Teen Mom 2 Drinking Game!

Chelsea Houska


The concept of a "Teen Mom 2" drinking game has been joked about among the TMJ community many times, especially this season! I think I've seen it mentioned at least once in the comments of every episode recap so far.

While you can find a few variations of Teen Mom 2 drinking games online, they are all a few years old and don't quite capture all the references and shenanigans that have happened since then.

I thought it'd be fun to make a new version for fans to enjoy with the current Teen Mom 2 season!

Check out the game below. If you've got any more that you think should be added to the list, please let me know in the comments. I'll add any and every great suggestion for this drinking game!

Get ready to play! The last person still standing by the end of the episode, wins! (Maci Bookout is excluded from playing, out of fairness to the other players).

Bottoms up :)


The Official Teen Mom 2 Drinking Game for TeenMomJunkies.com

Take one drink when:

  • Jenelle says "dude"
  • Someone mentions custody
  • Someone mentions divorce
  • Kail sees/mentions/talks to Sterling
  • Chelsea talks in her baby voice
  • Someone texts and drives
  • Leah uses improper grammar

Take two drinks when:

  • Leah denies using drugs
  • Adam breaks his visitation agreement
  • Jenelle gets mad about Jace calling Barbara "mom"
  • Nathan is drunk/drinking
  • Leah feeds her kids fast food or canned food
  • Kail cockblocks Jo's attempts to be a good father
  • Someone has a new pet

Finish your drinks when:

  • Jenelle says "leave me alone"
  • Leah says "girlses"
  • Someone gets arrested
  • Javi wears a Miley shirt and/or mentions Miley Cyrus

P.S. Since we're on the subject, go ahead and feel free to also make suggestions for a Teen Mom OG drinking game! We can plan ahead for the next season!


Okay there were TONS of great suggestions in the comments! You guys seriously rock.

I chose some of my favorites to add here as a bonus to play along with (I fear posting all of them because half of the TMJ community might be dead within the first twenty minutes tonight).

I highly recommend checking out the comments to see all the suggestions, and maybe you could pick your favorites and make your own custom version of the game to play along with!

Anyway, here are some contributions from the TMJ community:

  • Drink when Nathan wears his nipple exposing tank tops
  • Drink when Javi gets clingy
  • Drink every time Kaiser is lying unattended somewhere
  • Drink every time Jenelle asks Jace if he wants to live with her
  • Drink every time Chelsea or one of her friends says Adam's name in front of Aubree while talking shit
  • Drink every time a new best friend shows up that we've never, ever heard of or seen before
  • Drink every time Adam talks about how much he's changed
  • Drink when Leah says "Ah fill like..."
  • Finish your drink when Babs says "Oh hiiii, Jenelllle"

(credit goes to: I Lurk You Long Time, Nathan's Cop Car Dramatics, Rae, Jaces Ignored Tears, and Leah's "Prescriptions")

Oh and there were also a ton of great suggestions for a Teen Mom OG drinking game. Definitely going to use them for the official OG version when the new season starts!


Thank God they hardly show Chelsea otherwise we'd all die. I love her, but her sole method of verbal communication is baby talk.

Karl makes her signature Karl annoyed/disgusted face about Javi/Jo

My face!?

I have a feeling I'm going to need to do this Babs style and get the biggest box of Franzia I can find.

Drink when Nathan wears his nipple exposing tank tops
Drink when Nathan asks for his ring back
Drink when the girlses eat something out of a can, the freezer or something off the floor
Drink when Javi gets clingy
Drink when Kail fights back the urge to shake a head
Drink when Jo gets under Kails skin and smirks about it
Drink when Jurmy looks like he over Leah's shit

Its a good thing I don't drink, I'd be shit-faced by the first of the 576 commercial breaks.

Drink every time Kaiser is lying unattended somewhere
Drink every time Jenelle asks Jace if he wants to live with her
Drink every time Leah complains that Germy was "never there"
Drink every time Javi's sister is looking after the kids
Drink every time Randy and Chelsea talk about how Adam would never get custody

Finish your drink when Babs says "Oh hiiii, Jenelllle"

Speaking of the girlses eating off the floor...I've been considering for quite some time changing my user name to "Leah's Roomba babies"

I think it's time that I do that.

oh i love that you used the picture of jenelle "partying at the bar the same day of my miscarriage"

Ha. Yep, I was waiting for somebody to mention that!

Bahahaha! I just had my 21st birthday a month ago so I can legally do this!

Em, please don't!

Oh man! I wish you could live stream MTV and I could join in. Even if it was the middle of the day on Friday here in Australia! It would be so fun. Not to mention a great way to get pissed quickly. With all those "have a drink when...."you may as well just stick an IV in and be done with it! Hahahaha

Drink every time Ali misses therapy

And when Aleeah is hunting, petting or asking for a cat.

This is brilliant. I am so happy.

As for OG:
- Drink every time C&T talk about how far they've come
- Finish your drink every time Maci says "I'm done"
- drink every time Farrah can't deal with her parents
- 2 drinks every time Sophia's doing her own thing
- Drink everytime Amber talks about her sobriety
- Finish your drink anytime Matt/Amber do any touchy feely PDA.

Drink every time Debra calls Sophia "Baby Goo" or tells her that the children's craft product she's using will seriously harm her / cause her skin to peel off



ughhhh. I don't know whose baby talk is worse Chelsea or eyebags. I feel like punching my computer screen when I watch Teen Mom

I would also suggest to drink every time there's a shot of Amber on the couch.... but we'd all be in the ER with alcohol poisoning

Yes please no Amber couch sitting!

No Catelynn couch sitting either. We can't kill off the TMJ community!

Drink every time someone mentions Carly...
We'd be dead.

Drink every time Farrah rolls her eyes.

Drink anytime Amber mentions having been in gel
Drink anytime Ryan is sleeping during Bentleys visitation
Drink anytime Tyler checks his IG likes
Drink whenever Maci does (or not, cause you'd die)

This makes me wish I had cable even more :( I would love to participate!

Kind of a lose-lose...you have to pay for cable AND the ER bill for inevitable alcohol poisoning.

Lmao I'm a long time lurker and your comments always got me cracking up!

For OG:
Drink when T passive aggressively tells C she's fat
Drink when MTV edits out a cigarette and it looks like everyone stands outside in the cold for shits and giggles
Drink everytime Maci lines her lips like its 1999
Drink when Matt gives the creepy vibe
Drink when Farrah pressures a man into marriage
Drink when Debra's face is shiny
Drink everytime Amber sleeps in till noon

For both shows everyone finish their drinks when someone moves.

LOL @ the last one!

I feel like with the second one that applies to both shows too!

Great suggestions overall =D

Andrea I think our profile pictures complement each other perfectly

i was just watching the first or second episode of teen mom 2 and corey just randomly asks leah if she 'wants to go outside' and then they have the same convo outside lol i was like HMMMMMMMMMMMM i wonder why they are doing this

Drink one sip for every attempt at getting out of a couch, chair or into/out of a car Gary makes.

Omg rotfl!!!!

OG Game:

Drink whenever Amber talks about being sober
Two shots whenever Amber talks about how she was in gel
Finish the whole thing when Gary dicks Amber over or uses Leah as a pawn
Three shots when Tyler makes a snide remark about Brandon and Teresa, or talks about how Carly is still his kid
Drink whenever Tyler says that he wishes Carly could call him Dad
Drink whenever Catelynn and Tyler talk about how they won't compare Nova to Carly
Drink whenever Maci bitches about being unable to booze it up
Drink whenever Bentley acts like a brat
Drink whenever Larry and Jen call Ryan out
Bonus shots if they don't realize they're fucking Bentley up the same way

That's all I got for now. I'm not used to drinking games, obviously.

Drink whenever Chelsea mentions alcohol (though that hasn't really happened much this season but just watch the last season over again)

Also I don't get the "finish your drink when" part since you'd probably deplete your alcohol supply halfway through the episode.

And this game still works for us non-drinkers. See who can last the longest without running to the bathroom because our stomachs will be full of liquid before the first commercial break!

This will certainly help me hydrate better...I might have to go watch some reruns.

I'm already playing a Cutthroat Kitchen drinking game which is pretty great, as soon as this episode is over I'll put on Teen Mom 2 and try this game!!


Did you survive the night?

I did, probably only because I ran out of wine

In the essence of Queen Babs, make sure you're nice and stocked up with wine for next time!

I love cutthroat kitchen! Husband and I watch it ALL the time! :D

Also, I want the 6 boxes of wine...including the black kitty cat!

This is amazing...however I feel bad for everyone's livers I dont think they'll be able to recover after just one episode...Dialysis anyone?

I'm only two scenes into the latest episode and I've already drank like 5 times on top of finishing my drink for Jenelle telling Nathan to leave her alone

Him mocking that line is my favorite Nathan moment ever. I think my favorite Jenelle moment is when she was pregnant and said Once we have the baby it'll be better because we won't have time to fight


Well, I for one will be very much looking forward to the comments section this week...

Me too! This is going to be great!

I'm going to drink myself to death from Jenelle saying "dude" alone


Drink every time Catelynn and Tyler eat pizza or Subway.

Drink every time you see April's forehead.

Drink every timer Catelynn or Tyler mention "when Carly is older."

Drink every time someone calls anyone else "babe."

Drink every time Sophia looks like a demon hurricane.

Drink every time Farrah says "Michael."

Drink every time Maci decides she and Ryan need to discuss something.

Drink every time Rhine yawns.

Drink every time Gary manipulates the women in his life.

Drink every time Amber yells, "COME IN" instead of getting off her ass and opening the door to her house.

Drink every time Amber or Maci refuse to film.

Drink every time Amber claps when angry. Same goes for Nathan on TM2.


Drink every time Jenelle mentions anything regarding "when I get Jace back."

Drink every time one of Leah's children is with family members or babysitters that aren't Corey or Miranda.

Drink every time Leah slurs her words.

Drink every time Chelsea is shown with her hair in a rats nest covered in wraps/headbands but her makeup is flawless.

Drink every time Chelsea calls her father to discuss lawyer issues.

Drink every time Chelsea or one of her friends says Adam's name in front of Aubree while talking shit.

Drink every time one of the kids looks directly at the camera.

Drink every time Leah mentions "allegations."

Drink every time someone is confused about how 50/50 custody works or asks why Corey wants the kids on the days he works the exact same hours they're in school.

Drink every time Jace calls Babs "Mom" and doesn't have to correct himself.

Drink every time Nathan says something oddly reasonable and insulting to Jenelle while being oblivious to the fact that it also applies to him.

Drink every time a new best friend shows up that we've never, ever heard of or seen before.

Drink every time someone mentions they've changed.

Drink every time Leah looks homeless.

Drink every time Jenelle mentions school.

Drink every time Nathan or Kail act like shady bitches who have something to hide.

Drink every time someone doesn't wear their seat belt or properly secure a child. Overly securing a child with the weight of trash from the back of the SUV counts as not properly securing.

Put a straw in and suck for the entire episode! That's what you've done with those Rae! Hahahaha

Drink whenever Leah is 'taking a break'
Drink every time Adam talks about how much he's changed
Drink every time Jenelle storms out of somewhere (i.e. Bab's driveway, her house)
Finish your drink every time Kail is filing paperwork in courts to change Jo's visitation in some way

Teen Mom OG:
Drink every time Tyler talks about his "career goals"
Drink every time Macy talks about her never ending associates degree & how or why she's too busy to get it
Drink every time Amber mentions her anxiety
Drink every time Farrah is on a business trip

Drink every time Janelle calls Jace "my son" instead of his name

Also acceptable: "My child"

Drink every time somebody discusses their custody issues where their children can obviously hear.

Omg your avatar!

I concur! Nice choice!

Um, yeah. It really pisses me off when they are talking about that crap in front of their kids. It made me LIVID when Leah and Cory were arguing on the phone last week and she said "Shut the fuck up you stupid piece of shit" or whatever, right in front of the girlses. :'(

I'll be hospitalized halfway through the episode!

Drink every time any of the "moms" are all dolled up and their kids look like a mess. (rat nest hair, season inappropriate clothing etc.)

LOL that's a great one!

I'll see you all in the emergency room with alcohol poisoning! Hospitals around the world will be filled to capacity! Goodbye, liver!

I'm on call this week, so keep your shenanigans to a minimum UK TMJers!


Drink when someone moves
Drink when someone gets a new car
Drink when Leah says "Ah fill like..."
Drink when someone doesn't understand the concept of Corey wanting 50/50 custody
Drink when Jenelle has her boyfriend du jour arrested for assaulting her
Drink when Jenelle gets arrested

You'll need to buy in big with those rules.

A rule to go by when you want to stay sober:
Drink everytime you see a clean and cleaned up house at Leah's or Jenelle's place.
Amber's too when you're watching older episodes.

Drink to Babs good health whenever Babs uses the words 'ya booyfriend'.
Finish your drink whenever a new train has used STD central (aka Leah).
Finish enough drinks so you won't be able to get up and bang your head against a wall when Jenelle, Leah, Amber, Farah, Kaylin or TM of choice is pregnant again.
Same rule when Adam, Gary or Nathan have put another bun in an oven.

Oooooh! I wanna play! Too bad I'm not allowed to have booze. Damn chemo. Maybe next year!

Btw, has anyone heard anything from 'Maci's Associates Degree'? I know she survived her transplant, but I wonder how she's doing afterward. Anybody know?

No! I think about her once in a while, though...Maci's, if you're lurking, let us know how you are! And, a nonny moose, so sorry to hear about the chemo. Hoping you're on the mend and joining us in a TM drinking game very, very soon.

Thanks Eye Bags. To be clear, it's for an autoimmune disease, not cancer or anything like that. Severe, but not life-threatening. I'm on an 18-month course, and it makes me feel like shit on dose days, but I'm still able to function pretty well and it seems to be helping! Hopefully when I'm done, I'll stay in remission and be able to booze it up with you guys!

Drink every time Nathan is dressed in business attire.

Drink every time Nathan makes up a business venture

Drink every time Leah says "like". I'm going to miss you all so much! :'(

Ditto for Farrah!

Drink every time Kail bitches at Javi for "ruining her time"

Deer God I already need to have a breathy installed on my ipad following last weeks drunken comments. I probably should go ahead and call out of work tomorrow while I am at it.


Tomorrow we'll all be calling off. Hangover city, yo!

Remember how everyone joked yesterday about the Ashley Maddison leak and how divorce lawyers will be having a field day? Yep the ER will be getting some big bucks with all these IV bags tonight TMJ! ?

Welp, with Josh McDoucher's leaks, I don't think anyone can get better than him!!!!

Oh wow, with friends like that watching your children, you don't need enemies to put them in a hospital.

If Leah truely loved her girls then she'd have them with Corey until she sorted everything out and then they'd have 50/50. Sorry but wanting more custody than the other arent is selfish "love", not true sacrificial love. Karma's catching her for now!

Uuuugh...addy's car seat straps. C'mon Leah..get your shit together.

It was so sweet when Ali kissed Addy on the head..my heart exploded <3 She is such a doll.

If I followed just the one drink rules, I'm pretty sure I'd be dead 20 min in! And the "kail cockblocking jo" comment made me giggle snort!

Did anyone see Jenelle just got arrested for hitting nathan's girlfriend with a glass?! Lol it's on tmz


That's got to be good for a whole drink right there!!! But she's CHANGED, lol!

I like how she's been arrested between this show airing and the reunion but she's still playing up the "stable" edit. I wonder if we're gonna see her getting arrested for DV against Nathan?

@Wings: Yeah, she had to wait for MTV to turn up before she could turn herself in so I'm sure they'll show it.

On a positive: at least now she really has absolutely zero chance of getting Jace back. If she's even still pursuing it.

Omg 16 mugshots! She's batshit. I just want to know why Nathan expected that Jenelle wouldn't snap when she saw his new girlfriend.
Her rep spoke to The Ashley. Very biased (of course.)

But where is baby Kaiser in all of this???

Watching porn with Granny Doris.

oh man I can't wait to see this mug shot. Can we work Jenelle getting arrested into this drinking game somehow? ideas please!

I think Kaiser (roll) spends 99% of his time with his grandma pornography. Also Jenelle is more disturbed than I thought if she thinks she'll get a job in the medical field.

"Law enforcement tells us Evans' ex-fiance Nathan Griffith showed up at her South Carolina home to get his belongings. He brought along a new girlfriend, which didn't sit well with Jenelle. We're told Jenelle came charging out of the house and threw a glass at the girl, striking her in the head."

Some thoughts:
1. I'm honestly surprised this didn't happen in a bar when Jenelle "bumped into" (i.e stalked) Nathan and his new girl
2. As much as I hate Jenelle, Nathan clearly did this to piss her off. I don't blame him for bringing someone with him so she can't claim DV on him again, but this really looks petty and dumb
3. I feel like this shitshow is just beginning, more drama to come
4. #prayforkaiser

Hello, I'm new here...

Anytime Kail tells Javi he's "ruining her time"

everyone finish your drinks- jenelles been arrested again!

Love all the ideas for the drinking game! But...My liver would NOT survive this.

In other news...
OMG Jenelle is arrested again! Who called mugshot in less than 6 months after the last one?
Also it is so funny that the episode with Nathan getting arrested is PERFECTLY TIMED.
Poor Babs though. And poor kids.

Time to take bets on whether or not Jenelle will be :-) or :-| in the mugshot. She likes to throw in a :-) every now and then to spice things up.

i'm guessing she's gonna have a "meh" look in her newest mugshot.

I'll place 1 shot on a frown and 2 on a smile. 3 shots if it's a smug smile aka MTV will get me out of this.

I don't think there will be a smug face. She's being held in custody, so I guess it is pretty serious? 3rd degree assault?

3rd degree assault isn't that serious, only a misdemeanor. It starts at 1st degree and goes down to 3rd. I think 3rd is the least you can be charged with, there is no 4th. But don't quote me on that.

Thanks for telling me that Luggage! I am not from US so I have no clue. Other than throwing glass at someone is not cool.

I read on twitter that she's only being held in custody because she missed the arraignment time, not because her charge is super serious.

I know this is the wrong place to put this comment but I figured I put it with last weeks show it wouldn't get a reply.

Sorry I must have hit enter on accident and can't figure out how to edit the comment above this one.
So I'm in the military and was deployed when all the stuff was coming out about Leah doing drugs and Corey taking her to court for custody. I just got back to the states a few days ago and see that she still custody. I know that I missed a ton of stuff but was it just a bunch of rumors that weren't true or is the court case still pending Thanks for any responses and sorry about the post above.

The case you talk about was shown at the beginning of this season of Teen Mom 2 and Corey didn't get custody, just an extra day ( I think) and Leah got ordered drug tests. She passed the test because it was for illegal drugs, not for prescription pills she's abusing. All in all, she still has custody but then she went to rehab and Corey is going for 50/50 custody but it has not been resolved yet. Now Leah supposedly lives already with her new boyfriend and his two sons along with her girls. Miranda and Corey are waiting for their baby and trying for the custody of the girls.

I hope I summarized it alright :)

It's a more hardcore version but we can all take a page from Janelle's book and hit a bong whenever Kieffer shows up.

Only if it's a homemade bong that causes lung disease.

Only if I can play ;)

Wow a lot of stuff has happened since I last watched the show! Thank you very much for getting me caught up!

You're welcome :) If you have time, look through older articles on the site, before recaps for this season - I guess after you read them , you will be updated about the other girls too :)

Janelle JUST got arrested for nailing Nathan's new girlfriend in the head with a glass. Nathan went to the home to get his stuff and Janelle lost her shit.

But in all reality wouldn't you loose your shit in her situation?

Dear God I just stuck up for Janelle.
Obviously I've started the drinking game early.

Lose shit? sure. But I wouldn't throw a glass at someone. I guess I am not that dramatic. :/ In all seriousness though, violence in any form is not a good way to go! You can yell, you can shout, but that wasn't a good reaction from her. Nathan is an asshole but that just should give her more reasons to act better than he is.

All I have to say is It a. really crappy sit-up all for kailser and jace. We all joke about these girls but most of these kids are gonna be so screwed up :/

I'd be super upset but in all reality you don't "loose your shit" and throw a glass at someone... because you have a children to take care of. However, Jenelle lacks maternal instinct/common sense etc. so of course she cannot control herself.

shit, i need to change my name!

I want to play but I found out I was pregnant!!! I can join the snarky mom club in December! I've been lurking in between work, family stuff and getting ready for school again and this jenelle assault is the highlight of my day. I love it.

Congrats! Hope you have an uneventful 9 months :)

Congrats! I just had my first in May. It's an adjustment but it's awesome. It's nothing like "being in prison" ;) You'll find yourself even more interested in these rectal jesters once you've got your own kid. It's so validating to look at my daughter and go "...at least you have a bouncer, and not a pot!"

OMG did anyone notice the close up of Leah's yellow/brown fingernails and fingers from chain-smoking in the sneak peak when she's on the phone with her friend?? I love how MTV purposely filmed a close up of them. Homegirl is a mess!

I didn't get to watch the episode live (BB feeds and all), but I did play the drinking game. I don't drink alcohol so I drank tea instead. I just want to say a huge thank you to Andrea, I got caffeine poisoning and I am sending you the hospital bill. I kid, of course. But really, this sh¡t could really send someone to the hospital, or their grave.

Ooh I got one! Drink whenever Chelsea adds "-uh" to any word.

3 drinks when Leah wears the shirt in my profile picture.
4 drinks when someone has a new car.
5 drinks when Leah is stressed out and someone is watching the girlses.