school instead of squander time you could have spent with your children on an education that may prepare you for a career you don't have the ambition to make the most of. However, what about taking the kids on educational outings? Cleaning the house? If you want to be a home maker, make a HOME.