Nathan Griffith is in Jail

nathan mug shot

Last night on Teen Mom 2, we saw Nathan get arrested for his 3rd DUI offense. Starcasm broke the story this morning that Nathan had finally been sentenced for that September 2013 incident, and that he will be serving 60 days in jail.

According to the Horry County public records that are available at this time, Nathan is serving 30 days for driving with a suspended license, 15 days for resisting arrest, and 2 days for driving on the wrong side of the road.

His court case for his 3rd DUI offense is still listed as pending, so I'm not 100% sure if that's been taken care of, or if he could still serve time for that incident.

Jenelle's due date is somewhere around June 29th, but there has been evidence that her due date is actually in May, and she's simply saying it's in June to try and get rid of the accusations that arose around her allegedly drinking in the beginning stages of her pregnancy.

If all goes as planned, Nathan should be out of jail by June 7th.

So far, Jenelle hasn't posted anything on Twitter, and I'm surprised that Teen Mom Truth doesn't have some sort of exclusive interview with Jenelle to try and make light of this whole situation.

If you want to check out details of Nathan's booking for yourself, check out the Horry County public index.


Wasn't Andrew in jail when Jenelle gave birth to Jace? Talk about deja vu.

I'm pretty sure Andrew was there in the delivery room.

Yeah I think he went to jail like a week after Jace as born for a DUI.

She really has impeccable taste, doesn't she?

Could say the same for the guys that pick her lol

Yes everything was wrong with Andrew and Jace and now everything is perfect for Nathan and the damn Bread Machine. Oh it's not. Andrew got a DUI after Jenelle had Jace. Nathan got a DUI before Jenelle even got pregnant. And now he's in JAIL for a month. It's like she got even more idiotic since she was 16.

Have fun on those plastic mattresses that "make you feel like you're dying" Nathan. I loved how Jenelle's complaint about jail was that they wouldn't let her bring her cot mattress anywhere outside of her cell. As in she just thought it was so unfair that they didn't let her drag her mattress anywhere she wanted and just sleep all day like usual.

Somewhat unrelated, but I follow some Teen Mom pages on Facebook, and every time they post a story about Jenelle, dozens of girls and women rush to her defense, they totally idolize her and in their eyes she can do no wrong. Some of these people are grown women with children, who see no harm in drinking excessively and smoking while pregnant etc.
Makes me sad that there are so many people out there who think Jenelle's behavior is acceptable and in some cases "normal".

They must be outstanding citizens themselves.

Sometimes I defend Jenelle because I feel like people are TOO harsh on her and lose some perspective that she is a human. A very flawed human, further from perfect than most, but still a human. Some people act like she's just as evil as satan himself, which I think is unreasonable. But I also recognize that she makes some stupid decisions that really can't be defended. If people are saying it's okay for people to get drunk while pregnant... that's pretty messed up. How could anyone defend that? While there's no proof that Jenelle has done so, I recognize that she isn't very truthful, and I sure as hell would not say it's okay for her to be drinking if that were the case.

Some people say that Jenelle was like Satan when she got an abortion and then started planning to have a baby 2 months later. I say those people were being a little too hard on Satan. Even he's not that sadistic.

I think you mean Kail, Kail is always defending Jenelle

Hey, if it's controversial, Kail'll do it!

Not if she's too pregnant though!

Yeah sometimes, defending Jenelle is going to make her go into labor.

His genuality about upholding Christian values is shining through! Alongside Jenelle's "I've changed" outbursts.
Who wants to take bets? CPS? Or Babs?

I honestly hope CPS
First of all, Babs is getting old and has enough on her plate with Jace
Secondly, I know we all love Babs, but we have to remember that it was her who raised Jenelle, and now look at Jace, swearing and hitting.
Kaiser's best chance is to get adopted by someone like Brandon and Teresa.

I have to defend Babs on this one. Jenelle is a lost case, that girl is bad to the bone. People out there with really fucked up parents are not as self destructive as this girl is and you know what? I don't care about her but that innocent baby she's carrying should not go down with her. Let's hope he's born healthy and taken away from her as soon as possible.

Poor Jace is only a result of the toxic environment he has around. The constant yelling, one day he's with mommy and then he isn't, mommy's different boyfriends...poor kid. Barbara can only do so much.

I also say CPS..I feel bad enough for Jace I feel if the new baby is taken into care and gets a good home they will be better off than Jace. He has had to deal with his sistermother coming in and out of his life how she sees fit. This baby may feel he was rejected by his family if he got placed outside of their circle but in the end he would probably see he got the better end of the deal.

and I give ti a good 6 months after baby is born before Jenelle cant handle it...any I am being generous here

I think CPS too. Babs just won't cope. And I agree she's hardly a model parent. I give Jenelle about 4wks. Jace was about 2wks old when she was back partying with her girls. After a month she will have had enough of playing house and dump the baby on who ever will take him.

I hope she sticks to what she said when she told Jenelle 'I'm not taking another baby' and that CPS will remove him and adopt him out as an infant.

I hope SOMEONE in North Carolina/South Carolina is watching this show and keeping tabs on Jenelle and Nathan. If Amber can be investigated by CPS for what was shown on MTV, Jenelle and Nathan should be as well. Kaiser didn't ask to be conceived and I hate to say it, but little white babies get adopted fast. He'll be just fine if CPS terminates their parental rights as soon as possible.

We don't know if it's a white baby! Maybe it's Kieffah's.

Jenelle would never have an icky biracial child!! Then she wouldn't be able to find a horse high enough to talk down to Nathan's other concubines.

(Disclaimer: biracial children are not icky. They're gorgeous.)

I hope CPS, but I doubt it. Think about it. As much as Babs says she's not taking this one, do you really think she'd let her grandchild go into foster care? I certainly couldn't, even if I said I wouldn't take him.

Barbara may not have a choice in whether she takes this one or not. Jenelle lives in South Carolina. Barbara lives in North Carolina. If CPS in South Carolina gets involved, they may not want to place the child with Barbara based on the fact that she lives out of state and out of their jurisdiction. Not to mention if Nathan's parents (or any other family member of his) are willing to take him if CPS is involved, I believe they live in South Carolina, so they would prefer them to get custody over Barbara just based on that fact alone. Plus, CPS being involved requires Jenelle to have restricted supervised visitation. Since Jace lives with Barbara and Jenelle does not have any restrictions on visits with him, they won't want to grant Barbara custody because if she goes over there to see Jace that will put her in violation with CPS because Kaiser is there. Also, if CPS does not get involved and Barbara basically does the same thing she did with Jace and files for custody on her own, she would have to file in South Carolina where the child lives. The judge may not grant custody for the same reason CPS may not because she lives out of state. I just have this feeling that CPS will be paying Jenelle a visit while she's still in the hospital after giving birth. Not only does Jenelle involve herself with people who love to sell her out, but the way she and Nathan are acting on tv and how they are both shown to have substance abuse issues warrants a visit from them. Plus they will probably test the baby for drugs at the hospital and when he tests positive for marijuana the hospital will be required to get involved.

My cousin was adopted by her grandparents when her mother was an actual crack whore and they found my cousin in a crack house when she was 6 weeks old. Her grandparents adopted her but told her mother that, if she had any more kids, they wouldn't take them in. Surprise surprise she did have another kid and the grandparents didn't take the new baby in. They were older when they adopted by aunt and her sister (her sister is the crack whore I mentioned above) so they were up there in age by the time they adopted my cousin. They were too old to raise two little children. They would have taken the second baby in if they could just to get her away from her mom but they couldn't. I hope Babs knows her limits and knows that she doesn't have the energy, the time or the resources to add another baby to her family that Jenelle will pop in and play big sister to whenever she damn well pleases.

My sister's ex boyfriend's sister is what Jenelle would probably be like without the MTV money. She had a baby and when the baby was a few months old her dad called CPS on her and he ended up taking the baby. She made no effort to get her daughter back and eventually she signed over her rights. She claimed that she thought if she signed her rights away that she would be able to get more visits with her daughter. Her dad ended up adopting the little girl. Well, she ended up pregnant again. This time I believe CPS took the baby right from the hospital. By this time this girl was prostituting herself for cigarettes, sometimes the guys would only give her 2 or 3 cigarettes at a time, or $5-$10. Well CPS contacted her dad to see if he would take the second one in and he refused. He said that if he kept taking them she'll keep having them. The second daughter is in a foster home. The deadbeat mother didn't sign her rights away yet, but she doesn't see the kid at all. In fact she only claims to have one child, the oldest one, and doesn't even acknowledge the fact that she ever had a second one. Barbara needs to adopt the "If I keep taking them, she'll keep having them" mentality because that's exactly what's going to happen. Jenelle knows that when she gets tired of motherhood she can just dump the kid off with Barbara and be on her way. Barbara should have made some kind of visitation schedule through the courts with Jenelle. Then she wouldn't be allowed to just pop into Jace's life whenever she feels like it.

That's so sad. Those poor kids. The cousin I mentioned who WAS adopted had her junkie mother pop in and out of her life at random and she was so so so damaged by it all. She was the most quiet, reserved, shy person I've ever known. Her bio mom ended up having the second daughter and the grandparents wouldn't take her in like they did my cousin. I don't blame them because they were older and one small child was enough and they knew if they took the second baby in, it would just keep happening. The second child grew up with her mom pimping her out for cocaine and then letting the daughter do cocaine and she was eventually removed from the home at around 12 or 13. I wanted to MURDER her bio mom when I heard about what was going on. The daughter moved a few states away with a foster family, got into therapy and was doing SO much better. Then she turned 18 and came back here and went right back to the life her mom raised her in. She had a baby and the baby was taken away because she and her boyfriend brought the baby to the ER and the poor infant had TWO BROKEN LEGS because the boyfriend (not the baby's father) had abused him. Then she got pregnant AGAIN and ended up moving across the country to live with my cousin, her half-sister. By this time, the bio mom had overdosed and died (certainly not her first OD) and my cousin was doing SO MUCH BETTER. She had met a girl online and they started dating and the girl was able to move to where my cousin moved to and they're together and she's so SO SO content and happy. When the other daughter was pregnant for the 2nd time, she came to live with my cousin and her girlfriend and she was sober and doing great and then when the baby was about 2 months old, the mom had to fly back home for some sort of trial date for god knows what and she just never took the return flight back. My cousin and her girlfriend have been raising her daughter and she's a freaking WONDERFUL little girl. Her bio mom still hasn't signed over custody which sucks because if something were to happen, my cousin and her girlfriend don't have the rights to approve any type of medical treatment or emergency care. Meanwhile, the bio mom is back here and married and pregnant AGAIN. It's such a shit storm. I get so mad about her but she grew up in an entirely different world than her half-sister. She really never stood a chance so I try to cut her some slack but JESUS CHRIST stop having babies you won't take care of!!!

Sorry if that's super confusing. My mom's brother is married to my Aunt. My Aunt was adopted along with her sister. Her sister was my cousin's bio mom (the one who left her in a crack house when she was an infant) so it's like a weird Southern cousin thing where everyone who has a complicated relation is just called a cousin, I guess. And I didn't really know her sister much because her junkie mom was hardly ever around and I never saw the second daughter. So I guess she's my cousin, too, but I probably wouldn't even know her if we crossed paths here in town.

My brother's bio mom is a Jenelle. Loved her son but loved drugs more. When he was four he was placed in foster care because his mother was arrested and jailed for heroin possession. We started fostering him when he was six and my parents would have to meet with his mother for supervised visitation while the state was deciding whether she would lose parental rights. Eventually, she tested positive for heroin again and lost her rights. She was given one last visitation with him and knew it would be the very last time she would see her son. Never showed up. My brother knew this as well and cried the entire way home. He asked my parents why his mom didn't love him enough to see him one more time. He was six. My parents adopted him and he says all the time that it was the best day of his life. I just feel so sorry for Jace because he will never have the chance to move on. His mom will always just pop in and out of his life and he will ALWAYS wonder why she didn't love him enough. Hopefully Kaiser will get adopted by someone so he has a chance at life.

I can't wish CPS on anyone, even Jenelle so I will hope that she has a rare moment of clear thought and puts the baby up for adoption at birth.

Countdown until info about Jenelle talking to other guys leaks...
The fact that Jenelle's going to have to entertain herself for, what 47 or so days? until Nathan is out pretty much guarantees she's going to do something that pisses him off and they're going to have a giant blowout fight and be broken up when the baby's born. I am glad he's getting some punishment. DUIs are serious shit, that actually puts peoples' lives at stake, NATHAN. Not the cops arresting the DUIers. Dumbass.

Sorry I downvoted you, meant to hit thumbs up. Stupid phone.

Rumour has it Nathan dumped Jenelle right before he went into the courtroom. He apparently told her he's tired of her and the shit that goes along with her, and she's on her own when he gets out!
Cue running to Courtland in 3, 2, 1...

Ooo, really? Where did you see this? Dish!

I read it on twitter yesterday, so take it with a grain of salt. I just desperately want it to be true. Guess we'll find out when he gets out.

He probably dumped her because he's planning on having a few jailhouse hookups while he's in there. Plus he knows she can't be without a guy for longer than 2 hours either.

She's already talking to some new guy on twitter stating he's known her since before her teen mom days. It took less than a week

Courtland? Or Gary. I personally think it'll be Gary, since that's who she ran to when shit went down with Courtland.

apparently it was kieffah lol texting him a few hours after creepy carrot got thrown in jail.

Ooh I don't know, there's a story to sell to intouch "my husband and I reunited.... And he's helping me raise my ex's baby!!"

Does anyone know how the divorce is going?
My bet is that Jenelle will do something stupid that resets that divorce clock so she has to wait ANOTHER year. Or she will change her mind and go back to Courtdate and heroin (which will lead to more court dates lol) after Kaiser has been taken away. I wouldn't put it past her.

In North Carolina where Jenelle and Courtland got married you have to be separated a year and a day to file for divorce. They separated sometime last April (I'm not sure the exact date), so it should be sometime this month. The only way they wouldn't be able to divorce is if they "resumed the marital relationship." In North Carolina, this essentially means they move back in together, hold themselves out as husband and wife and have the requisite intent to remain a married couple. Even if she sleeps with Courtland, that isn't enough to restart the separation period.

@SARAH1003 because I can't respond directly to your post for some reason.

Yeah, I kinda figured that just sleeping with each other doesn't count. (Thank God!) Hopefully she doesn't do anything that counts as resuming the marital relationship in one way or another. The question is, is Courtland willing to do that? Who wanted this divorce by the way? Both or just Jenelle? If Courtland couldn't care less about his marital status and is like "meh, I just want me some POA" and Jenelle runs back to him...

remember tho, she will "just stay home" biggie!

jenelle's all over twitter saying that the records are false and that he's not serving 60/47 days and that he doesn't have to attend court anymore after this, hinting the dui charge was dropped.

How would a DUI, especially a repeat offender of DUIs get his DUI dropped?

Maybe she is sharing magical Dustin...

Isn't Dustin in North Carolina not South Carolina?

I was gonna say...Jenelle has special, magical, teflon powers when it comes to the law and the court system.

If the police did not actually take a breathalyzer or blood test from Nathan at the time of arrest they would have trouble proving the DUI.

I was under the impression that if you're arrested for a suspected DUI after you wouldn't take a breathalyzer test in the field, you are required to do a blood or breathalyzer test at the jail they take you to. Also: his actions before being arrested, his driving before being pulled over and his refusal to take a breathalyzer test pretty much prove that he was intoxicated. Generally after that, it's just a question as to how drunk a person was or what other substances besides alcohol could cause someone to behave that way and be driving.

In some states if you refuse the breathalyzer it's an automatic DUI and they don't need to prove anything. You are the one who has to prove you were not drunk at the time of arrest. I remember years ago the dad from Little People, Big World got pulled over for erratic driving and they suspected he was drunk. He refused the breathalyzer because he wasn't drunk and he didn't feel like he had to prove himself. It was very hard for him to get out of that. He ended up having to take it to trial. He really wasn't drinking and his erratic driving was due to the fact that he was using his wife's car and she's a different height than he is. There's a special device they use to extend the foot pedals to enable them to drive and it wasn't adjustable and that caused him to drive erratically. It was really hard for him to actually get proof that could really happen and he legitimately was innocent. That's probably why Nathan's DUI charge is still pending because he probably plead out on the other charges, but is taking the DUI to trial. I doubt he will be able to prove he wasn't drunk at the time of arrest. All he has is Jenelle as an eyewitness.

I'm really confused because 15 and 30 and 2 add up to 47 but he's being sentenced for 60 days? Is there a charge that wasn't listed to make up for the rest of the 60 day sentence?

I watch a lot of murder/crime shows, and I get a serious serial killer creepy vibe from him, wow, in the orange jail top, comfirms it. If Barb or Jenelle comes up missing, you know where to look..
What is Jenelle going to do for that long by herself? Oh yeah, "decorate the baby room" lol.
Why the hell didn't he hire Dustin the magic lawyer!?
If he was really hired by MTV to make Jenelle "look good" I hope the person who hired him has been fired, talk about a backfire!

Probably a conflict of interest jenelle will need Dustin when she charges Nathan with assault

I totally agree about the serial killer vibe.

Dustin volunteered his time in the beginning in order to build up his clients, but now he is paid by MTV.

...which makes it funny when Babs told Jenelle that she has to pay Dustin. They go to some lengths to make it look like they are getting no money/benefits from MTV.

SHOCKING! Wait this isn't Sulia...

So ironic that he was on TV about this arrest last night and in jail for it today. Good. The real question is...when will Jenelle start dick hopping again?

About 4 hours ago most likely.

Does anyone else notice that he has NO neck...he is just head to shoulders

Like Spike and Mike's twisted animation "no neck Joe" LOL

Roids will do that to you.

EVERY guy jenelle dates ends up in jail for an extended period of time, but not jenelle. Do these guys question that before they jump in a relationship with her?
I'll give her 2 weeks before her and Courtland are calling off their divorce and happier than ever.

No sane, intelligent, genuine guy would touch Jenelle. Even if you hadn't heard of her and you hit it off at a club or something, it wouldn't take long for you to find out who she is. No well meaning, normal guy would want to get involved with that, therefore the only guys who will go near her are guys using her for her money or status, or else some really messed up guys who don't think she's a total waster.

Right?? Especially since she freaks out anytime he talks to girl! I'm sorry, but my boyfriend can talk to whomever he pleases and I can do the same. It's just crazy to throw a hissy fit every time he does, especially if it's just a "Hi, how are you?". Goodness!

Or someone who really, REALLY likes Roast beef...

Ew, I just gagged a little bit.

Shoulda called Dusty

I saw Real Genius last weekend and totally thought of Nathan!

I doubt Nathan would ever leave Jenelle. She's his meal ticket. And really what does he or any of her exes have going on for themselves? Jenelle doesn't seem like the type to leave any man. She has such low self esteem and no self respect.

But it seems like he's wanted out for awhile. Between begging and screaming at her to get her shit and get out of his house because he doesn't want to be with her to pushing for an abortion because they're not "stable." I think he realized just how truly insane Jenelle is and wants the fuck out as soon as possible. 47 days in jail is going to be like a vacation from her insane mood swings.

He'll stay as long as the money is there. The second it's gone, he's gone. I really feel like he hates her, but he wants a baby with her because it's "Jenelle from Teen Mom". They're both essentially trap-babying each other. Poor Kaiser.

I don't think they really planned the baby to begin with. It really seems like MTV is staging that for some reason, probably to make Jenelle seem less slutty and irresponsible. Jenelle probably didn't think she could get pregnant again that soon after an abortion and it happened. When she found out she was pregnant either she decided to keep it or MTV pressured her into keeping it. Nathan probably didn't get much of a say in the matter. The fact that Nathan is shown telling her he wants her to get an abortion doesn't line up with the planned baby story line.

I haven't been able to understand how that works either. I feel like it went like this:
"Oh, let's get pregnant! We're totally ready to be parents!"
"I'm pregnant! Yay!"
"Get an abortion. We're not stable."

It doesn't make sense, MTV!!

Downvote me if you must, but am i the only one who is waiting for Kaiser's to NOT be Nathan's and come out looking like Kieffah or Courtland?

No downvote here! But I say Courtland over Kieffah. Will there be a story tomorrow about Chelsea sleeping with Adam's brother?

I saw that clip..Adam is such a dick. Chelsea isn't perfect but not fair for him to call her out on sleeping with other people. Everyone knows he's a grade A douche bag.

Plus don't they all agree that Chelsea slept with Adam's brother before she and Adam even started dating in the first place? She gets around, apparently, but Adam can't act like she somehow retroactively cheated on him when they weren't even dating yet to begin with.

Chelsea does get around, that much is clear, she slept with his friends before to get back at him I'm sure. Wasn't that on one of the reunion shows?
Although he can't use that to excuse his behavior, it does make me realize their relationship was toxic on both sides, him for being a jerk and her for having such low self esteem and wanting to get back at him but always coming of smelling like roses while he smelt like crap.
I wonder if people would say things like "it's not his business who she sleeps with, she can with whoever she wants" if it was Adumb who slept with Chelseas sister or Megan?

im no adumb fan BUT reading his instagram comments, there is something not quite right about that situation, i think little miss perfect chelsea isnt nowhere near as perfect as she likes to portray. Hes a dick but he comes across quite different on his instagram account, his only social media account he runs. maybe im having a feel sorry for fuckwits kind of day ha forgive me

@HATETHATILOVETEENMOM I think that Adumb can sleep with who he wants, however if Megan or Chelsea's sister slept with him I would judge them a lot...

Chelsea can also sleep with who she wants to, it's a little shitty that Adumbs friends are that willing to break bro code.

Sleeping with someone else while pregnant is nasty. While I understand why she did it, must def. Adam was making her life a living hell, that doesn't make it ok. That's something I would expect from Leah or Jenelle, not from Chelsea. There's another side of Chelsea that's never been seen on TM, I guess.

What is Adumbs Instagram?

I wish keeifer was I can see the story on teen mom truth now.
Jenelle Evans is a horrible mother who's never around and has multiple baby daddies a (bi-racial) son and would do anything for quick dollar for drugs alcohol or moving from house to house. She's a liar and always flirting with other peoples boyfriend. She's desperate to be engaged. Then picture of non incriminating facebook messages and pictures of all of her engagement rings


Two words: Ryan. Dolph.

I can totally see CourtyB making his grand reappearance any day now......

Oh heeeeeeeey new comments system ;)

The 45 seconds it took to register are 45 seconds I will never get back ;_;


I mean, I'm not surprised by this at all, and like urrbody else says, I'm just waiting for the "OMG Jenelle has a new man!" or "OMG is Courtland back in the picture?!" Sigh....

Everyone is saying courtland. I reckon Gary. He got the least from Jenelle. Courty got to marry her and Keiffah was around forever. Gary will be the comeback dick I reckon. Cos he's probably changed. Hahahah

Perhaps a stranger out of left field, this time? Some stand up gentleman she met at a bar?

Bar?? Don't you mean met at her dealers house?

Or her dealer himself?

But Rae she's not drinking she's pregnant how dare you accuse her of being in a place where drinks are served *sarcasm*

Isn't Gary usually her rebound dick? He will make another appearance I'm sure. I'm sure we haven't seen the last of Courtland either.

I always considered Keiffer the ultimate in rebound dicks as far as Jenelle is concerned. He just kept coming back when you least expected it like a bad case of Jenellepes.

He did keep coming back and unnecessary amount of times, but I don't think her initial relationship with Kieffer started out as a rebound. Gary started out as a rebound from Kieffer. Every time she broke up with Kieffer she would go back to Rebound Gary. That happened about 800 times until Courtland entered the scene. At least one of the times they broke up, possibly more, she ended up with Rebound Gary. She would have done anything for Kieffer, so he got her heart. Courtland got her as a wife. Nathan got her knocked up. Poor old Gary was nothing more than a rebound.

I hope they lock his ass away for a decent chunk of time! He obviously has not learned from any of his mistakes. He easily could have killed someone. This is his third time!!! Just because he didn't kill someone in an accident doesn't, mean he should walk.

I saw Jenelle claiming on Twitter that she wasn't drinking while pregnant, and that it was the editing on the show. Bitch has cried wolf too many times. No one believes you! When was Nathan arrested for this DUI? Is this the incident why people have said she's drinking, or is there more proof?

He better serve the 60 days. I'm so tired of seeing these people walk free time and time again.

Meanwhile, MTV once again sits back and watches all of this unfold and does nothing about any of it.

Nathan was arrested in September and Jenelle's claiming she didn't know she was pregnant until October. MTV just fucked up the editing and it made it look like she was two months pregnant when driving drunk with Nathan. She may HAVE been pregnant and either not known about it or didn't care, but she wasn't two months pregnant by any stretch of the imagination.

Loling so hard at Horry County. Perfect place for Jenelle!

i know this isnt Nathan related but i heard and red on tmt(for shame for me on going to that site still) that adam already has a new girlfriend named mandy and she also has a kid. has anyone else heard this ?

I heard Chelsea's friend Megan is pregnant again.

I think that was an April Fools gag. Hahahah so funny Megan. Not.

Oh I'm dumb.

Yeah that was an April fools day prank, so glad she finds joking about pregnancy so funny considering there are people miscarrying and are unable to have children. That is something you do when you are young, immature and don't understand how that could hurt people.
I know people will say I'm butt hurt over it but people who struggle to conceive find it hard enough without immature little girls faking pregnancies when they are fertile myrtle so they do not have to worry about if they will ever become a mom.

I'm so with you, I hate the fake pregnancy thing. It's not funny. I hope one day I can announce I'm pregnant on April Fools for real just to see how many people think I'm joking. In retrospect I could have done it with my youngest, but I wasn't ready to give up the secret at that point. It's fun having it just be between you and your partner.

The worst one I ever saw was when a girl I know left her facebook logged in so her friend posted a status saying she was pregnant. Turns out she has PCOS and is unable to have children, so it was a real punch in the gut for her when she saw it. (afaik the friend was unaware the girl was infertile)

@Hate. I agree!!!

@River, I almost announced my real pregnancy on April 1 but thought that it wouldn't be a very nice 'joke'. Some of my friends are infertile, I myself have had a miscarriage and it can really hurt people, even when the news is true. Not everyone will find joy in your pregnancy so maybe a subtle announcement will be best when the time comes.

I saw that as well. I am not surprised in the slightest. He is just that kind of dirt bag.

I thought Jenelle was FINALLY with a guy who didn't have a record, and this was such a selling point for her relationship with Nathan.
How is this his 3rd DUI if that's even remotely true? Did he get them all when he started dating Jenelle? Someone help a sister out with a timeline please!

This DUI was while he was with Jenelle. His other two were awhile ago and I think she said something about Jacksonville, so I'm guestting Jacksonville, NC because Camp Lejeune is down there and Nathan says he's a Marine or something (which I still doubt) but I don't know what the rules are about being in the military and getting two DUIs...I was pretty sure you get dishonorably discharged for that shit.

One of my husband's soldiers got a dishonorable from 1 DUI, apparently it is a felony and those are a no-go.

Also, regarding his military service... someone totally called him out for claiming to have military awards that he doesn't. I included the link below in case you haven't seen it:

Yes, thank you, I was gonna post that link! Very interesting (and telling) about someone who would like about stuff like this. What an insult.

OMG! I love your name!! Lol

I'm sure in Jenelle's world DUI's don't really count as having a record because everyone has a few of those right?

I've got six in my closet right now. They're all the rage.

Haha, this is great. He's somebody's bitch already, I'm sure.

Can't bitch the willing....or something.

DUI x 3, driving on the wrong side of the road, resisting arrest, suspended licence. How about we toss his ass in jail with Adam for 5 years and band them from driving for life. After all if either of these dumbasses had killed someone, the victim will have a life sentence. I have zero tolerance for ignorant, stupid, arrogant and idiots who drive drunk. Let's throw Farrah in there so they can at least try to escape by using the back door. How dare they put my family at risk and everyone elses!!

Honestly, people are so ignorant, Why drive drunk, why text and drive, it is not worth it! There were 2 beutiful children in the town over from mine, they were aged 3 and 5 i'm sure, they were standing outside the library with their mum waiting to be picked up by their dad, a drunk driver killed all of them. I know this will sound sound but I wish they would have all died instantly, one of the children was alive, and in agony for days after the accident. Can you imagine how that father will feel now he has literally lost everything. And the guy who did it... his "punishment" .. 10 years in prison, he would be out in 5 years on good behavior. It is sickening.

My dad was a dick but had that happened to us, I really don't believe the drunk driver would have made it to court. He would have gone A Time To Kill on his ass. That's awful. A guy who robbed our house and broke a storm window got 10 years (not his first rodeo and he had also been robbing like 10 other houses in our area.) 10 YEARS for killing a mother and two children because you couldn't be bothered to call a cab?? THAT is a miserable human being.

"Let’s throw Farrah in there so they can at least try to escape by using the back door."
Cracking up!

Adam would be doing Farrah in the butt and Nathan would be sooooooooooooooooo jealous! Haha!

She's going to have a full on meltdown in about three days. It's inevitable.

Three days? That's awfully generous. Lol I give her until the end of today.

Heather is 'reporting' that Adumb has a new gf. I seriously hope it's a lie...

he posted a picture of a girl on his instagram and has been getting a lot of negative comments

What's his instagram name?? I can't find it anywhere


I didn't even realise he had a 'real' Instagram, shows how much I pay attention lol :p

anyone think gaythan will come out with french braids?

Cornbros. Can't wait. Actually, I can totally wait. LEAVE HIM IN THERE!!

Apparently, he isn't above the law either.

You know, when I first heard about Nathan, I thought he was relatively attractive. But now, after watching all the episodes and reading about him online, he just comes off as creepy and weird. When he was reading the Bible at the beginning of the last episode, I felt like he was just being really fake for the camera, like he was trying to put out a good vibe on how holy and devout he is while his knocked up girlfriend is telling him she's preggo. I would not touch this guy with a 39 and a half foot pole.

Dying for the recap! Can anyone outside the US tell me where you watch your episodes? Everywhere I go takes FOREVER to load. I'm about 4 episodes behind and beside myself to watch them! Waiting for my friend who downloads stuff for me, to get back from France.

I'm from Canada and I just watch them directly on (although I haven't in quiiiiite a while, the gossips are more than enough for me!). You could also try with an addon for your browser that would let you watch sites were your country would normally be restricted. I personally have never used one of those though, and can't recommend one, sadly.

Hola is a chrome add on that will trick into thinking you're in the US so you can watch the show on there.

I normally watch here - but it hasn't been updated this week, so I watched it here -

"The police need to be more professional because people's lifes are at stakes."
Goddamnit Nathan you are a human trash dump.

Omg when i heard him say that I facepalmed, why do they come out with these things, that is right up there with their other infamous quotes,
"Supervised probation they try to catch you out" - Nathan
"I made an effort to see Jace today" - Jenelle
"If I look good the judge will respect me" - Jenelle
"a baby will make us closer"
"we wont have time to argue"
"if you go away for a year i will probably be decorating the babys room until you get out"
Oh God we need a post dedicated to the shit they come out with and just keep updating as more dumb crap pours out.

Do neither of them actually think about what they are saying before they say it out loud? Or do they just not care?

I laughed when she said she would be decorating the baby's room until he gets out of jail and acted like she couldn't care less. Yes Jenelle, it takes an entire year to decorate a baby's room. I like how she's not concerned with him potentially not being there for the baby's birth or possibly being a single mother. Oh wait, that would mean she intends to actually raise this child herself.

Thanks guys. I'll have a play.

I don't get how these people always are driving drunk. Isn't it scary to drive when you're trashed to the point of driving on the wrong side of the road?

Yeah but why call a cab when you have a car right there and you REALLY want to go home and have sex?? Screw the law and other sober motorists you could possibly injure, maim or kill. It's time for sex and they needed it THEN AND THERE. Scum.

Oh my god...MTV has a clip from next week's episode where Jenelle and Nathan fight over if she should get an abortion. This is just awful:

Whoa. I never thought I'd feel bad for Jenelle but THAT makes me feel bad for Jenelle. "I'm 12 weeks not 2 weeks, we just heard the baby's heartbeat." (Although I'd like to point out the fact that she claims she was pregnant by Courtland and Courtland had been in Jail since April and she got her abortion in June so that certainly wasn't a two week embryo.) Nathan is cold. Like stone cold asshole. "How do you think our child is going to be raised up [sic] if we're fighting 24/7? He might as well just be fucking dead." WHAT THE FUCK?! And then he insists that he never said she should get an abortion. Well are you gonna throw her down a flight of stairs? Because that's the only way the fetus is going to die without a fucking abortion, Nathan. And what the hell is he talking about "bringing a guy like me around your son who I get attached to, he gets attached to and like I said I can already see that..." They're both absolutely selfish assholes but that is the first time I've genuinely felt bad for Jenelle. Holy shit.

Nathan is an asshole for saying what he did, but it was only after Jenelle asked him if he wanted her to have an abortion. However, I have a feeling this scene is heavily edited because he got into the car already pissed off and that comment he made about Jace seemed to come from nowhere. Hopefully watching the episode will shed some light on what crawled up his ass in the first place and what the hell he was talking about. I also want to know if he really got out of the car in that parking lot and walked or hitchhiked home. I would love to see him with his thumb out on the side of the road.

The whole conversation kind of sounded like they had thought about abortion when she first got pregnant (further proving that this was in no way a planned pregnancy) because Jenelle said something like "You may have wanted me to have an abortion before now but it's too late now."

can't view the sneakpeek from here, but "bringing a guy like me around your son who I get attached to"...I agree with Nathan on this one, who would let a guy as creepy as him around a small child

Am I the only one who felt like this was staged? Jenelle implying Nathan wanted her to have an abortion. Hmmm. Smells fishy.