Is MTV Going To Exploit The Original Cast Some More?

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I saw this story a few days ago, but haven't had a chance to post it yet. I wanted to wait a bit to see if it was real, but apparently everyone is running with it, so I had to chime in.

MTV is, or was, trying to get a new show together with a few of the cast all living together in a house with their mothers. Cha-Ching!

First off, to all the bloggers, tweeters and suliaers, stop saying it's like Big Brother. I've seen that phrase thrown around ever since Radar originally compared it, but it sounds silly. I cut radar some slack since they're just a gossip place, but other bloggers should know better.

That show sounds nothing like Big Brother.

It's a lot closer to Celebrity Rehab with Dr.Fraud than it is Big Brother..... shit it's probably closer to The Bachelor than Big Brother, but I don't watch The Bachelor so I can't confirm.

I'm probably nitpicking, but to toss in Big Brother makes it sound far more interesting than a staged setting with some celebrity shrink working with them (paging Dr. Drew, there are celebrities in need of exploitation!). Anyway, I'm pretty sure this will be dead before it gets any traction.

According to Rumorfix, Farrah is already out, and with Jenelle possibly facing jail time, she'd probably be out as well.

If this is a show about rebuilding relationships with mothers, that leaves Maci, Catelynn, Chelsea, and Leah out as well. From what I saw, those 4 had pretty healthy relationships with their mothers.

That leaves Amber and Kailyn remaining, and considering Amber is still in jail, that narrows it down to one - Kailyn and her mom. Of course, they could throw in whatever girl would want to join, but if they're gearing it towards "repairing relationships" and not "creating drama", that wouldn't make sense.

I think we all know their goal is to create drama, build ratings and get money, which is why I can see many of those girls appearing on the show together.

The problem is, would it be worth the money invested if Farrah and Jenelle are no-shows? My guess is no.


Horrible idea -- just like Kail's bangs!

wow and i thouhgt "lets follow there 16 year olds pay the 100k and see what happens was a bad idea" seriously who this of this shit??

Not gonna lie, I'd watch the shit out of any show that involves April or Butch. Toss them in a house with a bunch of Teen Mom-ers and it's instant TV gold.

I'd watch it just to see these girls train wreck their lives even more. It's like seeing a burning building... A little mixture of horror, shock, heartache, and awe; You just can't tear your eyes away.

The bad part is, with these shows, the more people who watch, the more money they make. That's why they are Twitter whores every Monday night!

Since when does Catelynn have a healthy relationship with her
mother, April?

Yeah, I had to re-read that sentence a couple of times because I was confused! Surely it was a mistake. I definitely would not describe a relationship in which a mother sells fake stories about her daughter to tabloids so that she can score some drug money "healthy".

I was thinking the same thing. Their relationship has gotten better but I would not compare it to the relationship Maci has with her mother or the one Chelsea has with her mother.

I am cracking up at the loose interpretation of the words "healthy relationships"

kailyn has one of those "punch me" faces

Considering Kail is turning into her mom I am sure the two will naturally have a repaired relationship soon lol.


I'd say none of these girls have truly healthy relationships with their mothers. Catelynn and April's relationship is a mess, and on the surface, Maci, Chelsea, and Leah appear to have healthy relationships with their mothers, but that's only because their mothers act more like their friends than their mothers. You can tell that none of them received any discipline or guidance growing up because mom didn't want to be the bad guy. How many times have we heard Leah's mom say, "It's your life, do what you want," to her daughter. If they hadn't been so afraid to be the bad guy, maybe their daughters wouldn't have gotten pregnant at 16.

(((slow clap)))

I agree Jenn. There is an enormous difference between being your child's mom and being your child's friend. I always tell my son that it is easy to be a bad mom and damn hard to be a good one. It is always difficult to know when to let you kid learn from mistakes versus saving them before they fall. If you bubble wrap your child, they never fall and therefore never learn HOW to get back up. If you are a drill sergeant, your kid can rebel. It is the hardest job on earth. My praises to single parents who do a good job.
I can only speak for myself based on my life experience. Kids may whine about boundaries but they WANT them. They may slam doors and yell but deep down they know it is because we care. I wanted to cry when Farah, her child and her FATHER went into the porn office together. Her dad's very presence means he supports the deal. I would have moved hell and earth to stop my daughter getting near that skanky office. I would be on the news, hand-cuffed to the office door, to stop my daughter going in to sign a porn deal. I think in her heart, Farah was testing her dad, praying he would forbid and refuse. It may not have worked but I would have stopped at nothing to spare my child's dignity.
You do not need your mom to be your best friend. You only have one mom and that is NOT her role. I am very close to my son but he knows that I am not playing when I make rules. Here is the thing though, I ask for his respect by showing him respect. Sure I have screwed up, as has he. When I mess up I apologize which shows him how to do the same. Do I want him having sex as a teen? No way. I could forbid it, but come on, I know better. I discuss love, consequences, STDs, birth control and respecting young ladies. He knows no means no and it's not open for interpretation. He also knows if he screws up, I will be upset, but he knows he can still come to me for help/advice. He has yelled at me for my 'stupid rules' and been very mad at me. I am not here to say 'you had unprotected hook-ups, oh well you are legally an adult so do whatever you want.' Screw being passive and never taking a stand. I want to slap those parents. Parenting is not a popularity contest. It is damn hard and often painful, but because of that, it is the most amazing blessing on earth! Btw you have to set boundaries from the start. You cannot turn it on when they turn 16 and expect them to listen!

Screw this shit, I want Barb and Jace to have their own show - maybe throw in a little cotherapy for them, structured in a way so they basically just interact and play in a healthy way. The woman is just pure entertainment and I can't get enough of her.

I hope Jace gets support from programs like Big Brothers and Sisters because baby boy really needs some extra attention and a good role model. His grandmother probably is a little out of touch when it comes to raising a young child, given that she SHOULD be able to take on a grandmother role but is the only parent he has. I'm rambling but I hope for the best for them and really want to hear Barbara's beauteous voice again. . . .

I'm gonna miss Barb. Pure entertainment is right.

That is a stupid stupid stupid idea. They are not even hiding at all (if this is true) the fact that there is no other idea for the show than to throw a bunch of vollatile (sp?) cats in a room and watching them fight. Drama, only. No value whatsoever. Why would a bunch of people that at least express taht they have a desire to live a normal functional life, want to move in with their mom, into a group home like that?