Life After Leah

Leah Messer

This writer was just about to snuggle into bed after a long day when someone showed her this amazing tweet.


The Teen Mom 2 gang is currently in L.A. filmimg the reunion specials and looks like Leah's ex-husbands decided to have a double date. Corey shared a pic of the foursome downing some adult beverages along with the hashtag #lifeafterleah.

Corey is not very active on Twitter and his posts are usually few and far between, so this a rare but hilarious gem. Sadly, not everyone is finding it funny.

Some followers are calling it a low blow and kicking Leah while she is down. After all, Leah is the mother of their children.


Corey is defending the hashtag and telling fans they would understand if they only knew everything. Whether this is the same crap on a different day or something completely new is unknown at this point.

There is obviously more to the story than MTV airs and, hopefully, we will see it unfold during this season of Teen Mom 2 or at least during the reunion.

Alas, Corey has fallen prey to the tweet-and-delete and the picture is no longer on his feed.

If only Gary, Keiffer, and Courtland would get together for #lifeafterJenelle picture. This needs to happen, like, yesterday.

Do you feel Corey crossed a line, or are people being too sensitive?


Hahaha yes Cory! I love it. People are calling this a low blow? But her fans never miss a chance to defend her drug habits and especially her cheating ways that have torn her two marriages apart. What a joke.

The only "low blow" going on here is when Leah dropped to her knees to blow Robbie. #spermburper

That is one of the most disgusting hashtags I've ever laid eyes on. Bravo!

She does that every night.

What else BUT spermses would Leah wash the pillses down with?
Too far?

I think it's because she's going through a drug addiction people are calling it a low blow. Honestly, I don't see it that way along with everyone else here (I didn't even read all the comments yet, I just know everyone here will be rolling their eyes). Leah put both of them through hell with her love of substances, love of Robbie's D, nagging, screaming, utter lack of parenting skills, money grubbing, and reckless spending. We don't even need to know everything she's done, we've seen enough.

I'm glad they can get together and commiserate. I wish I could've commiserated with some of my exes exes. It probably would have helped me realize earlier just how far their dickishness runs and undo some of the gaslighting they'd done earlier. And it's nice to have an ally who's gone through the same thing as you. I've been waiting for Corey and Jeremy to get together to commiserate for a long time (though I still feel worse for Corey than I do for Jeremy).

I think it's kind of a low blow. Not because I like Leah (I think she's a cunt), but if Corey wants her to get better so that the girlses can have a good mother (and I know he does), he probably shouldn't say things that will undermine her recovery.

So as much as she deserves to hear how much of a bitch she is, the girlses deserve a sober mom more. I know pretty much no one agrees with me but that's my 2 cents.

I agree green hoodies, while at the same time knowing that probably felt good to post for Cory. We all know how Leah turns even the slightest slights against her as excuses for her behavior. In the end it's the girlses who will suffer from her behavior.

It's not like she was a sweet person who respected people and treated them well before the addiction, though. It could be that he's fed up with everything else apart from the addiction or that the addiction (and her subsequent bullshit excuses as to why it's all bullshit) are just the final straw. It would be one thing if Corey did shit like this all the time but he rarely says anything mean about her and seems to bite his tongue a lot. Everyone's allowed a little vent time. Leah certainly doesn't miss an opportunity to trash Corey in front of their children and on national television. I think she can grow some thicker skin and deal with a harsh tweet.

Lean ain't going through no drug addiction! She has the stress from taking care of the girlses and being bacon-slapped. The truth will out!

-- Mama Dawn

^^ you forgot the caps lock. Caps lock means Dawn is speaking the TRUTH.

Just incase you needed a lesson on how to spot the TRUTH Dawn spews.


While I'm defiantly not a Leah fan and thought that tweet was funny. I also don't believe Jeremy and Cory are as innocent as they seem. I believe in some cases they did get the good edit. I will never forget the tweet Jeremy sent out bashing Leah for "maybe" dating a black guy and saying how disgusting an oreo child would be. I think Jeremy has some scum bag ways in him. Lets not forget that he also cheated in their marriage. Leah's a piece of junkie shit but trash attracts trash.

I find it annoying Corey lets everyone get away with screwing him over. First Leah now Jeremy. Jeremy encouraged Leah to take more money from Corey in child support, he accused Corey of not being a man, not caring about his family, not fighting for his family, he has cursed Corey out, etc. and what does Corey do? He gets a beer with this loser and becomes bffs with him? Wtf. Jeremy will throw Corey under the bus again when it's convenient for him. He already knows he can get away with it.

Yeah but who knows what bullshit Leah was feeding Jerrrmy about Corey Tyler?! She was probably telling him that Corey wasn't paying the amount he actually was, because she was spending it all on Mary Kay (aka pillses and Robbie)

Weren't they friends before Jeremy married Leah? I thought that's how they "met" on Facebook.... through Corey. I'm willing to bet that Jeremy was saying those things and agreeing with Leah because they were married and he didn't want to be in the doghouse for not defending her against her ex-husband's allegations. It was probably all dramatized for the show and Jermy didn't give a shit either way. To me he seems to be one of those guys who will talk the talk but not walk the walk. I doubt he really meant what he said about Corey in the past.

A little bit off topic but did you guys see that the Chattanooga shooter lived in the same town and graduated from the same high school as Ryan? It was super weird and unsettling recognizing the town and the high school when i saw it being reported where the guy was from. I dont know if they knew each other since i think Ryan is a few years older but still very creepy.

A lot of people I've seen commenting on reddit and stuff have said they knew him in high school and that dude was completely normal. So bizarre.

Nope. Just the good ol double standard. Leah calls him names in front of their children, attacks him on facebook and twitter but her fans never say a word about that. They usually join in. . . But since shes "the mother of his children" hes low and childish? Nope .

Ive been waiting for this. Its so much a person can take.

After all she's said and done to the father of her children, I would say this is very tame. It's one little hashtag after her cheating and bashing him in various ways. To top it off, Corey genuinely wants to be in the twins' lives and would like more custody but Leah won't give it to him despite being overwhelmed by 3 kids and most likely on drugs. It's hard to feel much sympathy for Leah after the way she has acted toward him. Of course it would be great for her to address her issues and be the best mom she can be, and I'm sure we all want to see that happen, but I just don't feel all that sorry for her.

I feel the need to create a twitter JUST to defend him from Leahs idiot fans.

SAME!!! It said life after Leah. So what??

#TeamCorey #TeamJeremy #TeamMiranda

But on a serious note i've been wanting this to happen! I always felt Corey and Jeremy were cut from the same mold and i remember a lot of us saying we wanted them to be friends post split not only for the girls but also because i think without Leah in the picture they would get along really well and it seems like they probably do. I doubt its vindictive, they've (especially Corey) been dealing with Leah's shit for way too long, as in years too long.

Yes, I think it's really important that Addy gets to see her sisters as much as possible. Hopefully if these two become friends, reunions between the kids will be able to happen more often.

Man, these girlses lives are messed up. Kail has two babies with two different men, and there's not a chance that she will stay with Javi until death do they part. I'll betcha she has baby daddy #3, what a hot mess. And Leah's a lost cause. Jenelle will probably have 5 or 6 kids by the time she's out of eggs, and I could say the same for Teen Mom OG. Chelsea has been lucky so far since she's not always safe with the sexytimes, but she appears to be the most functional! Congrats Chelsea on achieving only 1 baby!

Exactly! some people think Miranda is way overrated and I don't know how she is in real life, but she's not a famewhore and she keeps her shit off of social media. So does Corey, this is one little exception but who cares!? All four of them genuinely look so happy!

I was creeping on her Twitter looking for a bump picture or clue about the sex and nothing. I can respect keeping that stuff to themselves.

I was due January 19, 2013 and I think Miranda's also due in January. I didn't find out the gender until September. It's probably too early for her to have a bump. If anything, she's probably just bloated right now. I'm glad she keeps her business off Twitter though.

She also might choose to not find out the sex.

Jeremy was willing to forgive Leah and look past all the Robbie shit and be civil until he saw Leah is now with a black man. It was only after that he was done with Leah for good. He even made comments on Twitter that Leah's next kid would be an Oreo and that it's nasty. I can't see Corey acting that way. Corey and Jeremy are nothing alike.

Also keep in mind Jeremy had hung out with Corey with a group in the past, and decided afterward to go looking up Corey's ex-wife on Facebook to pursue. You can't say without Leah they would be friends. They knew each other before Leah.

Corey is such a class act! He and his wife are the best, and I can see that she's drinking water because she's pregnant:)

Jeremy and his superfan aren't exactly the picture of class ("caught ya bitch") but its still very funny that these two men can team together and talk about their identical terrible marriages.

This isn't the same girl that Radar wouldn't shut up about that banged Jeremy in his RV. This is some chick from Ohio. She still might be crazy, who knows, but as far as I know, she wasn't like the first chick who sold dick pics to the tabloids and got a fucking agent.

It seems that none of the cast want anything to do with Leah. They must know a lot more than we as viewers/fan even know. They never ever tweet her or interact with her anymore (and that goes for everyone Chelsea, Kail, Jenelle, Javi, etc) which is something they didn't even do to Jenelle during her heroin days. Plus Corey and Jeremy just invited Randy to join them for a beer on twitter lol. I wonder if it has to do with her trying to get out of filming because of deercamgate and it possibly messed up their contracts or something?

Has anyone seen any sign that she's at the reunion?

Kail has just put some pics on IG and she's with them. She looks like she may have gained some weight too. Not that it's a bad thing. She's just not super tiny. It could be the dress/photo angle too.

She looks pretty good. I hope that means she took the rehab seriously and not that MTV has a phenomenal hair and makeup artist. And isn't pregnant either.

I love that 3 of the girls are in cute summery dresses and then we have Karl in head to toe black. Like her soul.

Oh man I just looked at her instagram. Is everyone and their mother getting comped to advertise those stupid waist trainers on social media?!

I hope they do that to Jenelle too, she's much worse than Leah imo...and I love that Karl favorited a tweet about someone saying how they only watch the show because of chelsea and Karl. I hate to admit it but yeah chelsea has the most die hard fans, but as for Karl, nobody wants too see your walrus ass lying on the bed while humiliating your husband who didn't do anything evil. Get a life Karl, stop being so full of yourself.

That's because Chelsea is the only segment we can watch without feeling terrible about the world and all the people in it every single week.

lollll!!! Randy posted to Instagram videos of Corey and Jeremy bullriding at the bar so i guess Randy did take them up on their invite hahaha

I also loved the photo of him and Babs with wine in hand! :D



Corey is not a perfect person because no one is but he's a damn good father. And through everything he has been a gentlemen for the most part to leah.

I'm not saying they should be together because that is NOT what's best for Corey.....

But what I am saying is that he has been through SO F****CKING MUCH with Leah..... & he has kept his cool for the most part ( I probably would have lost my shit)

I am not a fan of Jeremy at all.... ( he's a decent man and provides for his daughter but I have just never cared for him much)

Corey isn't blasting the truth Via Social media.... He isn't calling her out on her lies ( bluntly) he doesn't talk down about her..... I mean damn he was still trying to be nice to her on this weeks episode trying to not do things through cort.

I truly believe that when it comes to Leah and Corey he won't allow a lot of it to be filmed, he won't lie for the cameras because he doesn't want the girls to ever have to rewatch more than they have to. He does right by them always ( for the most part)

& at least the man is venting like a MAN should. Classy. ;)

The fact that he kept his cool while Leah was going on and on about how she didn't understand why he wanted 50/50 custody with his own children like it's solely her decision how often their father gets to see them shows me that he's got the girls' best interests in mind and that goes a long way. He seems like a pretty stand up guy who puts up with A LOT of bullshit from Leah for the sake of his daughters.

This is awesome. Only thing weird to me is Jeremy would talk so much trash about Corey with Leah what made him change his mind? I'm sure Jeremy has a lot of fresh intel on Leah to help Corey out in court. Leah's story is just so sad. That's probably the only thing I care to see on this season. I'm interested to see if she does lose custody. But I'm sure it will be a big cliff hanger just like last season.

His mind was changed when Leah banged Robbie again

When the cheating, the lies, her drug habit, her mental state started to really shine....just to name a few.

I think Jeremy would talk a lot of trash about Corey, because at the time, he was "in love" with Leah and would take her side, defend her when it came to her, her parenting, and anything that involved her and Corey. Not to mention he was also a father of her kid, too, so it was natural to trash on the ex-husband while being THE husband (at the time).

Jeremy realized that the girl he supposedly fell in love with in the beginning was nowhere near being the same woman she is now, resulting in him seeing Corey in a new light and understanding his side of the story. He had the wool pulled over his eyes. Leah is very manipulative when it comes to relationships, playing the "victim card" over and over, and Jeremy bit into it and swallowed whole. Add in the fact that they rushed their relationship, got married, had a kid during the whole "new love" phase while he was rushed off to work away from was bound to create a disaster in a short amount of time.

I'm not trying to defend Jeremy, though, considering it takes two to make a marriage work. It was just as much as him as it was her, although she had more wrongdoings in the end. I think he's just as bad when it comes to the cheating allegations (I know the girl personally he cheated with, Brittany, and she was in it to get her name known - she's always been that thirsty - and he should have seen it coming a mile away before going along with their convos). They should have talked through things like a married couple should instead of acting out on hormones. I just think a lot of it was blind rage and defending her without realizing how and who she really was until it was too late, leading him to see that he is where Corey was in the past.

But if he's friends with his ex-wife's ex-husband now? That's cool, I guess. Hopefully they actually have a real friendship for the sake of their kids and not just a "friendship" that is more like a publicity stunt to get back at Leah (which is equally immature and dumb on all parts involved). I'd say Jeremy has told all he knows about her and Corey is already whistling a different tune to get sole custody of his kids compared to how it was in the past two episodes of the new season ("I'm not trying to personally attack you blah blah blah" type of thing).

I just hope in the end, the kids are where they should be in terms of safety and their wellbeing.

These people have dated so many people there could be so many "life afters" that would be gold.

#lifeaftermaci with Ryan Edwards, Kyle King, Kyle Regal
#lifeafterryan with Maci Bookout, Kathryn Golden, Morgan Putnam, Dalis Connell, Kirsten Cooper, Shelby Woods as like 80 other women whom i dont remember their names
#lifeafterfarrah with Derek Underwood, that model guy from season 1, that Daniel guy from like season 3 or 4 and Simon Saran
#lifeaftergary with Amber Portwood that Kristen chick from walmart and eventually Kristina Anderson
#lifeafteramber with Gary Shirley, walmart convicted felon boyfriend, Clinton Yunker and hopefully soon fucking creepy ass Matt
#lifeafteradam with Chelsea Houska, Taylor Halbur, old woman Jessica and his band of bitches that include domestic stalking charges and etc
#lifeafterjenelle with Andrew Lewis, Keiffer Delp, that Jake guy, Gary Head, Courtland Rogers and by next week Nathan Griffith
#lifeafterleah with Robbie Kidd, Corey Simms, Jeremy Calvert and soon to be TR Dues
#lifeafterkail with Jo Rivera, Jordan Wenner, that Mike kid and eventually Javi Marroquin

really only Jo, Chelsea and of course Catelynn and Tyler dont have a huge list of ex's. That is so sad lol

I need to see life after jenelle and life after Karl.

I feel like a lot of these need to be followed up with #sponsoredbyvaltrex.

With Derek it'd be more like "afterlife after Farrah".


Was just coming here to post this! I think it's good if they can get along. Although with how much Jeremy bashed Corey, it's a bit weird. But I guess he could have apologised and how that he's not with Leah can see where Corey was coming from.

He called corey a piece of shit but that was before deercamgate.

I love that Corey is finally speaking out too!

LMFAO childish! This is great I literally cracked tf up ?

Miranda is so beautiful. Is that girl next to Jerms his new "hot single mom"?

Omg seriously so funny!! Especially since Cory rarely posts anything

I can't stress enough how much I want it to be Leah that I see at the reunion tomorrow.

While I'm excited to go and enjoy this show as much as the next person, I also can't wait for these trashy bitches to get the fuck out of my city #sorrynotsorry

I hate to be one of these annoying people but i have a question for you folks that hopefully some of you can answer since i cant seem to get a clear answer from anyone that i know personally. I am getting ready to go on vacation with my best friend via airplane. I have never flown without my parents and we haven't even been on a plane in like 8 years anyways. But i never had to do any of this on my own so i am not quite sure what some of the rules are about products that are and aren't allowed. I have tried googling as well as asking people and i never get a clear answer. I always hear you cant bring things like hairspray on a plane but others tell me they have gone through and not had it taken away. Somebody told me that their makeup was thrown out as well as their shampoo/conditioner, which i had never known wasnt allowed. Does anyone who travels freqently wanna help me lol! I have some expensive makeup and hair products that i dont want to get confiscated and i also cant put my makeup in my checked baggage because if anything breaks itll make a huge mess and ruin everything. Im really trying hard to prepare but its hard to do with so many conflicting answers. Im only traveling within the country if that makes a difference. And i know people hate these off topic things but i need help and im hoping i can get some because i need it :(

so basically my question is are the following things allowed on a carry on bag: hairspray, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, razor (shaving), deodorant, sunscreen (spray kind), aloe, lotion, perfume, makeup ranging from liquid foundation to bronzer to mascara to eyeliner to eyeshadow etc etc, toothpaste, mouthwash, face wash, dry shampoo, hair straightener, curling iron, jewelry, hair clips and ties, brush, nail polish, nail polish remover, eyelash curler, toothbrush, bug spray, chargers, excedrin etc

Again sorry for the annoying post

Hopefully this link works, it is the complete list of what you can and cannot take according to the TSA:

As far as makeup goes, get some ziploc baggies and package stuff individually because something (usually shampoo for me) leaks in checked luggage. I have accidentally gotten prohibited items through in my carry-on, but I wouldn't try it on purpose.

anything that's liquid can not be taken onto the plane. I've flown many times and I have to tell you, while occasionally shit does happen, but most of the time it has been ok. If you're lucky, nobody discovers that you took sharp or liquid stuff onto the plane, but it it's caught it will be thrown away. I once gave up a pair of scissors. Once again, i repeat, no liquid stuff onto the plane, if you get caught at security check they will scan your whole bag again thoroughly and it's kinda embarrassing.

Your makeup shouldn't be an issue, as long as it isn't liquid. And even if it is, as long as if fits into a small ziplock bag, you should be ok. Same goes for your toiletries. A small shampoo/Conditioner is fine. Everything you listed above can be put in your carry on if it fits into the ziplock bag. As for the razor, they may take it away. It depends on the airport, city, country...
When it comes to hairspray, it depends on the one you have, if it's flammable, they'll take it away. It also depends on where you're traveling. If you're travelling to/through London, they do a thorough check, in the US (at least NY/Miami), they are a bit more lax in my experience. I travel at least twice a year and I've never had any issues, except last week when they took away my dry shampoo in london. But that was my fault.

Basically, if you have a full size perfume, shampoo/Conditioner.... Do NOT put it in your carry on. Only travel size is permitted.

Be sure to wash your hands before going through "Security Theater" and don't use any kind of lotion or hand sanitizer on them. Occasionally, the fine folks from the TSA will take it into their heads to swab your hands and something totally innocent might set off the Detecto-machine and make them think whatever is on your hands is some kind of explode-y stuff used to make bombs.
I had that happen to me once and the ensuing furor was not fun.

You cannot bring any liquids or gels in containers larger than 3 ounces. All liquids and gels must fit into a quart size ziploc bag. Any large containers of liquid or gel will be thrown out unless it is medical or food for a baby or small child. If you have liquid medicine or things of that sort, have them out of your carry on and tell them before you go through the scanner to speed up the process. They put it in a machine to test for explosive residue and will most likely check the rest of your bag as well. Do not try to bring a razor in your carry on, leave things like that and any full size containers in your checked luggage. Put all containers that might leak into ziploc bags just in case. Read the tsa link in the post above and it will have all the specifics of anything you need to know

Keeping us safe -- from shampoo and body lotion. Thanks TSA!
If a terrorist wanted to blow shit up, all they'd have to do is set off their bomb in the airport concourse BEFORE reaching the security area. That would be terrible and I hope it never happens.

I'm a paranoid Polly so I've researched the shit out of this lol. The link Grandma Sandy provided will probably be everything you need to know. Travel size is considered 3 fluid oz of liquid I believe. Most grocery stores carry empty TSA approved bottles you can buy so you can fill those up with your big bottles from home and bring the little ones. Liquids include things like shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, aloe, perfume/body spray, and liquid foundation. If you need to bring more than 3 oz, put it in your checked luggage. All liquids you put in your carry on will need to fit a quart sized Ziploc bag. They usually ask you to remove the bag and have that go through the x-ray separately.

Makeup you'll be fine putting in your carry on. If you carry liquid foundation that is over 3 oz put it in your checked bag in a baggie in case it explodes. Any powder will be fine with you in your carry on. To be safe I would put a razor in the checked luggage too. I've kept a razor in my carry on without issue before but I'd check it to be safe. I use aerosol hairspray and always put it in my checked bag.

You're not supposed to bring outside food or drink but I managed to smuggle two Philly cheesesteaks home in my carry on from Philadelphia in May. I was sweating bullets that they'd make me throw them away because I worked hard to get them. I was up at 9:00 am and walked to the subway from my hotel, went to South Philly, walked 1 1/2 miles to the restaurants, then walked 1 1/2 miles back to the station. I felt like a total BAMF lol.

That last paragraph about you smuggling the philly cheesesteaks on the plane made me laugh so hard im surprised i didnt pee my pants hahahaha but im glad they didnt confiscate your cheesesteak! I bet if they did the would eat it once you were gone from the area lol!

I once got a TSA guy to let me take a glass jar of Zingerman's jam home from Ann Arbor in my carry-on by acting all pathetic and saying that I was soooo looking forward to eating it. It helps that I walk with a cane and am good at looking pitiful.
It was good jam, too.

Haha I'm glad my story made you laugh! Both were delicious reheated the next morning. If anyone in the Philly area is curious, I did the tourist thing and went to both Geno's and Pat's. Both were delicious and well earned. #thestruggleisreal

I've uh, also got a bong through security at LAX. Nothing wrong with that as long as it's unused lol. It was still nerve wracking because people aren't dumb. I mean what else do you do with a bong? I wasn't about to pull a Jenelle and say it was a flower vase. My boyfriend at the time went to the end of the x-ray machine to receive our stuff and curious me stayed by the TSA agents to watch. Two ladies were sitting watching the screen and a younger guy came up behind them and said, "is that a bong?". I freeze. He just laughed and let it go through.

Maci, I've from the Grand Rapids area and haven't heard of that jam. But I love me some jam so I'll have to check it out! That was a nice guy to let you through!

At CVS and Target (and ornery places, I'm sure) they seek travel kits that contain bottles that hold the maximum amount of liquid available. Having everything prepared is a little cheat sheet that helps you stay under limit. I've heard horror stories about people having to throw away expensive medications because it surpassed the liquid limit, so just check anything you're not willing to lose. I also once saw a photo of a woman chugging a whole bottle of vodka at the security check because they told her she couldn't bring it. And of you get taken for extra checks by the TSA, use your phone to record the audio of everything that happens. Trust me on that one.

Uh.. I smell a story! Dish :)

Wow, thank you all so much for you replies!!! I dont even personally know you all and you've been more helpful than most of my friends and coworkers! So much amazing advice and personal experiences plus a website that i can use to make sure i get everything correct before i get there. I owe you all :)

Can I just say that I hate when people get their panties in a twist whenever somebody posts something off-topic?

I get this is a forum for Teen Mom discussions, but A) There's really only so much we can say about this show and expand on it. Kail is a bitch, Leah is a druggie, Chelsea has an annoying voice, Jenelle is hopeless. We can only say it in so many ways and on so many articles B) I consider TMJ to be a community where people have become friendly and some even friends outside the site, so I don't see a problem with reaching out for unrelated-to-TM help when needed.

Let the downvotes commence, but I don't mind off-topic posts one bit.

I love them too! Especially when they include funny stories!

Girrrrl! Ziploc bags for the win!

Omg i'm watching the previews for next week and i am so livid at Leah!!! She doesn't clean her messy ass car out (is this her 100th car in like 2 years?!) even after Jeremy told her to clean it out (her version of cleaning it out was throwing it all in the back along with their luggage). They are going to like a dance comp i guess over night for the twins and shit is falling all over the twins and Addie! Poor Addie is screaming and crying because shit is falling all over her and crushing her including a huge ass backpack and Jeremy screams at Leah for it saying if they get into a wreck the shit in the car is going to kill the kids and then she screams at him that famous "SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP" line. He also cant even see out the back of the car because she has so much shit piling up and she says he doesnt understand her life and how she doesnt have time to clean out the car and she has NO issues with her kids having luggage fall on their heads!!!! And to top it off she's smoking with the kids in the car!! So she is all comfortable with her cigarette in the front of the car but we have Jeremy struggling to drive because he cant see out the back of the car and he has a car of crying kids distracting him because they are getting crushed by luggage and Leah does nothing and acts like its his fault!! Unbelievable!

oh fuck this stupid bitch. watching that made me so angry! oh where do i begin

-"we have to go like seriously because i woke up early and everything" like really Leah? waking up early when youre a mom of 3 should be the norm.

-Jeremy says to her "you have to clean that care out because idk where youre going to put anything" Gracie then responds with "shove it all in the back" which prompse Jeremy's response of "its sad when your five 5 year old knows exactly how mommy does things. " to which Leah laughs. Its not funny to be a slob, Leah.

-Cut to clip of Leah stuffing their Jeep to the fucking max full of garbage bags and boxes and luggage. Its horrendous. You could not fit one more thing in that car if you freaking tried.

-Then it cuts to a clip of what looks like a huge coat or blanket falling on Addie from the back as well as a giant "Frozen" backpack which causes Addie to rightfully freak the fuck out.

-Jeremy turns around to see the shit falling on the kids and says "My God if we have a wreck the amount of shit thats going to kill these kids in this car is phenomenal." Leah's response? "Why would you even say such a God damned thing?" UM MAYBE BECAUSE HE IS CONCERNED FOR THEIR SAFETY UNLIKE YOU, YOU STUPID SELFISH LAZY BITCH.

-When Jeremy responds with "Why not?" and tells her to look in the back she responds with "i lost her hairspray i hope it didnt fall out of the car" omg i cant. i really fucking cant. she is more concerned about losing hairspray and not her kids being crushed in the back. omg.

-Jeremy then responds to her stupid hairspray comment with "My God look at the amount of crap. I cant even see out of the rear view. If a cop would pull up on your ass and see all that shit there" and Leah's amazing response to that?!!? "You know how many people cant see out their rear view" omg!!!!!!!!!!!!! i just dont even know what to say i am at a loss for words. how can she not be concerned that her daughters are being crushed in the back seat and that the driver of the vehicle cant see out of the back of the car?!!?!?!

-She blames Jeremy's complaining on him not being able to deal with coming home. Jeremy says the whole situation is utterly ridiculous and he is not dealing with it. She then says she will clean the car and she says the mess "just fucking happened Jeremy" to which he responds by saying it looked the same last week so she says to leave her alone so he says "do you not care about what this looks like" and then tells him to shut up and says he doesnt know what its like so he says he will take a week off and take care of the kids to see how chaotic it is for him. She says fuck you and he says he is just worried about getting to Gracie's competition on time something she never does (which Corey also says she is always late) She then screams at him to shut up..while smoking a cigarette with Addie and Gracie in the back. classy Leah. end scene.

jeremy is so fucking done with her. it disgusting how she is not concerned about the safety of her children.

on a side note, the inside of their house looks absolutely nothing like how a trailer would look considering they show a trailer from the outside. am i missing something?? huge wrap around kitchen, walk in closets, etc in a trailer??????

Some trailers are pretty swank now. They depreciate in value, though.

you can get some REALLY nice upgrades inside a trailer. My boyfriend's family has a lake home that is actually a doublewide, but there was siding put on it to make it look like a log home and the inside has like granite countertops and stuff. Here in the SOuth, we take our trailers seriously! ;)

I couldn't believe that was a trailer either. It's nicer than the duplex we are renting. I would consider living in a trailer if it was in that good of condition. I'd rent it though, not buy it because of the depreciation.

It's a double wide, and they're made a lot nicer nowadays compared to 20-25 years ago. Honestly, 7 years ago back when my husband and I first married and were looking for a place, out of curiosity we decided to check them out and couldn't believe how amazingly nice they were inside. They don't look like much on the exterior, but the interior was not too shabby. Marble counters, tile and wooden flooring, stone walls, really nice fireplace, huge master bath with garden tubs and glass shower stalls with two extra bathrooms throughout the house as well as decently sized bedrooms and high ceilings. I mean, I know people rag on trailers and double wides as being "rednecky" or "trashy" but they're $80-120k for some and they're actually really nice. The only downfall is the doors and walls, which are made a bit thinner and cheaper compared to actual housing. For the price, you're better off to build your own house the way you want, but most people buy them due to it being an easier route as well as having a home instantly.

But anyways...I am just getting to watch that sneek peak and WOW. I seriously cannot stand her. Her attitude is abhorrent and Jeremy is beyond fed up. Have some shame, Leah.

"You know how many people can't see out their rearview?" Uhm no, Leah, please indulge in telling us how many people can't see out their rearview? Considering most people use it when they're driving, it's pretty damn necessary so you can see traffic coming up from behind. I like how she blames it all on "it just happened"...did it happen magically, Leah? Did it get piled up in there by itself? And all she's worried about is hairspray lol.

(Sidenote, did anyone see Jenelle's sneak peek? The carseat in the back was just flopping around like it wasn't even set in right. I felt sorry for the poor kid.)

At the end there she's waving a pack of Marlboro Menthols in the air. MTV's not even going to try to pretend she doesn't smoke anymore.

Omg. Leah is just a trashy whore. I can't believe she's so off her head on pillses that she doesn't care about her filthy life being on show to try and cover it up.

Liar and Jermy were filmed at a Clayton Homes location. Some of those trailers, I mean, manufactured homes, are $338,000!!

You'd be surprised! We got our property tax assessment back after living in our house for a year and were shocked to find out it's technically a mobile home- previous owners built a second bedroom, front entrance and siding that looks like logs. We found old pics and yep, it was definately a dumpy one bedroom trailer at some point. It's pretty easy to upgrade a trailer because they are so small.

I just finished watching all 4 previews and they were all super awkward / uncomfortable / yikes. I think Leah's takes the cake though. I don't know much about kids/car seats / etc, but they were a wreck away from being smothered. She's a stay-at-home mom (again, something I don't know anything about), but you think that would be mean she'd have enough time to clear out some of the stuff in her car?! Jenelle's was also really uncomfortable. The Roll's car-seat thing didn't look stable at all.

Your username made me burst out laughing hehehe

I was just surprised Jenelle took Kaiser out of the car when she went inside to yell at Nathan. When she pulled back into the driveway and turned the car off, I was like "if this bitch leaves her kid in the car...". Now if they can just stop fighting, especially around the kids.

green hoodies-- that was probably take #2.

It's impossible for Jenelle to think of anyone but herself.

Yep that's what I thought too, Kaisers seat/base looked terribly installed. Leah is terrible with carseat safety too. I pray none of the TM girls ever get in a crash, because their kids will be in trouble.

Yeah that preview was horrifically fucked up. Those poor, poor kids.

I wanted to slap Leah SO hard after she screamed "SHUT UP!" If I were Jeeermy I would've bought some more bacon that night and backhanded her with the whole unopened package. Guess it's a good thing I'm not Jeeeerrrmy.

Also, "Do you know how many people can't see out their rear view?"
what the hell does that even mean?

I guess it's Leah's version of "everyone does it".

Hey Leah, do you know how many people die in car accidents per year? 1.3 million, approximately. Car crashes are the leading cause of death for children age 2-14. Clean your fucking car, Leah. Jesus. It's a 4,500 lb screaming metal deathtrap plummeting down the road at high speeds, not only could it kill everyone inside, but it could kill people in other cars or pedestrians, and statistically it's more likely to kill them than drugs, guns, or cancer. What if she took all that energy being opposed to social programs (now that she doesn't have her meal ticket she might need some of those programs she derided) and put it toward being a semi functional human being who cleans the car every now and again.

Jesus Fuck. God fucking dammit Leah, how are you so stupid? Did Mama Dawn not get enough folic acid during her pregnancy?

#downvotelegion #fullforce

Plus, she's not even wearing her goddamn seat belt. Those poor fucking kids. Aleeah looked 100% shell shocked like she just can't handle any more of her crazy, drug addled mother. And I have seriously NEVER yelled at someone I love like that before. Especially not my husband. Jesus god.

And Jenelle's clip shows that she's the ever present piece of trash she always has been. I know when I'm late for "my lawyer appointment" and my idiot boyfriend won't come with me, my first choice is to get back to the driveway, take the kid out of the car, leave him in the car seat in the foyer and then follow aforementioned idiot boyfriend upstairs and scream at him and get screamed at right back. Bullshit they don't fight in front of the kids because they were having some sort of banshee-off and Kaiser barely reacted one bit. Does that kid ever cry? And, if he does, is Jenelle even around to comfort him? No. He's always in a carseat or a pack and play and she NEVER plays with him unless she's picking him up for a selfie to post on social media to show what a good "mom" she is. How about if you're that concerned about getting custody of your first child back, you walk through fire and broken glass to get to your "lawyer appointment" and leave your skulking, slurring asshat of a boyfriend at home to pack up his shit and leave instead of saying "why even bother getting him back?" because you and your boyfriend aren't getting along.

What a piece of fucking trash.

Good point, Trash Claw. I think Leah can give Kail and Jenelle a run for their money in terms of having anger issues.

About the 100th car comment: I couldn't agree more. She literally drives a different car every 2 episodes or so. I was binge watching some old episodes before the season started and couldn't believe how many times she changed cars. Just from the beginning of season 5 I remember her driving an Explorer, an Expedition, Nissan armada, Toyota Scion, and Jeremy's red truck. Does someone in her family run a dealership or something? Otherwise there's no reason why any one would be driving so many different cars. She's a horrible driver, maybe she scratches/dents them and insists on buying a new car. She's so spoiled I could see her doing that.

I burst out laughing when I saw the hashtag. I then had a second round when I actually saw Jeremy was in the picture. This is just too funny, IMO.

So it's about time everyone gives their input on what Leah's lifetime movie would be called. Oh Deer...

I find Corey to be a douche (then again, you kinda have to be to want to be with Leah at any point of your life), but there's absolutely nothing wrong with this hashtag. It's way more innocent than anything she's ever done and it doesn't even imply anything negative about her, just that she's gotten over it and is able to enjoy his post-split life.

why is corey a douche? (asks nicely)

Corey a douche ??? Whuuut

I dunno if I'd categorize Corey as a douche. (Now Adam, THERE'S a giant douche-a-saur) but he always seemed kind of dazed, at least right before and after his final breakup with Leah. He sit there on the couch next to his dad, his mouth hanging open with a thousand-yard stare, looking like somebody just whacked him over the head with a lead pipe.
He's livelier now and that's good to see.

Corey really never says anything bad about Leah, so this is truly amazing. I don't think the hashtag is mean at all after all the shit she has said and done to/about him. The hashtag is more of a statement of truth than an insult.

I think it's more of a low blow that she cheated on both of her husbands and then basically blamed them for it.*

*I know we haven't seen the cheating on Jeremy play out on the show yet but I can only assume that she will accuse him of being away too much and say that's why she cheated. Also, the drugses.

It really seems like MTV paid Jeremy to shut his hole about the cheating. The scenes we've seen so far were around Christmas time and every time Leah starts on about all the "allegations," Jeremy's eyes just glaze over and you can tell he's having to bite his tongue to keep from going on a Big Mac rant and whip out the deer cam footage. I honestly don't think they're going to address the fact that Leah cheated in any sort of factual way.

Hopefully at the reunion. The Ashley posted an article today saying that Jeremy intends to hold nothing back on stage. Fingers crossed that happened!!

Me either. I pointed out on another comment that the preview scene for next week's show is the cheer comp that we know happened after Jerm "came back".

i think so too. i bet leah only agreed to film if they didnt mention the cheating on camera

Which is hysterical because Leah's camp tried to claim that Corey cheated in the marriage, too, but they never showed it on MTV because he refused to address it on camera.

Dr.Drew will make Jeremy to tone it down and somehow blame the divorce on him.

Go Corey! I don't think it was a bad thing to do, maybe a little bit not sensitive, but come on, it wasn't like #lifeafterwhore... Good to know they are having fun with Randy! Maybe that's how the reunion will be divided - Chelsea & Leah and Jenelle & Kailyn?

As for the sneakpeeks for episode 3 - holy moly, FINALLY! After two kind of slow episodes this will be a good one, I guess.
Chelsea is definitely struggling to say someting to Aubree about broken promises , you could see the hesitation in her behaviour. Poor Aubs though, she will learn about it soon I guess. Good thing is Adam seems to take care while with Aubs, but UGH, badmouthing your baby mamas in front of her is NOT a good thing. Also about allegations from Taylor that he's mean to Paislee is it about the alleged violence towards Taylor from some time ago?
Jenelle - can't she go by herself? Why is she so afraid to be by herself? I get the support, but if it is THAT important to You to fight for your son you should care less if someone comes with you or not...unless that someone is more important to you.
Kailyn - well, divorce is on the table. But as we already now it will be resolved as not a divorce. But again, Kail is the one to throw it on the table like with no hesitation.
Leah - JESUS CHRIST LEAH. I come from a family of five children and my parents NEVER had such a crowded car with stuff and garbage. My mom was stay-at-home mom with working from home and managed to cook, clean and get some work done. Poor Addie, so uncomfortable with stuff falling on her :( Jeremy was so pissed that HIS child has to be in such an environment.

I've said this from the beginning: Chelsea's biggest mistake in life wasn't having sex with Adam, it was not taking him up on the offer for him to sign his rights away. Aubree would be so much better off never having known him. He's such a mother fucker.

Eh... honestly, I don't love it. Mostly because it involves Jeremy, and as much as I can't stand Leah, it doesn't make Jeremy any less of a fame-whoring turd.

I mean, I get it, Leah is so awful that she makes almost anyone look better in comparison. But Jeremy still sucks.

If you watch Leah's preview clip, and then think about the Twitter pic and #lifeafterleah, it's clear that the problems run real, real deep. It's not just the cheating. I mean, having three kids (including one with physical challenges) IS hard, but if you know you have a road trip to a cheerleading competition, where you will need to bring lots of stuff, can't you just take the extra crap out of your car and leave it in your house? In the garage? Really, how hard is it to just pick it up and move it?

And why the fuck does she have another new fucking car??? It makes me so mad!!

Apparently about as difficult as "getting up early" is for Leah.

Those "superfans" are fucking annoying. They won't say shit when Leah is acting erratic or saying terrible things about Corey, but they'll flip out when Corey half-jokingly reveals how good his and Jeremy's lives are now that they're no longer married to Leah. Leah has said more terrible things about Corey---in front of their children---like how he's a deadbeat dad, only want custody so he won't pay child support, wasn't doing everything in his power to get Ali her wheelchair, didn't know what it took to raise the girls, how Jeremy was more like a father to them, etc. She was seriously undermining Corey's relationship with his daughters and making him out to be nothing but a sperm donor. He doesn't undermine Leah's relationship with the twins. He doesn't even make fun of her all that badly. The double standards that some of these fans display are truly mind-boggling.

I have to see these previews you guys are talking about. Where do I go to see them? I went to but didn't find them.

Okay found it! ????

For anyone who cant find the link to the Leah preview for next week:

"Car ride from hell." Ain't that the truth.

How can Corey not use the fact that Leah smokes with her kids in the car against her in his custody case? It's becoming illegal in more and more states (and for good reason!)

Who is Darcy Ellen, Jenn and Jennifer and why are they on the authors page? I have never seen any of them post an article?

I love your name! I thought I was the only one who noticed. I have a tooth gap too, Lol. I wonder if it's that noticable.

People calling it a low blow, yet Leah bashes anyone and everyone every chance she gets. We never see Corey speak badly about his ex after everything that she did. GO COREY!

I love that they were partying with Randy too! They're both decent fake bull riders as well apparently.
I'm a stay at home mom of 2 and my car can get out of hand mostly because when I'm going into the house I have baby car seat and whatever groceries etc we went out to get. But I try to clear out the garbage and extra sweaters/toys/socks etc my kids leave behind once a month or so and I clean it before going on any trips or anything. My 5 year old helps me since most of the garbage in the back is theirs anyways. They get a bag for garbage and have to help bring in th stuff they've left in the car. She has two girls that are more than capable of helping and Addy could be put in a playpen or if the vehicle as an open trunk (into the car) give her a toy and let her play there especially if you're cleaning the back seat and can make sure she won't tumble over the seats.

Cleaning out a cluttered car is ridiculously therapeutic for me.

I can't drive a dirty car.

Me too! I can't stand cluttered cars. I refuse to ride in my mother's car for that reason. It's ridiculous how much crap is in her car. It's definitely not as bad as Leah's but just a bunch of trash, paper, mail, pens, books, bags of random shit, etc. It bugs me that I can barely move my feet around on the floor because of it. I usually insist on driving her when we go places together.

I do think that what Corey did was a low blow. Yes, Leah is a mess right now, a huge one. But there's no reason to tweet something like that.
When Leah tweets something bad about Corey, everyone says that she is wrong to do so publicly. And everyone is right to say this because it is wrong. But now that Corey does it, it's ok because Leah does it as well? 2 wrongs don't make a right.

At the end of the day, Corey and Jeremy have children with Leah, they may make some people laugh with tweets like these but these two are going to have to deal with Leah for the rest of their lives.

For anyone who thinks he crossed the line, remember at a reunion show when Leah said that he cheated on Miranda before their wedding? Not saying he should get even but Leah is not innocent in any way.

I don't think a single person here is saying Leah is innocent. She's said awful things about Corey (and I'm sure will about Jeremy as well) to their children, and there's no excuse for that. But regardless of what she does, it doesn't justify him behaving badly. I've always respected that Corey takes the high road in these situations, and I hope he continues to do so.

Leah loves to push buttons while standing on her high horse. Corey has been pushed to the breaking point and beyond.

Honestly, how many people can handle having their parenting attacked and not try to defend themselves? How about their spouse's name being run through the mud when she had nothing to do with this ordeal except being involved with you?

People need to cut Corey some slack here. He's been one hell of a patient human being through all this. I can't even begin to imagine how infuriating things are from his side.

I still think Jeremy is a dick, but I'm glad the guys are getting along so hopefully the girls will always have each other.

I just watched the longer previews for next week's episode. their clips made me sad. Chelseas face just looked so sad for her daughter. And it made me realize that if that happened to me how strong I would have to be for my kid to put a brave face on for them because you can try your hardest at raising them right but you really only can do so much. Adam is lucky he gets that time with her. It is smart to not treat kids or talk to kids with baby talk through a certain age but not trying to include them into your adult conversations. He also talks right in front of his kid. It is utterly ridiculous. The good thing about young girls or my age which is in my mid 20's now having watched it since the beginning I feel like we see the outcomes of what could happen. I certainly see how better it is to drop silly things such as an argument and not let things get out of control.

And with jenelle and Nathan and leah and jeremy. Both relationships are/were horrible. I was in a verbally abusive relationship with my ex and at the beginning I used to stand up for myself and then it just got to me saying nothing and taking it. Out of me and my siblings my dad was like that with only me and woukd be just on the borderline of physical. And if I talked back to him it got worse so whatever was said to me I just knew I shouldn't say anything. Now I am with a guy who loves me for everything and talks to me calmly but gets annoyed that I don't respond back. That I just shut down. Which I explain why. Abusive relationships suck. And that's what leah was doing to jeremy and what Nathan and jenelle do to eachother. Jenelle gets worse and worse with every relationship she's been in. But sadly I don't think she will find a guy that is level in the head to take care of her drama to make her and everyone in her life have a better life.

You know sometimes I see a glimmer of hope for Adam when he interacts with Aubree. It does seem like she wants to spend time with him, so hopefully he does really care about her deep down. However, he always ruins it by going and running off and something profoundly stupid afterwards.

I would hope for Aubree that maybe, just maybe Adam is redeemable. However, sometimes it really is hard to believe that the way he acts. He has a lot of growing up to do. First he needs to stop with the steroids, remain sober, not drive, stop dating stupid women, and get a real job. If he does this for a good 3-4 years maybe then he can have a day or two a week.

I watched them too.

Anyone else see how loose Kai's car seat was in there??!! She did her stupid floor the car to make a point and poor Kai almost went sideways. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with these people? Learn how to use a car seat properly!!

MTV needs to do a fucking Teen Mom special on the importance of seat belts and how to safely secure car seats. Holy shit...his car seat is like a carnival ride in that clip.

yep he was jiggling like crazy. and she was able to snap the seat out in like .2 seconds

That hashtag isn't mean at all. It's not insulting her, it's not saying anything about how she is as a Mom, just simply Life after Leah. We've seen how much of a piece of shit she is on National TV, and that's probably not even half of it. I can't blame either of them for wanting out. These two supported her ass while she sat at home, and the payment they got was infidelity, debt and verbal assault.

I'm dying for some gossip from today's reunion. For the girls that went - are any of the writers going to give us a recap of what went down. I know you don't want to give spoilers, but I'm more talking about the behind the scenes stuff we wouldn't see anyway.

I only got to see the 1st half and it was only Kailyn and Chelsea so it wasn't as dramatic as I'm sure Jenelle and Leah's segments were. Interesting none the less, but I'm not sure there's enough to write an article on. They really drive home the non-disclosure thing. Teen Mom blogs and webpages were called out specifically, so I'm going to talk to Megan and Stevebeans and see how they think we should proceed.

Did anyone stay to standby for a seat to the 2nd half?

Can you address the twitter rumors that JE left? Assuming coming back but why leave..also she sent a bitchy tweet to randy and jeff simms...know anything about that?

what? They made a part of Jenelle AND Leah the same part? Wow, the show must be ending for REAL.

No. I'm sorry if I wasn't clear. What I meant was, that they filmed Kailyn and Chelsea's segments first. Kailyn and Jenelle's part of the reunion will air in the same episode. They film in the order of who is ready to go first. Like if someone is refusing to come out, or if someone storms off stage and won't come back, they'll go with whoever is next. I don't know why they filmed in that order today, but apparently Kailyn and Chelsea were ready. It all gets edited together the way MTV wants.

Blink once for yes and twice for no if Chelsea and Adam hooked up again?

Damn that sucks. Group #2 got lucky.

Kail and javi won't make it he will neverfully trust her due to her past cheating on both jo and jordan. And her constant bitterness over jo and vee. Im sorry but it's so obvious she is and will continue to be for a long time. Keep your chin up though chinless!

Leah, I've never in my life driven without being able to see out the rear view and never has my car been like that. That is ridiculous. 3 kids or no kids when his parents live next door, you have family and friends who help there is no damn excuse. Have time for a mimosa at your Asian place but your sis wouldn't stay an extra hour for you to clean your car? Bullshit. Heck corey takes the kids on the weekend couldn't you drive over to mama dawns and clean the damn thing? Ridiculous and unsafe as hell. Id be livid at my spouse too. I would of refused to go honestly

Cleaning carses is hard.

It's funny how Kail always talks about that their relationship is so much better after each season but come the next season, they have the exact same problems. I don't think they are happy now, I think it's all an act.

As much as Kail harps on and on about how they're not living a good example of a good marriage for their children, I've never seen her in a friendship or relationship that WASN'T like this. She fights with everyone. She's unpleasant and bossy. She shows no vulnerability. I think she's spouting off what she thinks she should say but, deep down, she's 100% okay with her marriage to Javi being a violent fucking disaster because that's all she knows.

She is obviously the common denominator in these situations. They can get all the counseling they want, but nothing is going to change if she won't try to work on herself. I feel like a lot of the moms always spout out counseling as if it will automatically fix there marriage. They don't realize that counseling only works if they actually listen to the counselor and show devotion, empathy, and are willing to compromise. For them it's basically just for show.

I think leah is at the reunion she posted a pic on Twitter saying #bigday in a makeup/hair room

She and TR Dues are both at the reunion

Did you guys see on the Ashley this morning? Photo of Leah and her kids, and her new boyfriend. I think it did say she is at the reunion now and it will be her first time meeting Jeremys new gf.

OMG. Ali's face in that picture :((((((

She's also kind of bummed in a photo of Leah and kids on the reunion sofa. Maybe it's just being exhausted? After all she's still sick...

Jeez this is so sad. And you know he won't be around long. There will be pictures of these girls around mom's newest boyfriend by thanksgiving. How confusing for them.

I'm thinking that in Leah's preview clip, the cheer competition they are headed to is the one that happened right after the Deer Cam Scandal. Do you guys remember there was a picture of Aleeah/Gracie on Jerm's shoulders at a mall or something? Then pictures of Leah with fans at the same mall. Then we put two and two together and knew that they had made up enough for him to at least come on the trip. My point is that it looks like they're not even going to discuss ole Robbie the Kid coming back.

Ahahhhahahahhaahahaahahaaaahahahaa oh my god.

That picture and hashtag made my night. I feel that both of them have gone through tons more that what we've been able to see (and we've seen a lot) and I'm glad they can talk about it with someone who really knows what it's like. It's not a low blow either, it's a lighthearted joke and certainly not a jab. They more than deserve some jokes after being married to her.

I can't share any details from the reunion but I will say this...

I gained a ton of respect for Cole and think he genuinely does like Chelsea.

Correct me if I'm wrong but you were very skeptical of Cole right? So its good to hear he changed your mind. Its refreshing to see a nice guy on the show!

Fingers crossed he stays that way :-)

I was. I guess I just refused to believe a genuinely good guy would be interested in a ditz like Chelsea (I still do)...but hey maybe that's just what he's into.

I was there also and I got the exact same feeling that you did. And also, Adam is a bigger douche in real life than he is on the show! I was not even aware that was possible. Adam out-douched himself.

The Leah preview was nuts.

My car is a massive hot mess. Most of the time I have receipts, clothes, toys and whatever random crap all over my back seat, but it has never been that trashy. I also work two jobs because I don't have the luxury of an Mtv check or a rushed marriage to a rich guy. "I got up early and everhthing!!!!". Yeah, shouldn't she be used to that? Craziness.

But anyway, I think the hashtag is hilarious, but I'm a smartass and I would so do something like that. Pretty sure I have, too.

Leah and Juuuuurmy need to chill out in front of the kids. My boyfriend and I don't argue much, but we sure as hell won't in front of my son. Maybe it's just me, but how hard is it to be like "I'm really irritated at you right now, but I'm not going to start this with these kids sitting here watching us"!? I mean, really?

I saw a bigger version of the picture Corey tweeted and Jermey's girlfriend is wearing a ring on her left ring finger! Surely they're not engaged already?!

Watching the preview clips for next week broke my heart. I feel awful for every single one of those kids. And jesus, are any of these kids safe in a car?! Kaiser's car seat base is barely attached, Aubree wasn't in even a freaking car seat, and Leah's kids were almost suffocated by all the shit in the car! It also made me sad to see Gracies resigned look when Leah and Jermey started screaming at each other. My husband and I argued in front of our daughter once and even though we didn't even raise our voices it caused our daughter to start crying. Gracie obviously sees her mom and step dad screaming a lot.

i noticed the ring too......and leah posted a selfie and shes ALSO wearing what looks like a freaking wedding band!

Didn't she keep the wedding band from her marriage to Corey? The girlses names were inscribed inside and her reason was that she would be "married to the girlses forever" after they split up. It could be she's wearing that.

I guess that makes sense since she's just about as devoted to making sure her girls are cared for as she was to making sure she respected her marriage to Corey.

I saw the ring youre speaking of but to me it just looks like a plain old band. I know she is a mother so its possible she was previously married but now divorced or something and out of habit/comfort of wearing a ring she chooses to just wear a regular accessory ring there.

Anyone see the cast photo with Dr drew they're all sharing on twitter? I'm gonna throw it out there, Leah looks pregnant...she's a little thicker and there's a telling shadow across her mid section...just throwing it out there cause Leah shared it on her fb and its a closer shot that looks even MORE suspicious

God I hope it's just that she put on some weight when she was sober at rehab.

I don't think she's pregnant. She may be finally off the drugs so she's gained a bit of weight. She actually looks better here than she has in a while.
I also think that if she was pregnant, she'd try to hide it for as along as possible and not wear a form fitting dress.

She does look healthier than she has in years. I hope you're right!

No, Leah would probably flaunt a pregnancy. Babies = "my man luvs me ya'll!"

That's actually a good run down of all the dumb pictures they've taken while in LA but please tell me Leah doesn't look preggers in the yellow dress...or that's a hell of a bad angle. Not saying that gaining weight=babies and she def looks healthier than her stick thin and gaunt days, honestly its a good weight for her but the pic just looks like a perfectly rounded tummy.

Maybe that's why she's been lying so low?? Those NDA's they sign at the reunions would keep a surprise pregnancy announcement hush hush right?? Keep the conspiracy theories flowing :P

How many fucking friends did Kail make MTV let her bring to LA with her?!

I was thinking the same about kail after seeing those pics! Like Jesus, Just go on a vacation with your HUSBAND AND KIDS. No need to being your "friends" along. I remember seeing pics of Disney world and her friends were there too. No wonder why Javi was saying it seems like she doesn't want to spend time with him

Everyone else is sitting next to their significant others except Karl & Javi. Clearly their issues have not been worked out.

So Kail and Chelsea posted pictures from last night and Cole, Chelsea, Kail, Javi, Jeremy and his girlfriend Brooke all went out together. It seems obvious to me that something is going on between Leah and the rest of the cast. The only time she has been mentioned by anyone on any social media has been that really far away group photo. It wasn't even a personal photo, but a photo they were instructed to take by MTV with Dr Drew for promos. Beyond that one smally, grainey picture from a far away corner, there are no pictures or interactions with Leah or any of the cast yet they are all hanging with Jeremy and Corey. Interesting, very interesting and i would like to know the reason as to why they are all seemingly against Leah but never did anything to Jenelle.

Soooo I guess TR Dues wasn't invited to be part of the teen mom bromance, lol.

I guess since she just got out of rehab it wouldn't be the best idea for her to go out partying..

Well, looks like Jenelle & Nate not invited either..maybe they wanted a drama free night...

:p I was searching through all the teen mom 2's on my Facebook a couple of weeks ago and on kails Facebook page ( her official personal page ) you can see her friends list and I checked to see if Leah and kail are friends on Facebook and they were not, tho kail is friends with mama dawn for some reason.. Not sure if it's changed since but I'm certain if kail wasn't a friend then Chelsea and Jenelle are probably not friends on Facebook either

In regards to Leah's addiction, apparently Jenelle might have subtly confirmed it at the press stuff they did in New York during in interview or something. Anyway, I don't think I've seen this mentioned on here, but here's the link:

It might also explain why none of them seem to really have anything to do with her, since Jenelle says she wishes she'd reach out more. Might be that she's excluded by her own choice.

Oh brother. Jenelle has no room to talk! If I were going through a drug addiction, Jenelle is the last person in the world I'd want to "reach out" to. Come on, as if Jenelle is even sober now.

The only reason Jenelle would reach out is to see if she can score some off of Leah.

I hope the typo in Mama Dawn's message was real and not the article messing it up. But she says she wouldn't never condone drugs. Love the double negative cancelling out what she is trying to say and in reality the typo is so telling and true.

This may have already been mentioned but Leah has a ring on her ring finger and no its not her wedding ring from Jeremy.......

And she looks a little chubby like she could be pregnant but more so the ring.....

Man number 5685861?

Yaassssss! This is the best Teen Mom related tweet I've ever seen. Corey has been annoyingly mature through all of Leah's bullshit...including when she was endangering the life of his children. If he wants to cut loose a little, I say go for it.

Omg look at Chelsea's instagram. Aubree has a teddybear with babs' voice. I want one!!