Lind vs. Halbur: EXCLUSIVE UPDATE!

Taylor Halbur

Okay guys, I know I've been teasing with news of a big plot twist for Adam this season, but have been too nervous to come out with it.

But today is the big the day! Yesterday, as I perused my Facebook page dedicated to lurking on Teen Mom gossip, I saw this comment in a thread about Adam: Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 10.34.16 AM

Certainly a juicy tidbit, but how could I possibly expect you to believe that? I mean, it's just some stranger on Facebook, right? Well, the information suddenly becomes a lot more reliable when Adam himself confirms in on his personal Facebook! This would certainly explain why Chelsea is staring daggers at Taylor in the sneak peek clip for this week's episode of Teen Mom 2! And I feel like now it's safe to let youPROOF fine folks now that I can confirm that Adam does indeed have 50/50 custody of his youngest daughter, Paislee. Well, according to Adam's word at the reunion anyway... Chelsea has already mentioned on this season that she worries how Adam's case with Taylor will impact his case against Chelsea. But never fear! As I reported in my Lind vs. Houska article, "The judge in this case chose to side with Chelsea and denied Adam's request. Adam was not awarded physical custody of Aubree, nor was he awarded unsupervised visits with his daughter.

He is also still not allowed to drive Aubree around in a car." He was also arrested the day of the hearing for failure to pay child support to Taylor, despite their settlement. A source close to the information has revealed to Teen Mom Junkies that, "Chelsea thinks that Adam and Taylor are still on and off the way Chelsea and Adam used to be. That's why she thinks Taylor ended up settling.

Adam says that isn't true. He claims to have a good co-parenting relationship with Taylor and her boyfriend.

He even thinks Cole is a great guy!" From the looks of Taylor's Instagram, she and her current boyfriend, Joe Leonard, are indeed still together.

The pair even celebrated their one year anniversary two weeks ago, so congrats to Taylor and Joe.

Other sources have reported that despite being let off of his probation early for good behavior, Adam has returned to drinking socially. Adam has yet to confirm this claim publicly, and with no DUIS, fiery car wrecks or recent arrests, it's tough to tell. While I can neither confirm or deny that rumor, I can promise you that this drama will be covered in the upcoming season on Teen Mom 2! And Adam is very vocal about his feelings on the situation.

Chelsea's disdain for Adam and the whole situation is palpable on social media. Even her promotional tweets that MTV makes the cast members do are jabs at Adam. Houska will face Lind in court again next month, so stay tuned!Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.49.39 AMScreen Shot 2015-08-12 at 9.49.20 AM

Taylor herself has spoken up about the situation on social media. Most notable is this tweet she sent out when a fan questioned her about the situation. What Taylor has described sounds more like a visitation schedule, although she doesn't mention any type of supervision. Even still, there are two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody.

While Taylor may maintain the physical custody of Paislee, it is possible that Adam was referring to having 50/50 legal custody. Or Adam could have been using the phrase "50/50" when what he really meant was joint custody, where Taylor would just be the primary custodial parent.

We'll have to see how MTV breaks it down for us this season. Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.30.25 AM

There are a lot of things I could say about Adam and this situation, but I'm deciding to say something nice. Adam certainly made two beautiful little blondies.

It's nice to know he is trying to foster a relationship between the two girls. Let's all hope that he does right by them in the long run.


The tea has been spilled! I don't think any TMJ readers expected Adam to actually get custody of one of his girls. Did you see this coming? Do you think Chelsea and Taylor's newfound friendship has survived these events?

Screen Shot 2015-08-12 at 10.50.38 AM

P.S. Adam says that he wasn't driving after being called out for it on Facebook. We haven't seen Adam behind the wheel of a car so far this season and using the front camera on one's phone does often times flip a picture around, so I'm willing to give Adam this BOTD on this one.


I am shocked that Taylor would settle like that! I think it's nice that Adam is trying to start being a dad but I feel like it is most likely an act for the cameras. It's sad to say but I think when MTV is done with teen mom 2 Adam won't see either of his kids anymore. He is like Jenelle in my mind; plays a parent for the cameras and to prove all the haters wrong. So sad to have so many kids mixed up in these types of situations

I honestly do think that Adam really WANTS to see his kids, but there is so much douchebaggery in him that he just goes beyond seeking custody/visitation and uses it as more of a power struggle. So it's more like, "Yeah, I get to see my kids AND I get to piss off my baby mama's! WIN/WIN!" If he just sucked it up and simply wanted to be a good father, I think he could actually do it. But he is just way too childish and manipulative for that to ever happen.

My thoughts exactly, I think he really wants to see them but he only wants the fun part, he wants to be the dude that takes them out for fun, but he doesn't have to deal with them going to school, getting sick or the not so fun parts of parenting, he's playing the role corey doesn't want anymore.

I agree. The same thing could be said about Janelle too.

I actually think Adam is a better parent than Jenelle. i think Adam's biggest stuggle is 1. showing affection and 2. i think he struggles with knowing how to parent girls. And tbh, i've never seen Adam raise his voice in front of either child. He'll NEVER be parent of the year, but he has grown up since 16&P which has made him attempt to be better.

Jenelle on the other hand is not at all maternal, she fights/curses/screams in front of her kids, etc. She is a lost cause and i feel terrible for Jace and Kaiser. Not to mention that at least Aubree and Paislee have their moms, these poor boys are being raised by two separate grandmas.

You know Jenelle is a lost cause when even Adam who also has a collection of mugshots is better than her. Omg I can't believe it, Adam is a better parent. He actually went to court for his kids, while Jenelle just tells the whole world she's taking Babs to court, but when the real thing happens she has something better to do(see kieffuh, do drugs, pawty all night long...). And Adam also sees his kids when he's single, but Jenelle only sees her kid when she has a dick.

I don't know if the rumors are true because it mostly comes from Chelsea, but I remember her saying that Adumb doesn't even see aubree when MTV goes away. I also remember aubree saying that her dad wasn't there when she goes to Adams parents. I also find it telling that this season we have seen the same day multiple times of him and aubree. Plus don't forget about him not wanting her after she was born, yeah he was younger but that was before all the mtv money started coming in and he realized he could make money off aubree

Ugh. Where to begin...

We have witnessed the disgusting, manipulative, fluctuating 'relationship' Chelsea and Adam have had over the years. This occurred for two reasons: 1) Adam's an asshole, and 2) Chelsea was so insecure and was striving to have that 'perfect family' for so long that she put up with his antics. Exhibit A: Adam calling Aubree a mistake and wanting to sign her over to Chelsea. And yet Chelsea CONTINUED to allow Adam back into her life. Enough said. Girlfriend finally came to her senses, dropped Adam personally, and has tried to focus on co-parenting. But the effects of what Adam has done over the course of their relationship significantly impacts the way in which they carry out visitations (which is, as we've all discussed, supposed to be supervised by his parents but they just don't care). His behavior cannot be overlooked in this regard.

I think as it pertains to Taylor, since she has (by all accounts) moved on to a new guy, seems to me that she's no longer mesmerized by Adam. She did this much earlier in the course of Paislee's life compared to when Chelsea decided to make this decision in Aubree's. I'm guessing Taylor is simply trying to do what's best for Paislee, Chelsea and Aubree aside from that, and allow Paislee to spend time with Adam in a typical custody arrangement. How she seems to overlook the fact that Adam is just a douchecanoe I will never understand, but okay.

What I hate about this is that it really puts Aubree in a difficult situation regarding the custody and visitation. I think the way that the visitation is structured for Aubree is vastly different than it is for Paislee (I don't know what that looks like for Paislee, but I don't think it is limited to supervised by Adam's parents), and it just sucks for Aubs. Because it's going to make her feel awful when she knows Paislee sees their dad on a regular basis outside of a supervised visitation center and she can't do that. However, this isn't strictly Chelsea's doing - it's Adam's recklessness, and his parents disregarding Chelsea's wishes. But Chelsea is going to be made out to be the bad guy in this, when in reality, the situation has screwed over her and Aubs numerous times.

Do I think that Taylor's case has affected Chelsea's? Nope. There's a longer history with Chelsea compared to Taylor that makes Chelsea's case much different. As the story stated, Adam does not have custody of Aubree in any form. But do I think this is going to significantly impact the emotional manipulation of both Aubree and Chelsea? Absolutely. And that is the saddest part.

I tried to go in and edit this but I got timed out. I wanted to add that this doesn't mean that Chelsea should just switch to the same custody arrangement as Taylor - absolutely not. It's just that this is going to have a huge impact on Aubree, and it's just upsetting.

I think maybe Taylor settled with Adam to 1. Avoid conflict and 2. Because she has limited funds. I am sure she's not paid for filming the way Adam and Chelsea are, and she doesn't come from a well-to-do family like Chelsea. Lawyers are expensive. It can cost between 1500-2500 for ONE court hearing... And family law likes to drag things out. It's a big money maker. I'm thinking she also threw in the towel because deep down the visitation center scared her, and she knew Adams parents wouldn't ACTUALLY supervise him with Paislee... So he got the standard visiting schedule.

I believe Taylor I think Adam has paislee every other weekend and one night week. Adam is being Adam and admitting half truths I thought Chelsea and Taylor were cool. Why throw shade that she only doing this because she still sleeping with Adam. Why can't Taylor just do this because she wants Adam and paislee to have a relationship and she thinks is best for her daughter. Why does Chelsea always have to act like every girl is like her when it's comes Adam going back and forth she sound bitter. Im starting to think that Chelsea just wanted a relationship with Taylor to get informations and to stick it to Adam. Hopefully for Paislee and Aubree Adam just change for the better because the girls need their father and they also need each other.

Eh, the first thing I thought when I read this was, "Taylor only settled with Adam because she's sleeping with him again." Maybe that makes me a mean girl, but whatever. It's not an impossible thought.

Yep.... Because if she was thinking about her daughters best interest she would realize that even if Adam is a good person he still has along way to go to be a good dad and until he PROVES for a year if not longer that he's changed he CAN visit his daughter at the viation center or whatever.

@teenwolffan, I 100% agree with you. Maybe Taylor wants Paislee to have her dad in her life. It's up to Taylor to decide what's right for her daughter, not Chelsea.

People act like Chelsea is some saint when it comes to Adam. The last reunion, she was still bumpin uglies with him. She only recently stopped it, and most likely because she has a boyfriend now. She's a great mother, but it's not up to her or any of her business how Taylor wants to settle custody of Paislee.

OMG! This reminds of the part I hate most about the last reunion. When Chelsea admitted that she had banged Adam again, so many people on the internet were all, "Well at least she's not being a slut and banging random dudes!!! Sleeping with the alcoholic deadbeat creep who called your kid a mistake is soooooooo much better and more moral and ladylike than a grown woman having consensual sex with a guy who isn't a criminal." Like what? She's crying in Randy's kitchen about the dad she gave Aubree with the same mouth she was sucking his dick with. Like I understand still having a lingering attraction, but all the dramatics and bashing on NATIONAL TELEVISION about how he's a gross loser and a bunch of other shit, but you're still fucking him? FOH!

That's what pisses me off, too. She'll be crying, saying "I feel guilty that I gave her (Aubree) a piece of shit for a dad", and constantly talking about how horrible Adam is, yet he's good enough for her to have sex with him. She's also talked so many times about how she's "finally over him" and then we find out at the next reunion that they've hooked up yet again (and not always protected either). So Adam's a piece of shit, but when her IUD falls out she'll still have unprotected sex with him and risk getting pregnant with another one of his kids. It's very hypocritical behavior.

I agree 100%! Adam has a past, sure, but I think he's coming a long way from where he started. At least this time around he's trying to do the right thing by getting all his court dates done and over with and actually fighting for his daughters! If he was a deadbeat then he wouldn't even bother with lawyers and lawyer/court fees. Trust me, I know. Chelsea doesn't want Aubree to have a relationship with Adam because they aren't together and a complete family. In a way I get that sending your child to be with another parent and their new life is nerve wrecking, but at least that other parent WANTS to be a parent to your child you share together. Chelsea did a trap baby with Adam. She was insecure about their relationship and hoped baby Aubs would keep him around and make them a family. Since the first time didn't work, she was pretty stupid to fuck him after her IUD fell out hoping for another trap baby. The only reason she admitted it on national TV was so other girls all knew Adam was still fucking her, but news flash Chels, just because he fucks you doesn't mean he loves you. I have a feeling if her and Cole don't end up working out, then she'll be back on the Adam D. I swear this girl has so many issues that most clarify as "daddy issues" yet her dad is very clearly in her life? I don't understand where her insecurity comes from, I guess she just needs to feel wanted. I'm glad Cole does that for her.

I think Taylor knows that Adam wouldn't do anything to harm Paislee and has agreed to co-parent for Paislee's sake. If Adam was the same Adam from 16&P and the first few seasons of TM2, then I probably wouldn't agree with her decision, but I truly feel like dude is trying now. Just because she is making a good decision for her daughters sake does NOT mean she is fucking Adam again, it just means shes a good mother for looking out for their daughter's best interest. Chelsea's assumption of the reason being that they are on & off again is only because that's her natural instinct when it comes to Adam. It's pretty shady she wanted to suddenly be friends with Taylor to stick it to Adam, and is now throwing shade because Taylor made her own choices to fit her own family. Plus, Taylor works to support herself/family and court fees and especially lawyer fees are not cheap. Chelsea has always had Randy money and MTV money. Everyone praises her for working but girlfriend only works like 2 days a week, if that, as she voiced on a recent episode. My best friend is in the exact same profession and has to work 3 jobs at salons to make ends meet, with MAYBE one day off a week. so I know Chelsea could not get by working her mere 2 days a week if she wasn't stacking up those MTV checks.

I guess I wasn't paying a lot of attention but WHAT!? girlfriend works two days a week? WTF even though I don't like chelsea, I have always given her credit for willing to work even with a shit ton of money, two days a week is nothing seriously. I guess I don't have any respect for her anymore.

I don't like Chelsea by any means. I do think she is the best of the group but the bar is REALLY low. I just think people give Adam too much credit for "changing." I think Adam should have to go to the visitation centers for six months to a year to prove that he actually wants his kids, because I don't think he really wants either of them. I know he is going to court but I wouldn't put it past mtv to be paying for all the court costs since Chelsea's segments are so dreadfully boring and they needed a story line for her this season, other than Adams empty threats...I really don't think anyone on teen mom 2 has grown up or changed except maybe Jo and Corey

Well.... I saw that coming.... Taylor still loves him.

Chealsa you keep doing what your doing!!!

I know you wish Adam was different because I know you want your daughter to have her dad in her life as Mich as possible..... But at the same Time you want to make sure she isn't hurt too much.

I am truly proud of Chelsea!

I have a feeling this is going to blow up in Taylor's face. Adam's the kind of guy who would try and use this to his advantage to pay less child support or get more custody of Paislee to lord it over Taylor's head. I think a part of Adam really wants to be a good father, but like another poster said, he's too immature and douchey to make that happen. Everything is a competition between him and Chelsea/Taylor (moreso the former than the latter). I think Chelsea is doing the smarter thing by not settling with Adam like Taylor did, I also think the major reason why Taylor settled out of court is because she got tired of going to court and getting lawyers and shit and just wanted it to be over.

If he went back to court to get child support reduced in relation to the increased amount of time he sees Paislee (a handful of times a month), the reduction would be negligible. Trust me, I have step kids.

P.S. Besides, we all know Adam neglects to pay child support anyway.

Exactly! How far behind is he on child support payments? Not sure about Paislee, but I think he is for Aubree. Someone else said "he's not a deadbeat," but how is that not being a deadbeat?

FLIP THAT GIRLS CARSEAT!!!!!!! god why do people not do simple google searches on car seat safety???

Why should he 'flip her car seat?!?' The law is a year old and 22 pounds. Paislee will be 2 in early September. A simple search of car seat laws will show it's completely legal. Personally, my kid sat backwards till 2, but it's not illegal what he's doing. - it has a lot to do with a child's spinal cord and development. though most state laws only require until 1, any car seat expert will tell you two years should be minimum, 4 ideal. and we all know adumb's driving record (though i hope he really isn't driving) - i want that poor girl to be safe!

While it's not illegal, it's not the safest thing either. The spinal cord does not begin to fuse together until the child is 3, increasing the risk of internal decapitation in the event of a wreck.

But if I had to be picky on car seat safety here, the least he could do is straighten and tighten the straps, and put the chest clip in the proper position (because it's too low in that picture.) %90 of children are not properly restrained in their car seats, and the Teen Mom/16&Preg girls are prime examples of that.

I definately get tightening the straps and he chest clip for sure! It irritates me when people put it at the belly. I just don't see how at almost 2 years old, it's a giant deal that she's sitting forward.

He's even worse with Aubree. A half booster with her arms out of the seat belt and leaning out of it all the time. Makes me cringe.

Everybody saying Taylor is only letting Adam be more involved in Paislee's life because she's banging Adam again needs to get a grip.
A) We don't even know that's true.
B) Is that not what Chelsea did for nearly 5 years? And yet she's labeled as the poor victim who only did it because she was insecure and wanted the perfect family.
Give me a fucking break.

bc chelsea is sewwwwwwww amazing and just wanted a family!!!

I can't stand how everybody is up her ass. She's an idiot.

It's also interesting that she wanted the "perfect family" so badly yet had no problem ruining somebody else's chance at a family by banging Adam while Taylor was pregnant.

@Holy Trashiness

I hated her from the moment she said, "I achieved a baybeh!" I know some people found that cute and funny, but as a 17 year old myself, it was incredibly obnoxious. If I had gotten pregnant in high school, it would have absolutely ruined my family financially. Like in my world, that is nothing I could ever say to my parent after creating such a ginormous financial and emotional responsibly (which a child is no matter how rich or poor you are) for my entire family to deal with. I've had a bad taste in my mouth ever since.

We didn't have a ton when I grew up, but I was definitely what I consider to be spoiled. There's absolutely nothing wrong with spoiling your child! there is nothing wrong with coming from money! There is nothing wrong with being close to your parents and depending on them. But to me, Chelsea seems like a big 'ol brat, and that's what I don't like.

But to say something nice, her attitude is a lot less snotty and she acts less like a little shit. So I guess she's grown up a little. Still hate her though~~~

btw isnt every other weekend exactly how much time he has with aubree?

I don't believe Chelsea, she has always hated Taylor and only used Taylor so she didn't have to find another lawyer. Taylor moved on fast with a new baldie, I don't think she still loves adam. Why the fuck can't she settle with him? With a douche like adam, the more you "challenge" him the douchier he treats you, that's why adam and taylor coparent better because taylor is more civil. I think adam tries to piss chelsea off because he thinks it's fun and she's so hung up on him and makes everything a big deal. Even when she's with Cole, adam's existence has an impact on her

Well, to be fair, Adam's existence will always have an impact on Chelsea's life because he's the father of her child. It's pretty hard to completely ignore the dude when you have a kid together. That's not going to go away any time soon. And I'm not trying to kiss Chelsea's ass or anything (she seems to be a huge point of contention for a lot of posters), but I don't think there's anything wrong with her not wanting to settle. Adam's betrayed her trust multiple times when it comes to Aubree's well-being. If Chelsea wants to "challenge" Adam, then she has every right to do so since it concerns Aubree's safety when she's with her dad.

I've just never understood all the love for her. I straight up don't think she's half as good of a mom as people here seem to think and could provide countless examples why.

Maybe it's just because where I'm from basic bitches like her are a dime a dozen.

"Taylor moved on fast with a new baldie"

i dont know why that made me laugh so hard but it did. omg i cant breathe

I kind of see it as a "less of four evils" sort of deal. You got Leah who's a drugged-out paranoid maniac: Kail, who's a head-shaking hulk: and Jenelle who's...well, Jenelle. Personality aside, Chelsea seems to be doing the best out of all of them, so she's the one people want to root for because there's really nobody else. Look at who she's compared to. It's not hard to see why people like her the best.

I hate all these girls.

As for the "lesser of four evils" thing, this is an unpopular opinion but I've actually always liked Kail a lot more than Chelsea. She may be a bitch but back before all the MTV fame went to her head she had a great work ethic and did everything on her own, which I thought was awesome. Chelsea has always just had everything done for her and yet it still took her years to get off her ass and do anything.

And I don't give Chelsea credit for her "accomplishments" (I use that word VERY lightly) because the only reason she has them is because her dad threw money at her. I still think if Chelsea had to live Kail's S1/2 life for a week, she'd be dead.


I agree. I don't think she is that great mom like people make it seem to be. I think at times she relies on her parents too much. I feel if her family didn't give her so much financial support, she would be just as pitiful as the rest of the moms on the show. And let's not forget how long it took for her to finish her G.E.D, but with all of that said, everyone has their flaws. No one is perfect.

Aside from the fact that she puts on a front as if she isn't boy crazy, she's way better than the other moms on the show by always putting her daughter first, and puts Aubree's feelings in consideration.

I agree. She was able to sit around and do nothing to better herself in terms of education or employment and still have a roof over her head because of her family's money. It's not like she was living with her parents either. They were paying the rent for all the places she was living in and they always looked to be pretty nice, nothing like most peoples' first apartments. Kail didn't have that luxury, so she was working and went to school. I liked her the best in the first couple seasons, cause she seemed like a really hard worker and determined to make something of herself. Of course, she seemed semi-pleasant back then and hadn't discovered military benefits yet. Now that Kail and Leah have gone so far downhill, Chelsea is the most normal by default.

Yep, that definitely explains why Chelsea was acting so aloof towards Taylor at "Paint and Wine" or whatever that place is called. Taylor, I hope you know what you're doing, and I REALLY, REALLY hope Paislee is not hurt or endangered while she's with Adumb.

Adumb is definitely in the driver's seat for this selfie!
1- There's a "No Passing" sign on the right hand side of the road (how it would appear to oncoming traffic).
2- You can see a person's outline in the car behind Adumb and there's only one person... The driver. And it's the same seat that Adumb is in.

I hate it, but I really wouldn't put it past him to take selfies while driving. He's obviously invincible! ?

idk, look at the wording on his shirt{which is the same shirt hes wearing in the picture above that one} and his tats...

He isn't in the drivers seat. He has the flipped camera on, which reverses everything like it would in a mirror. It is why the wording on his shirt is backwards, etc. I can't believe i am defending Adam lol but forreal, he is in the passenger seat.

Yes that is what Chelsea did for almost 5 years & she was an idiot for it... Just like Taylor is an idiot right now.

Taylor has something to go off of though..... Look at the first example and everything Adam has done since and realize that's not best for her daughter right now but maybe someday..... Maybe...

I 100% think Chelsea would still be pining over Adam had Cole not come along. Don't give her too much credit.


I think she's not a 100% over it tbh, she seems to always be fixated on wether or not Adam and Taylor are still bumping uglies.

Agreed. Also I think it has to do with the fact her stable life that her parents threw at her. Stable meaning that she can afford a stable life for Aubree due to the help from her parents. I think the fact that her living circumstances is secure, maintains her mental stability. Like you said earlier, if she was living in a shitty situation (Like Kail in season 1) I think she would still be chasing after Adam as an outlet, but since her life is secure now, she has everything to brag about.

Either way, I'm personally not using that against her since she is still doing the best for Aubree, but yeah what you said is still true.

Ugh, as much as it pains me to back Adumb up in any way, shape or form, FWIW, the writing on his shirt is backwards in that picture, which means he's telling the truth about being in the passenger seat.

LOL!!! The family picture at the top is the same shirt in the car picture....

Oh I'm not giving her credit in that sense trust me.... The only thing I command her on is her parenting choices when it comes to Adam....

She didn't pick the most awesome guy to have a child with in fact he makes me sick... All I'm saying is Taylor as an example to go off of.... Look how much Adam isn't there for Aubree but Taylor thought she could "change" him. Just like Chelsea did at one point.

I think Chelsea is freaking SICK for banging Adam while Taylor was pregnant that's just gross...

Randy...stop downvoting everybody, get off this site and act like a man your age.

batman that made me lol. I truly believe Randy would frequent this site

Which is pathetic considering he's a middle-aged man who owns his own business and has not only 4 grown daughters but multiple grandchildren.

Randy, if you're reading this (and I'm sure you are) I think you should find a more meaningful hobby than defending your idiot daughter on Twitter.

Randy is such a joke to me

They're both pretty nasty when it comes to Adam. Chelsea was an idiot for still screwing him when he was with Taylor. On the other hand, Taylor was pretty stupid for having unprotected sex with him AND giving him another child to mistreat after seeing how he acted on TV. They're pretty even in my book.

I also can't stand how whenever somebody tells Chelsea how happy they are that she's finally over Adam, she gets all pissy and defensive and is like "I''ve been over him for like 3 YEARS." She did it at the reunion too. Who does this bitch think she's kidding? Everybody knows she was still banging him up until she met Cole (if not while she was dating him).

It wouldn't surprise me if she was still banging Adam when she first started talking to cole. Also, I feel like if her and cole break up that she would seek Adam's attention again.

Adumb and Robbie must have the golden dick

Are you telling us what happened at the reunion lol, been dying to know. But hey, it's ok she's banging adam, she's chelsea! She can do no wrong!!!!

Oh no nothing like that happened at the reunion. But Dr. Drew just said something about how glad he was that she was so happy with Cole and finally over Adam. She got all pissy and was like "I WAS OVER HIM YEARS AGO" to which I rolled my eyes harder than I ever have before.

Side note: They allowed us to ask a couple quick questions before they started filming and I was THIS close to asking her why she talks in that baby voice all the time. Part of me wishes I had gone for it.

Can the obvious be pointed out.
Taylor doesn't have Teen Mom money to throw at a prolonged custody battle like Chelsea and Adam have.

Best comment so far.

That was honestly my impression of this whole thing. Maybe she saw what Chelsea has gone through and has decided to just pursue it further when he doesn't have MTV money against her. It's not like there isn't five years or television footage of him going after custody of his first child over and over or anything. He'll do it as long as the cameras are on him. Hell, I honestly don't believe he'll fight that hard once the money is gone.

I don't think Taylor has nearly as much pride and ego tied up in it as Chelsea does either. Not even in a messed up way, but Chelsea and Adam's whole relationship was a power struggle. Now that she's with Cole, she's doing the exact same thing in a different way. And also, I'm sure she likes Aubree being alive and all that good shit. Just sayin though

A lot of kids get stuck with shitty parents simply because there isn't enough money to go through an entire custody battle.
It can literally cost thousands of dollars to prove a parent isn't fit to raise the child.
Also I don't think it is common practice for a judge to determine a custody order based on a previous order for a different child. Meaning all the years that Chelsea spent racking up things to use against Adam in court mean nothing when Taylor goes in front of a judge. So basically Taylor has to start from square one when she tires to make a case against Adam.

Srsly I don't think Taylor's still banging Adumb just because she decided not to drag out their custody battle. It honestly seems like they've both gone their separate ways. Not like Chelsea, who was back with him every other week. Taylor's probably telling the truth when she says he has Paislee every other weekend and one night a week. Taylor isn't a reality tv star, she doesn't have the option to drag out the custody war forever and ever. She got an agreement she could live with and took it. Apparently that makes her a horrible person.

I believe this is the custody Ryan had in Teen Mom before Maci gave him another day after pressure from the mediator.

First off, i remember Adam saying on the last reunion that Taylor was dating a great guy who was good with Paislee. That guy was Joe and they are still together. So i do very much believe that Adam isn't lying when he says he co-parenting with Taylor and Joe is going good. So many times we've seen awful co-parenting relationships (Kail with Vee, Ryan with Kyle, Maci with Dalis, etc). So props to Adam for being able to see good in Joe and Cole.

I am not going to talk badly about Taylor. If he wants her daughter to have a relationship with her father, than that is her call. Paislee is young enough that she can do that. If she does every other weekend with Adam plus once during the week, she will remember that and probably have a good relationship with Adam if everything goes according to plan. She is certainly more mature about it than people like Leah and Kail. Its also possible that Taylor cant afford to retain a lawyer for multiple court appearances, she is not making TM2 money. I dont think she anticipated multiple court dates and probably didnt want to pay for it. I dont blame her at all. I dont see how her allowing Adam to be in his daughters life means she is sleeping with him. She seems very happy with her boyfriend.

Yep, Chelsea gave Adam like four years of chances despite everyone on God's green earth (except Dr. Drew for some reason) telling her not to. But Taylor doesn't get the same journey towards realization or even empathy from Chelsea because it doesn't serve Chelsea's agenda.

Also, i dont think Adam meant he literally has 50/50 custody. Adam isn't the brightest, so i think he worded it incorrectly. I think what he was trying to say is they have a custody agreement, rather than the visitation agreement that they previously had. It's all been signed by the judge now and is set in stone.

Is anybody else following the Christine Ouzounian nannygate scandal? I may go to hell for saying this but i can totally see Dalis doing something like this. This chick has zero shame and is chasing the $$/fame so hard.

Hahaha yes! I bet he's so embarrassed. But, I can definitely see Dalis doing this! I don't follow her anymore because I couldn't deal with her constant bra pics while claiming she was SOOO religious and Christian. Yes, you can be religious and model whatever. But, she is an attention whore x 100 and it's ridiculous. Did you see that video she posted about what boys think girls do at sleepovers? That's when I unfollowed her.

OMG I just looked at her Twitter. Holy lip injections. She's starting to look like Farrah.

My only thoughts with this were that it was a mistake to settle something outside of court with Adumb. If that comment featured above is accurate, I would advise Taylor to get SOME form of legal documentation spelling out exactly what his custody entails. Because now, if he screws up again (which, let's be real, he's likely to do in some way) she has real no legal repercussion against him. I don't think either of his daughters should be entirely kept away from him if he WANTS to be a good father...but I can't help but feel he wants his kids as easy grounds to take stabs at his baby mamas.
I think Chelsea is doing the right thing by supervision/fighting it out, only because he can't seem to follow supervision and rules that courts give him, let alone whatever Taylor probably settled outside of it.
I also think Taylor would do this to get under Chelsea's skin and cause a bit of uproar in the TM world. Drama means relevance in Teen Mom, unfortunately.
Afterall, she DID get knocked up by Adam, knowingly with all of his other issues. I don't hate Taylor, but I also don't think she's the brightest crayon in the box either.
Both her and Chelsea, among other women featured on the show, seem to think he has a wonder-peen like Robbie. Probably sans-cheetos, though.

I agree. I don't hate Taylor, but it's hard to have sympathy for someone who saw first hand (via a TV show) how Adam treated Aubree and Chelsea and then decided it was a good idea to have a child with him. I mean, she literally saw him jerk Chelsea back and forth for *years*, call their child a mistake, drive recklessly, etc. etc. and yet still thought it would be a good idea to procreate with him.

Chelsea may be a bit dull, but a 16 year old making a poor decision, getting knocked up and trying to live out her teenage years pawning, hooking up with and desiring a family with a douchebag is unfortunately...common.
I know many people, friends, family members, etc, who don't even have kids with (and some who do) douchebag people, yet STILL go back to dating them...a second, third,--tenth time. I don't know if it's insecurity, loneliness, or what, but people do it all the time. I don't think it's right, but not uncommon.
Was he probably a douche prior to Chelsea and him hooking up? I'm sure. But his poor decisions weren't blatantly in her face, all over television, for almost three years.
That's where my failing with Taylor is, she still had sex with this guy, watching his life and chaos play out all over TV, with Chelsea's drama included, and still chose to carry on with it. I don't hate her, but you brought a child into this mess...knowing it wasn't going to go well.
It's hard to have sympathy for that.

So instead of sympathy, (since no one really asked for mine anyway) I'm just hoping Adam sucks less because no one can undo their actions, and everyone needs to suck it up for their kids.

Agreed, taylor is an idiot for thinking he's changgeeedd!!!! But i like how she doesn't badmouth adam and bang him at the same time, she has clearly moved on fast with a new guy. What i hate about chelsea is she's always disgusted with adam, yeah we get it, but why bang him if you hate him THAT much, i'm all about forgiveness but stop acting like a high school mean girl.

I get that Chelsea should have been a cautionary tale, but Chelsea wasn't very kind to Taylor before Paislee was even thought of. Seems like that would make Adam's "She keeps Aubree from me and is such a total bitch! Blah blah *glug glug* blah!" bullshit make a lot more sense. Plus they're from the same area, so who knows the history between the two of them that has colored Taylor's view of Chelsea. And weren't Adam and Taylor childhood family friends or something?

I do agree with the posts before me though...I think a lot of it pertains to her not having enough money to keep dragging stuff out. However, with his record. I still would want some form of legal documentation and supervision instilled. I hope the best for Taylor and Paislee's safety.

Definitely the supervision part. That's what freaks me out about Adumb hanging out with his kids. He's an idiot who takes chances. Remember when Aubree's leg got burned on the motorbike? You know, shit like that would worry me to death. It would only take one reckless move for a kid to fall off a bike like that and get a concussion or worse. I won't even mention the reckless driving. But if Methmouth McGee is any indication, even his friends who drive him around are idiotic drivers who shouldn't be on the road. I'd be all for that visitation center. Yes, it's probably a very sad place. But you make bad choices and do risky things with kids involved, that's what happens.

I agree, I don't know how Chelsea handles it when Aubree goes to Adam's. I would be so stressed out that something awful would happen and every time my phone rang I would have a heart attack

I think you may be misunderstanding what "settling out of court" means. Many legal disputes, especially divorces and custody, can be done outside of court hearings where a judge makes orders. As long as the litigants or their attorneys file the proper paperwork and are in agreement, you can do what is known as a summary action (that's what it's called in CA at least) where both parties agree to certain terms and sign off on them. This is similar to how things go in mediation, but without the mediator. I used to work in a self-help family law office where we helped people throughout the child custody process and many people on decent terms choose to do things outside of court as the process is EXTREMELY costly. Most courts encourage settlements over a judge making orders.

I think that's what happened between junkelle and Barbara? It seems like, if Jenelle regret her situation she can take Babs to court again, which she is trying to do in the recent episode. So I guess if Adam fucks up, Taylor could always take him back to court, she doesn't "settle" and it's done forever. But I'm not sure, i'm no law expert lol.

You are correct, JMA. In the state of California, a custody case remains open under the child is 18 AND graduated high school or until the child is 19 years old. The case can be closed only if a party files for a dismissal and the court has grounds for and grants the dismissal. I'm not sure what the process is like in South Dakota, but I doubt that it's super mega drastically different haha

Taylor has always been the kind of "let's all get along" kind of person, she is an idiot for procreating with adam, but things seem really civil with her and adam, adam has always said that he coparents good with taylor, even in last season. Maybe because Taylor doesn't have mtv money, true but I don't see what's wrong with settling, maybe she's tired of it, maybe she only thinks about her daughter's interest, who knows. But why does that make her a bad person? Chelsea stop treating Taylor like shit, she doesn't owe you.

I've never had a problem with Taylor, she seems like a nice enough person. Obviously isn't too bright but I've come to the conclusion that none of the girls over there are.

Let's be real though: Adam is a jerk on TV but he clearly has some charmto be able to pull in all these chicks. Or maybe he just has a huge penis. Who knows.

Taylor may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, nor have the best judgement, but overall she seems like a nice person. As for dating Adam, it's hard to tell why she would make that decision but then again we don't know her life story.

Taylor and Adam apparently have known each other since they were little. Apparently their families were close family friends growing up. So i think in a way, Taylor was blinded by the fact that she knew him before mtv, etc and probably thought she could change him back to how he was when they were young.

Anyways, Taylor may be dumber than most people but she has more of an education that most of the cast. She went to the University of South Dakota and was only a few semesters away from completing her degree but had to put it on hold because she couldnt afford it. And then Paislee happened. I hope she eventually goes back and finishes, it could be a lot more helpful to have a bachelors when raising a child. Although she must make a lot of money bartending because she seems to be doing alright based off her IG/Twitter.

wow finding that out completely changes things. i had no idea they knew eachother growing up. not to get personal but i went through something similar. there was a guy who lived down the street from me, his name was matt. we grew up as close friends, and our moms were also close friends. anyways, around middle school i gained weight. he was part of the popular crowd and him and guy used to bully and make fun of people, they were the "class clowns" of our grade. anyways, he used to make fun of me all the time in class because of my weight with this other boy. but outside of school we hung out all the time like normal. i used to in my head defend him because i knew him outside of school and i knew how he acted around his family, etc. looking back i was such an idiot to accept having my "friend" humiliate me, but i took it in stride because i valued our friendship especially since he became popular and still hung out me with in the neighborhood. he ended up moving away freshman year of hs and getting into cocaine addiction and we dont keep in touch anymore. and i lost all the weight lol. but hearing her and adam were family friends growing up could me something. it could mean that taylor saw him as the person she grew up with, even if everything in the present contradicted her memories. i know first hand.

I think it's sad the way Chelsea has been treating Taylor from the get go. Before Taylor got pregnant with Paislee and her and Chelsea were both on and off with Adam, they started hanging out together and Chelsea even posted a pic with just the two of them clubbing. (The pic is long gone but you can still find the sulia articles about it). When Taylor got back with Adam, Chelsea started throwing shades at both of them on Twitter and talking crap, while Taylor remained civil and tried to build a relationship between the girls. For almost a year after she was mean and made fun of Taylor with her friends on national TV, saying shit like : "I dont want to be her friend" like she wasn't cozying it up with Taylor when it suited her. Then fast forward to now, she basically used her for a lawyer and to get dirt on Adam and get back at him, only to drop her like a hot potatoe and throw shades at her when she didn't do exactly what she wanted her too. I don't think anybody deserves to be treated like that.

Speaking of custody battles, Corey can't use TM2 footage in court for his custody battle for the girlses: ???

Ugh, that sucks sooooo bad. Unfortunately, it makes a whole lot of sense legally, so I can see why the judge said it couldn't be admitted even though we all know better.

I always thought this was fairly obvious. And I'm not saying that to you specifically, but it just never made sense to me when people would say that. Like the footage of Amber was her beating the crap out of Gary in front of Leah. Domestic violence is a crime and hugely detrimental to a child's psyche. What does MTV really have on Leah? The whole show is so scripted and staged. Feeding your kids Chef Boyardee and nodding off on the phone are not crimes. Sure, when you listen to the rumors and speculation about Leah it paints a messed up picture, but Adam could use footage from Teen Mom 2 as evidence that he disciplines Aubree better than Chelsea if they picked through the right scenes. They accused her of drug use and she had a clean drug test, so using MTV footage to go, "But look at her drive in a junky car!!!!1!!one!" just doesn't make sense. Courts of law are places of facts. So unless MTV has footage of Leah abusing pills or other drugs, then I would be absolutely sick if a judge allowed it to be used as evidence.

I guess that makes sense. There's no crime against putting your kids to bed at midnight and feeding them canned ravioli, it just means you're a crappy mum.

Poor Corey though, he must be so frustrated. All he wants is what's best for his kids but Leah's too selfish to put their needs first and give him more time with them.

Bein' a crappy mom ain't illegal!

having a wonderpeen/cheetos addiction ain't illegal!

In PA I'm almost 100% positive that you don't even need running water or electric in the home (as long as there is heat and access to clean water) to be able to have a child living in the home. I'm aware that WV and PA are 2 separate states with different laws but it goes to show that it is extremely hard to remove a child from a crappy situation as long as BASIC needs are met. If there is no footage of her beating the girls or of her actually doing drugs then really there is no reason to use any footage.
We all see some of the girls move their kids into another room to spank them where MTV doesn't follow.
I honestly home that Cory was smart enough to save every text, voicemail, FB message and maybe even keep a journal of things that he knows are FACT about Leah.

That's so disappointing. It's sad that Leah has very apparent issues that, if weren't present, the girlses would probably be okay. But she does have those present and she's made poor choices (ignoring this season's footage, moving in with random "hey I Just met you!" boyfriend would be enough for me if I were a judge, though I realize it's not "illegal" to move in with random men, ugh) Someone, for the time being, needs custody of the girls in a way they can properly be taken care of. It doesn't have to be forever, which Leah seems to think the "plot against her" is about. BUT in true addict form, she doesn't see a problem with her behavior right now and unfortunately that is adversely affecting her kids.

i dont see why his lawyer cant get the raw footage via court orders tho

But do you really see MTV's lawyers are going to allow Corey to throw the star of their show under the bus like that? Raw footage of MTV allowing someone to neglect and endanger doesn't sound good for business. And I have serious doubts that Corey's WV family law attorney would stand a chance against Viacom's team of lawyers

Off topic but did anybody see Jenelle's "Can I be conceited for a minute" picture? Girl, you're conceited all the time. All. The. Time.

I think that on some level, like not even consciously, Chelsea wants to spite Adam. Of course, Aubree's safety and well being are her conscious mind's concerns, but I think deep down she also wants to win this thing. He's embarrassed, demeaned and manipulated her for the whole world to see. This is her chance to not back down and prove what we all knew since her episode of 16&P: that Adam is a douchebag. He dared to try and challenge her as a mother, so this is her big opportunity to square off with him and win. Because honestly, getting with Cole isn't showing Adam anything, because he doesn't really care about her. He gets a kick out of controlling and manipulating her, but I don't think he really gives a damn the way Chelsea wishes. And I 100% believe she was using Taylor to 1. get back at Adam and 2. sure up her case against Adam. I really don't think Taylor and Adam are still on and off, that sounded like a bunch of projection to me...

Just when you thought the girls selling products on instagram couldn't get more desperate, Jenelle starts advertising for butt lifting cream:

Can't believer her idiotic followers were smart enough to remember that she used the photo of her in the black shorts to advertise some butt lifting panties a few weeks ago. She's too lazy to even scam right; if you're going to sell fake ass products that don't work, at least take some new photos for each product!

They're stupid enough to stick up for her as Jenelle is having her post break up mental breakdown. Not that Nathan is a victim by any means, but damn, I especially do not want to be him right now. Like, more so than ever. Girl is psycho.

& here I was thinking Javi was the most pathetic by posting a pic of "Shaun the Sheep" (some kids movie? idk?) gear including a weird hat and a shirt

ugh maci is schilling that stupid movie as well. kail and maci promote the same stuff, including movies that are in theaters (like that stupid scott eastwood movie when it came out). its as if they think we are dumb and dont notice the blatant advertisements. go out and get a real job dumbasses. even chelsea is schilling those waist trainers now, up until her post i had never seen her do anything like that. i think leah is the only one not promoting the waist trainer

Leah's waist-training-get-skinny-quick scheme is the pillses. Can't exactly advertise that to fans

And who'd want her advertising "health and wellness" products, girl looks like a total meth head right now

Oh please, Chelsea is one of the OGs in the promo game!! I remember back in 2013/14, she was hawking Blue Apron meals and weight loss shit. That was after her jewelry scam and before the other Teen Moms got obnoxious with the promos.

From 47 weeks ago:
From 85 wks ago:

There used to be tons more, but I bet she thinks she deleted them all

Seriously, I think Chelsea was one of the first Instagram accounts I saw doing this. She's actually been doing it so long that she reportedly charges a minimum fee of almost $8k for each endorsement she does. Farrah's is closer to $10k. That's the only reason you see Chelsea doing less of them now, as not as many companies care to cover that minimum.

A lot of people think you only get paid when people click the link you post, but for Instagrams with as many followers as these girls have, they're paid in advance.

Mackenzie's even got Jawsh hawking teeth whitening products, gotta pay for those new boobs somehow!

Taylor is stll banging Adumb. I swear his sperm has halucinagenic properties!

When Chelsea was bangig Adumb she bought his crock of shit, now Taylor is buying his shit.

This douchcanoe is a danger to children and himself! He is a shiity boyfriend,a shitty father, and a shitty prson.

Only when these girls finally hop off of his dick do they then begin to see straight!

HAHAHA hallucinogenic properties!!

I swear to god!!

I mean what else is it that these girls flock to him for?

He is a douche, anyone who has watched the show for 5 seconds knows he is a douche.

He is a balding, top muscle (forgot leg day) roiding man-child, is not attractive!!

Taylor knew EXACTLY what she was getting into, yet she still got with him AND had a baby with him. She is as much of a loser as he is.

He's another member of the wonderpeen club

"I feel like puting a child in the middle of your own drama is childish and manipulative"

Yet you are the one blasting them on social media, (maybe) sending sources to sell story to tabloids, insinuating the MOTHER of your daughter's sister is cheating on her partner, retwitting/favoriting tweets that says bad stuff about Adam and Taylor and exposing all of your personnal issues on social media for 10 seconds of positive feedback from your followers. All of that for the world and one day your daughter to see. Go home Chelsea, you're no better, if not worst than them about making drama.