catelynn lowell

Tattoos. A lot of us have them. Well, I don't, but I know a lot of other people do.

I want one, but I'm afraid with my ADHD, I would lose interest in it really quickly.

Call me crazy, but that's how my thought process goes. Anyway, a lot of the Teen Moms and Dads have them and they proudly put them on display for the world to see.

I have compiled pictures of most of them so we can see them all in one place.

Tattoopalooza after the jump:


1. Maci Bookout:

2. Catelynn Lowell:

3. Who can forget the infamous Amber Portwood tattoo:

4. Ryan Edwards:

5. Tyler Baltierra:

6. Gary Shirley:


1. Kailyn Lowry:

2. Jenelle Evans:

3. Leah Messer:

4. Corey Simms:

Photo Credits:
Catelynn Lowell's Official Fan Page (with special thanks to Admin. Julie)
Leah Messer's Official Fan Page
Jenelle Evans Official Fan Page
All The Teen Moms


kails one says "pride over pity"

Kailyn Lowry's first tattoo looks like it says "Pride over pity".

Kailyns is pride over pity i believe

Thank you all! I fixed it! :)

I feel like I've seen another of Jenelle Evans that was on her wrist saying Jace on one wrist and his middle name on the other (I forget what it was)

I'll check on it! Thanks! I'll be adding to this post if I find any more. :)

Vahn is on the other wrist

I added the wrist tats! Thanks for the heads up! :)

The one of maci's that is under her left breast is learn to feel. It goes from her under her breast to her back onto that page.

Thank you! I'll change it. :)

thank you for the ryan pictures!! :D i didn't realise maci had so many... the 'bookout' one is a bit much. and it looks like one of the title bills from 'teen mom' for some reason!

lol you're right! It does look like that. :)

Pretty sure Catelynn's is actually her zodiac sign...not "two dolphins"

That would make more sense lol. I looked it up...Pisces! Thanks. :)

no prob!

I should note, that I'm pretty sure their fish too, not dolphins :)

What kind of font did Catelynn use for Carly on the footprint tattoo?

the j on the back of the neck does not look at all like a j.

I think Maci's tatt of the page on her back is for her love for writing and the name has the cupcakes for her, her brother and mother. Thats what she said anyway, not to long ago.

When I look at these, I just hear the words "future regret" over and over. Things you think are cool when you're 18 or whatever are rarely still cool to you when you're 30.

jenelle also has yolo on her chest an a lock on one are a key on the other and a cherry blossom branch on her back and kail has a giant back piece and the infinite sign on her wrist

I think all the teen mom 2 cast (moms) got matching heart tattoos, when they were in LA filming the season finally... Look into it?