Let's Be Real.. Who Would Watch Jenelle's 'Positive' YouTube Series?

According to Jenelle, MTV apparently gave the Teen Mom 2 star the impression that she would be portrayed in a more positive light as she works to get her life back together following a series of highly-publicized setbacks including drug addiction and several unhealthy relationships.

After watching the last few episodes of the show, Jenelle has taken to social media to blast the network and its directing team, who she says edits her behavior to make her look a lot worse than she is.

She lamented about the fact that MTV hasn't shown how hard she's worked to get Jayce back... or any of the "great times" they've spent together since she's been getting back on track.

She told her followers to expect a much more positive series about her life that she plans to develop, possibly for a YouTube series.

While it's great that Jenelle wants to highlight the positivity in her life, we think she's seriously mistaken about the reason why people are interested in her life at all.

Hellloooooo, it's totally because she's a hot mess and we love to watch every minute of it. MTV isn't one of the biggest television channels for no reason... they know what they're doing.

MTV doesn't care about Jenelle's well-being or happiness-- they're probably praying to the moonman Gods that she slips up by cheating on Dave with Kieffer... or heroin (we said it).

Yes, Jenelle may be doing totally great in her life and MTV most likely has chosen to make it look otherwise- because it's what we want to see.

I think I speak for lots of people when I say I would rather watch paint dry than check out a YouTube series where Jenelle convinces everyone her life is going just fine.

Let's help Jenelle out by letting her get a feel for how many people would in fact watch her proposed series. Weigh-in, Teen Mom Junkies, on if you would watch such a series yourself.

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Oh totally. I'm there for ya, Duhnelle. All that positivity...positive pregnancy tests, positive Hep C tests, and absolutely positively NEVER EVER EVER getting custody of Jace again.

On mondays episode she was crying about having to get stabbed with all kinds of needles. If I'm not mistaken, isn't heroin injected with a needle?!

I think it can be snorted and smoked but I'm no expert so don't take that as gospel. But I did see on twitter where someone tweeted her Bitch, please. You used to shoot up. I lol'd hard.

When Jenelle made that comment, my first thought was that it could be traumatic/triggering for someone who has been through heroin addiction to relive the sensory experience her arm being pricked with any sort of needle. Then again, Jenelle logic operates on a whole different plane from reality, so who knows why she really said that.

Also, I believe Jenelle and Kieffer (and Jenelle and Courtstah) did take it intravenously at times instead of just snorting or smoking. Something was mentioned in a past episode to that effect.

"I don't like getting poked with things." Seriously but that's like...all you do...is get poked with things and pregnant... There goes your social life *clueless hair flip*

Hey now, shots where you get fucked up are way more fun than just shot shots!

I detest injections, I absolutely hate them! But I am find with a blood tests and i have a tonne of tattoos.

Don't forget how last season she kept getting poked in the back with Nathan's boner!

(Sorry for the mental image....)

That's the real deterrent to sex right there: Nathan and Jenelle going at it. If you show that to kids, they'll stay away from it as long as possible.

The only positives jenelle would know about are on her drug and pregnancy tests.

Um, Jenelle they have shown you half ass trying to get Jace back. The missed appoints and court dates and when your lawyer said being with Nate would hurt your chances but you wanted to work things out with him anyway. YOU said that and no editing was needed.

And ditching his events to go on spring break

Before this season started she was braggin on Twitter about how this season we'd all see how much she's changed and how far she's come.... We've been waiting eight years for that "miracle story" to happen, dude.

Mtv hasn't 'chosen to make it look otherwise.'
Jenelle is a mess and no amount of editing will fix that.

As long as the money keeps rolling in, Jenelle isn't going anywhere. No matter how bad they make her look. I don't think it's all editing though....

Its easy to act differently when that's what you are trying to portray.

On a side note I don't think she was really addicted to any type of drugs like she says. I think she just used. She is like babs says, a hypochondriac, for sure

And they lived happily ever after?

she was shooting up heroin and smokes weed all day every day to the point where it negatively impacts her life. i'd call that a drug addict

Not to mention the hospital has her flagged as an addict.

I thought it was hilarious how she was explaining that she was only addicted to the purest form of heroin, as if she's some boss bitch who is above getting addicted to meds, then UBT said that being a heroin junkie is worse than being a crackhead.

And what was up with his kegels comment? Trying to throw some shade about Jenelle having a loose vag? "You should look it up" - ouch!

WHAT? UBT told her to do Kegels? ???

@ Meth Pipe

Someone on Twitter recorded it:

The quality's not the best but you get the drift ;)

The shade is strong in this one.
I can't believe with all jenelles life saving training, that she's never heard of Kegels.

MTV does not make you look bad. Your endless mugshots, baby daddies, drug abuse, violent temper and preference for dicks and drugs over your children make you look bad. I seriously cannot wait for this show to end so her $$$$ disappears.

We all know Jenelle likes to play Mother of the Year on SM. This won't be any different. I'll probably watch just to snark on her, though. I'm hoping it's full of LOLs!!

I don't even watch the show. I just read shit on here/Twitter and judge from a distance.

I would actually love to see what she puts on there. I'm curious what she could possibly put together that wouldn't make her look like a strung out deadbeat mom. I bet it'll be hilarious.

Photographers should post at her local Wall mart. She will need multiple new outfits for her kids. One day of filming, six different outfits, portraying herself seven days being an involved mother.
Done mothering for the rest of the week. Kids back to others taking care of them, Jenelle back to the bong.

If you add "pregnancy test" to the end of everything ending with "positive" or "negative", then it makes more sense coming from her.

Also, maci had that baby that will hurt their marriage

One baby ain't good enough for Maci, damn.

What she says, says enough.
We had so many good times, we had good times.
I can take any kid to a playground, beach or zoo. That isn't what parenting is about.
Plus, it surely doesn't make up for everything you denied your children or where you screwed up.
If you were serious about being a mother, you would never ever let Lurch into your life.

Hear hear!

Okay, I have never had a custody battle but how can you be actively trying to regain custody for years and years and get nowhere?! Eventually there would be a judgement one way or another. Am I right?

Wouldn't she at least get visitation or something? If Adam can see his kids shouldn't Jenelle be able to get some kind of legal visitation agreement? If she really wanted Jace and she was really upset when Babs wouldn't let Jace come over, surely she would get some legal weekend visitation.

I think that Jenelle thinks her son's name is Getjace Back. I am doing all I can to Getjace Back. MTV never focuses on my efforts to Getjace Back. All my mom does is fight me when I ask to Getjace Back. I told Andrew, Keiffer, Gary, Courtland, Nathan, Dave that all I care about in life is to Getjace Back.

Here is the irony...how the hell do you get someone BACK whom you never HAD in the first place?? Other than when he was a fetus, he has never lived with her. She has never been responsible for him, provided for him, given him unconditional love and support. She has never been his mother.

How could a positive spin be put on any of it? Over a dozen mugshots, heroin/weed addiction, assaults, the horrible way she treats her kids, her parade of boyfriends and all their mugshots, doctor shopping. Unless her youtube show is called I Dream of Jenellie or Bebitched where actual magic occurs, there is NO positive spin.
The most positive thing she could do, is to allow her mom to adopt Jace. Promising to Getjace Back and never, ever truly intending to do so, is just cruel. He deserves peace and stability and not to be in the center of a war zone all the damn time. Jenelle is a birth mother, her role ended the day she gave birth. Her role now is tormentor and MTV check collector.

"I told Andrew, Keiffer, Gary, Courtland, Nathan, Dave that all I care about in life is to Getjace Back."

Lol so true

It must really suck for poor Jace, either way he is let down.

He either wants Jenelle to get some custody of him and is always being disappointed and let down. Or he wants to stay with Babs and is constantly anxious that Jenelle might get him back full time.

Not to mention the constant other lies and letdowns, regardless if he wants to be with Jenelle or not, it would be awful for her to beg him to come over and have a good time only to have her sleep on the lounge the whole time. And I really hope he doesn’t think that it is ok to treat women the way Jenelles boyfriends treat her.

every god damn episode!!!! her ustreams with courtland were incredible

i cant stop LOLing at jenelle reading the medicines side effects like shes never taken a benzo before

Lord I hope she actually follows through with this, it will be amazing for the lols. We could probably play a drinking game with all the glimpses of drug paraphernalia in the background or how many times she says "ya know," but then we'd probably be taking more shots than she's had from all the doctors and heroin needles combined.

Again. It's Leah and Jenelle. The two biggest oxygen thieves from the show complaining about how the mtv edits them. Maybe give them ZERO NEGATIVITY to film guys!!! Ever thought about that??

I so would love a Leah show though!!!

A Leah show would consist of her trying to figure out the GoPro for an hour before she eventually goes all narcoleptic.

Oh fuck yeah! Messing with the Messers would be a HUGE MTV hit. I don't know why they haven't done this yet.

She doesn't want jace.

She never has because if she did she wouldn't have to " get him back" the moment you become a mother is the moment where nothing else should matter but that kid and evet since she's had jace EVERYTHING as mattered more to her then him i hope Nathan gets coustdy of the roll not saying he's much better but i think that if the roll had any chance at being normal it would be with Nathan

I voted "no" on the poll, but to be honest, I'd probably watch the damn thing if she actually ever got around to posting any "episodes." But I don't think she will because she's an irresponsible dufus.

Yet again Jenelle is blaming other people for her actions and taking no responsibility.

Um, hun, they don't show positive scenes of you and your children because there aren't enough to fill the 10 minutes/per episode they show of you. Those cameras aren't around for very long and you can't put being a bitch aside and pretend to play mom for like an hour?

And what does she even mean by positive life events? Wtf is she even doing with her life right now? Does she mean her life is going well cuz she has a boy toy, hasn't been arrested yet this year and hasn't been caught with drugs? Like, I'm totally not sure she understands what having a good life is.

Having a record, worrying about not being able to get a job cuz of said record, not having custody of your son after 6 years, being in a relationship with a retarded abusive asshole, verbally and physically abusing your mother, manipulating one baby daddy into dropping assault charges, not owning a home but rather jumping from rental to rental each year is not exactly what I would consider having a good "positive" life.

She made her bed.

That's what I think. She's such an idiot. Nobody feels bad for you, Jenelle!

Ohhhhkay Juhnelle? if she wanted Jace back, she would have him by now.

God she's annoying. I really can't stand when ppl from this show claim MTV edits it to make them look shitty....no, they may edit film, but they don't make you look like the piece of shit. That's alllll you, babes.

I am really curious what she will post and will likely check it out. I have no doubt that MTV edit their show in a way that makes the Leah and Jenelle look bad, but they also make Corey and Miranda look bad too. However MTV can edit all they want Jenelle we all know what you are like! MTV can't edit the fact that you don't have Jace, all the shitty things you have said, all the bad decisions you have made and they certainly haven't edited all the the lies and dumb things you have said on social media. But I am curious how she will look with a good edit, even if it is her own.

And as far as Leah goes, both Leah and Corey get the bad edit and Corey still seems waaaay more stable and MTV didn't make the judge give Corey custody of the girls.. Unless you ask Leah, then there was big consipericy, but we all know that is bs.

Yep. I feel so bad for him. Bab's always done her best though. She could probably cut back on the yelling but it is what it is. I'd yell every time I saw Jenelle's face too. Jenelle is a baby sitter. She's so unattached. She's been that way even all the way back to her 16 & preg episode. Now she wants to blame Bab for everything that's gone wrong in her life even though her mom sacrificed a lot to raise her kid for her. And creepy Dave saying "Shes putten yew on edge babe, she doesn't care, she wouldn't have taken the child away in the first place if she did." Come again? Tell that to Jenelle who was still going to clubs when she was 9 months preggers. And "we can put him in daycare so I can go out". Hey Jenelle, GFY.

Even Leah gets shown in a positive light once in a blue moon. You have to do something positive for MTV to show it. They work with what you give them. That's why we only see boring things from Chelsea. She leads a boring lif e and they can't edit it out. Jenelle leads a ridiculous life that's mostly childless, so that's what we see.

Lately I can't seem to have much sympathy for Babs. Jenelle can only do what she was taught. Yes, she's raising Jace. Yes, she loves Jace. But Jenelle didn't turn out how she did all on her own. I'm not defending Jenelle at all. She was given tools that Babs didn't have to break the cycle. Babs didn't provide a stable home for her children and she isn't providing one for Jace. Either let Jenelle see him or not. Don't change your mind when she makes you mad. Poor kid doesn't know which way is up. I sure her yelling stresses him out as much as Jenelle's yelling does. That poor kid is going to turn out just like Jenelle supposedly feels, unloved. Mom doesn't want him. He's a burden to grandma. Get the kid some therapy ASAP.