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16 & pregnant

Hey there! I haven't been posting as much lately because I've been super busy with school projects, personal life, and planning a 3 year old's birthday, so I'm putting a few more recent stories into this post to give you something to comment on for the next day or so until I can get things back to normal.

Thanks for all of your comments. They always provide me with a good laugh on my study breaks!

1. Mackenzie McKee is selling other people's products


There have been a lot of people chatting about this one, so I'll write something up so that you guys can all comment on it. So, Mackenzie has an etsy shop called "Mackenzies Makings" where she sells things like picture frames, wooden crosses, and crochet baby items. Her store gets a decent amount of business for what is has to offer, and I would say the main reason is because she's seen as a public figure, and she's promoting the crap out of her store on her social media accounts.

Some people started saying that she was jacking the pictures from her store from someone else's store, so I started checking into it, and I'll admit that the products that are shown aren't hers.

She's using stock photos and editing names and faces out of them to make it seem like they're her own pictures, when in reality she's taking them from someone else's store or a website on the internet.

Here's a screen shot of some of the things she's selling.


I'll give you a hint. There are three very photos that are very obviously not hers. These would be the last three pictures in the top row. You can see that Mackenzie blurred out the face on one baby, and also removed the original shop name from the baby sized cowboy boots picture.

I will say that this doesn't necessarily mean that Mackenzie can't make the items. She has posted some photos of her work on her Twitter account, and she's also gotten good reviews on pretty much everything she's sold.

This doesn't mean that using the photos is right, but I would say that she probably makes the items and has a pattern for them, but the photos she's posting are not her original work.

To some, that's stealing, and if the images are copyrighted, that could put miss McKee into some legal trouble if she ends up messing with the wrong people.

2. Aleah Lebeouf gets a tattoo


So I know that some of you hate hearing about the new 16 & Pregnant girls before their episodes air, and if that's you, then just skip to #3.

Aleah will be featured on the upcoming season of 16 & Pregnant, and her story is unlike any other that we've seen so far. Aleah is dating a guy named Shawn. Shawn has a son named Noah, who is almost 4 years old. Aleah has been playing the role of step-mom since Noah was very young, and when she became pregnant, she didn't treat this child any differently than she treated Noah. Well, the girls that are confirmed for the next season have ask.fm accounts where they reply to questions and comments from people who basically pry for information. Aleah was asked by a fan if she was ever worried about what would happen if she and Shawn broke up, since Aleah has been so close to Noah.

Aleah's response was pretty shocking for me, but maybe it won't be as big of a deal to you. The response might be a little small, so I'll type it up here too "Now that Peyton's here -- I will always be a part of Noah's life. He is my daughter's brother & Shawn wouldn't keep him from me.

Noah would be devastated if I wasn't able to see him everyday. That's why I had no problem getting Noah's name tattooed on me.

I've been around since before he could walk & I'll stay around for him until I die. Noah is just as much my child as Pey."

noah peyton

These 16 & Pregnant relationships don't have a very good rap sheet so far, and the chances of a teenage mother marrying the father of her child is around 10%. While I don't wish a break up on these two by any means, I do worry about the chances of a marriage happening.

Aleah and Shawn are both still extremely young, and even though Aleah is the oldest confirmed girl for the season at 18 years old, she's still barely legal.

If a break up was going to happen, Aleah is now permanently branded with the footprint and name of a child that she legally has no rights to, and probably won't see much. Opinions? Maybe I'm overreacting on this one.

3. Adam Lind and Taylor Halbur break up

adam taylor

A month after the two exchanged promise rings, it seems that Taylor has dumped Adam because of how immature he is. Lots of places have reported on this so far, but apparently two of Taylor's friends reported that the two broke up because Adam failed to grow up after the birth of his second child. Adam and Taylor broke up a few weeks after their daughter, Paislee, was born, and Chelsea Houska even revealed that the two were simply putting on a show to try and look good for the Teen Mom 2 viewers.

Since MTV is still filming, there's a chance that we'll get to see this break up happen on our screens during season 5b, but we'll have to wait and see.

I can't say that I'm surprised that the two aren't together any more.

It'll be interesting to see if Adam and Taylor have a better co-parenting relationship than Adam and Chelsea, and what the dynamic between Aubree and Paislee ends up being as they grow up.


Not surprised by the Adam/Taylor break up. He is going to be one of those weirdos that has kids by a bunch of different women and not give a rat's ass about any of them (unless it benefits him in some way).

The only thing I hope for is that Chelsea and Taylor will realize that their daughters deserve to spend time with one another. They are blood related and it's especially unfair to Aubree for Paislee to be ripped out of her life (because let's be real, Adam is probably not going to get much in the way of custody when it comes to Paislee). Time to put on some big girl panties and do what's best for the kids. If Aubree wants to see Paislee (and vice versa as Paislee ages), those requests should be honored.

I think Chelsea might be more open to the idea of the girls seeing each other if Adam was out of the picture.

I agree.

Taylor posted on her ask.fm or whatever that there had always been bad blood between her and Chelsea. It would be great for them to put their differences aside but I can't see it happening unless it's for revenge on Adam. Let's hope he doesn't go back to Chelsea and she accepts him. No one is going to have a fairy tale ending with that douche.

Yeah plus Adam cheated on Taylor with Chelsea... Seeing they both chose to sleep with Adam I'd say they aren't the most rational people who would consider putting their daughters ahead of they're love of Adam's meat pole

You are being pretty hard on Adam, but have you ever considered that he may be right in all of this? What is Taylor has just turned into a fat, stretch-marked bitch and Paislee is just a mistake that he should sign over?

I can't believe that I am getting thumbed down for sticking up for one of the most consistently victimized people on the Teen Mom series. Adam is consistently being shown in a poor light, and I can't for the life of me figure out why the show producers decided to pick on him. He can't help it if he does not like dealing with Chelsea after she became a fat, stretch-marked bitch. he is just being honest, and why do people give him grief for simply stating that he feels that his daughter was a big mistake. Everyone else on the show is phony, but Adam stays true to the person he is. Why is he consistently penalized for it.

When Adam crashed his Corvette, he lost one of the most meaningful things in his life, and not one person even bothered to give him support. It was not his fault that those old people were out there blocking the road by going so slow. Why did not anyone bother to point the finger at that old lady driver who was such a hazard? everybody loves to pile on Adam. It is okay to make fun of his paunch and his receding hair line, but if he makes one mention of Chelsea's fatness or stretch marks, everyone goes ballistic. Adam obviously cares deeply about the things that matter in his life - just look at the love and attention he gives to collecting all those vehicles and motorcycle.

Nobody talks about how much love and care and effort he puts into accumulating those items and how much he sacrifices his own freedom just to drive them without a license. This is a man who is dedicated to things that give his life purpose. I doubt that many of these readers would be brave enough to undergo all of that tattooing that he needs to add a level of class to his life that not many of these read3ers have attained. Adam has big dreams and the balls to follow his dreams. His daughters will definitely be able to see that and draw inspiration from him when they get a little older.

Everyone made a big deal about the fact that his custody agreement prevents him from driving Aubrey anywhere, but does anyone realize how inconvenient that must be for him? Everyone just follows the MTV line and always makes him look like the bad guy.

Amazing hahaha

I laughed so hard at this thank you

You seriously made my day! LMAO

You have some nerve, mister. Can't you see that Adumb is irresponsible and a bad influence on Aubrey. Your going to look pretty stupid some day when Adumb finally hurts somebody going to fast for the speed limit. How can you have such glowing words of support for this person who treats everyone so bad? You must be incredibly stupid to not see what a bad person Adumb is and how he is losing more and more hair every day.

Well said. Now I don't have to type that all out ;)

Oh, footprint tattoos, how...original.

Good for Taylor finally seeing the light, unfortunately she didn't do it before having that loser's child, so now she's stuck with him for life, or at least the next 18 years.

Not even going to comment on MacKenzie because she infuriates me.

Lol I swear it's like a required induction to be a teen mom. I've always thought the footprints are so incredibly fucking stupid. I remember when Caitlin did that and I thought it was sweet but tacky, and now it's just SO played out. You don't have to tattoo your kids names to prove that you love them, lawlz...

especially these BIG, planned out tattoos for their first kid. is ryan going to tattoo all his kids' names the way he did for bentley?

I have to say I am also gossip girl obsessed

I have to say, I like the footprint tattoo. Yes, it's played out, but I still think it's sweet. At least it has meaning. Not gonna lie, my tattoo has absolutely no meaning behind it besides the fact that I liked it. The only thing I don't like about Aleah's (besides that it looks huge), is she's only 18. I'm sure she will have more children in the future (and if she follows the 16&P suit, it'll be within the next couple of years). What is she going to do then? She can't add another footprint to that and it's going to be weird having two footprints together and then a random one somewhere else. I think she should have waited until she was older and done having kids.

I agree, but let's face it... waiting until their older to do a lot of things doesn't happen with these girls. Like having babies. Bahaha.


- Didn't Taylor learn anything about promise rings given by adumb?
Hint: If you have a kid with someone and that someone doesn't even ask you to marry them, instead they give you a PROMISE ring & he's known for giving promise rings to ex girlfriends... eh eh.

- I find very sweet this girl love that kid as her own (even she got his name tattoed wow) I really hope she doesn't break up with her boyfriend because both (the kid and her) would be devastated.

- I don't care about mackenzie who is probable trying to get pregnant again as we speak.

Promise ring = will you promise to screw me even though I'm unemployed and a deadbeat? Kthanks

I don't know why Taylor thought Adam and his receding hairline would change for her. I really hope that she and Chelsea manage to become civil so their daughters can have a relationship. Taylor seems like such a nice girl, I feel bad for her because Adam is clearly doing to her what he did to Chelsea.

I think it's really nice that Aleah has took on her boyfriend's son as her own. I believe the mother has no contact (I may be wrong.....) so it is good that he has a mother figure in his life. I don't like the tattoo though, but that's my personal preference.

Mac is dumb as a post....there's really nothing else to say ;)

I agree with everything that u said.except for the hair line thing.that he cannot help and shouldnt make fun of a guy if that happens early

Damn. Still no mention of Nathan's latest cheating scandal. Been waiting for that one- the jokes about his Olive Garden boner just write themselves.

Working on it! (I've been really busy, but I'm doing my best to keep up!)

Don't worry...I'm sure there will be at least more article worthy debacles in Jenelle's life within the next week.

True! This one will keep (unlike Nathan's fake spray tan.)

No worries, I'm a student too. Megan this site is always super up to date! Definitely the best blog out there. Even if there hasn't been an article in a while we entertain ourselves with the comments as you can see :D And it's way too good of a procrastination from school.

You are doing a great job Megan! Do you know if the rumor about Adam and Chelsea sleeping together after paislee is true?

Thanks! I know there's going to be talk about hook ups on the reunion show, but I haven't heard anything for sure. I'll look into it. :)

Here's the link to the OK Magazine article that posted something, if you want to watch the clip. It's just a short thing where Randy says, "You did the same thing with Taylor" so I guess it could be taken a few different ways, but we'll see on the reunion show.


This site is really well-done. Thanks again to Megan and Steve for entertaining us.

I know Randy should probably get off twitter and whatnot, but that man has the patience of a saint for not reaching across that sofa and punching Adam in the face.

Ugh if that's true, then Chelsea loses some major points! IMO she's good and has become one of the best moms on these series. If you take away the years wasted on the Adam obsession of course.

Ha. Olive Garden Boner. Ha.

It's just something about those bread sticks.

I was looking on Taylor's Instagram and it seems as if her and Adam do coparent well, Adam has an account (I'm not sure it's him) and that's been posting photos of Paislee and Aubree so it seems as though they will have some sort of relationship. I hope these two don't go back and forward, instability is so bad for a child!

Mackenzie is such an idiot! Seriously why not just use photos of your actual products? You could land yourself in a lot trouble. A while ago she said Josh had an amazingly paid job, does anyone know what he does? Or was Mackenzie lying and is she relying on Josh winning at Rodeos for money?! I can't believe this girl is only a few months younger than I am, she's so naive it drives me crazy!

I think it's a nice gesture having Noah's footprint tattooed on her, what happens if she had more children? There doesn't seem like she's left space for anymore children...

She'll just have to go full-Kail and get a sleeve.

I know what you mean about the tattoo. I have 2 children and didn't get my tattoo until they were older. First of all it took me 4 years before I could decide what I wanted, and how I could make it to where I can add to it if I have more children. Its like these girls don't think long term! I was a teen mom too so that's no excuse...

I think it is nice that Aleah considers a non-biological child just as much her son..I don't have any tattoos but I feel like you wouldn't get a tattoo based on whether you legally are allowed to see a child it would be more based on the love you have for them so if she loves Noah and if they are seperated in the future it won't really matter she did it because she loved him and had a close relationship with him at one time...

Don't forget Adam fucked Chelsea around alot when Aubree was a baby and only really became more involved recently. There was alot of instability that contributed to the poor co-parenting relationship.. Taylor and Adam have only been playing families a short time and are still probably in the zone where he flirts and sexes her and she thinks there might be a chance he will change...

I've noticed a lot of douche dads do this. They dick around until the kid is like 5 and is more 'fun' and then they want to be involved.

According to the Ashley, Myranda from 16&P season 4 is due to give birth to baby number two any time.
I remember seeing on her facebook when she married Eric that she hinted she was pregnant again but nothing was confirmed because she keeps a very low profile.
Eric has also graduated from community college, so things are going well for them!

Myranda and Eric are expecting a little girl who they plan on naming Ryleigh. Myranda is due on April 26th but the baby could come sooner than that!

Thanks! Didn't know that they'd picked a name. apparently she is already dilated, so baby is early!

That's actuallt not indicative. If she's not in active labour, she could be dilated however much she is for weeks still. I was dilated to 1-2cms with my first for three weeks before he was born.

JS Myranda's baby is really ugly. Ryleigh is an ugly name.

She got much prettier as she got older. Also, that's just mean.

Except you just agreed with me.

I was bitten by a baby named Riley so I'm also not a fan of the name lol

I'm not the least bit shocked that Adam continues to act like a self-absorbed, immature jerk. The only thing worse than his personality is his driving.

And the only thing more unfortunate than his driving is his unbelievably high sperm count. (Although Aubree is a doll but I think both of Adouche's offspring being cute have more to do with their mom's being pretty.)

Awesome comments Keiffah's Green Hoodie and Rae! I know I'm going to hell for this, but I don't think Paislee is a "cute baby" - I've seen far worse, but she's just not cute. I hope she, like some of the other TM babies, grows out of a homely infancy to a much more attractive and adorable toddlerhood.

1) Taylor will be presented by Adam as yet another "crazy" and "jealous" girl that can't get over Adam's super sexy God's gift to the planet balding skull covered ass. I really, really, really hope Chelsea stays off the Male Pattern Deadbeat Train and continues focusing on herself and Aubree.

2) WHY do people insist on getting footprint tattoos? They all look the same and I can't imagine they hold up well over time. You're just going to have amorphous blobs all over you in ten years. They just all look super trashy to me. But I'm a jerk, so there's that.

3) Mackenzie had a Chernobyl level meltdown because her parents couldn't find her boyfriend's rodeo on time. I don't see her being able to have the patience to learn how to crochet.

#1 was exactly my first thought too...I'm sure this will be all Taylor's fault because she's crazy. I'll bet we hear some cheating rumors about Adam, too. He's so gross.

Who would want his balding, rat tooth self?!

"Mackenzie had a Chernobyl level meltdown because her parents couldn’t find her boyfriend’s rodeo on time. I don’t see her being able to have the patience to learn how to crochet."

A+, my friend.

You win the internet with this comment. Just so you know. (:

!. I hope Mackenzie gets banned from Etsy. Stealing is obviously a big deal in that community (even just using a pattern you bought from someone and selling the stuff you make from it is a no-no) and she should be kicked off not only for stealing the pics but for falsely representing herself. The pictures have to be of the actual item. I also really don't believe that she is capable of making this stuff, for obvious reasons that we all know about, I don't need to say it again.

Don't care about the 16&P girls, but I also don't think it's a big deal that she got her babydaddy's other kid's footprint tattooed on her. It's a nice sentiment, but I'll agree with those who think this tattoo is hideous. Never go to a tattoo artist who uses a computer font in their designs.

Is the obvious reason the fact that she's a fucking moron??

Nailed it!

I was thinking the exact same thing about Mackenzie. If anything, she's gifted or buys these things at rummage sales and sells them for 120% profit. Still a big no-no on Etsy! I hope she gets banned. There's people trying to make an actual living off of their talents, not just receiving money for opening their legs!

Not to mention how is she in a position to sell baby clothes when all of little Jaxie's clothing was stolen when Josh's dealer collected payment their house was robbed like a month ago??

I remember hearing from Dr. Drew on the reunion that josh got over his drug problem. But it was so weird because they had never mentioned him having a drug problem the entire season... Then it all made sense.

I only saw her 16 & Pregnant episode AFTER I saw TM3 but I didn't hear one mention of her super diabetes or her family's Jesus Take the Uterus mentality. Gotta add that stuff in later because without a drug problem and a half-assed commitment to celibacy, they're pretty boring.

I want to change my screen name to Jesus Take The Uterus now.

They also didn't mention Mackenzie had a dead brother or had a cheerleading scholarship for college. A lot of stuff was left out or kept secret on Mackenzie's segments.

@Bigfoot Kail You're right. They also left out the part about her having a late term miscarriage before she ever had Gannon.

What the actual fuck? Late term miscarriage? But then after Gannon her mother STILL wouldn't put her on birth control?!?!?! Where do you find this stuff out? Scholarship? How sad.....Mackenzie is SO immature and naive. I really don't know how she cares for two children.

@vanna yep! And apparently Mackenzie is a mormon too which just makes this entire thing even stranger

Poor Aubree and Paisley... He is a useless human being. I would love to see the breakup on the show...woudl just love to see another woman tell him off. He's awful, glad Taylor finally saw it but I'm sure they hook up get back together etc and she was dumb to be with him int eh first place. Mackenzie wtf.... I feel like she's not smart enough to think of something like that. Josh and Mackenzie I truly feel qualify for special education. Yeah Aleah I don't care but she seems sweet.

Adam's one of those guys that I feel zero sympathy for when all the women he's screwing behind each other's backs lure him into a hotel room for hot sex and then superglue his dick to his stomach. (If it reaches that far...)

I messaged the person whose pictures Mack stole to let her know, and also reported her shop for using copyright images. I think some of the stuff Mack actually did make, and if so that's nice, but DON'T. STEAL. PEOPLE'S PICTURES / ART, ESPECIALLY if that shit is copyrighted. She wasn't even clever about it she either

A) Just left the copyright right on the picture
B) Trimmed it just enough to cut off the owner's Copyright mark.

I hope it comes to bite her in the butt.

Good call. She needs to learn to get off her ass and get a job instead of stealing other people's work to afford the gas to Josh's next braindamagedeo.

(Loud over exaggerated clapping) "GOOD JOB!" (Loud over exaggerated clapping).
JK ...but yea I agree w Rae lol

You (amd Nathan) do loud, over-exaggerated clapping very well!

Nathan seal applauds you. Seriously I'm so glad you did that! So wrong to steal someone's art and hard work and pass it off as your own. I used to be indifferent towards her and just think she was a dumb... now she's a dumb and a lazy little thief. The Clouse will probably defend her and take the bullet.

Hahaha did you see her "article" about Mackenzie's "adorbs" stuff?? She can't even right now!

WHY ARE YOU SO ANGRY, JANESSA!!!?? If TM2 has taught me anything, it's that one should only ever clap out of unbridled rage.

I did the same. The seller I emailed said she sometimes lets people sell things they make from her patterns IF they ask permission (which I highly doubt Mackenzie did), but she absolutely does not let people use her pictures in their listings. She asked for Mackenzie's shop name, so I'm sure she's going to contact her about it.

I'm learning a lot from this post, actually. While it should be obvious to anyone with an IQ higher than 10 (i.e. not Mackenzie) that selling someone else's stuff is wrong and plain dumb... I never really thought about it not being okay to sell stuff you personally made using a pattern you purchased. I've never sold anything on Etsy and have no plans to do so really, but if I ever do I'll keep that in mind.

What I've noticed in a lot of cases is that some people who sell patterns will have a little notice saying not to make the item then sell it for profit. It probably depends on who you purchase from or how you got the pattern.

I saw these decorative crosses in a Christian book/gift store recently, and man, they looked so much like the things Mackenzie has on her store

I want to see her burn for this because not only am I a struggling artist, I have an entire network of friends who are as well and so many have dealt with art theft it's fucking insane. NO.

What did the shop owner say?

She said thanks for the information and she would look into it further. Nothing too fancy~

Also: Oh noezzzzz, two thumbs down? Must be Mack and her mom.

Given that all of Mackenzie's items are marked up from the originals, I'm willing to bet she is either buying them and re-selling them or she is making them off of a pattern. Either way, judging by her wooden cross endeavors, I don't see her products being anything near worth the amount she's asking.

Footprint tattoos are so tacky! Why is everyone so unoriginal?

As far as Adumb and Taylor, who DIDN'T see this coming? I'm shocked it took this long. I was sure she was going to dump him after the car wreck incident.

I sincerely doubt she has the patience or even the basic intelligence to make this stuff.

She's either buying them and reselling them or she's selling a product she never intends to deliver. I don't think she's got the patience or intelligence to make these items, especially the high volume she needs to make. She's got a lot of her "fans" buying that crap and there's no way she could keep up that kind of workload.
I think Taylor didn't dump Adam after the car wreck is because she was too embarrassed to do it. Everyone was expecting it and everyone would have said "I told you so" to her. She's an idiot for getting pregnant and thinking she wasn't going to be treated like Chelsea 2.0. She's the one who probably pushed him to pursue visitation with Aubree and now that they're broken up I bet he violates that court order and hardly ever sees Paislee.

Adam is immature??!! NOOO!!! Say it isn't so!! Now that Taylor has made that amazing revelation what ever will she do?

Probably push for her own spin-off.

Oh gross I would NOT watch that. I would rather watch Megan and Chelsea being dumbs in California. And that's saying a lot. During that episode did you get the vibe they were trying to get their own show AKA Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie style? Not that I dislike them, they just entertain me kind of like a puppy that doesn't know how to walk yet entertains me.

Can you imagine what the makeup budget on that show would cost?!?! They'd have to open up an entirely new shaft in the Sioux Falls Orange Foundation mine.

I wonder if they peel their entire faces off at night. can you imagine how many makeup wipes they must go through? Yes just the makeup alone would be more than Aubree's and Paiselee's college fund.

That, or they simply never take it off, and just add more in the morning...

I am creeped out by Megan, I feel like she tries to be Chelsea. I don't dislike her but she definitely weirds me out and I don't like when she's on the show.

WHY do people get tattoos before they are done having babies? What happens Aleah, if/when you have another baby? Where do you intend on adding that name? Are you going to have a series of footprints down your back?? Dumb.
It was only a matter of time for Adumb and Taylor. Seriously.

Yeah really. Will Amber get another creepy baby doll face tatted on her if she has another kid? Will Catelynn get more footprints for the children she keeps? So many others included.

If a) Amber hadn't been so high she couldn't see straight, b) she had waited until Leah got even cuter and c) maybe scaled down the gigantor size of that thing, she could have a very gorgeous portrait tattoo on her hands. Unfortunately...well...

d) If she actually had gone to an EXPERIENCED and talented tattoo artist that knew a thing or two about portrait tattoos (she had gone out with the tattoo artist that had done her tattoo, IIRC, and he was a total newbie to the tattoo business)

e) Didn't have it placed on her lower abdomen - what a turn-on for a guy to see a Cabbage Patch Kid/Cartman/Rosanne Barr face near your gentleman greeter, staring at him as he readies to knock boots with you. And can you imagine what that "face" will look like when she gains weight or gets sperminated again? Good God!

Hahahahah cabbage patch cartman rosanne barr face. That's awesome.

If Aleah has any more kids they're going to look like a third wheel when their mother tries to shove their footprint somewhere in that tattoo. People should think about the tattoos they get for their kids when they're young and still likely to have more layer on.

I'm going to laugh when she has like 7 foot prints all over her back. For me it just looks like someone walked all over your back with paint. *shrug* It's great she took the other child on as her own but it also seems like a big fuck you do the woman who gave birth to him. From what I hear she's a deadbeat anyway....so I guess if Babs got a tattoo of Jace as her child I wouldn't complain lol, but still feels wrong.

I don't know what is wrong with me today but as soon as I read your comment, I immediately pictured Babs with a tattoo of Jace on her ass labeled "The Baby." My nightmares should be extra Bostonian tonight.

That is comedy gold. Hahaha I was right, Heather is on her tirade that it's ok Mackenzie stole those pictures.

I wonder if HC washes her lips after each ass-kissing or if she just lets the Oklahoman crud build up?

OMG I just DIED laughing

I don't get the footprint/name tattoo thing. You are right - there is little foresight into future children and how/if they will incorporate into their tattoo. Personally, I plan on getting a tattoo here in the near future (when we are not saving every penny for a wedding) for our children that is more symbolic than the obvious foot/name idea. It's a dandelion and each petal blowing away will represent one of our children so I can add on as that time comes. I agree with the idea that these two may not be together forever so her bond to her stepchild may inevitably be strained or broken, but that could be said for anyone who enters or marries into a blended family, I suppose. When I get this tattoo, my first petal will be for my stepson, not a biological child. I guess some people wouldn't feel comfortable with that. To each their own.

errrr... would*!

LOL, sorry guys, long night studying. I was right the first time. Ignore my grammar woes.

That actually sounds really great! I love dandelions. Curse whatever dickbag scientist decided to classify them as weeds.

That sounds so cute and different! I can't say shit about any of this because I have a tattoo of my deceased pets name. By the time I'm 90 I'll just have paw prints and pets names all over my body. But I don't have kids and animals > people.

I love that tattoo

The Mackenzie stuff really pisses me off. I have a shop on etsy, and it's how I've supported myself thru single teenage parenting and college. If anyone ever stole the designs I have put so much time and energy into and tried to pass them off as their own I would be furious. How incredibly disrespectful to the people who actually have to make a living off their talents, and aren't as lazy and pathetic as to steal from another shop. I have reported this to etsy staff - I can only hope her site is shutdown. What a stupid girl...

I have a shop that doesn't have anything listed currently but I went in and reported her, as well. If you can't make something worthy of the price tag you're slapping on it yourself, then don't sell it on an art/craft community. Go work at Del Taco or wherever the hell will hire your incompetent, ditzy baby-having-babies-and-then-tantrums ass.

I don't think footprint tattoos are tacky but that's just me.

I don't think it's so much the footprint tattoo in itself that is tacky. What's tacky is how overdone it is becoming.

Yeah that's true. However it's better than putting your girlfriend/boyfriend or husband/wife name on you. Well maybe in some cases its not bad for example if they pass away or something.

SMH at Mckenzie. JUst like someone else has said. I think Mckenzie is buying these items and resaling with a hiked price. The flower crochet headband is being sold for 3.99 McKenzie has it listed at 7.00 on her etsy.
The white bunny ears crochet hat with the whited out face is 3.99 and this bitch has it set to 20.00!!!

I reported her to etsy hopefully something is done!

Mackenzie- I can't even say that it surprises me, but it definitely leaves a bad taste in my mouth. It reminds me of the whole Chelsea's Choices fiasco
Aleah's tattoo- I'm with you Megan in feeling like this girl may be setting herself up for a devastating situation. She doesnt have legal rights to his son, and people say all kinds of things but when they break up its always a different story.
Adam and Taylor: oh who would have thought that Adam wouldn't grow up after Paislee's birth? Seriously.

I'm rather curious as to why they haven't taken the steps to perhaps get the son to be legally adopted by his step-mom? I know nothing of their situation or how that works. Can you adopt a kid if you're not married to the parent that IS in the picture but are in a relationship with them? Especially if you have a biological kid with the guy? I just think it would be in the kid's best interests to get that put down in writing in case something does happen. It's not his fault his mom's a deadbeat so he shouldn't have to be torn away from the mom he DOES know should something happen with his dad and his step-mom/step-girlfriend whatever it would be called down the road.

Im not sure what the legalities are regarding marriage and adoption, but it might be something she might want to look into( another question, if he got custody of his son after they were married/ she adopted she would pay child support, right?)
Unfortunately having a child doesn't just give you rights to their siblings if they aren't your biological child, for example Taylor thinking she was now officially entitled to go to Aubrees parent teacher conferences. But I do think its really nice that she seems to be devoted to her boyfriends son

I think that's a huge hearted thing for an 18 year old to do. Especially if the kid is almost four and she's been around almost his entire life. I wouldn't have wanted to be anyone's step-mom or date a guy with a kid when I was like 15 or 16. Maybe she's head over heels and naive or maybe (fingers crossed) MTV accidentally cast a good person for once. These people with souls fall through the cracks every now and then. If she wants to be a great mom to her kid and her boyfriend's kid, too, then I say more power to her. A kid can't have too much love. Except maybe Sophia...there's wayyyy too much love going on there. She's not going to realize that adults don't speak in baby talk until she's a junior in high school, bless her heart.

I agree Rae- and who knows maybe if they don't end up making it in the long haul he will still let her see his son.. if she has been his only mother figure since before he could walk I'm sure he knows it would be pretty devastating to the little boy to have her suddenly removed from his life

Stanley-If he has primary custody of Noah, the biological mom has to pay him child support if he files for it. But if this girl adopts him, it will legally be as if she gave birth to him. The bio mom will have no parental rights to him and she will not be required to pay child support.
I think that's what you were asking? :)

Legally it varies from state to state. Most require the biological parent to sign off or admit neglect in order for someone to adopt the child, even if it is a step parent. My boyfriend wants to adopt my son from a previous relationship, however our state requires that his biological father to have not financially provided for the child for at least six months (this is classified as neglect) before the court will consider adoption or his bio father needs to sign off on it. It's all very complicated and confusing lol

This is the problem with Chelsea and Taylor:

Taylor banged Adam while he was with Chelsea.

Chelsea banged Adam while Taylor was pregnant and supposedly shortly after Paislee was born.

Neither girl has any self-respect or respect for relationship boundaries. They'll always blame each other for their "families" with Adam not working out and they'll both always be obsessed with Adam. Their friendship would last about five seconds before one of them broke girl code and screwed Adam. I don't think it'll get to that point, though. Chelsea has already said in a previous episode that Paislee "doesn't count" so I doubt she cares if Aubree sees her. At most, the girls may occasionally see each other for holidays at Adam's parents' house.

I concur 100%. The only way they would ever get along for any prolonged period of time is if MTV made a chick flick about them getting revenge on Adam's douchey recede-hawk. They both rationalized that each one was the one Adam TRULY loved and thus kept coming back to her. The problem is that the only thing Adam TRULY loves is fixing shitty cars, wrecking semi-decent cars and apparently ejaculating.

It sucks for Aubree and Paislee but if their mom's actually legitimately hate each other, it may be best in the long run not to push any kind of relationship until they're both old enough to pursue one themselves as half-siblings. That way they can make their own friendship and it won't be tainted by their mom's driving away from each playdate saying nasty things about each other and making the girls feel conflicted about their family.

That is such a good point. At first I thought yay they broke up! A facet for Chelsea and Taylor to get along! But you're right, all they would do is bad mouth Adumb, which is fine except they'd probably do it in front of the kids. Some time definnitely needs to go by and Adam needs to basically become a different person entirely. I love that Randy has more hair than Adumb.

A completely different person entirely. Perhaps maybe an inmate at a South Dakota State Penitentiary?

Some time needs to go by? Chelsea and Adam have been over for ages, they just banged while he wa with Taylor. In my opinion Taylor would be extremely forgiving to try form a friendship with chelsea to ensure their kids don't go without a relationship.
How would you not punch the girl in the face after she had sex with your "boyfriend" knowing you were at home pregnant and at home with a new born, oh and to add does Chelsea have ANY self respect? When she was pregnant was when adam was threatening to take her to court, why have sex with someone making your life hell.
Both girls lack so much self esteem, ridiculous because they are such pretty girls, just shows what a man who thinks he is gods gift can do to girls.

I think that Adumb is abusive to both of them, I've said before that Chelsea almost has a textbook case of battered wives syndrome when it comes to emotional abuse. I doubt it was any better for Taylor. But they are going to keep coming back as long as he wants because that is how he's programed them. It sounds awful because... it is. I'm not saying that Chelsea isn't responsible for her actions when it comes to cheating, but it is going to take a whole lot for her to get herself out of the situation. Especially since she has to see Adumb for the next at least 14 years.

Thank you, I agree a 100% but I do feel worse for Taylor, the abuse she gets on twitter from the chelsea fans is horrid considering she got cheated on as well, and I'm sorry but it stings 100x more getting cheated on when pregnant and just had a baby than it is normally.
Seriously people go on and on about how AMAZING chelsea is, she is immature, obsessed with Adam, cheats while knowing he has a pregnant girlfriend/newborn and girlfriend at home, she would not be where she is today if she didn't have daddys help and mtv money. She is spoilt but that isn't her fault I get that, but even when you look at the way she spoke about taylor when adam and her got together "is she there, was she prettier than me, was she ugly, did you have fun at dads? Who was there?" it's the acts of an immature teen without a kid to look after.

Except Taylor could just watch every episode of teen mom to see what Adam was like before she allowed him to impregnate her....She made her bed

Yeah but they weren't HER mistakes, it's like when parents say "don't make the same mistakes I did" .. Does it hit home? No because you learn from your OWN mistakes. And I doubt she watched all the episodes etc, that would be creepy, and if she didn't know him at that point he would play the "i have changed" card.. "everyone makes mistakes" ... Chelsea needs to get some self respect and build back her self esteem because if she keeps having sex with men, when she knows he has a pregnant girlfriend at home, she will hurt a lot of people.
She needs to get confidence in herself, know she has self worth, she is a stunning girl but she doesn't think she is, hence the slutty actions to feel wanted, the make up etc .. it's sad but she needs help before she pisses the wrong person off.
In my opinion, make your mistakes but LEARN from them, don't make to same one over and over again.

I have a feeling Adam goes around with the "MTV has edited me to look like a bad guy" excuse. He's been saying that for years. If that were the case, I would have stopped filming with them a long time ago. He probably told Taylor that everything was staged for good TV and he wasn't actually a huge asshole and she fell for it.

I agree I thought the same thing. Yes Chelsea is a good mom but good grief the girl is immature and has no self respect for herself. Oh and the Chelsea minions need to get a life.

Oh the Chelsea minions are freaks. They are so in love with her that they can't admit what she did was wrong. There like "so what, she slept with someone knowing they had a preggo GF at home, she was single" ... Oh I would say it wouldn't be that if it was your boyfriend she banged but they would probably LOVE that.

Nobody is surprised that adumb and taylor are broken up, but I get the feeling that it will be on and off forever, cause that's what was going on with chelsea before he knocked up Taylor. I mean, until he finds the next innocent girl to screw and mentally torture, he's always gonna run back to them just because it's convenient. No matter if he goes back to Chelsea or Taylor, nobody will be surprised, Chelsea literally idolizes him still.

I'm pretty sure it took Taylor a lot of guts to break up with him cause they already broke up once, and she was always putting on a show on her instagram, saying how much he has grown up, she was probably too embarrassed to admitt that she made the same mistake as Chelsea.

Do you think that he could impregnate Chelsea again then return to Taylor? Cause I knew this guy who did the same thing with 2 women he had 2 kids to each but the kids overlapped so that he was impregnating them alternatively eww why do these women do it????

Imagine Randy's face if Chelsea told him she was preggers to Adam again...

I just had to vent how messed up Mackenzie is for doing that!!!!! I have an instagram full of photography (and who knows maybe no one would steal it), but if they did I would be royally pissed! Especially from someone who has TV influence vs. a regular person who didn't get rewarded and paid for irresponsible decisions. She was always extremely whiny but now she is just evil to me.

Taylor is a stupid cow. Seriously, what is wrong with this girl? You have video evidence of Adam being a complete shit head and you still have a baby with him? She needs a good solid bitch slap across the face. Her and Chelsea could be poster girls for enforced sterilization.

I was going to dislike your comment but then I saw how you think both girls are stupid and i liked it :) God you are right, Chelsea minions keep saying she did nothing wrong, yeah just have unprotected sex with the ass, when he has a pregnant girlfriend at home as well... smart girl.
The only thing taylor has going for her is she did not make the same mistake over and over, she made her own mistake going with adam thinking he changed, had a baby, realized he hadn't, came to her senses pretty quickly and dumped his ass.
I'm just waiting for Chelsea to take him back now, wouldn't surprise me, her self esteem is so low it is ridiculous!

Megan! Against my better judgement and to indulge in my love of white trash, I went to Jenelle's teen mom website that wrote a smear article on Nathan's beard-beard-of-the-week chick and I'd like to make sure everyone sees this absolute ruby of thinly veiled racist douchebaggery:

“Nayla has multiple bi-racial children with several different fathers, and is reportedly struggling for cash.”

How the FUCK does her having children with anything other than one white dude have any pertenence over whether or not she let Nathan touch her with his clapper dick!?! So not only is she a hateful, venomous bitch but she's also super racist. Who knew? My only guess is that Keiffah must have given her a second case of the herppah.

I have been meaning to ask this, is sulia Jenelle's site? I don't click on it cause I know she gets nickels everytime you do (lol). What a bitch.... sometimes i want the show to end so that she won't be making her nickels no mo', although I see her write about herself a lot so I guess that would never end.

That sentence screams "I am an uneducated bigot". I am white, I personally think bi-racial children are gorgeous! God damn and that's none of her business to write about...I don't get how her minions defend her so fiercely..... LOL yea I was going to say what about Keifah????? But then she fucks anything that moves.

This "article" is on the TeenmomTruth domain that she owns (and writes for.) As far as I understand, sulia is just a host for various people to write articles/blog posts for and then they get ad revenue or a certain amount of money per page visit. I try not to visit both but someone mentioned her smear campaign and how it was laughably pathetic so I checked it out. Spoiler alert: It's laughably pathetic.

I don't see why it is relevant that her children are bi-racial. Jenelle just fails at life lol.

Wasn't Jenelle pregnant multiple times by different men? Jenelle has no right to bash someone when she's done the exact same thing.

Apparently babies that you don't let finish baking don't count against you in Jenelle's mind.

She shouldn't bring in any of those things to trash someone.
1. Jenelle herself has been pregnant 3 times by 3 different men, 1 of which had 2 possible fathers.
2. Jenelle, You will struggle for money in 2 years time when every bit of your teen mom money is gonzo! All you will have is money from your website which will get less and less popular... you will be a single mom, be paying child support to your mom still, you will have debt and then we will see who is struggling for cash :)
Can't wait for this bitch to get what she deserves.

Four times. Jenelle has been pregnant four times.

Random question, I know Megan is already a great blogger but is there anyway to send a resume or apply to write articles for the site?

I'd email Steve to ask if I were you - stevebeans@teenmomjunkies

Taylor's issues are 100% on Taylor. If you already saw what Chelsea went through with Adam (on nationally syndicated tv no doubt), why would you think your child would be treated differently? If you didnt have the good sense God gave a gnat to heed someones example you deserve all the troubles that come to you because of that. Chelsea was 16, a child and had no idea what she was getting into. Taylor did.

Although i think both chelsea and taylor are idiots for going with adumb, taylor probably thought he had changed, everyone saw the way he was all "daddy day care" when taylor became his girlfriend, she probably thought he turned a corner and as many people point out, mtv editing is bad! She probably believed it all and the second she got pregnant his real colors probably started to show!

People like Taylor or/and Adam, I just would never have sympathy for if they ever complained about their life being hard and complicated, based around their kids they have with exes. Having kids with every significant other you have, and picking crappy people to be significant others, thinking you or a baby can change them, is so ...... an unwise choice with a lot of consequences that you have to just swallow. A string of exes and kids is a more complicated life than you could have had.

Did you guys see those pictures of Jenelle at some wedding that she just went to? Holy crap her face is scary lol

She deliberately posts things to get people to be mean to her, i'm sure of it. She posts "time for a white wedding" so people will be all, YOU? but your not divorced yet? Why not just put "Miss blah and Mr blue wedding time" I will tell you why, it is too create drama!

Mackenzie - I highly doubt she has the talent to make the items to the quality shown in the pictures. She stole someones creative ideas which is pathetic, she should have at least asked the persons permissions and then added that the design is a model which she will copy. 2nd I highly doubt people actually love the items she provides, have you seen the crosses and frames (butt ugly) The rates come from her ass kissing fans.
New Girl - Sweet she is including Noah but it makes me wonder if the mother of noah is around? How would she feel about that?
Taylor and Adam: No surprise their, I feel worse for Taylor than I do for Chelsea, she thought he had changed, she had a baby, all the Chelsea crazed fans are giving her abuse (maybe those same fans should remember Chelsea and Adam hooked up more than once while Taylor and Adam were together) That makes Chelsea more stupid than Taylor, Taylor didn't learn from CHELSEAS mistakes but CHELSEA didn't learn from her OWN mistakes. She made the same one 20x over with Adumb.

What happend to leahs friend amy la dawn of whatever her name was like legit not just a I hurd this. And y did she get kicked off of leahs "fan" page

Amy La Dawn is apparently a heroin addict and got carted off to prison in fall/winter of 2k13.

What happened to leahs friend aMy la dawn and why was she kicked of leahs "fan" page??

At some point she had a prescription drug issue... that was a while ago though, I seem to remember her issues coinciding with no longer being on Leah's page and also her and Courtland messaging each other.

I will say I am glad Taylor and Chealsea are such good moms that they don't choose him over their daughters- doesn't Adam get thaty a child is more important than himself? Doesn't he get that most attention and love is going to a child and not him? Adam is such a loser

actually, Taylor had a choice, she chose Paislee over Adumb. Chelsea didn't choose Aubree over Adumb, Adumb moved on remember?

Chelsea is such a bitch. Obviously this relationship was bound to fail but to say someone is only together to looks good reeks of jealousy. Why are you jealous Chelsea? Adam sucks. Be glad you don't have to deal with his shit anymore. Chelsea, why don't you reveal how Taylor broke up with Adam in the past because you slept with him while she was almost ready to give birth to Aubree's sister? I bet Chelsea is genuinely happy Paislee is coming from a broken home now. Mackenzie probably cries herself to sleep every night knowing she could be in college right now on her cheerleading scholarship she received, but is instead stealing crochet baby items to sell.

LOL @ Mackenzie

Omg. Adam is just got to be the most disgusting human being I've ever seen. And the stupidest. Like, why text and drive with your gf and baby in the car while you're filming your tv show, when everyone knows what a shitty driver you are, and that you don't even have a license! Thank god Taylor finally came to her senses and dropped his scummy ass before he could impregnate her again or he freaking killed her in an accident. I just do not understand how some people function in life when they display such blatant stupidity. How could those two little girls not give him at least some motivation to get his shit together and not be such a moronic loser his whole life? It took a near fatal car accident for her to leave. I hope she doesn't go back. Some people's kids, man.

Didn't read the comments. Mackenzie is buying that shit from China for a couple bucks each and reselling it.

Taylor and Adam are both pretty freakin stupid. For everyones safety- I'd rather they stay broken up, at least make a damn choice already. After all his irresponsible behavior, plus the wreck, I wouldn't want a man like that around my baby.

Not to mention he can't see Aubree without his mommy and daddy supervising. Unbelievably PATHETIC.