Old News Alert - MTV Says No More Boob Jobs!

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When you're whole life revolves around watching a bunch of people through a live stream inside a house for a summer, you tend to miss out on important stories once in awhile.

Someone dug up the story originally posted by Radar but also Examiner (may as well give them both credit), apparently MTV has had enough with the fake bewbie virus spreading around the Teen Moms so they have placed the kibosh on it.

This was before Jenelle had hers done, and considering my cat follows orders better than she does, she went ahead with her surgery anyway. However, don't expect these "struggling" teen moms to plop down $5k+ on some larger 'assets' the second the big checks come rolling in.

Keep in mind, MTV also tried real hard to pretend the moms were struggling as long as they could, until they just couldn't hide it any longer with the out of work Kyle rolling around in a nice Mercedes.

That's also around the time they decided to cut the cast from Teen Mom and finish their stories.

It makes sense in a way, the series was originally supposed to bring awareness to the struggles of young mothers, especially '16 and Pregnant', much like 'True Life' does for other issues. There was nothing the producers could do to prevent people like Maci skyrocketing to over 1 million twitter followers and going on well paid speaking tours in addition to her 6 figure salary from the show.

However, due to that, I agree with them that it was time to end that story for the original cast.

Of course it seems all of the non-jailed ones will have some spin-off or special of some sort, and I think that's a good approach.

Let them tell new stories of their lives considering they each have a bazillion fans, and allow it to be more accurately based on their current situations.

Based on the story (that originally appeared in April - yes I'm slow), it sounds like they're going to really try and force the Teen Mom 3 girls to act more as role models and less like suddenly rich immature 20-somethings.

Who knows how long that will last, but we definitely know the first season will probably be the most honest of them all. I don't think they start getting big bucks until the 3rd or 4th season.


I'm glad they finally put a stop to it. The original girls haven't really been good role models for a long time.

You say "original girls" as if the TM2 girls have been any better. Jenelle got a boob job and didn't see her son for 2 months, Kail cheated then continued to have unprotected sex with her ex where she had an STD scare, and Leah got pregnant again, engaged, and married within 1 year of her divorce from Corey. Chelsea's really the only one that hasn't done anything off the "role model" track. But even she had her faults on the show with prolonging her GED for so long, going back and forth with Adam and acting entitled to everything her parents give her. I'd say all the girls from TM to TM2 have had their fair share of slip ups and lapses in judgment over the last year or two. When it comes to the girls that still have custody of their children, none of them are really significantly better than the others in their life choices.

When did I mention anything about the TM2 girls? I'm only talking about the original cast. No need for you to go on a rant about me.

For the Teen Mom cast, they didn't start receiving their giant paychecks until AFTER season two completed filming. So season 1 and 2 are pretty true to their financial situations. Things WERE still tight.

They didnt start getting all that money until filming of season 3. Not even right away either. When Farrah was calling for a loan on her boob job on the show, that was for real. She knew money was coming her way but was too impatient to wait for it first to pay for her boobs. She wanted those knockers ASAP and called every bank until she could get a loan. "Hi I've got no credit history, but I'm an MTV star. Check is on it's way but I want my boobs NOW. Loan me money. Thanks bank!".

But for the rest of season 3, those girls were getting bank. It's funny in one episode of season 3 you see Maci's family confronting her about her spending habits. "We think you're spending your ~savings~ irresponsibly". Translation: "dammit woman stop flying you and your friends around the continent to party. This MTV money is gonna last forever".

MTV should have paid a small salary, enough to get by on, to the mothers, and put the remainder in trust/college funds for the kids that could not be touched till the children were 18 in my opinion.

Do you really expect MTV to do something so considerate?

That makes no sense. Give the moms a small salary, then put the rest in a trust so the kid can get a few hundred thousand dollars just for being born?

The mothers should put the money in a college fund...

I'm pretty sure it doesn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to go to college.

Some colleges do some dont. My bf has $34,000 in student loans. My dad HAS more. I was lucky enough to have a college fund. Tuition is already expensive per semester now add textbook prices, housing, laptops, and class materials.

If your not sure what college costs then maybe you should keep your thoughts to yourself. I never said they should put their whole salary away, something would be good to put away. If it was me, I would use that money to bring in more money.

Yes it does. Some colleges cost $40,000 a year, and from what I hear, tuition has increased since I was in college 2 years ago. It's easy for students that go to those schools without scholarships to accrue almost $200,000 in student loan debt, and that's if they only go for 4 years and don't pursue a Masters or PhD.

Not everyone goes to a state school on a full ride scholarship. Check out tuition rates at the top 30 schools in the U.S.

Exactly! Not to mention these kids will be in college in about 13 to 15 years from now. Tuition rates are rising now, image what they'll be in a decade or so.

That picture makes farrah look like she's in a porno..

MTV could have paid these girls in magic beans and they still would have put every aspect of their lives on the air. They crave the attabeti

Attention**. I feel like Maci honestly takes herself seriously as an advocate against teen pregnancy (all the while partying non stop and living the high life on the hundreds of thousands she made becoming pregnant as a teen...)

It is quite ridiculous how she demands alot of money for speaking engagements to talk to an age group who are already at college and are obviously making the right decisions that she clearly is not.

She is likeable as a person but she is NOT inspirational.

I agree. If those speaking engagements were out of the goodness of her heart, she wouldn't even take the money she gets. Or she could donate the money to a program that helps prevent teen pregnancy.I wouldn't call her inspirational either. Hmm... "Don't get pregnant as a teen like me. You could end up on Teen Mom and make tons of dough just for not protecting yourself during sex." I can't imagine any of those colleges wasting their budget on having Maci give her "speeches."

I don't understand the purpose of her speaking engagements either. As you pointed out, the college students she is speaking to are already doing better than her in terms of making something of themselves. Speakers are supposed to be inspirational and usually talk about overcoming adversity and becoming successful. I know having a kid at sixteen is no walk in the park but Maci had and continues to have a very strong support system in place, which is something not a lot of teen parents are fortunate enough to have. Add in her "fame" (although I loathe to call it that) and MTV salary and we're not exactly seeing a portrait of a typical teen parent struggling to support themselves and their child.

I'm sure she legitimately wants to spread awareness of teen pregnancy, which is good, but IMO she is not the one who should be delivering that message. I would say the exact same thing about any of the other girls if they were doing speaking seminars, with the possible exception of Amber and that's only because she'd have other things to discuss (her childhood abuse, her violence towards Gary, mental illness, addiction, etc.).

This may be out of the blue but I want to share it. Please know it is written with genuine goodwill.I will explain myself, please bear with me. I am a nurse that attends at-risk births and then takes care of newborns in ICU. Teen pregnancies are often high risk so I have a lot of experience with them.
I have cared for numerous teen moms and their babies. In my own experience of 23 years, many teen moms share similar stories. They are often insecure, most have split parents, many have an absent parent in some way. Many of them had teen parents themselves, when they were born. Some teen pregnancies are accidental, purely failed birth control. Some get pregnant because they are seeking love and acceptance. They are often trying to replace a missing need such as love or security. Some just really want to have sex.
I have lost count of teen moms who confide in me that they had been 'trying' to get pregnant for a while. They do so for many reasons. Some feel this will guarantee their boyfriend will stay with them (untrue). Some tell me that they got pregnant because they wanted 'unconditional love' and their baby would give them that (not always true). Teens have told me they needed someone who they knew 'for sure' would love them. Many feel their home life is so fractured and painful, that they want to start a 'new' family of their own, filled with love. Sadly many teen moms are alone in the delivery room because the dad is already with someone new. I could cry for these teen moms and dads when they leave with their newborn. Often they have a mixed look of shock, fear and OMG.
I think this is the reason these TV teen moms are getting breast implants even before they have fully matured. They are seeking approval and attention due to insecurities.
I MUST be clear here and very honest. There are many teen moms and dads who are loving, dedicated, committed, smart and responsible. Some have wisdom and skills that outshine couples twice their age. There are teen parents who come from loving, stable homes and who have stepped up to the challenge of an unplanned pregnancy. I am sharing stories of MY experience and in no way am saying this is true of every teen parent. However there are far too many teen pregnancies, unwisely planned or accidental. Many teen moms have more than one pregnancy/abortions and often a teen mom is back pregnant again while STILL a teen. It always surprises me when teens tell me that they 'never believed' they would actually get pregnant. It is a reflection of their innocence, immaturity,ignorance and magical thinking. There is enormous peer pressure on girls (some guys too) to have sex. Teen date rape is also a reason for a pregnancy (just awful).
I just wanted to share this and I am not criticizing. I have many precious memories from teen parents I have cared for. I bonded with many of them. I wrote this to give an insider viewpoint. Maybe a teen reading this will see her/his self here and make a different choice. Maybe parents of teens will read it and reassess the relationship with their teen. Maybe it will help one teen (or teen's parent) to begin speaking openly and honestly with each other. Thanks for reading, my goal is purely to help not hurt.

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That's an old picture of Farrah. I'm quite sure she's had a second boob job since then.

Upon hearing this news, applicants to be on the show dropped by half.

Am I the only one who thinks is a young pregnant women's gods givin right to get bigger CANS and no one has the right to tell them differently? Tats, Juggs, Fingernails, and multi colored hair is a must. Don't any of you watch the show?

I know this is off topic, but did anyone see that tweet Farrah sent about Sophia and the kittens at the pet store?

Did anyone else cringe and think, "Farrah, you shouldn't even be allowed IN a pet store!"?

Oh my God. First of all, shelters are full of kittens, so she should NOT be buying one from a pet store. Secondly, if she can't handle a puppy then she is NOT going to be able to handle a kitten. I found a litter of kittens outside earlier this year and decided to keep them, and they were so much work until they got to be a few months old. They constantly want to explore and you have to watch them so they don't hurt themselves.

I can imagine her getting one and deciding to get rid of it the second it scratched her couch.

On the reunion she also mentioned that she had a new chihuahua.. with a name that I can't remember. Anyway, if I saw Farrah walking into a pet store and

While I'm glad that MTV is taking steps to make sure the teen mom's cant spend their money on something stupid like a boob job, do they actually have the right to tell them how to spend their money? I didn't realize that an employer could tell you how to use the money that they pay you for work they hire you for...but maybe it's different with this kind of thing than it is in real life.

All of these moms should be saving that money for their children's future. Sad they're so insecure they have to get a boob job instead of investing that money so that they're not struggling in 10 years. None of them are responsible, and none of them are role models.

I find it sad that the girls even need to be told how not to spend their money. Frankly, when you are getting paid to be an advocate against teen pregnancy, like MTV claims these girls are, and they are spending it on plastic surgery, tattoos, mercedes, and partying, their spending should be monitored. Although in my opinion, it's too little too late.

If they signed a contract it could easily just be part of the contract terms. It's no different than a MLB player being told they aren't allowed to take steroids since it's breaking the rules of the league they signed up for. By getting a boob job, the girls would be breaking the rules of the show they signed up to appear on.

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I do think it's funny that Farrah said she wanted breast implants to help her with modeling...what happened with that? I call BS (just like everything else that comes out of Farrah's mouth)

Unless she wanted to do Victoria's Secret or Maxim, Farrah's boobs were not going to help her modeling career. The girls who model high fashion and walk the runway are stick thin and have no boobs. That's the way designers like them.

Farrah got a boob job because she's terribly insecure. Plain and simple.

I haven't seen anyone else mention it.... I'm pretty sure Leah rom teen mom 2 got. A boobn job. Anyone else think the same??

Leah posted a pic in a swimsuit earlier this summer and I didn't think it looked like she got a boob job. She doesn't have a refund gap, but Maci, Farrah, and Jenelle all do.

I think MTV should have put all the money in a trust for the girls for when they turned 25 plus a portion in a trust for the kids. 16-20 year olds are not going to make good decisions and when the money runs out they will be broke and most likely homeless with those poor babies. It's supposed to show how young mom's struggle. If I could have been on a tv show at 16 to make 3 figure salaries, my kids would have a whole lot more than they do today. I for one as a teenage mom would and have always done for my kids before I have ever given myself a dime. However, most teens are irresponsible especially going from nothing to riches. Seems like MTV could make better deals with the girls so that its all trust fund money until at least the age of 25. Then it will portray the truth of having to work and go to school and struggle like I had to do and continued to do most of my kids life. I finally just went back to college a few years ago after all my kids were in school full time to get my nursing degree and now I am finally finishing it up after 6 years of college.