Teen Mom 2: Season 5 Episode 6 Recap

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Jenelle sits down with her friend Tori and explains that she had a positive pregnancy test. She's a little confused because she just had an abortion, and she doesn't know if it's for sure her body being pregnant with Nathan's child, or if she's still pregnant with Courtland's child. Jenelle and Nathan go to the doctor and have an ultrasound, where they find out that Jenelle isn't pregnant, and that her hormones are still messed up due to the abortion. Jenelle and Nathan seem kind of upset about not being pregnant, but they promise that they're still going to try to have another baby together.

Later, they go to Barbara's house and fill her in on the events of the day. Barbara is happy that the two aren't having a baby because she doesn't think it's the right time for Jenelle.

She mentions that Jenelle doesn't have custody of Jace and that she's still getting her life on track from the heroin addiction. Jenelle is still facing possible jail time at this point.


Leah gets a call from Jeremy saying that he passed out while at work. Leah is really concerned, and Jeremy has to come home to rest for a week instead of work. Leah makes him a doctor's appointment, and the two get into a fight on the way there. You can tell they're both really emotional and stressed at this point.

At the doctor's appointment, they can't find anything that's really wrong with Jeremy. The doctor assumes that Jeremy is simply stressed out about life, and Leah understands where that diagnosis is coming from.

Later, Leah goes out with some friends while Jeremy's mom watches the girls.

She talks to her friends about Jeremy passing out, and they remind her that if she doesn't put herself first some times, she's going to end up in the same situation as Jeremy is.

We didn't see anything from Corey or Miranda this week, but we'll see more of them next week when Leah discusses putting Ali into preschool.


Aubree has her 4th birthday party during this episode, and we learn that Adam had his second child. Chelsea and her friends are working hard to put together the decorations for Aubree's birthday party, and Adam sends Chelsea a text message to see if it's fine for him to stop by and see Aubree on her birthday. (He remembered this time!) Chelsea agrees and about an hour later Adam is there with a present for Aubree.

It's super awkward any time he's around this season, and there's this strange tension between the Chelsea and Adam the whole time he's there.

Aubree has her actual party that weekend, complete with a blow up castle and a giant cake.

It looks like next week we'll get to see Adam's second child, and it'll definitely be a treat to see how Aubree reacts to the new baby.


Kail and Javi have moved to Delaware, and the court date for Kail and Jo's custody situation is coming up really quickly. Jo and his lawyer have requested that he gets Isaac for 10 over night stays a month. At that time, he was getting 8 days a month, so Kailyn goes to his house to try and mediate without the courts and offers 9 days a month.

Kailyn says that this works best for Isaac because of his preschool schedule. Apparently Isaac goes to school Monday through Thursday, and it would be silly for her to pay the tuition for the whole week if he was only going on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Jo doesn't like that idea, but when they go to court, the two end up agreeing on 9 days a month, and the judge signs off on it.

Neither of them get exactly what they want from court, but at least for once they agreed on something.


I hate how Kail acts like the two hour move isn't a big deal. It's a big deal to Isaac who has to miss days of preschool and travel 4 hours (2 each way) every weekend!

It also irks me to no end how she justifies it by saying Jo moved first. Yes, he did, but he drove back to Pennsylvania every weekend to stay at his parents so absolutely nothing changed for Isaac OR Kailyn.

I also can't stand when Javi chimes in about it. Let Kail move Lincoln two hours away to be a part of a different family and we'll see how much he likes it when it's his son.

End of rant. :)

Yes! Kail is such a hypocrite! She's driving in her expensive Tahoe and complaining about not wanting to pay for preschool. Guess what Kail? When you have a kid you're going to have to pay for things, and it's not Jo's fault that she moved so far away. She can't blame Jo b/c she doesn't want to pay for the preschool. Jo pays child support, so he's also paying for the preschool anyway.

I roll my eyes every time I see her driving that expensive Tahoe! They also have a Suburban! Why did they need those new, huuuge SUVS?!! There's only four of them, and even if they plan to have more kids, those two SUVS are still ridiculous. This was the girl who made a online wishlist and had "fans" send her wedding gifts. I bet the trucks cost 1 or 2 seasons of her Teen mom money. Your MTV gravy train is coming to an end soon Kailyn, better learn to budget!!

Yes, it's so frustrating. There's absolutely no need for her to have that & then complain because she doesn't have money or can't afford something.

Don't forget they drive a Mercedes also!

I'm sure having those big-ass dogs "justified" buying the SUVs, at least in Kail and Javi's minds. Now with all that driving Kail will get to perform thanks to moving to DE, they'll be pissing away gasoline like you can't imagine. Must be nice to have money...

Shut up!! Did she really do that?! That just makes me dislike kailyn more! Selifish entitled B!

In reference to kailyn getting wedding gifts from fans.

Didn't the wedding gift wish list turn out to be a fan trying to cash in? Or did she make a legit one as well?

While I agree the 2 SUVS are a shit ton of money (We have an '08 Suburban and paid a little over 60k for it in '08) they are awesome family vehicles. I couldn't imagine anything else.

@MOI- Someone in Georgia made a fake wishlist pretending to be Kail but Kail also had a real one as well, and posted the link on her twitter.

I. Hate. Kail. I'm not even sorry about it. Did you see how she tried to use the military to protect her? "Oh, I just can't see a judge telling me that both of my children have to be without their fathers because I married someone in the military." Or how she is telling her lawyer that Jo is calling her "petty" and then immediately turning around and complaining to her lawyer that Jo is wearing jeans to court. Oh, hi there, irony. Nice to see you.

Also, shut the fuck up, Kail. This isn't kindergarten.

These are KAIL'S decisions. The court doesn't give a flying shit that Kail decided to have another child with another man. It's not about that. That is not the reason they are in court. It's not Jo's problem that Javi knocked up Kail without either one of them thinking about where he would be stationed. Instead, it's about Jo and Kail seeing Isaac. That they have both made bone-headed decisions to ignore an agreement that they settled on is their problem. Courts don't care. They don't have the time or the money to rub Kail's back and give her butterfly kisses.

Kail and Jo will both be in for a rude awakening if this leads to an all out custody battle. They both back down once they are in court, but, trust me, all it is going to take is for some fed up judge to realize that agreements keep being broken and he will send that crap off to a trial.

From my understanding, Isaac will miss an average of 5 days of preschool a month. He is also going to be spending about 12-16 hours on the road each month depending on how many times they switch. Poor kid.

Kail was wearing sandals to court lol stay classy Kail

Maybe her feet were just swollen because she's PREGNANT and has a FAMILY with her MILITARY HUSBAND!! (I can use buzz words, too, Kail.)

Lol I thought the same thing! Here she's making a jab at what Jo is wearing but she's in open toe sandals! I worked at the court house for two years and open toe sandals are not appropriate. I will give her a pass because she's majorly pregnant but it irked me because of her jab at Jo first.

Not trying to defend Kail, b/c I can't stand her either, but she wasn't talking about Joe with the jeans and tennis shoes comment... Joe actually was dressed up.

I'm wondering if they cut the scene. I too thought that maybe she wasn't talking about Jo because from the back angle it looks like he is wearing slacks, but when you see him walk out with his lawyer, he is definitely wearing jeans.

I'm thinking there was an editing error as well. The bonus clip on MTV.com shows them going to court but Kail is wearing a cream colored top and yellow pants. Jo's wearing a light brown button down shirt, tie, and slacks. Completely different outfits from the court appearance we saw in this episode.

She looks more and more disturbing with each episode. No clue why she insists on being an entitled brat AND wear moo moos.

I'm just glad to know the braces are finally off so we can stop watching her suck food remnants out of her braces while talking. For some reason, I just can't stand her bottom lip hanging open when she's not speaking because she NEVER smiles and then her maneuvering her fish lips around to suck all the excess doritos or whatever the hell she eats in the car on the way to and from Delaware. You're a dental assistant! Invest in braces floss so you can use that instead of trying to make out with your own mouth mid sentence. Yuck.

She does leave her mouth open. This episode annoyed me more I was like "kailyn close your mouth, kailyn close your mouth, kailyn close your mouth.... *sigh* she didn't close her mouth"

I hate how Kail kept shrieking "Joe called me petty!!!". Dude, he called the situation petty, chill the fuck out. Makes me wonder what else she twists around to get sympathy or make someone else look like the bad guy.

"Jo won't let me in his house! Even if I have to use the bathroom because I'm PREGNANT and dropping off MY son who I should already have every night of the year because Jo never bathes him, I have to go in through the garage. Why is he trying to make my urination experiences miserable? He must be jealous because I have a family now and he still wants me. Watch, I'll ask the four year old some leading questions and only accept answers that help me prove my point! I'm too pregnant for this! Jo's hatred is going to make me go into labor waahh wahh wahh."

She calls Joe petty, but she is the one who got mad because V was in the car when Joe picked Issac up, attacked Joe, called the police and said Joe hit her, and went to court so no boyfriends or girlfriends could be in the car when Issac was dropped off. She also got mad and walked off the stage because she didn't like how Dr Drew called her out on her hatred for V.

And when kail was sayin "o can he just wear sneakers to court " Why are u worried about it bitch! And her sayin i dont wanta lose time with MY kid...its Jo's kid too, get over yourself kail!

I guess she didn't look in the mirror to see how she was dressed the last two court dates. Kail is saying she doesn't want to lose time with Isaac when she already has him most of the time easy solution don't work and keep him home with you.

But Jo doesn't count as his father because she found a NEW dad for him and doesn't give a shit how much time Jo spends with Isaac. Because SHE clips his nails and gets him haircuts. True mark of the suffering mother. It pisses me off to no end how she acts like Jo's being greedy for wanting more time with his son because "NORMAL" dads don't get equal custody with the Mom's. What a sanctimonious bitch.

How about the comment about how she 'bathes' Isaac?? So what she's saying is that Joe just leaves him all dirty and scrubby?? Yeah, highly doubt it. I'm sure he does the SAME things for Isaac that she does. Plus if she has him more, then I guess I don't see the big deal that she has to 'clip his nails.' Good lord. She drives me up the wall!

Laughing so hard at the comment about cutting his nails etc. Right Tiff yea? without Kail Issac's nails would be like wolverine, he would never bathe. She does the little things you guys!!! I do think she is a good mom but I think Jo is a good dad too, she acts like she's the better parent and she's not....Javi and Kail do NOT plan things out very well. Who cares if Jo is living at his parents, at least him and Vee are taking it slow, not having a shot gun wedding, getting pregnant before knowing where they're gonna be stationed, not buying a house not knowing if they'll stay there. Good thing she got her way or wtvr with the judge otherwise she'd be a burden to Javi's parents. good planning kail....

i rewatched this last night. it definitely wasnt about jo. the way they edited it looked like it but they didnt arrive at the same time, so she hadnt even seen him yet.

Guys do you need an hug? :) So much hate going on here! First kail and Jo are 2h apart not 4h!!! Second you are all basically saying it's better that both Isaac and Lincoln don't see their fathers than Javi being there for the both of them!
This is best solution for everyone Isaac still sees Jo and when Jo isn't around Javi is there for him...!
So chill and feel the love! LoL

If they live 2 hours away from each other, then it's 4 hours round trip.

It's kailyns attitude and hate that brings out more hate. No one said 4 hours away

Um, no.

We are saying what every single courthouse will tell Kail. Kail cares that Javi is not seeing Lincoln. But, Kail cannot ever move too far from Jo, unless she leaves Isaac with him. So when Kail is crying that the courts shouldn't make her pay two times the rent - one for Javi and one for herself - she is completely neglecting the fact that she put herself into this situation.

The courts care about Isaac and how custody is split between Jo and Kail. Kail crying that boo-hoo Lincoln will not see his father thus Jo shouldn't get anymore time and Kail should be allowed to move to another state is not a relevant argument. Javi and Lincoln do not matter in the equation of custody for Isaac.

Trust me - this is not about Kail moving to Delaware. This is about making sure that a precedent is not set the next time Javi is stationed elsewhere.

By the way, Jo breaking the agreement and moving to Jersey was stupid. However, Jo also does not have primary custody. That is why the judge went down Kail's throat for moving. She has primary custody of Isaac and she cannot make a move that would put an undue burden on Jo. This particular move may not be a problem, but moves in the future could be. Also, Kail is an idiot to violate these orders and use Jo violating as an excuse. It's not.

If Kail cared about anything and anyone other than what SHE wants RIGHT NOW, she would have waited to get a court ruling to move. She put the entire situation in jeopardy because SHE wanted to move to Delaware and didn't give a shit what anyone else thought or how it would affect Isaac OR how she looked to the court. All she focused on was the fact that she's pregnant, married and her husband is in the military and the judge would OBVIOUSLY side with her because SHE has a family now. Ugh.

yeah i misread that sorry about the 4h thing!
Sharp law isn't black and white, and it's not unlikely that a judge will allow Isaac to move because the life with his stepdad and brother is a source of stability for him! Plus in all this as a judge you have to take into account Lincoln and his relationship with his dad, as I already said it's better for both kids to have him than neither of them to have him!
Jo'll probably see Isaac for holidays..so let's hope Javi won't get stationed somewhere far away!!
Right now is the best situation possible for all parties involved, Linc has his dad and Isaac has his dad and stepdad that's way I don't get all the hate!

I recognize the law is not black and white. However, I have dealt with family courts through several custody cases and they may not to take Kail's current situation into account.

Kail can bring up Lincoln all she wants. It IS relevant to her life, but it is absolutely NOT relevant to the custody situation as a whole. I understand from a perspective of Kail, this situation is best because Lincoln is with his father and Isaac splits time with Jo. But, again, Lincoln's situation does NOT matter to the custody of Isaac in the view of the court. The court is looking at the custody of Isaac only.

Now, obviously, maybe Kail will get a sympathetic judge. But, she may not. If this goes into an all out custody battle, psychologists will probably be brought in. They very well may say that Jo has played a major role in Isaac's life and Isaac should not be taken away from him.

Consider this: Javi is stationed somewhere hours away from Delaware (in another state):

- If Kail leaves, Lincoln gets to be with Javi. However, Isaac either has to stay with Jo or go with Kail. The parent left out would probably get Isaac during the summer time (custody being about 75%, 25%).

- If Kail stays, Lincoln is away from Javi, but Isaac still splits time with Jo.

THAT is why there is hate. Either way, it is unfair. The courts cannot fully rectify this situation. But this isn't Jo's fault. It isn't Isaac's fault. It's not the court's fault. It's on Kail. She made adult decisions. She continues to use poor logic and judgment and then cry when crap does not go her way.

Here is something else to consider: if Kail starts game playing and Jo goes balls to the wall on custody, MTV capturing Kail in hulk mode is NOT going to look good on Kail. She is going to look like a friggin' idiot slamming Javi's head into a wall one second and then crying about "waahhh Jo broke the custody agreement so I'm going to break it too." This is exactly how Kail will have to split joint custody with Jo and then her chances of being allowed to follow Javi will have diminished further.

Why do they have to pay rent for Javi? Maybe I'm completely ignorant on the subject, but I don't remember my ex having to pay rent when on base. He was in the Marines, so I guess it could be different?

Hgirl they have to pay rent for Javi because they are already getting a housing allowance (BAH) from the government for his family. If he was living in the barracks that's giving him shelter (or $ for hshelter twice). However if they have room in the barracks they will allow them to stay most of the time it all depends on the base and living situations. My husband lived in the barracks when I lived at home for 6 months (was in school) and since they had room it wasn't an issue and we still got our housing allowance.

Oh hi kail

omg you totally got me i'm kail!! (sarcasm intended)
Ps: next time try to be a little bit more original April!! ;)

I really, don't understand why there is so much drama about this? Jo gets more time than what he had with Isaac so he wins, Kail gets to move to be with her husband and new child as a family so she wins. Really I do not see a loser here, they both got part of what they wanted, it's compromising, like grown ups. Kail really shouldn't have to be glued to a town where Jo doesn't even live, that confused me a lot, like he doesn't even live there? I get the grandparents and it's great that Issac gets to see them too because they are a major part of his life now. But so is Javi and his baby brother. And those who say Javi and Lincoln shouldn't be taken into the equation for jo and kail custody of isaac then neither should jos parents. So that cancels them out so why the heck should Kailyn stay in a state where Jo doesn't even live? Should she follow him wherever he moves, should he have never moved, what? Because if we aren't counting Javi and lincoln we shouldnt count the grandparents either.

It was never about the grandparents. There are two things I'm assuming are happening:

1. Kail and Jo have what appears to be a mediated agreement whereby Kail is granted primary custody, that is, she has Isaac a majority of the time. The agreement in place protects Jo from Kail ever leaving too far to the point where he cannot see Isaac. This agreement was drafted when both were in PA and they both agreed to remain in the state (typical of many custody agreements). One reason for not leaving the state, even when it is just across state lines, is to prevent question of which state law to follow - it gets murky when multiple states are involved. Plus, you do not want a parent to leave and not be able to call them back to a state (state jurisdiction transfers are expensive and custody is hardly a priority). The reason the agreement is tied to PA is because that is where the custody arrangement was initially made and where both parties lived at the time. Kail made the decision to move thereby breaking the agreement. Yes, Jo broke it too, but two wrongs do not make a right. Plus, Kail has primary custody and any moves that appear like she is posturing will not look good to the court. She should have waited to come to a new agreement, but Kail wanted to ensure things went her way. Interestingly enough, had Kail complained about Jo's move, she probably could have kept her primary custody and wouldn't have had to give up more days in exchange for the agreement to allow either to move out of state but within a set distance. But, she blew it when she decided to ignore the courts.

2. This is a precedent. What is Kail going to do if Javi is stationed far away? That is the scenario I presented above. Someone is going to get slighted. Jo currently has 9 overnights which is roughly 30% custody. If he got Isaac for three months during the summer, he could potentially have 25% custody (3 months roughly being 90 days versus about 9 days*12 month= 108 days). This is how men get pushed out of the picture. Jo wants to make sure that Kail doesn't screw him by making the broken family argument if Javi gets stationed far away. It works now - because the two are close enough to exchange Isaac, but Kail is setting herself up for problems later.

Here's another problem: the more and more these two battle it out, there are multiple risks. The courts could get fed up and force them into a crap situation. Or they may experience a culture shift. I remember the courts granting my uncle's ex primary custody despite numerous drug tests but then only years later granting my father joint despite him repeatedly sending my family death threats. You could meet a judge that believes the mother and father deserve equal time and he may grant Jo week on, week off. Of course, it could go in Kail's favor, but she is the one who has gotten physical with her ex's in the past...and it's on camera. That's hard to run from. Plus, as Isaac gets older, the courts view it as more positive for him to have both parents (especially in the cultural climate of encouraging men to be good fathers!). See, custody battles of infants favor the mother because she sustains the child. Custody battles with older children are far less predictable. Isaac may in fact decide that he enjoys Jo more and may favor a joint custody arrangement. Again, Kail has not played this very savvy.

Aw I see, Yeah I just didn't undestand because a lot of comment on other pages bring in the grandparents but didn't know why. Ah see here in the UK the laws are the same throughout so I always forget about your sates having different laws n regulations from state to state. But don't they always have to follow the ones from pen anyway because that is where it was made no matter what state they are in? So confusing.
I just don't get why they both looked so miserable because jo got an extra day so he is getting more time with isaac, kailyn got to move (even though she kinda alreayd did anyway) so kinda confused that they both looked like they lost.

Not sure why you got so many down votes, it was a legit question.

I think the exchange takes place at the grandparents sometimes, but they have no rights. As far as them being unhappy, Kail is always unhappy. She just doesn't get that as Isaac gets older and she keeps waging a custody battle, that Jo is more and more likely to get more time.

The state's rights are super confusing, especially since neither live in PA. I don't even know if they could get the documents moved because now they both live in different states. Some cases must remain in the state they were filed in unless a bunch of conditions are met. I'm not sure how it works in PA though and my experience with custody battles was not in different states.

By the way, I was just Googling them, both of them have been ordered by the court to attend therapy sessions with each other. It's things like that that just are not a good sign because it means the court recognizes that they cannot communicate and may decide to escalate involvement which would mean there would be no mediation - the courts would be the one deciding.

@Sharp I think I might word things in a way that offends people? I don't know lol, I never mean to be offensve but a lot my comments get down voted so think I might sound harsher on screen than when i say it in my head? Apologies in advance to anyone who gets offended by any comment I make, I never mean them to come off that way!!

I hope every time he nods in agreement so Kail doesn't hulk out and put his head through a wall, he's taking mental notes because this is EXACTLY how Kail is going to treat him when it comes to Lincoln if they don't work out...only WORSE because it'll be a divorce AND a custody battle.

I'm so glad that I'm not the only one that cannot stand Kail. I really wish the judge wouldn't have let her move so Kail could see the consequences of her actions. I can't wait for Kail & Javi to divorce. so Javi can be in Jo's shoes.

it makes me sad that everyone is hoping their marriage fails. thats so mean...

I don't hope their marriage fails because that's hard on the kids and Javi seems like a nice enough guy despite the fact that he majorly kisses Kail's ass. I just want Kail to be like that girl who everyone goes to the 15 year high school reunion for the sole purpose of making sure she's fat and miserable now. If she doesn't learn how to co-parent effectively AT ALL any time soon, Isaac is going to want to spend way more time at his grandparents' house where there's less yelling and emotional meltdowns and head shakings and when he gets old enough, HE'S going to decide Kail loses more time with HER kid. And it will be all her fault.

I also hope she realizes she's being horrible to her husband soon and starts treating him better. HE treats her like she walks on water and she treats him like she's trying to train a mentally handicapped dog how to sit and stay. They both have completely different approaches on how they show "affection."

@RAE Your comment about the way Kail can speak to Javi is priceless!
I do agree, it does feel horrible when people hope your relationship fails, me and my fiance got together at 15, now 21 and when we got engaged i knew people thought it was going to fail because we have only been with each other (because apparently that matters) and that was bad enough people thinking it, let alone hoping it ha x

I cant find how to make a fresh comment so will just post mine here:
Did anyone else notice how the very concerned Leah, who is always worried about her husbands safety, didn't even know what state he was in?!?!? I couldn't help but laugh.
On the Kail n Jo situation I don't get why its so drama (prob mtv wanting to add tot he dram for ratings) but they both won didn't they? Or did I read their expressions of sadness wrong and that was them happy? He gets more time, she gets to move so win win for everyone EXCEPT Isaac who has to travel and miss out on preschool but hey, some kids don't even get preschool.
With Jenelle all i can say is what? I don't understand what just happpened?!?! Is it your baby or my exs that I aborted that is inside me. Oh and Nathan, oh boy is he OVER COMPENSATING ... Yeah I get it you guys humpty dumpty a lot and will do it even more and I guess it worked because she is now pregnant.
With Chelsea the party was cute but why do they keep referencing SEX as weird ass names, "bumping" was it she said? Eww, Just say sex, please, or dont even say anything just say or we were, you know, raise the eye brows thats enough for everyone to know what you mean without Aubs knowing. And please have so self respect Chelsea, stop flirting with the guy that treated you like dirt, has a new girlfriend, a newborn baby .. seriously? MORALS ANYONE??
My head hurts with this episode it was so disgusting, All i can see in my head when i close my eyes is them having there sex 3 times a day...

I don't mean to sound mean, but I feel like during Kailyn's segments I can't look at anything besides her ever growing double chin.

I don't believe either Chelsea or Aubree are ever going to understand the value of a dollar. It's insane how much they spend on each of Aubree's birthdays. Her birthday cake easily looks like it could of been a wedding cake.

Actually I have a family member who got one of those houses and a cake like that and it's not as expensive as you think. She is also a single mother of two girls and pays for everything on her own.

If she can afford it then all is fine.

She had a cute cake, a homemade happy birthday banner, and a blow up tent in her backyard. How is that extravagant? Even if she did spend a lot of money, she's spending it so her child can have a nice birthday. Not like Farrah who spends her money on Botox and fake boobs, or Jenelle who can't even be bothered to pay $100 a month in child support. You're just looking for things to be critical of.

Having a birthday party in the backyard with a bouncy castle seems pretty far from extravagant to me. I had parties like that growing up. Most extravagant thing was the cake, but hey, if you're doing homemade decorations and making cake pops, I see no harm on splurging on one thing. Chelsea loves her daughter and wanted to give her an awesome day.
That said, I agree that Chelsea may not entirely know the value of the dollar, but I would cite things like her impromptu trip to California or her being a homeowner at twenty-two, not Aubree's birthday. Lot's of people splurge on their kids parties. And as others have noted, it's nice to see her spend money on her kid instead of botox, drugs or extravagant trips for her boytoy (remember when Jenelle took Nathan to Disneyland, but not her son?).

I guess I didn't just mean the birthday but everything in general, even though it came off that way. Birthdays should be celebrated, and it's nice that her whole family gets involved in both their birthdays, but there is nothing about their lives that isn't extravagant. All the other girls on all seasons get crap for wearing Victoria's Secret Pink, but yet we see Aubree having her own PINK items already of pillows and things when they show her room. I don't think it would be much different if she didn't have the MTV money. When she went to LA at the drop of a hat, her dad just handed her multiple hundred dollar bills...Maybe it was for her birthday present, but that's still pretty outrageous. There's no doubt that she's an amazing mom, I just hope she doesn't have a rude awakening if god forbid her financial situation were to drastically change. Others have said she just bought a house, which I think was really smart on her end to create an investment such as that.

Nahhh. I had I guess what you'd call "extravagant" bday parties. Astro jumps whatever they are called, ponies, clowns, animals, etc and I know the value of a dollar. Just saying. All those things happened when i was 5 or in elementary school whatever and not saying I'm perfect but I'm no stuck up brat and know the value of money and don't go spending it carelessly. I saw nothing wrong it. Just my opinion.

My mom surprised me with a petting zoo in the front yard of my house during my 17th birthday party in our back yard. There was a GINORMOUS rabbit and A LLAMA!!! I was so excited. Apart from food to grill, that was the only cost and we spent the whole day swimming and petting freaking LLAMAS!!! It was awesome.

"I don't' know if i have a dead fetus inside of me or if I am pregnant by you or by his child "

Jenelle evans being Jenelle evans

Geez , is that real life ?

Even a Telenovela has never tried that kind of twisted scenario .

I'm just speechless.

Jenelle really is messed up. What I don't get is that in the premiere, Jenelle was saying that she'd been back home now for a few weeks and that she wasn't looking to date anyone.
In the next episode, we find out that she's been talking to Nathan online for about a month.
In another episode, we find out that Jenelle and Nathan have been together for 2 months. So how could she be scared about the possibility of having Courtland's child?
Anyone else confused?

According to last night's episode, her and Nathan started trying to have a baby like 2 days after her abortion, since the pregnancy hormones would only still be in her system for 2-3 weeks tops after she took the pills.
You're definitely not supposed to be having sex for at least 2 weeks after an abortion, some doctors even recommend up to 6 weeks!
How discusting and fucked up is that?! Who does that?!

And now she's on twitter saying how she didn't drink while pregnant since she wasn't actually pregnant then, but that's not at all what people were talking about. She got her abortion in June, pretty sure there wouldn't be leftover hormones in October when she was out partying in Philly a week before we found out she actually was pregnant!

You shouldn't be having sex after an abortion, a proper physician will advise that. You also bleed like a motherfucker (in most cases) for several days..like an extended period.

She probably thought it was no different from having sex on her period. Come on, guys. Natural lube and all that jazz


What is wrong with them? Is Jenelle a sociopath?

From the way she was talking she sounded like she was genuinely concerned that she never passed the fetus when she had her abortion- which to me suggests that she didn't get proper after care in addition to trying to have a baby with Nathan within weeks of the procedure (which is pretty disgusting).
I had a miscarriage last year and was given pills to get the process started since my body wasn't recognizing that my pregnancy was over. My doctor demanded I come back and see them within a week or two to make sure that my body had worked it all out.
If she had done the same thing there would have been no way she'd still be worried about that.
And @Alix it's seriously the worst storyline I think I've ever seen on tv, in movies or in literature. Hands down. I sat there when the episode was over trying to think of a more disgusting story and I couldn't come up with anything. And Nathan and Jenelle were able to smile and laugh about it over lunch...

I love your username, hahaha

and the fact that she can say that like its absolutely no big deal is seriously disturbing to me.

I was really grossed out by Nathan more than usual in this episode. "We have to REALLY try now...like a couple times a day." WE GET IT! You have sex with girls! Move along.

Also, it occurred to me that trap babies are totally a thing for guys while watching this episode. He knew Jenelle for a split second before he decided he wanted her to be the mother of his child, even when she's facing prison time for FELONY heroin possession, just had an abortion and is still married. I think he figured if he knocked her up, he'd be set somehow because he'd be tied to Jenelle from Teen Mom for 18 years and figured he could capitalize on that somehow.

One more thing: saying "it would be a fresh start for us" about a CHILD is ridiculous when neither one of you have custody of your first child. Fix your first start before you consider a "fresh" child. Jesus.

@ Rae ^^^^ This

Ugh, I know. This is the second episode in a row Nathan has referred to "practicing" (hyuck, hyuck) every day for a baby.
Look, doofus, we know you have sex. You're with Jenelle Evans, enough said. Please stop reminding us constantly, we're getting nauseated.

Having sex with Jenelle Evans is nothing to be proud of lol.

Honestly...it's Jenelle. Odds are at any given time she DOES have a dead fetus inside her stale ass, overworked uterus.

That made me sickkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! I'm not even super passionate about what other people do with their babies, personally I could never abort and I don't think it's right to abort but it's not my body, but THAT just had me heart broken. LIKE WTF she said it so casually! And Nathan could care less. Nathan wake up, isn't it sick how she didn't know if she was pregnant with your child or her HUSBANDS? GAH

Or that she thought there was a possibility they were getting it on for several weeks with a "dead fetus" hanging out up there?? Ew. Too bad she didn't get sepsis and avvidentally sterlize herself because she's too stupid to follow instructions.


Ugh Kail is so infuriating. "Normal dads only get every other weekend"- or whatever her little comment was. NORMAL dads actually get to see their kid every day because they are still with the mother of their child. She should be happy that Jo gives a crap about Isaac and wants to be in his life. You can tell how much Isaac loves Jo, and Kail couldn't care less. It's really going to be sad when these kids grow up & see exactly what type of parents they have.

It's only a small amount of time until Kail takes Lincoln away from Javi, so Javi should be prepared & wipe that smirk off his face. It's really none of his business & I don't understand how he doesn't see Jo's point of view!

Also, Kails comment about "I bring him to get a haircut, give him a bath and cut his nails"- um Kail I'm sure Jo does the same thing! Are you really instigating that Jo never gives Isaac a bath. Plus, she acts like she's some saint for doing these things, when every good mother and father would do this.

Ugh sorry about the rant, Kail just really gets on my nerves.

That comment irked me too! It's almost like she's upset that Jo wants to see Isaac. Many fathers don't care to see their children at all.

Well, fathers can be "normal" but also be divorced, so they would not be seeing their children every day.

I'm not sure what Kail was talking about there. Custody arrangements can vary widely and largely depend on the current of the courts. I know when I went through the system, many fathers received joint custody. It was week on, week off. It sounds like Jo is pushing for that. Isaac is Jo's child too, I'm sorry that Kail has a hard time with that, but she was the one sleeping with him.

She's such a heinous bitch to everyone! When she showed up to talk to Jo and drop off Isaac he said, "would you like to come inside?" and Kail barked back, "I'm already inside!" WTF is the point of arguing with/correcting everything that comes out of everyone's mouth?! Doesn't she get exhausted??

JO you are WRONG. I have NEVER been in your house in the last two years, when I used the bathroom I went in through the GARAGE!!!!

Ugh, I bet Jo is so glad that he's no longer with Kail. She was even rude to Javi's brother in the car! I couldn't even picture just throwing a fit at people for no reason.

I know. I thought Jo was working well towards being mature and civil when he invited her into the living room to talk. But Kail feels an overwhelming need to play the victim, so she had to act like this was just too much - last time she had to use the washroom, they made her enter through the GARAGE like some animal or second-class citizen. The fact that she would be offered a couch!

Javiiii, Jo is being meeeeeeean to me calling me petty!!

Save it, bitch. I'm continually dumbfounded that she bought a home before getting the a-OK to move states. But hey, let's add more completely unnecessary stress to our lives! Javi must be a martyr or a saint.

I really do not understand what Javi sees in Kail! Javi seems like a normal guy and Kail obviously is anything from normal. In the car Kail was being so rude to Javi's brother & raising her voice and I can't understand why or if any of Javi's family likes Kail. She's so freaking rude and doesn't give a crap about anyone else. If I was Javi's family I'd be telling him to run fast!

She's rude to everyone. Watching her move in this episode made me think back to the episode in season 2 when she moves out of her mom's house. Two of her friends (who were kind enough to help her move) were strumming a guitar in her bedroom and Kail shouted "GET BACK TO WORK, BOYS!!!!"

She's so bitchy and unpleasant. I don't understand how she keeps friends.

She doesn't keep friends. The reason she calls and bitches to Javi about Jo is because she destroyed the relationship she had with the last person she would run and tattle on Jo to: Janet.

Yeah, Rae, I'm still shocked at how she treated Jo's family when they were letting her stay there. The way she handled that whole situation was so incredibly selfish, rude and immature. If I were Janet, I would have kicked her out, too. I thought Jo's family was so nice to Kail and she just pissed all over them. I am sure it has a lot to do with her lack of family life growing up and having a mother who didn't want her. She doesn't know how to deal with families, or how to be in a family. It'll be interesting to see how these traits play out in her family life with Javi and Lincoln now.

I couldn't believe how rude she was to Javi's brother. This episode and the last one, she treated him like shit. And honestly by the look on his face, he doesn't seem to like her so much.

I remember reading a report that said Javi's friend don't like her. They apparently were talking crap about her on Twitter and she had a bitch fit and called Javi.

Kail always manages to get good guys. I don't get it. Javi seems very sweet and very patient...he's not totally bad-looking either. And he's with Kail why? He could do better.

She's a freak in the bed and she'll take it up the... hahaha

I think Kail is a nympho and that is why Javi is with her. She is bipolar and bipolar girls tend to be nympho's. Also she has many traits my ex girlfriend has and she was bipolar and a nympho. He probably likes the fact that she is always horny and feels he can deal with her attitude.

I love watching this show, but it should really end for the sake of the kids. We all have literally been watching them since the day that they were born. They are older now, and the cameras can't be good for them. Soon they will be in elementary school and kids will know who they are and everything about their lives. Also, all the parents need to stop having adult conversations in front of their kids now.

I agree. And what's with all of the bad language around these kids? All four girls on this show cuss around their children without even hesitating. Do they not realize that kids are influenced by adult's words and actions? Jace is a prime example of that. He drops F bombs like crazy. Maybe I had a sheltered childhood but my parents NEVER cussed when I was in earshot.

I am in my late forties and my parents still do not swear in front of me. I know that they do swear because I shared a hotel room with my dad last year when we went on a fishing trip, and he started to talk in his sleep, and every other word was an F-bomb. It was weird to hear, because I thought that they were so straight.

That's hilarious haha. My parents only cuss around me if they're quoting something or they're being funny (I'm in my mid-twenties). They never curse when they're stressed or mad. It's just unnecessary. Parents should role models, no matter if their kid is 5 years old or 50.

Yes, such bad language. But also talking about abortion, health issues, the other parent. These kids are growing up way too fast.

Honestly, I find talking about those things worse than the swearing.
Like Leah talking about Ali's condition in front of her, saying her future isn't bright. Or Kail and Chelsea talking about their children's fathers. Or, worst of all, Jenelle talking about her heroin addiction, abortion and lack of custody in front of Jace. :(

I don't really have an issue with swearing in front of kids (I swear like a sailor in front of my 2 year old sometimes, oops) but I agree that the personal talk in front of them is horribly inappropriate. Eventually, kids are going to learn swear words and in the end they're just that - words. But kids do not need to grow up and learn all the horrible things their mother think about their father, or hear dark and pessimistic predictions of their future.

Even though most people would like to kick him in the balls, I was surprised that Chelsea was talking about kicking Adam in the balls in front of Aubree

Oh i know the one with kail was driving me nuts! How she was talking about Jo in front of Issac, what the hell is that! And then Leah with the health problems of the kid...and saying over and over "we need to take care of your ass to Jeremy". Wow what a loving wife....

Well if Jeremy falls over and stops breathing, Leah will have to live in a trailer instead of perusing real estate ads for farms.

I have such an aversion to Kail. I know she had a difficult life but I just can't with her. Maybe it's the anger, the hypocrisy, the entitlement, the resemblance to a blobfish, the squealing voice when she's upset, all of the above. It just really rubbed me the wrong way when she was talking about Jo wearing jeans & sneakers to the hearing. Does she not remember her attire and that of her hoochie friends last season when she dragged them to court? And I really wanted to smack the smug look off her face last night when she left court (again).

I have seen many references to Kail being a blobfish, but never bothered to look it up and see what everyone was talking about. I just checked it, and it is pretty funny. IF anyone has not checked out the blobfish, I recommend it for a cheap laugh.


HAHA, I just looked that up. That's hilarious & def resembles her.

Someone once told me I looked like her. I was so fucking insulted. A couple weeks later I asked if they actually thought I looked like her because you know, that was just mean. And they're like "yeah, you both have long blonde hair." So this whole time I thought I was an ugly blobfish but they actually thought we had similar color/length hair. Sigh. Jerk.

Hahaha Vanna you look nothing like her :)

Wait, do you know me? I've always wondered if people on here actually know me...

Haha No I don't but if someone told me that I would need reassurance from everyone.

Did anyone else notice the part where Chelsea basically said that Aubree's sister Paislee doesn't count because she's from her dad?

I really think that Chelsea is jealous that it wasn't her who gave birth to another of Adumb's babies. And with her reasoning, her future children shouldn't count as Aubreeeee's siblings either.

I use to read comments and think "auto correct is so funny" with the Adumb thing and now it clicked it isn't by accident ha.

I don't think she has to worry though since Adam will most likely end up in jail soon or loosing custody with the way he has been acting she Chelsea will get full custody and Adam will be out of their lives.

I haven't watched this episode yet. BUT my family says the same thing. That your siblings only count if they're from the same mom. And they count as full siblings. I don't agree with that logic as biologically a sibling from just the same mom or just the same dad is a half sibling. I can see how people feel this way if the dad is never around and therefore his other kids aren't around. They wouldn't really seem like siblings even though they are biologically.

I've always considered myself and only child, and that I have no sibings. My Dad had 2 sons before he met my mother. My parents are together so it's not like I don't know them... I just don't consider them my brothers. When I reference them to my father I call them "your sons"

I think it's all really up to however a person decides to define family for themselves. My husband's the baby of his family but he's seven years older than me. When he was like 12, his parents divorced and eventually his dad remarried and had two more kids. His dad wasn't around at all for my husband after the divorce and we invited him to the wedding so I got to meet him and his wife and their kids and it was the first time my husband had seen him in like 20 years. They all seemed nice enough and very polite and happy to be at our wedding, but I don't really even think of them as his half-siblings...some of our newphews are even older than his dad's kids with his second wife. And his dad's wife certainly isn't considered a step-mother by my husband or his other, older sisters. We get christmas cards and stuff from them but, and I don't mean this callously, just honestly, most of the time I forget they're even around. I like the idea of being able to define your own family. That way, you can make up for the batshit crazy people you're ACTUALLY related to with wonderful friends you encounter in life.

I definitely agree. My brother has a different dad, but I don't ever say 'here's my half brother, Richard' He's just my brother. And his dad had another son with another woman, but they just refer to each other as brothers as well. Biology isn't as important as the relationship you build with each member of your family.

2. That birthday party Chelsea threw for Aubs made me remember Jace's second or third birthday when he went to some swimming pool and there was only one random kid who seemed was there by accident. I felt so sad, I still do. Jenelle doesn't even begin to imagine how her poor life decisions will afect his development in the future.
3. When Kail said: I told him that last night and look I WON. and then smiled, I thought to myself wow this girl is unbelievable, she doesn't understad that its not about her losing or winning is about Isaac's best interest.
4. I have no comments on Leah except seeing her having to deal with all these situations and stuff made me wonder how her life would have been if she wasnt 16&P. Do you guys think she would have gone to college and have a "normal" life?

I don't think Leah would ever go to college and have a normal life, because:
1) guys, guys, guys, guys!!! She's only interested in dudes, that's her main interest in life. She is not a bad mom, she's just absolutely man crazy.
2) she uses giving birth to someone's child as a "chain" to make a man stay with her, so she would have kids, no matter whose.

I don't think she is man crazy. I just think that she doesn't want to be a single mom. And I don't blame her for that.

She was man crazy before she was a mom

Take notes Javi.

I've been thinking the same thing. Javi is annoying when he kisses Kail's backside in the court situation with Jo. He needs to step back and put himself in Jo's shoes and ask himself would I want that for me and my son (honestly I wouldn't be surprised if a few years down the line if he was in the same place as Jo). When he said to Kail that Jo didn't want to take what "we" (meaning Javi and Kail) are offering I wanted to reach through my tv and shake his head for real. Kail was offering nine overnight visits not Javi he has nothing to offer in this situation it's not his kid so what he says or wants doesn't matter.

Javi could easily be the voice of reason for Kail and be a little more diplomatic rather than 100% taking her side. That is not to say he shouldn't support his wife, but at least try to instigate a more agreed upon custody with her ex (for Issac's, his wife's, his marriage, and his unborn son's sakes).

I do want to say this, though: I've been a step parent for several years. My man and I are definitely a co-parenting team in our household. We both love, nurture, discipline, and hold responsibilities as parents. We are definitely a "we" and my opinion on certain things does count for something as I do A LOT of the day-to-day things. We don't have these nasty custody issues that Kail has, though. It is amicable and it is joint custody, so there isn't this tension over that. Still, though, my partner discusses with me any changes to our week-to-week schedule or changes in extracurriculars, etc. We discuss our opinions together, mine and his, and come up with whatever we think is best and relay that as need be to my son's mother and boyfriend. I imagine they do the same (for instance, they chose the daycare and we did not, but it was discussed amongst us all and agreement was made as ALL FOUR of us would be going to this place for our son).

My opinion is that Javi should be pointing out what will happen in the future with the custody - when Issac is not in pre-school. Jo and Kail need to be talking about this now and start trying to establish what would be good rather than at the last minute (especially if they will be going to damn court every five seconds). Kail will probably get primary custody while he is in school 5 days a week and Jo will more than likely get weekends (though, with this distance, I'm not sure how easy that will be) and holidays or every other holidays.

For our custody agreement, it was established we had him 4 days a week (including every single weekend) and she had him 3 days, prior to pre-school. We originally were to have him 5 days a week during the school week, but she completely asked to change that to the opposite the last minute. My fiance is really laid back and he was okay with it even though we get way less time now (weekends and most holidays). My position was if he was okay, then why fight. We have discussed changing the agreement in the future when we have more babies so our son can bond more easily with his siblings. To not totally uproot him, we decided asking to have summer changed so we have him 5 days a week instead would be a good COMPROMISE. It's fair, we think. And I talk to my man about this and it's appropriate because it affects all of us, but the main person to keep in mind is our son because it is him that is being shuffled about.

If only everybody felt like you do the world would be a kinder place and kids would be far less messed up in the head.

Narcissists, errr, Kail thrives on drama. How much drama would there be if Kail didn't create drama every time there is a minute of calm? None.

Jo would be a wonderful person to work with but Kail is so intent on pushing him out of the picture that she forces him to go to court to protect rights. It's very sad to watch one person try to destroy another person all the while whining how meeeeeeeean the other person is being.

it is so sad but i think he does that because he is scared if he doesn't agree she will blow up. I use to love Kail, had a lot of respect for her, we have similar up bringings but i didnt get pregnant, but now I feel like she needs some help. She needs to know she can't blow up at anyone who does not agree with her 100%.

I didn't like the way Chelsea was talking about Aubree's new sister. I understand that it upsets Chelsea and I appreciate her for being honest about her feelings on the situation, but it wasn't fair for her to say stuff like "this half sister doesn't count". Chelsea, when you have more kids down the road they will also be Aubree's half sister. Will they also "not count"? Let Aubree decide how she wants to embrace the situation. I hope Chelsea doesn't make comments like that TO Aubree or within earshot of her.

The whole custody thing with Kail & Jo is just messy. What about when Isaac starts real school? What happens then? He just misses three days every other week? That's not going to work at all. I wonder how that will be dealt with down the road.

What's up with wives having to act like a mom when it comes to their husbands health? It was like that with Leah & Jeremy and I've seen it with other people in my personal life a million times. I think it's a "guy thing" where they have to act like everything is no big deal. I'm not sure what to make of all that stuff in the episode.

It would be super relieving to learn that Jenelle wasn't pregnant if we didn't learn that she actually got pregnant shortly after. Barbara made a good comment about how she doesn't understand how Jenelle isn't even fully recovered from an abortion, and now trying to have another baby. I semi-understand that Jenelle feels it's different because of WHO she is having the baby with. but there's still a zillion other factors for why she shouldn't have a baby yet. Sigh.

i kind of see where chelsea is coming from, to be honest. my son's dad has two other kids from a previous relationship and i dont consider them siblings of him at all. technically, they ARE siblings however my son will never see them enough in life for me to point this out to him when he gets older. and now that me and his dad arent together, im sure its only a matter of time until he has more kids and i wont be mentioning those either. itll be different when chelsea has other kids (hopefully with a man she marries, like she said) because they will be living in the house and be a constant part of aubrees life. paislee really wont be.

and i also understand why kail says the things she says, for that exact reason. people are commenting on her saying "normal dads get their kids every other weekend"...thats honestly true. kids who are school aged usually stay with their moms during the week because theyre in school. not that dads cant take them to school and help them with homework like a mom can...its just kind of how it happens. when isaac goes to real school, jo will have to deal with only getting weekends.

Exactly. I know people will down-vote both of us, but I think Jo doesn't realize Isaac will have to go to the real school one day and he can't miss 6 days of school each month. At least if he doesn't want to be a "rapper", just like his dad...

And of course someone you live with, share a life with, play and sometimes fight with is a "real" sibling, because, simply- that person is much closer to you than someone you see a few times a month. It was wrong to say Paislee "doesn't count", because she counts. And if Aubree wants to have a relationship with her, see her more often and be more like the real sister to her when she's older and understands more, I'm sure Chelsea will allow that and appreciate their bond.

I have 3 older half-sibling that a rarely see. We didn't grew up together because they were major when i was born and went one with their life. Nonetheless, they are still very much family. It didn,t matter that I lived with them or not, they are my siblings and I love them to death. And i always take it a little personnal when people says stuff like "half-siblings don't count" or "Oh it's just your half-brother". Of course it's not exactly the same than a sibling whom you grew up too, but saying it doesn't count is stupid, because family is everybody you love and care about.

Personnally I think Chelsea should let Aubree decide if she wants it or not. However I was glad she didn't have that conversation with Aubree but with her friends instead.

You took the words out of my mouth!

AUBREE and PAISLEE can define their own relationship and how close they are to each other since THEY are the ones who are half sisters!

I get what you're saying and agree with you, but I also see Chelsea's position. Adumb is likely to spread his seed many more times in the coming years and Chelsea doesn't want her daughter thinking a "family" consists of your father having five kids by five moms. She even said that when she has more kids, it will be after she's married so Aubree can see a family that consists of a mother, father, and siblings all living under one roof.

Still though, a half-sibling is a sibling and Paislee IS Aubree's sister. They share DNA and it's not their fault that they were fathered by a careless, pathetic human being. It would be nice if the two girls can have some sort of relationship, whether Adumb is around or not. It's up to Taylor and Chelsea to make that happen.

I really hope that somewhere in the future Taylor and Chelsea can put aside their differences for their girls if they want to establish/continue to have a relationship as sisters.

Chelsea talking about Aubree's new baby sister really disturbs me. I have 5 half brothers and sisters. My experience in a blended family has been both good and bad, but I can say, the closer in age you are to your sibling, the more likely you will have a closer bond. Aubree and Paislee are close enough in age that they will more than likely have a good bond growing up (that is if Adam doesn't spend the rest of his life in jail - even if so, I would HOPE that Chelsea and Taylor would put aside their differences so their kids can be sisters). I realize that Chelsea feels the environment Adam and Taylor are building is not as stable as she would want when she adds more children to her family. That doesn't mean Aubree's little sister doesn't count. Every family dynamic is different and not everyone gets married. My fiance's ex lives with her boyfriend and his son (who is my son's step brother) and we do not view them as any less of a family (as I hope they don't view my family any less). Of course they could break up or have a biological child together - who knows. No point in "what if"-ing. I hope Chelsea lets Aubree bond with her sister and doesn't cringe or make fun of it (when Aubree isn't around). I get she has issues that Adam moved on. But, it's in bad taste that she does that, IMO.

For those who said that they can't stand when people regard their half brother or sister as "only their half sibling", I totally agree! So rude! My sister is my sister, my blood, and nothing less. Her kids are my niece and nephew, not my half niece and nephew. We don't use the words "half" or "step" in our family unless it is to explain biological ties to strangers when necessary. And there is a good reason. No one feels half or step to anyone!

And one more thought: Seriously, though, if Adam is facing as much jail time as I think he may be from his recent accident and his *50* other offenses or whatever, Chelsea and Taylor should both be thinking real long and hard about how they are going to go about raising their daughters as sisters. I would be so saddened if they barely saw one another or by chance at Adam's parents house once a year or something. These girls are going to have to put on their big girl pants and get over the awkward bullshit (which is very hard, I've been there!).

My fiance and I have discussed if something should happen to him and we have bio kids, what I would do in that situation. After years, thing are still tense between his ex and I, though getting a bit better. I regularly do not go to pick up/drop off and sit out on school events when she is there. Our son can feel the tension and he shouldn't have to see that, nor should his peers or teachers. Until she gets over her long-standing issues that her ex that she left moved on, I refuse to deal with it. It's for the best: for my relationship to my partner and my son and for my god damn anxiety. BUT, should my fiance die and we have bio kids, I would move MOUNTAINS to make sure the kids had a solid sibling relationship. I don't care how much tension there is. The middle man between us would be gone and it is our job as adults to our related children to see that they grow up together. Even if it meant that I had to just take the kids to grandma and grandpa's a lot, so be it. But, I would really try to work with his ex first. I feel so strongly about this from having half siblings. It's SO important to the kids or they will have resentment issues as adults (and I'm still dealing with mine!).

I agree. I have six nieces and nephews that were already born and (most of them) were older than 10 when I married my husband, one nephew who was just born this year who's my only "blood relative" nephew or niece and one niece who was 18 months old when I met my husband who isn't technically related to either one of us, we're just best friends with her parents and my husband has always been her uncle to her. When I came into the picture, they all welcomed me with open arms and I've been her "Auntie" ever since. I'm thankful for every single one of my nieces and nephews, regardless of how legal or genetic my ties are to them. I love them all so much and I would take great offense to anyone telling me any one of them "didn't count" as my family.

THANK YOU! I can't believe people saying things like "Chelsea just wants to show Aubree what a FAMILY is - two married parents and kids".

Like.... what?! The divorce rate is something like 60% now. A FAMILY comes in all kinds of varieties. That's one thing I actually wish Chelsea would realize. She feels inadequate being by herself with Aubree, but Chelsea and Aubree are a FAMILY. There are 1000000000000000000 ways to define family!

I hated hearing Chelsea say that! She needs to get over this fast because Aubree will remember this. My only other sibling has a different dad than I do. Our mom died when my brother was 2 and I was 11. We both went to live with our dads and have never lived together since then. My aunt on my dad's side made sure we saw each other and had a relationship, even though my brother isn't her nephew. I am so grateful she didn't see him as my "half brother." We are both our dad's only kid and are super close. I never refer to him as half, and he doesn't either.

I actually quit watching TM2 a couple seasons ago b/c I got so sick of them exploiting these clearly dysfunctional girls (especially Jenelle) but for some reason I turned it on last night just out of curiosity.

If I didn't know better I'd think ALL of Janelle's scenes are completely scripted and made up. She's known this guy for 2 months and she wants to have a baby with him?!?!?! It blows my mind that some people think like this and are so willing to share their stupidity with the world. It's absolutely insane...she acts like having a kid is no big deal and it frustrates me to no end. And after seeing Nathan on the show I've come to the conclusion he's just as crazy as Jenelle. And he's actually kinda douchy but since when has Jenelle ever been a good judge of character?

And Kail...what on earth?! I used to like her but she is such a bitch and completely unreasonable. I think Jo is kinda douchy too but I feel bad for him - it's gotta be torture for him to have to deal with her.

I don't really have anything bad to say about Chelsea or Leah - they seem fairly normal given the circumstances. Chelsea/Adam in the same room is beyond awkward though - I didn't particularly care for her snippy comments about "Aubree already has that" when talking about the toy Adam got for her. He's definitely a loser but who cares? Atleast he remembered and got her something...

Ok I'm done :)

When Adam said he had a surprise in the car, I thought it would be Taylor and Paislee. I was like, don't be a friggin' idiot, Adam.

But, it was cute seeing Adam be nice to Aubree and interact with her - he does seem to care. I cringed when Chelsea nagged him for the toy. I mean, I guess the right thing would be to be thankful that Adam remembered and brought over a toy and spent a few minutes with Aubree.

Then again, Adam has been a total douche and has said unacceptable things about Chelsea and his daughter. He has also used Chelsea many times. Plus, he constantly baits Aubree to go places with him when he knows Chelsea has plans with her. I probably would have nagged too.

I don't know, I'm sure Chelsea isn't a saint, but Adam has had no problem being a douche when he knows the cameras are around and he disregards others regularly as evidenced by his multiple DUIs. Beyond all the cameras and drama, these situations are very, very hard.

I'm sorry. I really don't see what the big deal is about Adam taking Aubrey. It's not like they were celebrating her birthday the day he came.

Because that's not how shared parenting works. If he wanted aubree that day he should have called in advance or when he was there he should have asked Chelsea privately. He didn't really want aubree, he wanted to make Chelsea say no and seem like the bad guy. It was a classic dick move that's pretty common with separated parents.

I think it's the fact that Adumb thinks he can come whenever he wants and just take Aubree without consulting with Chelsea, knowing full well she probably had plans too. I think Adumb likes to ask for Aubree when he knows it's inconvenient so he can play the victim "I want to see my daughter but Chelsea never lets me". Or maybe I'm just a cynic, he does care for Aubree but he simply hasn't stepped up to be parent Aubree! He reminds me of Jenelle;only in the child's life for the fun things and parenthood isn't always a walk in the park that he wants it to be.

You told me to change my name because you don't want people to think my comment's are yours...... I'm the one who should be embarrassed if people think your comments are mine! Look at ALL your thumbs down!!! Just had to say since you snapped at me out of the blue first.

I think Chelsea is a very supporting and loving mother but I thought her whole "lemme give Aubree this giant pink horse RIGHT NOW so she stops clinging to her dad" approach was completely ridiculous. Poor kiddo is constantly going to be torn between parents (until Adam is incarcerated or gets himself killed in a car accident) and she's too little to have to put up with all the politics involved in "who does Aubree love the most?" They're setting the stage where Aubree's favorite person is going to end up being whoever gets her the bigger, better present at any given time and will therefore be Randy, haha.

She's so worried Aubree might love anyone else but her. If she had changed her last name and taken Adam off the birth certificate like she originally planned to do (and damn well should have,) she wouldn't have to worry about Adam popping in and out of her life and giving Aubree siblings that Chelsea doesn't want to have to deal with.

I agree. The whole scene with her pulling out the pony... Like 'oh Aubree, that's great your dad got you a present, but lookie here, mommy got you a better one...' So pathetic of her.

She's always got to 'one up' someone and the way that she begs Aubree to give her attention drives me up the wall. Always begging for a hug and a kiss. Let the child play, good gawd.

I don't get how Chelsea got no hate for the fact she slept with Adams friends ... that's right, take the high road Chelsea, if that had been kaillyn, jenelle or leah they would have been nagged on sites like this but Chelsea does it and nothing. Chelsea is a fab mum but she is no saint like you said!! And I can't stand how she talks about Adam around Aubree, no child should hear that kinda stuff and aubree is a very intelligent little girl she will click who it is about soon enough. And the toy comment oh my god :/
I mean my sister had the EXACT situation down to a tee. My nephews dad is basically adam, sees him 2 hours a month, says the right things to people but never does it, had a child with someone else after he got out of prison, abusive messeges to my sister everything is the same. But difference is even though she hates his guts she speaks positively, acts happy when he visits his dad, doesn't talk negatively about him, when he lets him down she does not be like " i knew it" she says well sometimes grown ups make mistakes and explains how loved he is.

I don't particularly care who Chelsea sleeps with as long as it ISN'T Adam. It seems like very reunion show, without fail, they were like "oh yeah we had sex."


If they do another season of teen mom 2 I hope it will not include little miss sunshine aka kailyn

Same here! I wish they would show more of Jo and his family instead of Kail.

I've actually been wondering lately if Janet and Eddie opted to no longer be filmed by MTV because you don't see them at all anymore (unless I'm missing the scenes they're in.) If I were them, I would just enjoy being a grandparent and stay as far away from Kail as possible which includes reunion specials and aftershows.

Chelsea- I thought she did a good job with Aubree's party. I was annoyed when Adam kept saying "wanna come with me?" To Aubree on her birthday. First of all, you know she can't so why even get her hopes up, and second, no one should get in a car with you.
Kail- so happy the custody thing is resolved, but next week is all about her bitcging about her wedding and Javi's family. If its too much to handlewhen you're that pregnant, maybe don't have a big wedding when you are 8 months pregnant.
Leah- your husband is literally passing out from stress and being over worked. Lay off him and stop telling him to shut up because its so disrespectful.
Jenelle- if your recent abortion is still giving you positive results on a pregnancy test, its probably not the right time to try for a baby yet. Two months ago it was all the wrong time and now its the perfect time for a baby? Yeah she hasn't changed and she hasn't proven anything. Maybe she is trying to get rid of any bad feelings from the abortion by having another baby? Either that or its all for attention and hoping to get another season and paycheck

Yeah Leah, if you're taking someone to the doctor because he has been having horrible headaches, he might not want to talk. No shit, Sherlock.

I haven't watched any of this season, but in her defense my husband complains about being in pain and having headaches all the time and won't do anything to help himself. I've made him doctor appts that he doesn't go to, he won't drink anything and forgets to eat and knows he has health issues. After four years I tell him to go to the doctor or shut up about it.

It really bothers me when everyone says Jenelle is a better person since Nathan entered the picture. You don't become a better person in a co-dependent relationship like theirs. You become a better person when you can be comfortable by yourself and experience personal growth, when you learn how to love and respect yourself, when you start being humble and empathetic, etc. She's just so desperate for people to think she's changed that she's distracted from truly changing. The "life is perfect with Nathan effect" won't last. Everyone shows their true colors eventually.

so true!!

She's experienced uterine growth.

@Rae: Hahahaha yes! I guess I experience some growth too after a nice trip to Taco Bell.

Amen! And she's so used to dating guys who are legitimate assholes, she doesn't know how to see the snakes. She doesn't find it weird that this guy wants to have a kid with you and move in so quickly. She doesn't realize that he's using her. Their inevitable break up is going to be so hard on her, and we all know she doesn't deal with heart break well. I hope she doesn't relapse and abandon another child.

I think her problem may be that ALL she sees are the snakes if you catch my drift...(hint: the snakes are penises. Dozens of them.)

Hahaha Rae you crack me up! JE needs attention, that's her down fall. Something is seriously wrong with that girl. Can you imagine being her and watching the other girls parent their kids? going to court and arguing so that they can spend more time with them? I would feel like shit every week and at every reunion. That would have been enough motivation for me to get my shit together. It' should embarrass and motivate her to see other girls her age being responsible and taking care of their kids.

I believe that people can change, but I see no hope for her. If she hasn't figured it out now, she probably never will.

seeing nathan makes me want to itch all over, he's a weird orange thing, absolute freaky.

He creeps me out, too. The look on his face and the way he rubbed Jenelle's arm when they were telling Babs about the false pregnancy made me shudder. Also, no matter how many times Barb says she won't take care of another baby... I think she would in a heartbeat. Which, sadly, will probably end up happening.

"I'm not taking care of another baby" "I wouldn't want you to." She'll be singing a different tune when she realizes that taking care of this new baby is "just too much for her" just like Jace was/is. Jenelle disagrees and argues with Babs about everything unless it benefits Jenelle. She bitched non-stop during her 16 & P episode and threatened to run away with Jace and never come back if her mom didn't "shut the fuck up" but yet, when she had to make more than three damn bottles for the kid, she decided to "let" Barbara help her raise Jace (which quickly dissolved into Barbara being Jace's mom and Jenelle showing up when she got evicted from other places to live or during a birthday party, occasionally.)

He makes me want to go disinfect things. Like I just get this urge to whip out my lysol every time he graces my television.

Nathan is extremely creepy. Did anyone notice that he used that damn "plenty of practice" line AGAIN when talking about having sex and trying for a baby? It was corny and borderline creepy the first time- now it's just skin crawling. I'm willing to bet that's like the 900th time he's said that to Jenelle.
The lights are on but no one is home with that guy.

"I'm definitely not gay. I love the vaginas so much I mention sex with my GIRLfriend at every opportunity and even when it's not necessary at all!"

I think you are spot on with that analysis. At first I was just thinking Nathan was an immature frat boy who likes to mention sex as much as possible (hyuck, hyuck). But you're exactly right - the lady (the lady being Nathan) doth protest too much. He's trying to establish his manliness, but is over-compensating to a degree that his motivation becomes apparent.

♫ Oompa, Loompa, Jenelle's who I do,
If you stand close, you'll catch something, too.
Oompa, Loompa, didn't you see?
Those pics of gay hunks, that wasn't me.

What do you get when you guzzle down booze?
Driving 'round without a license to loose?
Word to the wise, don't call Jenelle fat
Assault charges soon will come...of...that.

Who do you blame when a young boy says "FUCK!"?
You don't pay child support; not even a buck.
Blaming Babs is a lie and a shame. I know exactly who's to blame:
The deadbeat and the junkie!

Oompa, Loompa deedle-dee-dee,
Neither of you should be on EM-TEEE-VEEE!♫

OMG I LOVE YOU!!! you need to post this on the next recap sooner so more people will seeeee!!

Kail is a piece of trash. Jo is willing to come to an agreement to allow her to move OUT OF STATE... and she's petty enough to fight over the two additional nights he wants with Isaac? There's 30-31 nights in a month, so even if Jo has Issac 10 of those nights, she still has their son 2/3 of the time. She's gonna have a rude awakening when that kid is old enough to decide who he wants to live with, because he sure as hell isn't gonna pick her. ESPECIALLY if Javi stays in the military and is bounced around from state to state.

Aubree is adorable and has the cutest little croaky voice. But I didn't like how Chelsea uses material things to bribe her. "If I give you this present will you want to stay with Mommy?" Not good.

OMG i noticed that too. it actually made me sad for chelsea because it always appears that aubree likes adam more (even though she doesnt, shes just used to seeing chelsea and not adam). like on chelsea's birthday when she and adam picked aubree up from daycare and she didnt even acknowledge chels, she just ran straight to adam. that would honestly make me sad if i was chelsea. i just hope she understands that its because aubree sees her all the time

I took it as Chelsea was trying to distract Aubree so she would let go of Adumb since he obviously couldn't take her and was leading her on about coming with him. Pretty sure he's only doing that so Chelsea will say no, and she looks like the bad guy and he can say "look I asked for her then and Chelsea said no. She won't let me see Aubree."

Ok. This is a pointless rant, but I have to bitch about this because it was on last week's episode. Jenelle is ignorant as hell. We know this. But, I am so sick and tired of these girls being show-offs.

Does anyone remember Jenelle claiming Jace call his grandmother ma mère because Jenelle is French (hence her crap translation tattoo)? She also claimed ma mère means grandmother in French. It doesn't. At all. It actually means mother, which, to be fair, Barbara is the mother to Jace.

So, Jenelle fights and fights on Twitter about a language she admittedly doesn't even know, until one of her minions saves her ass and points out that there is the word mémé. It's like the American 'nana' or 'nonna' - i.e. it's an informal title for grandmother. The pronunciations and spellings vary by dialect, but it usually sounds like a subtle version of ma mère.

Jenelle doesn't even say it right half of the time because she interchanges it as meh-mee to meh-may. If she wasn't so stupid, I would think it was just her American accent, but it's not. She really is just this ignorant and has Jace running around screaming mémé so she can pretend to be "cultured." Protip: showing la boeuf curtains is not cultured.

Please leave the French to those of us that actually are (and that actually grew up speaking the language). And, please, no more ugly tattoos of crap translations.

Just to clarify: I was born and raised in the US into a French/Italian immigrant family, for many of whom English is a second language I grew up calling my older female relatives mémé as well (my grandmother died before I was born). I'm not knocking using foreign, family words at all. Also, my French sucks, but I know when to shut my mouth when I don't know something.

I'm knocking the fact that Jenelle is using it to "sound cool" just like when she got her crappy stomach tattoo supposedly in French (that she translated from Google) because her heritage suddenly meant something to her. It's annoying as hell.

Then again, this is a girl who tries to get pregnant whilst jail and the after effects of an abortion are looming.

I just love the fact that mémé sounds like "mommy" when Jace says it. I hope that drives Jenelle batshit crazy.

HAHAHA I hope so too!...it really does, I could have sworn he said mommy a few times.

I totally thought he was saying mommy too until Jenelle informed the world that she is French and thus Jace is using French words to address relatives. Too bad she doesn't know how it is supposed to be pronounced so I've heard her say it several different ways and everyone else just thinks Jace is calling Barbara mom.

For those interested, it usually sounds something like this. All of the variations I know sort of sound like mom. Jenelle's "parenting" gets slighted again, lol.

"Mémère" is a common French equivalent for "Nana" or something like that. "Grand-mère" is actually "grandmother" ... Maybe it's supposed to be a bastardized version of "Mémère" ... Around here anyway, "Mémé" is only used when kids are just learning the "Mama/Dada" stuff.

- Actual French speaker.

I think mémère gets pronounced as mémé for American speakers. That's the problem for me, anyways. I've always had issues pronouncing "mère" as it comes out sounding like "hair" with an "m". Mémé ends up sounding like meh-may where the eh sounds like the 'e' in set and 'ay' being accentuated.

I don't think that is why Jace is using the word, though. I don't think it's because he has problems pronouncing "mère." I just think Jenelle is an idiot and wants to pretend she knows so much about French.

I think Jace should probably learn the French word for "fuck" before he gets written up at school because Jenelle and Babs certainly don't follow up on punishments as soon as he claims he never said the "potty words" or cleverly claims he said "football."

I'm confused reading these comments! What's the correct pronunciation?

I don't know if it's because we couldn't pronounce it correctly when we were kids and the name just stuck, but my sister and I call our grandmother "may-may". However, my cousins pronounce it "mem-ay".



I've heard it closer to "mem-ay" but when you hear it from a native French speaker the "ay" is more subtle and...I don't know...it just blends. At least, more subtle than when Americans, myself included, say it. I posted a link above that captures a French person pronouncing it. I've heard different pronunciations in different regions, though. Like I've heard a subtle "meh-meh" used too where "eh" is a nasally version of the e in set. I don't know if there is a "right" or "wrong" way, languages tend to be relative.

Jenelle has pronounced it ten different ways because she's an ignorant cunt and doesn't know what the hell she is teaching her son to say.

I love how neither her or Jace has to good pronounciation.I'm a french canadian and i'm legit always laughing when she's like "go see meemeah". like wow, that's supposed to be french ? bitch no, that's not how you say it. Personnaly I always taught she was saying mémére (which means grandma) but it's so much more facepalm worthy that she taught it was ma mère

And her tatto is weird as F, like it's grammatically correct but it sound kinda weird, like i don't really know how to explain it but the syntax is kinda off. Cela could have easily been replaced by Ça for a better effect.

I'm french-canadian too and everytime she says mémé or mémére I just see Barb as Moman in La ptite vie. (Plus i mean i called my grandma something like grand-moman, she probably would have been pissed if I called her mémére. Mémé maybe not but mémére. The hole thing is just weird IMO.)

My dream is that one day Barb blurt : STEAK, CORN, POTATOES.

In another I too think the tattoo is kinda weird. From what I get she wanted something that said like "and the life goes one" so she just could have took "Et la vie continue", cela passera aussi just seems like a odd choice.

In another note, does someone know why she think she is french ?

Steak, corn, potatoes. Bwahaha. The only thing Jenelle is cooking is heroin.

She wanted to say "this too shall pass" and Google told her "cela passera aussi" was the translation because, well, cela = this, passera = pass, and aussi = also.

I think Jenelle is claiming to be ethnically French, i.e. one of her parents has French heritage.

Oh god don't give her ideas. This poor new baby is going to be named Kaiser Poutine Griff-eef the First by the time she gets done making shit up.

I always figured she was ethnically German considering Jace's middle name is Vaughn (sp?) and soon we'll have Kaiser.

I believe our Babs is where the French comes from. Her maiden name was on Jenelle and Courty's marriage certificate and I believe it's Fournier or something like that.

When someone asked her, she legit spelled it out as "ma mère" and only switched it to "mémé" when someone on Twitter pointed out the problem. But, that makes sense that she instead meant "mémére" as Voila said too.

But why would you get "This too shall pass" on your stomach? Because of all the babies and bullshit she drops? Was that bitchy? Whatever. I like the motto of Paris better, but I wouldn't get it tattooed on me because my French isn't good enough to know what the proper translation is.

Maybe she's worried the next baby she breeds will come out as a Balrog and she got the quote mixed up.

One does not simply pass.

Maybe she was referring to the contents of her colon - "this too shall pass." :p

My favourite part of her "this pass also" tattoo is that she got it right above her colon. And her overly-abortioned uterus. Keepin' it classy JE.

Totally missed you guys already pointed that out^. Love that we're all on the same page with her stupidity haha

You have to understand, Jenelle's a fucking idiot and decided she wanted to have a daughter and name her JonBenet because it's French...not because it's A MADE UP NAME that's a portmanteau of "John Bennett" Ramsey. But she wouldn't know anything about the word "portmanteau" because it's FUCKING FRENCH. (French origins anyway.)

Shit. I totally forgot about this.

You know, I guess Kaisar/Keiser/Kaiser could have a worse name. That would make a great Twitter hashtag #WorseNamesForKaiser


It irked me to no end hearing Nathan tell Jenelle he thinks she'd make a great mom. Newsflash: she IS a mom and she SUCKS at it.

Nah, she just sucks at being Jace's big sister. She WILL make a terrible mom.

Yes, & then Jenelle said Nathan would make a great dad..Nathan already has a child! I don't understand their thinking. People might actually respect them if they decided to get better & raise the children they already have.

They are prime examples of "Just because you can say it doesn't make it true."

Jenelle makes me sick. It disturbs me to great lengths that she can so easily discuss that her pregnancy test may be positive because she's still "pregnant" with her husband's child. Everything about that is all sorts of f*cked.

Leah and Jeremy's relationship bothered me during this episode. I've acknowledged before how mtv will edit things to create more drama and make things appear different than they actually are, so maybe that's what this is...however Jeremy looked really miserable when he got home. It really looked like he's growing very tired of Leah. "You were saying on the phone how you wanted me home - now here I am". He sounded so unhappy towards her. I honestly don't want to see their relationship fail (or Javi and Kail's) even though it seems like a lot of people on here seem to be rooting for both of them to fail....

All I can say about Chelsea's segment is that when Adam pulled up in his car I literally pointed at the screen and said "HA! that car no longer exists in this world". It just sort of came out...lol I crack myself up.

No comment on Kail. I'm ready to move past the custody battle.

Also I had this really weird dream with Jenelle in it last night! I don't remember why she was there or what we talked about but I DO remember discussing this site with her and she told me that she comments all the time and her name on here was "DEREKS DRIIIIIIVEWAY". I also remember talking to somebody about how much I hated her on the show but that she actually seemed like an okay person to be around in real life. It was all so weird.

HAHAHA OMG I had a dream about Jenelle one night to! She let me have Jace. love dreams! I'll be on the look out for Dereks Driveway.

i honestly dont know what "dereks driveway" is and it bothers me everytime i see it on here. any idea? im assuming derek is referring to sophias dad and the "driiiiiveway" makes me think of babs. which might be why thats who jenelle was in my dream :P lol

Catfish! It was in my hometown....Frederick, MD! Look it up the girl like screams "oh my god I'm I'm Derek's driveway!!!!!" when she is going to meet him. Lol it's really funny

Oh. I totally thought it was a parody name about Farrah's ex-boyfriend Derek dying in a car crash. I said to myself 'Wow. That's...morbid.'

"Derek's driveway" is in reference to a Catfish episode & imbringingbloggingback.com

Thanks to JNV and Joyce for explaining that!! I always assumed it was a morbid joke about Sophia's dad, too. I just pictured Farrah saying the phrase while whisper crying.

Oh shit, I'm morbid but NOT that morbid!


hahaha! I had a dream the other night that I was married to someone who wasn't my husband and we got in a fight and then the next thing I knew, I was in a school cafeteria and Kim Kardashian sat down next to me and I turned to her and said, "NO ONE LIKES YOU." and got up and left. Then I woke up.

As to the Adam's car blurt out: that's hilarious. Frankly, I was just pleasantly surprised he had a present for Aubree in the trunk and not a dead hooker.

As for Leah: I don't think she understands the concept of making up her mind. This was abundantly clear when she bounced back between Jeremy and Corey before getting remarried. But I'm starting to think she just doesn't even know HOW to do it. She bitches at Jeremy for working the job he works even though he makes INSANE amounts of money and pays for her lifestyle and his step-daughter's medical bills (at least in part), accuses him of working far away from home because he wants to BE away from home and then, when he's home on medical leave, she says they can afford for him to be home for a little bit but not "like MONTHS." No one can afford to be laid off for months, I understand that. But if he's making 5K a week and they haven't saved up enough for more than a couple weeks of him being out of work, that's ridiculous. My husband's a truck driver and makes better money on the road than he would working here where we live and being home nightly. Even though he makes better money, when he was home on medical leave for a little under a week last fall because of a kidney stone, it was REALLY hard to get bills paid without money coming in and we live pretty modestly. If he made $5k a week, I would be thanking my lucky stars he had such an incredible job. I see my husband on the weekends usually but we spent a good year only seeing each other for four days a month and he was making even less than he does now. I get how hard it is to be away from your spouse for long periods of time. (His old job had him out anywhere from 4-6 weeks at a time followed by four days of home time and then back out for 4-6 weeks again like clockwork.) We haven't been together on our birthdays, my side of the family's Christmas celebrations or our wedding anniversary for two years. I do not understand Leah bitching at Jeremy for working so hard and accusing him of WANTING to be away from his family. Be grateful you have financial security, woman! Also: Jeremy's a grown ass man and he's on medical leave because he PASSED OUT and now has what sounded a lot like migraines out of nowhere and he still couldn't get his ass out of bed without his wife making him to get to his doctor's appointment on time?? I guess Leah takes care of the kids at night when they wake up.

Clearly, you weren't dreaming about me because we would never fight. Also, luckily for you, you have an online wifey for when your husband is away.

Count your blessings.

oooh la la!

You two are so silly :)

He works in the oilfield. So it is 5k a week but one week on one week off. So its actually 2.5k a week. Still good money but not as much as you think. My husband is an inspector in the oilfield (high up) and he makes 14k a week but he works 2 weeks on tw weeks off so for 2 weeks hes not getting paid.

Looks like my secrets out ...

Aubree is too adorable. I love her little raspy voice and puppy eyes!

Why does Kailyn always look a mess? Honest question not being mean (I don't like to make fun people's natural appearances) but in pictures she always looks very put together and pretty. As for her little battle with Jo, I think she just likes to have control it has nothing to do with compromising.

Leah's questions about Jeremy passing out were annoying me.

Leah: "You were laying on the ground?!"
Jeremy: "well yeh, I passed out."

Leah: "did you sleep the night before?"
No Leah he's like a character on The Sims game when they don't get enough sleep they just pass out asleep wherever they are.

Hopefully Jeremy is okay now, scary to think what if it happened while he was driving.

Hahahaha your Sims reference made me laugh so hard. Great mental image.

I really enjoyed her asking him if you breathe when you pass out. Yes, Leah, that's kind of the human default setting when going unconscious.

Also, how she "had to keep it together" in front of the girls and then proceeded to panic left and right while talking to him and saying, "well one day you might NOT wake up" RIGHT IN FRONT OF ALI.

Wasn't Leah 'studying' to be a nurse?? Surely she should know that you keep breathing when you pass out, or you are, in fact dead.

God that girl annoys me. Always complaining about something.

Exactly. When she was surprised that he was on the ground and asked if he was still breathing, all I could think was: And this girl was going to be a nurse?

Leah would've made the worst nurse, EVER. Jeezus.
Also, if you're taking "antibiotics" for a cold..what kind of cold do you have, LEAH?!

Chelsea is a great mom so I will give credit where it's due. But it really annoys me how every time Adam gives Aubree a present she has to make a snippy/rude comment. I get it, he's a horrible father but it just seems like she has to do it every year. She annoys me just as much as Adam for some reason. I also sort of get why she made that comment about Paislee "not counting". I see where she's going with that but I hope she never says that to Aubree or around her, it's just not right.

Didn't he get Aubree like a mini-bike motorcyle when she was two? I'm impressed this present was age appropriate. I have a feeling Taylor picked it out. Plus Aubree's a girly girl so she will probably take every version of the same make-up/hairdo doll she can get her hands on!

I think he got her a bicycle when she was two, a mini motorcycle when she was three.

I understood the snippy comment....it was a total dig, as in, "if you were around more, you might know that" kinda thing. She should have waited until Aubree wasn't around, but it was probably something she blurted impulsively.

Leah's hair grosses me out do much!! It looks like she only washes it twice a month.

When Ali came up and told Jeremy's mom that she wanted pink and blue hair or whatever, Jeremy's mom just looked confused and was like, "Uh huh..." and then Aleeah had some sort of clip in hair extension in when Jeremy and Leah got back and Jeremy immediately said, "Take it out." I wonder if he gets sick of Leah's hair extensions.

I noticed that too! It made me laugh out loud

i heard him say that! cracked me up!

Jenelle - Disturbing. Sickening. How long do abortions by pill take anyways? If she had the abortion months ago than she should have already gone through at least one menstrual cycle. "Ha ha your belly was pretty big." "Yeah it was haha." Gahhhh WTF?! It just really creeps me out that people like this exist.

Kail - Same Kail different day. She's an insufferable cunt.

Chelsea - Aubree is so freakin cute, as was the party. Watching her segments was like a palette cleanser of goodness I needed after watching Jenelle.

Leah - The countdown clock to their divorce is getting louder and louder..

Ugh, thank you. It is so disturbing to watch Jenelle's segments now. She's very obviously messed up beyond repair. It used to be entertaining, like watching a train wreck with all her bitching and change jar throwing. This season has just been uncomfortable and creepy.

Hayzii - Abortions by pill cause bleeding for one to four weeks generally, but the "aimed contents" are expelled within about 36 hours of taking the second pills (first pills terminate pregnancy, second cause uterine contractions to expel contents). No more than two weeks after the abortion, you have to go back to the facility for an ultrasound to confirm everything went smoothly and no remnants are left. I am fairly certain that a pregnancy test would not test positive two weeks post abortion, and absolutely certain a positive would not occur three weeks post abortion. But that's in normal people - Jenelle is clearly a very special person...

I cannot imagine they were able to have sex in those first two weeks. That is absolutely disgusting. The whole situation seems impossible and like some dumb story MTV must have at least partially embellished/made up... I mean, doesn't it generally take two or three weeks post conception for a test to be positive? Jenelle is probably stupid enough to think she can have sex one day and have a positive test the next day.... Despite already birthing a child...

She probably colored in the damn second line herself to have something to talk about with Tori other than how confusing it is that they're still friends after how many complete blowouts they seem to have had along their friendship. Also: Tori's lookin' rather haggard for such a young girl.

my spelling twitch goes crazy when ever i read the american version of colour ha or coloured. totally off topic but had to throw that in there.
but yes i totally agree, she is absolutely mental. All her awkward segments are clearly created just to try and untangle her abysmal chaotic shitty decison and immorally correct life, how she sleeps at night is beyond me. probably in a nathan im not gay i sleep with WOMEN headlock.

@Honeymonster: I grew up in the southern US but my best friend is Canadian and I totally wish I could get away with "colour" and "favourite." It just looks prettier that way haha. I also really like the way he said "Where have you been" but it sounds like "bean."

There's something very interesting and sad about these 4 couples:

Kailyn, Jenelle, and Leah are all desperate to have a family with their kids, but they basically choose the first man who comes along. Kailyn jumped right from Jo to Jordan to Jo to Javi. Jenelle jumped from Andrew to a shit ton of other guys, married Courtland, and is now having Nathan's baby, Leah jumped from Cory to Robbie to Cory and then married Jeremy. And not ONE of these girls had their father present during childhood.

The only one who hasn't jumped from dick to dick is Chelsea and her father is very much supportive and present in her life. Yes, Chelsea is obsessed with Adam but I think she doesn't want Aubree to experience what a repeat of her childhood (parents divorcing). I know correlation doesn't imply causation, but it's quite a coincidence that the only girl who seems somewhat comfortable being single has their dad around.

Kail also had that high schooler in between Jo and Javi. You know, the one who said he wanted to settle down with her.

There were a few more for Leah too, but that's a given I guess.

Yeah his name was Mike she cheated on jordan with him took Jordan back and cheated on Jordan with Javi. I hate how MTV edited to because she diffiently was still with Jordan when her and Javi were technically "friends" she even admitted during a video chat once that Jordan walked in on her and Javi. Kail has never been single which is amazing because she is not much to look at and is a bitch.

WOW so not only is Chelsea the only one who has stayed (for the most part) single, she's also the only one not involved in a cheating scandal. Adam said they cheated on each other, but didn't Chelsea say they weren't together anymore when she hooked up with someone? MTV editing makes it so hard to follow all this shit. Kailyn, Leah, and Jenelle have all discussed cheating on camera.

Kail also was a lesbian an dated a girl for Two years, before Jo, and her and her friend "Gigi" hooked up while she was dating Jo...........Never heard of this till i googled it!

She wasn't a lesbian...she IS bisexual. And the hookup with Gigi was all hearsay from one source, it was never confirmed.

@Nathan's Dog Poop Fetish

There was that picture of Kail and Gigi attempting to sit on Gary's lap. I think MTV should of gone with that storyline. Hey, maybe that's why Gary is so conceited....

Anyways. The picture was great. It was like a Santa horror flick.

@Sharp: Gary Shirley or Jenelle's Gary? Because I'm 95% Gary Shirley doesn't have a lap.


BWAHAHAHA! I loveee youuu.

And, Gary Shirley. That's why I said "attempting." See?

Best thing ever? One of those "factual" accounts on Twitter said something like "1 in 4 men can't see their penis" and someone forwarded it to Gary Shirley. My day was made.

@Sharp: OMG ew. He's like what happens when you leave a tube of biscuits in the fridge past their expiration date and they explode.

It's a common theory that girls without father figures or good relationships with their father tend to have "looser morals" and depend more on a man, guess they're just trying to fill that void. I can't help but thinking it's just sad, depending on a relationship is never healthy and I'm sorry but all of the "couples" (excluding Corey and Miranda) have a codependent relationship, these always end in tears. Now the children are old enough to understand who is in their life, I hope if any of these relationships inevitably do fail the girls don't go straight to the next man. Not a healthy image tk show their children!

Random but did anyone notice in an earlier episode Chelsea asked her mam if she looked fat? But instead of saying it infront of Aubree she mouthed it? I don't know why but I thought that was very nice and mature of her! She obviously doesn't want Aubree growing up with any body hang ups or self confidence issues.

Yes she did mouth that question to her mom. What irks me about that was that the way I took it was that she was so concerned about what Adam would think of her (she was meeting him at the orientation for pre-school), she had to make sure she looked top notch. It should not matter what he thinks, move on already!!!

Well when someone calls you a fat stretch marked bitch simply because he found out you went to your school's high school homecoming game while your dad watched your baby (AND it was your first time away from the baby whereas Adam was no where to be found), I'd probably develop a complex and try to make sure I wasn't dressing in a way that would fuel any more hateful conversations or text messages for no reason.

Adam is emotionally and verbally abusive and manipulative so even years later, she feels like she has to be up to a certain standard before she he can see her. I've been in unhealthy relationships like that and it was the same way.

To be fair, Leah did have a father figure growing up. Her step-dad Lee married Mama Dawn when Leah was in kindergarten (I believe). So although her biological dad was not around Lee was.

Once again Kail is a crybaby self centered bitch. And i am so sure in Issac's whole life he's never given him a bath or fed him or things like that... C'mon! I truly think that Kail finds the custody arrangement as a way to "win" her way. She was such a bitch about the 9 days thing like she was such a effing genius about it since the courts agreed to it. I don't think she's over him or ever will be and will just constantly find ways to "make him pay". The least she couldve done is agreed to ten nights a week after she moved and had no regard for Jo. And I am sorry but I felt so bad for that girl that was crying because Aubree wouldn't let her help open presents :/ Brat! Leah just is very controlling it seems like... If people think she's gonna lose it with her schedule- then I guess I lost it awhile ago. I only have twins and I don't have time to get my nails done- get my hair colored- have lunch with friends AND I work fulltime... Like Leah is so overwhelmed. I don't have half of the crap she has and I've had to work for it- not depend on men or mtv for the money...

why should aubree have to let other kids open her presents? It's her birthday and there her presents. I would never let my son open another kids presents...and if he asked I'd step in and talk with him, I wouldn't leave it up to the birthday kids mom to be the person to say no. It's not gonna kill your kid to learn that they don't always get everything they want.

Also, Leah has a child with a very serious handicap. It's extremely overwhelming and scary and she's entitled to her feelings.

It really bugged me when Chelsea asked Aubree to share. I don't think Chelsea wanted to, but Braylee is her niece so I'm sure she felt badly that she was upset and was trying to rectify the situation. Braylee's mother needed to step in and pull her aside until she calmed down. Or Randy since he was standing right behind her when she was crying. Chelsea shouldn't have had to deal with another child's bratty behavior at HER child's birthday party.

I noticed this too and felt bad for that girl because she was just so upset. But it was Aubree's birthday and opening your presents at that age is like the highlight of your whole year. Soon it will be that girls birthday and she will have her own presents to open and her own big day and who knows if she would willing to share that moment with aubree

I felt bad seeing the other little girl so upset on camera but at the same time it's a life lesson she needs to learn and the sooner she learns the better. I know young children are selfish by nature but they need to learn it's not always about what they want.

Sorry I have to disagree with you on the Aubree being a brat thing. The other little girl was being a brat. I would never let my child open some one else's presents on their birthday!! I hate seeing other kids blow out other kids candles as well-.- idk I guess that's just me! It's HER day her spot light. Rant over

I also think she thought when asked to "share," she thought Chelsea meant share the present, not the present opening process. I'd say no, too. I was a little birthday present hoarder when I was that age and the request to give my present to another kid would have garnered a firm "NO!" from me, as well. Plus Braylee's her cousin. No one's always nice to their cousins.

I'm waiting for Jeremy to give Leah the talk that Walter White gave Skyler in B.B.:

"So right now, what I need, is for you to climb down out of my ass. Can you do that? Will you do that for me, honey? Will you please, just once, get off my ass, you know? I'd appreciate it, I really would."

Hahahaha!!!!! love it!!! You returned the lol favor to me!

OMG. Yes.

Kail- I think this whole situation is just lose/lose. Both parents want their kid as much as possible, but it's just not gonna happen with separated parents. Both Kail and Jo will always be disappointed with the custody agreement...that's just life of separated but involved parents. I will say this though, Isaac is a lucky boy that both of his parents want and love him so much, and as long as they can stay civil, there are much worse problems to have.

Jenelle- disturbing, just so completely disturbing. I don't even know what to say about her cavalier attitude about her abortion and jace. She is so...unfeeling, it's unsettling, like watching a reality show about Casey Anthony. Something that really bugs me is how her and Nathan are like "you're going to be a great mom/dad" and I'm like YOU ARE ALREADY A MOM/DAD and you fucking suck at it. Both of them have kids being raised by other people, so no you don't just get a do over, you go back and fix your fucking mistakes and try to salvage your relationship with your existing children. You can't just write them off and get a second chance with a new baby. It's infuriating.

Leah- I don't have much to say about her this episode. I thought Jeremy was being kinda nasty, probably because he wasn't feeling well. Leah just seems very down lately, probably a little depressed about Alis diagnosis and being a stay at home mom to 3 very young children with a husband that's away from home a lot. I think she's actually pretty normal for her situation and I like how they show that being a full time mom is not all fun and games, it's a lot of work and very tiring. I thought her and Jeremy's fights just seemed like normal marital bickering, especially with an infant and a handicapped toddler. That could put strain on even the best of marriages. I hope they do work out...Jeremy seems like a nice, hardworking guy and Leah seems like a nice girl, although she is a little naive and makes some poor choices.

Chelsea- I love her. I know a lot of people like to hate her because she's rich and has so much support and is kinda lazy, but I just think she seems like such a fun mom lol. Aubrees party was great- not too ridiculous, but fun and cute and I noticed she hand made most of the decorations which probably saved her a lot of money. I understand her snide comments about/to Adam, I don't think it's right neccesarily, but I understand where shes coming from. I also think her comment about Paislee "not counting" was one of those things you would say to your best friend or mom but would never really acknowledge out loud. Like I know I say things to my mom all the time that I would never want to be repeated because it makes me sound like an awful person! We all have thoughts that aren't exactly pc, hers just so happened to be captured on camera. And honestly, nobody wants their child to have half siblings spread all around the state...you want to set a good example for your child, and knocking up random women isnt exactly setting a good example.

Chelsea will always be my favorite, too. I feel like she is the most mature and has the most maternal instinct. Remember how she started crying when Dr. Drew asked how Aubree is affected by her and Adam fighting? She just looked so crushed thinking about her daughter in pain. You know what Jenelle does when Jace is crying or feeling pain? Walks out the door because SHE LIKES TO SMOKE ABOUT THIS TIME OF THE DAY.

One of the most depressing moments of the entire series is seeing Jace's face pushed up against the glass watching Jenelle leave. It's heartwrenching.

Give Jenelle some credit. Sometimes she walks out the door because there's a new loser to fuck somewhere in the Wilmington and/or Myrtle Beach region.

Or some more grade A heroin to buy?

By the way, there must be some healing properties in the penises Jenelle hops on because every single time she gets a new one we hear about how much she has changed. Apparently, men with magic sticks in their pants are walking around all over NC and I want in on the action.

@Sharp: Grew up in NC. Encountered none of these magic pants sticks. She's selling you snake oil and lies. Actually, it's probably just Nathan's tanning lotion and bronzer...

i agree with every single word. im lost for words at how awesome your post is. mostly because i agree with all of it and it seems like some of my thoughts on these girls are not popular opinion.

Thank you! And yes I have some unpopular opinions as well. I think most of the moms do their best and it's so easy to criticize them when we don't get the full picture, only what MTV shows us. God knows I would never want my parenting recorded...I've made some bad decisions, talked a lot of trash about my sons dad and done the whole back and forth game, yelled at my child(I regretted it of course and apologized) and had breakdowns where I had to just hand my son to my mom for a while and go for a drive so I could cry. Parenting is so hard and everyone screws it up. There's no perfect way to raise a child and I'd be more wary of a parent that believes they are perfect(Farrah?) then one who can admit they have screwed up and is able to learn from their mistakes.

It is SO easy to crucify these girls because they aren't perfect and they make bad life choices and we can stare at our tvs and say "I would never do that," but hindsight is 20/20 and I'm sure we all have some moments we wish we could erase from our memories.

Ps this is excluding jenelle, that girl is on her way to being a serial killer,

One thing off-topic: can I just say that I love that you apologize to your son when you screw up? I cannot tell you how many times people mess up and they refuse to admit their wrongdoings to their children because they want to be the parent and do not want their child questioning them in the future.

I worked for a place where my supervisor would regularly screw up. When others messed up, they were put on blast. When she screwed up? Well, according to her, she is human and not perfect and it happens. But, of course, there was no reason for her to apologize. At all. For anything.

Rant over.

I agree with you. I had to remind myself these girls are teens during the first few seasons. I get upset that JE is still on the show and Jace is still not a priority for her, but that does happen all the time. There are plenty of grandparents raising their grand kids. It just bothers me that MTV edits her segments so much that she might as well not be in there


You are on to something! MTV should cut Jenelle out mostly and just focus on Barbara and Jace. Show how hard it is for Barbara to wake up, go to work, take Jace to daycare, focus on discipline, etc. Then, occasionally show Jenelle out with her boyfriends, doing drugs, etc. Oh, and give Barbara all of the money.

i agree! i think thats why its easier for me to understand why these girls do the things they do...because i know what ive been through the last 16 months of my sons life and the 9 months i was pregnant before that. its hard...really really hard.
and i do that too. last night my son woke up in the middle of the night. hes 16 months old and still doesnt sleep through the night. so im exhausted all the time and last night i snapped. i was rocking him and crying (for the first time in MONTHS) and i actually sat there saying that i hated my life, i hated him, and i hated God (which i will only admit on this site because none of you know me. i am so ashamed, you cant even imagine). and this morning when i gave him a bath i told him "mommy doesnt really hate you. mommy was upset and promises to never say it again. i love you more than the whole world". even though i knew he couldnt understand and he didnt even hear me say i hated him last night. one of the lowest points of the year for me last night :/

JNV, thank you for making me feel OK for doing things like yelling at my kid and handing my kid over when I needed to get away. I feel like those things are pretty normal, though - nobody's PERFECT and I think even the kids understand (at least, I hope they do.)
And yes, I agree with your above assessment of the girls as well. Chelsea always seemed to be the best, most invested mom, as well as Kail, although Kail is not nearly as likable and Chelsea. Leah's a special case because of Ali, but she is also very invested in motherhood and putting her children first. Jenelle - well, don't get me started. I just can't, there are no words.

Virtual Hugs to Gary's Shmedium T-shirts!! Wish you the best and hope things get better!

@Gary's Shmedium T-Shirts: Wow. What REAL moment of what it's like being a sleep deprived, stressed out mom. People often don't share their low moments like that. I'm not a mom and I've had my fair share of "I hate god" and "I hate myself" moments and, while I'm not stoked that you're miserable, it's nice to know that those frustrating moments happen even if the GLOW of motherhood that should be all pastels and smiley Johnson and Johnson baby baths and sleepy, snuggling babies instead of the baby who SCREAMS bloody murder every time you put her down or the baby who takes massive, smelly, adult human level gross dumps daily and you have to clean the poo off his legs and back. Advertising and everyone else want you to think that motherhood is this beautiful special thing, and it is, but it's also filled with lots of poop and "Mommy's just going to lay you down in the crib and let you cry because you have a dry diaper, I fed you and I've done everything else under the sun and you're STILL CRYING and Mommy needs to walk outside and breathe so she doesn't kill the dog or break several vases."

THAT'S the part they don't tell you about. You are no weaker a mom than anyone else because of that moment you had. You're honest and you even APOLOGIZED which is incredible. That way, even if his tiny ears and cerebellum processed what you said and meant, you undid it the next day while showing him you love him and erasing whatever he heard the night before and laying it over with a new track saying "Mommy loves you more than the whole world." THOSE moments count for more than the middle-of-the-night-I-haven't-slept-in-25-months-please-give-me-a-break confessions.

you guys are so supportive. i love this site. i really thought people would jump all over me for that (because it really is a terrible thing to say and i understand that if he was just a few years older, this would have had a much bigger impact on him). so glad i made the switch from TMT

Gary's shirts- I have so been there. And it makes you feel so awful, like just the lowest human being possible and you hate yourself, and yet it will happen again. People make you think you should love your child and be this happy parent 24/7 and never say a mean word to them but the truth is that they are people and they can annoy/aggravate you just as much as anyone else. I have told my son I hated him, told my mom I regretted keeping him (during the baby blues phase...ugh, the worst) and screamed and yelled at him because he was such a tough baby. I always felt so terrible and It just reinforced my doubts that I was able to be a good parent. I didn't understand why it seemed so easy for other mothers and that made me feel even worse. But, my son is almost 3, and he is such an amazing kid now. So much easier, he's the most well behaved child in his class, he's already completely potty trained, and hes just the sweetest boy. And my parentings gotten a lot better because he isn't this frustrating, demanding little terror he was the first 2 years of his life. Obviously, I didn't screw it up too bad, and he'll remember the 1000 times I told him I loved him and adored him over the 5 times in the middle of the night I said I hated him. Now that he's older, I try to bite my tongue a lot more because he's much more aware but it's easier because it DOES get better. It does, I promise.

And keep this with you...he will remember that you got up and rocked him in the middle of the night, he won't remember the mean things you said. Don't ever forget that youre a good mom, and the few bad moments stick in your head, but it's the thousand good moments that will stick in his.

I wish more parents would be honest this...it would have helped with dealing with it back then if I knew others were going through the same thing.

Ps. My son didn't sleep through until he was 18 months old! I feel your pain...but now he sleeps almost 12 hours a night and naps for 1-2 hours during the day. Hope that you can see there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Kail is a sad person. I feel like everyone has a choice to be happy or not. I realize she's bipolar but she is so negative about everrryyyythiiiinggg. It must really suck to be hateful like that.

She seems almost self-righteously bipolar. Like she uses it as a platform to inform people about bipolar disorder which is admirable but then when she flies off the handle and assaults someone, she excuses it by saying, "well I'm bipolar." I have severe anxiety and depression but I still own up to it when I'm feeling nervous or moody and snap at people. She also doesn't seem to be in therapy for it and it doesn't seem to be a big plot point that MTV uses which they should because that would show how people with BPD can improve and not end up in denial like Jenelle. She's just an angry, indignant selfish punk who happens to also be bipolar. I think she'd still act the way she does even if she weren't bipolar.

You are absolutely correct. I have borderline personality disorder and it's an every day struggle...but I found ways to control my emotions. The only thing I still struggle with is negative criticism (I remember what people say for a painfully long time...) it's possible. She just has become obsessed with the feeling of being negative and having people asking her what's wrong etc.

Borderline personality disorder is rough but I'm glad you're coping alright! I also shouldn't have abbreviated bipolar disorder as BPD. I always worry about confusing BPD (bipolar) with BPD borderline personality disorder and offending someone with one or the other. I think I'm going to stop using BPD for bipolar because it can be really confusing for everyone. My sister thought she had borderline personality disorder for awhile but when she started getting treatment for it, they determined she was bipolar so I know a little about both conditions. Unfortunately, she decided she doesn't need medications or therapy to "treat" her bipolar disorder and self medicated for a long time and still has absolutely extreme mood swings. I know that deciding you're misdiagnosed or don't need treatment to maintain equilibrium is really common with bipolar disorder so maybe that's the route Kail has taken. I'm horrible with negative comments as well so you're certainly not alone! I can remember specifically mean things that were said to me years and years ago but forget compliments about as soon as I hear them! I think Kail just likes using being diagnosed as bipolar as an excuse to get her out of sticky situations and something to brag about "overcoming" on the off chance that she's not being a humongous asshole to those around her.

I know quite a few people who are bipolar (sidenote- don't move to Indiana haha!), but I don't know ANYONE who flings it around as an excuse for their crap behavior like she does.

I'm not an expert, but I never really thought she seemed bipolar at all. Just vindictive. When you are seriously depressed (something I have struggled with for YEARS), you honestly just do NOT have the energy available to put forth into being such a vicious witch....and Kail seems to have an endless supply. I'm sure she has emotional issues from a rather traumatic past, but I think if she saw a therapist regularly (she was for awhile- anyone know if she's still doing that? or did Javi's "that doesn't work" get to her?), it's probably something she could get past.

Bipolar is also known as manic depressive disorder where the people who suffer from the condition have manic crests in their emotional waves and then followed by the deep depressive trough that's hard to climb back out of. So when she's in a depressive episode of her manic/depressive cycle she's miserable but so used to acting like a huge bitch, it's no big deal to her to do so despite the fact that she's depressed. It's really the only way she knows how to communicate. And then when she's going through a manic episode, she had poor impulse control (like buying a house you don't know if you'll legally be allowed to live in yet) or perhaps dating a coworker from target on the sly regardless of the fact that you're living in your ex boyfriend's parents' house and they want you focused on school and your son, not boys.

She could totally manage her condition way better than she does. However, to do that, she would need to realize that SHE puts herself in stressful/complicated situations and SHE is at fault for some of the crap she goes through and puts others through. I dunno if she's willing to humble herself to that degree.

does anyone else feel like the only reason why jenelle got pregnant is because leah and kail had already done it?

i think chelsea is a great mother but she really needs to stop the baby talk. it's really starting to remind me of how farrah does it to sophia.

i feel like jeremy only passed out because he has constant phone calls of i want you home, you shouldn't be working, ali has this wrong with her, and leah constantly stresses him out that he feels like he needs more and more money to pay for everything.

did anyone else see on kails twitter that she said that isaac will be going to school 5 days a week for kindergarten with her in delaware?

she doesn't like the image of being the only one on the show not taking care of a child, and waiting to get custody of Jace will take to long so in her mind having a baby she tries to take care of equals her being a changed woman and proving herself. I believe at least one of pregnancies with courtland was planned for the same reason, but with the second one he went to jail and they broke up and she just didn't want to be a single mom , she would probably rather have the perfect family image to give off to the world... And after her abortion she felt even more pressure to "prove herself" (in her mind) and decided to get pregnant ASAP with the first creep that came along... Not to mention the attention, possibility of another season, and being able to tell people on Twitter "I've changed! I'm a real mom now!!"

kids going to kindergarten 5 days a week is normal. which is exactly why i understand her telling jo "normal dads get kids every other weekend". thats just how it happens. i always stayed with my mom during the week because shes the one who took me to school and helped me with homework, ect. i went to my dads on weekends. that truly is "normal" for divorced parents. unfortunately, jo will need to deal.

I agree to an extent. It is normal for kids to go to school five days a week and education is more important than whether or not one parent thinks they deserve more time or not. I think Jo should be allowed to get Isaac more than he does, even if he's not physically there that night or whatever it might be I still think he deserves that time, Jo's time is his parent/families time and that should be important to Kail. But until Isaac is in actual required school maybe they should hold off on preschool, or Isaac can go when he's at his moms. School is important but preschool is not required and maybe in certain situations it might just benefit to just wait. Idk all depends on the situation. Just a thought.

Uh, I really wish Jo would get Isaac 5 days a week and Kail could just get him for two days on the weekend. I feel like Jo has a much more stable environment for Isaac and isn't whining all of the time!

Whenever Babs or Nathan bring up Jenelle getting custody of Jace back she replies with saying she'll take him on the weekends. It doesn't seem like she even wants full custody.

She doesn't. Never has, and I doubt she ever will.

She also has ZERO idea what it takes to be a full time parent because she's never been one. She thinks having Jace on the weekends clears up all of Barbara's concerns because having him on the weekend is literally ALL she can handle of having him around. She's selfish and I don't see her being any different with this new baby.

I'd like to comment on something I've never seen anyone mention before. I'd like to know how Barbara would actually feel if heaven forbid Jenelle eventually got custody of Jace back. I hope this never happens, but how would Barbara feel? She has been raising him since birth, she has to have a deep attachment to him now.

unrelated from last nights episode - but i really love that i can come to this site and discuss teen mom to my little heart's content. all my friends hate/dont watch teen mom so they dont know what im talking about when i babble to them about it.

OHMYGOD RIGHT?? I don't have any friends who watch Teen Mom either. Whenever I even mention something about TM they say things like "who cares? Pay attention to what's happening in Ukraine!" Or "reality TV is so stupid." I'm quite aware that the Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant isn't important and there are terrible things happening in the world that we need to be aware of, but damnit...it's my guilty pleasure and I love gossiping about it.

The only person I really talk to about it in real life is my mom. In fact, one Christmas we were eating dinner at my Aunt's house and we got on the subject of the train wrecks from this franchise and my sister and I shared a "Hey neither one of us got pregnant at 16!" high five across the table haha. (I don't mean to offend anyone who DID get pregnant at 16, only the girls who are truly despicable on this show.)